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The first time I saw the “Draw me like one of your French girls” scene in Titanic, I was sitting next to my mom on her bed and I gasped out loud at Kate Winslet’s boobs, and said something like “they’re huge!” My mom actually thought it was funny.

I was so transfixed by Kate Winslet and her boobs. As soon as I could be left home alone I would put in the VHS of Titanic and fast forward to that scene and then I would have to make sure to carefully rewind to the beginning so no one would know. I watched this all the time. I was pretty young so I didn’t know exactly what was going on but I also knew this was something I should do in secret.

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Hello fellow "Kate Winslet's boobs in Titanic" lesbian.

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A bond I never knew I would share! I just looked up a picture for old times’ sake and they’re still magnificent so our younger selves had good taste and it was clearly our manifest destiny to be lesbians.

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I was drawing women with big boobs. Boob had something alluring in them and I didn't know what and why?

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Was in love with my best friend. Wanted to live together and not get married to any boys. Held the door open for her and talked on the phone for hours trying not to hang up.I punched a kid who kissed her. After she moved away I found some very intense friendships with a few other girls and had someone tell me once that I flirt with all the girls. Realized I liked girls in a sexual/romantic way when I was 11 after watching Imagine Me and You on hbo. I kept flipping channels so my mom wouldn't see what I was watching. I remember thinking that's what I wanted with my childhood friend. Who had moved schools a few years back but I was still pretty in love with her.

Also used to look up big boobs on the internet.

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Sounds like my story. I didn't punch anyone, but hated when she got into a relationship with guys because I had a crush on her and wanted her to be with me.

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I punched him because it pissed me off that he kissed her but this guy was also a major creep. He would sneek up and kiss multiple girls in my class by surprise and flash people under tables. He totally deserved a hard punch to the gut.

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Wow, that is... quite out there haha! For me, it was crushes on certain female teachers. Wanting to impress them, wanting to hang out with them, wanting to look at them because they're so pretty...

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I also drew women from an early age. They usually looked like Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop with big breasts, curvy bodies and wavy hair. One of the teachers said that women don't look that way in real life. The funny thing was she did. She was well endowed in the chest region, had long blond hair and wore glasses. She was very beautiful and I had a crush on her.

EDIT: I gave her flowers once :)

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Planned to live with a friend on a farm together and we'd both never get married because "who needs boys?"

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I told my parents, I was going to marry my best friend after she agreed to this. Young me had better game with the ladies than now me lol.

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drew sexy pictures of women. and when I was about seven I told my mom that I plan on marrying a girl

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did she believe you?

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she told me that girls cant marry girls

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temporarily forgot that not that long ago people didn't assume that would be possible in their lifetime

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she wasn't speaking legalistically, same sex marriage was legalized where I live and she's still against it

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Before western society began to explore same sex relationships in shows let alone cartoons(not counting Harley and Poison Ivy from Batman Adventures), Anime was already doing that.

When I was a kid and started watching Sailor Moon, I was introduced to Haruka and Michiru. Western version had them as cousins but all us Sailor Moon fans knew there was much more. So much so, they were nicknamed 'kissing cousins'.

I would buy those Shounen Jump magazines as a kid and Lord behold, there was an article about how the U.S. turned Haruka and Michiru into cousins when they're actually in a relationship with one another!

Little 11 year old me was so excited!! I bought that magazine and cut the article out, and glued it to my Sailor Moon scrap book(which I still have).

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My 4th grade best friend and I went through our "Greek mythology phase" together. We were super into Artemis and her hunters. Meanwhile, our classmates were going through their Jonas Brothers phase, and we mocked them for it, because it was so anathema and unthinkable to us.

I really believed she was gay too. Not consciously, but I on some level. She was my first big crush. The following year, when she had a crush on a boy, it really threw me for a loop because just... what?

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These are gold. I got my first cassette player at around 7 and learnt you could record to the tape. Fast forward roughly 23 years there's still a tape recording of me playing some flute and whispering 'sexy ladies are the best' somewhere in the loft at my parents'.

If we want to do the tomboy stereotype, I'll see your dungarees and climbing trees and raise fishing and splitting logs

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I used to be so mesmerized by Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender.. There was a scene in the first season when Aang gave her a new necklace, and they had this slow camera movement revealing how she looked with it on. I LOVED her so much in this scene, I drew this image on like A3 sized paper xD And loved looking at it. Unfortunately it was lost to time :( We moved a bunch since.

Oh, and that siren scene from the Sinbad movie? And the existence of Marina and Eris? Gay awakening. Was mesmerized by them as well xD

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Kissed girls lol.

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Either when i got mad that my babysitter wouldnt show me her boobs or how i still remember looking up my first grade teachers skirt

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my second grade teacher looked up MY skirt 💀

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I have found so many drawings of lesbian couples hugging, kissing, holding hands, staring at the sunset together etc. in my childhood sketchbooks. There was something so... intriging and intimete about two girls/women in love to little me. Why I didn't get that I was a lesbian earlier is a mystery.

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When I was around the age of six, my family and I had to move in with my grandmother due to financial reasons. My dad had a giant photo of a naked woman lying on top of a python in his room from college. Six year old me really, really liked that photo, and I would wait until my parents had left the house and my grandma was distracted to sneak in there and look at it. I don't think I was ever caught or that anyone knew, although there were a few close calls with grandma. Wasn't happy when we eventually moved out and dad gave it to my older cousin. 🙁

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At 11 I found an old porn mag in family storage. Every page was just a naked woman with her legs open. Kept it under my bed for a few weeks and flicked through it every day. Guess I felt guilty or something cos I eventually told my mum I'd found it and she threw it away. I never admitted to having thoroughly "read" it tho.

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I'm very late to the party but here it is ... I used to spend the whole day before and after school at my grand aunties and grandma's house and my favorite time of the day when they would dress up or take a shower, I just followed them until they entered and after (my family is all women, they invaded my showers every day) watched they get dolled up for the afternoon onwards. To not make it weird I would imagine my schoolmates, teachers, and pretty celebrities. Especially teachers, I tried so hard to be every female teacher's pet (some were awful and fucked me over but my crushes were usually pretty and nice)

Also, when I was 10/11 I almost got in real trouble in my English school after me and an older friend started showing up in (tiny,but still) heels and short skirts to class. I did it to make the teacher notice me and compliment me more (she still gave me tons of compliments since day 1, but young me wanted to have her all to myself lol) and when I pretty much flashed her unintentionally she held me after class to talk and was so caring and amazing that I stopped doing that and started to ask "complex" (lol) questions non stop every single class.

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I know I'm late but my little 8 year old self looking at the dancers at a TV program and saying "They're so pretty".

They were all women, I also remember saying something in the lines of "They must make a lot of money", and my parents laughed. I felt like a dummy and that kind hurt.

Edit: Also searching for different bra cup sizes, it was for "research". TMI searching up lesbian sex, I still pray to god that I deleted my history and no one used my account.

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Probably building rafts and tree houses with friends.