SaidIt Survey: Ban /u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot or keep them around? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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I'm against banning. The pyramid of debate is a good framework for civil discussions, but I don't want to see it used to silence dissenting voices.

What is the most dangerous drug? [Spoiler: it's alcohol!] by TheAmeliaMay in Prohibition

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Yes, I support legalization (but also decriminalization as a stepping stone). Ultimately, the government has no business telling me what I can or cannot put into my own body even if it is something harmful like alcohol or drugs. Murder is different than selling drugs because you are violently taking someone's life against their will, rather than voluntarily selling them a product that could cause them harm. I agree that you could make a strong case for the state's involvement in alcohol distribution being a crime syndicate, I would much rather abolish the ATF / local ABC stores and have things return to the free market.

If you want to live in a authoritarian state where people are given the death penalty for selling drugs to willing buyers, there's always Singapore. I personally couldn't stand to live in a place like that. Government should only exist to protect people's rights, not to be their parents and project their desired morals and beliefs. That's the job of families and local communities.

What is the most dangerous drug? [Spoiler: it's alcohol!] by TheAmeliaMay in Prohibition

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Alcohol is indeed dangerous when used in excess. However, alcohol prohibition was an abject failure the same way drug prohibition is a failure today. It creates crime syndicates, drives problem behavior underground, and keeps addicts from getting help.

Instead of criminalizing alcohol, we should decriminalize all drugs and allow addicts to get help rather than being thrown in jail and stigmatized by society.

Hundreds of white supremacists show up to laud January 6th insurrection by ShalomEveryone in news

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America was founded on a real insurrection. The Jan 6 "insurrection" was mostly a bunch of unarmed people and some agitators / fedboys who were used as a scapegoat to justify the new war on us, the American people, under the banner of "domestic terrorism" and "extremism".

The real terrorists are the rogue intelligence agencies who spy on, assassinate, torture and coerce US and foreign citizens, infringe our constitutional rights, arm terrorist groups overseas, meddle in foreign and domestic elections, among countless other atrocities. The reason so few people showed up to this "protest" is that they saw it for the false flag entrapment scheme that it was. Most of the people there were probably undercover feds as it is. Here's a nice meme to that effect:

Ben Swann's YouTube channel is gone. by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Ben Swann's Channel is still available on Odysee.

Ohio mayor tells ENTIRE school board to resign or 'face child pornography charges' after teachers gave children writing prompt to 'write a sex scene you wouldn't show your mom' by Chipit in news

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Definitely inappropriate and the teachers should face consequences, but it's not child pornography. It seems political and a knee-jerk reaction, the school administrators claim they were unaware of the prompts.

Most influential users of Saidit. by Zapped in AskSaidIt

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I always appreciate /u/HibikiBlack 's posts and comments.

Saidit is compromised. The canary is dead, shadow censorship is in effect. by Canbot in conspiracy

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This is why I always asked him to sign the canary posts with a PGP signature. Sure a key can be compromised but it would at least have offered some authentication.

The Future for the Vaxxed by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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I truly hope these are not the case, have a lot of friends and family who took the jab.

Whopping 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans would quit their job if vaccines are mandated by carn0ld03 in Labor

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I'm not going to quit, they'll have to fire me first.

White House planning to withdraw ATF nominee by [deleted] in politics

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Finally some good news. Hope they don't just replace him with someone worse.

Patient threatened with withdrawal of life-saving surgery unless she gets Covid shot by Drewski in NoNewNormal

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Don't give up your guns.

coins need Zcash(ZEC) by crowszippo in WallStreetBets

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Monero (XMR) is a way better privacy coin as all transactions are private, unlike Zcash where only a small percentage of transactions are 'shielded' or private.

Biden orders declassification of Sept. 11 investigation documents by Drewski in politics

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