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I never understood that. It's still homosexual regardless if it's a dude or a mtf sucking a dude.

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Depending on who's posting at the time you do see the same applied to sexuality, sometimes even more so because they want to believe they can get a straight guy to fuck them.

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I agree that part of it is about the fantasy, but it just seems to me that you get many more posts saying that someone who claims to be straight is bisexual if he has any interest in sex with another man.

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You're not allowed to question the sexuality of a TIP, either. What they say goes, even if it's something as asinine as "bi-lesbian", "aroace gay", or one of those micro labels like "lithsexual", otherwise you're just spouting TERF rhetoric.

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'Bi-lesbian'... Jesus christ, if I didn't know any better, I'd say they were afraid of being just bi, lesbian or gay... I don't know how they don't see the homophobia in that.

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I feel like with the example you brought up in your post it's simply seen as ok to question straight people but it's taboo to question someone who identifies as anything but straight or "cis".

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I was thinking this, too-- the problem is that these guys say they're straight. Which, according to the current regime, makes them contemptible.

Not that it's contemptible (weirdly enough) to actually BE straight, of course; in fact, you're scarcely allowed to be anything else, are you? Certainly not homosexual, or bisexual; no, the only form of gay or lesbian or bi permitted these days is a heterosexual claiming that as an "identity". That's the secret of TQ+'s success, I think: having straight people play us. Because society is much more comfortable that way. When we can pat ourselves on the back for being so open-minded that rainbow flags are everywhere, and you're free to openly have any sexual orientation... just as long as it's straight.

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We know what sexual orientation terms mean.

The only way to gain power one doesn't have by virtue of fitting such a description is to make up a new reality and club people into submission with it. Hence the cognitive dissonance. Many are trying to be nice and accommodating and give the benefit of the doubt.

That might have worked without the high percentage of Cluster Bs misappropriating that open-mindedness for power and control and gratification reasons.

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Yes. This is very annoying.