When is the 403 error gonna be fixed!? by AwakenedAntinatalist in AskSaidIt

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Wtf!? That's lame. Guess it's not surprising....this site has been going downhill I suppose. Jesus Christ can't even post a basic reply without having to reload this site.

I'm a bi women that leans much more towards women. I was banned from lgbt ainbow and actuallesbians subreddits within a day. Anyone experience something similar?? by Newbie27 in LGB

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The lgbt is just full of men pretending to be women most of the time. So apparently we're just supposed to accept "GiRl DiCk" which is the most disgusting thing ever said btw.

Most majority of leftist groups are not accepting of diversity of thought and critical thinking. They say that diversity is their strength but only in skin color. Which in its own right is racist asf because it infantilizes and subjects people to just be inable to be themselves with all the flaws included.

LGBT doesn't give a shit about bi people either, because it destroys their tran agenda narrative. Anyone no matter which gender or race is allowed to have preferences and decide who they wanna fuck.

I literally do not understand the shame people do on others for this simple fact. It's our bodies and choices on who we want sleep with and find attractive.

Are there any other *actual* intelligent people on Saidit? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Nope I just got here. I haven't been able to post a lot here because obviously I'm busy irl. But I agree. I don't cater to either sides nuttery. Both are the same losers with the same issues as the other. I'm sick of it.

I have beliefs that are the type to get me hated from both sides. I'm pro abortion which would get me hated from the alt right, and I'm pro gun which gets me hated from the left. I'm one of those few people that believe everyone has a right to decide what they'll do with their bodies and their freedom.

I'm absolutely anti trans. I don't give two fucks if people are gay, bi, straight. However the T has nothing to do with sexuality at all and is just a bunch of pedophile freaks latching onto these activist groups for attention. Not only that, they know they can't thrive on their own which is why they're included in the LGB making it LGBTQA and whatever other bullshit.

It's the main reason I refuse to support LGBT. All leftist groups such as Feminism, BLM, LGBT, etc. Are all shit. Look I'm glad we're moving away from religion but I'm pissed we eneded up in another delusional world where we have to accept men can be women now.

Also Covid was a scamdemic. It proved just how fucking retarded the human race was, and how hypocritical every single human being was.

But yea...you're not alone. It just sucks that there's barely any place to talk about this kind of thing.

"No actual intelligent person in modern society can call themselves a Conservative or Liberal. If you call yourself either one, you're likely an idiot." Agree or Disagree? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Yea I do. Both sides are hypocritical idiots. All the people wanna be pro choice for abortion but force jabbed for everyone!?

The alt right and extreme left are no different.

"No actual intelligent person in modern society can call themselves a Conservative or Liberal. If you call yourself either one, you're likely an idiot." Agree or Disagree? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Personally I don't align myself with either. I prefer to have my own independent thoughts and beliefs. I'm pro abortion, anti vegan, pro gun, anti trans, pro freedom, etc. Etc.

Both sides are hypocritical idiots that are the coin of issues. Also being vegan doesn't make you moral. Life is suffering im general animals eat animals.

There's also no such thing as transitioning. There's only male and female. Period.

Reddit is such shit its ridiculous. by AwakenedAntinatalist in RedditCensors

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Dude, that's like...all of reddit. You also can't join any sub that isn't infected with jannies.

It is astonishing that there is a significant number of people out there that are this stupid. They simply cannot understand that the "vaccine" caused them permanent damage. by Thinger in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's because most people are in fact that brainwashed and dumb. Let's be real.....how many of these people believe men can be women and vice versa? Everyone is too cowardly to think for themselves. Everyone wants to be told what to do, and what to think. Everyone wants a badge to say they're heros without putting in any work for themselves or others.

Fuck the sheeple. 1984 has just begun and yet we're still blind to it.

Reddit bans getting more shrill by the day by xoenix in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Reddit is just run by the same asshole mods. It's going to go under soon anyway.

Also whoever wrote this as a ban message is fucking mental asf. It's no wonder these pathetic people are stuck on the internet, because who the fuck would even deal with such a weirdo like this irl.

You'll get permabanned for talking against tranny freaks on Reddit. by AwakenedAntinatalist in RedditCensors

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LMFAO! No I've always known this. I was just making an obvious statement.

I'm proud of this one. Banned from a left-wing sub and a right-wing sub with a single comment. by RedditButt in RedditCensors

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As you should be. Reddit is just shit. It's been shit for too many years. I was banned because I questioned their insanity regarding LGBT, BLM, Feminism, Etc.