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The documentary is good for what it is, and I'm glad it's been made.

Walsh is a conservative religious zealot who does not want to give feminists any credit for their role in this fight, especially as they've been fighting longer and sacrificing much, much more (I don't think Matt Walsh gets many rape threats, and his career isn't at risk). His schtick is that he's fighting on behalf of women because feminists don't want to.

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Agreed, to paraphrase you, I think the substance is entertaining, but from a GC standpoint, Walsh didn't really try to seek out GC feminists to talk about the subject. While the main criticism is obviously that Walsh is a dude and the documentary would have been better if it featured a woman as the interviewer, well, I mean Walsh produced it...

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Not interviewing a GC feminist was the smart thing to do tbh. The insanity is so clear that it really doesn't need any detailed explanation as to why it is batshit wacky. People watching this understand that the ideology is destructive to women without needing an expert on GC feminism to tell them so. He comes off as a "regular" guy and the "experts" he does interview come off as clearly in need of mental help, rendering the "expert" label all but meaningless.

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Agreed. As nice as it would have been to have a GC feminist, to be honest, I don't think that hypothetical she would have really helped anything. TRA leftists would still be calling it a conservative pile of trash (because to them, GC feminists = conservatives by the bizarre alchemy that TRAism does to your brain), and conservative viewers would be alienated by the feminism (for better or worse). It did what it set out to do which is put a spotlight on it, and hopefully now we can get some more open GC feminist takes that don't result in abject cancellation in response.

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As many have poinnted out, the message is terribly undermined by the opening with MAtt's wet dream of boys n blue clothes and girls in pink. And it ends with his wife in the kitchen asking him to open a jar. sigh