Free online returns cost retailers millions. Now they want you to pay for it. by TheRealPanzer in Internet

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This annoys me greatly from both angles.

The woman in the article is a cunt. What she's doing is disgusting, both physically and morally.

On the other hand... Amazon et al are absolutely rife with bullshit masquerading as products. There is absolutely zero quality control on the shit peddled. If they expect me to pay to return shoddy merchandise that misled me with bad descriptions or fake reviews, then they better step up their enforcement. Not that this will happen though, just another few billions for Bezos.

Throw that bald fuck feet-first into a woodchipper please.

Should a better question to"What's a woman?"be"What's a female brain"? by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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I've long thought about that transition of the online New Atheist community and how it basically split around 2013 into the Alt-Right flavour and the Alt-Left (a.k.a. TRA/hyperprogressive) wings. Both of which now dominate politics.

Pronouns are a red-herring by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Well, I'd go a step further and say that the mental health focus should be on accepting that you are you, and that categories like "man" and "woman" are biologically derived, not derived from stereotypes or mythical "feelings of gender", and that one can't change sex or gender any more than a human can change into a chimpanzee. But, meeting half way, yes, I'd take even this quantum of sanity over what happens on Twitter, etc.

Pronouns are a red-herring by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Yes. These people are full-on delusional and require constant validation of others. The pronoun thing is just a perfect example. No sane person ever considers demanding how others refer to them when they're not around - what pronouns are for - because they have a healthy acceptance that they are not the center of the universe. is Compromised, Leveraged to Promote Windows and Microsoft Vendor Lock-in Instead of Open Source by TheRealPanzer in Internet

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This isn't the first article I've seen from "" that's batshit insane (see I'm pretty convinced they are quite retarded. Or they're a Hurd enthusiast who really hates everything made by anyone else. Or both.

Only 53 Per Cent of Gen Z Britons Are 'Exclusively Straight' – Stonewall by jacques1102 in TumblrInAction

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That really is the problem - a society overfilling with "sex sells", swipe apps, one-night-stands/friends-with-benefits/hookups, "normalization" of fetishes, etc., has made "sexually promiscuous" the norm and "prude" a dirty word/insult. So anyone who's "prudish" now needs to call themselves "demisexual" and cares about it (which in woke spaces matters), which benefits them in 2 ways: 1, it gets them into the acronym soup, and 2. it renames "prude" into something that's socially acceptable.

It would be absurdist comedy if it wasn't reality.

You Cannot Remove Google-Controlled Web Browsers From Debian by TheRealPanzer in Linux

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Glad to help. I see stupid allegations regarding Debian, I dig into it. And I'm not even getting into the absurdity of them calling Mozilla "Google-controlled" when they're literally the only modern alternative to Google's browser dominance. I really don't get what this author's angle is here, but it's dumb.

You Cannot Remove Google-Controlled Web Browsers From Debian by TheRealPanzer in Linux

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So, first of all, this is a GNOME "bug", not a Debian bug. It is a GNOME metapackage that depends on one of the web browsers (specifically, "gnome-core"; see below), not "Debian" as a whole - you can install other DEs - and Mozilla has nothing to do with it at all.

$ apt source gnome-core [downloads meta-gnome3-3.38+3 on Debian 11] $ cat meta-gnome3-3.38+3/debian/control [...] Package: gnome-core Architecture: linux-any Depends: libatk-adaptor (>= 2.38), at-spi2-core (>= 2.38), [...] firefox-esr (>= 78) | firefox (>= 78) | chromium | chromium-browser | epiphany-browser, [...]

This is done, presumably, because anyone using a desktop in 2022 expects there to be a browser installed, and the GNOME team knows this - the dependency list here is the two biggest and most common (FLOSS) browsers, and GNOMEs own Webkit-based alternative. The ordering there is also why it prompts to install chromium first when removing firefox (or vice versa). And yes, it doesn't happen on servers because you don't (if you're anywhere close to smart) install DEs like GNOME on a server.

If you really want to go browserless though, it's quite trivial to purge these packages out and not break a normal GNOME desktop simply by removing the metapackages as well (see below).

There is one other thing though with a standard "task-gnome-desktop" intall that depends on a browser: LibreOffice's help, which I presume is entirely web based and thus would like to launch a browser as a dependency, but even this can be removed safely and easily (and if you don't, it will just install the Dolphin file manager, which may have web browsing support built in - I'm not sure because I don't use it. I'm simply showing removing this too because otherwise, there's a lot of lines of Dolphin dependencies that make it hard to see the point.)

$ apt remove gnome gnome-core task-gnome-desktop firefox-esr chromium chromium-common chromium-sandbox libreoffice-help-en-us Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done Reading state information... Done The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required: gnome-remote-desktop gvfs-fuse hyphen-en-us libreoffice-help-common libu2f-udev libvncserver1 mythes-en-us node-normalize.css system-config-printer Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them. The following packages will be REMOVED: chromium chromium-common chromium-sandbox firefox-esr gnome gnome-core libreoffice-help-en-us task-gnome-desktop 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 8 to remove and 18 not upgraded. After this operation, 476 MB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

This author here is retarded and is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill for unclear reasons, by heaping blame on random parties (Debian as a project, Mozilla which clearly he doesn't like despite them being the only reasonable alternative to Chrome and its derivatives) instead of the actual "guilty" party (the GNOME team). And I use "bug" at the start and "guilty" here lightly, because as you can see it's trivially easy to work around this with even a cursory knowledge of Debian's dependency system ("apt-cache rdepends" is your friend here).

As to why this doesn't happen on Ubuntu, I can't say, because I don't use Ubuntu. But given that the dependency tree of "task-gnome-desktop" -> "gnome-core" -> a browser is a Debianism, I would presume Ubuntu simply does not have such a metapackage and thus does not try to enforce it. That's not really a dig at Debian or plus for Ubuntu, they simply do things differently in terms of this particular dependency tree. And given how much shady shit Canonical has done, trying to praise them as some noble alternative to Debian (an actual community-driven project) because the author doesn't know what a metapackage is, is laughable at best.

Edit: I completely forgot this gem:

“You could at least ask the user if they want to bring in “epiphany-browser”,” Ryan noted.

It will literally do that if you tell apt to "remove" both firefox(-esr) and chromium-browser, because then it gets down to the 3rd option in the dependency list, which is epiphany. To elaborate on what I said earlier, Debian dependencies are always preferred in order: so firefox-esr > firefox > chromium > chromium-browser > epiphany-browser. To get to the bottom of that tree you have to explicitly tell Apt to "remove" all the options above it, otherwise it will try to be smart and helpful and just install the next best option. Again proving that this person has no clue what they're doing but still feels compelled to cry "wolf!" about it.

21 of 22 students in a University of Southern Maine teacher’s class leave and refuse to return until she is fired, after she said that “there are only two sexes” by loubag1997 in TumblrInAction

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Hopefully all 21 of them are failed and thus, end up nowhere near a classroom in front of impressionable children.

The daily struggles of straight women on Grindr by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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I would also think so, but on the flip side, I'm not sure how many straight guys would deal with the level of lunacy that these people show. I mean there's literally billions of straight women to go for, why bother with these loons.

Installation was not successful. A system error called YouAreAMan prevented a vagina from installing. Please download and run the "Check Your Brain" tool. by BenitoGreen99 in TumblrInAction

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They truly bought wholesale into transhumanism (not related to transsexualism). The idea that the body is just a vessel, that they can eventually go full Borg and stick whatever parts on and off they want. Only they're also complete coomers so they focus primarily on the sex organ aspect of it.

Harvard Tells Students: ‘Using Wrong Pronouns’ Constitutes ‘Abuse’ by cars in TumblrInAction

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There isn't one. I know conservative-types love to rail on this trans shit and other culture war stuff as "far" "leftism", and at this point trying to argue against that is basically futile because there's very very few of us "left but not woke" people left. But the short of it is, this stuff isn't "left" in any economic sense: It got cooped by fedshits and ivory tower PMCs back in, like, the 70's. Ever since then, it's just been blindly attaching itself to whatever is "progressive" but doesn't disrupt the neoliberal status quo. Trans Idpol is just the latest weapon in the toolchest to keep "the left" arguing amongst itself and with other (less liberal/progressive) working-class people to avoid them actually achieving class consciousness or accomplishing anything. Social media amplified this to the point where there really is no "left", just a bunch of "LGBTQIIPXWTF++"s larping as revolutionaries from their basement on Twitchtterbook with absolutely no goal or endgame in sight, who talk a big game about how bad capitalism and how good a revolution would be, while simultaneously being unable to talk to anyone even remotely different than themselves or do any sort of useful labor. At first they were parasites on the left, but at this point, the parasite is the host and I've lost any hope of building any sort of working-class left coalition as long as these freaks hold the banner of "the left".

What is most fluid according to TRA science: orientation, gender or sex? by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Here is the easiest way to make it not confusing.

The current TRA/enby/TQ++ zeitgeist is basically a mix between a notion of a pseudo-religious "soul", and the philosophically idealist notion that reality is shaped by the mind, not vice versa. Note that below I'll just call this philosophical position "idealist" but this doesn't mean what that word normally means (i.e. "optimistic", read the link), and as an aside, this is why they aren't "Marxists" regardless of what they say they believe or what right-wingers say they believe, but that's a whole different discussion (the tl;dr is orthodox Marxism is materialist, not idealist, where reality > ideas/mind; but we all got silenced pretty early, even before the "TERFs").

Here are the key axioms of this belief structure:

  • There is an immutable "soul", whatever you want to call it, inside each person.
  • This soul has a "gender".
  • "Gender", in the context of the soul, is a vague notion based entirely on performative social gender roles and conceptions of what a particular gender "feels like" to them.
  • This "gender feeling" is entirely internal, and cannot be justified to anyone else; it must be taken as absolute truth by others on demand. It is also thus completely malleable.
  • Depending on the person's biological sex, this "gender feeling" either manifests as MtF, FtM, or "I hate both stereotypes so NB".
  • Because of the idealist philosophical bent, this "gender feeling" of the immutable "soul" inside the person is paramount and dominant over reality.
  • Because of the dominance of the "soul's gender feeling" over reality, biological sex is irrelevant; thanks to "modern medical advancements", they can "alter" this (or so they believe vehemently). Thus they "are" the "sex" and/or "gender" their "soul" claims to be.
  • Because, in their conception, this "soul's gender feeling" is paramount over biological sex, therefore all attraction to them must be rooted in this "soul's gender feeling" and not the objective, biological reality of their sex.
  • Due to this subservience of attraction to the "soul's gender feeling" over sex, sexual orientation is defined entirely in terms of the "soul's gender feeling".

Thus, following this progression of axioms, you can see where most of their ideas come from. A MtF attracted to men is "straight", and the male partner is "straight", even if both are biological men. Vice versa for FtM and women. MtF attracted to women is "lesbian" and FtM attracted to men is "gay" and those communities must bend their definitions of sexual orientation to the "soul's gender feeling" definition, or they're denying this philosophical justification and are thus "transphobic" (i.e. not completely and totally acquiescing to whatever the trans person says is correct vis-a-vis their "soul's gender feeling"). "[Biological] sex is a social construct" and "biological X is a TERF talking point" because they literally believe their "soul" is right, not their chromosomes or genitals. And so one and so on.

So, if we have to strictly rank this, it goes like this:

  1. Gender.
  2. Orientation.
  3. Sex.

But in reality it's far more nuanced than a simple ranking. These 3 things both complement and contradict each other at various points in the tree of axioms, and thus "ranking" them doesn't make a whole lot of sense in practice, since you're never going to trip up this construct with an "aha gotchu" moment. The axioms - even when believers refuse to acknowledge that they are axioms - must be attacked instead.

And another aside: this is why the thought-terminating cliches are so prevalent, why "TERFs" (i.e. radfems or less-rad fems that see through some of these axioms as bullshit) and orthodox materialist leftists must be silenced, etc.: because anyone seriously challenging the axioms will cause the entire chain of logic to fall apart. It's also why I think going strictly after "badly behaving" TRAs (i.e. focusing too much on the fetish aspect) also hurts, because that doesn't attack the axioms and question them, and the narrative doesn't change (attacker is dismissed as a "TERF", the "allies" repeat the cliches, the public yawns, etc.). Only by defeating some of the axioms can the house of cards crumble.

Implying the “trans” people who even use their reproductive organs and engage in heterosexual intercourse are real trans people to begin with. by BioEssentialism in TumblrInAction

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Sure, it's real. So is Anorexia. The treatment for Anorexia isn't lipo and nutrient pills; it's therapy to get you to realize that your cognition is fucked up and needs to be fixed.

But somehow trans is different: the body must adapt to the mind, not the other way around. To believe this is true, requires believing in an immutable, gendered "spirit" that is somehow at odds with the physical body. Which is purely religious thinking.

Interview with the groomer or Pronoun nonsense makes things unreadable. by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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I'm a (actual, i.e. not a woketard) leftist, so I hate the idea of the Horseshoe theory a lot, but...

The woke crowd went serious Horseshoe with gender roles, and it's fucking absurd. In less than 10 years we went from the progressive wing saying that gender roles/stereotypes were a bad thing, that we didn't need them, and that you should just do you regardless of your sex (good) to basically saying that it's the gender roles/stereotypes that are somehow innate, and it's your biological sex (characteristics) that should change to match them.

It's like they literally jumped from one end of the horseshoe to the other. From completely anti-sterotype to completely pro-stereotype. In almost real time. And this switch is the only way that Enby, and recent non-"medicalized" trans doctrine makes sense. Because exactly as you say - if the stereotypes of "what makes a woman/man" are removed, the only thing that makes you a man/woman is... your genitals and chromosomes i.e. your biology.

As a GNC man I'll continue to think that, no, being "womanly" in some ways does not mean I should chop my dick off and take estrogen, or that I'm somehow "non-binary" whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean; it means I'm a biological male who isn't particularly interested in the gender stereotypes of "manliness". Not this regressive bullshit that passes for "progressivism" on the modern "left" and which has shit-all to do with economic issues at all.

I Attempted to Create an Inclusive Environment for My Students. It Totally Backfired. by jet199 in TumblrInAction

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In the past two years since George Floyd’s murder, I’ve trained tens of thousands of corporate employees on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism

Oh look a race grifter.

REVEALED: Leading trans health group recommends lowering ages for medical gender transition by shzprm in GenderCritical

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This is what is baffling to me, why would anybody listen to these creeps at first place? How did they get so much power?

The brain worms of blind progressivism.

How pathetic is it that LGBDropTheT is still private? by aHobbitsTale in LGB_Discussions

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It really is pathetic. I joined Saidit specifically because of LGBDropTheT, but without it, most of the site is now nothing but obnoxious right-wingers with their blatant homophobia. The successor communities (including this one) are basically vacant shadows of LGBDTT. All over yet another pathetic jannie squabble and temper tantrum.

"What Is A Woman?" Is Surprisingly Hilarious by saiditting in GenderCritical

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Agreed. As nice as it would have been to have a GC feminist, to be honest, I don't think that hypothetical she would have really helped anything. TRA leftists would still be calling it a conservative pile of trash (because to them, GC feminists = conservatives by the bizarre alchemy that TRAism does to your brain), and conservative viewers would be alienated by the feminism (for better or worse). It did what it set out to do which is put a spotlight on it, and hopefully now we can get some more open GC feminist takes that don't result in abject cancellation in response.

what happened to freedom of association? by Aerozine in TumblrInAction

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Yea this seems like a dumb take. It's not woke to be anti-racist. And CoS has always been anti-racist.

never apologize to these people by Aerozine in TumblrInAction

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Yes there is: he/him. Because that's a man.

OCD and anxiety attack over being followed by someone on tumblr by NerveActive in TumblrInAction

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This is why "terfs" are such a menace/"threat" to them. Their entire identity is wrapped up in a bunch of thought-terminating cliches that fall apart under the slightest scrutiny. "Terfs" put them under scrutiny, so they must be avoided and silenced at all costs.

Oil protesters glue themselves to an oil painting of The Last Supper. Oil paintings in that era is made with linseed and not petrol by GrilledTofu in TumblrInAction

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Oh, absolutely - most of them are comfortable, middle- to upper-middle-class people who have no idea what living in a primitive society would entail. They're delusional.

Oil protesters glue themselves to an oil painting of The Last Supper. Oil paintings in that era is made with linseed and not petrol by GrilledTofu in TumblrInAction

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I got curious when you mentioned transportation being a fraction of global carbon emissions, according to Our World in Data, both industry and building account each for more emissions than transport, and Livestock & Manure account for more than non-road transport combined.

That is indeed precisely what I meant - changing transportation alone would only be a fraction of the total CO2 emissions. It's not negligibly small (IIRC 5-10%?), but it's not the sort of thing that "fixes the environment" alone. The Livestock aspect is why I mention agriculture being one industry that must change, because current farming practices are the single biggest driver of CO2 (and other GHG emissions like methane). I love my beef, but if I have to give it up for the sake of literally saving the planet, small price to pay.

I did have a suspicion EV weren't nearly as clean as commercials made it out to be. Thanks for explaining the environmental costs behind them, I have a suspicion nuclear would be a cleaner source of energy compared to fossil fuels, while it does produce waste this waste can be contained and kept away, compared to the gases produced by fossil fuel which are inevitably released into the atmosphere.

100% yes. Nuclear is, objectively, the cleanest, safest, and most long-term viable energy source we have. The waste being talked about is actually miniscule - on the order of tons per year globally, rather than mega- or giga-tons of CO2. Said waste can be reprocessed to extract more viable fuel leaving mere pounds of actual, dangerous waste. And that waste can be locked in containers and buried in concrete easily. The problem is people have imagined boogeymen in their heads about this entire process, thinking that "nuclear waste" means leaking barrels of green sludge a la the Simpsons and Greenpeace propaganda, rather than what it really is (hard, ceramic materials encased in lead and concrete); or that we should really be worrying about hypothetical "10,000 year in the future" people "digging it up" and being too dumb to know it's radioactive waste, like this is an actual reasonable concern (1, they won't if you put it in a hole, and 2, most of the really dangerous fission products have half-lives on the order of decades, not millennia). The entire push against nuclear that started in the '70's was borne entirely out of irrational fear and ignorance and continues to be promulgated to this day. And that's just one aspect of the nuclear ignorance - there's plenty of other aspects too. Thankfully numerous governments are once again ignoring the loud voices and getting back on track with an actual solution to the climate crisis. And ironically it seems to be conservative governments doing it.

Oil protesters glue themselves to an oil painting of The Last Supper. Oil paintings in that era is made with linseed and not petrol by GrilledTofu in TumblrInAction

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Same with cars. I'm absolutely not against EVs. But untill I can fill them as quickly as I can fill gas one? Fuck that.

The environmental destruction caused by EV manufacture is actually immense too.

Petrol engines are simple to design and build out of materials that are nearly everywhere - steel, rubber, porcelain. But when you use them, you put out CO2, CO, NOx, and various particulates. They are dirty at time of use, which is something people see and hear about constantly.

EVs, on the other hand, are incredibly intensive and dirty to produce. Huge amounts of rare earth minerals are required to produce the various components (2-3x as much as a modern gas vehicle), Lithium for the battery which is mostly mined in poor countries with intensive strip mining, etc. It is clean at time of use though, which makes the people driving them feel warm and fuzzy inside, because they do not have to think about how polluting their production is. And not to mention that, while it is more efficient if you have 1 giant fossil plant making electricity to power 1000 cars, it's still producing emissions regardless - only with clean reliable baseload (nuclear) or well-timed renewables (charging while they are producing) can EVs be a true net zero solution. They just trade one set of problems for another.

On the transportation front, the actual solution for average people is public transit, walkable neighborhoods, and the elimination of single-car dependence for most people. For goods transport, it's electric trucks, bulk hauling (mostly rail), electric or hybrid rail locomotives, and nuclear-powered ships. But, transportation is only a fraction of the total carbon emissions globally; there's several other industries that need to change significantly (agriculture being one, GMOs are a must) to get to net zero.

But all of this interconnected tapestry of causal effects and competing interests is too much for the sort of people who are attracted to Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace, and the like. They see it in simple terms, "do X = save the world", and they - as others have said - take this ignorant oversimplification of reality with the confidence of a religious zealot. They hurt the cause more than they help in nearly every way by galvanizing support against anything they say even when it does happen to be true. They want primitivism - and the horrors that would bring - because that's the simple answer to them, and they don't care how many (poor) people suffer or die to bring it about.

Panphobic by GrilledTofu in TumblrInAction

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The entirety of postmodernist philosophy is infected by them. A who's-who of the most prominent of them signed the "remove French age of consent laws" letter in the 70's.

These philosophies directly influenced Critical studies (using the capital C specifically there), of which queer theory is a subset. It's all tinged by those philosophical roots and only maintains whatever facade allows them to be taken seriously.

[No Shit]Man who had genitals removed says he made 'the biggest mistake of his life' by t_deaf in TumblrInAction

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See user/LorfoftheFlies comment above. You cannot blame all of the doctors. Speaking out against this, not acquiescing to the insane demands of the trans patients, will literally get them stripped of their medical licenses. All they can do is say "sure, here's the script/surgery appt". It's absurd.

BBC staff taught that there are 150 genders. BBC are supposed to be impartial journalists not activists... by beerghal in TumblrInAction

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*2 sexes, 2 sets of societal stereotypes associated with those sexes, 148 mental illnesses.

Poll on r/polls, redditors are mostly disagreeing with the r/TiA ban. by incorgnito in TumblrInAction

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Well neoliberals aren't "left", that's sort of my point. Americans call them "the left" because they're the "leftmost" right wing party. But they are still absolutely pro-capitalism, and thus not "left". The literal defining feature of leftism is anti-capitalism.

SJWs often are though, and they're a big problem. But it is decidedly neoliberals i.e. the Democratic party apparatus, that is pushing the "Russiagate" narrative to cover up their own abysmal failures of leadership.

Weird vegans, man, I tell you what by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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And the interesting thing about Jains is... they live in the region of the world where most of the things you need to be a vegan grow in abundance. It makes sense that such a society would emerge somewhere where there is the option of doing so.

But yep, for the rest of the world and especially the west, the only way to be a strict vegan is to import the majority of your nutrition from the rest of the world. So it requires the globalized transportation and supply networks that they - often, but not always - decry. Eating a cow we grew a town over is better for the environment than importing 10 different beans from all 4 corners of the globe on container ships, airplains, and trucks, I think.

"Womb-carriers" by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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Because women who hate being women so much they cosplay as men, might get offended that someone is referencing their female anatomy with the word that describes people with that anatomy. But this is not misogyny, not reducing women (whoops, womb-holders!) to their anatomy. Nope, not at all. Apparently this is "progressive".

Poll on r/polls, redditors are mostly disagreeing with the r/TiA ban. by incorgnito in TumblrInAction

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*liberal meme

Actual leftists don't buy the "Evil Russians" BS either (mostly because it's just cold war propaganda regurgitated for the 2020's).

Some LGBTQ+ members upset with ‘progress’ banner replacing rainbow by [deleted] in GetTheTOut

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Yes, many of us are.

Because the Rainbow already included everyone. You know, every color under the sun.

But of course then someone had to add race into it. Then 7 other colors because it wasn't about "representing" everybody, it was about enforcing their "existence" on everyone. And we can't just have a generally-representative thing like a rainbow: no, it must include my group explicitly too.

Then that one person turned it into a wedge which made it 5x uglier than the original pride flag (though to be fair 1/2 as ugly as the 15-color monstrosity stripes), and very clearly articulates the goal of the groups in the wedge: to divide and destroy what pride stood for (you know, gay rights). Not to mention too that this version is not free to use; they demand royalties and are making sick bank off of pushing it everywhere. Just another grifter.

RIP Our Toucans by Hatman in TumblrInAction

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Nah, there was some drama a week or two ago where the head truscum janny got xier non-gendered undergarments in a bunch and set the sub private because it was "too anti-trans" or something. There's a successor at /s/getthetout (not very busy yet though, help change that!).

Rest in peace r/TumblrInAction by lunarstrain in TumblrInAction

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Which is probably the most absurd part because there are plenty of leftists who care more about, you know, class politics than trans bullshit. It's infested and infected every section of "the left" and is, apparently, the only thing that "leftism" stands for at this point. Dissent, for any reason, gets you expelled. This extends through every group from milquetoast liberals all the way down to "hardcore Marxists" in the West (and online).

Guess who's not invited to dinner by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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On the real, are they really just going to spell tribe names with random Greek letters and numbers and pretend that’s totally normal?

To be completely fair - these are the original language transcriptions of their names using a phonetic spelling system (e.g., as opposed to the Anglicized versions afterwards and that we are more familiar with. There's a lot of stupidity about the land acknowledgement thing, but this isn't one of them. A comparison would be calling Russia "Россия" instead of "Russia".

These idiots don't even know what a period is and they think we're "gatekeeping" them just to be mean. What happened to Twitter that people on it can be this stupid? by CleverFoolOfEarth in GenderCritical

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Because "progressive" liberalism lost its mind sometime in the late-2000's/early-2010's and decided that, since gay rights had been "won", they needed a new way to virtue-signal sexual progressivism. This got coupled with gender theory and we get the logical trainwreck that is modern TQ+ ideology.

Or, to quote an earlier comment of mine:

The whole "xenogender" BS was the clearest indication that none of this is about any actual part of their self (in the sense that homosexuality is), but is simply the newest, most fashionable "in" group, a way to be seen and noticed and praised. Everything in progressive circles now must be about "gender" because progressivism thrives on having a defined target, and after gay marriage was won, they needed something new to be "on the right side of history" about. Couple that with a generation of socially inept, terminally online young people who can't form meaningful relationships IRL, and you get this insanity.

what is the issue/difference between ip and by [deleted] in programming

[–]bopomofodojo 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) (and, properly, the whole CIDR range) is for loopback addresses. These addresses are not routeable and are always used for local connections to the same host. (technically, is a wildcard address. How it behaves is system-specific, but on most UNIX-like systems it means "bind on all possible IPs on this host". It isn't actually a valid address, simply used as a placeholder to represent the "bind on everything" notion.

Without going into the pros and cons of writing a custom webserver in C (mostly cons), generally you'd want to support both since they both do different things and different admins will have different uses for them.

What queer means to the people who call themselves queer. They are not like LGB who just wanna live their lives. by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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What q***r means to me

It clearly means you don't know what paragraph breaks are. This is unreadable on a practical level let alone weeding through the pseudo-intellectual/academic drivel.

What queer means to the people who call themselves queer. They are not like LGB who just wanna live their lives. by CleverFoolOfEarth in LGBDropTheT

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But if you ask them questions, you're a hateful jerk who is pestering them and "it's not my job to educate you".

Your Theories on the Neo-Nazi/MRA/Incel/Alt-Right/Fascist to Trans Pipeline? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It's perfectly consistent, because TRA idpol is not "Leftist" in any way. It's a form of hyper-individualist liberalism, which American political discourse has distorted to be "left-wing", when it is nothing but shining glittery lipstick on the pig of neoliberal capitalism.

Thus, they were right-wingers/MRAs/Indels/etc. before, and importantly, they remain so in the vast majority of their beliefs. Except they now claim to be "left-wing" because "LGBTQWTF+ is left-wing". Most of them have not read any leftist theory and, at best, know leftistm from memes made by other such terminally-online liberals-claiming-to-be-leftists, and specifically they see this "post-revolution communism" as a "safe space" for them to do what they want without any realization that this is not what a post-capitalist/socialist society would be (hint: you don't get to be a lowlife "social media influencer" or sit in your parents basement playing fortnight after the revolution comrade, get ready to work).

Gender Math by CleverFoolOfEarth in TumblrInAction

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Complete and utter obsession with how others view them.

I thought we taught kids not to be like that? Or maybe that was just in the Before Times.

More homophobic "sexuality is fluid" stuff by jay-day in LGBDropTheT

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They never, ever bring it up with straight people.

They're slowly trying to get straight people to "accept girldick/manpussy", but most straight people just laugh at them. They have power over the LGB because of the "umbrella", "you're comrades in our struggle too see same acronym" bullshit.

The reason why aliens took us off their radar forever by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Nah I think the scarier thought would be them realizing how technologically advanced we are but socially deformed. Like the Vulcans in Star Trek: Enterprise said:

More homophobic "sexuality is fluid" stuff by jay-day in LGBDropTheT

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I think we're starting to see the fracturing of the multiple "sides" of the TRA movements.

Drug companies want to push physical medical transition, because that makes them money. Incels want to be "the other sex" to access "same-sex relationships" for their twisted reasons. And non-conformists want to just be something else to escape being "cishet". What one group says is completely contradictory to what the other groups want. It's only a matter of time (truscum vs. trucute is only the beginning).

ABG: Always Be Grifting by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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being perceived as the awful, dreaded "neurotypical".

It's like this for all of them.

"Normal" is bad. Everything else flows from this. Cishet = bad, be LGBTPQUDJFKDKJSD+, just make up some xenogender or aromantic-noncommital-poly-bi bullshit if you're not actually gay. White = bad, be some form of "POC". Neurotypical = bad, self-diagnose some sympathy-inducing mental illness (or 5). You can see the pattern. They must be "special" in some way even if that is something which is actively harmful to themselves and society at large.

Can you help me respond to this homophobic question please? by UWUness in LGBDropTheT

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This is a good analogy. Not absolutely everything that evolves for useful reasons is used by every individual every day (or even at all). It's about general trends in an entire species.

I prefer the term "Untitled" by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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mother nature defines it and people observe it and describe it (accurately, ideally).

Reminds me of another thing they deny... six? sax? sox? Something like that.

Xenogenders - What the fuck are these things? by uzispals in TumblrInAction

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The whole "xenogender" BS was the clearest indication that none of this is about any actual part of their self (in the sense that homosexuality is), but is simply the newest, most fashionable "in" group, a way to be seen and noticed and praised. Everything in progressive circles now must be about "gender" because progressivism thrives on having a defined target, and after gay marriage was won, they needed something new to be "on the right side of history" about. Couple that with a generation of socially inept, terminally online young people who can't form meaningful relationships IRL, and you get this insanity.

Literally never happens! by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Exactly, I LOL'd when I first watched that, but that's American leftism's political ignorance on display for you. I like the rest of the series and find it very useful though.

Literally never happens! by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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It's ironic because the author calls "TERFs" right-wingers (lol), but the strategy TRAs use here is a perfect example of a Ship of Theseus argument:

By moving on to talking about "genital preferences", they've already shifted the framing, implicitly, into one where "gay actually means homogenderality, not homosexuality". The implicating being that it's already not about the "genitals" but about the "gender". Thus they talk about "gay men" having PiV sex as a "gay" relationship but that "cis-gays" only wanting dick have "genital preferences".

Just another part of their corruption of language and inability to communicate genuinely about their beliefs, because doing so would reveal the rampant homophobia and sexism, not to mention the numerous nonsequeters and contraditions, of their ideology.

People need to be less uptight about us transing kids into a lifetime of medicalisation (reposted) by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Exactly. And this is also why "just be nice" is such a motte-and-baily for them.

"Some Liberal: Just be nice"... OK, fine, I'll be nice, I like being nice. "Obvious Man in a dress: I'm a woman"... OK, well, I guess saying "sure hun" is "nice", and people want be to be nice, so. "Person with serious delusions: I am not a man, I'm a WOMAN"... OK, well, you're actually not literally a woman... "BIGOT!"... Uh, what about being nice? "Fuck you fascist".

Dave Chappelle to Tour ‘The Closer’ If the Controversial Special Gets Pulled from Netflix by Hannibalboy93 in LGBDropTheT

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Ted Sarandos also told Variety in a separate interview that he "screwed up" with how he handled the situation internally. He suggested that he should have "led with a lot more humanity" in regard to the pain some employees may have felt because of The Closer.

No, Ted, you didn't. You've handled the cry-bullies exactly how they should, and how everyone should handle them: "Shut up".

The implosion of Boston’s Pride Parade is a sign of things to come by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The goal of any organization seeking "justice" should be the eventual demise of that organization!

Exactly, but then the Iron Law of Institutions kicks in and it all goes to hell.

What the hell is .webp? by trident765 in programming

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It took me two whole months to realized WebP is a different thing from WebM. Nope you're right it's entirely stupid, pointless, and a detriment. I'm reminded of

WebM: A good thing, solid replacement to large video files and FLVs. WebP: A worse PNG that exists for some reason.

I am a woman. I am a lesbian. I have a penis… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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That's so heartbreaking, I'm very sorry for your loss. That's exactly how I felt when all the whinging about "life-saving trans surgeries getting postponed" at the start of COVID. Like, fine, you wanna an hero because you can't get your tits or dick chopped off during a fucking pandemic where people are dying alone in isolation wards? Fine, do it. It's complete psychopathic narcissism. They only care about themselves and their "validation" and know that threatening suicide is a very effective technique against morally astute, empathetic people (i.e. most people). "Thankfully" COVID in general (specifically the actions of some groups...) have completely trashed most of my "sympathy gas tank" at this point and I just don't care about whiny entitled people any more.

We're slowly getting closer to them saying there were no LGB people at Stonewall at all by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Why only put focus on that specific time?

It's part of their disordered (not the best term, but bear with me) thinking. Everything is black and white for them. Thus, there must be a single, pivotal start to something, before which there was not that thing, after which there is that thing. For gay rights, that is Stonewall(tm) the First Ever Time(tm) that LGB people fought back. It's the singular point before which was "bad times" and after which are "good times" - full "right-side-of-history"/Whig history bullshit. And thus by inserting the TQ+ into it, it makes them important to that pivotal, critical, formative moment in their thinking.

I'm not sure why they do this, or what causes this specific flawed thinking, but it's a common trend I've seen in a few places.

A woman did it! by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Same with the ChrisChan thing, they're utterly obsessed with pronoun policing, because apparently women committing crimes is good somehow and we need more of them (!?) but also that appeasing the criminal's delusions is more important than anything else.

Everyone has their pronouns on their door by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Can you think of any phenomenon

Not one that doesn't have massive, institutional backing somehow. Which definitely fits this one.

It's definitely a form of mass hysteria being pushed by a small group to get rich ( while also becoming immensely popular with the large swaths of alienated, downtrodden, and pornsick Millennials and Gen-Zers for whom it is simultaneously a large embracing community but also the epitome of disadvantage and oppression, which for wokesters is absolutely critical for social clout. It's a modern secular religion who's appeal is like that of any other trendy phenomenon ("the goths are now the trans kids") and also has social and parasocial benefits for those involved. A perfect storm of profit motive, late capitalist hellscape, and (para)social factors coming together to produce society-wide madness.

I take solace in that, like all such fads, it will die out eventually. But not before destroying thousands of lives.

What is the blue-haired Gríma Wormtongue whispering into Carrie’s ear? Where is the democratic accountability? by Movellon in LGBDropTheT

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I thought this was pretty obvious, like neoliberalism came from Conservative parties (in the UK, US, Canada, etc.) and conservative think-tanks in the 1980's... it was hardly disguised.

I am a woman. I am a lesbian. I have a penis… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Any and all of the "lifesaving" treatments are simply part of the "do what we say or we suicide" gaslighting. Calling them such reaffirms that. It's despicable.

Penis News would like to peak the entire planet by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Matt Bomer might make an good Bond too. His role in White Collar was very much the suave, womanizing playboy who could do action when he needed to. Would be an interesting take on Bond.

As the parent of two vagina owners by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Third option: the mother's obsession with TQ++ pushing her probably-tomboyish daughters towards T coupled with the social contagion when the first one did it and got all the love and attention. It's abuse, but not necessarily those two, though I guess this does count as psychological abuse in some ways.

What the hell is .webp? by trident765 in programming

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Ah, yes, that is annoying. And stupid. Why someone would be distributing static images as webp (instead of just in png) is beyond me... Not an issue with the standard, though, just an idiot designer.

What the hell is .webp? by trident765 in programming

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Who is "they"?

WebP is an objectively better replacement to GIFs for motion images, that requires far less size and provides far greater color accuracy and a higher FPS. It's a modern standard for a modern problem. Why is this annoying and causing grief?

Oh no, not conditional allyship by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Trans people constantly abuse allyship. All the time, non-stop.

Yup. They demand unconditional allyship so they can say whatever they want without question or confrontation. It means they cannot be held accountable for their actions or speech. You see the same thing with BLM, etc. as well, and it's a core component of wokeism. is an initiative supporting FOSS alternatives to systemd by Drewski in Linux

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It is, but don't tell haters that.

Pomosexual comrades, do you stress out when you don't have a label? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Who are you attracted to, that's all the label is supposed to describe, it doesn't need to be this complicated.

But, you see, making "straight" fit into LGB(TQWTFXYZ) is complicated! We need many many new words for it, lest someone realize we're just straights LARPing.

Stop being gay! It's not trendy anymore! by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Sometimes I wonder if terms like "nonmen" developed in order to obscure the claims that gender identity believers are actually saying

Yes, it is. Because it's obviously nonsense to say "not all women have vaginas". They've been saying this for years but it's still nonsense, support is dropping, so now they're flipping to "nonmen" to, I guess, make it more palatable.

Nothing says lesbian sex like… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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And nothing says fetishist like "breeding".

Guy I've started dating is a trans ally by jjdub7 in LGBDropTheT

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As noble as this is, TRA-types usually bring it up constantly and it can be very grating. I guess it depends whether this is happening or not.

GC: Why doesn't passing count? by BasCaptain in GCdebatesQT

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Hoverflies look like bees. Therefore, they are bees.

GC: Do you think it's possible for there to be sex change, "male pregnancy", a third sex, etc, with the use of technology and genetic engineering? by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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You're right, it doesn't. It's still a diamond. An artificial diamond, since those are considered "lower quality" for gemstone purposes. Thus, for this purpose there is a distinction between "artificial" and "natural" that matters. Carat for carat, you get more for a "natural" diamond and thus the distinction is useful. Simply saying" but they're all diamonds" ignores this classification scheme, just as ignoring whether a body part is artificially constructed or not matters. But this is an academic distinction anyways since we're at best decades away from pseudo-genetalia that are actually identical to their natural counterparts, and the vast majority of trans people seem to have no interest in actually going through with radical body-altering surgery. But even then, the distinction would exist between "born" and "made" elements, no matter how subtle. Human-made is still human-made - even in diamonds it's possible to tell (man-made diamonds are "too perfect").

GC: Do you think it's possible for there to be sex change, "male pregnancy", a third sex, etc, with the use of technology and genetic engineering? by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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And edge cases do not invalidate trends or majorities jfc.

GC: Do you think it's possible for there to be sex change, "male pregnancy", a third sex, etc, with the use of technology and genetic engineering? by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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Try selling that artificial diamond as a gemstone and see how far you get...

What does “woke” or “wokeness” mean to you and how would you explain that to an intelligent woke gay friend who you were trying to convince it poses a problem for the gay community? by yousaythosethings in LGBDropTheT

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I'd definite it as a secularized neo-Puritan social movement, based in the United States. The "4th Great Awakening" if you will.

First, I'll get it out of the way - as a Marxist, Marxism has absolutely nothing to do with Wokeness. It's so, so common for people to call it "Neo-Marxism" or other shit. It's not. It's fundamentally a post-modernist philosophy which (should) reject Marxism. Though I will admit it has co-opted a lot of leftist/Marxist rhetoric.

At its core, wokeism is a worldview and philosophical system based on an us-vs-them mentality. It can be compared analogously to just about every similar one throughout history: "we" are the just, moral upholders of decency, morality, and "what is right", everyone else is a demon/evil person actively subverting us.

It makes heavy use of the (bunk) concept of Whig History, thinking that "now" is "the end of history", that "progress" - and specially "social progress" - is a linear, forward moving march from "bad" to "good". "Progressiveism" is a virtue, "conservatism" is a sin. "The right side of history" is quite literally the definition of this thinking.

As I mentioned above, modern Wokeness is based in postmodern philosophy. A key, almost fundamental, tenet of postmodernist philosophical discourse is the rejection of notions of historical narrative and absolute truth (in the sense that, say, the mathematical property "2 + 2 = 4" is "true") and is, in the philosophical sense, incredibly Idealist - that is, positioning mental ideas above physical, material reality. This is why it is contrary to Marxism, which is fundamentally a historical narrative, and materialist philosophy. Think "the mind shapes the world" versus "the world shapes the mind". This is most clearly evident in the context of the Trans debates, since the entire notion of "trans" is built off the idea that the mind has some magical, mystical, metaphysical superiority to the body, and in the idea of "lived experience" trumping statistics, provable fact, etc.

Beyond that, we get things like the Critical theories, specifically Critical Race Theory and Query Gender Theory, which is something that could (and should) have thousands of pages of essay debunking. I don't know it well enough to really speculate. But this has also been included in Wokism.

I mentioned above that it is a "neo-Puritan" movement, because it functions almost entirely like a cult. There are mantras that must be repeated without question, base truths that must be accepted without question, it is "us-versus-them" against the "bad world", leaving results in excommunication and shunning, etc. But it is not centralized; there is no "leadership", it's a broader cultural phenomenon.

It is ultimately driven by activist culture and white guilt. An offshoot of mainstream American Liberalism, it seeks - again in very Christian fashion - to "atone" for the "sins" of the past, especially the sins of "cishet white men". This is the crux of it all - "smashing X" to "dismantle" the "systems" that "oppress minorities". But it is, at best, a surface-level analysis - as liberal analysis often is - and misses many of the most critical structural issues (namely, Capitalism and the relation of workers to property) while simultaneously co-opting its discourse, terminology, and such. Hence "intersectionality", "class reductionist" accusations, etc. It fundamentally cannot, and will not, achieve any actual success in its objectives because it is fighting symptoms rather than diseases, and misdiagnosing the symptoms at that.

Finally one last thought, why it's bad - it's bad because, basically, it is a distraction. It is the perfect tool of the ruling classes (the billionaire class and their political lackeys) to divide working people into ever and ever smaller and isolated groups/"identities", both to sell us things, and to prevent us from unifying in opposition to them. This has been clear since the 1960's and 1970's when the CIA devoted numerous resources to studying and influencing the French postmodernist philosophers, and they have worked to push this ideology in academia for decades. Now it is leaking into the "real world" due to a generation or two being raised on it and the rise of social media allowing its ideas to spread like a virus.

The plight of a lesbian gay boy by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Literally cult thinking.

Cis people cannot be trusted with any leeway by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Tells you everything you need to know about their political literacy for one (hint: it's precisely zero, or maybe negative).

Cis people cannot be trusted with any leeway by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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But yet if you bring up these psychopaths as examples against the TRAs, they claim that they are.

They give the right-wing far too much credit for creativity. Poe's law on this front has been shattered in the opposite direction.

Cis people cannot be trusted with any leeway by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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To be a little fair to the SJW', Critical theories don't make any sense even if you study them in depth. I'm pretty convinced that is the point. It always boils down to circular definitions and handwaving.

LGBT...D??? by WildApples in LGBDropTheT

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What is with these people? Why do they feel such a need to claim LGB status to feel special?

It literally is that simple.

Among "progressives", being "part of the LGB[TQWTFZYX] community" is a positive virtue signal. It communicates that they are "good people" who are, not just allies, but actual members of the group. Thus, these straights will try absolutely anything they can to join the community. Now, naturally, since you can't change your sexual orientation, that means somehow making "straight" a part of the LGB[TQWTFXYZ] community. Thus, we get "demisexual": a term that literally means "has a normal, healthy view of sexual relationships". It's maddening.

And we'll keep it up until you give in and say that 2 + 2 actually does equal 5 by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Ominous... what do you mean by "if we get that far"? We definitely have another four years before climate change takes us out.

Climate change, more civil unrest, major natural disasters, could be a number of things - but I am being a bit hyperbolic here ;-)

And we'll keep it up until you give in and say that 2 + 2 actually does equal 5 by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Yea in this case I'm using "liberalism" in the US definition, rather than a leftist definition, for simplicity. I could just say "Democrats", but this affects a lot of the "I'm a leftist" liberals as well.

And we'll keep it up until you give in and say that 2 + 2 actually does equal 5 by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Glad to provide some insight ;-)

I was a young teen when GWB was elected, so I've watched this cycle happen twice now. I'm sure a lot of Xers have seen it thrice. It escalates every time. Post-Biden is gonna be a shitshow and a half, I can't even imagine. If we get that far...

Distractions from the real, actual boogeyman which is going to be very difficult to deal with and require us all to change our lives: climate change.

Precisely. The petro-dollars keep flowing to the billionaire class who are now playing games about leaving Earth while the rest of us boil alive arguing about idpol bullshit.

No girl, it's the opposite: an ideology, and a shit one at that.

Bingo, it's a whole lot of horseshit. All Critical theories are, but they couch themselves in so much impenetrable rhetoric and jargon that you are forced to give Cliff's Notes versions to lay-people, which are then heavily distorted to hide the actual truth (or, lack thereof) of the arguments. Postmodernism was a mistake, and not for the reason Peterson-esque conservatives think.

A well documented trend by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Reality gets in the way of their delusions and fantasies.

And we'll keep it up until you give in and say that 2 + 2 actually does equal 5 by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's because US liberals (and, liberalism in general) have lost their minds since the end of the 1990's.

When GWB was elected, it started a cycle/spiral of "whatever they (conservatives) do, we must oppose on fundamental grounds, because they have ~bad thoughts~ and those bad thoughts are harmful". At first, this was about sensible stuff: LGB rights, environmentalism, anti-war, etc. But then under the Obama years and with the rise of social media, it started to shift. There needs to be new "progress" especially as the former big ones (especially gay marriage) were won. Out of the skeptic/new-Atheist community came SJWism, which quickly evolved into wokism. It's a black-and-white ideology that directly parallels a strange mix of Catholic, Calvanist, and other ultra-protestant thoughts: you are born bad, you have no salvation except by random chance, you must constantly atone for these sins, and you must speak the magic words when prompted to let others know you are a Good Person. Coupled with the dominance of social media, this created a powder keg.

Then the Lord Satan Himself, Donald Trump, somehow won the presidential election of 2016 against the Good and Noble Girlboss Kween Killary Clinton and all hell broke lose. Suddenly, that same energy that was channeled against GWB in the 2000's was amplified a thousand-fold. Absolutely anything he does, says, thinks is good, or promotes is automatically evil heresy. Despite not actually being that nuts compared to the Fundie nutjobs in the Repub party, he was evil incarnate. Cue the SJW shitstorm. I'm pretty convinced that about 90% of genderism is due simply to Gen Z thinking that being "LGBTQWTFZYX" is a counterculture to those "dirty old men Republicans like Trump". Then, pandemic, and he loses 2020 but does his stupid LARP on Capitol Hill, giving the liberals yet another endless boogieman. And now we get Critical Race Theory and similar woke jargon on top of gender jargon. Anything that calls itself "progressive" is immediately latched onto by these liberals because they're "on the right side of history". And gosh darn it this rainbow dildo monkey says he's the new bastion of progressivism which means he must be! Right. Side. Of. History. Dammit. You. Bigot. And let's not even get into the cultural imperialism they impose on the rest of the world with "latinx" and similar crap.

You are on a weird trip, but it's not your fault. They laced our culture with the black acid and we're along for the ride.

Glenn Greenwald is DONE with Queers! ;-) by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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Of all the things, neosexualities drive me the most crazy. Demisexual literally means "normal straight (or possibly gay, but probably straight) person with a healthy view on sexual relationships". If that is part of the LGBTQUVWXYZ community, then the community is meaningless.

Just ribboned campus and now I’m scared. by wokuspokus in GenderCritical

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Not to mention that "transing the gay away" is a serious aspect of MtF transition, and that trans erases GNC men. It affects everyone equally.

I am interested in hearing some perspectives from gender critical feminists on the topic of medical transition treatments for gender dysphoria by MissAnarchist in GCdebatesQT

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Should medical transition for gender dysphoria be allowed? If you believe it should be allowed, why and with what restrictions (if any)?

Yes, for adults, but with hard conditions. Because the facts back up that it is not an effective treatment (does not reduce suicide rates), and constitutes a form of medical self-mutilation, it should be allowed only to adults with sound mind (i.e., one is first getting treatment for all their other inevitable mental health comorbidities, then being put under evaluation for some period of time), should not be covered by any form of socialized medicine (no "free sex changes" or "titty skittles" on anyone else's dime), should not push the person ahead of anyone else in any sort of waiting list (the FtM "but my mastectomy should come before breast cancer patients" bullshit), and should be subject to careful ethical review (no Mermaids or Tavistock pushing it as the first option on anyone without serious ethical committee backlash, e.g. losing medical licenses). I sort of waffle between a hard "no" and this position depending on how egregious the TRA community is acting that week. But the bottom line is, the evidence says it is not helpful, so it should be a last resort and cosmetic procedure. It is not "life-saving" except to the exceptionally delusional who should first be on other treatments. In short, the "truscum" viewpoint with a slightly more critical outlook

What about legal/social transition (i.e. legal documents)?

Social? You do you. Dress up in whatever clothes you want, wear make up, grow a beard, whatever. "Present" how you want. Legal? No. Born a man/woman, always a man/woman; biological sex cannot be changed and your documents should reflect this. The obsession the trans community has with passing at all costs, even down to outright fabricating their medical history (which is the logical endgame of a "legal transition") is delusional and not based in reality, and comes down to outright refusal to accept their biological sex is an immutable, fundamental trait that shapes the mind (not the other way around). This is not to mention the various issues with men "identifying as" women legally which, for all intents and purposes, entirely strips sex-based protections away. For identification purposes, post-transition, it might be worthwhile to have a driver's license or similar reflect the current reality, but stuff like rewriting birth certificates or adjusting medical charts with fake information, no.

Also any other input that may help clarify your perspective

The trans movement is glorified self-mutilation. In the same vein as tattoos, body piercing, grafting, etc. In fact I put it on par with "cut off my healthy arm due to limb dysphoria" and anorexia in terms of level of mental unwellness. The only reason it is considered at all socially and medically acceptable is the push by the TRA lobby, on the backs of the LGB community's extremely long and hard-fought battle for acceptance, for any concession for "trans" people whatsoever under the guise of faux "progressivism", because of the mantra "well we were wrong in calling gay people insane, what if we're wrong about this one too?" We're not. Being gay does not have a 95% comorbidity with 1 or (and often) more other mental health conditions that need treatment instead. It does not demand that reality subsume to the unstable whims of an individual. It is same-sex attraction, not enforced society-wide delusion.

Trans acceptance will not be complete until forced sex from cis people is legislated by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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YUP, among transwomen that's one of the biggest tells. They just... sound and act like men. That sort of crap was my peak trans moment. Thankfully I haven't had much experience with them outside of a few one-off acquaintances and the Internet; I've actually met more transmen, and they come off the opposite - like "guys" who hadn't been teen boys (and everything that comes with that) and who had a lot of suspiciously... female tastes in various things. As a GNC guy I get it, and it's usually only obvious after knowing, but still, I've definitely noticed a pattern there.

Trans acceptance will not be complete until forced sex from cis people is legislated by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Specifically, because under capitalism, refusing to do work (any work, which under these "sex work is work" definitions now includes sex), results in starvation, homelessness, and death. It is both directly and indirectly coercive, and is thus rape by any reasonable definition.

Trans acceptance will not be complete until forced sex from cis people is legislated by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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And also it's one of the more dehumanizing late-capitalist arguments out there, and the sad part is it's usually made by "leftists" (in big quotes there).

"Well, I live in capitalism and capitalism sucks so selling my body as a camwhore should be legal" like, fuck off - you're reducing one of the last things about your humanity that isn't commodified into, what exactly, some sort of protest? Not only does it ignore the massive suffering in the sex trade by hiding it behind camgirls and OnlyFans "safe, clean 'sex work'", it justifies the very capitalist exploitation that they claim to be against, but only for the sex work. And it also ignores the very notions of "consent" that they claim to push - that any coercive sex is rape, except when it's economic coercion then it's OK, because it's their "free choice", but then in the same breath they'll repeat "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism", because all economic activity has a coercive element of "get money or die starving in a gutter". It's really sad.

Trans acceptance will not be complete until forced sex from cis people is legislated by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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For example, a friend of a friend is a trans woman. In terms of appearance, she passes well, but every time I talk to her, I become aware that I'm talking to someone who used to be a man. It's the things she's interested in and the directions she chooses to take in the conversation. She talks like a guy.

Felt the same way about most trans people I've met. If you talk to them long enough, no matter how well they pass, there come up little things that will always suggest they were socialized as the opposite sex (i.e. their birth sex), be it music choices, phrasing and word choice, the way they talk about other people, etc.

Systemd, a piece of shit you should avoid by [deleted] in Linux

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Yes, they are. They always boil down to three things:

  1. I don't like Lennart Poetering, and thus systemd bad - this is a tradition at this point since the same thing happened with Bonjour and PulseAudio before everyone got with the program. For some reason, though, systemd's hate was stronger and has lasted far longer, I guess because it's his 3rd major "I'm going to make something that actually improves the Linux ecosystem" project and it's the most... integrated, I guess for lack of a better word.

  2. "Something something Unix philosophy" just fucking stop. If you're running your Linux system on a PDP-11 in 1975, sure, talk about this magical "UNIX Philosophy". However, in the real world of 2021, any software worth a damn in the last 20+ years hasn't "followed" it either, including the kernel of the operating system Systemd runs on. Computing has evolved, and no one talked about this when GIMP was big and complex ("You can do everything GIMP does with imagemagick and pipes!" Yea Kyle, if I want to spend 20 years writing scripts to do it, but I have better things to do), or any one of thousands of other programs that have evolved far past the archaic notion of tiny programs and pipes. This philosophy is still useful for some things, but it is not for system management. Shell scripts doing service management is fucking terrible, always has been, and the kludges needed for it to work barely do so. Systemd is better in every way precisely because it says "No this is a task that a full blown program should do so it can keep proper state and track running daemons, input/output, etc.". Most of these masquerade as "technical arguments", but they ultimately circle back to this philosophical decision about what software "should be".

  3. Various things that always boil down to "I don't understand how systemd works/is developed/was designed/how to use it, and therefore it's bad". Stuff like "it's bloated" (no, it's not, it's a tiny program if you turn off all the features at compile time - but most distro maintainers find these features useful and thus turn them on), "it's all one source tree" (so is FreeBSD but no one calls that "bad" for it), "My server X blocks boot or crashes or" read the damn manual and learn how to configure it so it doesn't do that thing. Like #2, most of these also masquerade as "technical arguments", but are ultimately simply a case of not understanding how the software actually works, refusing to learn new things, and then becoming upset that Systemd doesn't work they way they "think" it should (usually, the way SysV and it's myriad of cludges worked), usually because it's solving a problem and took an alternate design path that, when understood, makes perfect sense.

Systemd, a piece of shit you should avoid by [deleted] in Linux

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You know all of these things are configurable, right? Pretty typical of blind systemd haters to not put in any effort to understanding the system before moaning about it.

Oh the pain, the pain: the agony of these dickless losers on /r/askgaybros by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Brigading is any time people disagree with me and there's more of them than me" is the mentality. It's a "gotcha" word to sling to discredit opposing views. Ironically for the sort of people who "hate gatekeeping" they sure like to gatekeep other communities for them ("It must be brigaders no way the majority of people here disagree with me").

Intergenerational Munchausen by Proxy by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I'm fully convinced this gender stuff is some sort of reaction (intentional, unintentional, conscious, unconscious, I don't know) to the gradual wearing away of gender norms in the 90's and 00's. I'm still trying to make heads or tails of the why, but it definitely seems like a societal crackdown on GNC, focusing instead of changing the "gender" part rather than the "roles" part. So instead of "men" and "women" who don't conform to their gender, we have "genderfluid" and others adhering (or, more precisely, not adhering) to strict gender roles. It's completely reactionary, disguised as "more progressive". CRT is the same vis-a-vis "colorblindness".

I know I'm a complete fraud and thats why I need gay men to fuck me and validate my precious identity by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They feel like they've "won", so the mask is falling off.

Facebook groups for TV shows are infested with idiotic TRA liberals promoting TRA garbage by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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It's almost like they can't refrain from posting this shit when least appropriate.

They're narcissists and it's all about attention and sympathy. They'll post anywhere some might support their ~stunning and brave~ sharing of shitty memes. Thus, they post everywhere regardless of how on-topic or appropriate it is.