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It never has been. Forcing other people to participate in your ideology and self-image has never and will never be a right.

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So direct but so true. Bises!

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they always say that detransition is rare & that suicide is common, despite detransition being more common than suicide, even when using the lowest estimate of detransition.

The article says there is no "perfect" solution to transgender athletes – yes, there is: male athletes not competing in women's sports. If "sex & gender are not the same" then sex-segregation is not "misgendering".

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comments from someone on the left, who really need to wake up:

Russel I Boston, MA Jan. 14

By my rough count, 99% of the comments here seem to be of the sentiment that this newly emerged “affirmative” care model of treating the exploding numbers of gender dysphoric youth is out of control and harming countless children, teens and young adults.

Many of the readers seem to be parents like myself whose children have been suddenly caught up in this ideology with no childhood history of gender incongruence. As a lifelong Democrat and self-professed liberal, my attitudes on this have evolved as I’ve become more and more immersed in the subject, read the studies, consulted with professionals, compared experiences with other parents, and observed and listened to my child’s experience.

I hope the writer, the NYT and the mainstream press in general takes careful note of these reactions to this story and realizes that the larger population of well-educated and left-leaning readers do NOT subscribe to the narrative being pushed so aggressively by the fringe trans-activities and their supporters in the pharmaceutical and plastic surgery industries who are shamelessly profiteering on this medical scandal.

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@Russel I Agreed, the NYT and other 'liberal' press has done a huge disservice in censoring any opinion that doesn't align with the extreme end of trans activists. Over the last couple years I've had comments removed after they reached 'top reader picks' for daring to suggest this was a dangerous trend with young people. If this comment gets published I'll believe NYT is taking a different approach after their damaging extreme stance.

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I could have written your comment myself as I have had the exact same experience. I am meeting more and more parents in this boat as well.

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The maximal inclusion of trans people in society is, to my mind, a moral duty. People with crippling gender dysphoria often suffer terribly and need relief. Protection from discrimination is essential — and is already the law. But that does not mean that biology has ceased to exist; that “trans” is always a stable identity; or that children need no more than affirmation and medical treatment to change sex when they violate gender roles. It does not mean allowing unfair sporting contests; or inviting children to make decisions they simply do not have the capacity to make. To argue this is not hate. It’s just sanity.

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Protection from discrimination is essential — and is already the law. But that does not mean that biology has ceased to exist

Except that's exactly what all the laws TRAs want do: erase biology on a legal level.

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All of the top comments on the referenced The NY Times article are sane and reasonable. In fact I kept scrolling and haven’t found any from TRAs, so of course the comments are closed, to maintain the illusion that the majority of even NY Times readers do not support what the NY Times is selling on gender. It seems like this article was a way of tip-toeing in to acknowledge that. In any case, it is a good sign.

Can anyone with a NY Times subscription post the text or an archived version?

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Can anyone with a NY Times subscription post the text or an archived version?

When you run into this, check / .today by plugging in the article URL as if you want to archive it yourself. Often it's already there. (See my comment.)

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Can't read the whole thing right now but here are the archives to that and the mentioned NYT article: