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This is what I keep thinking! Like, in order to actually live on a diet of insects, you'd have to eat ENTIRE BOWLS of 'em! For multiple meals! Every day! Who the hell would (or could) do THAT? Plus, how much nutrition do you get out of an insect? Including calories? Not much, I'm guessing, at least for a non-insectivore species like us humans. Sorry, wokesters, we just didn't evolve to subsist on bugs. Probably the same people advocating this who think that veganism for cats (or, yanno, humans), and low-fat diets for babies, are also a good idea.

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Why is discussion labeled "hate"?

To bluff people out of engaging in it, because whenever they do, the T are revealed as deluded and/or charlatans.

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I keep wondering if they'll get their wish... by driving everyone else away from Reddit. So that it consists entirely of the T and their minions.

At which point, Reddit will cease to be economically viable. And collapse.

Or maybe Reddit's Powers That Be will see this coming, and kick these fanatical wackadoos to the curb before they take the entire platform down with them.

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Hey, did you delete your post, OP? Why?

Is this something that you regret having brought up? Do you not want to discuss it any further?

Because I won't pursue it if you don't want to.

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But that's just it: how does being "feminine"-- that is, exhibiting traits (presentation-wise and behavior-wise) identified with women-- reduce your manhood? Unless women are "lesser"? Do you see what I mean?

Also, do you know why it is that you're afraid of women? That might be worth exploring.

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Oh god... have these creeps finally tired of impersonating lesbians, and, instead of taking this as a wake-up call about what monumental assholes they've been, exclaimed, "oh, the problem is that I was a BISEXUAL woman all along!1!"??? :(

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Do you think that your fundamental turn-on is feeling humiliated, and the AGP is just an outgrowth of that? Because you regard women as inferior, so, for a man, there's nothing more humiliating than "feminization"? How do you think of women, of femaleness? What are women to you? What do we represent?

why AGP sometimes takes over by TRapostate in GenderCritical

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IMO, while at first blush this may seem like a contradiction (macho-men who imagine themselves as cute anime girls???), in actuality it's perfectly consistent.

AGPs are, by definition, big believers in gender-roles. To them, "woman" = dresses, makeup, long hair, pink, submissiveness, etc., etc. It's all about gender bullshit. So of course "man" = tough, dominant, unemotional... macho. The military is a natural fit.

It's as though their understanding of "man" and "woman" never matured beyond preschool age, I swear.

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Ha, the only reason people like this would ever seem less than pervy is that now they're perving on their ostensible lack of perviness!

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And especially if it's BISEXUAL

What do you think others mistake and/or need to realize about bisexuality? by TumbleweedFireflies in Bisexuals

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That it's a sexual orientation. Nothing more, nothing less.

And that "sexual orientation" does NOT equal "monosexual". Being attracted to only one of the two sexes isn't required. Just that you're attracted to (i.e., oriented towards) people based on their biological sex. Which, like both homosexuals and heterosexuals, we are.

What is biphobia? by usehername in Bisexuals

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Well, I think the previous commenters already did.

But if you're looking for the in-a-nutshell version, here's one word that sums it up: monosexism.

That's the basis for all of the anti-bisexual attitudes which others have mentioned, I think. The assumption that sexual orientation = monosexual (because, for most people, this is indeed the case). And that, therefore, there is no such thing as bisexuality: it's not a sexual orientation at all. Hence the alternate "explanations" for it: being confused, indecisive, wishy-washy, immature, slutty, phony, etc. And the erasure (cuz, after all, we don't exist).

What memories stand out for you with noticing you were both opposite-sex and same-sex attracted? by TumbleweedFireflies in Bisexuals

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Hiya! <3 Yeah, it's my clueless ol' ass, inadvertently derailing things as per usual! With you gently but firmly guiding me back on track once again :)

So, by way of apology, allow me to be the first to answer the question posed in your actual post!

What stands out for me, in retrospect, probably is the "first inkling" that I ever had: seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark at age 13... and being attracted to both the male villain AND the female lead. (Yeah, I thought that Harrison Ford was pretty damn fine, too, but somehow bad-boy Rene Bellocq was the guy who really made an impression on tween me.)

Though I didn't appreciate it at the time, this amounted to Bisexuality: Condensed Version. Especially when these two characters/actors appeared together in the same (often sexually-charged, what with Bellocq lusting after Marion) scene! Bonus points for how, even at this early stage, my long-term pattern of being drawn to each sex in quite different ways (women more physically, men more emotionally) was already present.

About me, demographics-wise: female; GenXer; USA.

What memories stand out for you with noticing you were both opposite-sex and same-sex attracted? by TumbleweedFireflies in Bisexuals

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Oh no! So I guess that's what befell me, huh? I really got slammed here the last time I commented... it actually scared me away till now.

Any idea how this came about? It seems so unlikely for a bi-specific space, you know? We don't seem to draw much fire, typically-- one of the few benefits of being invisible, I guess! So why are we suddenly beset with trolls and attempts at sabotage, do you think?

What can we do about the colossal proportion of closeted bis? by usehername in Bisexuals

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The solution, I think, is getting everyone to understand bisexuality as a sexual orientation. Nothing more, nothing less. It's people coming up with other (erroneous) explanations that causes all the trouble. If we're REALLY gay or straight, then it must be a matter of... confusion! denial! pretentiousness! immaturity! greediness! sluttiness! fill-in-the-offensive-bullshit-blank! etc.

Or, as s/Nani notes above... supposedly being a "poseur" who's "choosing" this: promiscuous and unable to decide. Just the sorts of things people assume when they don't know the REAL reason for our being the way we are.

How can we convince more bisexuals to care about homophobia? by usehername in Bisexuals

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While I agree that homophobia is a threat to bisexuals, I do NOT agree that it's the main one, nor that bisexuals are doing little to counter it.

LGB spaces always have a substantial bi contingent, and our primary focus there is, invariably, opposition to homophobia. This makes some sense, as it's an issue that affects bi and gay people alike. However, what I never see is any collective concern about, much less taking action against, BIphobia. And THAT, I'm convinced, is Public Enemy #1 for bisexuals.

Why? Well, first, because we're only vulnerable to ONE aspect of homophobia: its stigmatization of same-sex attraction. That's what we share with gay people. What we DON'T share is the other aspect: stigmatization of the LACK of opposite-sex attraction.

But you know what affects us full-force, 100% of the time? Biphobia. Which I would define this way: not recognizing bisexuality as a sexual orientation at all. So that neither it, nor we, really exist. Meaning that bisexuals are actually phonies, deluded, liars, sexually-indiscriminate, etc. In other words: we're just straight or gay people. Usually "bad" ones, sometimes "good" ones a la the Noble Savage/Magical Negro-- more open-minded/evolved/enlightened (so that we should love/fuck EVERYONE, like some slutty Jesus!)-- but never, ever ourselves.

Basically, this all comes down to monosexism. Which is to say: the assumption that sexual orientation itself can only be monosexual. This is the default attitude, not only among heterosexuals, but also homosexuals (who are if anything even more vehement about it, what with forever having to defend the exclusiveness of their own sexual attraction)... and, all too often, bisexuals. Causing us not to even recognize ourselves as BEING bisexual, think bisexuality is something other than a sexual orientation, and/or remain closeted. Because who's gonna come out when no one will believe you? Including GAY people? And you'll have to do a fucking PowerPoint presentation every time? All on your own, without any backup?

THAT, I think, is the real issue here. Not that bisexuals don't care about homophobia (those of us who identify with LGB are pretty vocal about it); not homophobia itself; not bisexuals posing a problem to homosexuals (the reverse is at least as true, given that we tend to have their back without them returning the favor). For us, the main threat is biphobia. Particularly due to the fact that: 1.] gay people are, for the most part, unconcerned about it; and 2.] we don't really have any movement/organization of our own to address it.

TL;DR: for bisexuals, the main problem isn't homophobia-- it's biphobia. And while we often DO care about homophobia, gay people rarely care about biphobia (same goes for straight people). Until there's a real awareness of, and effort to counter, biphobia, many bi people won't come out (since it often keeps us from realizing that we ARE bi, or being believed/understood when we tell others).

How can we convince more bisexuals to care about homophobia? by usehername in Bisexuals

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Some more examples in Afghanistan include the tradition of Bachi Bazi boys. Bi men will keep young gay boys as sex slaves.

I doubt that the boys' sexual orientation is much of a factor (especially since they're often too young for it to have even emerged yet).

And why would bisexuals be particularly well-represented among the men who prey upon them? I'd assume that they'd be like the average child-molester everywhere: a man who is attracted to women, girls, and boys... but not men. So he loses interest in boys as soon as they start to resemble adults. That sure doesn't sound very "bisexual" to me.

How can we convince more bisexuals to care about homophobia? by usehername in Bisexuals

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What can we infer is the sexuality of a man who rapes a gay man in order to "punish" him, but has a wife and kids at home?

Not much, in a culture where opposite-sex marriage is obligatory, and when rape-- especially of this kind (i.e., an overtly-hostile act)-- need have nothing to do with sexual attraction. Are all-- or even most-- of the men who rape other men in prison bi (or gay, for that matter)? I doubt it. Similarly, many men rape women to whom they are not sexually-attracted. So that X rapes Y is no proof that X is attracted to Y, or to anyone of Y's sex. In many cases, I think, rape pretty much comes down to bullying using sex.

Is sex a factor in your attraction? In what way, specifically? by usehername in Bisexuals

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Yes. Because for certain features, I find different things attractive in men than I do in women. For example, male voices turn me on more than female voices usually. Women's breasts turn me on more than men's pecs usually. This isn't an across the board thing. Nice thighs and a good sense of humor are appreciated regardless of sex, but I'm not blind to sex. Mens' and women's bodies and socialization are different, and give rise to different things that attract me sometimes.

As the saying goes: are you me? :) Much the same story here, actually-- have a real thing for men's voices, and women's breasts, versus the other sex's equivalent. Who the hell knows why! And to segue into OP's questions:

  • 1. As indicated above: yes. Partly a matter of my having very different physical "types" by sex (see below); also, many of the physical traits that I find attractive are sex-specific (and, often, attractive to me because they're a marker of difference between men and women). For example, I really like the iliac furrow (seen here:, Adam's apples, and tallness on the one hand, and wide curvy hips, "dimples of Venus" (yeah, men can have 'em too, but they're more common and prominent in women), and narrow waists on the other. Which is not to say that there aren't "unisex" traits I go for, only that in many cases, what I respond to is the opposite of that.
  • 2. Yes and no! I'm seriously intimidated by both sexes... but for different reasons, and with somewhat different results as far as my role/behavior goes. What's the same is that I'm very deferential, unassertive, and don't want to be the one in control. I can be rather aggressive with guys, though always in a conventionally "feminine" sort of way (flirty and seductive, but signaling them to come after me); however, I don't really have any idea how to apply this to women, especially since I don't like the whole "butch" thing and am pathologically insecure about my looks where women are concerned. (Not that I feel confident about them vis-a-vis men, but at least I'm not comparing myself directly-- and unfavorably-- to the object of my desire in that case.)
  • 3. Yes, physically: tall thin (though the latter is much more important than the former) guys and busty, curvaceous women. Which may, once again, be about "difference", though I prefer a certain femininity in both (minimal body hair, pretty facial features, a "swimmer's body" for the guys-- defined but not bulky muscles and a smooth, sleek look overall). I also tend to favor conventional attractiveness in women a lot more-- my standards for men's looks are quite "negotiable". Like much the same personality for both, though (intelligent, complex, good balance of the rational and the creative).
  • 4. Really hard to say; since my attraction to each sex feels so different, they don't really compare-- kind of an apples-and-oranges thing.
  • 5. Yes: I'm more physically attracted to women, but I've never experienced the kind of intense emotional pull towards them that I do with men. This may have something to do with being more emotionally-wary with women and physically-wary with men... but who knows?

Good lord, the IKEA bisexual-themed couch is a disaster. by [deleted] in Bisexuals

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What, is this from the Bad Acid Trip Collection? ("oh god HANDS SPROUTING EVERYWHERE MAKE IT GO AWAY") Or some alternate universe where Ed Gein became an interior designer? Maybe a virtue-signaling remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? (please tell me that "inclusivity" does not extend to a yaas-kween!-fabulous KweerTM Leatherface...) Perhaps damned souls sentenced to an eternity of imprisonment within this Sofa From Hell? And who else can't look at this... THING without thinking "BAD TOUCH!"? Apparently even FURNITURE can be rapey! Who knew?

In any case, as they used to put it on Mystery Science Theater 3000: "good old-fashioned nightmare fuel"!

Withering sarcasm aside, has anyone else checked out IKEA's full range of Pride Loveseats? OK, maybe you value your eyeballs too much (with the prevailing puketastic aesthetics, it's really more like "Shame Loveseats" ["Hateseats"?], amirite?), but I couldn't help noticing that, out of 10 designs total, only two-- count 'em, TWO!!!-- are based on, yanno, LGB. (Well, L and B, anyway; G is nowhere to be found.) Other than "Progress" and "Asexual" (WTF is not being oriented towards any sex, including your own, doing here???), the MAJORITY-- 6 out of 10-- are all about (you guessed it) "gender". But oh, why stop at just more than half, IKEA? When every 13-year-old Tumblrite produces as many new genders as pimples? Where's the Loveseat for all of THOSE? Stargender and Beegender and Whateverthefuckgender! Soon you'll have more goddamn couches than asses to sit on 'em!

Christ, can't we even have fuckin' eyesore FURNITURE to ourselves now?

Why does bisexuality get de-legitimized so much? by dgsf in Bisexuals

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I think that it comes down to monosexism.

Basically, because most people (heterosexuals and homosexuals) are monosexual-- attracted exclusively to one sex-- they make the assumption that sexual orientation itself is inherently monosexual. Not just for them, but by definition. Therefore, bisexuality cannot be a sexual orientation, which means... it doesn't exist. So all evidence to the contrary must be explained away. By recasting bisexuals as either straight or gay, and their motivation for bisexual behavior as anything BUT sexual orientation.

Also, at least in this one respect, heterosexuals and homosexuals usually stick together: they may not agree on much else, but share a tendency to be biased in favor of their mutual sexuality... and against our own.

Bisexual women are being failed by their partners: Bi women dating cis straight men are the least likely to be out and here’s why by MarkJefferson in Bisexuals

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Really appreciate this post, OP. Lots to comment on here, but a couple things stand out for me:

  • Bi men, as well as bi women, are usually partnered with straight people. This is the result of sheer math (they're the vast majority), plus the fact that we tend not to be out, which makes a bi-preferred dating policy pretty unworkable.
  • Having straight partners, at least in the current climate (where ignorance about/prejudice toward bisexuality prevails), is likely to cause problems for us. Especially since straight people are, in effect, the only game in town (gay people being far less numerous, and also prone to bi-unfriendly attitudes of their own).
  • Therefore, one solution would be more bi/bi pairings... which would require our being out (at least enough to find each other), and spaces to facilitate dating within our own community. Does this prospect appeal to anyone else? Any ideas as to how we could effectively promote coming out, and what kind of settings would help us get together?

"my friend claims to be bi but has only dated men/women" by [deleted] in Bisexuals

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THANK YOU. Yeah, I'm pretty fed up with having this "we gay people require proof of your SSA credentials!" crap directed at us, too. As though it's up to them whether or not we qualify as bi. Oh yes, HOMOSEXUALS must be the experts on THAT. Dafuq?

I think what this comes down to is their unwillingness to accept us on our own terms; they demand that we conceal the side of ourselves which they don't share-- that we act like their Mini-Mes. So they're not really recognizing us as bisexual at all. In effect, by "editing out" our opposite-sex-attracted side, they're recasting us as homosexuals. And if our dating history is opposite-sex-only... we're not cooperating.

Bi erasure yet again! Gay people need to start dealing with us as who we really are-- in full, not just the part that's convenient. Until they accept the way in which we're DIFFERENT from them, rather than the same, they're not getting us at all. And it's high time that they did.

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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Nope, not a fetish, he's just living his fucking perverted truth.

Well, yeah-- the truth that he's a fucking perverted fetishist!

(Saidit) PEAK TRANS I: Please continue to share your stories!! by Irascible-harpy in GenderCritical

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at the time I still believed that most people understood the difference between sexes and viewed gender ideology as a coping mechanism for those who couldn’t handle enforced gender roles and stereotypes and needed to fit in.

Yes, this is pretty much what I originally thought, too! Even though I've firmly believed that "gender" was a pernicious lie ever since I was 20 or so, I mistook "trans" for the kind of compromise that many people have to make with parts of their culture-- stuff which is too pervasive/deeply-rooted to just ignore, or end overnight. So on that basis, I was willing to accept that this was some people's way of dealing with the burden of gender roles. In the words of the old song, "whatever gets you through the night", you know?

Yeah. Then, like you, I came to realize how wrong I'd been... and that "trans" wasn't a way of finding a workaround for gender-roles (enabling people to just live their lives); it was a way of reinforcing them. :(

Bi Colours in Natural Minerals (Beads) by MarkJefferson in Bisexuals

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Ooh, this really brings out the artist in me! (Not to mention the jackdaw.) Can I play? Cuz while you of course picked some nifty ones (Lapis Lazuli is an old fave of mine-- even its NAME is lovely!)... this post has made me wanna go a-prospecting myself!

So, for each bi-pride color, I've found:

  • FUCHSIA: spinel; sugilite; tourmaline
  • LAVENDER: jade; kunzite; quartz; spinel; sugilite
  • BLUE: benitoite; blue opal; sodalite; spinel; tanzanite; tourmaline

Of course most of these are translucent, so they may not be to your taste, and could all be old news to you anyway... but I wanted to share 'em just in case :)

[Meme] Semibisexual is someone who's bisexual BUT... by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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The ONLY way that this might make any sense is if it's defined as: attraction to a single gender... but both sexes.

So, for example, someone who's attracted exclusively to men and women with "feminine" presentation/behavior (in gender-role terms).

The problem, of course, is: 1.] that's almost certainly not the term's intended meaning; and 2.] there's really nothing "semi" about such a person's bisexuality! They're just a particular flavor of bi-- bisexual with a gender-related preference-- rather than something else altogether.

Bisexuals and AGP/AAP Pseudobisexuality by usehername in Bisexuals

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Neither; just sounds like heterosexuality with extra steps to me.

Cuz a man who's turned on by imagining himself as a woman is simply... female-attracted. Sure, he's attracted to himself, but that "self" is, in his mind, A WOMAN. The fact that he's really a dude isn't part of the fantasy. Like, if a guy is turned on by a first-person prose account of a hot woman doing sexy stuff, does that mean HE'S bisexual? How? The erotic focus is on women. And women ONLY. So he's Straighty McStraighterson as far as I can tell.

Have I ever experienced this or something like it? Only in the sense of enjoying sexual scenarios from a male, as well as female, perspective (though I don't literally imagine myself as a guy, or another woman, for that matter). And, crucially, my erotic focus is on BOTH sexes.

So I'm not a "pseudobisexual"; I'm the real deal :)

[Bi-Erasure] What are your thoughts on the "queer" movement? by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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SuperBi is a cool concept but despite the fact that I disagree with gender ideology, I'm not a SuperBi. I do find some trans people attractive.

Here's the thing, though: what is it about them that you find attractive? Are you attracted to them based on their "gender identity"... or their sex?

Because, while the SuperSexuality movement is often understood to mean "not attracted to trans people", I think that it can also be interpreted as "attracted only to biological sex, NOT 'gender'". In that case, you could be attracted to trans people on the same basis as non-trans people-- their sex-- and still be a SuperSexual. In fact, despite not being trans-exclusionary, you'd need the "super" identity's protection as much as those who are, since just finding some T people attractive isn't enough; you also have to find them attractive in the trans-approved way: based on their "gender". If that very pretty, feminine trans-identified male gets your motor running because he's male... you're a transphobe, and it's REEEEE-in' time.

So I guess what I'm saying is: feel free to call yourself a SuperBi! Cuz whether or not a trans person could trigger your "yum!" response, you're a gender heretic in the Church of T's eyes, and that's all that matters :)

Trans identified male wants TSA to treat males as if they were women. by linda_senora in GenderCritical

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“The root solution is to believe transgender people when they tell you who they are,” she says.

Um, I don't think that's how security checkpoints work.

Lol yeah, if they do, what do we even need TSA screenings for???

"Do you identify as a terrorist?"

"No, I do not!"

"Oh, OK, you're good to board, then! You might want to stop by one of the airport stores and pick up some clothes and toiletries and stuff, though-- the X-ray shows all that you've got in your luggage is guns and explosives! Have a nice day!"

A vegan group published an article stating that referring to farm animals by their biological sex is transphobic by BEB in SuperStraight

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Well we wouldn't want all those trans farm animals being traumatized by MISGENDERING now would we.

Trans-identified male, "...It's what's between our ears, not what's between our legs.” Hear that, Super +? It's NOT ABOUT WHAT'S BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! Forget your genitals, your sex is IN YOUR HEAD by BEB in SuperStraight

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Oh good, then they can just select their sexual partners based on GENDER, not biological sex! Thus leaving those of all SuperSexualities alone!

Win/win! :)

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  1. This is a huge problem, and I talked about it briefly in the thread on drop the T. I think this mainly stems from the patriarchal view that dick is powerful enough to 'ruin' or 'turn' anyone it comes in contact with sexually. It's why people think bi men are 'just gay' and bi women are 'just straight'. Both circle back to the idea that if you're attracted to men, that's the ONLY type of attraction that carries any weight. Bi men get the worst of it because of how homophobic society is already.

Completely agree that this is a huge problem, but have a somewhat different theory as to what's behind it.

I'd say that attraction to men essentially cancels out attraction to women for both sexes because of the way that gender-roles work.

For the female and male gender-role alike, men are central (they're the ones who matter, after all), but-- when it comes to sexuality-- in opposite ways.

Women MUST be attracted to men. Aside from the female gender-role dictating that our entire existence revolves around men, this is something that men (as our superiors) are entitled to. Attraction to women, therefore, is merely incidental; we aren't fulfilling any obligations with that. (And since no penis is present, whatever we do with each other doesn't even count as sex anyway.)

What this all adds up to is: bi women = straight.

The male gender-role also requires opposite-sex attraction. But, for men, "straight" is defined less as a matter of being attracted to women than of NOT being attracted to men. Women aren't entitled to men's love/desire (the way that men are entitled to women's); attraction to them matters mainly as proof that a man isn't gay. THAT'S the important thing. Why? Because male desire is perceived as an act of dominance; it puts the recipient in a subordinate, demeaned-- otherwise known as "female"-- role. So directing that at fellow men insults them, and wanting that FROM them is "humiliating". Taboo either way.

Therefore, if a man is male-attracted... he's gay. Because female attraction doesn't really even count. And bisexuality? No such thing, DUH!

Does this strike anyone else as the kind of dumbass "reasoning" behind the all-too-familiar "bi women = straight/bi men = gay" bullshit?

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I think a lot of bis who report experiencing "the cycle" are people who don't lean very heavily towards one sex or another, so their attraction appears to "cycle" due to random encounters. As someone who quit porn after using it regularly, I also think that this is heavily influenced by porn use. After quitting, I no longer have a fixation on sex or daily fantasies.

I hadn't thought of this; really interesting take. While I don't seem to lean heavily either way (or at least the "apples-and-oranges"-ness of it all makes comparison difficult), "the cycle" still hasn't been a thing for me. The closest I come is my attraction to men getting blocked by what looks like PTSD (never been diagnosed), sometimes for long stretches, but this feels different than what those experiencing fluctuation describe.

I'm curious, do gender roles influence your feelings for each sex, and in what way?

I think that they do.

With men, I find the sort of personality that often results off-putting at best and threatening at worst; I'm also actively afraid of men in general. But the flip side is that they tend to be rather emotionally-contained/reserved, which I like (in moderation). And being less empathic can also make them less inclined towards the kind of "feelz > reelz", who-cares-about-facts-or-reason attitudes that piss me off no end.

More women are "my type" personality-wise, and they haven't been socialized to use physical violence against me. But the female gender-role's emphasis on beauty/prettiness really influenced me, and if I find a woman attractive, it's hard not to compare myself unfavorably to her. The whole "lesbian U-Haul" thing is also scary to me in some ways; it feels like emotional overload. And women often have a penchant for the kind of "bleeding-heart"-ism that makes them prone to becoming SJWs/trans-dupes (I first saw this many years ago, when the dogs-running-loose-in-public-is-a-civil-right! movement was at its zenith where I live; its most aggressive-- fanatical really-- proponents were all women), which really bugs me.

Bi-cycling/Fluctuating by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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What are you all referring to here? Porn use? Feeling attraction to strangers?

Any and all forms of attraction: on an individual basis, and/or in general. Including fantasy/imagination and just an overall heightened awareness of a sex's appeal to you. Whatever someone experiences-- I'm sure that there's a lot of variation, and as far as I'm concerned, it all "counts". Only just realized that this had been left undefined; thanks for making me think about what I actually meant!

I don't believe in the "cycle".

Do you believe in the "cycle" for those bisexuals who report experiencing it?

I have never experienced a "cycle" and don't relate to those bis who say they have/do. I also have the same "type" for men and women.

I don't think that I've ever experienced it either, actually, though it's hard to be sure, since the way that I'm attracted to each sex feels so different; it's something of an "apples & oranges" situation for me. Possibly because my "type" isn't entirely unisex, and/or I may have PTSD with respect to men. Which prompts me to ask: do gender-roles not influence your feelings for each sex, then? Such as potential misogyny from men, resulting in a kind of caution that you wouldn't have with women?

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Thanks for taking the time to give such a thoughtful and detailed response!

First, hope that this sense of upheaval (whatever its source) is something that you can at least ride out, and perhaps even learn/benefit from. I've been experiencing something similar recently-- in my case it's more like belated emotional growth-- and can attest that just because there's a silver lining does NOT make the process easy, or painless. And of course it can be less a matter of change/growth than just... shit you hafta go through sometimes. I certainly sympathize in either case.

Sounds like my post could hardly have been timed better from your perspective, huh? Me: "do you experience "bi-cycling"/fluctuation?" You: "AND HOW!!!" To say the least! Interesting that this is an entirely new phenomenon for you. And also associated (whether coincidentally/causally or not) with upheaval in your life. Wonder if this might even be something of a pattern among bisexuals? Amazing how little seems to be known about us, isn't it? I really feel as though study of the LG has reached grad-school level while we're still struggling to put together Bi 101. Especially when it comes to bi-specific stuff like this.

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. I'm not in a relationship, but I think this sort of long-term fluctuation in particular could conceivably cause some issues with monogamous relationships in a similar way that a lengthy loss of romantic attraction/libido could cause a problem for a monosexual in their relationship. I don't think it's something that's thoroughly unique to bisexuals. Of course, the elephant in the room is that Bisexuals can have some competition for their affection from one sex that the other sex wouldn't necessarily be able to adequately satisfy.

Yes; I also find myself wondering how many forms this could take, in a monogamous relationship-- desire for what's unique to the sex that you're not with. Strictly physical? Is it sometimes just a matter of wanting those other secondary/primary sex characteristics? Can it be about how male and female acculturation tend to produce rather different personalities? And/or simply that our attraction to each sex is itself very different-- in what we find appealing, the "rules" governing it, even how it FEELS to us-- so they're essentially apples & oranges: inherently not comparable?

This last also suggests a built-in problem with monogamy even for those of us who don't experience "bi-cycling"/fluctuation: we could be thoroughly satisfied with our partner as far as THAT sex goes... and also find that this doesn't dampen our desire for the OTHER sex one bit. Cuz of the "apples and oranges" factor. In fact, where the sex-we're-not-with is concerned, we could feel as though we're effectively single... even LONELY! How's THAT for making bisexuals look like the mates-from-hell?

Could the upshot of all this be that the whole "poly" thing (eyeroll-worthy as it so often is) means something different for bisexuals than monosexuals? At least those of us who experience such a strong pull towards "both", either periodically or constantly? Because while we're certainly not ALL that way... this really is one natural outcome of being "dual-attracted", isn't it? That some of us would experience our bisexuality like this seems inevitable.

Is this what you call it, or do you prefer another name?

It'll have to do for now until someone comes up with a better pun.

:) "Cyclilust", maybe? (I'll show myself out...)

Bi-cycling/Fluctuating by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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Can monosexual people come to understand it? I see it as being similar to bridging the gap between men understanding women's sexuality and vice versa. Someone who Isn't can never have the visceral lived experiences of someone who Is, but starting conversations like this is a key part of removing the mystery that lets people get anxious and start filling in the blanks on their own. The Truth must be accessible in order for people to learn from it.

Good way of putting it. Yeah, they're certainly capable of understanding this phenomenon (it's hardly rocket science, after all!)... guess the part they really have to work on is understanding that they NEED to; that we deserve to be understood. On our own terms. Listened to; taken seriously. As opposed to being seen only through a monosexual lens... and thus always found wanting. Like we're no more than an inferior reflection of them. Or a punchline.

That's the overall challenge, I suppose; how do we get through to monosexuals with this message? "We're a sexual orientation, like you; not "half-gay, half-straight"... we're our own thing. You need to learn what that means. To us. Instead of assuming that we're either basically the same as you, or some weird aliens. Have respect for our differences. And our experience."

This post was written after Valentine's Day alcohol wiped its ass with my sleep cycle, so hopefully it made sense.

It certainly did, plus putting it this way made me lol for real :) I wish you a sleep cycle that's shed all vestiges of Valentine's Day ass-wipery!

Bi-cycling/Fluctuating by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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Yeah :( I'm sorry that this is a negative thing for you; maybe having a place to talk about it where the phenomenon isn't automatically condemned ("this means that you're gonna cheat! See, you bisexuals can't be monogamous! You're just a sex maniac!") might help? At least a little? (Hope so anyway.)

If it isn't too personal, may I ask whether, when you're in a relationship, this affects your desire for your partner? Does your attraction to them decrease when your attraction to their opposite sex increases? And/or does it affect your attraction to the sex that isn't "on the upswing" in general? Or do you feel more attracted to one without feeling less attracted to the other?

Also, what is it that makes your "fluctuation" so frustrating/exhausting/pain-in-the-ass-y? Could this perhaps be somewhat alleviated by thinking of it as intrinsic to bisexuality? A natural (if sometimes inconvenient) consequnce of being attracted to both sexes? Maybe you're judging it too much by monosexual standards, you know? When stuff like this may work quite differently for us, and not mean the same thing as it does for them. I realize that it can be difficult to shake the feeling of "unlike monosexuals = WRONG!!!"... but hopefully not impossible :)

5 Most Common Misconceptions About Bisexuality by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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Probably it's because I grew up hearing this, but I don't see what's problem with point 3 (half gay, half straight). Maybe because it's makes bisexuality out to be exactly 50/50, but I can't see this being the most tragic thing to be said about it.

Not so bad in itself, I'd agree; the problem is more a matter of implications. If "bisexual" = "half-gay/half-straight", this naturally leads to the assumption that we're equally-attracted to both sexes... so anyone who isn't (because they have a consistent preference, or it fluctuates/"bi-cycles", or each feels so different from the other that it's apples-and-oranges = not really comparable) therefore doesn't "qualify" as bisexual. Which I've seen play out numerous times: bi? Impossible! They/I ain't 50/50!... despite, yanno, feeling attraction to both men and women! So silly... yet dismayingly-common, and I can't help but think that it robs us of our true numbers, as well as preventing many bisexuals from figuring out who they really are.

Thoughts on the Term "Marriage Equality" by mvmlego in Bisexuals

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I definitely prefer "same-sex" marriage, particularly over the competing term which I've heard far more often than "marriage equality" (my objections to which OP and others here have already covered): "gay marriage".

While the term "gay marriage" DOES come out ahead of "marriage equality" (way less vague and needlessly-prissy), the problem is... it excludes us. If a bisexual marries a gay man or lesbian, is that a "gay marriage"? How about when two bi men, or two bi women, marry each other? Then you have a "gay marriage" where neither spouse is actually gay! Sure, I guess it's not really a big deal... but what with the widespread tendency to erase us and let the LG eclipse the B, yet another example is still far from welcome.

Which doesn't happen with "same-sex marriage": it puts gay and (m/m or f/f) bi people on an equal footing. And that's the ONLY kind of "marriage equality" that I'm interested in. :)

Thoughts on the Term "Marriage Equality" by mvmlego in Bisexuals

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"pro-choice" only makes sense within the context of the debate, but makes more sense than "pro-abortion" would I guess… but the right to an abortion is always described as "a woman's right to choose" which, while we all know what it means, for clarity should probably be "a woman's right to choose to have an abortion".

The term "pro-choice" has always bugged me too, for the same reason (though-- again I'm with you on this-- not as much as "pro-life" does). Maybe it'd be better expressed as "pro-abortion rights"? Or is that too long, and/or too close to "pro-abortion" for comfort?

Biden's press sec. asked question about TiMs competing against "cis" girls in sports. Press sec. answers, "The president's belief is that trans rights are human rights..." & then dodges the question. Biden knows he's a laughingstock, but the gender $ are worth it to sell out women by BEB in GenderCritical

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Who are the P family?

The Pritzkers, I expect (notably billionaire James Nicholas "Jennifer Natalya" Pritzker), one of the wealthiest families in America.

Bi culture: possible? desirable? what should it look like? by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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What do you think of the double crescent moon symbol ?

First: thanks for the link-- bookmarked! New bi-related stuff is always welcome :)

About the double-crescent-moon symbol: I confess that I've never really "gotten" this one; what's the significance of the lunar theme? Though maybe, as noted above-- re: bi-cycling/menstrual-cycle synchronicity-- there actually is some moon-related relevance after all! (At least for some bi women.) How does this symbol strike you, Sandwich?

As far as bi symbols go, I'm kinda partial to the interlocked ♂ & ♀ (Mars & Venus) ones, myself, especially if blue is used for the opposite sex, pink for the same sex, and lavender for the "central" (bi) man or woman. (Definitely prefer that to the more typical color-coding for the bi person's partners: pink = woman, blue = man-- ew! Gender-role bullshit alert! No thanks!) That seems to get the point across in a simple and aesthetically-pleasing fashion. Like, being lavender means that we're not "half-gay (pink), half-straight (blue)"-- we're a blend which results in something else altogether. A "color" in our own right, you know?

I would like a symbol on the order of the violet-flower for lesbians, or the pansy/green carnation for gay men... haven't been able to come up with anything suitable, though. If you guys think of a good one, please let me know!

Bi culture: possible? desirable? what should it look like? by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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Ah, I see, I do see your vision and it is appealing. Yes, that would be nice if we had our own FULL culture instead of sub(?) cultures. It is rather...whacky that we hardly have anything.

Glad that it ain't just me! :) Especially when even subcultures for us (let alone the full-fledged, comprehensive bi-culture that we dream of) are so thin on the ground. Yeah, this sad state of affairs does seem pretty strange, doesn't it? Where is our version of what gay/lesbian people have?

My theory is that it has to do (at least in part) with the following: 1.] bisexuality not even being regarded as a sexual orientation at all; and 2.] our fledgling community/movement somehow getting shoved aside by, and then ignored in favor of, the "TQ+".

In brief: the first causes "bi invisibility" so pervasive that it often makes our own bisexuality invisible even to us, and we consequently identify as either straight or gay; such people aren't available to help build a bi culture (though they may be enthusiastic contributors to gay/lesbian culture). It also promotes the misconception that "bi = half-and-half", which suggests that having a culture of our own is unnecessary-- we can just go to either straight or gay culture (as the case may be) for all our needs, right? Why even bother with anything bi-specific?

How the second came about is still something of a mystery to me, but it sure seems suspicious that a bi culture was beginning to emerge in the early 1990s... and the "trans"/"queer" stuff at right around the same time. Then it was like the TQ sucked up all the oxygen. So there was none left for us, and we shrank back to where we'd been before, while they continued to grow... indeed, at an out-of-control, kudzu-esque rate. I can't help but feel as though their success came at our expense somehow. Does it look that way to anyone else?

The only way I think we can "claim" it(if that is the right word) is to create our content and spread the word!

Peach, you're a one-woman content-creating dynamo! :) Hope that my far-more lethargic ass can at least help ya out a little bit! And that we might inspire other people to pitch in, too. Which brings me to...

Maybe...this is just me but I notice some strange commonalities when finding out someone is bisexual. For the bisexual men I meet, they're typically musical/artsy/creative types. Go with the flow, easy going, not scared of femininity. I think this a (good?) stereotype to incorporate into bisexual culture---that bisexual (men) are creative and easy going. Idk. As for bisexual women...They may be more of a "femme tomboy" (once again stereotype,not sure if detrimental or..good?) or gender non-conforming.

Or perhaps bisexuals have a good balance/mix of feminine and masculine energy. We're not afraid of either side and own it. Maybe we have "bi cycles" with how masculine or feminine we decide to appear(I know I have! Decided I like being more on the androgynous side instead of extreme both) and bi cycles with what was mentioned earlier about our attraction. I think that would be good components to bi culture.

I'm sorta of two minds about this, Peach. On the one hand, it really appeals to me personally-- this view of bi men, and bisexuals in general as having transcended gender-role straitjackets. This is what I'd like to think that bisexuality means, yanno? But on the other hand... since most bi people either aren't out, or don't even recognize their own bisexuality, could this be a skewed impression based on the type who's likely to openly self-identify as bi? In the face of messages that it doesn't exist, and means that you're an unstable, unreliable, pretentious, ultra-open-minded, slutty weirdo? I suspect that more conventional-- much less conservative or even reactionary-- bi people don't declare it, or (in many cases) even realize it. Could there be a lot of "invisible bis" like that? Can't say for sure, of course, but it wouldn't surprise me. Typically-masculine guys (macho ones, even!) and girly-girl women! Who knows how many of 'em are covertly-bi? And just unable to relate to bisexuality's artsy, androgynous image?

Which is one of the reasons why I think we need to emphasize that bisexuality is, first and foremost, a sexual orientation. Not a personality; not "open-mindedness"; not a fad, fashion statement, or phase; not being automatically into anyone & everyone. Just the capacity for attraction to both sexes. Nothing more; nothing less. And maybe we can build a culture from there. With that as the foundation. What do you think?

And having blabbed on at such length, I'll spare you my thoughts re: bi history for the time being! :)

Bi culture: possible? desirable? what should it look like? by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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So interesting! This is, as that GIF with Phoebe from Friends put it, "brand-new information!" (At least to me-- never heard of "bi-cycling" tracking with menstrual cycling before!) Particularly because it's one of those phenomena that's bi-specific; the whole cycling/fluctuation in our attraction to the sexes really has no parallel among monosexuals, I don't think (they can experience increased or diminished desire, of course, but only ever for one sex, which seems like quite a different matter to me). And I feel that the ways in which we are clearly "our own thing" (rather than the popular misunderstanding of us as "half-and-half") are especially important to emphasize.

Bi culture: possible? desirable? what should it look like? by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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Guess I forgot my own rule (that I'm forever reminding everyone else of), huh?: "define your terms!" :) As in what I MEANT by "bisexual culture" in the first place!

Cuz, yeah, as you point out, there IS bisexual culture... of a sort. In various forms, in various places.

But there's really nothing comparable to GAY culture, you know? What homosexuals (both male and female) have. Something that encompasses the intellectual, political/advocacy, the arts/media, businesses, services, places/ways to socialize, events... the whole enchilada. Reflecting all the aspects of bi-ness, all the ways that it can manifest. So there's something for every kind of person. An expression of everything we are: one that's comprehensive.

Like, "bi film" should be a recognized thing: movies centering on/made for (and usually by) us. There ought to be academics and theorists who specialize in bisexuality as a subject. Historians studying it. Fun forms of community. So we don't need to TRY to create "bi things", a la lemon bars/finger guns-- if we had our own little world, dealing with The Bi Experience from a variety of angles, such stuff would emerge naturally. From our movies, TV shows, books, music, web sites, prominent members, etc. The way it has for gay men and lesbians.

I guess I see the bi-cultures that you mentioned-- Reddit, FEB, etc.-- as a start, but still pretty... embryonic. Of course, people have to work with what they've got; there really IS nothing larger to draw from/bounce off of, so they seem to be trying to invent a culture for us out of whole cloth. And maybe there has to be at least SOME of that, at this point. To jump-start the process. Was it like this at the beginning for gay/lesbian people, I wonder? Simple, lemon-bars-type stuff? Is that enough to get the ball rolling?

Maybe I'm just asking too much, wanting something so substantial. And am too impatient. Does my vision appeal to anyone else? Or are ya all like, "nah, we're good?" :)

If you do end up looking into bi history, Peach, please let me know what you find!

"A Transphobe Made A Video About Me!" – Lux responds to Vanessa Vokey's video, sicking his massive audience on her in the process by SnowAssMan in GenderCritical

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"I think this bitch is mad a trans woman stole her man"

Lux, the only man that you could "steal" is a creepy fetishist (for whom "woman" = biological blow-up doll) and/or gay/bi closet case. And by "steal" I mean "do some poor woman a GREAT BIG FAVOR PLEASEANDTHANKYOU!"

"She's mad I'm prettier than her"

If you're so, "pretty", bro... why do ya need more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker and a SHIT-TON OF PLASTIC SURGERY???

And you know what you "I'm a LAY-DEE" dudes always look like when you're not SUPER-young anymore, right? i.e., once you stop being anything even close to a boy and reach inarguable manhood? Hint: google "Milton Berle in drag".

Something about glass houses and stones springs to mind...

Planning underway for the trans Holocaust by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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If cis women stop wearing make-up, I will never pass.

Oh, don't worry-- you wouldn't anyway! :)

Also: hear THAT, liberal/progressive/feminist trans-shills? THIS is what you're demanding: women MUST wear makeup CUZ THINK OF TEH MENZ!!!

So progressive! Much feminist!

Bi culture: possible? desirable? what should it look like? by PenseePansy in Bisexuals

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Re: bi-cycling-- I've wanted to write a post on this too, actually! Curious about people's experience with it. Would you mind sharing yours? It's connected to your menstrual cycle, then?

I am a Mother to My Stillborn Son, Not a "Birthing Parent" by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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So we can't say motherfucker? Just parentfucker eh?

LOL! I guess that'd make it... "pafo" then? Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

These nitwits are even ruining our PROFANITY now! Is nothing sacred???

Graham Norton says trans people ‘need to be protected, rather than feared’ by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Protected from WHAT, exactly? Reality? Cuz they can't cope with their sex, the fact that it's painfully-obvious to everyone else, or that it's the ultimate turnoff to those whom they desire? Well, the rest of us shouldn't be forcibly conscripted into service as their "protectors". If they can't, or won't, learn to live in the real world, then that's THEIR problem, not ours.

Ugh, Graham, not you, too... well, he better be willing to put his money where his mouth is, then. Would Mr. Norton date a transman? "Pre-everything"? And enthusiastically service that "boipussy"? Cuz until he's done THAT... this newly-minted genderist-shill can just shut the fuck up.

And we'll stop fearing trans people just as soon as they stop with the behavior-- nonstop demands, hostility, stalking, abuse, predatory shit-- that's so damn FRIGHTENING.

Dating as a bisexual male is a paradox by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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"Bisexuals are lucky, they have double the options!"

... aaand double the chances of getting turned down! Plus the potential to get your heart broken by BOTH sexes!

Funny how the it-must-be-a-sexual-cornucopia-for-you-guys gay/straight people never think of these aspects...

Lesbian fashion? (beware, you can't un-see this) by jet199 in itsafetish

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Oh look, guy-who-gives-androgyny-a-bad-name, you dropped something!:

the /s at the end.

If men could have abortions ... they'd have them just for masturbation fuel by jet199 in itsafetish

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I wish I could have an abortion, sighhhh.

Well, for MY part, I wish you could BE an abortion!

Found on /r/traa, what the fuck does this even mean? by gendercritfem in itsafetish

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Cuz you're yet another straight guy who's just defective?


Just - gross. Been told to post here by Mermer in itsafetish

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Well, maybe you'll get a two-birds-with-one-stone kinda deal and she'll just bite it off instead?


Users on r/FtM talking about how many of them were straight girls into yaoi (media that fetishizes gay men) before transition by reluctant_commenter in itsafetish

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I was curious about how bisexuality works like (as there are some indications that bisexuality has another etiology than homosexuality, aka probably not a light form of homosexuality) so I made survey for bisexuals with 500 respondents and included questions about AAP/AGP, and it seemed like 60% of the respondents had some form of it.

Bi woman here; not AAP (as far as I know), but also curious about how bisexuality works. Particularly because it seems to receive surprisingly little attention. Very interested to hear that it might have a different etiology than homosexuality; this is, for me-- as that GIF of Phoebe from Friends says-- "brand-new information"! Would you mind telling me more? (I pretty much always have my antennae straining to detect signs of anything bi-related.)

I've been thinking, and writing (mostly here on SaidIt), about the "you don't exist" sexual orientation lately; almost seems like I'm doing original work much of the time, given the dearth of material out there. Would be thrilled to find some bi-stuff that I didn't have to create myself!

Gendering animals (a paper arguing that animals might have gender...) by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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fits naturally with some traditional Indigenous ways of thinking about other animals and their relations with humans.

Riiiight. WHICH "Indigenous ways of thinking"? Some indigenous people considered owning livestock bizarre. These types always seem to assume tribal culture was a monolith across multiple regions.

Yeah, and HOW do those espousing this fail to see that it's not just patently-absurd, but also... BIGOTED? What with all the ignorance, and condescension, and presumptuousness, and using REAL PEOPLE and their REAL CULTURES as... mere vehicles for trendy western bohemianism; politically-correct cartoon characters. They're just (conveniently enough) whatever SJW types want them to be. Oh, yeah-- THAT'S not racist! Isn't this simply the latest iteration of the same tired old "noble savage" stereotype?

Furthermore, where do they get the harebrained idea that "indigenous = WOKE"? Have never understood this. Like, the Comanche (who scared the shit out of pretty much everyone) were just mellow pacifists? Who probably kept track of how far they walked with a FitBit and shopped at Whole Foods? I guess these multi-culti nitwits have gotten so reflexively hostile to the western/white that anyone who ISN'T automatically becomes good, and, indeed, must necessarily side with THEM. Meaning share their values. Which I suspect would come as a GREAT surprise to pretty much every indigenous person ever.

Christ, the STUPID... it burns...

Reddit says: "women have never been oppressed. Women just know they're inferior." by QueenBread in GenderCritical

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If women's "inferiority" is real and recognized as such by us, why are men always so intent on enforcing it?

TIM Blaire White claims to "no longer have DNA" due to taking androgen-blockers and cross-sex hormones by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Blair just got the terminology wrong.

More like Blair got the BIOLOGY wrong. Because transgenderism is at best ignorant of, and at worst outright hostile towards, human biology. That is the ENTIRE FUCKING PROBLEM. Since they demand that the rest of us follow suit. So forgive me if I'm less than sympathetic when this bites one of 'em in the ass.

Blair was not informed that blockers and hormones makes you sterile.

Yeah, taking a long-term wrecking ball to everything related to your reproductive category makes ya... unable to reproduce! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

Look, I get that there are those here who see Blair White as "one of the good ones". I wouldn't go that far: less-odious, maybe... but that's still odious. "Woman" is a pornified costume to him, all about image and appeal to men. And better to be a fake woman than a real gay man. And what's biology anyway? Male and female are just about whether you wear makeup or not, and what kind of plastic surgery you get, duh! It's not as though they have, like, significance for, oh, I dunno, making babies or anything!

"Transwomen" have plenty of spaces (god knows) where we're expected to kowtow to them and their fee-fees; is it too much to ask that THIS not be just one more of 'em? Please?

Brutal in the Bedroom: Normalization of Violence in Sex by WildApples in GenderCritical

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Men have eroticized their abuse of us for ages; now WE'RE supposed to eroticize it, too.

This reminds me of what a (female) psychologist who works with convicted sex offenders once wrote about sexual sadists-- the kind that kinkster-PR can't pretty up; for whom "non-consensual" is the entire POINT.

She said that, at its most extreme, sexual sadism no longer even involves acts that are actually sexual in any way. What gives such sadists the greatest pleasure... is pure violence.

Maybe what we're looking at is less a case of violence in sex (frightening enough right there) than... violence AS sex :(

Haunted by a 1984 quote and looking for perspectives from fellow women by Rationalmind in GenderCritical

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Mixed answer from me, in that, while women do seem prone to SJW-ism in general and genderism in particular, the reasons for it strike me as the opposite of the Orwell quote.

Winston Smith's perception is that women are enthusiastic supporters of authoritarianism. But of course... this is from a work of fiction, as well as a specific character's perspective (which turns out to be wrong, actually, at least with regard to Julia, who is in fact an undercover rebel). In real life, what I've noticed is that women tend to be ANTI-authoritarian. The ones who don't support "Big Brother". It's men who are much more inclined towards authoritarianism; by contrast, the liberal/progressive contingent is always predominantly female.

But how does that square with women's penchant for SJWism, you ask? Well... I think the answer lies in their perspective: the way that they see themselves, and the cause that they're espousing.

To me, it looks like they're anti-authoritarians-- liberals/progressives-- who've mistaken transgenderism for being on the same "side". Probably because it's presented that way, and they just assume that "men in dresses" = gender-nonconforming/gender-critical (ah, the irony...). Therefore, they think that they're "fighting the good fight" against pink-is-for-girls/blue-is-for-boys, traditionalist, restrictive attitudes, in the name of all that's liberating, open-minded, and egalitarian.

So I think that it's less a case of women having a naturally-authoritarian bent than that, sometimes, anti-authoritarians just have really piss-poor analysis.

"I'm not speculating..." *Entire thread is speculation* by anxietyaccount8 in GenderCritical

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I think a LOT, and possibly the vast majority, of 2ndwave feminists are nonbinary AFAB&AMAB people

Well, then, they can no longer just dismiss us out of hand, right? Cuz we're The Sacred TwanzTM ourselves! And therefore know whereof we speak!

Among LGBT Americans, bisexuals stand out when it comes to identity, acceptance by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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  1. Not IRL, largely cuz-- as I feel unworthy of being sexual at all-- THIS sexuality seems like way too much to live up to (i.e., expectation that I'll be the embodiment of uninhibited slutdom). It's absurd, I know, but the sense that I'm just not hawt enough REALLY bothers me. Also the concern that, given how much stigma bisexuals suffer, I'd be bad PR (what with my epic fucked-up-ness). Plus the knowledge that GAY people are no less likely to give me a hard time about it is truly disheartening.
  2. Yes... guess that I can add "hypocrite" to my long list of sins! But I do think that so many of us being closeted is detrimental; perpetuates the all-too-prevalent invisibility, and prevents us from organizing to support each another and further our interests. Also, that invisibility can even be from our own POV-- if this orientation isn't acknowledged by the culture-at-large, we're likely not to recognize it in ourselves, and just identify as gay or straight. Robs us of our true numbers and the chance for so many bi people to know who they really are.
  3. Stigma, and what's at the root of it: the sense that bisexuality isn't legitimate-- doesn't exist; not an actual sexual orientation. Plus the fact that we're generally unwelcome even among GAY people! Which encourages us to be closeted even where they feel free to be out.
  4. Unsurprising: math (most of the people who are attracted to us will be straight); LGs often don't want to date bisexuals; due to self-invisibility many of us assume we're straight; default closetedness tends to mean that we're pseudo-straight, thus spend a lot of time alongside the genuine article (so are apt to pair up with 'em).
  5. From my limited perspective, the latter two: mostly doing nothing for bisexuals (we remain all but invisible in such communities), and-- to the extent that they're focused on pushing the Borg genderist/TQ+ agenda-- actively hurting us.

Is anyone out there/thoughts on biphobia by Constantine in Bisexuals

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Sure sounds familiar! Here it is BTW:

And yeah, Lizard's response was certainly one of the few bright spots (he always seems to stand up for bi people against LG shittiness). Also appreciated ElectricSheep's thoughtful input (and the fact that this really "introduced" us).

Share your favourite bisexual songs or musicians! by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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You're so very welcome! Hope that you'll find some music here that appeals to you.

Of these artists, I'm probably most into Panic! At the Disco & Placebo; my recommendations for their stuff would be:

  • P!ATD "Collar Full"; "Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time"
  • Placebo: "Every You Every Me"; "Running Up That Hill"

But, I've also been listening to these non-bi (at least as far as I know!) artists of late:

  • 30H!3: "STARSTRUKK"
  • Chet Baker: "The Thrill Is Gone"
  • blackbear: "idfc"
  • Bring Me the Horizon: "Ludens"; "Wonderful Life"
  • City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: "The Thing" [movie theme by Ennio Morricone]
  • Raul Esparza: "Being Alive" [by Stephen Sondheim]
  • Grey Daze: "B12"
  • Adam Jensen: "I'm a Sucker for a Liar in a Red Dress"
  • Leisure: "Got It Bad"
  • The Pretty Reckless: "Heaven Knows"
  • Sacred Caves "Slomo"
  • Scissor Sisters "I Can't Decide"
  • She Wants Revenge: "Tear You Apart"
  • Soul Coughing: "Super Bon Bon"
  • Tin Sparrow "On and On"
  • Unlike Pluto: "Addict"
  • UPSAHL: "People I Don't Like"
  • Weird Al Yankovic "Party in the CIA" [less bubblegum and more black ops than Miley's!]
  • The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)" [better than the original!]

(and a tip o' the hat to music-guru ElectricSheep for introducing me to many of these!)

How about you, Peach? Have you been listening to anything/anyone lately, music-wise?

Is anyone out there/thoughts on biphobia by Constantine in Bisexuals

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on the saidit sub I gave you, there's a post relating to health issues and bisexuals.

Hey, was that my post? The LG's dismissive reaction (or should I say NONreaction) to which put me in a funk for DAYS?

Share your favourite bisexual songs or musicians! by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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Wish there were more for me to share, but here's a few, anyway:


  • "Girls/Girls/Boys", Panic! At the Disco
  • "Poker Face", Lady Gaga (at least if you believe her story about its meaning)


  • Ani DiFranco
  • Richard Fairbrass [Right Said Fred]
  • Alison Goldfrapp
  • Joe Jackson
  • Janis Joplin
  • Ke$ha
  • Lady Gaga
  • Freddie Mercury [Queen]
  • Brian Molko [Placebo]
  • Sinead O'Connor
  • Peaches
  • Lou Reed
  • Siouxsie Sioux
  • Michael Stipe [R.E.M.]
  • Pete Townshend
  • Brendon Urie [Panic! At the Disco]

Relationships: What People Think Vs What It's Actually Like by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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For women, we get the flip side when we date straight men

Yep, we sure do, don't we? That being what I've dubbed the "Can-I-Watch?" side.

Interesting how bi men are always assumed to REALLY be gay (as ElectricSheep can unfortunately attest)... but somehow we never are! Is there a subconscious belief that attraction to men overrules attraction to women, or something? Any ideas as to what's going on here?

Relationships: What People Think Vs What It's Actually Like by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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Ugh, my sympathies! How did that make you feel? I mean, not good, obviously, but in what way? Frustrated? Insulted? Depressed? And (if I'm not being too nosy) were you, um, sexually-enthusiastic about your girlfriend at first? (Or are we talking "girlfriendS" here?-- hope that you didn't have to go through this more than once!) Such that, when she's second-guessing your denial of gayness for the millionth time, it's not long after you've just been very, very UNgay with her? WTF???

Do you know if she ever had a boyfriend who DID turn out to be gay? Or could you tell that this was just a case of plain ol' "bisexuality doesn't exist" + "peen cancels out vajayjay"?

Yet more evidence of why "bi" needs to be UNIVERSALLY recognized as a sexual orientation, stat! Not a euphemism for "gay", not "just a phase", not some mysterious Twilight Zone of sexuality. Though I suppose that even then, people like this chick would still be bugging us-- they'd just move on to "how can I be ENOUGH for you? You MUST always be hankerin' for what I haven't got, right?" etc. Those wacky monosexuals... :(

Who are your favourite bi characters in media? by PeakingPeachEater in Bisexuals

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Love collecting bi characters & real-life members of the "club"! (Though admittedly examples are a bit thin on the ground, what with our being non-existent & all.)


  • Azhrarn, "Night's Master", "Death's Master" by Tanith Lee [novels]: For all of my darkly-glamorous, decadent, outrageously-hawt, morally-ambiguous-trickster-figure needs. Also a representative of the all-too-rare bi-male contingent!
  • Det. Timothy Bayliss, "Homicide: Life on the Street" [TV series]: First bi character on American TV! Plus a cutie, well-acted/well-written, & on a good show (at least till it went in the crapper near the end!).
  • Katina "Katchoo" Choovanski, "Strangers In Paradise" by Terry Moore [comics]: SO cool, hot, & badass! While also being endearingly-vulnerable. Plus distinctive for being modestly-endowed (a rarity in comics, where big boobs are The Law) & scorning all femme-y trappings! (long hair aside)
  • John Constantine [comics; TV]: Complex (at least during his original incarnation, the "Hellblazer" series-- where he aged in real time!), surprisingly-realistic (despite being a spell-casting warlock!), explicitly working-class, snarky Brit-- what's not to like? Well, other than the fact that his bi-ness was barely acknowledged over "Hellblazer"'s run, but DC even fixed that with the reboot!
  • Phedre no Delauney, "Kushiel's Dart" by Jacqueline Carey [novel]: Morally & psychologically-complex, enjoyably-glamorous character with an original and intriguing concept.
  • Lady Nyctasia Edonaris, "Silverglass" Trilogy by J.F. Rivkin [novels]: Fun & charming aristocrat/scholar (often living undercover as a cheeky commoner) in a sword-and-sorcery fantasy setting.
  • Christopher Ferris, "As Meat Loves Salt" by Maria McCann [novel]: Very believable & appealing, while simultaneously illustrating some of the period (Civil War-era England)'s more interesting social-history aspects.
  • Griffin Fiske, "Original Sinners" series by Tiffany Reisz [books]: Delightfully-fun & funny, sexy charmer.
  • Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, "House M.D." [TV series]: Intriguing, layered, cool, & hot.
  • Captain Jack Harkness, "Doctor Who"; "Torchwood" [TV series]: Another cheeky charmer.
  • Prince Oberyn Martell, "Game of Thrones" [TV series]: Wonderfully-charismatic, larger-than-life, swashbuckling, unabashedly-bi dude!
  • Lieutenant Billy Prior, "Regeneration Trilogy" by Pat Barker [novels]: Realistic, nuanced, sympathetic portrayal.
  • Lisbeth Salander, "Millennium Trilogy" by Stieg Larsson [novels; movies]: Kickass-cool wish-fulfillment. Wounded, fierce, formidable genius-hacker-loner who outsmarts & generally lays waste to monstrous men. Can she be my girlfriend, please?
  • Kalinda Sharma, "The Good Wife" [TV series]: Triple-threat rarity as a roguish (always has something up her sleeve) South Asian (and a non-stereotypical one at that!) "older woman" who's allowed to be wickedly-sexy!
  • Darryl Whitefeather, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" [TV series]: Practically unique as a bi-guy (all too scarce right there!) who's both presented in non-sexed-up terms and is middle-aged!


  • Tallulah Bankhead
  • Lord Byron [George Gordon]
  • Alan Cumming
  • Marlene Dietrich
  • Raul Esparza
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Florence King
  • Tamara de Lempicka
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • Sarah Paulson
  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Kristin Stewart


Do you feel the characters you see in media accurately represent bisexuality?

Well, to the extent that they're even there to be seen in the first place: HELL NO! When not just flat-out offensive (still dismayingly-common), the best you can usually hope for is a depiction that, while fun and appealing, bears ZERO resemblance to reality: the awesomely-cool, personification-of-sexiness caricature. Bisexuals presented in anything like an authentic manner are virtually unknown. We're always either creeps/villains or exotic fantasies; we're never just people. Much less drawn from a full RANGE of people, including "next-door" types.

Does the media do a good job with addressing and handling bi issues?

They'd have to do ANY sort of job first! And, yanno, acknowledge that we exist. Outside fiction! As REAL PEOPLE! With REAL ISSUES! Some specific to our sexual orientation! And, in particular, the way that it's (mis)treated by society at large.

What would you like to see more in regards to how they create bisexual characters and handle their issues

  • Take a break from the default tropes of fantasy-figure on the one hand, or perverted creep on the other. Think outside the box already! Give us OTHER types of bisexuals, please.
  • Expanding on the previous point: more MALE bi characters! Who aren't creeps/villains/exaggerated fantasy-figures! Also more of the following: "normal/average" people; middle-aged-and-older; monogamous; in familiar, well-established roles (cop; lawyer; detective; action hero; rom-com protagonist; final girl; etc.). And can we give the "Hot Bi-Babe" (who is, needless to say, always up for a MFF threesome) trope a well-deserved rest now?
  • Create characters who are people, first and foremost. Don't have their bisexuality drown out everything else about them.
  • However, do NOT be afraid to make their bisexuality an important part of who they are. It's such a neglected topic! Ripe for discovery! Feel free to explore it in depth, with thoughtfulness, creativity, and nuance.
  • Can we skip any more of the "plot twists" that amount to, "OMG hetero-active person was also boinkin' somebody of THE SAME SEX!!!" [cue sforzando]? Where bisexuality is played for shock value? It's really exploitative and insulting.
  • Other stereotypical crap I could do without seeing EVER AGAIN: us as cheaters; murder victims; psychopathic killers; criminals; "confused"; sex maniacs; weak/pathetic; "exotic"; decadent; rich degenerates; predators; somehow "above" lowly considerations like what genitals people have; sleeping with both sexes cuz we're Master ManipulatorsTM; just so self-confident/arrogant that we expect everyone to think we're Hot Stuff; swingers; vampires. (Well, OK, if you use some of these in a way that's justified, and with both sensitivity and skill, I'll allow it.)

Charlotte Clymer: "This is the first time a presidential election victory speech has specifically mentioned the word "transgender" and made a commitment to us. Joe Biden has got our back." by purrvana in GenderCritical

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I tend to think that it's a combination of the following:

  • Seeing this as a do-over for missing the boat on LGB rights. Most Democrats assumed that unapologetic homophobia would always be the public's default setting, and thus spent years tip-toeing around it with things like "civil unions", the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"... until popular opinion suddenly did a 180 and their "safe" position no longer was. (Sure, Biden spoke out in support of marriage equality before Obama did, but that was still long after the tide had already turned.) They don't want to be wrong (or caught flat-footed) again. Of course this isn't Gay Rights 2: The Sequel at all, so where did they get that idea? Why, from all the major LGB organizations telling them that trans = gay, that's where.
  • Family loyalty. And to a beloved son who died tragically, at that. Among Beau Biden's friends was trans woman Sarah McBride, who became a de facto member of the family through him. And if Beau thought that McBride was OK, then how can "her" cause ("trans rights") be wrong? Or at least Beau's dad might naturally tend to make that assumption.
  • Not wanting to seem out of touch. Hey, "trans rights" is what all the kids are doing! Biden's no spring chicken, and he knows it. This may look like just staying current to him. And any doubts could be chalked up to, "I'm old and set in my ways, that's all; young people have no problem with it-- try to be more like them!"

If true, it might mean that Biden isn't ride-or-die for genderism, and facts have a chance with him... but I'm aware that this might just be wishful thinking.

Academia now gives prizes for "transgender poetry" by black_sheep in GenderCritical

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They'll get their own stuff but still try to get into women's.

Trans: "What's mine is mine... and what's yours is mine."

Isn't "Self ID" just setting up the gender ideologues up for a hostile takeover? by yousaythosethings in GenderCritical

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We should be asking these questions why can't we (in my case female) identify as a trans woman?

Yeah: cuz if TWAW... then WATW naturally follows, right? It works both ways.

Seriously, I think that we may have found the Death Star's thermal exhaust port here... and also the single proton torpedo to fire into it :)

Apparently not putting your pronouns in your bio automatically means you're transphobic by iamcool1337 in GenderCritical

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Is this person 11?

Intellectually/emotionally: yes.

Trans group start petition to create an option for “non-binary” on COVID test - because your pronouns are what's really important when dealing w a deadly virus by BEB in GenderCritical

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So beyond sick of this gender-fetishism everywhere you go. Even when I just signed up for Spotify! (And no opt-out either! How is this essential to using a goddamn music service, exactly?)

Short of dispensing with "gender" categories on forms altogether (my #1 choice), how about at least having two separate categories: "Gender" and "Sex"? With answering the former as optional and the latter (consisting only of "Male" and "Female") required? So those all-important genderfeelz get acknowledged without obstructing (as here) medically-necessary information? Anyone know if this workaround has been tried? (Not that it should need to be, of course, but something something darkest timeline...)

Trans identifying man claims that his penis has "started smelling like lady bits" after taking hormones by gendercritfem in itsafetish

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Maybe we should start putting it about that women's genitals smell like Pine-Sol? So then the "transwomen" will hasten to claim, "Oh, me too! My girldick smells JUST like furniture polish!" and we can all laugh.

Renting women’s bodies to make babies - this is glorious by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Let this shameless purveyor of gender-woo propaganda put his money where his mouth is by hiring a TIM surrogate (TWAW after all!), who then "identifies" as pregnant & "delivers" a 50-year-old "trans-age" adult-baby dude.

Because, Benjamin, wokeism-- like charity-- begins at home.

A plan for simulating menstrual blood. by shveya in itsafetish

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This is what I was wondering too! Whereas, most of the time, I can follow their "logic" (dopey as it is), the supposed connection between menstruation and "starving yourself" totally eludes me.

Is it that they think our period makes us physically exhausted/hungry? Or that depriving themselves of food makes guys bleed from their butt or something?

Can anyone explain this famished dude = menstruating woman reasoning? Cuz I'm baffled.

How do you all deal with being asked for your pronouns in every space? by DangerJelly in GenderCritical

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I'd say, "My pronouns are: you/you." (Like, yanno, everyone's are in English, when they're being addressed directly.)

If the questioner replies with something along the lines of, "No, I mean pronouns like she/her, he/him, they/them," parry it this way: "Oh, you mean third-person pronouns? Well, since by definition I won't be there to HEAR them, I don't really care! Use whatever ones you want!" (Maybe throw in some lighthearted laughter to show just how silly all this fussing-over-pronouns nonsense is.)

If they're persistent enough to go for, "Well, what if I'm referring to you to someone else in front of you?", respond thusly: "Using third-person pronouns for someone who's present is kind of rude, don't you think? Like you're ignoring them? It's more polite to refer to them by name."

Honestly, just plain English grammar is your friend here; use it!

Mermaids argue that "there could be even 8 bilion genders" by [deleted] in therearetwogenders

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Let us know what we've missed!


Mermaids argue that "there could be even 8 bilion genders" by [deleted] in therearetwogenders

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Yeah... just like there can be 8 billion different types of dragons, or vampires, or werewolves, or imaginary friends...

The very fact that there's no limit? PROVES IT'S ALL MADE UP

Dirty transphobic dogs by jet199 in therearetwogenders

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My solution: rehome the "trans wife" instead.

Caster Semenya losses appeal against the restriction of testosterone levels in female runners by greenish in GenderCritical

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Anyone who dared to point out that the emperor (Semenya) was actually naked and clearly seemed to be male was derided as a racist, sexist, white supremacist trying to impose Eurocentric standards of beauty and femininity on poor poor Caster, who was portrayed not as a cheating male but as an exemplar of "strong black African women" whom haters, racists and sexists were out to oppress, bully and victimize.

I recall reading precisely this sort of thing about Semenya on SJW-y type websites (before I wised up about wokeness): observing "looks like a man" can only mean that you think black women are UGLY! (i.e., they don't meet white beauty standards = not feminine = masculine = ugly women) So simply noticing this PAINFULLY OBVIOUS FACT makes one a racist, sexist creep! And shallow to boot! And so on and so forth ad nauseum.

But wait a moment... doesn't this very train of thought have some pretty racist, creepy, and shallow implications itself? Such as:

  • Doesn't buying Semenya's story mean that the one who believes black women are masculine is actually YOU? Since Caster is manifestly male... and you somehow see no contradiction between THAT and being a black woman?
  • Isn't treating women's looks as their most important feature-- so that an accusation of supposed ugliness becomes the worst possible insult-- the very DEFINITION of shallow/sexist?

Anyone else ever notice these inconvenient little hitches in the lefty pro-Semenya narrative?

"My sexuality is fluid!" by [deleted] in therearetwogenders

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Mine is also fluid.

And the fluid is sparkling cider. (Martinelli's, to be precise.)

Or sometimes grape soda. Cuz hey! even my FLUIDITY is fluid, dontcha know.

But you know what it NEVER is? Gender-woo Kool-Aid.

Wokesters are now trying to push finger length as what defines sex rather than, you know, sex. by jet199 in therearetwogenders

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Yeah, biological sex is defined by everything EXCEPT... biological sex! IT'S JUST SCIENCETM

Though I can't help but wonder: what if they succeed in convincing everyone of this... and then it turns out that "trans" often have a finger digit ratio consistent with their sex? As Scooby-Doo would put it: "Ruh-roh!"

And what about enbies? Do THEY have a female finger digit ratio on one hand and a male one on the other? Or no index fingers at all? Or what?/s

Another piece of propaganda aimed at kids by jet199 in therearetwogenders

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Perhaps inadvertently fitting, though... given how little all this genderist crap seems to relate to anything on, yanno, EARTH.

Maybe they should add a multiple-choice section? Like so:

Hey, kids! Where do YOU think this "gender" stuff came from?

  • outer space
  • another planet
  • another dimension
  • Uranus (or SOMEBODY'S anus, anyways)
  • Bizarro World
  • all of the above
  • who the fuck knows/cares, just mark it Return to Sender already

r/periods got brigaded today. how long till they go the way of r/pcos? by spicyramen in GenderCritical

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What's oppression to us is just fetishy fun to them.

Further, since you are automatically assigned the male gender-role or female gender-role as soon as your biological sex is observed, and "transwomen" virtually never "pass", WE get "inferior" status enforced on us... and they don't. Because everyone can plainly see that they're men. So, for them, these accoutrements of inferiority-- the obligation to be decorative, trivial, placating-- are a CHOICE. Which is ENTIRELY different than when society requires them of you, as part of your assigned gender-role.

Why doesn't everybody understand this?

What is in it for women? by fuckupaddams in GenderCritical

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That younger, mostly heterosexual, women are some of most extreme trans activists, right behind TIMs themselves, has been my experience too.

I've heard this countless times, and always wondered why TRA-ism is such a straight-woman specialty.

Could it be due to the fact that they don't feel threatened by TIMs? Since "transwomen" specifically target lesbians for sexual harassment? So straight women don't have to confront the reality that these are just the same old rapey males they otherwise decry? (HashtagMeToo! Unless the rapist has LadyfeelzTM , of course.)

Wonder how long they'd still be TWAW-ing if some intimidating dude-in-a-dress was demanding that they submit to his "girldick"?

Gender, i.e... Uh... Personality? by RedditHatesLesbians in therearetwogenders

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THIS is what I find so endlessly baffling: how the @%#$! did these... things... ever get classified as "genders" in the first place???

I mean, I don't actually know WTF they are; they don't even seem to qualify as "personalities", really. Maybe more like DIY zodiac signs? Does this phenomenon remind anyone else of astrology? Maybe it's the new version of that?

But in any case: what's "gender"-like about this bucket-business, etc.? Gender is a SOCIAL role; it's defined and imposed by one's culture, not by oneself. And it's based on one's biological sex. End of. It's not some manifestation of individual creativity or expression; it's not a vehicle for personal fulfillment; it's not some wellspring of whimsy, or (as here, apparently) a half-baked crafts project. Indeed, it's the ANTITHESIS of all that: a completely impersonal, one-size-fits-all set of sex-based stereotypes. So WHERE does anyone get the idea that this bucket-bullshit constitutes "gender"? And, moreover-- since they seem to be obsessed with the very things that gender is so decidedly NOT-- why would they even want it to?

Intersectionalism is the worst thing to happen to feminism. by medium_tomato in GenderCritical

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Most people don't have that much control over their emotional reactions.

THIS! Esp. since professional actors, no less-- including the most highly-skilled ones-- often can't cry on command! (It's apparently not a common ability, even for them.) So I've always had my doubts about the average woman being able to pull this off.

Which doesn't mean that they (or, for that matter, men/boys/girls) don't TRY; I've witnessed numerous public examples of fake-crying over the years. But there's something I've noticed about these: the tip-off that they ARE fake. Remember Susan Smith? Young, white, claimed that some black guy came outta nowhere and murdered her kids, turned out that she did it? Memorable playing-the-sympathy-card-via-ostensible-bawling there (at least till she 'fessed up): whole lotta sad facial expressions & sobbing voice... but never any actual tears. 'Cause THAT'S what "crying" really is, apparently: overwhelming tearful emotion. If you remain suspiciously dry-eyed throughout? Odds are that you're just pretending.

Also, though? "Genuine crying" is NOT proof that you're the victim! Could just mean that, as the victimizer, you're sad about, and/or scared of, being held accountable for your shitty actions.

The creepy GenderCynical dudes are on saidit now... by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's Stalker 101: "I want you to want me!" (not the Cheap Trick song unfortunately)

Except all that women want from THEM is to leave us alone.

And that's precisely what they will not STAND for. Because, even when they hound us off Reddit, or women-only dating apps, or women's health subs, or public life in fucking general... we're still the ones with the power, aren't we?

Since THEY want US... and we DON'T want THEM.

I'm a pedophile seeking a free speech haven by greekgod77 in Introductions

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Can't eat enough to puke enough.

Though throwing "oh and trans rights!" in there somewhere oughtta make this post just fine for Reddit.

Cuz yanno... PRIORITIES. /s