If you're unvaccinated then you are a risk to the vaccinated... by JasonCarswell in memes

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Logic has nothing to do with these policies anymore. 0%. It's 100% an emotional wedge that has been driven into the population. Feelings have nothing to do with logic or facts. Nothing.

USA is a cult. by [deleted] in conspiracy

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The only way to avoid engaging in any "cult" behavior is to live as a sovereign individual. This is a rare personality type and has never dominated any society, ever.

They Know That We Know. What the reaction to the Waukesha Massacre tells us about the left-wing movement in the United States. If the crowd was the target, there must be a racial or political motivation to the attack. The Waukesha Massacre was either a hate crime or a terrorist attack. Or both. by Chipit in politics

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Unfortunately, there is no example historically of a force such as the current left being stopped without significant social violence. The bar for violence like that is high, as most of us will go a long way to maintain the peace. The left is currently on the path to provoke one hell of a bloodbath in response, however. When the tipping point is reached, they are going to find out the political dominance they are so convinced they enjoy is a myth. Unfortunately, the actual far-right response (of which we see some examples on this site, though not the mainstream) may be equally ugly as the left which it replaces. Moderates will not be invited...

Wisconsin Faked Video — People Lying on the Street as the Red Truck Goes By by hennaojichan in conspiracy

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Looked at only the first few seconds of the video.

A couple of possibilities off the top of my head. Possible it was faked? In these times, I will rule nothing out. But to use this video doesn't convince me of the fake. Even in the short portion I watched, there is a truck and it is driving weaving in a crowd toward people.

People who went down not knocked down by the truck. Two alternate theories that don't require the event to be fake: one, people try to get out of the way quickly and fall; two, people in shock often go down, and what they are witnessing here is highly likely to cause significant mental shock in a crowd.

Not everything's a fake. Could this be faked? Like I said, the world is in a hyper-weird state right now, so I will not claim to be 100% sure of anything. But from what I see of this video, it doesn't convince me that this event was staged. I can very quickly come up with explanations for what he's showing on the video that are consistent with the basic story of a lunatic driving a car into a peaceful holiday celebration.

Scholars explain mysterious disappearance of Delta variant in Japan by StillLessons in propaganda

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If it weren't so serious, this would be comical by now. To those of us with a memory span longer than a week and who listen to sources beyond the officially accepted, this triggers the memory that it was also right around that time - summer into fall, not sure exactly when - that the Japanese Health minister made comments strongly endorsing Ivermectin use for Covid. There is - of course - not a single mention of this in the article. At this point, there are so many of these data points popping up negating the official story while supporting the censored one that it has become ridiculous. We are living in a time when the authorities in the US and Europe are actively choosing the wrong direction on every question they face. The sheer consistency of how it's EVERY choice being made to advantage the few at the huge expense of average citizens makes it very unlikely these are just random accidents. What the hell are they after? Those way out on the fringe have been talking for years about a "population culling event", and crazy as it sounds, that theory actually fits the data better than any other I can think of at this point. They clearly are not worried about either public health or public opinion. Other ideas?

Protesters angry over Rittenhouse acquittal demand communist revolution: 'The only solution is communist revolution!' by Rob3122 in politics

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The destruction of the education system yields its fruit.

Should trans women compete in women's sports? by jet199 in videos

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Biden’s health condition revealed by StillLessons in politics

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A doctor I can cross off the list...

In Wake Of Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict, ACLU Says Authorities In Kenosha Enabled 'White Militia Members' Who Went After Protesters by Rob3122 in politics

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It's stunning how they portray the people on the street last summer as innocents when we all watched flames in various cities for weeks on end. Tribe over truth. Win at all costs. They are seemingly incapable of realizing that this philosophy ends up destroying EVERYONE, forever seeking new enemies until none are left. Pure destructive energy, pretending virtue and ensnaring the simpleminded.

Mob Rule Denied: Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted! ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily by cottoneyejoe in news

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Why so deep in the weeds? The OP for this exchange is Carnate saying "[Rittenhouse] Broke no laws". Saying Rittenhouse is Not Guilty means the jury declares Rittenhouse did not break any of the laws for which he was tried. Our system gives the jury that responsibility. What the jury declares becomes 'fact' insomuch as fact exists. No discussion of the meaning of the law comes into this at all. The interpretation the jury engages in is of Rittenhouse's actions, not the law itself. The jury declared that Rittenhouse broke none of the laws he was accused of breaking.

Mob Rule Denied: Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted! ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily by cottoneyejoe in news

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The entire sentence is the amendment, not little phrases of the sentence.

You make a very interesting point. I've never heard it put this way before, and it does matter. The debate about guns in the hands of citizens is as old as the country itself; the founding fathers disagreed on this as we do. Thus probably the entire sentence represents a way to keep the debate alive. The founders recognized the debate is a valuable one, and came up with a phrasing that gives each side enough to be able to keep them coming to the table. I've never thought of what you say here before. Thanks.

Mob Rule Denied: Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted! ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily by cottoneyejoe in news

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Your reasoning is flawed.

What does a "Not Guilty" verdict mean? According to your logic, it means he is guilty but the jury says they won't convict him.

But "Not Guilty" means exactly what it says. The question put before a jury is: With the evidence the state has that the state says shows the person to have done what he/she is charged with, do you the jury believe the person did what the state says they did? When the jury states "Not Guilty", they are saying that the defendant did not do what the state accuses them of doing. The defendant did not break the law that the state is accusing them of having broken. That is the meaning of "Not Guilty". The person didn't do what they are accused of.

Trying to split hairs the way you are doing flies in the face of what it means to be found not guilty of a charge. A person who is not guilty committed no crime and broke no law. Otherwise the words have no meaning.

Mob Rule Denied: Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted! ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily by cottoneyejoe in news

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I'll start off with an honest question, because I'm curious what you mean. Which "several laws" did he break? If you're talking about the laws for which he just faced trial, he was just acquitted on those charges. Are there other laws you are talking about?

Beyond that, two things where I find your position flagrantly counter reality. "The trial was obviously a farce, by any standard." Three things stick in my mind from this trial:

1) The prosecution trying to use Rittenhouse's silence against him - this is so blatantly against every notion of US justice for the entirety of my lifetime (thousands of movies and true stories include in them "You have the right to remain silent") I see no honest reason for any prosecutor to attempt this line of questioning.

2) The prosecution alters video evidence before giving it to the defence team. Again, there is absolutely no believable justification for this. The prosecution's claim of "we don't know how that happened!" rings ABSOLUTELY false.

3) The prosecutor points a high grade weapon at people in the courtroom. This goes so far beyond reasonable I can't even fathom what the fuck the point of such a stunt would be.

In other words, what I see is a prosecution that was outrageously [ either maliciously or incompetently ] run. The only possible reason I can see that they would have done this is if they wanted the verdict they got. Could it be this was all set up so that people on the left WOULD riot afterward? If a farce, it was a farce designed by the prosecution, not the defence or the judge.

Finally, peaceful protestors. Fuck off with that one. Just fuck off. You will convince nobody with a functioning brain stem that these were peaceful protestors. The people who are about to riot don't even think they were peaceful protesters; they think of them as comrades in arms. BIG difference there. What was happening that night was NOT peaceful protest. The peaceful protesters from earlier in the day were long gone well before the events for which Rittenhouse just faced trial, and you damned well know it. Just fuck off with the attempt to gaslight at that level.

$80,000 A Year Liberal College In SHAMBLES After Cis Man Repairs Radiator (I Am Serious) by [deleted] in videos

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Where "diversity" eats itself.

These students don't want diversity. They want everyone to obey their rules. Given that the world is inherently diverse, personalities like this will at some point reach an unadjustable realignment with reality. They can never achieve the level of social rigidity they are asking for to feel "safe". At some point after the collapse, people are going to shake their heads in bemusement at these people who were so isolated and protected from offence during their childhoods that they became utterly incapable of existing in the real world, where we all simply must live together. Like it or not, their dream of "safety" is unnatural. It will never happen, not because it is either a "good" or "bad" idea, but just because the universe is not made this way. This is a boundary condition of life itself. It's scary that this truth of life is beyond their ability to comprehend.

MSNBC reporters trying to doxx rittenhouse jurors by Popper in whatever

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This has been a malicious prosecution since day 1. The left is making their bid for the ring of power, believing that their control of the education and "news" systems will give them the edge in this propaganda war. The side who wins the propaganda war will then be able to take and hold physical control as well. Because we all spend too much time on these screens and too little dealing with each other face-to-face, the controllers of these technologies have a big advantage. Resistance is building, however. While the outcome of their bid is not yet assured, the fact that the left feels so comfortable using even "official" pawns to engage in kinetic guerrilla tactics in this situation tells you they are confident of their eventual success. They can't even imagine at this point ever being called to account for the ever-growing tyranny they are engaged in.

The definition of 'fully vaccinated' is changing to three Covid-19 doses by MarkJefferson in news

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Within weeks of putting the third dose on the table, the Israelis were already talking about a fourth. Those continuing to play this game are not paying attention.

Heart defects in babies being predicted. Guess what the excuse is. by Canbot in conspiracy

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When a society goes insane...

Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland have all suspended the Moderna vax for people under 30. But in the US discussions about myocarditis are still being censored and Moderna has started testing its product on 6 month old infants. How is this not a huge scandal? by Orangutan in politics

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The US is the most effectively manipulated propaganda market in the world and has been for decades. Especially the "educated" class will at this point believe anything they are told by the "right" sources. Quite shocking how well it works...

Texas research: Unvaxxed 20 times more likely to die from COVID by Pis-dur in WorldNews

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Haven't clicked through, but if there is one thing to be learned from the past two years in CovidLandtm , it is that data can be massaged to give whichever result one wishes. How many angels do dance on the head of a pin, anyway? A paper can be written to answer that question, and three well-chosen reviewers can be found to agree with whichever conclusion the author chooses to draw.

Pfizer CEO(jew) says people who spread misinformation on Covid vaccines are 'criminals' by Rob3122 in politics

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Solzhenitzn was a criminal. Think on that.

UK Office for National Statistics releases stats showing covid-vaccinated death rate is 1.8x the unvaccinated death rate in Sept 2021 by magnora7 in WorldNews

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The past couple of years have brought me far closer to believing that there is a Satan. Satan's existence would make what we're witnessing make a lot more sense.

Abortion Polls are a Lie – Amelia May Johnson by [deleted] in politics

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Is there any form of widely-dispersed information at this point that is not a lie?

There is no justice in this world for humanity by BlueFrost in whatever

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I think there is going to be no ultimate justice in this world...

We are all going to die. That is written into the code of the universe. Absorb the deep meaning of this, and realize that worrying about what happens during what is - by definition - a temporary arrangement is meaningless. Justice? So what. You're dead one way or the other, and given that justice is usually incorrectly measured by life vs death, there can never be a world where everyone doesn't lose in the end. Measure it by suffering? Well, those you love are going to die too, often of some disease we cannot cure. You are going to suffer. There's no getting around it.

So what's the point? The point is not the result; it's the process. A good life is a life to which you contribute what you know to be your best. Where although at any instant you may die (which is always true), if you die you do so doing what is right in your heart. Don't worry about changing big L Life; rather live your life in a way which creates harmony and meaning. Death then ceases to be a loss and becomes just the next event to continue on with.

I don't hate the general idea of human society, I just hate the current incarnation of what society is.

I 100% agree. I've thought this to myself many times in the past couple of years. We are capable of much better. We have all experienced that there are moments when we can get it right. We know the feeling when it's on us. The current incarnation at a government/corporate level is evil, no doubt about it. But there are a lot of people resisting now, more every day. Again, live your best life; beyond that we are all in the stands watching to see what big L Life will do. Beyond living our best individual lives, the rest is out of our hands.

There is no justice in this world for humanity by BlueFrost in whatever

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The past 75 years in the United States and Western Europe were an anomalously easy time. This was a very specific time and location in which it was in fact better, at least to me, having spent much of my life in that bubble. It looks to me like we are trending back to the more standard model. Life is becoming more brutish and short again. But for those decades, for those of us who happened to live within our borders (outside the borders was still pretty harsh), life was better for a while there. Even so, many of us had the sense the entire time it was unsustainable. Our current moment looks like we were right; what cannot be sustained will not be. Coming down is sharp, rough, and ugly, not a nice gradual climb like the way up.

UK Office for National Statistics releases stats showing covid-vaccinated death rate is 1.8x the unvaccinated death rate in Sept 2021 by magnora7 in WorldNews

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You've come as close as I've seen so far to getting at the meat of this question. With several recent stories proclaiming ERs around the country (and in Europe as well) slammed with "non-covid" patients, my first question every time has been if anyone is tracking those patient loads by vaccine status. Assuming what you have is right and the medical community wakes up to what is going on, the terrifying "Oh, SHIT!" people are about to wake up to when they figure it out is going to be unprecedented. I wouldn't want to be any of the talking heads who have staked their names on this shit if that happens.

Keep posting those stickers, people. Stuff like this works. by Chipit in funny

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He himself didn't do anything, of course. You're right about that. But his face is the symbol for the crew who are in fact responsible for this, and they do have a unique and active philosophy. By active, I mean they are actually changing things; this isn't about BS. Their actions are rapidly diminishing access to basic resources for billions of people. Anything that associates our suffering with the actions of this cabal, I'll take it.

Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon by StillLessons in propaganda

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These people are deluded beyond belief. To accept the racism trope which is all Democrats have left, one needs to ignore one massive elephant in the room: the same population that voted in Youngkin simultaneously elected Winsome Sears, a black woman, to the lieutenant governor. Racism? The people pushing this crap have precisely zero capacity for complex thought. For them, it's either black or it's white; while there are an infinity of shades in between, Democratic cheerleaders seem literally incapable of seeing them. It's pathetic at this point, seriously pathetic.


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Thanks for this! Talk about ringing a bell. This is exactly what I'm seeing.

FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting ("You can clearly see the muzzle flashes from the 9mm fired at Rittenhouse.") by zyxzevn in politics

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I agree. This video looks less clear than the others I have seen. I don't see any "clear" anything. The overall collection of video from that night, however, continues to demonstrate clearly that Rittenhouse was never the aggressor, not even once. Chasing, attacking, and trying to pin down a guy with a high-power weapon has consequences.

George H. W. Bush announces the "New World Order" and "Operation Desert Storm", the combat phase of the Gulf War, on January 16, 1991. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Hibiki has posted many times the video of the Franklin Conspiracy, the pedophile abuse ring pre-Epstein. Elder Bush was directly named in that investigation by one of the abused, taking us back into the 80s and Reagan era.

People should take some time to be alone. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Now, identity politics has invaded nearly every aspect of people's lives and even the internet.

Especially the internet. The trend is from the internet to other aspects of life.

That's nitpicking, though. I absolutely concur with the sentiment. One additional benefit I have found from learning to think in the absence of outside input: waking up in the middle of the night ceases to be a problem. I still wake up regularly in the middle of the night, but there is no longer that associated anxiety that used to exist, that classic "keep you awake at night". Now when I am awake I allow my thoughts to wander and go where they will and eventually I fall asleep again. Much more fun than the feeling I used to have in the darkness that "my life is a disaster!" It was never true; the entire premise was false from the beginning; enough time in quiet contemplation of the phantom nature of thought cures it.

To Protect Fauci, The Washington Post is Preparing a Hit Piece on the Group Denouncing Gruesome Dog Experimentations by BravoVictor in politics

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For the past 10 years, the only strategy left to the authorities is to shoot the messenger. They're shooting an awful lot of messengers lately; it doesn't seem to be helping them much.

Giving Kyle Rittenhouse Basic Due Process Is Not a Scandal by Drewski in politics

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Given the "innocent until proven guilty" standard we have traditionally worked under within US jurisprudence, bias is supposed to favor the defendant. This change in terminology is absolutely prejudicial, I agree with you. Because it biases the jury toward the individual on trial and away from the bias of the state who wants him "made an example of", however, I'm totally in favor of it. Moreover, it actually fits the facts on the ground, which any of us who choose to can be quite aware of since the video of these events is publicly available.

Elon Musk EMBARRASSES The United Nations. Strange how they don't target Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos with this shit... by Chipit in WorldNews

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I was laughing to myself earlier today, because this illustration is a great eye-opener for those willing to calm down a bit. Let's say Musk gives $6b to the UN. Where would that money go? The answer is so obvious it stares us in the face; the pro-authority people just don't want to see it: the money would go into the paychecks of a bunch of bureaucrats, each of whom is naively convinced that the paperwork they are pushing is actually doing something to "stop hunger". The bureaucrats have the right intentions, but are completely blind to the logical flaw in thinking that "a bureaucracy helps stop hunger". That thought process is the killer, because billions of people around the world on some level believe it to be possible. If they could just frame the question in that way in their minds, however, they'd see the categorical impossibility of what they think they are achieving. As Einstein (I think it was him, anyway?) said, human ignorance is the one inexhaustable resource in the universe.

As Bodies and Tent Cities Pile Up, Antifa-Ravaged Portland Learns Tourists Are 'Afraid' of Their Utopia. The only worse city was Minneapolis, which was also set on fire by Antifa and BLM, where cops are more hated, and where the Left has a firm hold on the justice system. by Chipit in news

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Sane people either have left or will leave. Will the insane ever reach a point where their eyes open to the insanity they are wreaking upon themselves? This experiment has gone way longer than I ever would have anticipated possible.

Below the surface humans are pretty horrible. But just how thin is that surface? by Canbot in whatever

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She invited people to their darker sides by setting up the experiment the way she did. This is a good metaphor for much of what we see around us today, actually...

Zuckerberg’s Meta Endgame Is Monetizing All Human Behavior. Exploiting data to manipulate human behavior has always been Facebook’s business model. The metaverse will be no different. by Pis-dur in WorldNews

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Unfortunately, people are creatures of habit. In the beginning, they saw a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family, and maintaining those networks in this highly mobile age is a natural desire. Once hooked, the barrier to getting them actually to do this some other way becomes substantial as each individual now loses a portion of the network they have maintained if they try to move it. TPTB hit evil genius with this one for sure.

"If We Can Save The Banks Then We Can Save The World" Greta Thunberg by cottoneyejoe in conspiracy

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No context to what she meant by this. I feel bad for her, however, to the extent that the adults around her are using a teen to give the face they want to the policies they advocate. She doesn't have the life experience to understand remotely the repercussions of what she speaks. In the past, that would have ruled her out as a serious voice. But we no longer care if voices are serious, only if they agree with what the powers want. She's a mascot, and of course, being as young as she is, she has no point of comparison to realize the way she is being used is disgusting. The right does the same thing, of course, but currently the right aren't the ones reaching for absolute global domination. It's the left we need to focus on.

60's babies, what media and culture isn't considered PC now was considered normal when you grew up? by theytookourjerbs in AskSaidIt

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Late 60s birth here. Blazing Saddles always comes to mind for me. That movie was genius, and represents the poster child for humor that goes absolutely over the heads of those in the current left. It was liberal in its time. Remarkable.

Rebellion Deepens: America Says 'No!' To Vax Mandate! - Ron Paul Liberty Report by magnora7 in videos

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Didn't click through, but just based on the headline, I believe TPTB miscalculated the remaining faith in their propaganda. They thought they still had enough "attention control" to push us all over the line into a controlled society. I'm becoming tentatively optimistic that we are witnessing the beginning of a massive failure on their part. This is a historic moment, one way or the other.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Puts Thousands of City Workers on Unpaid Leave Over VAXX Mandate by rubberbiscuit in news

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The closer the car gets to hitting the brick wall, the harder they accelerate.

Trust. In. Science. by JasonCarswell in memes

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Firing healthcare workers who are immune to Covid is the single most anti-scientific policy ever enacted. There have been a lot of policies that contradict science, but this one still takes top spot.

Virtually no one in reality is with the government on their "insurrection" narrative by wristaction in politics

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Polls are as meaningless as other propaganda. In a hyper-partisan environment like this, there is no such thing as an objective measure of popular mood. Little stories such as this, however:


give a sense that the mood is far darker for the dominant powers than is being reported. It doesn't look like this is going to go down peaceful but rather there's going to be a sudden removal of power from those currently wielding it and then the propaganda will reverse. Still won't be true, but the model they're attempting is clearly not sustainable; someone needs a different set of lies in order to keep the population satisfied again.

Thousands of doctors call for the vaccine to be stopped by JustLookDontDismiss in news

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Not the shitpost news again! Oh, man...

I lost my mind because I realized that majority was everything. That gossip, lies and stupidity, by being accepted by the majority of people they could turn themselves into what was righteous. That's why I chose arrogance and loneliness. It was the only way I could save what I believed was right. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Being alone and being lonely are two entirely different things. For years I was desperately lonely because I was trying so hard to put up a face that people would find acceptable. Once I realized that the people I was trying so hard to impress in truth didn't interest me, I moved to a significantly more solitary life. I no longer suffer from loneliness at all. My conclusion from this is that "loneliness" is actually better termed "desire for acceptance". When we realize that the approval of the vast majority of people is worse than nothing at all, the problem goes away.

The End of Science by Infoloop in politics

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They have destroyed it in the time-tested way authoritarians destroy all they put their sights on: they re-define it.

Science is now in precisely the position morality was in with the Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages. The church represented an ideal - God, Jesus, compassion and mercy - and people believed in those values. But then the church redefined "faith" in these values as "obedience to the men who work for the church". Magic, "Christians" became monsters following men with no remaining connection to the actual values originally proposed.

Now it's the turn of science, which originally represented objective, tested, and thoroughly argued and defended propositions about the working of the natural world. People said, "Hey, that's cool, and look at the benefits this method brings us!" Now enter the re-definition crew. Agreeing with science is once again re-defined as "obedience to the men who work for the politically dominant scientific establishment." Magic, "scientists" become monsters following men with no remaining connection to the actual values originally proposed.

The first step and priority of this destructive process (currently in active swing) is to eliminate all those of any standing in society who still actually hold to the original principles. Those who are still arguing for actual science are the greatest enemy of those re-defining it.

It's a tragedy, and so very very human.

Trust of US media in ‘free fall,’ lowest in world by [deleted] in news

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Unfortunately, this doesn't address the primary problem. The ability the media still has - regardless of the fact we all know they are lying - is to set the agenda. In other words, while we know they're lying, we are still discussing the topics they want us to discuss in the framework in which they want us to discuss them. For example, when thousands of people a year are being killed in Yemen by the psycho Saudis, the media - simply by not discussing it - gets what they want. They have us arguing instead about whether men are women and women are men. A second example, Covid. Rather than discuss Ivermectin or HCQ, they put out smears of these medications and then completely eliminate them from the narrative. By not talking about them at all, they draw attention away from the fact that doctors and pharmacies are now terrified to prescribe two medications with impressive safety/efficacy records which have been approved for decades. We talk instead about what the powers want us to talk about. How many of us have been vaccinated? That's all that matters to them, and so that is all we argue about. Until we talk about the topics we generate, not those given to us by these assholes, we're still stuck on the hamster wheel.

Where are all the conservative socialists in the West? by IamCleaver in politics

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Your post highlights an eternal central problem in debating politics. The language we use to define different groups has always been muddy as hell. What you are using as "conservative", for example, is sometimes described as "socially conservative". But there are people in my family who find that use of the word "conservative" offensive, because they believe conservatism is about economics, thinking social conservatives to be dupes of authoritarians. Because these terms are so frustratingly confused, the entire debate has splintered along a thousand different fractures with everyone yelling at everyone else over which ever is our particular pet peeve.

For myself, I find the most useful term (though far from perfect) to be Libertarian. I would like to have it be even more specific, as Individual Libertarian, stressing that individuals have rights that corporations DO NOT. The first and foremost right is individual personal freedom (liberty), which can be limited only after the individual demonstrates serious cause to do so (i.e. abuses the freedom of his/her neighbors). It is this fundamental natural state of individual freedom that is under direct assault by today's elite class, and that is the first priority of all conversation for me. The other pieces must all be aligned with that. This was the purpose of the Bill of Rights, now lying burning in the garbage.

Again, though, the problem is that words are very easily misused (quite intentionally, by charismatic rhetoricians), and the resulting confusion always provides politicians opportunities to abuse others for personal gain. This is the expertise of those who make their living at the public teat.

Narrative of a perfect 2020 election eroding as Wisconsin becomes investigative ground zero by [deleted] in politics

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This story contains a thread common to many of the stories of the news cycle for the past two years:

The election itself was sketchy as all hell. That's part one. But the part that most interests me is the way the establishment has reacted to the questions. Instead of engaging in investigation and working to demonstrate to their critics that the election was legitimate, they instantly declared the opposing view to be heretical. This "jump to heresy" is the feature I'm talking about. They don't work to prove their side right; they declare it to be right and then bring the power of the "monopoly on force" against any who dare to speak an opposing perspective.

There have been several threads on here about the quasi-religious nature of the modern left. This is why. They treat their proclamations as God's word, and shun, ban, starve, kill all who dare even think there might be other opinions.

The increasing violence all around us is the logical twin to this kind of censorious thinking.

Being optimistic, however, I don't think they have the numbers. I think they would need a much much smaller segment of the population in opposition to set up the kind of social authoritarianism which is their goal. Too many of us are calling bullshit, and the calls are growing louder by the day.

If we really want to get past this, the people running this show (Hillary, Bush, Obama, Romney, Pelosi, Cheney, Biden, etc, etc way down the food chain all the way into school boards) must be removed from all positions of power with no chance of return. We need to achieve a culture where even the suggestion of this kind of centralized controlled society is grounds for dismissal from all positions of public trust for the rest of that person's life with no statute of limitations or end to their banishment from public power.

Narrative of a perfect 2020 election eroding as Wisconsin becomes investigative ground zero by [deleted] in politics

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Golf clap... very clever. :)

Where are all the conservative socialists in the West? by IamCleaver in politics

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How do you define conservative? It's not clear from your post.

High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances by AmericanMuskrat in news

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My comment wasn't directed at you specifically; your comment just called up a thought I've had a lot regarding the culture in general. Our TV, books, and movies are rabidly obsessed at this point with sexual fantasy. The blending of porn and mainstream culture is beyond obvious. At the same time we have a generation entering adulthood who report way decreased interest in sex. I've commented on this before; this just brought up the thought again. I agree with the people who say this looks like the end of the Roman Empire. It appears that once a society enters the decadent phase, this hyper-sexualization is part of the program. Not really surprising, I suppose, but sad to watch. Also, please note that I point this out from my own experience. I believe what I believe only after having tried the alternative for a few years. It took being an asshole to make me see that being an asshole isn't really fun and that I prefer and find it more fun treating people as whole persons rather than as objects.

ZeroHedge described it as a “blistering” interview, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr Francis Collins was “absolutely grilled” by CNN's Pamela Brown, who repeatedly held Collins to the wall as she pressed for cogent answers on why the NIH was funding dangerous gain-of-function research by Orangutan in politics

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One thing I found interesting is watching them pretend this isn't about Covid-19 being the product of that lab. The idea that they were doing this research and a perfect example of the results of research like this just happens to appear in the city where they're doing it? People are clinging to their normalcy bias so hard to avoid seeing the world that is true rather than the world they desperately want to have be true.

Tom Woods - Professor Leaves Vaccine Mandates in Shreds by humancorpse in whatever

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The letter referenced in this show is here:


for those who prefer to read it rather than listen to it being read.

Long story short, we know the vaccine campaign is bullshit because they are not interested in immunity (which is what actually keeps the community safe); they are interested only in vaccination. Beyond being bullshit, it's insanely dangerous.

High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances by AmericanMuskrat in news

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We would all do well to be able to sort out our sexual fantasies from reality. As someone who went through a period in my life where I manipulated situations to make "my fantasies come true," it never worked. Doing what seemed so cool in my sexual fantasies was always crap when I actually did it. I doubt I'm alone in this. Now in a stable relationship, I find sex infinitely more satisfying having left all the fantasies behind and simply let it be what it is with each encounter. What we think we want very often makes us extremely unhappy when we actually get it. And what makes us happy is very mysterious and often comes from places we had no idea we were even looking.

High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances by AmericanMuskrat in news

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Power relationships exist. There are a lot of reasons people have sex. When a girl or guy has sex with a girl or guy roughly her/his age and status, they are both bringing roughly the same set of (dis)advantages to the table. Neither has an unfair leverage that they can exert over the other.

This is not the situation here. Teachers - just by the fact of being teachers - exert power over students. Want to go to college? Oh, yeah... I need recommendations. Hm, he wants me to give him sex. See the problem?

It's not about the age really - or even the experience. It's about the level of power differential and how that influences decisions. Now take this out into the world after high school. Is the kid (male or female) who has learned that authority figures want sex ever going to be able to have a natural non-sexual (or at least worried about it) working relationship with any authority figure? These sorts of "norms" have lasting effects on our perception of the people who make up our world.

Our society is devolving rapidly.

High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances by AmericanMuskrat in news

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Buying their kids booze and hotel rooms assumes sex. BUT - and this is a huge but - the traditional assumption is that there will be sex between two students. That willingness to look the other way is still problematic, but it doesn't even approach the same magnitude as what's here.

Here we're talking about teachers and students. This is among the greatest power differentials that exist in traditional society. There have been many correctly fired teachers for abusing just that relationship of power over a student. But here to do so in the open public, assuming "Ha, ha, what fun!"??? Fuck. This is absolutely explicit sexual abuse according to just about any source you choose to look up what that term means. Well, until the past couple of years anyway...

Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition by zyxzevn in VaccineInjuries

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I don't have hard data on this, but I have heard that moderna delivers a higher load of mRNA per dose. The formulations are different as well, I'm sure, but it may be as simple as this difference in dose.

One of the Big Lies In the Kyle Rittenhouse Case by jet199 in MediaAnalysis

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I'm glad the judge dealt head-on with the biggest lie. Calling three people "victims" who were manifestly working to kill Rittenhouse was an important lie at the base of the prosecution. A victim is an innocent. When someone tries to kill someone else and is prevented - by that person using superior force - from achieving their end, that person is not a victim. We'll see how well this penetrates into the popular consciousness. These are dark days.

High school under investigation after posting photos of students giving teachers lap dances by AmericanMuskrat in news

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In several people's minds, this was okay. No big deal. Think about that.

Is anyone else concerned about living a short life? by BlueFrost in whatever

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The funny thing is I cannot name drop, because I don't even remember the guy's name. I didn't find him that interesting. But because he was a friend of a family member of mine, I was on his yacht for an afternoon in the channel between Palm Beach and West Palm. We cruised around a few hours with 20 or so people - long enough to get briefly stuck on a sand bar before the captain managed to extract the boat - and then went home. I believe he was a retired CEO (or somewhere high up) in an insurance company, though I may be wrong even about that. Sadly, within a few years of my meeting him, I learned from my family member that this man had committed suicide.

I also went to one of the feeder colleges to the people who end up powerful on Wall Street, so I saw these people around me when I was doing my BA. I've had a variety of experiences, but as I said because I am not interested in power, I'm not friends with any of them, only acquaintances.

Your comment and mine differ only in how "smart" is defined. I will not deny these guys have amazing skill-sets to get them where they are. Yes, their minds are impressive if you decide to compete with them. On their turf, I wouldn't dare compete; they'd clean my clock. Sure.

But the example of this guy who "owned" the yacht I was on. When the boat got beached, was he of any use? None. Not in his area of expertise. In other words, these guys - like most "geniuses" - are brilliant within their specialty. Their specialty happens to be financial power. As such, unfortunately, their decisions affect all of us, and because the main trait of most of these people is an intense, sometimes pathological, desire to compete and defeat others, they will do so.

So they're winning. They are fulfilling their prime purpose. They are ending up on top.

Where are they not so smart? Their delusion is to believe that they can compete and win in the way that they do while maintaining a functioning society below them. Look around. They're winning, but what's left of the field over which they can rightly claim victory? They think that when they win all will be wine and roses, but in the process of winning, they are destroying that over which they desire to lead.

So no, name dropping is not particularly helpful here. I respect that they are "smart" in the sense you mean, but that form of intelligence is well on its way to creating a dystopian hellhole for us all to inhabit.

Is anyone else concerned about living a short life? by BlueFrost in whatever

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I have a background that gives me good insight into who "the elites" are. I know them, have lived and dined with them, though I have chosen a path which keeps me outside of their inner circles.

The elites are no smarter or less smart than you or I. It comes down to motivation and worldview. Their obsession is managing the world, and that is where they put their energy. The fact that they choose to do this does not remotely mean that they have the skill to do so successfully, but their motivation and obsession with power give them the energy to fight to stay at the table, successful or not.

They aren't happy. They live their lives in fear, forever seeing the failure of their plans to provide the benefits that in their delusion they convince themselves will materialize, and never seeing that the failure is not because of their enemies but because their entire premise is flawed.

It's not about "smart" vs "stupid". They are as stupid as all of us are. The particular failing of people who would "lead", however, is a lack of compassion. Because they think they are "above", they have no ability - and though they cannot see this they actually have no true desire - to understand the people in the world they pretend to lead. Since they cannot understand them, there can never be any connection, and without connection, there will never be "leadership", only a master-slave dynamic.

The group that I do find bizarre is the many many people in the middle who allow ourselves to be treated as slaves in this dynamic. It wouldn't happen if we didn't allow it. Yet it has happened continuously throughout human history. What the evolutionary advantage to this dynamic is I have no idea, but if we take evolutionary biology as a legitimate premise, there must be one or this wouldn't be the default pattern.

GOP Lawmaker Locked Out Of Twitter After Calling Transgender Biden Official Rachel Levine ‘A Man’ by Rob3122 in politics

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The single greatest social cancer TPTB have unleashed. Putin is right about this. An attack on observed reality accepted for thousands of years is pathological. That they had the power to pull this off is a reflection of the fact that mental illness and spiritual destruction have reached epidemic proportions in the west. This is a place to hold the line for sure. Men are men. Boys are boys. Women are women. Girls are girls. Men are not women. Boys are not girls. Women are not men. Girls are not boys. Full Stop.

YouTube bans 'Let's Go Brandon' song, claims rap is 'medical misinformation' by Chipit in censorship

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The irony here is beautiful, actually. : )

"Let's Go Brandon" exists only because the establishment has gone so far over the top on spreading actual lies that they tried to convince people "Fuck Joe Biden" was "Let's Go Brandon". In other words, Let's Go Brandon is the perfect symbol of actual, in-your-face, establishment misinformation.

They then censor the perfect demonstration of their fuckup, further demonstrating their agenda, giving the meme another shot of energy to keep it moving.

I LOVE Let's Go Brandon. It may represent a major cultural turning point. The establishment propagandists are drowning in their own bullshit. I hope they drown quickly. They need to be gone... yesterday!

The Untold Truth Behind Face Masks and Covid-19 by humancorpse in whatever

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Mmm. I watched enough of this one to discover it is the establishment line on masks dressed up to look hip. I doubt there are many people remaining who haven't already made up their minds on the subject.

The Untold Truth Behind Face Masks and Covid-19 by humancorpse in whatever

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Untold truth? Weird post. What's your point?

Is anyone else concerned about living a short life? by BlueFrost in whatever

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Act with integrity.

As long as we are living consistent with the inner spark that each of us consists of, the question in the title becomes meaningless. The greatest suffering comes when we believe that what others tell us is more important than what we know to be true from within our core. As long as we trust that core and allow it to interact freely with our environment (not blindly obeying others, and with no need to derive any sort of identity from "controlling others" - which possibility is a myth; each of us controls only our own life), there is no "short" or "long" life. We will die when we die, and that has been the plan since the instant we entered this life.

Each of us may fulfill the purpose we sense ourself to have. There is no time constraint on this, and only each individual and God can possibly know the truth of whether we are doing so.

Life has always contained great cruelty, but each of our lives is unique. The cruelty in one place can be surprisingly absent in a location mere feet away. Each life is unique, and only that person knows the truth of it, no matter what is happening "outside the door".

When we discover a good life to live and a good cause to stand for, the confidence of the knowledge that we are playing an honorable role provides the best shelter anyone can ask in this mysterious universe of ours. Death becomes of no concern.

Yet another person I cared about has died. by AmericanMuskrat in whatever

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May she find peace, and peace to you as well.

ACLU is explicitly arguing in court that the First Amendment's free speech clause has been interpreted *too broadly* by courts, and are advocating *a more restrictive view* of what free speech means. by Chipit in censorship

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Thanks for this link. You're right. It's right on target.

While this paper explains a lot, however, there are people who wouldn't espouse the views it holds but who still - to varying degrees - support the insanity. The people I'm thinking of are being lied to; they don't recognize the reality of what they are being sold and are then passing on. But something in the lies must be appealing to them at some deep level. In this paper, the strategy is quite explicit. But how are those enacting this strategy hooking the people who would reject such a plan if it were stated explicitly? In other words, all lies have to have an appeal. What is it in the lies we are being told that are so appealing that the numbers of the well-meaning population are still aligned with them?

“N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.” (Page 23) by jamesK_3rd in news

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Since the beginning, one of the primary concepts put forth by the skeptics (I am in this group) is that because it takes time to develop confidence in any therapy's safety/efficacy, we should be cautious around these new drugs. The unforgivable sin of the establishment is their impatience. Making a moral imperative out of a brand new treatment flies in the face of actual science. When the defenders of these therapies defend them so strongly, they are not speaking on the basis of observation, because we haven't had time to develop confidence in our observations; it's still way too early. As such, what is being put forth so insistently - and with incalculable harm to our society - is a form of quasi-religious faith in the institutions (government and corporate - which is a redundancy...) that developed them. Religious faith is a terrible companion to science.

Massive Protest Through NYC Against Vaccine Mandates by [deleted] in politics

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This is a relief to see. We need a lot more of this. A LOT.

MSM: Sponsored by Pfizer by [deleted] in politics

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There's a comment in the garbagetube comments saying this needs to go viral. I agree.

Ohio college student 'angry' and 'scared' after 'cisgender men' installed radiator in dorms: 'Safe space' by [deleted] in news

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Society has decided that mental illness is the norm. Since it's the norm, we'll design a society around it. Society used to bring people to a rational center and encourage us to stay there; now our media and education system spin individuals in ever greater centrifugal gyrations until they fall off when the forces grow too great.

The sad part is that the student's fear and anger are real, but rather than create a space for him to address this fear and anger and overcome it, all of our institutions actually feed and amplify the feelings. Like anything, when fear and anger are fed, they grow. Insanity such as this suggests they've grown quite advanced now. This poor kid may never recover. It didn't have to be like this.

When There Are No Consequences to Lying by Tarrock in politics

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They've got the accelerator full pinned to the floor. The criminal class cannot admit anything, because they don't know which grain of sand is going to start the collapse. Men are now women, and women are men. Until those statements return to the "contradicts reality" non-being where they belong, this can go on for a while yet.

ACLU is explicitly arguing in court that the First Amendment's free speech clause has been interpreted *too broadly* by courts, and are advocating *a more restrictive view* of what free speech means. by Chipit in censorship

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One thing the past two years have done is to illustrate in complete clarity the wholesale nature of our institutional collapse. Government, NGO, Medicine, Education, Media, Corporate. All of them. This is a philosophical collapse which has its tendrils absolutely everywhere. I think of it as a "Nervous Breakdown" of a society.

When such an event occurs, our job in watching it is to ask the single most important question: What is (are) the premise(s) with which all these people agree which is leading our institutions to such dangerous policies? People are trying to achieve some ideal, and in the attempt to achieve that, the de-facto results are coming in again and again with repeated tremendous cruelty. So what is this ideal that people are trying to reach which so blinds them to the tremendous on-the-ground human cost of their attempt?

Dissidents’ Contradicting Positions on Covid by curious2 in conspiracy

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My recommendation is to look at the numbers yourself. CDC is publishing statistics on Covid in real time. I watch those datasets and the equivalent ones where I can get them from other countries. There is room for massive manipulation for sure. I personally have seen huge drops in numbers from one day to the next with no explanation. But there are datasets and very few people go to check the source data. Be one of them.

I don't particularly care about the "he said / he said" problem, with one exception: CDC's own published statistics don't remotely begin to tell the story that Wolensky pushes or that of any of her partners in crime.

We each need to do the homework for ourselves before we decide which voices make sense to us.

What is happening in this world by magnora7 in whatever

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I see precisely what you see. Well said.

Communication on the internet is a huge part of the problem. Human communication is a very poorly understood phenomenon, but I theorize that humans evolved to communicate face to face. We need the body language and auditory voice cues that real-life conversation provides to gain context. This business of "communicating" via keyboard (as I am doing right now in response to you doing the same) has eliminated a lot of the context we need to understand each other fully. This allows for de-humanization en masse.

Having said that, ours is certainly not the first generation to face a moral panic. I am quite sure the people in the witch era in the 1600s felt an equal terror as an equal wave of irrationality and hatred washed over the "out" group of the time. So maybe the internet is just the current expression of the same age-old insanity we have been subject to since the beginning of humanity.

But I have noticed that people I talk to IRL (which I do as much as I can, even with random passers-by) are not nearly as insane as what we are seeing on all these "boards". People express stupidity in these "keyboard exchanges" that they simply don't say face-to-face. The effect of insulation from the social pushback is real. I am also quite confident that people are confusing what we hear through media (of all kinds, social and traditional) with reality in a way that is flat-out wrong.

We talk about this so much on this site. Having these sociopaths sitting in the middle, able to "adjust" the stories we are trying to send one another across "their" media, is a terrible model.

As much as possible, get off these screens and talk to people. Maintain our calm, but don't stop talking. Even when it's uncomfortable, keep talking. I saw a piece by a guy recently who was unexpectedly optimistic, saying that he thinks we're coming out of the darkness with this insanity rather than entering it. If he's right, I would expect people to realize over the next several years that all this time we are spending on these keyboards - here I am as I write this - is a dead end. We have gone into a blind alley, and it's time for us to put these machines down and get back to a direct experience of the world around us rather than a mediated one.

The times in this moment are very dark, without a doubt. In dark times or light, however, the best any of us can do is to model the light. Your posts do that. I deeply appreciate your perspective and the forum you have maintained here (even with all the flaws any such forum will have) for discussions such as this.


German state allows ALL businesses to ban unvaxxed customers, even for groceries & other essentials by carn0ld03 in Europe

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It is a classic moral panic. This is precisely the same mindset that fueled the witch hunts in the 1600s and the Cultural Revolution in China in the 20th century. What has changed is the scale on which they can operate. They are now enacting a similar purge in multiple countries and cultures at a time. But the irrationality and cruelty has not changed even a little bit.

Old Man Yells at the Unvaccinated by humancorpse in whatever

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If taking the booster leads someone to behave in this way, it's not exactly a great recommendation... might want to rethink your marketing campaign on this one guys. Just saying.

IRISH MEDICAL DOCTOR (Repost from September) by StillLessons in politics

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This has been posted before, but I think it's worth repeating. This is the situation on the ground, as experienced by a doctor who is awake. We are not talking about an intellectual question; we are talking about genuine human tragedy here, and I think she captures this as well as any I have seen.

I am reminded of the classic video of Madeline Albright saying essentially, "We think the death of 500,000 Iraqi children is justified because these deaths were the cost of the goals we have in Iraq." This is the level at which the sociopaths think. They have zero concern for the people they harm. We are just statistics to them.

This doctor is telling us what that actually looks like on the ground.

I'm not saying they're intentionally trying to shut down small businesses, trying to destroy the middle class, transfer the majority of the wealth to the world's largest corporations, and divide us with fear and hatred. But if they were, what would they be doing differently?.. by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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The delusion of this often strikes me.

Those obliterating the productive capacity of society are seemingly unconcerned that this productive capacity is the source of the wealth they enjoy.

There is a section of 1984 where Orwell points out that the Inner Party knows that they are preventing wealth creation, and that this is viewed as an acceptable loss. More important to them than wealth is power. Even if they create a society of misery and poverty, it's worth it to them as long as they exert absolute control over that society.

The insights he demonstrated with that book are shocking in their accuracy. The people at the top of our society want absolute control above any other thing. They are demonstrating it as I write this note and as you read it.

Power is one hell of a drug.

Joe Rogan Gets CNN’s Sanjay Gupta to Admit the Network Purposefully Lied About Horse Paste by Tarrock in politics

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The division between those "leading" and those suffering under this leadership is now growing quite explicit. I know many people within the "leading" class, and all of them continue to believe (genuinely) that the CNN version of events represents reality. The term "misinformation" is still effective with these people. If it doesn't agree with the narrative of the "authoritative" sources (Alphabet newses, NYT, WaPo, etc), then it is by definition misinformation, and can be immediately dismissed. These people are well-meaning, but they are completely and absolutely captured by sources of information they have trusted for decades. They simply cannot accept that a lie of the magnitude we are witnessing is possible. It's "too much" for them to believe.

I have discussed on this board that this is a religious conflict, and I keep returning to this. Today it occurs to me that what we are witnessing is similar in character to the Protestant Revolution against the Catholic Church, leading (along with other trends) to the Enlightenment era. Now we have a group - similar to the protestants of that time - saying that the authorities (similar to the Church leadership of that era) are lying and acting in self-interest. The "indulgences" of the Catholic Church are equivalent to the "we don't need to wear masks because we're special" of today.

The people I describe in my first paragraph are terrified to admit that the leaders they have trusted (just as parishioners trusted the leadership of the Catholic Church) are in fact acting in a way that is directly harming them. To accept this is to accept that their entire worldview of what is "safe" and where we seek it has been wrong for many years. This is a sensation that sits super deep within each of our personalities, and to change that sensation is not a trivial task.

Trivial or not, however, the change is beginning to gain strength. We can sense it around us. The demonstrations and resistance are not diminishing; they are accelerating. At some point, even the strongest conviction and loyalty will break in the face of concrete witnessed harms.

BREAKING: Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman RUNS from Veritas' Questions by Chipit in news

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To entertain some optimism (hard in these tough days), it is a promising sign when one of the architects of the misery we are all now living daily - usually hidden - has been brought out into the open and is forced literally to run away. Symbolically, this is an encouraging sign: the leaders are beginning to have to run from the people they are hurting. Let's hope the tide continues in this direction...

Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 Years of Practicing Medicine, ‘I’ve Never Witnessed So Many Vaccine-Related Injuries’ by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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My wife is a physician. Because hers is not one of the "triage" specialties (the doctors who see emergent cases showing up at ERs or ICUs), she is relatively insulated from dealing with covid/vaccines on a daily basis. That said, she is now involved in a vaccine injury case, and this case is causing her emotional distress. The patient is in the ICU, not doing well, not responding to treatment as they would hope, and the disease is generally confounding the team of doctors, because they don't really understand what's going on. All started 1-day post second dose.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the medical authorities to pretend vaccine injuries are "no big deal". When the ground-level doctors who have been blowing off these injuries as "not related" wake up to the horror they have ignored, the real fireworks are going to begin.

Medical malfeasance is the fancy term for when doctors are harming patients rather than helping them. To see it on this scale is terrifying. This is a test of our species. If we are worthy of continuing on with the human experiment, doctors on the ground are going to wake up, and then they will rise up. If, on the other hand, the majority of doctors continue to follow the "party line" in the face of the harm being done, our species will come to its end.

Medicine is a classic hierarchical system, and systems like this have the potential to be exceedingly lethal when the top of the hierarchy falls to evil.

Vaccines Are Not About Health. If They Were, We'd Be Discussing IMMUNITY. The Letter This Vaccinologist Has Written To His University Administration Makes this Distinction Crystal Clear. by StillLessons in politics

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The kernel of this letter (which Tom Woods reads in its entirety in this radio episode) is a tenured professor who is a vaccinologist with decades of experience. This professor has the technical ability to confirm his own immunity to Covid, which he recovered from some time ago. He can demonstrate that HE IS IMMUNE. In any rational world, that's the entire point. The point of all this bullshit should be immunity. Immunity is what leads us to community safety from Covid. Immunity and vaccination are not the same thing. If vaccination offered immunity, that would be great. But it's quite clear now that it doesn't. Meanwhile, a person who can technically demonstrate that he is immune to Covid is treated like a pariah for not getting the jabs.

It cannot be clearer than this.

The letter is here:


Also please note that this letter was written on September 17th. Searching for a response from the university, I still see absolutely nothing. It is now one month later. Silence. How is a reasonable person supposed to interpret this?

The head of the Chicago police union is calling on officers to defy the city’s vaccine mandate set to start Friday. “It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50 percent or less for this weekend coming up,” he said. The union is preparing a lawsuit against the city. by Orangutan in politics

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This is exactly what is needed.

There's been a fair amount of conversation on this board about precisely this idea. A true revolution is not about violent confrontation with "the man!" It's about exactly what - God willing - this article says is going to happen this weekend. People taking the simple, non-violent step of personal nullification. Don't obey. When enough people individually ignore the diktats, the illegitimacy of the regime becomes clear as day.

Just say no. There is a cost - nothing is free - but the cost of obeying is far higher. Look at where all the obedience in Covidland has gotten us so far...

Supposedly the C-vax has killed twice the number of Americans as all the other vaxes combined over the last 20 years. BUT how many injections is that? by curious2 in conspiracy

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I asked this same question many weeks back and received no answer. Thanks for asking again. Thanks also to firststone for a helpful response.

It is useful to note that in pre-insanity times (just a few years ago, though it feels like forever), the kind of numbers you and I have asked about would have been the go-to standard response to calm people down on witnessing the VAERS absolute numbers spike. Rather than put the Adverse Events/jabs numbers out, however, the only response has been the increasingly shrill ad hominem of "MISINFORMATION!!!!!! YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!!!!!!" The very fact that they don't go to the numbers is by itself suspicious, suggesting that the numbers don't tell the story they want. If the numbers would have done the job, they would have used them. Instead, we get garbage.

The sheer quantity of outright lies regarding covid tells you the "pandemic response" since day zero has never been what it has been advertised to be. If they're lying about what it is that they're doing, then what are they doing? The fact that we need to ask that question keeps me up at night.

WHISTLEBLOWER: LA Port Worker Says Shortages are FAKE! by x0x7 in videos

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I didn't. Is it worth it?

Joe Biden Does Not Exist by StillLessons in politics

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I agree. These obvious puppet strings do make some level of difference, though. The corporatocracy no longer feels the need even to pretend there is a functional government beyond their dictates. By highlighting this obvious fulcrum point and the absence of representation that they have given up even trying to hide, even some of the people engaged within the belly of the beast itself might begin to be a little uncomfortable with the role they are playing in this shitshow.