What's the most lesbian thing you did as a kid? by onetwothree123 in Lesbians

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Probably building rafts and tree houses with friends.

Why do some women want to be lesbian so bad? by peaked2020 in Lesbians

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It seems that according to that sub you measure your lesbianism by how much you love dick.

“Chronic hetero monogamist” comes out as gay after breakup by peaked2020 in Lesbians

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More evidence for what I've been believing for a long time - many women claim to be ''gay'' to explain their inability to have a successful relationship with men.

Rant about straight friends who "exploit" our lesbianism for their ego by [deleted] in Lesbians

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You have to be very firm with her. She is using you to mess with her boyfriend. By how she treats him you can judge how she'd treat you if you dated - she'd just cuddle up to some guy she finds hot right in front of you etc. And obviously she is also trying to get sex from you. Honestly, if I had a friend who acted in such a manipulative way (and with multiple people simultaneously), I would cut her off completely.

exhibit #28484852 why actuallesbians is no longer for lesbians by MadLass in LGBDropTheT

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Pretty ironic when a "lesbian" sub talks about dicks more than gay subs.

So I forgot about Saidit and haven't been on in awhile. Have I missed out on anything here in s/Lesbians? Or just same old? by Jaded in Lesbians

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nobody liked you

Lol. Except 99% of population, that thinks the same thing that we do. Not TRAs and Reddit mods obviously. The situation you're in is really quite pathetic. K, gotta go check out what your sweetheart Yaniv is up to today ;)

Askgaybros Uwu acceptance post #267488 by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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There's just nothing more manly than going to an all male space and begging for them to accept you. Especially because someone online wrote a mean thing to you ;_; Lol.

That was quick by FineIWillDoItMyself in Lesbians

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I don't see what is the connection between lesbianism and pussy?

(an approximate quote of what I not long ago read on r/AL)

Is "sexual preference" offensive (to you) by filbs111 in LGBDropTheT

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No, it's not.

ACB: "Sexual Preference"; TRA: "Genital Preference" by fr_bandersnatch in LGBDropTheT

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the gaslighting and invalidation will be that much more recognizable to a much wider audience

It could just as well go the opposite direction. LBG gets conflated with T all the time. Transsexuals are frequently seen as just gay. So if they call sexuality a preference, it could be seen by many as LGB admitting that homosexuality really is just a preference.

NOT ALL GAY MEN ARE GAY! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Not all gay men are obsessed with penis.

Sorry guys, but your pathetic little ''genital preference'' has gone too far and is now an ''obsession'' :) Why can't you learn from trans people, who are well known for looking past such irrelevancies as physical appearance and anatomy?

The sexist pseudoscience of ‘gender identity’ - LGBT groups backflip in the UK by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Susie Green herself explains that she initially thought she “had a very sensitive, quite effeminate little boy who was probably gay” but instead argues Jackie’s preference for dolls and dresses was evidence of transgenderism.

Fcking hell.

Susie Green herself claims “I have my daughter, whole and alive, but if I had refused to listen then it’s very likely that I would have a dead son.”

To listen to him... playing with dolls? Which is a clear indication not only of him being a girl, but also of him being on the road to suicide? Those people are completely deluded.

It's a good article tho.

Have you ever had a foreign girlfriend? What country was (is) she from? What did you like and dislike about her? Have you ever wanted to date a girl (woman) from another country (let's assume she would be living in your country already)? What country would that be and why? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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I have moved a lot, therefore so far all my girlfriends have been from other countries. The US, UK, Greece, Sweden, Italy. I think that I related the most with the Swedish one (geographically we're the closest, too). It could have been a good relationship, but we both had to move to different countries at the time. Overall, I'd prefer someone from my native country. I had good experiences, but there always seemed to be some gap between us that couldn't be bridged. Now I'm dating a woman from my own country and don't feel this way about her.

You can't make this crap up. It's now "problematic" to say that just because a kid is gender non conforming, it doesn't mean their trans by Willpoll in LGBDropTheT

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Oh come on, we don't actually need to define or understand things before teaching them to kids as the ultimate truth.

Penis-averse lesbian asks for advice on ask transgender by Mangomart in LGBDropTheT

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I am exactly the penis averse cis lesbian of their dream argument and the conversation here has gone completely against what they say it does. There's been some gentle reminders about the language I used but that's it. Everybody in here seems to recognise my position. No witch hunts. No penises have been foisted upon me. Nobody has demanded I service them. Terfs are not seeing the overwhelming majority of trans people describing their lives and experiences. I hope they see it some day.

What even is that thread? She's so obsessed with politics, TERFs and validating MTFs in a thread that supposedly is ''just a random gal asking for personal advice'' that it looks like the ''slutalt'' was specifically created to spread more propaganda.

Also, what the hell is ''the penis averse cis lesbian of their dream''? Does she actually think that it is so extremely rare for a lesbian to dislike male anatomy that we will be falling head over heels upon finding this one very special lesbian who does not like dick? And no honey, nobody will outright force you to do anything, especially not publicly. You will be lead into it by very gentle gaslighting, making you feel like a very special, caring woman who can see past ''evil male patriarchy'' created ideas by sucking dicks. Men are not idiots and know how to talk to different types of women.

Also, I don't care any longer about this type of a woman who rolls herself out like a carpet for others to walk over (or to validate them, or to make them feel good about themselves, or to make herself look better than others and so on, and so on).

I'd just like to remind y'all that lesbians can still get pregnant! by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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Because all encounters with the reality makes them feel immediate threat to their sand castle of ''I've been into men my whole life, but I'm a cute uwu lesbian!''

Merriam-Webster Updates Definition of 'Bisexual' by ns_for_work in LGBDropTheT

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They sent a letter to the company noting that the use of “both” implied that gender is strictly binary, and they stressed that bisexual people are sometimes attracted to nonbinary individuals.

Here's a hot take - most people aren't attracted to individuals like this because they're ugly, and not because our sexual orientation isn't ''that very special type of bisexuality where you are attracted to more than 2 genders!''

Besides random shit people are saying on the internet, what has happened or been said to you IRL that makes you want to drop the T? by fuckupaddams in LGBDropTheT

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You know all the online stories about someone lying about being cis, purposely hiding things from you to have (awkward) sex, harassing you and calling you a bigot for caring about anatomy instead of ''the soul'' of the person, claiming to be an enlightened bisexual themselves, despite having never shown any interest in the same sex etc.? Yeah, all of that.

Are the TQs right or wrong in saying that the brains of gay people are structured like the brains of their opposite sex by which they mean gay men are psychologically women and gay women are psychologically men? by EverydayIsSad in LGBDropTheT

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There's no actual empirical research there, it's just you and those people taking some random data out of nowhere

So according to you, all those studies have been fabricated? Lol. Ok, keep consulting your crystal ball.

Are the TQs right or wrong in saying that the brains of gay people are structured like the brains of their opposite sex by which they mean gay men are psychologically women and gay women are psychologically men? by EverydayIsSad in LGBDropTheT

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I don't care about politics (advancing gay rights or whatever) when it comes in conflict with actual empirical research. Also, none of the researchers mentioned in this thread are saying

"oh so a gay man is just a woman on the inside? makes sense now"

Are the TQs right or wrong in saying that the brains of gay people are structured like the brains of their opposite sex by which they mean gay men are psychologically women and gay women are psychologically men? by EverydayIsSad in LGBDropTheT

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As Savic and Arver themselves emphasized, “Contrary to the primary hypothesis, no sex-atypical features with signs of ‘feminization’ were detected in the transsexual group

Later I'll try to find the relevant studies, but there are some that have found male pedophiles to have feminized brain structures. Which is a clear indication that ''feminized regions'' in a male brain is not the same thing as a woman having the same type of ''feminized'' regions in her female brain. If ''feminized'' regions in male transsexuals are found, it needs further study to determine what effects they are having, and not simply assumed that oh well, they must be women then, because 1% of their male typical brain is showing some "feminization" (which itself doesn't even mean female-typical).

Edit: I wrote this because it reminded me that AGP males were also found to have some ''feminized'' regions, but different ones than homosexual males did.

Are the TQs right or wrong in saying that the brains of gay people are structured like the brains of their opposite sex by which they mean gay men are psychologically women and gay women are psychologically men? by EverydayIsSad in LGBDropTheT

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Do you guys know if there are any scientists that have debunked this "the brains of gay people are structured like the brains of straight people of the opposite sex" idea?

Why are you convinced that this needs ''debunking''? From the studies that I've seen, there are areas of the brain that are more similar to the opposite sex in homosexuals. Obviously we're not speaking of the entire brain, nor exact similarity. I'm leaning to believe that homosexuality is caused by exposure to certain hormone levels in the womb, and there is nothing extraordinary about the same hormone levels affecting the brain more generally than just the regions that determine sexuality. It would seem more extraordinary if the effect was limited to one specific part of the whole organism. I think Blanchard also labelled transsexuality in young gay males/females as ''extreme homosexuality'' or something of the sort.

Gay = white supremacy by Rosefield in LGBDropTheT

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But why stop at genitalia?

That's exactly what I think. Genitals are the biggest anatomical difference between the sexes. Everything else is much more similar, sometimes identical. If you can condition yourself into accepting the biggest difference between the sexes, then you can also accept the smaller ones.

Why are people changing orientation to preference? by pacmanla in LGBDropTheT

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when I see commenters (on other subs) make statements about others being okay to have "preferences" for not wanting to be with trans individuals, I'm thinking to myself do they know what a "preference" is & what is orientation?

They know, but they are unable to admit that trans people aren't identical to regular people. To them a transwoman=any other woman, so you not being interested in a transwoman is the same thing as you not being into blonde women (or their favorite comparison - black women, because you must be a racist, too). Which is a matter of preference, not sexual orientation, because blondes are still women.

So sick of these straight/bi women suddenly realizing they are lesbians conveniently after their male partner decides he's a woman... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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''It's just very complex... You'd have to have an IQ of at least 200 to understand.''

So sick of these straight/bi women suddenly realizing they are lesbians conveniently after their male partner decides he's a woman... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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This stuff really makes me wonder about what's wrong with women. They constantly do this. Constantly. I've never seen a post like this from a man, who suddenly discovers that he's ''gay'' because his 30 y/o gf decided that she is a man and maybe one day will do something about it.

Weird feeling about marriage equality by Lesbianese in LGBDropTheT

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The Western marriage tradition is a mix of the Roman, Christian and Germanic marriage traditions. It does have ties to Christianity, but as long as you're not getting married in a church, it isn't really ''a Christian marriage''.

Does my bisexual girlfriend want to commit to me? by Fox_Whispers2 in Lesbians

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Have you asked her why she doesn't have any photos of both of you?

Has anyone here EVER thought this? by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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It's just people whose whole and only identity is their sexual orientation.

Am I transphobic if I don’t want to have sex with trans women? The answer is "complex" and somewhat rapey. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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You also identify as someone who loves women, and I imagine that you love more than their genitalia and their outward appearance. So what does this mean for your assertion that you are not attracted to trans women?

They're always using the definition of political lesbianism to define lesbians. Guys, please look at the actual definition of homosexuality. It's not about ''loving'' a certain ''gender identity''. It is sexual attraction to your own sex.

I am so fucking sick of bisexual women doing this shit by peaked2020 in Lesbians

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What is so great about being a lesbian? People .. try to force men on you like you're some kind of breathing sex toy.

And that's exactly what some women want.

Unnecessary post removal of content that doesn't break any rules by [deleted] in Lesbians

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What should I say then? Once I made post asking if people were going to the gym, even that was removed.

Married straight man puts on lipstick, dress, and fake boobs and tries to get his wife to have "lesbian sex" with him. Fetish gradually consumes his life, and she's horrified. by gendercritfem in itsafetish

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I need help having lesbian sex with my husband.

LOL. I mean, this has to be a troll post, right?

Also, about the commenters who write

OP is straight. She and her SO need to accept this and try to move on from each other.

Do they actually imagine that she is not attracted to her husband in a wig because she is ''straight''? And a gay woman would be into that? Come on. The relationship is failing because he has a fetish, and to a regular person this type of a fetish is very hard to deal with.

Stonewall UK gets more and more... interesting by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I doubt they'd take Asians either. They're ''overrepresented'' in many fields too, although maybe not this one. But obviously they can't write ''no Asians'' :D

What's wrong with being a gold star lesbian? by Gynephile in Lesbians

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I checked that sub out. It's just bisexual women who are fishing for male attention by pretending to be lesbians (as per usual). Literally the first post I read was from ''a lesbian'' who in other subs admitted to ''regularly wonder if she is bi'' and is going on dates with a guy. Sometimes I really have to wonder about these hetero games that women play with men. Is it really that hard to find a boyfriend by just being normal?

Edit: lol, ok, nvm, it seems to be just a sub where regular ''lesbians'' advertise their onlyfans where you can view them trying d ''for the first time'' one million times, for a very small fee :D

How much does where you live impact your dating life? by uroborosjohnson in Lesbians

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Yes, it is very difficult to date in these areas. I would not recommend. You can get lucky, but you'd be taking quite a big risk. Can you take that job for 1-2 years and then transfer back though?

on transwoman dating eachother and calling themselves "lesbians" by verystablegenius in LGBDropTheT

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No, I didn't know about the series. Will have to watch it now.

Selfless bi woman advises lesbians to be nice to MTFs who surprise them with pulling out a dick before sex, because ''frustration is guaranteed'' when you have sex with men, lol by a_blue_bird in LGBDropTheT

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Sometimes I am still surprised by their lack of self awareness. (this from r/AL of course)

"You wouldn't even know the difference!" (More unscientific nonsense aimed at lesbians in order to coerce them into sleeping with trans women) by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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First of all, post-op are less than 1% all of transgenders.

Where did you get this number from? From what I know it's about 25%

on transwoman dating eachother and calling themselves "lesbians" by verystablegenius in LGBDropTheT

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This reminded me about a girl named Gypsy Rose Blanchard. I used to not believe in much of psychology, especially things like munchausen by proxy seemed very far fetched to me. Her story really changed my opinion (it's all over Youtube for anyone interested). Apparently her mother was lying to everyone that she has cancer, asthma, muscular dystrophy and numerous other diseases. Obviously, she had to make it believable. So for almost 2 decades she was shaving her daughter's hair (for her to look like a cancer patient), forcing her to use a wheelchair, pretend to be unable to walk in front of cameras, pretend that she cannot speak normally etc. It ended tragically, because eventually the girl convinced some guy to kill her mother, and now is in prison. I'm pretty sure that many trans kids are being manipulated and used by their parents in similar ways (not as extreme obviously).

"You wouldn't even know the difference!" (More unscientific nonsense aimed at lesbians in order to coerce them into sleeping with trans women) by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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All their arguments fall into two categories:
(1) applicable to all humans universally (if you're gay, don't dismiss the opposite sex, because there are just sooo many things you can do in bed! Also, they have hands and mouth, duh. If you're straight don't dismiss the same sex...)
(2) if something is important to you, but you would have never found out/guessed/or otherwise that I lied to you about it without me telling you, then it is not deception

"You wouldn't even know the difference!" (More unscientific nonsense aimed at lesbians in order to coerce them into sleeping with trans women) by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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I think that many of the very young transitioners are pretty, but I have not seen a single one who doesn't have the typical male shoulder-waist-hips proportions, male chicken legs (sorry guys, not all of you have them obviously, but MTFs mostly do), and frequently flamboyant gay male mannerisms. And yeah, getting butt implants only makes it worse, not better. Not even going to speak about the genitals. Whoever believes that ''you can't even tell'' is welcome to do a bit of research on pornhub. As a wise man on reddit once said - there is a reason why in a world with porn of everything there is almost no porn of post-op MTFs.

The amount of ass-kissing on AL is not good enough for a transwoman who’s suffering from disapproval of actual lesbians on the sub by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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If you're woman that loves women, you're a lesbian, and no one can tell you otherwise. Do not let TERF's, or other negative people, affect the life you're trying to live.

Just remember, guys. Biologists will never study males when researching female homosexuality. Neuroscientists will never study males when researching female homosexuality. Sexologists will never study males when researching female homosexuality. And so on. This should tell you something. uwu <3 <3

Mermaids argue that "there could be even 8 bilion genders" by [deleted] in therearetwogenders

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Yes. And according to my calculations, 8 billion genders means that the amount of possible sexual orientations is... sorry, the calculation will take until 2036 to finish. Meanwhile we can start picking names for all of them!

What peak-transed you? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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(1) was a pro-tra libfem (not an activist, online or off, but I did believe most of it)
(2) dated an MTF
(3) realized that the current pro-trans discourse is pure bs and gaslighting (peak 1)
(4) posted about my experiences on (liberal) feminist subreddit, was downvoted and dismissed as a troll, because ''this never happens'' (peak 2)
(5) joined groups like r/itsafetish, started reading trans subs to find material for that sub (peak 3)
(6) found out about all the censorship in science, academia, journalism etc. etc. that the TRAs are pushing (peak 4)
(7) saw what impact admitting MTFs in lesbian spaces has on that space (peak 5, referring to r/AL obviously)

It's one of many reasons why I believe that internet is one of the main drivers of the spread of irrational ideas like these. If every day you see 10 people who constantly repeat x, y, z (transwomen are just like women, there is no difference, etc. etc.), but you never encounter this phenomenon in the real life (I did not know any trans people IRL), then you begin to believe those statements. And when you encounter the real thing, you begin explaining away all the incongruences, because you ''already know'' how it is ''supposed'' to be, and also you don't want to be a ''bigot'' by seeing the biological reality if your political ideology demands seeing something else. But I can only lie to myself for so long.

A lesbian couple in a lesbian subreddit, 2020 by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I would predict a sudden increase of ''asexual lesbians''.

"Sexuality is fluid" - the root of all evil by ThrowMeAway2879 in LGBDropTheT

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Not simultaneously :P

Nothing but facts 💜 by SausageFanatic in LGBDropTheT

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Translation: "Hahahaha, I don't get biology, come on guys, tell me you don't get it either lol lol lol"

A lesbian couple in a lesbian subreddit, 2020 by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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LOL. And just to think that some lesbians on r/AL are so brainwashed that they would never date a ''TERF'' lesbian because she doesn't accept that these two men are either ''women'' or ''lesbians''.

"Sexuality is fluid" - the root of all evil by ThrowMeAway2879 in LGBDropTheT

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you are "close-minded" and you should really "experiment" more. How did we fucking end up here?

Porn, probably. Having regular sex with a few regular people is considered ''boring'' now, compared to everything that people are seeing in porn.

Actually, good point Rose... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I say - the sooner the better. Gays and lesbians are gaining literally nothing from being associated with the insufferable TQ crowd.

Every. Single. Time. by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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There are lots of women out there who have dicks

Meanwhile the actual amount of women with dicks: 0.

Sucks to be a lesbian sometimes by coliemelan in Lesbians

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Nobody over 25 works in the academia, or any other ''woke'' field like tech, journalism etc.? Come on.

Dictionary.com did an update on their website, and now the meaning of homosexuality is changed to something "Often Disparaging and Offensive" by cutenoobies in LGBDropTheT

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The only time I have heard someone say that ''homosexual'' is offensive is when male transsexuals complain that they aren't ''lesbians'' by this definition. So now because of them nobody can be homosexual, only a ''queer'', a ''bi lesbian'', and whatever other idiotic term they have substituted actual homosexuality with. Every day I hate TQ's more and more.

Sucks to be a lesbian sometimes by coliemelan in Lesbians

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Really...? I mean, try writing on twitter that (1) you'd never date a mtf, or that (2) you'd never date a bi woman, and see which gets you a bigger shitstorm and bans.Yes, mtfs are fewer in count but they have a greater influence than bi women.

Man on r/acutallesbians wants to know if he's a lesbian, apparently he is by turtleduck23 in LGBDropTheT

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Those people are completely brainwashed.

Sucks to be a lesbian sometimes by coliemelan in Lesbians

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I legit believe that the number of het/bi women calling themselves lesbians outnumber actual lesbians.

Add men who call themselves lesbians and I agree - the actual lesbians are a minority among those who call themselves ''lesbians''.

Anyone else get really sick of heterosexual culture sometimes? by Depressed in Lesbians

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Am I tired of heterosexuality - no. Oversexualization of literally everything - yes.

RESEARCH STUDY -- 1/2 of Kids with SERIOUS Gender Dysphoria used to grow out of it; not now because of early hormone-blocker use. by GayNotQueer in LGBDropTheT

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Affirmation model advocates, such as Diane Ehrensaft (2018) and Kristina Olson (2015), indicate they believe trans children who say they are the opposite sex in childhood are in fact trans, as they appear to be just like natal girls and boys in behavior and interests.

How did we get from feminism to this? Why are feminists their most aggressive supporters? Are they admitting now that both sexes are born different, and those who are atypical must therefore be the opposite sex? Then why not transition all children who are atypical? And if it only matters that the child says ''I am akchyually the opposite sex'', then why even mention if they are or aren't atypical?

The harmful impact of 'trans lesbians' is becoming apparent. by fuck_reddit in LGBDropTheT

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Are they really bisexual? I can imagine a few reasons why women in their early 20s would claim to be into other women when they actually aren't.

Straight people made up the largest group and showed the least change in sexual preferences over time. Interestingly, men were more likely than women to be straight - almost nine out of 10 men, compared to less than three-quarters of women.

Do you believe that more than 1/3 of women are either bisexual or homosexual? Because I don't.

The harmful impact of 'trans lesbians' is becoming apparent. by fuck_reddit in LGBDropTheT

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Could it be that being lesbian or gay is not quite as absolute or fixed as gender theorists want us to believe?

Someone should tell this guy that the gender theorists claim no such thing, and are actually on the same page as him.

One reason why I don't take such data very seriously is that at that age many people don't know what their sexuality is. Many L&Gs probably ended up in the ''straight'' category. And how many non-LG's are identifying as LG's at that age? Since the number of LG's is very small, it is easy for a small number of misidentified people to distort the data. Forcing a 9th grader to choose a sexulity could very well be a significant factor in obtaining bizarre data.

First, we must ask what’s going in the emotional lives of these individuals that has them behaving in such a hyper-sexualized manner? What emptiness are they seeking to fill?

Also a possibility, as sexuality and gender labels are increasingly often used as a substitute for an actual, well-rounded identity.

This fluidity is particularly true for women, making the L of LGBT a dramatically different animal at its very core than the G.

A round of applause for all the political lesbians, "men are trash I'm a lesbian now", ''my bf grew his hair out, so I am a lesbian now!!", "all lesbians have exceptions, right???" and all the other women who aren't homosexual but claim to be ''lesbians'' for popularity, fashionability, political correctness and whatever other stupid reason.

A young woman recently told me that she is a lesbian, but her sexual attraction is to men. Apparently she’s not an outlier. .... Lesbianism and gayness are more different than they are similar in very fundamental ways. The gay male is more likely to stay in one lane for life

Again female homosexuality is judged based on what all the male-attracted ''lesbians'' behave like. Sorry but you'll have to find and study actual homosexuals to come to any worthwhile conclusions about homosexuality.

No social media? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I don't have any social media accounts, and have heard from women that not having social media accounts is a ''red flag''. I consider such preoccupation with social media to be a red flag.

How do you tell if a woman is really into women and not just bored? by Depressed in Lesbians

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From my experience - they're usually unable to answer questions about what type of women they like (other than describing their preferred clothing style), what they are looking for on Tinder or whatever app, and other similar questions that are normal to discuss with someone whom you are considering for a relationship. And they don't bring up such questions themselves. They are there for sex but don't want to admit it to you.

It's not ok to make trans "lesbians" sad by pointing out that men often say "You haven't tried a good dick yet" by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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A creepy straight guy: Listen up, lesbians! My dick is different and so much better than all other dicks!
An MTF: how disgusting! Lesbians, it is actually my dick that is different and so much better than all other dicks!
A TRA: just like I told you, ~transgirls~ are nothing like your average guy! They literally think and feel like women! They have the female brain!!

How does your hair look? by lmaonope333 in Lesbians

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This but about a quarter shorter.

New lesbian film trailer - "Ammonite" with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan by Innisfree in Lesbians

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It doesn't look too bad, but I'll just keep waiting for a lesbian movie where neither of them has mental issues.

'The Straightest Straight who Ever Straighted' by CJLez in LGBDropTheT

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Ah, yes. The infamous "lesbian" who has never been attracted to a female, but liked it when her n-th boyfriend grew his hair out. I've seen them around.

There's no such thing as "bi lesbian" or "bi gay". Quit this bullshit by Disillusioned in LGBDropTheT

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It's called ''alternatively intelligent'', you bigot :(

'The Straightest Straight who Ever Straighted' by CJLez in LGBDropTheT

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Is it really just a fetish for the men (AGP)?


What the fuck is this? What have they done to our rainbow? by Smolders1 in LGBDropTheT

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They're experts at uglifying everything.

R/LGBT cannot stand askgaybros user’s appreciation of men by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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The comments these dudes were writing were hilarious, “trans men aren’t men”, sir it’s trans MEN, it literally says we’re men

Truly infallible reasoning.

So many of the same "would you rather date a cis-man or a trans-man?" rigged polls

Yeah. ''Rigged'' :D

They're so stupid I'm already bored after reading 2 comments.

How would you describe your clothing style? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I wear something between classic and casual most of the time. Pretty much this, but I prefer trousers to jeans. Also, I'm so glad that shirts like this became fashionable. They were impossible to find previously, and now they're everywhere.

Conversion therapy isn't working, what do? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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If only he was a cis woman! Then this would be seen as proof that he is actually a ''trans gay man''. But since he claims to be trans, and trans trumps gay, then he will need to go to a psychiatrist or something to ''resolve'' his weird ''obsession'' with gay porn.

What is/was your profession? Did you ever think you’d end up in the profession, and if you had the freedom/financial stability what would be your chosen profession? by IamWomanHearMeRoar in Lesbians

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I'm a software dev. If I had the freedom, I'd probably quit my job and work on improving my web design skills, then open my own web design company. As it is, I work on back end 90% of the time. Which I like a lot, but since we're speaking of very idealized scenarios here...

Initially I wanted to work in academia, but after I saw what state it is in I changed my mind.

So, by Mermaids's spectrum scale, are you a Barbie or G.I Joe? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Lol. Imagine being a grown man and having some blue haired SJW explain to you that your ''gender identity'' is somewhere between a barbie doll and an action figure. Did they also have to sing a song about gender while clapping hands? Such a disgrace.

Why would a lesbian have male friends? by Lesbian-LurKING in Lesbians

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I just can't for the life of me imagine hanging out so "intimately" with a man and actually having anything to converse about...lol

A very intelligent statement. Yeah, I guess with most of them you really wouldn't be able to have a 5 hours long conversation about how worthless men are.

How do you feel about Comp Het? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I think it's for male-leaning bi and straight women who are looking for an explanation of why all their relationships with men are failing.

"If lesbians can learn to accept trans women, why are gay men being so shitty to trans men?" by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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a trans woman can resemble a cis woman in every way

Show me one. Just one.

Gulags were 'compassionate', 'educational' institutions, say trans rights campaigners by turtleduck23 in LGBDropTheT

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What is false in that?

Yes, this is how normal lesbians dress, sure. We fought for years to be taken seriously as normal people and yet here we are... (Comments full of hugboxing and uwu-ness). Can we PLEASE drop the damn T!! by hatsofpotato in LGBDropTheT

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I looked at some of the profiles who wrote top comments and they are all either from bisexual women or transbians. Except that one lesbian who wrote that she, too, feels invisible. Didn't look further than her profile. So... yeah...Good luck roleplaying a porn ''lesbian'' I guess.

According to the TRAs “lesbian culture comes directly from trans lesbians” by bastetkat in LGBDropTheT

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What is he referring to? The ''I want tiddy'' and ''lesbians love girldick'' memes on r/actuallesbians? It's the antithesis of culture. We could say that transwomen have contributed to the degradation of lesbian culture, but that's about it.

Is your Pride event inclusive of everyone within LGBTQ+? A survey focusing on the inclusion of Pups, Furries & Kinksters... by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It used to be called gay pride and it was clear what it was about. Now it is ''pride'' of what? Anyone knows?

I did some data analysis on the AL demographics survey. Any requests? by reluctant_commenter in Lesbians

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I have to laugh at lesbians being a minority in a sub titled ''ACTUAL lesbians''. It's just another queer melting pot, where the non-gay majority is ''educating'' actual homosexuals on what is the only acceptable way how they should lead their lives.

How a straight woman discovered she's a gay man but disapproves of anyone else's "genital preferences" by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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How are they gonna already have feelings about a body part they've never seen?

Millions of years of evolution.

Fixed the definition of bisexuality, could not handle the cringe by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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What if you only like women and agender people?

I'd argue that that isn't even possible. How would anyone know if a person ID's as ''agender'' or any other gender?

They're targeting Gaybros today by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Further proof that T and LGB cannot coexist.

Show with a well written lesbian plot? by RedditHatesLesbians in Lesbians

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You're asking for too much.

Gulags were 'compassionate', 'educational' institutions, say trans rights campaigners by turtleduck23 in LGBDropTheT

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Those are the people who Yuri Bezmenov was referring to when he spoke of ''useful idiots'' (useful to the Soviet Union and still to Russia today) who can be presented with all the facts imaginable, but they will never believe in the brutality of Gulags (and the Soviet regime in general) until they end up there themselves.

the longest sentence was 10 years

25 years. But you could go to a Gulag as many times as the authorities wanted, for whatever reason.

The aim was to correct and change the ways of criminals.”

Funny they call them criminals, considering that most of the imprisoned had not commited any real crimes, but were either political opponents, people who refused to collaborate, intelligentsia, people who had more property than was acceptable, entire families of the previous four groups etc. Just pretty regular people, many (perhaps most) of whom were imprisioned without ever being brought to a court.

Ladies, what is your favourite hair length on a woman? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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Longer than shoulder length.

Have any of you ever given up hope on finding love? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Yes. I'm not bitter about it, but it would be nice if things were different. In all fairness, I have never really done very much to find ''the one'', so partly it is my own fault. I have a job, have hobbies, have moved from country to country for almost a decade, and never really had much free time for dating.

What does a woman wear that makes her look ten times sexier? by lmaonope333 in Lesbians

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I agree completely.

Unbelievably stupid list from latebloomerlesbians: signs that you are a late bloomer by Astrid2448 in Lesbians

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For me this one wins the award: "Birthdays, Christmases, holidays, families: I feel as if my life would be less complicated with a woman.". Yeah. Sure. So much less complicated.

But what does that even mean? Is she saying that a woman would be remembering birthdays, cooking Christmas meals etc., so she'd have less work to do, and so it proves she's a lesbian?

Unbelievably stupid list from latebloomerlesbians: signs that you are a late bloomer by Astrid2448 in Lesbians

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I find posts like this and the comphet doc so weird. It's actually very simple. Are you sexually attracted to women? If yes, you are at least bisexual. Are you sexually attracted to men? If yes, you are bisexual, if no, you are a lesbian. That's literally all there is to it, period. If you need to grasp at straws like listed here - because you don't experience the sexual attraction and need to find other 'proofs' - you're most likely not gay.

My male partner doesn't like me dressing slightly masculine. Yet again we see this theme. "My boyfriend sucks! I'm going gay!"

No, no, you misunderstand. She means - ''I wear sneakers sometimes, so I can't be straight, right?? Or wait, maybe I'm straight just not a woman? Wow, life is so magical!''

biologically speaking, the impulse to, well, breed like rabbits, affects all genders and sexual orientations.

Does it though? My impression is that gay men and women don't really have much of an impulse to ''breed'', especially not like rabbits. Might be wrong though.

Political Lesbianism is not forced lesbianism/fake lesbianism. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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They were centring women and women’s issues politically.

Absolutely, lol. When Sheila Jeffreys writes ''sexuality is not fixed, it is an old fashioned 19th century sexological belief that lesbianism is innate'' she actually means ''you should shop in women owned stores and vote for abortion rights!'' Wow, how did I not connect the dots myself??

We all had to choose to explore and people like Sheila Jeffreys said it was okay

No, people like Sheila said that sexuality is a social construct, and it is anti-feminist to still choose to fuck men when you can socialize yourself into lesbianism. She constantly uses the word sexuality for a reason. It is about sex.

To put it simply - you're in massive denial about political lesbianism.

Political Lesbianism is not forced lesbianism/fake lesbianism. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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My actual point is that your claim ''Women that were not attracted to other women were not cosplaying lesbians in the 60s and 70s, for Christ’s sake'' is simply false. Not only did they do it then, but they are still doing it now. And they're not even hiding any of their views on sexuality being a social construct, as opposed to a fixed, innate trait.

Most women who end up lesbian think they are heterosexual

True if you take into account all the political lesbians.

Edit: do you support women who have slept with men never coming out?

I support women who say ''I used to be heterosexual once'' never coming out as lesbians.

Political Lesbianism is not forced lesbianism/fake lesbianism. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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it seems that many people are constantly preaching the idea that a lesbian is a lesbian because of bad experiences with men and center lesbianism around men all the time

You can thank the political lesbians for that. They were the ones who proudly announced to the world that because men have been so horrible to them, they have now become lesbians. This is the image that they created for lesbians.

Political Lesbianism is not forced lesbianism/fake lesbianism. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Some quotes from a recent (2018) article by Sheila Jeffreys, on political lesbianism in the 70s-90s UK and on a book she wrote about it:

Lesbianism and heterosexuality were seen as socially constructed, not innate [by lesbian feminists]. So, hundreds of thousands of women internationally who might not have considered it before and been shaped by all the social pressures to be heterosexual, chose to become lesbians. This mass creation of lesbians was crucial to our politics and to everything we achieved. Now, unfortunately, the idea that lesbianism and heterosexuality, as well as masculinity and femininity are innate and cannot be changed, is fashionable even amongst many younger lesbians who see themselves as feminists. I was involved in lesbian feminism in this period. I made the choice to become a lesbian because of my politics [.......] Most were ‘political lesbians’, in the sense that they became lesbians as a result of their involvement in the WLM and exposure to lesbian feminists and lesbian feminist ideas. This practice of feminists choosing lesbianism as a form of resistance to male supremacy may seem foreign to common notions about lesbianism today, even within feminist circles, which are that lesbianism is something essential, not something that can be chosen [.....] Another chapter of the book is devoted to the crucial critique of heterosexuality which lesbian feminists created, showing that heterosexuality is not an unfortunate effect of nature, but a social construction. [....] Girls are made sexually heterosexual through the sexual attention of boys and men throughout their lives as well as the world of propaganda they are surrounded by, the porn and girls’ and women’s magazines about how to please men in bed and explaining how to do anal sex without too much pain and how to lie on a bed to enable the penis to go right down the throat. Heterosexuality is created by a culture in which all the novels in the airport bookstore are about hets, in which all the movies, plays, poetry, are still overwhelmingly het. And so on. [....] The theorising of sexuality and heterosexuality was the greatest theoretical achievement of lesbian feminism. And a most important aspect of this was the creation of political lesbianism, the idea that women could make a political choice to be lesbians.

Jeffreys is famous for claiming that she ''was once heterosexual, but then chose to be a lesbian''. And she means ''lesbian'' as in homosexual, not celibate. Her view, and as she describes it - the view of the majority of the political lesbians - was and still is that sexuality is a social construct, created through social practices and pressures, and can be changed through the same route.

Edit: Look, I found an ever better quote from her book (parts of it are readable on Google):

Today .. there is much opposition in the online lesbian community to the idea that a woman who has been heterosexual can or should become a lesbian at all. There is a resurgence of the nineteenth-century sexological idea that lesbianism is an innate condition. The understanding that sexuality is not fixed enabled thousands of women to leave heterosexuality at the time of the WLM and become lesbians. As feminist social constructionist influence waned, the biological determinism that was always more favoured by gay men came to prominence again.

Who's a basic bitch now?

Do you go to the gym? by a_blue_bird in Lesbians

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will it make you bulky, or won't it??

Lifting weights grows the muscle, it gets bigger, so yes, you would eventually get bulky if you kept doing it for a long enough period of time, while consistently increasing the weights and eating a high enough amount of calories. But it's not easy to achieve or maintain, and won't happen ''accidentally'', without you noticing.