Man caught out on lockdown by x0x7 in funny

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Laws are selectively enforced against enemies of the state.

Despite mass unemployment of Americans during the Chinese coronavirus crisis, federal agencies are accelerating the speed at which foreign workers will be imported to the United States to take blue-collar industry jobs. by Chipit in news

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I'm all for states rights over federal, but isn't it states and counties that are locking people down now?

Despite mass unemployment of Americans during the Chinese coronavirus crisis, federal agencies are accelerating the speed at which foreign workers will be imported to the United States to take blue-collar industry jobs. by Chipit in news

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Harvest season is coming and if we don't have people working in the fields tons of produce will be wasted. As fragile as our supply chains are, definitely not something we want. I'm sure if you wanted a job picking produce you could get one pretty easily, but most Americans would rather sit around and collect their unemployment and stimulus checks.

University of California tells students ‘do not’ say ‘Chinese Virus' and 'do not allow' others to say it either by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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It all seems political to me. Talking heads were saying Wuhan Flu and China Virus on TV, then started using it as an attack point against Trump after he used the term and now some even want to rename the Spanish Flu the 1918 Flu.

Second French Study by Dr. Raoult finds Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Helped EVERY PATIENT in Study Group of 80 Minus One (VIDEO) by RickC-137 in news

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I know it's a joke, but seriously wouldn't want those virus covered papers touching my butthole.

Zoom Removes Code That Sends Data to Facebook by Vigte in technology

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If you're concerned about privacy, you shouldn't be using Zoom or other closed source & proprietary software. If you absolutely have to use it for work or school, run it on a laptop just for that purpose, or run it inside a virtual machine.

It's not as polished and it doesn't always handle large groups well, but for smaller conferences Jitsi Meet is an open source program that respects your privacy.

Left and right agree now is the time to ditch the constitution by jamesK_3rd in news

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"All your fellow citizens agree, rights don't matter in an emergency!"

Nah I know some people think this way, but not so many as they would want us to believe.

DC Churches Will Be Closed Through Easter, But The District is Conveniently Scheduled to Reopen First Day of Ramadan by RickC-137 in news

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Nope, but a Remindme bot here would be cool.

Solzhenitsyn was right about the west by Jesus in AlexandrSolzhenitsyn

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Ah, I've read the Gulag Archipelago (must read for everyone imo) but I wasn't familiar with his comments outside that work.

Delivering the commencement address at Harvard University in 1978, he called the United States spiritually weak and mired in vulgar materialism. Americans, he said, speaking in Russian through a translator, suffered from a "decline in courage" and a "lack of manliness." Few were willing to die for their ideals, he said

Agree with him here, probably more valid now than at the time he said it.

He condemned both the United States government and American society for its "hasty" capitulation in the Vietnam War.

Disagree, we never should have been in Vietnam in the first place.

He criticized the country's music as intolerable and attacked its unfettered press, accusing it of violations of privacy

There are plenty of criticisms one could make of our press, "unfettered" is not one that I would have picked.

Solzhenitsyn criticized the 2003 invasion of Iraq and accused the United States of the "occupation" of Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ok Aleksandr, you've redeemed yourself here.

Solzhenitsyn was right about the west by Jesus in AlexandrSolzhenitsyn

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Maybe some context?

AMD Uses DMCA to Mitigate Massive GPU Source Code Leak | TorrentFreak by DeWhoDeWho in AMD

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Coming from an AMD fanboy, poor move AMD. The DMCA was designed by lobbyists for corporate control and this is exactly what they're doing. Hope someone made a backup.

Negative rates come to the US: 1-month and 3-month Treasury bill yields are now negative by Drewski in economics

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10 years seems quite optimistic to me, they've been putting on bandaids for quite some time and I'm not sure they will hold for that long.

We're Living in 12 Monkeys by Vigte in conspiracy

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Cool, looking forward to reading your story. First I've heard of it at least that I remember ;)

I thought of Windup Girl because the plot revolves around literal seeds (GMO and otherwise) and there are bittersweet elements to the story. But yeah, not really related to yours.

We're Living in 12 Monkeys by Vigte in conspiracy

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The title of your story Bittersweet Seeds reminded me of a good book that I read a while back and forgot about until now. Probably completely unrelated, but I thought I'd post anyways.

Paolo Bacigalupi - The Windup Girl

Dr. Ron Paul Gets Flagged As “Fake News” For Sharing His Opinion About Coronavirus by RickC-137 in politics

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Steemit was taken over by Tron, and they are censoring a lot of posts now. The community has forked to create Hive (info / front page) but it is still in the early stages.

Here Come the Bailouts, Starting With the Airlines by dcjogger in news

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Forced quarantines & mandatory business shutdowns ≠ the free market.

Jury Duty Is Cancelled by ManWithABanana in juryduty

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They should accompany this with releasing people being held in jail for nonviolent offenses. I can see this further affecting the Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial (although under the National Defense Authorization Act allowing indefinite detention this right has already been gutted).

/r/PoliticalCompassMemes and /r/WatchRedditDie are confirmed to be the next subs to be banned by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I hope someone is archiving all this stuff. I've watched reddit's decline over the past years so I shouldn't be surprised, but this rapid plunge is crazy to watch.

YouTube Update: Only Certified News Channels Will Be Authorized to Cover the Topic. Video doesn't mention Wuhan virus because that's a trigger word for censorship. I hate this world where tech giants dominate us and decide what we can say. by Chipit in news

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Yeah, don't help the beast by feeding it your content. If you have to watch something on Youtube, you can use Invidious.

Bernie supporter loses it! by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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This isn't news, couldn't you post this on /s/ClownWorld or /s/the_donald instead?

The New Federal EARN IT Act Is a Sneak Attack on Encryption - "It uses the laudable aim of fighting child exploitation to cynically launder law enforcement’s unsuccessful, decades-long effort to undermine strong end-to-end encryption." by magnora7 in technology

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Agreed, we need to fight this tooth and nail. They've been trying to break encryption since the Clipper chip and earlier, always under the guise of stopping child predators, terrorists, and money launderers. Private and encrypted communications are necessary to a free and open society.

Advertisement vs. Reality – The Reddit App (spyware) by Handroid7 in funny

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I'm sure the reddit app is harvesting and selling your data, but when have reddit admins doxxed users?

[Removal Post] This bumper sticker used by Canadian oil field workers triggered leftists so hard they reported it to the RCMP. But the Mounties found that it broke no laws. by DomitiusOfMassilia in KotakuInAction

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It's gross and borderline pedophilia, I wouldn't want to be associated with anyone with a bumper sticker like that. server upgrades are complete by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Everything seems super quick, great job!

YouTube not bound by first amendment by jamesK_3rd in censorship

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I did though, I replied to each of them. I don't think the market is the end all, you didn't address my response at all. My main point was that this government that is violating our rights on a massive scale is not to be trusted with more power to regulate the internet.

YouTube not bound by first amendment by jamesK_3rd in censorship

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For a site like Youtube they shouldn't be able to discriminate against free legal speech because they have captured too much of public discourse and information dissemination to give them that power over us.

Nobody is forced to use Youtube. They haven't captured public discourse, people choose use their services. If you don't like what they're doing, don't use it. Youtube doesn't control how I use my first amendment rights, because I don't use Youtube (or at least, I don't have an account there). There are better, decentralized, and more open alternatives to Youtube and other social media and if you choose not to use them it's on you.

Not sure if you don't believe in any regulation on private business or not. A few questions. Do you think it would be acceptable for telecoms to kick people off or disallow them service because they are known to be conservative or liberal? Imagine not being able to call someone because they're a conservative or liberal. How about Verizon and Comcast not giving you service because of that, so no broadband internet. Would you be okay with ISPs blocking any sites they want including proxies and VPNs? Would you be okay with pharmacies and drug companies denying people their service and products for their political affiliation or views? How about grocery stores? What about a restaurant denying service to people because they're Muslim or black or white?

I only believe in regulation of private businesses if they're violating someone's rights. This means polluting the environment, physically harming someone without provocation, stealing someone's property, that kind of thing. The telecoms industry is a unique bag of worms, because it's a government created monopoly which is not good. In a free market, yeah ISPs should be allowed to deny service to anyone, block sites/VPNs, deny service to anyone. This would be a shitty thing to do though, and people would rightfully boycott their services. Same thing with other industries...people do ban people from their businesses for racial, religious, or other reasons and they rightfully get called out and boycotted for it.

I think you maybe misunderstood, ruling a site like Youtube as a legal public forum would mean they have to allow free legal speech and not discriminate at their choosing with all their political biases. The government would only get involved if they weren't allowing free speech.

This is a nice ideal, but you're expecting the same government (I assume we're talking about the US government) who persecutes whistleblowers, spies on it's own citizens, spreads propaganda, interferes in foreign elections, props up dictators and rebels then turns on them the next week, wants to ban encryption, I could go on and on... we're just going to give them the absolute authority to enforce "free speech" and prevent discrimination online. I don't think so. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the US government is already a behemoth far outside the constraints designed by the founding fathers.

YouTube not bound by first amendment by jamesK_3rd in censorship

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Disagree, a private company or website should be able to host or remove content as they chose. Forcing a site to host content against their will is not a first amendment issue. Even if one has the right intentions (and I suspect many pushing this narrative do not), giving the government control of online discussions and content will not result in more transparency and freedom.

That said, Youtube and other tech companies engaging in censorship absolutely deserve criticism and should be abandoned in favor of free, open and decentralized platforms.

Um - Hello ? (taps mike) by ManWithABanana in Introductions

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Heya, and welcome. I've seen this site grow over the past year that I've been here and it's been a very cool thing to be a part of. Hope you enjoy your stay here also!

SCP Foundation by Drewski in Internet

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Will do, thanks for sharing.

SCP Foundation by Drewski in Internet

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I imagine most avid surfers have visited the foundation at one point or another, but if not... be prepared to lose a few hours.

Bernie before and after by MassTooter in politics

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A bureaucrat stealing your money for war is bad, and a bureaucrat stealing your money to arbitrarily give it to someone else (impartially, wastefully and with way more administrative overhead than the private sector) is also bad. Voluntarily donating and helping those in need is good.

Nico- These Days by hipstercel in music

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Great song from the soundtrack of one of my favorite movies, The Royal Tenenbaums. Here's another song I like that sampled this track: Moow - Let me alone

Reddit is now flagging content it deems as policy breaking. People who upvote this content face having their accounts suspended. Imagine mandating literal thoughtcrime. by Lunaari in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's one thing to control your actions, and another altogether to control your thoughts and behaviors. Kinda how Facebook and Twitter make you self-censor flagged posts instead of just deleting them.

Offensive jokes logged in ‘non-crime’ databases by Vigte in news

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Why don't they just call it what it is, a thought crime database.

We found 6 critical PayPal vulnerabilities – and PayPal punished us for it by zyxzevn in Hacking

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Paypal is an awful company and payment processor.I've had countless issues with them charging my bank account when they shouldn't, randomly deleting cards / bank accounts from my account, and their customer support is awful. Also if you're an activist or content producer with anything even slightly controversial they can freeze your funds, often permanently.

Privacy avengers and Captain Utopia will save you online by Hrusk in Comics

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Are all your friends new accounts with 1 or 2 posts like you?

Don't share your personal info. Use Utopia p2p for online privacy. by Hrusk in conspiracy

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The last thing I want is to let anyone to steal my data. I know I can trust an obscure communications client by an unknown team that is closed source and has never been security audited. Thanks Utopia!

Diabotical Closed Beta is happening next Friday by m68k in ArenaFPS

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Nice, I'm trying not to get too hyped up for this game as some other modern AFPS's have been disappointing. Also a shame it's on Epic Game Store only. Still, I hope it does well and brings a lot of new players to the genre.

Barfines Self Pity Drunken Stream by CCWC in videos

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Could you put this in a dedicated sub, or IP2 or something? I don't really care to see 8 videos of this guy on the main page.