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you haven’t missed much i don’t think. it’s very quiet over here. i miss TL. :( i literally get so sad thinking about it, even now a couple months later

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Same, I miss TL. Still can't believe those scums banned it because we are homosexuals.

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    How are you going to compare the activity of Saidit subs to Reddit subs? Obviously Saidit subs are dead. No one knows about Saidit. There's nothing to get over because we know that all this deranged new age woke homophobia ain't gonna last. Don't get too comfy

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      The funny thing is we don't have to do anything about it. TRAs are turning people against them everyday. We just get to sit back and laugh while their campaign implodes.

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      Truth. I can't wait for all the trans children science experiments to grow up and turn their backs on the TRAs who manipulated them into permanently damaging their bodies on the false promise that they can change their sex. This recent push of trans ideology and science denial has an expiry date. Biological realities are not going anywhere.

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      nobody liked you

      Lol. Except 99% of population, that thinks the same thing that we do. Not TRAs and Reddit mods obviously. The situation you're in is really quite pathetic. K, gotta go check out what your sweetheart Yaniv is up to today ;)

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        Lesbians do not suck dick idiot.

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        r/actuallesbians has more active cis lesbians

        Not sure about this one sir

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        I mean, they probably do just in terms of quantity because it's Reddit.

        We have fewer bitter men trying to force dick on us though. Here it's just this loser.

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        They banned it because we refuse to endorse delusions and suck autogynephile dick. This is the case. Lesbians do not suck dick,you sad trancel.

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        Nothing much. I also had a break.

        I intermittently visit actuallesbians and it gets worse each time I go there lol. I enjoy browsing the user profiles of people who post pro-trans stuff/are trans. They are the weirdest people.

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        it’s so interesting. like four years ago when i started noticing that AL was overrun by trans people, i’d go investigate their profiles to see wtf was going on. and blew years later i see the testimony of other lesbians that did the same thing. i still do it because i guess i really enjoy cringing?

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        I do like it on here as well as the original community on Truelesbians. However, you actually came back at a time where for some reason it's been a bit quieter lately. I guess it's somewhat inevitable, as people like fast-moving discussion sites more than slower ones.

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        Not gonna lie, I really don't like being on Saidit that much. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for some of the subs that were affected in the banwave (GC, TL, and LGBDTT).

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        I end up forgetting about SaidIt too, and then go through a ton of threads catching up on what I missed once I remember again. I still browse Reddit so I miss having TL there.