US adds 500 troops in Germany, despite Trump pledge by pinktalc in whatever

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Russia kinda sus, what's it doing next to all our military bases?

The Corbett Report Removed From YouTube 😱 by Orangutan in politics

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I'm just surprised it took so long. In addition to you can also find his videos on Odysee and Bitchute.

No Jail for Cop Who Admitted He Raped Woman in Patrol Car to Avoid Arrest by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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She didn't consent, did you read the article? Even if she had "consented" to having sex in exchange for not being arrested, it would be a cohersive abuse of authority and fall within the legal definition of rape. Are you seriously defending this officer and saying it's ok for them to not arrest women if they have sex with them?

pihole-antitelemetry - research shows Google collects 20x more data from Android than Apple collects from iOS. Block both using pihole. by Panzerfaust in privacy

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Better to stop the issue at the source and use an Android ROM without Google Play, such as GrapheneOS or LineageOS. pihole is still a useful tool though.

(Satire?) Adorably Naive Optimist Thinks Lockdowns Will End Someday | The Babylon Bee by christnmusicreleases in funny

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They'll 'end', but unless we take a firm stance and say "No more, never again!" they will continue to roll them out at their whim to control us like they are doing in Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia etc.

Spotify has now censored 42 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience by scrubking in censorship

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Joe is the new mainstream media.

my update about kratom and using it to treat alcoholism. by porchmonkey in whatever

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Kratom can be a useful tool, but it is also addictive on it's own. Be sure not to trade one addiction for another.

Cops Looking for White Suspect, Arrest First Innocent Black Man They See by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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Care to qualify that statement?

What the fuck is up with the spam on this site? by mongre in SaidIt

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It really is a shame, but thanks for all your hard work in keeping this community running.

I've found a picture of magnora7. by LarrySwinger2 in funny

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I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.


Takedown Hall of Shame by Panzerfaust in Internet

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