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But...but.... identity is fixed by the age of two, and people never change their minds. That's why we're medicalizing kids, right?

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Good point. The fluid argument contradicts the notion that children and even adults are always correct about their gender identity. If it's fluid and therefore changes, chopping off body parts and injecting synthetic hormones might not be the best idea.

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I think we're starting to see the fracturing of the multiple "sides" of the TRA movements.

Drug companies want to push physical medical transition, because that makes them money. Incels want to be "the other sex" to access "same-sex relationships" for their twisted reasons. And non-conformists want to just be something else to escape being "cishet". What one group says is completely contradictory to what the other groups want. It's only a matter of time (truscum vs. trucute is only the beginning).

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Why did the lesbian, bi, and gay communities ever allow this rhetoric???

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Because there are way more people who identify as TQ+ than there are LGB people. It's easy for a subset of people from the majority group (straight people) to talk over us because we are a numerically tiny minority, and an invisible one at that.

I know your question is rhetorical but I do think it's important to keep this in mind.

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Because we needed the support from breeders and they propped the gate open.

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Gross. Homosexuals don't benefit from being told their sexual orientation isn't real. It's quite offensive actually.

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The claim that "sexuality is fluid" is only mentioned when it comes to gay people. They never, ever bring it up with straight people.

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I was just thinking the same thing. It’s never, “Well, Ted, you might find yourself wanting to suck a dick later. Don’t limit yourself.” It’s only every directed at gays and lesbians.

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It might sound crazy, but among people my age in IRL conversations, I actually have heard that message directed at straight people! A few times, I heard the straight person state clearly that they know what they like and just aren't interested in the same sex like that, but support those who do. Other times, I heard the straight person express that they are "openminded" and seem open to the sexual fluidity idea, despite having no same-sex interest.

I don't think it's even remotely as common as TQ-identified people trying to shame and pressure gay people into saying our sexuality is "fluid," but... I really do think that in gen Z and younger, this actually is happening. Then you end up with confused straight people like Helena who think they're bi/gay but aren't. LGB people don't have a monopoly on questioning their sexualities, but many people in gen Z seem to think that if you question you might be X, then you must be X.

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They never, ever bring it up with straight people.

They're slowly trying to get straight people to "accept girldick/manpussy", but most straight people just laugh at them. They have power over the LGB because of the "umbrella", "you're comrades in our struggle too see same acronym" bullshit.

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This is a weird one because I think they're almost right. The problem is they're using three different concepts -- sexual orientation, self-chosen identity, and sexual behavior -- interchangeably. People can absolutely change their behavior and labels over time as they gain life experience and get to know themselves better. But that doesn't mean the orientation itself is different, just how it's understood and presented.

So yes, sexuality (identity and behavior) is fluid. But that doesn't mean sexual orientation is, and lumping it in with the other two things is a very bad idea.

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This accurately represents the way a lot of people cycle through labels as they age- especially the butch lesbian to trans man pipeline. They're mistaking switching labels for changing sexuality- it's a consistent person throughout who can't figure themself out.

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The butch lesbian to trans man pipeline is an extremely harmful idea. Masculine gay women aren't secretly men, women that like "boy" stuff aren't men. That belief should be thrown in the garbage, all it does is hurt vulnerable GNC women. Also you can argue that label, sexuality, and sexual orientation are all different. But that doesn't change the fact that most people see them as the same thing.

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I mean, sexuality sort of changes. You start as a child with no sense of romantic or sexual attraction and then you develop attraction to whatever subset of people as you reach and progress through puberty. But it is infinitely more likely that you will be confused about your attraction than have it actually change. I know that I was in a fake middle school relationship with a girl because I didn't know shit at the time, I was just emulating what I saw adults do and did what I thought was appropriate. I wasn't straight and later turned gay, I just hadn't been able to tell the difference between being good friends with someone and wanting to be in a relationship with them yet.

So later on, when I actually did feel distinct feelings of sexual attraction exclusively toward men, I was able to accurately call myself gay. I'm not sure if anyone ever can change their sexuality or if they can only realize what it is after some level of confusion

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I was very intrigued by boys at school at a young age, even if I didn't realize what that meant. Took me a long time to sort it out, but I don't feel like I changed at all in the process.

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Me too. I can clearly remember having serious attraction to my classmate during elementary school. Like she would touch me and I would get all tingly. Also we kissed (no tongue) in the bathroom and I got so excited. Also I loved women with big boobs and still do, of course LMAO So actually kids not have sexuality idea is bs,

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Well as you said we start out with no real romantic or sexual attraction because we're babies. But developing a sexual orientation isn't the same as changing it. You can't change something you didn't have before. When you see the examples shown in the picture they're describing a gay man suddenly being bisexual and then queer. You don't just wake up one day and say to yourself "well I'm gay/straight now." Although I'm speaking from my own experiences I don't believe attraction is developed purely from during or after puberty because I was only ever attracted to other women before that, though it wasn't sexual just romantic day-dreams, and I knew I never wanted to be with men since I could remember.

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I will say that for long before I knew anything about sex, I did have an odd infatuation with older boys, even if I couldn't recognize it as lust of any kind. But you're right, it's more of an activiation than anything like a change.

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What the hell kind of book is this from?

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The queer catechism.

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I am so done with these punk ass motherfuckers, throw it on the ground and burn it with fire.

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Key word: "identities." Objective sexual orientation (homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, asexual) is fixed. People's knowledge and understanding of their respective sexual orientations-- that knowledge might change over time.

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I like how the conflate people aging into different demographics with changes in gender/sexual identity as if those two processes were equivalent.