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Just dropping a note to say I'm alive... going through a lot IRL right now. Not sure when I will be able to check here. I miss you guys, hope you're all doing well <3

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So glad you are still out there! Hang in there. Looking forward to seeing you back here soon. <3

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I was wondering where you've been, take good care of yourself, and see you when you return!

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I miss you too! But please take whatever time you need for yourself. Hope to see you back here feeling stronger and more TERF-y then ever! <3

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Hi! Good luck, and stay healthy.

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Lots of major offline events recently in my life (that's why I haven't been yappin' up a storm around here for a change)-- and u/MarkJefferson is here at my house even as I speak to help me deal with them. Yeah, a friendship born on this very sub is now going strong IRL. And that's something I will always be grateful to DTT for, cuz I truly don't know how I'd have gotten through all this without Mark... or this community as a whole <3

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How awesome that you two formed an IRL friendship! Take care of yourself, and we will see you back again when you're ready :)