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Just trying to get back on my feet still. Think the dust is finally starting to settle for some of my IRL problems, though, fortunately. I'm hoping I'll be able to check in here more often again; apologies in advance if I seem a little out of sorts. The past year has been a lot for me.

Happy start of fall season, all :) I have been so looking forward to it. Does anyone have any favorite fall activities or traditions? (For those who live in an area where there is a fall season, I guess.) I love taking walks outside in the rain and seeing all the beautiful leaf colors.

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So happy to have you back with us, and take all the time you need! No pressure, and no apologies needed. I'm glad that your IRL stuff is settling down and you are in a place of having some free time to rejoin and participate.

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Thank you, NBF, I appreciate it :) I am really glad too. It's been a lot. I hope you've been doing well :)

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I don't have any traditions anymore since I am away from family and the circumstances I grew up in. It's just me and roomies doing what we do every day.

But I REALLY do love Autumn/Fall season. I like how the leaves change on the trees and all the colors. I like the fog that rolls in overnight and in the morning, and how the air feels crisp and new every day. I like the smell of drifting smoke in the early morning from fireplaces that have gone out.

I have been experimenting with cooking over the past year or two, and this is the season where I can start doing it again in bulk - for coworkers or roomies. People like to settle in during this season. I hope everyone around me do have some traditions so I can participate. I can only bring food and support, and I want to help.

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Yeah, I think I'm in the same boat on traditions. Maybe I can build a few of my own though. I love fog :) I forgot about the fog.

Bulk cooking for people around you sounds lovely :) is there anything in particular you like to cook? Seems like a good time for soup and the like. I might try to experiment a little as well...

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I like to try all sorts of things really! Snack foods, traditional meals, soups and stews, sides. Sometimes I even experiment with baking, thats really my worst area though. It's a fun excuse to get people together and socialize without having to deal with crowds and the public :)

One of my favorites is a 3 bean salad, I don't know if its considered cooking since there is no actual "cook" involved. It takes maybe an hour to prep before refrigerating overnight, and makes a ton so it works well as a side dish for several days or something to bring to a potluck. I'm also a big fan of crockpot recipes.

I really want to try a beef or pork roll sometime, I can't remember what they are called except "roll", haha. Oh wait, wellington? Anyway I need an excuse to make something so grand and practice a recipe or two and make adjustments before I give it to a crowd.

BTW I talked to IPD/Tumbleweed tonight, you got me thinking about food and she was the one who got me hooked on trying cooking so now I want to figure out some sort of get together. She says hello and <3 you!

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That sounds awesome!! Funny, I'm the opposite, I love baking (although I haven't in ages), and I suck at most other forms of cooking haha... I'm slowly expanding my repertoire. And I'm totally with you on home gathering type of social events... reminds me of how I ended up just doing a bunch of apartment parties with friends in college and never want to the big frat/sorority stuff. It's a lot more fun to socialize with the right people...

Oh man, a Wellington looks awesome :) you're making me hungry haha. Now I want to go watch Great British Baking Show 😆 My trouble is, I would like to eat stuff like that but then just can't find the energy to make something intricate.. I really just need to find a good bakery lol.

Oh, that's nice! Hello to Tumbleweed too :) <3 that's awesome she got you started on cooking :)

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Welcome back! I wish I'd said that earlier... but I've been going through a lot, too, and am still struggling to get back to the modest level of semi-functionality that I had before. It's not because I didn't miss you! Or that I'm not glad to see you again! <3

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Aw, thanks Pansy!! I missed you too :) and welcome back to you too, then! I am sorry you have been going through a lot too <3 it sure seems like that kind of time for a lot of people I know... I have multiple close friends who've had a lot going on in the last year, too. I hope you are able to get to where you want to soon.

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Not LGB-specific, but this seems relevant to our own struggles: minority group member expresses dissent about postmodernist beliefs popular among the majority group, is punished:

The only non-white member on a 'Rethinking Education' panel has been barred from talking about indoctrination - because her view that white children shouldn't be taught that they're racist would have threatened the 'psychological safety' of other speakers [who are all white]

Just sounds like good old-fashioned racism. :/

The article hasn't been archived yet, unfortunately.,psychological%20safety%E2%80%9D%20of%20other%20speakers