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inb4 "Locked since y'all can't behave."

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Oh it already happened but the Mod resisted.

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Maybe I'm reading that wrong, but it seems like he's poking fun at the guy ree'ing about up votes with the ridiculous edits.

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I concur, the mod was joking.

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From what I understood, the reddit admins didn't like the response (that TIA was banned because of ideology) and tried to get the Mod of the poll to take it down.

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I went through the comments and the psyop is real. They keep painting us as a hate sub, and going as far as calling us Russian bots

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“Russian bots,” like every Leftist meme, is mostly just them piggybacking on a Right-wing meme that really got under their skin (NPCs).

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*liberal meme

Actual leftists don't buy the "Evil Russians" BS either (mostly because it's just cold war propaganda regurgitated for the 2020's).

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I get it. If I were in your shoes I would want to distance myself from the neoliberals and the SJWs too.

But outside of your “true Left” bubble, you all appear more alike than different. So I will continue to use the word Leftist broadly to include all of your factions, unless context demands specificity.

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Well neoliberals aren't "left", that's sort of my point. Americans call them "the left" because they're the "leftmost" right wing party. But they are still absolutely pro-capitalism, and thus not "left". The literal defining feature of leftism is anti-capitalism.

SJWs often are though, and they're a big problem. But it is decidedly neoliberals i.e. the Democratic party apparatus, that is pushing the "Russiagate" narrative to cover up their own abysmal failures of leadership.

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Some people even throwing in the racist claim. I mean, I guess why not. There are way to many people that will just believe those claims because they are terrified of being labeled as such.

There's also this crazy person who believes or is trying to make others believe that TIA users were fabricating posts in order to frame trans people.

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“There is no trans ideology!!”


“There is not a single trans person who has ever said or done anything bad because it’s literally impossible for a minority to be a bad person”

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I just got this reply for pointing out they're lying

Then why got banned? This itself is a prime exampe of a liar. TIA started as a quirky reddit hating tumblr overexaggerating posts then it delved quickly into a shithole of trans hating subreddit with a dash of freedom of speech and anti woke forum. Just because there are minorites there doesn't mean it makes TIA in the right side of the narrative.

About the person you posted, gosh they don't realise how stupid they sound. By saying they don't live their life on a screen, they're admitting that they're ignorant about the crazy side of the internet. It renders their whole argument that the 'fabricated post' moot because they wouldn't be able to tell if it's fabricated in the first place. And then tries to use the card of ignorance to say "i'm superior than you".

Edit: merging posts because I just realised I replied to you twice. Oops.

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Then why got banned?

Well, can't argue with that logic.

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Pick one: 🔘Every trans person who says anything indefensible is an alt-right sockpuppet account! 🔘Being trans is so horrible that no one would ever pretend to be trans for nefarious purposes!

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Gonna say something controversial here - many trans people are fairly "normal" and some of the stuff that gets (or I guess got) posted to TiA was the more extreme fringe views that dont necessarily represent the trans community as a whole. This happens in every group, where you perceive the other side as more extreme than they are.

That is why I liked it though - it called out the toxic parts of trans ideology, and the fact that THAT had enough backlash that it got banned is really telling.

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I can't say I've met many transpeople. But only one of them seemed well adjusted to me. The others I think we're compensating for either traumatic childhoods or were dealing with internalized homophobia or strict beliefs in very restrictive gender rolls.

I think there's basically four or more separate conditions that are currently all pushed on the trans umbrella, and only one of those is really understood, namely disphoria, and the traditional treatment options are only geared towards that.

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The people i know as trans for sure were unfortunately incredibly authotaritan. They're nice until you say something they don't like. And then it becomes a drama so loud it reaches the heavens. I've also met a transperson who puked at looking at the American flag because America bad.

Example: this fellow lied to their parents behind their backs to go overseas. The parents found out (and along with the transness). They love him as a son but cannot approve of his life choice. Because the trust is broken, they cancelled their child's phone plan and insurance.

The reaction? "MY PARENTS ARE AWFUL CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO ME" essentially. Like bruh after all that dishonesty it's the parents ' obligation to keep it? Also this person is in the early 20s so legally an adult.

The actual proper trans people are probably staying very very quiet and therefore i didn't know they're trans. That, or busy being a functional member of society.

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There's also this crazy person

Checked the profile and it's so predictable. New account (1 yo), posts in "fragilewhiteredditor" & Vaush a lot. Posted only 2 days ago: "Cisgenderism has reached an unhealthy state in society". 99.9% is now in an unhealthy state.

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That's crazy. "They disagree with our hard-left extremist bullshit, so they must be Russian bots!!!!11"

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Calling us Russian bots definitely isn’t as far as cheering on the “removal of Fascists”.

Because of course we’re the Fascists, not the people systemically banning (and in many cases wishing death upon) their political opponents. No sir, no Fascist tendencies there.

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Most of those comments are either downvoted or don't really reach over 50. Most of em have people calling out their bullshit too.

Their psyop isn't working all that much, they got outnumbered by the amount of people not happy with the ban,

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LOL fucking losers, get fucked.

2.3k for yes 3.9k for no

As of the time I voted just now.

It seems that in general a lot more people are starting to get tired of this and the bans against free speech are starting to piss people off.

Some gems:

See how they don't ban r/rapefantasies and r/degradingholes ? No action against pedos sending dickpics to teenagers. Well done, Reddit incel brigrade/ admins and mods.

This guy is going to get banned, it has 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 All seeing award.

No, because this is proof that Reddit is guilty of having such an extreme bias that it allows certain people to break the rules with impunity but ban subs because it goes against a current dominating narrative.

I wonder when the change in Reddit happened and how it happened and why can't we get rid of those admins as they're nothing but toxic, unaware extremists.

I don't know about SJiA, but TiA was basically the LibsofTicTok for Reddit in that they posted memes, screengrabs and videos posted by wacky extremists on social media. Lately it has been almost exclusively trans/gender related. I would give examples but apparently talking about it is verboten on Reddit.

In response to being asked what got them banned:

Nothing, really. They just poked fun at social justice warriors and took a stand against leftist extremism in general. Since Reddit's moderators are biased toward the left, they presumably got mad that the people running those subreddits were criticizing their rhetoric, so in typical Reddit moderator fashion, they banned them for not stepping in line and deleted everything without any warning.

Is there a “what?” Option because I’ve never heard of either of those subs

So there are subreddits where you can see people getting chopped in half but these are the ones that get banned

surprising how these get banned when there are way worse subs out there.

There are WAY worse communities. Come on. And in response to this one? Female dating strategies got linked lol

You may disagree with the conservative politics of Social Justice in Action, and I understand that. But banning it is simply an attack on Freedom of Speech and cannot be tolerated.

Reddit is just leftist agenda. You can post hate but only for the opposite political side. I once saw a sub about hating men

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Inb4 it somehow gets unbanned and I deleted my reddit account for nothing lmao

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Nah, those two aren't getting unbanned, they were pretty much the last of the critics of the two things that Reddit's admins and powermods absolutely love, gurlcoque (TiA) and extremist lefty authoritarianism (SJiA).

Their efforts to expose the NPCs' increasing excesses in both areas, and the consequent efforts of normal and sane people to finally start pushing back in any capacity, came too fucking close lately to reaching the userbase that Reddit wants to offer to investors as part of its planned IPO.

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To add, I have no suspicions that users would rather stay here than on reddit. Saidit TiA will grow back to what it was. Reddit has such a control on language that is going to cause it to fail. Saidit is far more open with protection of free-speech so long as its not an attack or unwarranted, etc.

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While the idea of Reddit failing is a nice one, I don't think it'll realistically happen. The people in charge--and by this I mean the money people, not the degenerate powermods and their enabling admins--have too much invested in offering Reddit (and its valuable userbase) in that IPO that they're hungering for.

With Tumblr serving as a warning of what'll happen when the content control purges in the dubious claim of user "safety" get to be too much--they basically set fire to the site in their efforts to purge anything that they deemed kiddie porn (which, undoubtedly, there was some of)--Reddit's ultimate masters will probably start to clamp down on the crazies at some point. Especially if there's a rising level of pushback on any of the various things that the mods and admins have spent the last few years shoving down everyone's collective throat.

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Good to see many sensible posts.

Though it still irks me to see some comments cheering for TIA's closure

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I honestly don't mind the word 'transphobic' anymore. If not defying biological reality makes me transphobic then, with due respect, so be it.

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Interesting side effect, by overusing "transphobic" as a slur to shut down dissenting views and making people weary of the word, they have also unintentionally defanged the word homophobic.

LGBDropTheT were trying to flee the sinking Pride ship. But they shouldn't. Some of you may not have been adults during the 90s when gays were fighting for rights in the US. The same tactics were used then as being used today with trans. The conservatives of this time warned of a "Gay Agenda." "They'll turn our kids gay." "They want to expose children to sexual acts." Ridiculous right? We all laughed at how stupid they were. Stupid and homophobic.

Same fucking shit happening again, but trans this time. And um, looks like the conservatives weren't wrong about the outcome before. Calling them stupid and hateful was always propaganda about shutting down dissent.

I want to see ALL special protections removed. Human rights or bust.

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From that last screenshot:

"SJiA as far as I can tell, could be brutal and extremely bigoted for no reason..."

Lol, no, they just didn't bend over and spread it for the proponents of leftist authoritarian excesses or the increasingly shameless displays of black supremacy.

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Ya I was iffy on that one but the rest of the message is pretty good in it.

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The absolute sanity, my god. How is it possible?

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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

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"This poll was removed for violating Reddit's content policy."

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Not surprised. Did anyone get a look at the results right before it got banned?

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I don't know if it did for real, but I wouldn't be surprised.

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Just checked /r/polls and I’m not seeing it anymore.

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If it did get removed, it's not anymore. The results are 2.6k Yes (36.5%) and 4.5k No (63.5%). I remember it was locked at one point before being unlocked.