And the Transbian girls go “do do do, doodoo doooo…” by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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This exchange on the thread shows the difference between male "transbians" and female "queers". The man is whining about his penis feels and calling women "c*nts", while the woman is writing long essays explaining her reasoning for calling out his misogynistic or predatory behavior while singing the praises of TWAW. And yet, on a sub called "actual lesbians"...I saw not a single actual lesbian. Our erasure continues at full pace.

FutureFutaTransbian 2 points 1 day ago I keep hearing these stories but it's like I'm ugly or something. Men are never in my DMs when my face is visible & I've been told I don't look masculine

SirIsaacGlut3nGenderqueer-Bi 9 points 20 hours ago Nothing to do with ugliness. Men do not care. you do not want people to treat you this way.

FutureFutaTransbian 1 point 10 hours ago (I removed two imgur links the commenter linked to) Take your pic on what meme fits my stance. It beats random cunts online calling me Chris-chan

[–]SirIsaacGlut3nGenderqueer-Bi2 points 9 hours ago It’s not about a stance, it’s the truth. Being objectified and sexualized by men, or anyone really, is horrible. The reality of being objectified and dealing with that sort of thing is that it can lead to internalized misogyny and self-objectification. That isn’t healthy, it isn’t something anyone should want because it isn’t any better than being called a bitch or a cunt (which they will do if you reject them). Being objectified is a direct facet of rape culture. When we allow people to objectify us like this, it tells them it’s okay and it’s alright to treat all women like this. It’s so dangerous. I am sorry people do that to you, I am, that’s horrific and not okay in the slightest. But please please please listen when we are telling you that there is repercussions to allowing objectification like this. It is telling little girls and boys that it’s okay to look and talk to and treat others like this. It is telling adults that it is okay (as if they need any more permission). It is telling people that it’s okay and healthy. And it’s really, really not. It’s okay to be a sexual creature, but I don’t want anyone ever to feel like or be okay with feeling like an object.

PIV is gay sex 🤣 (apologies for posting such nonsense!) by Chocolatepudding in LGBDropTheT

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]butt3rsl1m3 The easiest thing for me is to think of someone else and if I would question their validity. Gay/straight is about gender, not genitalia.

[–]Lwasnthere[S] Yeah that’s true, i would never question someone else’s validity but i think it comes to a point when you’ve been questioned so many times by transphobes that you start to question yourself. You forget that questioning in the first place is wrong?? It’s good advice to remind yourself of that :’)

more insanity and cult-think from clown world 🤡🌎

Says the cult that eats itself over a small disagreement... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Wtf did that have to do with Black History Month?!? 😭😭😭😭

Why the media blackout? Thoughts? We can't defend these predators in our community! (We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring) by Greykittymomma in LGBDropTheT

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More and more, I'm weary of anyone in the LGBTQ activist community, even when they're actually homosexual or bisexual. These monsters used their power to gain access to vulnerable children and abused them. They are going to be pointed at as justification for why all gay men should be denied the ability to adopt children. When the reality is these men were known risks, one of them had already raped a child before!!!

These predators and their allies have made themselves the spokespeople of the LGBTQ community and we, normal homosexuals and bisexuals, will be the ones to pay the price.

how do pre-egg crack trans guys experience attraction towards other men? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I denied the fact that I liked men because I felt a need to be seen as queer, but didn't know enough about transness or my own gender dysphoria to realize that the reason I loathed the idea of being a man's girlfriend was not that I liked girls better, but that I hated the idea of being the "woman" in the relationship. Lesbianism seemed better because then maybe gender dynamics wouldn't matter as hard, but it wasn't until recently when total security in my gender was solidified that I realized I'm just not that into women. My attraction to men was always brushed off as "comphet" or gender envy but man I am simply a fag and it was never that complicated 🤷

Why can’t her hateful wife celebrate their newfound status as a heterosexual couple? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I told my wife 3 days ago about my desire to transition, explained what I knew about the process, and offered to answer any other questions she might have. At first she was just caught off guard but she asked some great questions and I felt like things were going well; but now that we're 3 days into it, her emotional reaction to this is really starting to get to me. We've discussed different aspects at length in the last few days, and it seems that she has fallen into a depression as a result of the news. I feel terrible for hurting her, I just couldn't lie to myself anymore... I'm hurt because 1) it's starting to become more about her emotions than it is about my transition; 2) I don't really get why she's acting like I died or something (she's literally said that), 3) it seems like she's convincing herself to stay with me (I don't want to lose her but I would never force her into something she didn't want to be a part of), and 4) I just really wanted someone (my best friend especially) to just be happy for me. I feel like I ruined everything.....she's acting like this is some kind of tragedy and then turning around and being all clingy and lovey the next minute. I know she's entitled to feel however she feels, but where do I draw the line? I feel like at the end of the day, if she can't accept it the what's the alternative? I feel so alone.

The alternative could be NOT going on this delusional self-harm journey and destroying your marriage along the way.

You could just accept yourself as a butch lesbian... and not play pretend as a "heterosexual guy" 😒🙄

So many better alternatives, all ignored for one of the worst paths she could choose.

This is so sad by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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I agree, sometimes people say some harmful things to straight people in the queer community and it is lke ‟there are straight people apart of oyur community you idiot, be nice to them.”

L.O.L. if straight people are included in the "queer community", then who exactly are the oppressors?? Who is the class of people with the power to oppress and ostracize us "queers"?!? Asexuals??

My husband and I are the best kind of straight couple. My dad once asked "But if you're both trans... and with each other... then why are you both still trans? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?"

Yes! Because their dad understands that "being trans" is a method of conversion therapy that homosexuals have used to fit into straight society and that it was a source of pity that they had to destroy their bodies to feel ok loving and dating the same-sex. So it makes no sense for a straight person to have to destroy their body to larp as a "queer" while still being in an actual hetero relationship. God, holidays with these people sounds exhausting, I'm sorry for the dad :(

7k upvotes celebrating an opposite-sex marriage, posted in a "lesbian" community by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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]CrisicMuzr 1616 points 1 day ago I can't imagine the stress they felt leading up to coming out to each other and the tremendous relief that would have rushed over them when they realized they could make it work. And then laughing at the absurdity of the situation later.

[–]makegoodchoicesok This is me and my wife. It was exactly like that lmao

[–]Gretchenmeows 626 points 1 day ago This is my Wife and I too. She came out as Trans and I very quickly realised I was a victim of Compulsory female heterosexuality and was actually gay AF. Now we are just 2 hot girls causing chaos.

I hate these people so much. Literally larping as us. Using their trans status to trap their newly out lesbian partners in a shitty straight relationship or forcing their bi/het female partners to pretend to be gay to validate their gender feelz. I'm ready to get off this clown ride 🙃🤡🤬

A little bit of woman on man rape to get the blood pumping by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I’ve been wanting to write another hot experience I had over the weekend for Pride weekend in San Francisco! A local bathhouse had a soft-opening during Pride weekend, my partner and I decided to attend twice. The first time wasn’t a success.. but Sunday night was a bit of an unexpected turn of events. I’ve recently received my Reelmagik 8 inch prosthetic and decided to take it and purchase some water-based condoms and lube to have some fun. My partner and I decide to have some fun and I sucked his dick and made him cum. We decided to go into the play room and he sucked my big dick and had many cis men fooled. I wasn’t really trying to play with others but the thrill of being watched made me hard asf. Also, as he stopped sucking my prosthetic, he wanted me to fuck him but this older man decides to feel up on me (I’m hairy all over) and admired my fur. We decided to the sling and my partner who wore a singlet, decided to lay on the sling and let me fuck him. I lube up my prosthetic and decided to fuck my partner hard. As I railed him, there was at least 4-5 guys jerking-off and enjoying our hot sex session. I was okay with him sucking or getting fucked by another guy but these guys didn’t want to take the offer as my partner told them, “ Are you guys enjoying the show 😈?” Damn, the fact that these guys didn’t know I was trans and a total top, made me feel on-top of the world. The same guy who was rubbing up on me, proceeded to touch my ass (I wore assuiebum riot underwear to hold my cock in place) and I told him, “Don’t do that…” but he didn’t even want to fuck me …. He wanted to get fucked by me 🔥🔥🥵. I’m not into older guys but he had a cute ass! I was so horned-up that he was ready for my cock.. that I decided to take my cock out of my partner and get a condom to fuck this guy ass. As I glided my cock into his ass, he grunted and took my cock like a good little slut. My partner decided to be a cuckhold and degraded the guy as I railed him hard. To finish off, I decided to pretend to cum into my partners mouth and headed towards the lockers. Afterwards, I felt euphoric and validated. I hope everyone enjoyed my little story since bottom dysphoria was kicking my asss but the prosthetic was lifesaving!

Pornsick, deranged female rapes and degrades a gay man for Pride month!! Trans rights are predator rights, trans cult makes a predator of it's adherents.

Eta: I hope this is fake af because this sounds absolutely bonkers. Gay men deserve to be able to have sex with other men in mlm spaces without worrying about women "stealth raping" them. To me, this is on par with partner's lying about HIV/AIDS status. It is a violation of their sexual partner's boundaries.

Roe v. Wade was overturned in the US today. How do you think that will impact LGB acceptance in the country? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Jokes on them, I still won't vote for Dems. I just won't vote or will spoil my ballot, I refuse to support a party who only pretends to support me and actively supports predators who want to harm me and my community. Dems continue to use our struggles as a leash keeping us chained to them as they drag us further out to sea. LGB shouldn't drown with the TQ+ and their Dem allies, they've stolen our ship, let them drown alone.

Politically homeless lesbian :( Can we start a women and LGB rights political party?

Roe v. Wade was overturned in the US today. How do you think that will impact LGB acceptance in the country? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Clarence Thomas opens the door wide open for cases to br brought to SCOTUS that could strip our right to be married AND criminalize same-sex intimacy.

His ruling:

For that reason, in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court's substantive due process precedents including Griswold Lawrence and Obergfell because any substantive due process decision is demonstrably erroneous... we have a duty to "correct the error" established in those precedents.

Lawrence (2003?!?! Gay sex hasn't been legal for more than 20 years and look how far we've fallen...) is the case that established the right for consenting adults to engage in same-sex intimacy. Obergefell was a 2015 Supreme Court decision to establish the right for same-sex couples to be married.

If a group with standing brings either of these cases to the current SCOTUS, we are at risk of being forcibly shoved back in the closet. Clarence not only opens the door, he has set the table for how to dismantle these precedents for any group who comes before the Court.

I want to pretend this won't happen but I also wanted to do that w Roe and now reality is hitting me in the face hard. We only just got the right to marry less than a decade ago and it is already at risk :( I feel so hopeless rn, what are others doing to feel more optimistic about the future of LGB rights in the US??

"why is it that some trans lesbians have to disclose to cis lesbians about their condition rather than the other way?" by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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This may be odd but why is it that some trans lesbians have to disclose to cis lesbians about their condition rather than the other way? I find it a little disconcerting given that our acceptance is mostly limited to cutesy "trans girls are valid uwu you're so good at music" posts, but in practice we seem to be othered, like we're welcome in the community so long as we make it obvious to people about who we are. Genital preferences are one thing, but where it comes from as well is confusing. Is the idea of a penis itself disgusting to some given it's associated with men? There's burly men with vaginas out there, but you don't see preferences swinging the other way to dick only for lesbians that often. I feel like at some points I'd rather be called a slur than have exclusionary ideas with a coat of acceptance.

Yet if any lesbian called them men and said they weren't welcome because of their sex, she would be banned for "hate speech". When did biological sex become a slur??

I honestly feel like a mutant sometimes.

You are making yourself a mutant by harming your body to play pretend at being the opposite sex. Maybe listen to that voice buried deep inside you that whispers those words to you. It may be the last flicker of intuition you have left, nurture it.

I don't want to be told I'm valid. I want to be treated like I'm valid.

edit: just adding, I don't appreciate being told I'm valid or welcome here. There is a difference between being welcome and being wanted. We are ultimately treated as outsiders. If you don't want us around say so, if you do want us around, be inclusive. We are not weird experiments or experiences for you - we are people who feel love, passion, attraction, and longing. Treat us as such or piss off.

It is never enough. It will never be enough until every lesbian is either pretending to have a dick or taking dick sexually. This is a rapists rights movement, they can all fuck right off. No one is entitled to being wanted or loved, the only people who owe you unconditional love are your parents--these people need to work their issues out with a therapist, not the internet.

This is what happens when entitled men are coddled in their delusions and treated as "valid and real lesbians". Reality will continue to cast a shadow on his fantasy and the more the world around him enables the fantasy the more pissed they get that everyone isn't willing to play make believe with him 25/8.

The most gruesome description of detrans medical problems I've heard yet by HelloMomo in LGBDropTheT

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But we can punish doctors who sell patients this lie. Informed consent should require patient's understanding that this is a cosmetic surgery, what the complications are and that it will NOT change their sex or gender in any way. If they still choose to get it, then that's on the patient. But I think surgeons who perform these surgeries should lose their licenses, especially with how uninformed their patients are of the predictably terrifying complications.

Like two messy lesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I had similar worries and ultimately was surprised that they just didn't pan out... We looked like two gay men and so we were treated as two gay men. I found myself having more "typical" insecurities around him — thinking about him being more buff than me, a better top than me, having a bigger T-dick than me. I only once had the lesbian thought and this was when we were scissoring lmao so we just... Didn't do that again. I think it's easy to get in your head, but in reality it might be easier than you expect to have T4T work (or the problems will just be entirely different from what you're guessing rn haha

How do these people even begin to enjoy sex?! They're so lost in their heads, playing make-believe, sex with a trans person sounds exhausting.

I’m very attracted hot guys including hot trans guys, but on the other hand I don’t like the idea of us both being trans. Idk I would just feel insecure like “are we both delusional ?” I don’t want it to come off like two messy lesbians

Yes you're both delusional. No, you're not a lesbian.

r/AskGayBros is about to fall by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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Can't hold back the floodgates forever. The more they ban, harass and silence us, the more fed up people get. The problem with the T is they believe their play pretend and think the rest of us do too. They're in for a rude awokening when everyone finally stops playing nice and tells them the truth; no one believes you can change sex and no one wants to be with anyone delusional enough to try to change their own sex 🤷🏾‍♀️

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I don't think the subscription is necessary for Club Monocle? Atleast I haven't subscribed and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by not subscribing. I'm not sure how much it costs, I only use the app. The UI isn't the most intuitive!

The borg know the meaning of sexuality when it matter by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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heterosexual sex in general is inherently harmful in part (but only in part, there's more reasons too) because of the strength gap, if I had my way it'd be outlawed alongside the rough sex murder defense for the horribly dangerous backwards practice that it is

Ummm, I'm not comfortable with any sex act between two consenting adults being regulated or outlawed. Those types of laws are always weaponized against same-sex attracted people in the end.

Also how would we outlaw hetero sex.... that becomes basically a forced eugenics movement on a massive scale??

I'm not saying this as a radical feminist, I mostly find radical feminists to be quite miserable people.

I'm a rad fem but I do notice many of the bisexual/heterosexual ones with a history of surviving male violence/abuse can veer from legit talk of female seperatism and safe spaces into this weird "all men are evil trash/kill all men/het sex is evil and abusive ALWAYS" vibe and tbh that's what your comment sounds like. I don't want female-only spaces because I hate men or heterosexuality, I want female-only spaces because I love women and women and girls deserve spaces away from male violence.

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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If all the rational and compassionate users unsubscribe, we'll be left with only assholes representing us. Stay and add more content that you want to see!!

Truelesbians on reddit was a shitshow at the start, basically just lesbians venting about how tired of trans shit we were and screaming about how happy they were to be away from the sausage fest that is /actual(not)lesbians. But we built it into something beautiful before the ban! That wouldn't have happened if everyone unsubbed because they were tired of the hate posts, instead women stepped up and posted more of the content they wanted to see and we became a great space for lesbians to share our struggles and successes with dating, relationships and love and life in general!! I want this space to be that for the wider LGB community too.

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I just want a place to chat with other women who like women and where I can post all my same-sex memes, lol. Apparently that is a tall order at this point in time, though...

Have you checked out Ovarit's lesbian circle? I'm over there and the community is small and the sub not always the most active, but it has the foundations to become that type of space if enough normal lesbians come and stick around! It can veer into "I hate bisexuals and/or men" territory but on the whole, it's just been refreshing to be in a space with lesbians who are trying to rebuild our community, even if we're not always sure how best to go about it.

Or club monocle, it's very small and even less active than ovarit's circle but also has great bones! I recommend checking out either of those spaces and adding your voice, it would be a nice bit of sanity and compassion added to both spaces :)

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I just figured she was upset and feeling defensive. Idk trolls to me are more nonsensical and outright asshole-y. She just seemed hurt and like she was upset, the other lesbians here didn't agree 1000% with her criticism and lashed out at all non gold stars.

What gave you troll vibes about her?

Invites for other approved users by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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u/CleverFoolofEarth Always adds a unique perspective to the discussion and they're funny

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Wait jay-day was banned? I definitely don't agree with that? She was an active member and I never noticed anything troll-y about her, she was just really upset about her most recent post on ovarit's Lesbophobia and how some of us responded to it (me included, we had quite a big back and forth on both of her posts) I agree Ovarit can be homophobic, I just didn't agree that the post she was calling out was an example of that.

I don't like that we ban active members for disagreement or being passionate in their anger, it's like when oppressed_reptillian got banned--yeah he was kind of a jerk but his posts and replies added a diversity of thought to the space and I always enjoyed hearing his perspective even if I disagreed.

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Awesome! Also just looked at the mod log and it seems like Tumbleweed is the only one whose really active as a mod still :( Maybe the sub should add more mods, if modding this sub is adding stress to your plate Tumbleweed? I'm not advocating removing any of our current mods but is it possible to add more?

I'm kinda bummed at the idea of the sub being private, it feels like we're being shoved into another closet of sorts. We have nothing to hide and I want people to be able to find our words and questions and conversations and actually think about why LGB people might want to drop the T. We can't do that if the only people who can see our words are those of us who are already here.

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Oh, don't forget u/reluctant_commenter! She has some of the most insightful posts!!

Looks around... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Is this about the argument with jay-day? I think she was intense and kinda petty in her OP and replies but I'm not holding it against her-- I get why she was defensive, lesbians get a lot of shit nowadays, and gold stars get it in their own unique way. I hope the sub can find equilibrium again soon, I really enjoy this space and getting to hash out actual LGB issues with other LGB people, we don't have too many spaces to do that anymore. Looking forward to the mod team (maybe just one mod, Tumbleweed? Do you need more mod support?) update!

I'm done by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I was trying to have a civil conversation but what I'm not gonna do is put up with YOU trying to say I have sex with men or that I'm part of the problem. I do not have sex with men and I never will again because I've accepted that I'm a lesbian. I am only saying that lesbians are pressured to have sex with men and not everyone is as confident and strong as YOU are to be a gold star. Who does it help to pretend that lesbians aren't under immense pressure to be with men?? That's the root of Lesbophobia, that we are women who don't want to partner with men. I'm not gonna lie or pretend that lesbians don't have to deal with that or say that lesbians who have struggled with that aren't real lesbians, that's bullshit and it only hurts the actual lesbians struggling to accept their homosexuality. YOU are the one acting like dick is some magical thing that'll mark a woman as "not a lesbian" if she's ever interacted with one. Women are allowed to struggle with their sexuality and regret our sexual choices, realize that we aren't attracted to men and move on and accept our actual sexuality. Lesbians are allowed to say dumb shit around other lesbians on our path to accepting ourselves,I don't fault my friends for sharing their internalized homophobia. We are not marked because we've been with men in the past. I'm not saying bisexuals or febfems are lesbians, I'm saying that lesbians have a hard time fully accepting ourselves, not everyone knew they were gay at 15. Some of us have to learn things the hard way, by living and experiencing things and sorting the good from the bad, the societal bs from our actual self.

This is my last reply cus clearly we're not on the same wavelength.

Eta: yes, please do read my replies on the other post and this post! I'm not talking about the joys of having sex with men, I'm talking about how it traumatizes lesbians, why many young lesbians fall into these traumatizing situations and why we should have spaces for lesbians to talk about the reality of this! If we can't discuss the causes and effects of Lesbophobia on lesbians struggling with their sexuality, both internalized and external, in a lesbian community, what's the point of having a lesbian community?? How tf are we ever going to solve these problems and heal our community, if we ignore the reality of what's being done, to who and why?? I'm not going to play pretend that no lesbian has ever felt coerced, by an individual or society at large, to be with a man.

I'm done by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I'm not a lesbian. I've left the community.

I think this is the heart of where we disagree. I don't think a lesbian can be "not a lesbian". Female homosexuals are lesbians whether we ever accept it or not. Whether we want to be part of the "lesbian community" or not. That's part of the thing about being closeted--if a lesbian stays in the closet her whole life and is married to a man, if she's only attracted to women and hates being with a man, wishes she could be with a woman or "become a man to be with a woman" or even if she never allows herself to look at her feelings and desires too closely to ever accept her homosexuality, she's a lesbian whether she ever accepts it or lives in a society where she can act on those desires or not. Lesbians for the vast majority of history have been forced to partner with men, only recently have we had the freedoms to build lesbian communities and lives out in the open. It is a privilege to accept your homosexuality, it is a privilege to be out and proud, that's why we have a responsibility to make it easier for younger lesbians to accept and embrace their homosexuality.

I think it does a disservice to the reality of being a lesbian in a patriarchal world to pretend that it's as easy as never wanting to be with a man and being able to never be with one. In a world where girls and women are bombarded with boyfriends and dicks and babies from cradle to grave, being a lesbian is hard. Surviving as a gold star is even harder.

Never once did I say lesbians enjoy sex with men or that it's normal for a lesbian to be with a man. I said it was weird of my friends to say that shit and I told them they didn't have to pander to males as a lesbian, they're bodies are not public playthings. I said it's normal for lesbians to fall prey to the pressure to be with a man, especially when they are young and naive. Female socialization is a helluva drug and it is turned up to 11 for lesbians because the biggest part of female socialization is the idea that women are first and foremost male property and we should please them, our desires be damned. Otherwise the trans bs wouldn't be having such a devestating effect on young lesbians but it is, because they want to "be kind and give him a chance and be accepting and open and accommodating to oppressed people".

Lesbian: female homosexual; a woman who only wants to be with other women. It's disingenuous to pretend that we are not targeted and harassed and erased for being lesbians and that we face no pressure to be bisexual/heterosexual. I'm only saying that many lesbians fall for the abuse and have slept with men, NOT that it is ok. But I have compassion for them because at the end of the day, they're the ones who have to live with that trauma. It was never an attack on you or gold stars, just a defense of non-gold star lesbians.

Eta: what is the point of a community if we can't have uncomfortable conversations about the reality we all have to face, even if it's shitty?? It's not right that young lesbians feel like they aren't allowed to just be lesbians or not include men in their sex lives or like their worth is tied up with including men, but it is the world we live in and it doesn't help any of us to look away from those young women and say "you're not really a lesbian. You actually should go call yourself bi and keep having sex you hate". I try to speak up and share my story so younger lesbians understand they don't have to traumatize themselves trying to fit into a box someone else made for them

I'm done by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I don't understand the need of finding men repulsive to be a lesbian. That's such a strong word for humans you're clearly not into... It gives them way too much credit.

This. When I first came out at 15, I wasn't repulsed by guys. I just wasn't attracted to them and was attracted to women. Now I am dick-repulsed but I think that has more to do with forcing myself to be sexual with them despite my body not enjoying it or wanting it and now I have a kneejerk disgust at the thought of even being near a naked man. I went from complete disinterest in men to revulsion because no one would accept my lack of interest until I began to express my revulsion (after forcing myself to "try it out"). Lack of interest/complete disinterest should be enough, women don't have to hate men to want to be with only women. We are allowed to pursue only what we want!!

The lack of attraction to men combined with an attraction to women is all it takes to be a lesbian, if it's just a lack of attraction to men and no attraction to women, she'd be asexual. Straight people are allowed to just not want to be with the same-sex without having to be repulsed by the idea of same-sex genitalia, why can't homosexuals do the same??

More lesbophobia from Ovarit. This time from the Loving Women circle. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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This. Heterosexuals are allowed to explore their sexuality without being any less straight. A straight man can hookup with another man or a straight woman can have sex with a woman and when they say it's not their thing and they're actually straight, everyone believes them and moves on. Even gay men are given that freedom to some extent yet if a lesbian has ever been with a man, no matter how long ago or how much she expresses regret or says she didn't enjoy it, she's viewed as tainted and not really a lesbian--despite lesbianism being the most doubted and erased of the monosexual orientations.

Sexuality is a journey that begins in adolescence and continues into adulthood; one of the foundational steps in that journey is accepting one's sexual orientation. Heterosexuality is assumed for everyone, so they are given more freedom but LGBs have to first reject heterosexuality for themselves before they can correctly label their orientation. Many of us find clues to our orientation in hindsight looking back at our feelings as children and teens but not everyone has the answer right away. Not every child or teen experiences attraction or has the tools to name it as such, even in hindsight. I wish we lived in a world where adolescents had more freedom to explore without needing to label themselves and more of a coming of age ritual centered around "coming out" as LGB or Straight after your first serious relationship or another big life event revolving around sexual and romantic experiences. I think it would help with all the confusion so many young folks have around their sexuality.

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I can't speak for anyone else from the other thread but I can say for myself, I didn't mean lesbians can like dick, I just mean that accepting yourself as a lesbian is hard. We live in a patriarchal world that tells girls from birth that their wants, needs and desires are secondary to a man's, that her purpose is to be a man's wife/homemaker/baby factory someday. It is hard to cancel out all that noise and tune into what your body actually wants. It was for me. I shared conversations I've had with other lesbians who were at different places of acceptance themselves, even if I didn't understand where they were coming from or how they could stomach being with a man after they "accepted" they were lesbians, I understand the world that lead to their mindset and I feel like part of being out and proud now means assuring those women that being a lesbian means they don't have to put up with dick, they are allowed to pursue their desires only and not use their body as a public service for any scrote who shows up and shows interest in her.

I don't think you're weird for never having been w a man and for knowing you were gay at a young age. I do think that you're an outlier but not because you're weird, it's because we live in such a lesbophobic hellworld, not many gurls and young women have the confidence to stand firm in their sexual orientation when everyone around them is chipping away at their boundaries. I admire that you and other gold stars do have that confidence --more young lesbians need to see gold star role models so they know they don't have to accept males into their romantic and sexual lives. It's hard to be out and proud as a teenager.

I came out at 15 too, and I couldn't handle it. The only girl I liked got a boyfriend and cut me out of her life, my family and friends gave me hell for being a lesbian and told me it was due to my trauma and that I couldn't really know if I'd never been with anyone before. I crumpled, I doubted myself and ignored my feelings and went back in the closet with the first boy that showed interest in me. Looking back, I regret not trusting myself and staying out, but I don't regret the path I went on that lead me to being out and proud as a lesbian now. That path includes sexual encounters with men, that I'm still trying to heal from, but it also includes my first kiss with a woman, falling in love with my first girlfriend and finally having sex that I wanted to be present for. I'd never regret meeting my first girlfriend or any of the women I've been with since her.

I'm sorry if my reply made you feel like lesbians were supporting the "lesbians can like dick" brigade. I understand lesbians with a history with men is a touchy subject in our community, especially rn with polilez, bi lesbians and male lesbians flooding all of our spaces. I just don't want to shut the door on women who have struggled to accept themselves and embrace their lesbianism without apology or preamble.

Eta: also I think many lesbians who are like my friends use sex with men as a punishment or self-harm. It's not normal to only have sex when you need to be blackout drunk or high or to use sex as a way to dissociate. To me, it's like the lesbians who transition as a form of self-harm, but more passive. She believes she "deserves" to be hurt because she's ashamed of herself and hates her desires.

More lesbophobia from Ovarit. This time from the Loving Women circle. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I think part of the problem is for women, especially lesbians, it can be hard to understand what attraction is until you've felt it and named it in your own body. Otherwise it's easy to think you're just not attracted to these men but could be "attracted to/tolerate" some hypothetical man. For some people, attraction can't be understood until it's lived in the body with another person. I think alot of lesbians aren't 100% confident in their sexuality until they've been with a woman and finally understand that "this is what attraction is and how it feels in my body".

More lesbophobia from Ovarit. This time from the Loving Women circle. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Usually I'd agree that they're not lesbians but this was in college and the women I'm thinking of now have changed their tunes and wouldn't be with a man because it disgusts them, they were newly out and hadn't been with women yet. I think they just had to grow up and get more comfortable with themselves and their sexuality to admit that they only wanted women and not hide behind playing at heterosexuality.

I think lesbians have so much pressure to "try men out and give him a chance" (all women deal with that pressure, it's just even worse for lesbians cus there is no right guy for us and never will be) it can take awhile to reject that bullshit and accept yourself. There's a reason so many lesbians come out later than gay men, we aren't really given space to figure out our desires and what feels good vs what doesn't. I try to give younger lesbians grace in their coming out journey and not shut them down, though I do always tell them lesbians don't do dick and we shouldn't be expected to.

It's cool that you've never had any doubt! I admire that so much in other lesbians, that confidence is rare and getting rarer among Gen Z lesbians. How long have you been out?

More lesbophobia from Ovarit. This time from the Loving Women circle. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Not sure if I view this as Lesbophobia. I've had a few lesbian friends irl express similar sentiments to femlez34-- that they could "grin and bear kissing/sex/intimacy" with a man or that they'd be willing to suck dick if they were drunk (this struck me as some weird self-harm kind of thing tbh 🥴🤯😒), but they're not actually attracted to him. I've always thought it was weird but most of my friends who expressed those feelings were younger lesbians in their early 20s, still figuring out that it's ok to be a woman who wants nothing to do with men sexually or romantically and it's ok to only desire women and to pursue those desires. I see it as a response to the overwhelming expectations that women must want a man, even lesbians. Now that I've typed this out, I guess it is Lesbophobia, internalized.

I personally have never been able to relate to this mindset because for me, I realized I didn't enjoy being with men before I was able to accept that I did desire women. I never felt right being w men but I thought it was something wrong w me and I had to get over it. But the more I tried, the worse I felt and the more dissociated I felt til I just stopped having sex/dating at all for a few years cus it made me feel so disgusting being with men. I never really let myself acknowledge my attraction to women because I thought it was wrong and weird and made me feel like a creep around other women. Once I kissed a woman and especially after I had sex with a woman, there was no going back. I could never be with a man, now that I know what sex and intimacy feels like when I'm with a person of the right sex, ie a woman. Even with women I'm not in love with, the sex is amazing and my body is responsive and awake and glad to be alive, not numb and tense and disgusted.

This is what too much copium does to your brain by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Wahhhh?!?!? B-but, I thought gay men loved bonus hole more than anything?!?!?

This is what too much copium does to your brain by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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The misogyny is palpable. Women with gender delusions really do see male as the default human and everything they say and do only proves it.

My nine year old trans son… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Almost a certainty, sending a young girl alone into the men's restroom... Trans rights are a predator's paradise.

For the Upcoming Anniversary “Dyke” March Will Focus On...Trans People by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Can we finish fighting for lesbian liberation and freedom from having to be some man's wife or fucktoy before we start fighting for every bepenised person's "right" to fuck a lesbian??

My nine year old trans son… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Sending a nine year old girl into the fucking lion's den :(

You're a threat to our cult and you have to be eliminated. by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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What is the point of a community if people aren't able to speak freely and openly, if they aren't allowed to ask questions or express pain, regret, suffering or shame? What's the point of a community that refuses to see or hear its own members??

Another tragedy by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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Can't they be both? Detransitioners are labelled as terfs and bigots just for leaving the cult and expressing regret at what they've done to their bodies.

Another tragedy by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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They can't ban the sub, it would give the game away too blatantly. Instead TRAs spend their time and energy discrediting detransitioners and distancing them from the community of "true trans (believers)"

Two Boys Kissing by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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If you're looking for good YA fiction about two gay teens, I recommend Dante and Aristotle discover the secrets of the universe!! A beautiful story, and it has a sequel! 💙

Nash Romi strikes once again by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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Who else will I watch Ab Fab reruns with?

Such a throwback!! I used to watch this all the time with my dad when I was a kid :) LOVED THOSE DRUNK LADIES AND THEIR FOOLISH ANTICS!!

Allison Bailey's court case with Garden Chambers and Stonewall: A brief run-down by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Thanks for the thorough summary, reluctant!! I love the way your mind works, you're always sharing info in a really accessible way :)

sad news about a gay relative of mine by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I'm sorry for your loss! I hope he's at peace now 🕊️

Look at this abomination. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Progress never stops!! We keep rolling toward the abyss 🎡

Look at this abomination. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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This is pretty much how I feel, with the exception of the labrys lesbian flag because I know a lot of lesbians are attached to it and it represents our unique struggles. Lesbophobia is at the intersection of homophobia and misogyny, so it sets us apart from homosexual men AND bi-het women in a way that makes it important for us to have our own spaces and community that only focuses on Lesbian issues, if we don't speak up and proudly carve out space for ourselves, we are forgotten and subsumed by the GB. The Trans movement and "cotton ceiling" have shown me the necessity of Lesbian specific spaces. We were ignored and demonized by GBT over our concerns with T UNTIL gay men started getting the same shit from cocky females with gender delusions.

Eta: I use the labrys flag here for similar reasons, I want it to be known I'm a lesbian. Though in my personal life, I prefer the OG Pride flag and it's the one I have hanging in my bedroom and take to Pride events. I think it represents the spirit of the LGB movement best, same-sex attracted people fighting for the right to live openly as our whole selves and not have to hide who we love in the shadows.

You did this to yourselves- NB angry that they created a new binary + some Homophobia by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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This is an assault on reality. Sexual dimorphism was the first pattern all civilizations noticed and named in their creation stories. Female and male sex differences are the bedrock of culture. And yet these people are somehow WINNING??? The West is digging our own grave :(

The rapists are at it again by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I'm past the point of disgust. Every transbian belongs in a prison cell (in a MEN'S PRISON) because they are either active rapists or dreaming of the day they can rape a lesbian. These predators do NOT belong anywhere near lesbians and our spaces. This grooming sex pest bs isn't aimed at any of the lesbians who are confident in our sexuality, this is targeting young, confused lesbians who are unsure of themselves and haven't realized the games men play and that they aren't obligated to coddle a man and his feelings to be a "good person"!

How many young lesbians are we going to sacrifice at the altar of this misogynistic, homophobic ideology???

r/gaytransguys complains about gay spaces being "overrun" with gay men by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I feel like I miss out on a lot of cool things being trans and gay and wish so bad to be in cis gay spaces too. I feel like anon stuff and getting sucked off at glory holes are off the table for me mostly. And just the camaraderie.

They really think being gay is just about being in some fun secret club... They don't understand, the reason gay people like to be in lesbian/gay men/SSA-only spaces is SO WE CAN DATE, FLIRT WITH & FUCK EACH OTHER WITHOUT RISK OF HOMOPHOBIC VIOLENCE!! We create these spaces so we can be the majority for once instead of being steeped in assumed heterosexuality all the time!! When they invade our spaces, they bring their heterosexuality and impose it on us in spaces we've carved out for ourselves. So exhausting :(

Also, I've never met a gay man in my age range (Millennial and Gen Z) who actually uses glory holes. These women are larping as gay stereotypes from the 90s. I'm sure some gay men still do, but most just find hookups on grindr. Gay men is this actually still common in your local gay community or has it died out as "acceptance" increased?

r/lgbt - I'm poly and one of my partners has DID (3 personalities. I'm dating all three of them and well... I just bought the ring! It's got each of their birth stones! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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sigh How would the altars all have different birthdays...they reside in the same body, born on the same day?? Your birthday is based on the day you were physically born.

Trying to take this seriously, just makes me even more confused 😒

eta: also, how does the other actual partner feel about being excluded from the engagement? I can't imagine being in a relationship serious enough for marriage and yet my partner has another partner?? Do these people do anything but egg on each other's delusions all day? This person is dating "4 people" at the same time...

Congratulations, that's a very thoughtful and meaningful way for you to propose. I hope that you get a yes (or 3 yeses - I'm not sure how this works.) I wish all of you all the best

LOL, what happens if one of the altars says no 😳😬

Who would've guessed "bi lesbian" is a political thing... by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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So many bisexuals are biphobic af. Bisexuality is not a political tool, it is a sexual orientation; are you attracted to both sexes? If Yes, congrats you're a bisexual whether you like it or not! If No, congrats, you're either homosexual or heterosexual depending on whether you're exclusively SSA or OSA! Stop complicating what should be a simple and straight forward concept!!

God, we need a freaking sexuality 101 class for these idiots 🙄😒

A transbian asks r/actuallesbians if they would like to fuck a neo-vagina, gets triggered when someone says no by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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Wh--aaaat?!?!? That's bigotry, we all must celebrate and self-flagellate at the altar of their "sacred and divine trans bodies". We owe trans people our very existence, the least we can do is fuck them on demand right??


A transbian asks r/actuallesbians if they would like to fuck a neo-vagina, gets triggered when someone says no by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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Welp trans lurkers, ya heard it here first--nobody wants you after you've topsy-turvied your genitals! Not homosexuals, not bisexuals and since most of y'all refuse to date each other, you already know no heterosexual wants inside-out, outside-in genitals 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

A transbian asks r/actuallesbians if they would like to fuck a neo-vagina, gets triggered when someone says no by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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Homophobic rapists. Genital preference is the new way to disparage homosexuality as "perverted, wrong, unnatural, nonexistent, a fetish". Lesbians don't want dick, intact and erect or sliced in half and stuffed in the pelvic cavity. 🤢🤢🤢

QT+++++ disproportionately affected but guess who don’t get a mention by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The only part of ✨the community ✨ who are at risk of needing an abortion are bisexual women, pre-hysterectomy females with gender delusions and lesbians who have been sexually abused/raped by men. Why? Because they are ALL WOMEN, so just say the cursed W-word!!

Eta: "fixed my language". Tired of being censored for saying Trans Identified Females or Trans Identified Males 😒🙄 Trans people have made a movement out of silencing and censoring LGB people and coercing us, especially lesbians, into unwanted sex acts--why do I have to play the same dumb language games here??? I don't believe in trans identity, they are humans with gender delusions and that's how I'll be referring to them from now on.

Community input requested! User flair updates by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Add the 8-striped flag and keep the original 6-striped one too!

I like the idea of a row of hearts in the super-straight colors.

LOL, the Kim Jong Un flag made me chuckle!

That lesbian "diversity" rolls on over at r/actuallesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Yunkhra I actually love this drawing and it relieved a bit my dysphoria thank youuuuu

oh wow this is so beautiful. I, at times feel excluded from these spaces because being non-op but this makes me feel so welcomed. THANK YOU!

Pre-everything transbian: Wait, you can look cute and fem with a d*ck? Thanks for restoring hope in me.

I hate these men. They invade our spaces and make actual lesbians feel excluded and uncomfortable in spaces we built for ourselves. The whole world dick panders!! Leave lesbians alone and let us love each other without waving your dick around, you degenerate fucks!! This movement can't die soon enough 😒

Community input requested! User flair updates by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I'd love adding the 8-striped flair, it's my personal favorite flag!!

I'm leaning towards no on ally flairs, adding non same-sex attracted folks to our movement and spaces is what got us in this mess. Though I'd be ok w a super-straight one since that feels like a solidarity thing and not just labelling them as "allies" to be special/part of the club and it's nice to know if a poster's an actual LGB person or not.

“I feel like a woman desperately pretending to be a man but failing.” by jjdub7 in LGBDropTheT

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I have good days and bad days. On bad days, I cry and we have to stop. On good days, I feel fine, and masculine, and normal. I have no idea what changes

Who hears this and thinks " yeah my partner is in a totally healthy mental space with her body and I definitely want to affirm everything she's saying about herself"!?

Trans people have no friends or lovers, only enablers and abusers.

r/lgbt knows exactly who is responsible for losing Roe v Wade by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Wait, what happened to /askgaybros?

r/lgbt knows exactly who is responsible for losing Roe v Wade by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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No, I mean that the hatred of trans women by TERFs is at its core misdirected misandry. I mean it all checks, the way they use their sexual trauma to justify hurting others, the essentialization of gender traits, etc…

Of course trans women are women but that isn’t how the TERF mindset operates

I truly don't know how to talk with people who are this braindead...

How tf is a woman talking about her trauma, "hurting others"?? Unless you identify with the abuser...

r/lgbt knows exactly who is responsible for losing Roe v Wade by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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As long as you choose to abandon any real feminist project like wage parity & decreasing actual incidents of sexual assault in pursuit of ruining the lives of trans women, in your misguided misandrist venture

They know. They're liars.

Lesbians fighting against erasure are oppressors by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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These idiots have completely butchered any sort of class consciousness. They use the language of the oppressed to silence and obstruct radical change while being oppressors or enablers themselves. Useful idiots, grifters and abusers--that is who runs the trans rites movement.

Lamest religion of the century. 😒

Offensive Asshole Hetero Colonizer on r/actuallesbians(will get banned!!) posts about his hetero relationship and child he fathered!!! Look what our daughter made for us at daycare! 🥺😍😭 by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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These heterosexual people are mocking us. They know good and damn well a homosexual couple cannot have a child that is biologically made by both of us only!! Yet he posts about his daughter from his ✨uwu-totally-lesbian-relationship✨ with no mention of his trans status! I thought I found an actual lesbian couple on that hellsub but ofc it was just a straight man fetishizing us and mocking our actual struggles. I hate these people so much, fuck him, I hope his little swimmers run dry from all the ✨life-saving medical care✨ he's receiving.

Eta: archive link cus f*ck reddit

Lesbian sex just keeps getting weirder by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The crazy part is these two are not after gay men, they are in a lesbian relationship but are larping as gay men and playing sword fight with their new appendages 🤢🥴🤯

Pride is coming up, what's the most innocuous LGB quote I could have that wouldn't get me immediately kicked out? by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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Yes, I saw the LGBAlliance label! I usually wear my shirts tucked in, so that's what I'll do with this one and the label won't be visible.

Pride is coming up, what's the most innocuous LGB quote I could have that wouldn't get me immediately kicked out? by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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There's an LGBAlliance shirt that says same-sex attraction is a thing! I think I'm gonna go with that one. If I get kicked out, I'll be shocked and I'm sure other LGBs will also be scratching their head too, when same-sex attraction isn't allowed to be celebrated at Pride.

“I married my wife!!!!” Announces straight man who’s always been allowed to marry a woman by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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UPDATE: OP replied to me on reddit;

First off, A trans woman and a cis woman together is a lesbian couple :)) to make any argument otherwise is inherently transphobic.

Secondly, Not sure why you bring this up here ... We are both trans women (aka women) and every identification document lists us as two women who get married. This is actually a celebration of love and progress made in at least one part of the world.

Third, We live in a place where gay marriage is legal so there was no... Whatever you were rambling about in the second paragraph, we just don't have family that is entirely supportive (and the few that are, live far away and we didn't want to go through the whole ceremony).

And lastly, Oppressed communities throughout history have always had to find work around and push for progress where and when they can. I don't understand anything else you said being relevant in your last paragraph to this post.

Sooooo, this is a gay male couple larping as a lesbian couple 🤡🤯🤡🤯🤡🤯🤡🤯🤡

The thinly veiled misogyny and homophobia, their complete lack of empathy for anyone who isn't them or their fellow cult members is palpable. When will the rest of the wokesters wake up from this lunacy and drop these self-obsessed narcs?!

“I married my wife!!!!” Announces straight man who’s always been allowed to marry a woman by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, I had a feeling it was but didn't wanna downvote, if it was a lesbian and I was just being paranoid. The gaslighting by the T makes me feel so on edge in lgbt spaces, always unsure on if anyone is actually same-sex attracted or if they'll hate me for being same-sex attracted even if they're also LGB 😓

“I married my wife!!!!” Announces straight man who’s always been allowed to marry a woman by julesburm1891 in LGBDropTheT

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Dammit, that makes me sad :( I saw that post and couldn't tell if the tall one was a transwoman or an actual woman....bummed to find out it was a man. This is so cruel, to mock us and wear our oppression in our own spaces. Two women getting married is still illegal in many countries!! Straight people don't get to larp as us just because of their gender feelings :(

Revisionist history about trans and POC. by PriestTheyCalledHim in LGBDropTheT

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The salvation of kindness isn't lost to anyone.


However, evaluate your own state of mind and never feel pressured to be the one to teach kindness to those who are not being kind to you. You cannot effectively teach others if doing so would injure you or destroy your own sense of well being.

A drowning man will drag you under in his panic. Do not attempt to rescue a drowning man unless you are certain of the strength of your swimming

They are so mask off about the fact that trans is a religion. All this talk of salvation and indoctrination masked as education.

Just admit your goal is to pray the gay away and go 😒

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week with my dick out on /r/ActualLesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, this is on par with a man showing up at a lesbian event with his dick out. This is digital flashing, virtual sexual harrassment on a mass scale. He is inflicting his fetish on every actual woman left on that sub (though I'm guessing that number is real low by now).

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week with my dick out on /r/ActualLesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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So annoyed by this person, I went to see if they were a male or female and their IG (linked in their reddit bio) has 0 pictures of them and a million pictures of topless anime art 😒 these people are walking caricatures with no meaningful personality besides virtue signaling and transing everything.

Woke gay Davey by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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That video makes me wanna puke 🤢 Watching a woman fondle an orange while lecturing a gay man on how to self-harm sexually for her erotic benefit...

she's being platformed by an actual homosexual man, when internalized homophobia and narcissistic delusion collide 😒

Her synthesis mirrors your own when you break it down to chemicals and biology and all the science you like to speak so concretely of by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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(Rhetorical) How to explain to your lover that you may have anatomy they're familiar with, but that it is not like what they are used to

More than you realize, hormones play a more important role in biology than anatomy does in a trans person. I am more similar to you than you think, and I don't want you to get the wrong idea by my clarifying what kind of man I am. The sooner you realize a man is a man, the better; and it doesn't have shit to do with the dick (or lack thereof) your pants. My synthesis mirrors your own when you break it down to chemicals and biology and all the science you like to speak so concretely of.

I love the unintentional humor of trans folx, they're hilarious 😂

How can she say this nonsense with a straight face 🥴

Her synthesis mirrors your own when you break it down to chemicals and biology and all the science you like to speak so concretely of by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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This comment needs to be in this week's funny reply post 😂😂😂

Tired of the older lesbians and lesbians in LT relationships caping for male predators in our spaces! by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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That's such a good idea!! I sent her an Ovarit invite code too :)

I have quite a few so if any of the lesbians here wanna code, hmu 🙌🏾

Tired of the older lesbians and lesbians in LT relationships caping for male predators in our spaces! by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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[–]carescarebear 1 point 7 hours ago I have literally never seen attraction to masculinity especially “pushed” on anyone in lesbian or other wlw spaces, and I’m a 40 fucking year old cis woman with gay parents, so I have been around in queer spaces irl and online for a while. (There have always been stridently political lesbians and other somewhat crazy people who insist sex and romance are political statements, or that there’s only one correct way to be a lesbian, but I’ve never seen them push masculinity — just rejection of men and, often, masculinity.) and while there are always crazy people who are the outliers in any population (plenty of toxic cis lesbians, if you want to go that route), it’s deeply manipulative to claim that outliers represent anyone but their own crazy selves. And what I have seen a lot of is people freaking out about trans women just existing in queer spaces, and then freaking out even more when their freaking out is rightly identified as transphobic and falling back on the victimization tactic of claiming they’re being forced to date people they aren’t attracted to. No, they’re fucking not. Believe me, no one wants to date someone who isn’t attracted to them. These people just don’t like being called out on transphobia, because it’s uncomfortable and makes them feel bad, so they find a way to play the victim instead.

The comment that set me off 🙄😒 Hope she has fun sucking ladydique 🤢

Transbians mere existence in lesbian spaces is the problem!!! Males don't belong in lesbian spaces!! WE DON'T WANT THEM OR THEIR "LADYDIQUES"!!!

Literally victim blaming women for having boundaries, and enabling these men in their predatory pursuits!

LOL also ofc I got banned from the sub for Transphobia and wrongthink 😒

Tired of the older lesbians and lesbians in LT relationships caping for male predators in our spaces! by hufflepuff-poet in LGBDropTheT

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A lesbian posted about her experiences with a transbian predator and ofc the comments are full of women caping for "not all transwomen" and "transbians are still valid and 10000% lesbians (but ummm I'm in a committed relationship and would never do dick! Go harass those other lesbians!!)"


If you wouldn't suck a dick, why tf would you expect another lesbian to?? I'm at the point where I just wanna reply, telling them to examine their genital preferences and stop being transphobic too. If you're not willing to open your legs and relationship to validate those poor oppressed transbians, then you have no room to push this nonsense on other lesbians.

What happened to the strong, take no shit lesbians who fought for gay rights?? Why is our community so fucking weak and willing to throw other women to the wolves :((( I'm starting to think we'll never have a lesbian community again, it seems like no one is willing to stand up and fight for our right to exist apart from men...

We need to listen to experts like this one - there is no such thing as same-sex attraction by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Whoever's attracted to them of course! These people have no standards and are empty voids whose only criteria is finding someone who will fill them with the endless validation supply they crave!! ✨uWu✨

Somehow I only now noticed what the subreddit called r/LGB looks like on Reddit by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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The hostages don't get to have their own spaces, otherwise we might start to realize that we don't need the T and try to escape permanently!!

r/ftm, as homophobic as the rest of them: "I am so fucking sick of predatory cis lesbians" by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Projection 🙄

In my view, trans is a fetish and straight trans people try to correctively rape lesbians and gay men. So tired of the crazy shit these people spew and how everyone just let's it go unchallenged because "trans people are the most oppressed people eveeeeeeer!!!"

r/ftm, as homophobic as the rest of them: "I am so fucking sick of predatory cis lesbians" by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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However, one of my coworkers (J) clued me in on something that just has me fucking livid. He was talking to one of our coworkers (S), and somehow I came up in conversation, and S -- who's a cis lesbian, and always been very friendly and nice to me -- starts on how I "was such a cute girl", misgendering me, and calling me an it. J was having none of it and straight up told her, "That's disrespectful as fuck, you know he's a boy" and S starts saying "I don't give a fuck" and completely dismissing it. J doesn't take any of it and starts cursing her out, and ends up getting sent home as a result. I swear, I'd kill for J too -- he, like my one manager, has been a steadfast ally, and is overall a sweetheart. (Another coworker who had been working that day confirmed this happened too.)

J told me that he wanted me to know in case S tried to act friendly with me; he didn't feel comfortable knowing how two-faced she was and leaving me in the dark, especially with how aggressive her transphobia was. I didn't tell J (I did tell the manager I trust though), but this isn't the first time I've dealt with cis lesbians' bullshit. Both in person and over the internet I've been told I'm a "cute butch" and that I'm "ruining my body" and it'd be "so much better" if I "stayed a girl" (I've also had this said to me by one or two trans women, but never to my face, and they both had a lot of internalized transphobia; the overwhelming majority of people that do this have been cis women that identify as lesbians, thus the distinction.)

Internalized misogyny and homophobia out the wazzoo, all the forgiveness and second chances for straight men larping as women. But actual lesbian women get nothing but vitriol and hatred. FtMs are the ultimate handmaidens, they hate women so much, they'd rather destroy themselves than admit they are women.

The harassment alone makes me furious, but on top of all of that I've had, on more than one occasion, been sexually assaulted by these same people, and when I panic I either fight or freeze. With women, I tend to freeze, because I'm terrified of being a shitty dude that hits women. I know out of the situation that me shoving away someone that's touching me without my consent isn't on par with that dickhead that hits a woman who rejects his advances, but it's a panic response. I can't exactly control it easily.

I told my trusted manager about this, and she said she'd talk to J too (to get his side of the story), but I'm at the point that I want S fired because I don't feel safe at work now. *One of my coworkers needed a ride to work today and while getting ready to go pick her up, all I could think about was *"what if S is there? What if I have to see her?" -- to the point that I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. The thought of having to face her makes me extremely anxious because I literally cannot trust that what's happened in the past won't happen again. I even checked the schedule to make sure she and I didn't have any overlaps in our scheduled times. The thought of her looking at me and seeing me as a "cute girl" makes my stomach churn, even past the massive dysphoria it causes me.

How do these people exist in the world. The emotional weakness is deeply unattractive and frankly pathetic. She wants to punish and physically hurt another woman for disagreeing with her. Misogynistic, homophobic piece of shit, I hope she enjoys her life of delusions once the cards come crashing down and she has to face reality.

r/ftm, as homophobic as the rest of them: "I am so fucking sick of predatory cis lesbians" by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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  1. Yeah well TERFism is often a fetish linked to misgendering and corrective kinks.

  2. I had a cis lesbian in my salon chair completely unprompted tell me that she doesnt believe trans people belong in the “LGB” community. Gross

  3. Yeah I’m totally agreeing with you. People act like CIS woman can’t do anything wrong.

  4. That’s really awful. But honestly, if it comes down to it, my motto is “talk shit, get hit”. These hands rated E for everybody.

Yeah, I'm all out of sympathy for these FtMs too. Have fun with your shortened lifespan, loss of mobility and fucked up bodies! Hope the dick pandering and head pats are worth it 🙅🏾‍♀️ No one will ever see you as a real man and everyone you love is lying to you and playing pretend because they know you're too weak to handle the truth 🤷🏾‍♀️

Lesbian Visibility Day: L with the T by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Lesbians with their wannabe rapists, no thank you. 🙅🏾‍♀️

Lesbian Visibility Day: L with the T by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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This is one of the questions that drives me up the wall when it comes to TQ+ insanity; would a cis woman and a transwoman getting married be a gay marriage? If so, why were they able to get married long before same-sex marriage was legal in the US??

It's soooo offensive!! We JUST got the right to be married less than a decade ago :(

Everyone knows what a gay person is when they want to shame, oppress or brutalize us. Everyone knows what gay sex is when they wanna mock us or dehumanize us or minimize our relationships. All these people wanna be 'oh so gay' til it's time to actually do gay things, then they pretend they don't know wtf homosexuality is.

It's so hard being a gay man when you're a woman by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Being gay comes up every single day when I'm out and about holding my partner's hand. I live in a progressive city but there are still times where I wonder whether we should stop holding hands, and times where we do stop out of fear. I have never felt this way about being trans. It might be because I'm rarely visibly trans - basically never apart from when I'm changing in the men's locker room or carrying a small trans pin on my gym bag - or because of something else entirely, I'm not sure. I've been with my partner for a decade, starting pre-transition, and I think I also feel estranged from the gay community due to that. I've never experienced gay dating or club culture and I probably never will. And that's fine by me, it just makes more conscious of my gayness, in a "I don't know my own community" kind of way. Anyway. Wishing you luck in figuring yourself out. These things take time.

They really wanna wear our skin. This is so offensive, a straight couple does not and will never face the same oppression of an actual homosexual couple. I hate these larpers so much 😑😒

r/askgaybros - Is a 2 year old, old enough to come out as transgender? POLL by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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Leave gay people alone 😒

When you dare to say it out loud on Reddit by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I just can't handle the condescending delusion. Like they are oh so smart and enlightened because they pretend they've transcended the boring reality the rest of us live in.

Everyday our reputation gets closer and closer to hitting rock bottom. I'm so tired of these self-righteous gender jesuits and their destructive religion.

Peter Tatchell continues to sell LGB out to the demands of the genderosexuals by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Right?! Love and desire IS sexual orientation!

These youth are going to have so many knots to untangle before they are able to have any sort of healthy romantic adult relationships :(

TW: lesbian assault survivor tricked into bed by biological man, upsetting comments blaming OP by Chocolatepudding in LGBDropTheT

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These abusive gaslighting predators know exactly what they're doing, and I hate them for the violence they're perpetuating on the LGB community.

Not just on our community, but in the name of our community!! We are going to be the ones who take the blame for all the abuse the T is perpetuating :(

Peter Tatchell continues to sell LGB out to the demands of the genderosexuals by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They won’t feel the need to label themselves (or others) as LGB or straight because, in a future non-homophobic civilisation, no one will care who loves whom. Love and desire will transcend sexual orientation.

These people are the "I don't see color" of sexuality. In a world where same-sex attraction is just as normal and accepted as opposite-sex attraction, that doesn't mean sexual orientation and our desire to find others with our same sexual orientation would cease to exist!! It would just make our groups, spaces and relationships free of stigma and shame. Imo there would be more LGB spaces and straight spaces in a more accepting world because we could all freely gather and find each other. Lesbians are always going to want and need lesbian only spaces to find partners and to enjoy the company of other women who only love women.

TW: lesbian assault survivor tricked into bed by biological man, upsetting comments blaming OP by Chocolatepudding in LGBDropTheT

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All sympathy I have for trans people has been washed the fuck away by their casual cruelty and disregard for the boundaries of lesbians and gay men. Even the HSTS are a cancer, they're predators too, they just try to rape heteros instead of homosexuals. I cannot wait for the rest of the world to wake tf up and extract ourselves from the clutches of these deranged lunatics and their mass gaslighting.

Words, *checks notes*, have no meaning! by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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THAT is what they're going for, I think. Being inherently interesting.

I wish these people would realize there is nothing inherently interesting or unique about being same-sex attracted!! It's just a flip of the coin for the possible sexual orientation people can have; you can be born monosexual or multisexual (two coins, Sky Daddy pulls out one coin and flips it at conception--boom, there's your sexual orientation)

Monosexual coin= 50/50 chance of being homosexual or heterosexual Multisexual coin = 50/50 chance of being bisexual or asexual (attracted to both sexes or neither)

I wish sexual orientation was taught in a neutral way without celebration or shame, it just is.