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“A group of radicals angry at reality bullied a dictionary to change a definition” would be a more accurate headline.

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Why do only the transcult/special snowflakes get to make up new definitions for pre existing words to suit their own ideology. If every word included everything/everyone to be ‘inclusive’ then words lose meaning. It’s pointless then.

Don’t they already have that nonsense pansexual? Honestly, nothing will ever be good enough for their fragile feelings.

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This is why non-western countries are laughing at us.

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The normal definitions are still a thing in non-english speaking countries tho and this includes many western countries. Imagine gender clowns telling lgb people from another country that they are now "mostly same gender attracted" or "attracted to the same gender or more genders". People from unwoke countries aren't going to buy this shit.

I think this makes communication about lgb issues with other countries nearly impossible. At least for the woke crowd but it's all about the tq anyway. But still, this is going to cause tons of different problems.

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To be fair, it is mostly English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries that are falling for this woke propaganda. But Spanish and English are the second and third most widely spoken languages, and America is the dominant country within the western world. Even countries like Poland and Hungary, which are against transgender rights and woke culture, cling to America.

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More like "Merriam-Webster Updates Definition of 'Bisexual' For Darkest Timeline", or "Merriam-Webster Changes Definition (But Not Reality) of 'Bisexual'".

And who brought us this latest punch to the gut? None other than Robyn Ochs! Closest thing we have to the Face of Bisexuality! Talk about adding insult to injury... the calls are coming from inside the fucking house.

In what universe are bisexuals attracted to GENDERS, Robyn? Cuz it sure ain't THIS one! NOBODY is! Except maybe creepy fetishists who wanna date a goddamn high-heeled shoe! Is THAT the kind of person you think we should all become?

Well, you gender-shills go date the creepy fetishists, then. The ones who hardly even notice YOU; to whom a human being is merely the backdrop for the all-important gender fetish-object. Something to wear The Shoe. Knock yourselves out! And leave US the fuck alone.

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But they left the SEXual in bisexual. For how long tho... Sooner or later the word bisexual is going to get replaced by something which has "gender" in it or they just start to use "bi" and say the entire word becomes verboten (or it already is) like homosexual.

The tq+ crazies can kiss my ass.

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There are already idiots who are trying to rewrite history on that note. From' article on the definition change

“The historical and cultural definition of the term bisexual has always referred to more than one gender,” the Trevor Project specifies in the guide How to Support Bisexual Youth.

In 20 years it'll be another stonewall, people will think bisexual has always meant "two or more genders" and the ones who point out the truth wil be considered biphobic

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Merriam-Webster can go fuck itself.
I know what the definition of 'bisexual' is, I don't need them to confirm / debate it.

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This whole "bi means two or more" bullshit TRA's spew is ridiculous. The word bi means two and only two you morons. TWO. BI-SEXUAL. TWO SEXES. Not two + infinite made up genders.

By their stupid logic, if job is suppose to pay bi-weekly and an employee doesn't get their check and asks their boss why, the boss can simply say "bi means two.. or more, so you'll get it when you get it" since bi means two + infinity to these people. I'm sure they'd whine about the definition of bi actually meaning two then. Always changing definitions to insert themselves into places they don't belong just to benefit them and only them.

Literal twats. 😒

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They sent a letter to the company noting that the use of “both” implied that gender is strictly binary, and they stressed that bisexual people are sometimes attracted to nonbinary individuals.

Here's a hot take - most people aren't attracted to individuals like this because they're ugly, and not because our sexual orientation isn't ''that very special type of bisexuality where you are attracted to more than 2 genders!''

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Well in the spirit of the pseudoscientific world we all now live in, maybe what bisexuals need is a new woke-sounding word that means 'someone who fancies men with real dicks and women with real pussies'. Like, two sides can play this word salad game of lexigraphical mayhem.

We could call our 'new' sexual orientation 'cissexual', make some tumblr flags and demand our place on the alphabet soup like every other special snowflake community out there. That's how this game is played, is it not?

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Slightly unreleated but did anyone else notice Urban Dictionary removed the top definition for 'peak trans'? It used to be about people realising they can't sustain the cognitive dissonance required to support the modern trans movement. Now it's been deleted and replaced with "When a transgender person experiences the most validating moment of their transgender journey, giving them great gender euphoria."