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There’s a general reaction towards them that makes me feel bad about it, being a trans woman. I feel rejected.

Bruh, you know what makes me feel bad? Being told repeatedly that I need to be open to dick and that I’m a terrible person for being homosexual.

I know that many, if not all, don’t mean it

No lesbian likes penis and, yes, we mean it when we say we aren’t into it.

and you have many experiences with stupid men trying to “snap you out” of your sexuality.

Yes, exactly like you’re doing right now, OP.

Everyone assumes a girl does not have a penis.

Yes, because no girl or woman has a penis.

I’m just everyone to be happy, y’know.*

No you don’t. If you actually wanted everyone to be happy you wouldn’t waste everyone’s time whining and trying to make lesbians feel bad for not wanting your dick.

I just, see lesbians reply with, “Maybe you haven’t had good dick yet” and I feel like I’m being forgotten in a way.*

Oh, so you can dish out dick-love, but you can’t take it?

*From a comment OP makes in the replies

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This dude feels sad about the "general lesbian rejection to dicks in the lesbian community" !?!?!?


I hate people. I hate this guy. I hate the people who think like him. Fucking stupid.

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Roses are red

Balls are blue

Lesbians don't want your dick!


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Why they are so obsessed with lesbian jesus. They literally have a bigger dating pool than me, as a lesbian. There are plenty of women who like dick lol!

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Lesbian Jesus? Like this?


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I though about her too. I like how she has a new girl in every video. The female version of a playboy.

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Ahahahah awesome picture! :P I think she's dope :)

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Lesbian Jesus would kick this man in his "girl"balls.

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Because with bi girls their identity would be invalid

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Ah yes. Their ''exclusion'' or hurt feelings should be more important than lesbians discussing a common shared experience of homophobia.

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Lol worst comment is the one saying lesbians like dildos so why don’t they take girldick? Literally what straight guys have always told us

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I also rolled my eyes at the one with comparing having a dick to body hair. I have a PCOS so I have a looot of body hair. But guess what?

Only woman can have PCOS.

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First of all, dildo can have different forms and bend in different ways, to touch parts that penis will never can reach (but fingers can), second thing - majority of lesbians I know are against dildos.

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Dildo is just a toy shaped like a tube, it is pretty different thank dick and balls. I never used it, and don't like the idea of it at all, but the comparison of a couple using a toy once in a while and genitalia is so delusional. Well, these people believe they're like women by wearing a dress, so of course they can believe a silicone toy is the same as human organ just cause they got a similar shape (the shape of an hole actually)

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Dildos aren't dick shaped, they're inside of a vagina shaped.

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In fact, it is just the shape of an hole.

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Maybe it is just continuation of heterosexual men beliefs? Like those screens I've posted to you previously, where "they are two women, so their sex and relationships are not real" - just because there no penises involved. Maybe they think that we think same way, so we are using dildos to "make our sex real sex" ?

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My fav part about my dildo is the fact that I can wash it and stuff it in a drawer for a few weeks and not think about it. Plus, it’s shaped like a rocket and it’s hot pink 💕

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Oh my god stop whinning about your dick, nobody cares about your dick and your feelings

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It says a lot that this kind of homophobic post doesn’t get removed but anything questioning the treatment of lesbians (by either bi or trans people) is immediately silenced. The only acceptable target in the “lesbian community” seems to be the lesbians.

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It is like with /r/Lesbians - it is all about fetishising, sexualising and dehumanizing lesbians. And /r/ActualLesbians is all about hating lesbians and replacing them with transbians, nonbinarians and other "-ians".

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God forbid a man ever feels excluded from anywhere.

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Truly, behavior like this just makes me think the super-entitled ones need to experience more exclusion, more often, so they can get used to it like everyone else and finally grow up.

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Crossposted from s/WhatAboutMyGirlDick.

Screenshot of the original post:

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Thanks for making that awesome sub! I second what rouge_tropical said. Subscribed! :D

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I believe it was created by u/BraveAndStunningTERF actually. So thank her :-)

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Thanks u/BraveAndStunningTERF :D let's laugh about those creepy girl dick owners lol

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Haha thanks :)

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Thanks :)

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I see now why lesbians are fleeing. I'm a bi gal and I'm fleeing from these straight men trying to get inside lesbians.

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It's not only in the bathroom where dicks seem to result in a lot of bad aim.

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I'm bi too and I had to flee that sub because the nonsense and censorship was too much.

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Please spare your thoughts for this perverts feelings.

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This linked edit makes me want to vomit:

Ew ew ew ewww. As a lesbian, fuck these people. I feel so genuinely disgusted.

I've become mostly desensitised to the cotton ceiling rhetoric but god, this is so homophobic and so rape-culture-y that it makes me sick to my stomach. I don't want to date MALES. I don't care if they have a gaping flesh wound between their legs, I don't care if they "pass" as out society's sexist idea of what a woman is after 50 surgeries and a pound of make up.

I don't want to date ALL transwomen because they're ALL MEN and I'm a LESBIAN. Jesus Christ, I don't know how anyone on that sub is a real lesbian at all, I don't know how they can stand to read that bullshit without leaving immediately. And that link is from 7 years ago! These beliefs are so much more prevalent now. Some fucking fetishist gave it silver. Leave lesbians the fuck alone.

Needed to get that out. I mean, omg.

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When half topics on the "Actual Lesbians" sub are all about men (especially posts like this, lol).

And other half of topics are just pictures or photos of lesbians, almost like /r/Lesbians, but without porn.

woman who does not currently have the genitalia you prefer

It reminds me our disabled people cathegory burocracy. So if you are lacking both legs, you need every 6 or 12 months (depends on your cathegory and tax exemptions) to go into the hospital and into the municipal authorities to get it prolonged. Like those people will ever grow legs back. Same is here - if they do not have genitals I prefer, they will never have them.

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especially posts like this, lol


If tomorrow I start telling people I feel the wings I don't have but should have behind my back, they would worry for my mental health!

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He's thinking with his "ladydick".... very straight male of him.

Seriously, I feel bad for the lesbian who received that text, this guy is awful.

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I know. I felt so sick reading that for the first time. It's amazing how self-centered and lacking boundaries someone must be in order to say such horrible things.

"You just need to learn to like trans dick" and yet, if someone said to a trans-identified male, "You just need to learn to like your own dick and accept that you're a man", they would lose their goddamn minds.

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Lesbians made my peen sad :(

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True narcissism is objecting to lesbians hating straight men because it gives you vague allusions to transes, but getting mad when lesbians object to being told to suck dick because it's a direct obvious parallel to homophobia.

Like somehow reminiscence and dogwhistles and shit are hugely important when it comes to transwomen but lesbians are expected to just shut the fuck up and pretend they don't exist when it affects them.

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Update, the thread is locked now, probably because a few lesbians were speaking up.

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Whole thing sounds like the mating call of the RAPIST

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I've felt the same anger when repeatededly and extremely crudely invited to choke on a butch lesbian's silicone transwomen’s dick, because again, it felt inappropriate and completely invalidated my disinterest in that act.

As long as I have been a lesbian, have dated and partnered with butch lesbians, I have never had a single one say this to me. Choking on dicks is a “porn thing”. A straight male thing?

Why oh why, do lesbians have to apologize to the poor little transpersons and explain a million times such a simple fact: we don’t want dick!

I will never apologize to any person for my sexual orientation. It’s not a preference!

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Why oh why, do lesbians have to apologize to the poor little transpersons and explain a million times such a simple fact: we don’t want dick!

Probably because they are super young, extra prone to peer-pressure and terrified of having a mass of strangers yell at them on the internet and send death threats to their inboxes.

It is really disheartening to watch, but unfortunately it does make a lot of sense, IMO.

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A creepy straight guy: Listen up, lesbians! My dick is different and so much better than all other dicks!
An MTF: how disgusting! Lesbians, it is actually my dick that is different and so much better than all other dicks!
A TRA: just like I told you, ~transgirls~ are nothing like your average guy! They literally think and feel like women! They have the female brain!!

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"people aren't validating me 100%!!!! Please don't ever say what you do or don't like!!" It makes me sick seeing these lesbians (who probably aren't even ACTUAL lesbians just dickless trans women) going, "Lots of lesbian like girls with dicks. Some lesbians just don't like men with penises but they like penis if it's attached to a girl" that shit is so stupid to me.

You can tell the actual women feel stupid even saying the shit, even if they believe it, I bet it's like, "Am I really apologizing as a lesbian for not wanting dick in my life?" ALso who cares how lesbians feel about not being able to NEVER talk about not wanting "girl cock", they either have to be okay with it or don't say anything at all. It's crazy seeing them constantly want people to "Validate" them, even if it's a lie. They NEED to know that cis lesbians will validate them as actual lesbians and sleep with them. Then they keep lying and pretending that there's so many lesbians down with the trans shit. again, one minute, no one likes them, the next,"There's SO many lesbians who like women with penises!!" stop lying to these people, those people aren't lesbians.

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"Lots of lesbian like girls with dicks. Some lesbians just don't like men with penises but they like penis if it's attached to a girl"

Al is a hugbox for men. They invented their own version of lesbian to make them feel better about themselves. Every single one of these men and their asskissers is pathetic, homophobic trash. The Al lesbian doesn't exist irl and if these guys ever take their hand off their dicks & go outside looking for lesbians, they would run back to their online hugbox screaming & crying.

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It is a never-ending wonder to me that, no matter how much of this "transbian" brainrot I encounter... I can somehow always get MORE upset.

And I'm not even lesbian. :(

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Funny how when sorting through controversial on AL its mainly posts about transbians, even though they're sometimes the vocal what seems like a majority on the sub list the downvotes are coming from within AL

mods removed this comment but she got 20 votes and she's right

Oh my god I almost forgot that some people have special dicks that we aren't allowed to dislike or talk about because otherwise we're all bigots :(((

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"Please stop reminding me that I belong to a coven of progressive rapists uwu uwu uwu"

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