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The qt answer as I understand it is dysphoria.

Problem is that dysphoria is, mush like dysmorphia, purely subjective and can not be observed. So someone who is legitimately devastated over being male is indistinguishable from someone who has agp and knows the right lines. The people who are truly depressed and would benefit from transition are being drowned out by louder individuals who aren’t suffering banging on about having a fun sexy girlhood at age 45.

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I thought that was the truscum answer. There are "cis" people with dysphoria too. Dysphoria isn't an identity/demographic. There is no justification to distinguish between people with dysphoria & people without it, likewise there is no justification to group men with dysphoria in with women.

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Yeah it is a very truscum answer, but to be fair the non truscum answers are entirely incomprehensible babble about childhood resentment over toys and a vast sucking need for their identity to be constantly contemplated by others.

Realistically there is no difference between the two men in the OP other than how each man feels. Male is male regardless of presentation or disliking it.

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Especially between drag queen or transvestite and transgender who don't want to take HRT and make surgery?

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There are also some trans-women who don't say they are women, femboys, non-binary people & trans-feminine people who are on HRT.

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Obviously not QT, but I am trans. I feel like this is just a weird gotcha question. I guess there could be trans natal males who just say they are women and don’t do anything to transition, but that still seems usual. Also, males who transition, but don’t have some type of cross-sex identity also seems unusual, so I’m not really sure who is being imagined.

Plus, it’s not like I go through life telling people I’m a woman and I’m not sure if most trans natal males do. It’s just how people group me. That doesn’t mean it’s not how I think of myself even if I’m not actually that, other than socially. Which category of man would I fall into?

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I guess what's wrong with saying there is no necessary difference between a man who says they're a woman and a man who does not say they're a woman?

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It’s not wrong, but it doesn’t seem like an honest way to describe trans people most of the time (like that being the important difference). I guess I’m just tired of low effort gotcha questions.

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I guess if there wasn't such a Olympian amounts of gymnastics to not answer fairly straightforward questions in a fairly straightforward question manner wouldn't really be here?

"No there's Not necessarily any difference between a man who says he's a woman, and a man who doesn't.."

Other person "okay well why should we make any special exceptions for men who say they're woman, then?"

R: "well because some of these men have gone through a whole lot of processes, where they have removed to the best of their ability anything 'male' about them, And will generally do their best to avoid any sex to spaces, as they understand they don't really fit quite well in either of them, but occasionally would like to feel safe using a sex option while that's the only option. Those people have also likely gotten a gender recognition certificate if they're in the UK, or have had their documents changed through a court process if they're in the US, so that's the difference between at least one specific man who says they're a woman, and a man who says they're a man."

And of course we all know that premise is silly, because you have probably been using women's restrooms for some time without problems well before this all exploded.

But I think you get the idea.

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No objective difference. Gender identity is entirely subjective.

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I thought this was a riddle for a second lmao

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No, it's a koan.

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I'm not QT, but I tend to think an "authentic" trans person has dysphoria and is transitioning to alleviate said dysphoria. But if all they do is say they are a woman, then there's nothing I can do with that. They're effectively the same as any other man from my outside perspective.

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Only one is telling the truth.

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Gender identity. And being out as trans.