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Very sad to see that his internalized racism has caused him to fall for the white supremacist construct of sexual dimorphism

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All he says is he likes dick and he got a ton of homophobic abuse for it. He didn't mention trans at all.

But this NEVER happens, of course.

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Called it. I love how unapologetically gay he is!

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Love him. He is an unapologetic gay man. Finally some real pride and a real gay icon.

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I really hope he snaps and just tell these fucks to go fuck themselves. If this shit ends up on the mainstream it would be even better, as it would be a very valuable peaking opportunity to the masses.

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I think he’s more likely to bait and troll them and let them show their arses to the sane world.

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I think practically all celebrities with a Twitter have been called transphobic by a mob of American teenagers. They probably expect to see it at this point. It probably doesn't phase them enough to snap. That's just what Twitter is now. It's like how you expect to wave flies away when you're on a picnic.

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I think practically all celebrities with a Twitter have been called transphobic by a mob of American teenagers.

This by itself says alot, and I mean alot.

A bunch of straight white girls accusing a gay black men of being privileged for daring to not like pussy. Yes, that makes sense.

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Sometimes I feel like we could solve half the problems on the internet by forcing teenagers to get part time jobs so they didn't have time to obsess over dumb shit after school.

Let's top that off by wrapping schools in a faraday cage so none of their phones work while in the building. Just get them off the internet in general.

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"Please please please tell me you mean that just as a clapback and not as internalized transphobia"

💀 Liking Dick automatically makes you a woman y'all. Not homophobic at all.

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Wow. Missed that one. You're totally right. "You must be a woman inside!"

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Some of the replies and quote tweets are even worse.

However, I am willing to bet he thinks some men can become women and some women can become men.

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There’s a long standing acceptance of transwomen among gay men who often times aren’t even clear on the difference between drag queens and transwomen. I believe it comes from a time when transwomen were very much a part of the gay community and bar scene. Most of them back in the day were gay men who fooled themselves or were fooled into thinking they must be women. It’s tragic really because so many of them fucked up their lives getting awful operations and a good percentage killed themselves. I was just the other day reading the sad story of a trans drag queen who was the doorbitch at my favourite club in my youth. He so regretted having that operation but there was nothing to be done so he soldiered on but eventually it got to him and he suicided.

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I would imagine that gay men accepted the trans identifying males who are now called homosexual transexual. What about the kind of trans identifying males who claim to be lesbians?

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They pretty much didn’t exist until cross dressers came out of their closets and started living the dream full time. Having said that I do recall a leather faux-dyke where I live who was trans and created much angst and rage by turning up in fetish gear at the like of Reclaim the Night rallies.

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Thaks for replying.

I am not too familiar with the gay scene. One of my male cousins was gay, but he was much older than me and I realized we were not close enough for me to ask questions about that aspect of his life.

And he did not owe me any answers had I asked.

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They are busy rationalizing:

Some of course realize that this is indeed what he meant at the end of the day:

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Why are they assuming he only means cis dick anyway. You can buy a dick at the store. I like to think of my bottom growth as my dick. T dick yknow? Also bottom surgery exists.

These people view humans a commodity it's just really gross.

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118000 people is significant. There are tons of trans on reddit

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So delusional it hurts.

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These comments:

I would also like to point out that he didn't say "I just like cisgender dick" I know many gay men, both cis and trans who are including dildos and strap-ons and pre-op trans guys' t-dicks when they say they "like dick".

He likes dick! Good for him! Does that include t-dick? Bottom surgery dick? Store-bought dick? Don't know, none of my business.


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He likes dick! Good for him! Does that include t-dick? Bottom surgery dick? Store-bought dick? Don't know, none of my business.

Copium lol

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Look at them kidding themselves that flayed arm flesh is a penis. So fucking delusional.

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But TRAs say they don't pressurize gay people to have sex with them. This never happens. /s

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WTF? Imagine typing this to an openly gay celebrity. They want to convert us more than any conservative.

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Gay man: Dick = 💜!

Trans loons: 😠😠😠

What a clown world. Intense homophobia inside the lgbtabcde... alphabet soup of horror. The homophobes must be dropped.

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translation: "I wish for this gay man I have never met and never will and have zero connection to beyond a parasocial obsession and projection to be raped by a dildo because he said something that didn't explicitly validate my self-image"

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I'd like to add that he's also really fucking hot. Even if he's not really my type.

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Probably another reason they all lose their shit over his comments.

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Peak trans: when being homosexual is transphobic. Tell me again why is the TQ attached to the LGB? #dropthet