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We have given up diversity of thought on the internet in exchange for convenience. Every single niche thing had its own independently-run forum, now all the discussions are happening on Reddit and Discord. No need to make a new account every time you want to post something, and the centralization makes discovering content outside your bubble easier, but what we're allowed to say online is effectively governed by a much smaller number of people. Reddit has a LONG history of cracking down on communities and members with certain differing views, gender being one of them. They also seem keen on making sure all subreddit moderators hold their views as well. As pointed out on X formerly known as Twitter, it's not because Reddit is concerned with being in advertisers' good graces.

Being on the internet really made me realize just how male centric and male worshipping the world really is.

Yes, but also this is magnified by the fact that the largest online communities have more control than ever before and happen to be run primarily by men who don't care about women. My guess is that the world is slightly less bad than the current landscape of the web makes it appear.

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Even aside from the lamentable online penchant for intolerance and groupthink, I suspect that this might have something to do with how just plain cluelessness about bisexuality is the default: specifically, the assumption that it requires being "50/50", and making no distinction between the sexes. Like, your attraction to them "should" be interchangeable. So when you express that you in fact see them as pretty damn different? HOW VERY DARE YOU. Bad bisexual! You're not following The Rules! Etc. Which is of course idiotic, especially since (from what I can tell) perceiving men and women in a decidedly apples-and-oranges way may well be the norm for us.

Another potential (and related) factor: that bisexuality is often misinterpreted as meaning "sexually indiscriminate", so you must be obligated to lust after the proverbial Anything That Moves. Which makes having any sexual preferences-- or, god forbid, aversions-- unthinkable. Equally moronic, but since biphobia tends to be more the rule than the exception, hardly surprising, unfortunately :(

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The lgbt is just full of men pretending to be women most of the time. So apparently we're just supposed to accept "GiRl DiCk" which is the most disgusting thing ever said btw.

Most majority of leftist groups are not accepting of diversity of thought and critical thinking. They say that diversity is their strength but only in skin color. Which in its own right is racist asf because it infantilizes and subjects people to just be inable to be themselves with all the flaws included.

LGBT doesn't give a shit about bi people either, because it destroys their tran agenda narrative. Anyone no matter which gender or race is allowed to have preferences and decide who they wanna fuck.

I literally do not understand the shame people do on others for this simple fact. It's our bodies and choices on who we want sleep with and find attractive.