Saidit, what if we showed who voted on everything? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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it would be like facebook 'likes'. you could see who agrees with you. cliches would form.

Welfare is designed to keep you poor. As soon as you start earning more money, they cut all of your benefits off faster than they are replaced by wages. by magnora7 in politics

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Another line is Disability. So sad that the disabled are discouraged from trying to do anything for economic gain because the fear of losing financial support. Earning a few dollars can build confidence.

Learn from the French! Protesting works. by magnora7 in WorldPolitics

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I've heard it said that in the US, the people fear the government, while in France it't the other way around - the government fears the people.

Are Sloths Low Tier? by magnora7 in videos

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David Attenborough says boo to a sloth:

Although the extremely weak muscles insure that the meat is stringy and there's not much of it, and the moss growing on the fur would make them unappetizing for most predators, so it should get some survival points for that adaptation. Sure they are easy to catch, but why would you want to?

touch-screen disabled when following links by wendolynne in help

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This is a flip laptop, I noticed it when I flipped to tablet mode.

Can VR solve problems caused by social media? by s8cyprks in technology

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There were bullies long before the internet. indeed, throughout history lynching, witch burning, genocide - it's part of the human condition. What's new is the easy public forum. Used to be you had to have access to a printing press or a radio tower to spread your opinions, and generally (but not always) there were social controls preventing the spread of hate-speech by those media. Haters might grumble at the dinner table, or form small clubs to share their hate, but they couldn't put it out there in such a big way. As for VR as an answer - Not everyone will use VR to join the discussion - I'm using a QWERTY keyboard. Not sure what your vision is. By experiencing VR discussion groups, as if you were on a TV talk show? people are going to be nice to each other. Plenty of TV talk shows are not so civil.

touch-screen disabled when following links by wendolynne in help

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As usual, as soon as I report a problem, it cures itself. cannot reproduce at the moment. So I have to say this is intermittent.

Socialism destroys by voter in politics

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The greater the economic divide, the greater the appeal of revolutionary change. When the rich keep getting richer, while schools are crumbling in need of repair, while drinking water is poisoned, while life-sustaining medicine is not affordable, while jobs pay less than a living wage - so long as the damage and inequality is deep and tragic, socialism attracts. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. If you wish to avoid a full-up socialist revolution, tweak your capitalism to end the evil it produces. Capitalism fails when the leaders take the "let them eat cake" attitude, failing to act for the greater good only to line their own pockets. Now what were you saying about pre-existing conditions?

Coke and Kellogg’s among major firms to pledge to cut all plastic waste by useless_aether in environment

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Was it only 50 years ago that food came in glass jars or waxed paper cartons? Pop bottles were filled over and over, not just once? Shouldn't be too hard to get there again.