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It's almost like they don't like white people or something

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Disabled queer trans poor female immigrant... of color? At least you're not white! 🤡

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Yeah, only in an mental SJW brain would you think a wealthy black man is somehow more disadvantaged than literally every white person.

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"Ukrainian and white? You're still white. You will always have white privilege."

See where this can lead to?

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Ukrainian and white? You're still Russian.

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    I am Slavic and immigrant in Lat Am. This is what people do here. You're white, means you're German - or something comparable.

    I tried to explain the exploitations German aristocracy did on my people because obviously nobody can know the history here. I found out that people don't actually believe that all white people are rich and privileged, or at least they don't care. They just get a kick out of being able to bully a white person.

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    i love being white

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    I sexually identify as a Black lesbian dwarf - and I'm still white.

    Oh, the horror.

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    You've found a loophole!

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    That's the problem with the progressive stack and the idea of intersectionality. In my mind, "intersectionality" should basically mean "don't assume you know someone's life story because of any of their specific characteristics."

    In the grand scheme of things, Will Smith is better off than a white single father living on food stamps, and intersectionality explains that just fine. Will might experience discrimination because of his skin color, but the white man doesn't have Will's financial security, so don't assume that just because someone is white means that everything goes great for them and just because someone is black means that nothing goes well for them.

    It's when people don't have a firm grasp on the concept and still decide to weaponize it that really irks me. Okay, yes, the core message of the tweet is "you still have white privilege even if you're [some other minority as well]" which is technically true if we're looking at things through the lens of intersectionality, but it's obvious that this person is using the concept to mean, "It doesn't matter what else, if you're white, you're bad."

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    That is because crt and Frankfurt school social theory were created by jews to destroy Whites and European civilisation. There was never any desire for equality, only white erasure.

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    Well I guess we're naturally beautiful, right back atcha buckaroo.

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    To me, 'privilege' as I've always understood it, is something you can earn or attain, and by that same token, lose.

    But when you ask these people to elaborate, all they give you is 'X, Y and Z doesn't happen to white people'. Which to me isn't a privilege because it's not something I can attain or lose. It's merely the innate result of being part of a majority demographic.

    White people living in America/Europe/Australia/etc. have the same 'privilege' as Asian people living in China/Japan/Korea/etc. Yet you never see people talking about Asian privilege.

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    How 'bout Latino and white? As so many people from Spanish/Portuguese-speaking countries (and their descendants) are? No, no-- they're all "POC"! Even the pale, blonde ones! Even if they themselves identify as white! Latino = brown IT'S THE LAW

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    Yeah according to them, Spaniards, Portuguese, Peninsulars, Espomolo (7/8 Euro 1/8 Indigenous American), Castizoes (3/4 Euro 1/4 Indigenous American) and Harnizoes (2/3 Euro 1/3 Indigenous American) are all "oppressed brown people". They even think the same with some Arabs and South Asians, like the Syrians and even the Indo-Aryans. Occasionally, they think that with Jews, and I'm sorry, but are you going to think that Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews and even some Mizrahi Jews are "POC"? Yeah I don't think so.

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    Funny how white is socially constructed just like how black is. It's like at one point loads of my ancestry wasn't even considered "white" because my ancestors weren't "Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant" and now they're trying to say every Arab or Hispanic/Latino or even Jews aren't white. Like the Assyrians (although western Asian, not Arab) are part of the same region as some Arabs are and they're light skinned. And you're going to tell me Espomolos like Ted Cruz, Cameron Diaz, and Marco Rubio are "POC"!? That would be ridiculous! I have some Southern European characteristics, and I know nobody will question me, but since Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Cameron Diaz have surnames of different origin than me they're all of the sudden "POC"!? It makes zero sense.

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    I'm white and disagree, here in north Orange county,ca most people speak spinish. I don't.