Punch gay men if they reject you by artetolife in LGBDropTheT

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"What if a man loses his dick in an accident, or gets rid of all his genitals in surgery? Is he not a man anymore?"

That awkward moment a TRA accidentally goes full turf.

ActualLesbians mods are gutter trash lmao by marmorsymphata in LGBDropTheT

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If a post about 'penis' offends lesbians – banned. If the mere mention of the word 'penis' triggers transbians – most upvoted comment.


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who is female by birth

They always have to add that "by birth" nonsense.

Just as everyone suspected: Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They should have mentioned that Keira Bell is lesbian. It would have been the perfect opportunity, but they never do. They never bring up sexual orientation, no matter how relevant it is. It's not just relevant, but paramount when it comes to children with cross-gender identification.

So many studies on trans people fail to account for sexual orientation. It's like everyone has forgotten that gay people exist & they are hyper aware of trans identities. Even if they are staring all the hallmarks of homosexuality in the face, they still won't see it. Instead, all they'll see is another "egg".

I hope this article is part of a sea of change. It's too bad almost no gay people work at Tavistock anymore, since they seem to be the only ones who care about this issue of transition as conversion therapy.

Why do so many people who identify as transgender also identify as gay? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Most desisters are gay, a majority of detransitioners are gay & many vocal homophobes are gay. In addition to this, being homosexual is a form of gender non-conformity.

Put 2 & 2 together & it's likely that the reason homosexuality is overrepresented in the transgender population, because a substantial number of them are just self-hating gay people.

Philosophy Tube is coming out as a woman. Do heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals & bisexuals in the LGBTQ movement yet? by SnowAssMan in LGBDropTheT

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He is a lot better at "acting" like a man than like a woman

Transgender women exhibit a male-type pattern of criminality: Implications for legislators and policy makers. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Trans people all exhibit gendered behaviours in-line with their socialised gender, rather than their preferred gender.

2-3x the number of women attempt suicide compared to men, likewise trans-men & non-binary people (80% of whom are members of the female sex) are more than twice as likely to attempt suicide than their transgender male counterparts.

Trans-womxyn are overrepresented in media & high positions compared to trans-men – the same exact pattern as gay men vs. lesbians, straight men vs. straight women.

The transgender microcosm has the same SEXism problem as society at large. As always, the male sex is the social majority & the female sex is the social minority. And then they dare to call "prejudice" against trans-womxyn "transmisogyny". Every aspect of womanhood is being appropriated.

Lil Nas X is supergay by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I think practically all celebrities with a Twitter have been called transphobic by a mob of American teenagers. They probably expect to see it at this point. It probably doesn't phase them enough to snap. That's just what Twitter is now. It's like how you expect to wave flies away when you're on a picnic.

Asking People at Pride How Many Genders There Are - Blaire White (Trainwreck) by usehername in LGBDropTheT

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"Masculine & feminine energies" – masculine & feminine. 1, 2. That's 2 genders...

They stop listening after they hear "banning trans...". Banning the male sex from girl's sports.

None of them are sober.

Straight dude here that loves all of you beautiful people: what percentage of Ts are actually Ts vs confused young LGBs that under current social circumstances feel the need to identify as Ts? by ImSuperCerial in LGBDropTheT

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The men? About half. The women? The vast majority are straight. They don't think this discrepancy is at all relevant.

The fact that half of them are exclusively same-sex attracted (practically all of them when only looking at the non-white ones), which is way more than the general population, doesn't phase them. Also almost all the desisters are gay too, who outnumber the ones who don't desist. It's clear as day a phase in gay kids without role models, but the trans cult focuses on the exceptions to hide that fact.

A "trans kid" is more often then not a gay kid.

Step 1: show this image to your local TRA. Step 2: see them struggle to explain it. Have fun :) by Destruction in LGBDropTheT

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They believe (or say they believe) that every lesbian & straight guy who was ever attracted to Elliot Page is now bi. Attraction to a particular sex is a "preference" at best & a "fetish" as worst.

You can't try to reason with them. You can only refuse to comprehend their ideology, completely dismantle their ideology, & monopolise the conversation basing your views on reality.

Several subreddits meant exclusively for lesbians, gay men, feminists and detrans individuals have recently been deemed by the fuckwads over at AHS as ‘transphobic’. What are your thoughts? by Smolders1 in LGBDropTheT

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Feminists (the real ones) should start identifying as witches, that way when anti-feminists start calling women witches for not following their dogma, on hearing themselves they might just attain some self-awareness.

Sexism = the women should do the dishes. Feminism = men or women can do the dishes. Gender ideology = whoever is doing the dishes is a woman. by BEB in GenderCritical

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Except they don't even do the dishes after identifying as a woman. They are only interested in the sexual objectification & decorative parts of femininity, which also requires superficial mockery of female anatomy. After that they resume being what they were all along.

Look at all the mansplainers on Youtube who transition. If anything their mansplaining becomes even more insufferable post-transition.

Gender critical beliefs are now protected by equality law in the UK. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Don't forget Keira Bell's win.

Prominent pioneering transgender activist explains how the T targeted the gay rights movement for infiltration (2015 New York Times interview) by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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TLDR: the epic tale of a man & his undying urge to cross-dress – what a hero.

Lessons in how to "walk like a woman." by JulienMayfair in GenderCritical

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But if they are women how come they walk like men without ever needing to be taught how?

Biden picks Dr. Rachel Levine, transgender woman, as assistant health secretary in historic first by distortedlinds in LGBDropTheT

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Not very "affirming" when all the powerful positions are taken by men who identify as women, & never the women who identify as men. Go home & cook & clean if your femininity is so innate.

"A Transphobe Made A Video About Me!" – Lux responds to Vanessa Vokey's video, sicking his massive audience on her in the process by SnowAssMan in GenderCritical

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Yep, they can't decide whether they want to erase them or appropriate them.

nothing to see her, folks! totally normal people! - from /r/TumblrInAction by Beryl in LGBDropTheT

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I mean, one of them also said, in all caps: "strangle you with your brain". Brain anatomy is also a weak-point of theirs though.

Ellen Page comes out as a trans man named Elliot by LeoneOkada in LGBDropTheT

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Maybe she, I mean "he" can finally get a job, oh wait, that's only the case for trans-womxyn. It's almost as if sex is more significant than self identification.

r/TrueUnpopularOpinion - The WHO removing gender dysmorphia/transsexuality from the mental illness list is a dangerous precedent by yousaythosethings in LGBDropTheT

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"Transgender" is supposedly "the cure" for being gay. Half of them are just gay people. The majority of desisters are gay too.

In some cultures it's mandatory for gay men to transition. As usual, our culture achieves the same ends via propaganda about gay kids making the freedom-choice to go on puberty blockers (going on puberty blockers greatly reduces the desistance rate).

Now this atrocity of a medical institution can go around claiming that it no longer pathologises homosexuality, while doing exactly that, just this time without receiving any kind of backlash.

Another trans widow: Elliot Page and Emma Portner divorcing by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I guess having a lesbian wife wasn't affirming enough. Cult behaviour.

Don’t worry ladies, they’re for lesbian dicks only by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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What would a "transbian bottom" want with a glory hole in the women's... you know what? I don't need to know.

You know what will stop the T? Conservatives. by PatsyStone in LGBDropTheT

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I disagree.

First of all, conservatives in government are more corrupt than liberals, so they have to always side with the moneyed side. The moneyed side in this case is the T, thanks to big pharma & the autogynaephiles (middle-class, white guys).

Secondly, traditionalism prefers transgendered over gay. The T is the pathologising of homosexuality. Why have homophobes like Pat Robertson & Rush Limbaugh supported them? Why is a theocratic, homophobic country like Iran a trans haven?

I think the takeover by the T is in large part because the Overton window has shifted to the right, making liberals right-wing. Since the economy has been in the trash for 13 years now, it's made everyone more conservative. Look at mainstream feminism. It has fully adopted the right-wing mantra: freedom to conform. The pro T crowd are all right-wing who just use different language.

In the past, left & right used to exist. For instance, in the past feminists might say "women should have the freedom to not have to shave". Nowadays they take up the conservative position, while still retaining the feminist formulation: "women should have the freedom to shave" – no right-winger was opposed that "freedom", so who is their new message targeting? Who are they opposing? Answer: left-wingers, feminists.

There is now no difference between liberals & conservatives beyond the superficial. We've been breached. Where they haven't infiltrated, they've appropriated.

GC: Why is there more focus on trans women than trans men? by Genderbender in GCdebatesQT

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Kind of obvious isn't it? Men in women's spaces is the problem. E.g. men's sports, toilets, prisons etc. were already unisex. Anyone can use/join them. It's the female spaces where men aren't allowed. There is actually no such thing as a "men's space", so women using them doesn't affect anyone except themselves. It's for their own good not to use them, not men's.

Also, practically everyone here was on reddit, on feminist subs. We all got expunged &/or our subs banned because some men decided that a movement dedicated to examining & fighting against sexism wasn't affirming their self-identification as "valid women", due to feminist analysis far too often acknowledging the existence of sex – which is the height of transphobia, didn't you know?

I doubt there are any transgender females who want to be in men's prisons lol but the trans-movement, like any movement, is androcentric, which in their topsy-turvy world would probably be called transgynocentric, or something equally ridiculous. So they don't care that changing rights to be based on felt-gender will actually be detrimental to the female members (the vast majority, but clearly a social minority) of their community.

Heck, it's mostly trans men who insist people use terms like "pregnant people" and "menstruators"

Wrong. The pressure is coming from the male ones. They just blame the female ones. The female ones generally keep out of everyone's way. The homosexual ones aren't as hostile either. The main issue are the het male trans – the most dogmatic, obnoxious & relentless ones with the most entitlement & least legitimacy.

Barring the white ones, "transgender people" are just feminine homosexuals in every culture on the damn planet.

Miley Cyrus is being called a transphobe for stating that she thinks breasts are more attractive than balls. So far 2021 makes me want 2020 back. by MezozoicGay in LGBDropTheT

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Yet more evidence that "transphobe" is just a synonym for 'man-hater'.

Transwoman deemed "unquestionably female" in court case against Hobby Lobby; three-judge panel denies that "sex is immutable" - Bloomberg by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Literally sexist. They need to be called trans-men.

Joe Rogan within the last month is speaking out about the transitioning of children. Let's hope the tide is turning. by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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The reason Joe is popular is because he is just the average Joe. He doesn't know more or less than the average person & his opinions aren't extreme in either direction. I think, therefore, that looking at his opinions are an effective way of finding the pulse of the majority.

However, that's not the same as knowing whether the wind is changing. In many ways self-identification ideology is not mainstream, otherwise "gender reveal parties" would be considered some sort of political statement.

Since the 21st century, it's been difficult to make anything completely mainstream. The advent of social media has divided people up into a million niches. So perhaps the expectation that there will ever be a mainstream opinion on this or any other topic again is a futile & anachronistic one.

There is no overlap between the Rogan & trans circles. Only dude-bros seem to be fans of his. Fauxminists are the ones who need convincing.

r/AskGayBros is fully astroturfed by a banned trans hate community - how dare those transphobes refuse to date or fuck women by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Weird how these trans Karens never call gay men "TERFs", it's almost as if "TERF" is a sexist slur.

When there's more men on a lesbian dating site then actual lesbians. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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All the transgender men of colour are gay. Autogynaephilia is only present in Western cultures. It's a middle-class phenomenon. Most POC are not middle-class.

'I'm Not A Gay Man, I Am A Transwoman', Designer Saisha, Formally Swapnil Shinde Comes Out as Transwoman by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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That's how homosexuality manifests itself in most cultures. The culture will re-classify their homosexual population as something other than man or woman. The more traditionalist the culture, the more heteronormative gay relationships have to become. Our heteronormative society has shifted from considering a homosexual's sexual orientation as a defect, to regarding the homosexual's sex as being the defect. Instead of pathologising/converting their sexuality, we are now pathologising/converting their sex.

Why all these heterosexuals are transitioning is a complete mystery to me though, as this latter phenomenon is unique to the West. I'm guessing middle-class cultures are more susceptible to neuroses, which lead to the paraphilia & teen sub-cultures which appropriate gender identity?

Gay men are women uwu by SnowAssMan in LGBDropTheT

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This article was written back in 2008. No one was saying that these findings somehow prove that gay men are actually women. Nowadays similar findings between trans-womxyn & women are used to prove that trans-womxyn are actually women. Their whole bodies are male, every cell has XY chromosomes, but a part of the brain (not the whole brain, most of it is male too) is "female". I don't know how people buy this crap.

I'm a girlfag because... by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Cringe. In the past this would have just been a passing teenage thought that they might write in their diary. Nowadays they pollute social media with it. Nobody cares about you & your identity.

my ex is an emotionally (and sexually) abusive tim and im constantly shamed for talking about my experiences with her because of transphobia, heres a fun example by anonybutch in itsafetish

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Why do I get the feeling it's the ex talking? Especially at "Ex already told me your schedule"

Thank you for your input, Mr. Expert-On-Everyone-Else by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Just another guy who has half-internalised the lie that men & their penises are integral to women's pleasure, bc "dildos are just penises". I say half-internalised, bc he must know that vibrators are far more popular than dildos, meaning he also understands the implications of this information.

But please don’t trigger my dysphoria by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Ugh, just identify as a femboy, then you don't have to have a dysphoria-induced identity crisis every time you trigger your trans uncanny valley.

Trans woman in real life is trying to date me after finding out I'm a lesbian by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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Can't he just bully a straight girl into identifying as bi like the rest of them do?

Too bad your rejection wasn't simply: I'm a lesbian.

nothing to see her, folks! totally normal people! - from /r/TumblrInAction by Beryl in LGBDropTheT

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Once again, they're all straight guys. If the trans movement expunged all the straight people, they'd find a lot more support. That being said, all their major activists are the straight ones.

When your toddler is already smarter than you. by jet199 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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More conclusive evidence that non-binary is not feasible. Either everyone goes by 'they' or nobody does. You can't just abolish gender for certain individuals.

Some trans sanity. I for one, am happy to see. by milknciggies in LGBDropTheT

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Seren D on Twitter is generally very anti-Trans-cult. For anyone who wishes to follow them:


Magdalene Visaggio identifies as a lesbian, which should surprise no one (I had an inkling, so I checked). Time & time again, the most fanatical, dogmatic ones are always the straight guys. They out themselves with their entitled behaviour.

What's the moral difference between a cake shop refusing to make a wedding cake for same-sex couples vs a business refusing to call someone the name and pronoun they want? by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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The cake one is homophobia because it's refusing service to people based on them being gay. If they refused service to people based on them being trans, then it'd be transphobic. Not using someone's preferred pronouns is not equivalent.

Notice how your standards for calling someone "transphobic" are ridiculously low, compared to any other type of accusation of bigotry? GC women often don't use someone's preferred pronouns & they aren't transphobic.

To what degree do "trans camps for kids" function similarly to gay conversion camps? by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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ikr, there is no transgender history. But history of a group is very important in the US, I've noticed. It's interesting to see when they tell the truth & when they revise history completely. Like how Italian Americans proliferated the lie that an Italian discovered America, in order to solidify their legitimacy as American citizens. Or like how white Americans think they were all "pilgrims" escaping "religious persecution", instead of as puritans who had been exiled to the colonies. The make sure to emphasise slavery as being African Americans' only heritage though. It influences everyone's view of a group & the group's view of itself.

If people knew that there is no trans history (just gay history that has been appropriated by trans hysteria) then they'd be more sceptical. Scepticism is deadly to transgender ideology.

"Trans girl attacked at school" - except he is not trans. He is gay! Why are they transing people in the headlines? by Rag3 in LGBDropTheT

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Every "transphobic" attack is an trans-appropriated homophobic one. Ironically, they're misgendering him.

A former actuallesbians mod speaks... comment was removed by censorshipment in GenderCritical

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So the r/actualesbians male mod team are either paedophiles themselves or paedophile-enablers.

If you're a paedophile, apparently you'll have an ally with TRAs, as long as you self-identify as an uwu anime cat girl, or whatever male weeaboos think a woman is.

Just received my first mega ban from a Reddit sub because of My GC views by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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lol OP replied to the "outcasts hating on outcasts" comment with "you mean me?" didn't expect that self-awareness.

[Long] "Why can't you just accept the trans community? We're just trying to live!" by Butterlogs in LGBDropTheT

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the trans movement did a number on the LGB community, probably more so than on women or feminism.

The mental health problems that LGB youth are more susceptible to, have now been transposed to transgender youth, resulting in the pathologising of homosexuality on a scale that hasn't been seen for decades.

The brain scans that were used to measure the biological underpinnings of homosexuality have been re-purposed to prove that they are actually the opposite sex deep down.

The trans movement is a conversion therapy cult.

GLAAD is in trouble for its Accountability Project that had JK Rowling, Abigail Shrier, Jesse Singal down for transphobia. GLAAD now claims the list wasn't fully vetted - then why did you publish it, GLAAD? Intimidation tactics to keep criticism of gender ideology to a minimum? by BEB in LGBDropTheT

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We should probably call it "self-ID ideology", that's more to the point. "Gender" is used in so many different ways, it can mean male/female, or masculine/feminine, & now has been coopted to refer to cross-gender self-identification.

We need to make clear that it's 'self-identification' we take issue with.

Vanessa Vokey's channel was just removed from YouTube by usehername in GenderCritical

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Must be false reporting. There is no way she overstepped the mark when Magdalen Berns' channel was never removed.

That having been said at least 3 of her videos have been removed prior to her channel being removed (the latest stream one, the pronouns one & a Sam Lux exited highlights), & these vids remained removed, so perhaps her channel got 3 strikes.

OKCupid baking their ideology into their platform a great example of problematic dogma in Big Tech by jjdub7 in GenderCritical

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Wow, they are serious about this sexism via erasure business. I'm put in mind of JKR's opponents protests: "No one ever said sex isn't real". They want to erase the definition of female & the word 'feminine', then combine what is leftover into one, so that 'female' can come to mean 'feminine', in order to make the social construct of gender "real" & the reality of sex a social construct that is criminally taboo.

PenisNews takes up the cudgel against traaaaaaaansphoooobic lesbian dating up by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Sex & gender are not the same thing. How does a single SEX space exclude transGENDER people? Stop conflating sex & gender. Educate yourself. A transgender person is someone whose gender & sex are mismatched, therefore a trans-woman's sex is male" – use their language against them. Their "sex vs. gender" BS will always massively backfire.

Grindr even accepts "straight" men (bi-curious & gynandromorphophiles) though too, as well as "trans-womxyn". Why don't they mention all the inconvenient identities that use Grindr?

When there's more men on a lesbian dating site then actual lesbians. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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All the girls in Irreversible Damage are that same demographic: heterosexual, white, middle-class, but they are the female half of the phenomenon. Outside the West transexuals are almost never heterosexual (while in the West most are) & none are binary, since they are not referred to as either men or women. So when some heterosexual binary transgender person tries to tell us their kind have aways existed, it's just a lie.

GC: Can you debunk every one of the arguments Andrew Carter made in this long thread in response to JK Rowling? by [deleted] in GCdebatesQT

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Yep, every time they argue for trans-women to be included in women's single-sex spaces, like sports & prisons they are indirectly saying that sex is not real.

Not only is sex real, but so is the gendered socialisation that accompanies it, which results in the gendered tendencies, behavioural patterns & overall social existence of a person. This is something nobody seems to acknowledge. This said thing is actually: gender. That's right, despite gender & sex being different, everyone's sex & gender are congruent, the only exceptions being some intersex people & people who were brought up female despite being male due to penile ablation or something similar.

Every trans person whose sex was unambiguous to their parents received the gendered socialisation associated with their sex, not their preferred sex, meaning a trans person's sex is congruent with their gender. Their gendered upbringing ensured that.

What is a woman by Houseplant in GCdebatesQT

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You may ask "what is a woman?", but their answer will be to describe femininity (without ever saying 'femininity'). As usual however, their actions speak louder than their words:

Anti-androgens, oestrogen, tucking, 30% getting their testicles removed, facial feminisation surgeries, voice feminisation lessons, "birth sex" (implying it can be changed), Preferred sex, the definition of gender dysphoria: a strong dislike of one's sex &/or strong desire to be the opposite sex, what MtF stands for, "transition" – all this evidence & more clearly communicates that they know what a woman is: an adult human female, not male & not a construct, but based in biology.

They believe that tampering with male anatomy in a biological way in order for it to resemble female anatomy is the transition of sex, from male to female. The reasoning I suppose is "feminised males are women because meh, close enough".

Why on Earth they've chosen to be so vague, idk. Maybe it's to be inclusive of men who only feminise their names, preferred pronouns, hair & dress (only the superficial constructs & none of their biology). The only way to include them is to reduce the definition of 'woman' to 'femininity', which they daren't say aloud.

All (non-circular) definitions are "exclusionary", just as sex is, which is why compensating for sex in speech or action, directly or indirectly is considered bigotry.

What is a woman by Houseplant in GCdebatesQT

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Then there is no reason to distinguish between autogynaephiles & regular straight males.

Sweden Stops Puberty Blockers & Cross-Sex Hormones For Under 16s; Cites "Lack of Evidence" of Long-Term Benefit, "Extensive And Irreversible Undesirable Consequences," & Kiera Bell Decision (English Version is Shown on Left) by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Good. Puberty blockers lower the desistance rate to 2%, while without them it's 88%.

Peer-reviewed research article: Among 139 boys formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria, 88% total desisted, and 64% total were either bisexual or gay. by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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The findings are pretty much the same as past studies have shown. I'm surprised the desistance rate isn't decreasing in the current climate. There are three other such studies that I'm aware of. The one with the lowest estimate of desistance was still over 60%. It was only as low as that because their follow-up age wasn't as high as the studies with higher desistance rates. The higher follow-up age ones had a desistance rate around 88%, just like this one.

Thanks for posting this. Members of the self-ID cult can't be reasoned with though. They'll find some reason to dismiss it, like they don't like Zucker, or something equally stupid like that. Then they'll go back to pointing out that trans-womxyn have gay men's brains, meaning they're all women blah blah blah.

There are around twice as many active non-lesbians as lesbians on r/lesbians (according to the ratings of these two posts) by SnowAssMan in LGBDropTheT

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Oh yeah. I hadn't noticed that. Weird.

Not until we start killing women will trans folk truly be free to be their authentic selves by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Conservative government, but radical leftist feminists are still to blame.

Trans rights activists pretend that the only people who oppose their views are radfems. by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Gender identity is actually determined by socialisation.

What they call 'gender identity', what they call 'gender', what they call 'woman', is actually their cross-gender identification, which is determined by self-identification.

Maybe make this distinction. If we adopted their definitions (or lack thereof) for words over the real ones we'd have to stop believing in 'woman' too.

Vanessa Vokey's video called "Samantha Lux is not a woman" has been removed by Youtube for "harassment & bullying" by SnowAssMan in GenderCritical

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I image it was Lux's half a million fans. If Vanessa contests it she'll likely get it back. Contrapoints' video once got taken down temporarily by the alt-right, I've also had videos taken down before by a number of people who abused the report button, only to have the videos reinstated a week later. Hopefully Vanessa's video will be back.

Men are just more numerous & dedicated to the cause.

GC: Do you genuinely desire to have more trans men in public positions (i.e. acting, politics)? by Genderbender in GCdebatesQT

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You're describing a recent phenomenon which is mainly only occurring in the West, among the middle-classes. Why would you assume that trans-men will always think of themselves as men?

There is a movie from 1999 called Boys Don't Cry about a girl who wants to pass as a man (based on a real person). At the time she was a girl, nowadays we revise history to make her a he. 1999 wasn't that long ago. In just as little time the pendulum could swing right back again. Maybe once the economy is better & people are less into conformity, then we could see a return to gender abolition instead of gender appropriation.

GC: Can you explain why a neopenis/phalloplasty is not a penis? If a man is something with a penis, then if a man removes all of his genitals in surgery, why will he still remain a man after surgery? by GarageCar in GCdebatesQT

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Is a lego piano a piano, or is it lego made to resemble a piano? Say you could make it play music, is it lego shaped like a piano that plays music, or is it literally a piano? The latter would require two jumps in logic. You started out with 'lego' & 'resemblance', then you completely got rid of both of these, now the lego no longer exists & neither does any concept of resemblance. Then, in the second jump you materialised a piano where there is none. The lego didn't disappear & the piano didn't appear. Those two things never happened.

If you're wearing camouflage, are you the jungle? Same logic applies to the restructuring of genitalia.

'Phallus' is the umbrella term for clitoris & penis, so just use that to describe trans-men's genitals, no one else is (I'm not talking about post-surgery genitals here).

Who said a man is "something with a penis"? Gonads & gametes are the point of sex differentiation, everything else is secondary. A man sans genitals is a man sans genitals. You're still a biped after losing a leg. You're just a biped who has lost their leg.

My lesbian friend is now trans and is trying to convince me that I am too by SillyGoose in LGBDropTheT

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I guess responding with "quit misgendering me, sexist homophobe" would be too much?

If the suicide rate is what's concerning them (it usually is the only reason they never question the self-id BS) then they should know that the rate of self-reported attempted suicides among LGB youth is also 40%.

Dysphoric male pervert: “In conclusion, don't call me a man, but I can call you a TERF, uwu” – fuck that double standard. Can we kill this shitty video already? It's biology-critical tyranny by SnowAssMan in GenderCriticalGuys

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Near the end he drones on & on about how awful it is to "misgender" a trans person, referring specifically to a Native American person called Stephanie Yellowhair whose gender is nadleehi, but Contra's cultural imperialist insular ideology Westernises Stephanie's gender to 'woman' instead, thereby misgendering her!

Then with his predatory stare he accuses radical feminists of being the same as conservatives for misgendering trans people, calling them "TERFs". Conservatives call radical feminists "FemiNazis" & "man-haters", which is no different from what Contra is doing.

The whole video is chalked full of hypocritical, misognyistic & weirdly transphobic stuff like this.

Ugh, & his cringey fake voice, pretending it's him being his "real self". Vom!

The Trans Movement Is Not About Rights Anymore - great blog post from Andrew Sullivan by GayBoner in LGBDropTheT

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they always say that detransition is rare & that suicide is common, despite detransition being more common than suicide, even when using the lowest estimate of detransition.

The article says there is no "perfect" solution to transgender athletes – yes, there is: male athletes not competing in women's sports. If "sex & gender are not the same" then sex-segregation is not "misgendering".

QT: Is there such a thing as a man wants to be a woman? + 10 additional questions by SnowAssMan in GCdebatesQT

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Suicide is vanishingly rare, so how can it be used to warrant encouraging transition, but detransition can't be used to warrant encouraging desistance?