Daring to Criticize Fraudci Is A Political Attack on Science ITSELF by Enza in politics

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As the image in the video points out, this is science as religion.

God is to the priest in religion as Science is to Fauci in the new version. Anyone who believes that all priests are holy men needs only look at the Catholic Church and child molesting. Fauci has no more credibility than any other priest, and he is being caught out in many many demonstrable lies. As such, he has no claim to actual science whatsoever.

“Do you denounce Trump?” Elite liberals, as a class used to comfortable and orderly lives, were massively freaked out by the election of Donald Trump, and what they have demanded in turn is not a new and better political movement but for everyone else to be freaked out too. By Freddie DeBoer. by Chipit in politics

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I think you're right about his role.

It's important to note (relating to your screen name) that the most dangerous policies globally - which is to say all the policies related to Covid - have been supported both by Trump and by his "opponents". The vaccines, now lethal to thousands, were his baby, yet the left can't adopt them hard enough.

Trump, although he represented some policies more sane than what has followed (race, gender, and immigration), still promotes the top-down paradigm. That paternalistic view of the world will end our species.

Big Tech is turning into Big Brother. The banning of this idea, that the virus was man-made and leaked from a Chinese lab, was not because it was wrong, necessarily, but because it came from the political right and challenged the liberal view. by Chipit in news

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Only read the headline, but headlines like this always strike me as having missed the boat.

Big Tech is not "turning into" Big Brother.

Big Tech is Big Brother.

We've already arrived. Welcome to the singularity.

“Do you denounce Trump?” Elite liberals, as a class used to comfortable and orderly lives, were massively freaked out by the election of Donald Trump, and what they have demanded in turn is not a new and better political movement but for everyone else to be freaked out too. By Freddie DeBoer. by Chipit in politics

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Trump wasn't a 'disease', he was a symptom.


The piece the left has never understood is that people didn't vote for Trump. They emphatically rejected his opponent. Do we really believe the states that did so then turned around and elected her male dementia-patient clone four years later? The story doesn't remotely add up.

Mike Adams' covid vaccine message to family and friends... what you aren't being told by the establishment by christnmusicreleases in news

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They also want the survivors to be reliant on their drug companies in order to live.

The people running the show are fully convinced of their right and responsibility to control the creation that surrounds us. Having turned their back entirely on the possibility that there exists God in any form, they have stepped forward to take on the part. This is why the world is insane. Men are incapable of understanding even an infinitesimal part of how the universe around us functions, but the "elites" are blind to their own ignorance. In their hubris and ignorance, they enact incredible irrationality and destruction. Their belief in their ability to determine the 'correct' population on the planet along with the 'correct' climate for the planet are leading - now quite quickly with the acceleration of the past year - to the end of the conditions necessary for human life. God - it goes without saying - does a much better job...

Mike Adams' covid vaccine message to family and friends... what you aren't being told by the establishment by christnmusicreleases in news

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The only reason the jab campaign is allowed to continue is that any and all information showing the dangers is completely suppressed. In a healthy society, information in favor of the jabs would be put out, concerns about the jabs would be put out, and then those in favor of the jabs would explain the technical reasons why the concerns are not urgent; then people would forget about the debate and life would go on.

That is precisely what has not happened in our society for 20 years. In the current case, rather than answer the concerns about the jab, the only strategy the establishment has is to put a "cone of silence" around them. They cannot answer the concerns, which shows me the concerns are accurate. When they can't answer them, their only remedy is to use force to override them.

There is still enough remaining tradition of free-speech (dying fast, but still enough), however, that the information on the concerns is getting out. The more of this information escapes their suppression, and the longer that information goes unaddressed, the old model for the debate of a new medical technique goes into reverse. Instead of forgetting about the debate and moving on, the anger of the population starts growing, and just like the virus the debate is about, that anger will grow exponentially. As more and more people are waking up to what's happening (and people are waking up, though frustratingly slowly to start), the suppressed reaction has the potential to be socially explosive.

The interesting times are only going to get more interesting from here. The best protection we can have is to be expecting this. Those who expect a return to "normal" are still in for a very rude surprise. Those who know we've seen nothing yet are at least able to visualize a more accurate picture to prepare for as we move forward, whatever those preparations look like for any given individual.

God help us all.

Has anyone noticed that certain high-profile users disappeared around the same time, right before the latest server shut-down? by Zapped in AskSaidIt

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You are not crazy.

Finding the path you describe is the first step.

But even once found, staying on it requires a lifetime's discipline. So many holes to trip and fall into between "beginning" and "end"...

Thanks for the slap. Friends don't let friends wallow...

Biden Absurdly Claims 'White Supremacy' is Bigger Terrorism Threat Than ISIS or Al Qaeda by scrubking in politics

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Video that relates to this:


Combine this interview with the photos of Biden and Harris kneeling to BLM and his comments on The Breakfast Club - "You ain't black" - you get a picture of the most thoroughly racist, egomanical, narcissistic, psychopathic grifters ever put into high office. Biden/Harris is the face of evil, no question about it (though certainly not the only ones; the list of characters at Satan's ball would require more than the stadium space of the current globe).

Our current establishment is Sodom/Gomorrah level corrupt. The corresponding natural response is going to be tragically proportional.

Biden Absurdly Claims 'White Supremacy' is Bigger Terrorism Threat Than ISIS or Al Qaeda by scrubking in politics

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This is not helpful.

I have no idea if it is true or not, and going the route of finding out would be a waste of time and resources.

It is important to know that the official 9/11 story is impossible according to easily accessible physics, which means the MSM coverage of those events represents the greatest disinformation campaign launched until that time. It is important to know that the establishment - including every single person working to propagate a demonstrable lie (this is tens of thousands of people) - is thoroughly corrupt and cannot be trusted.

But attaching a name such as "zionists" to this truth only adds a new layer of confusion and distraction to the story. That the story is a lie is enough. Strip every person involved in that story of all authority or ability to spread any information ever again. It doesn't matter what we call them. Just deal with them as individuals.

The trail certainly starts with Larry Silverstein. Follow it from there, from person to person, no labels required.

Catturd: Funny how these cyber attacks only happen to industries Biden is trying to shutdown ... Gas/Beef. by scrubking in politics

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I agree. Interesting.

Has anyone noticed that certain high-profile users disappeared around the same time, right before the latest server shut-down? by Zapped in AskSaidIt

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There is a distinct change in flavor from pre shut-down to post shut-down. Interestingly, M7 is still out of action. Given that he "was" saidit, this is a huge question mark. It does feel like some action has been taken to neutralize the value this site provided.

What a shitty world this is so rapidly becoming... it was always a shitty world in most of it, of course, but there used to be areas that rose above. The past twenty years has seen a concerted and largely successful effort to crush the last bastions of individualism. Join the borg or die.


Biden Absurdly Claims 'White Supremacy' is Bigger Terrorism Threat Than ISIS or Al Qaeda by scrubking in politics

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Ah yes, terrorism. That wonderful boogeyman, used throughout history by whichever side currently holds power.

The question one always needs to ask when "terrorism" is mentioned: who is threatened? Is the population threatened, or is the establishment and the government threatened? Are white nationalists out attacking citizens? I have seen no credible evidence for this; any evidence that is presented always traces back to the same extremely biased (and deep-pocketed) sources.

Do whites represent a threat to our corporate/government power establishment, however? Absolutely. 100%. Whites are becoming increasingly tired of being explicitly labeled as hateful/racist/ignorant bigots while watching blacks killing each other in high numbers ignored. Interestingly, blacks are also increasingly realizing that the anti-racist message is nothing but toxic poison for their communities. Blacks who dare disagree are now called racial epithets and labeled as anti-black racists. That's a slap-in-the-face wake-up call if ever there was one. The government/corporate establishment is very scared of the anger building in both the white and the black communities in response to these trends. The establishment's fear makes sense from their own point of view. But is the anger they correctly witness a threat to them or a threat to me? That is the question each of us must answer in our own heart.

People's fate can truly be determined by information. Those that can see beyond the fog of deception have to do what they can to get their nations back. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The breakdown of orthodoxies is always a high-energy process, and it always involves significant violence. An orthodoxy is a set of rules and expectations the population lives under, reinforced by the institutions of the day and adopted by the overwhelming majority of average people. The current "global" orthodoxy includes a larger proportion of the human family than any that came before it. Christian orthodoxy was the underpinning of European/US civilization until ~1900, and the destruction of that and its replacement with "scientism" (the current orthodoxy) represents the 20th century into the beginning of this one. Now scientism is beginning to break down - though only a few so far recognize the process. People are searching for a new set of rules, but none so far is strong enough to win the day. Until one is, the decay of the old orthodoxy is all we've got. This is one of those tough times to live through. Assuming we survive, history will find our struggle a noble one, but with lots of pain embedded within, as it always is in times of rapid change.

Oregon Tried to Innovate a Policy for Determining Who Still Has to Wear a Mask. It Bombed. by hdol in whatever

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Masks are the perfect symbol for our mass mental breakdown. For decades prior to Covid, research was done examining the effect of masks for preventing viral transmission. The research was settled: masks have no effect on viral transmission.

Enter Covid. Because "Covid", lots of research money was thrown at proving that masks work. When you throw money at a problem, the desired conclusion will be reached, regardless of accuracy or truth.

So now there are billions of people worshipping and stressing over a piece of cloth over their face which is pure superstition, supported only by paid-for "research".

How can I be sure masks are entirely pointless? Note that never during the pandemic has the question been broached "What level of mask works, and what doesn't?" In other words, according to the official narrative, a piece of t-shirt over your face is equally important as an n-95. All they care about is the symbol, that's it. It is 100% clear that masks are absolute and complete bullshit, because absolutely any person with iq above room temperature can see that a piece of t-shirt has a different effect than an n-95.

We are back to the middle ages. The mask is the modern crucifix around the neck.

How Wall Street helped Jeffrey Epstein with the sex trafficking ring. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The failing of pieces like this, however, is the "subject/object" nature of the reporting. This report talks about how Epstein "lured" the bank into doing things, and how they were covering for him, etc, etc. That's 50% true, and in and of itself is of course bad. But it misses a huge piece. What this continues to do is make Epstein the mastermind. This makes Epstein appear to be the prime (and sole) motivator behind all this activity. That is extremely unlikely. Epstein was an employee. Until reporting begins to look at who was Epstein working for, the ring remains basically untouched. They have just replaced the face of the organization.

It's equivalent to saying that when Biden goes, the Democratic party would disappear. No. This is a good reminder of how well-entrenched this ring is. But they are still reporting it without examining why it's so deeply interconnected.

WaPo Edits Fauci Op/Ed to Obscure His Support of Making Viruses More Dangerous in Lab Experiments by scrubking in corruption

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The more lies "the establishment" is caught in, the less "established" they become. But what comes next?

Reddit trolls admit they spam porn to censor conservatives by MisterQ in censorship

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And water is wet...

Welcome back Saidit. But what happened? by zyxzevn in AskSaidIt

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Particularly when the purpose of the venue is the group interaction, I agree that sole proprietorship is a weird model. That said, it's also hard to see how to maintain relatively consistent guidelines without a single guiding mind maintaining a unified philosophy. I can see it both ways.

But from a practical point of view, it may be more pressure than any individual could handle.

If you read this, M7, I do deeply appreciate the effort you have put in here and hope you are well. If the stresses of the position are overwhelming you, I recommend letting it go. Other speech venues will appear one way or another. It's not worth destroying yourself over.

Just let us know what to expect moving forward.

What question(s) do you want to ask a transgender person? by TheAmeliaMay in AskSaidIt

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As a relatively non-masculine while very comfortable with my maleness male, the point I was trying to make is not that all men think alike or that all women think alike. There are differences in perspective within any grouping. But even with that said, something about the manner in which TAM defined women struck me as something I have heard sometimes in male conversation (not among all males, but among some subsets), but never from females. Perhaps there exist some females that hold such rigid definitions of what "female" means that they would categorically exclude some with whom they share biology based on their behavior, but if that is the case, I have not met them. That's where my comment came from.

As I said above, I respect TAM for backing away from the original statement. It takes intelligence and strength of character to admit when we're wrong. Good on TAM for doing so.

What question(s) do you want to ask a transgender person? by TheAmeliaMay in AskSaidIt

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You have backed off an untenable position. That shows maturity.

I felt no insult in the least, not considering myself a feminist, so my comment was not in defense of anything. Rather it was pointing out that our human instinct to lash out at those we disagree with rather than recognize our common humanity leads us to precisely the situation you have just wisely backed away from.

I too am a hypocrite, by the way, in several areas. We all have our places where if someone looks at our life and then looks at the arguments we make, they will find we are not in the position to state what we do. I believe this is a universal human experience.

Consider this second comment, however, a polite invitation to consider the odd juxtaposition of considering yourself to be an authority of the definition of an experience which you have adopted but billions of humans have no option but to experience. This is my primary problem with transgender ideology. Particularly for women - who are biologically physically weaker than men (not at all mentally weaker, note) - they don't have a choice in this matter when it comes to force. For we - as men (and biologically, you were born with a physical form that inherently informs your experience) - to judge an experience we have never had, currently do not have, and will never have, strikes me as hubris.

Colorado Professor Claims That 'White Supremacy' is Causing Black People to Attack Asians by [deleted] in news

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This is why having a knowledge of what Orwell pointed out decades ago matters.

The entire foundation of BLM is a definition of the word "racism" that has nothing at all to do with race or skin color, but with people they don't agree with. If you disagree with them ideologically, that is their definition of racist.

You cannot "debate" pure narcissism. They don't recognize any thought that disagrees with them as legitimate.

I'm honestly at a loss to know how to deal with a group of people who have rejected civilized negotiation and debate. It makes democracy impossible, literally.

Welcome back Saidit. But what happened? by zyxzevn in AskSaidIt

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Where is M7? If these servers are his responsibility and he maintains ultimate control over whether saidit lives or dies, we need to understand better what's going on. There are some productive conversations on here (amid the usual 99% crap of any site), but the instability of not knowing if this is a durable platform does create a lot of stress.

As the others have said, thank you D3 for being the most stabilizing force on here.

What question(s) do you want to ask a transgender person? by TheAmeliaMay in AskSaidIt

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And there you have it.

Sorry, dude. You want acceptance for being you, and yet you have just penned the most classic example of intolerance I can imagine.

The above statement is textbook (and very male, I might note) arrogance, narcissism, and sexism. What you give to the world will come right back at you. Don't be surprised.

Hypocrisy, we live and dine on it...

edit to add: The more I read what you have written, the more male it sounds to me. This is remarkable. Like all in our world, I have had a lifetime of exposure to the two sexes, and I have a sense of what I perceive as male and female. I cannot imagine a female I know writing what you have written above. It sounds absolutely male to me. Think about that... What game are you playing here?

A Chip Shortage -- How Appropriate by StillLessons in whatever

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Mmm... yeah. A Carrington event would be a reset for sure, and I've thought about that as well. The carnage that would follow, however, would be terrifying at a level that's hard even to imagine. I can't find optimism in an event that would create the terror and violence that would inevitably follow such an instantaneous shift from extreme wealth to existential poverty.

But you're certainly right. It would put an absolute stop to the controllers' ability to exercise the technological slavery they are currently engaged in. At least for a time, anyway, until they could rebuild the necessary infrastructure. That window would provide a wake-up opportunity for those who survived.

We should actively seek emotional bonding in order to defend relationships, in contrast to the usual power games. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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This is why banning group gathering is so incredibly dangerous. People do not emotionally bond through electronic means. The past twenty years provide all the evidence we need for this absolute truth. Meanwhile, the controllers have spent the past year developing the model that "Well, we'll just meet online..." In other words, they are destroying genuine human connection and replacing it with an emotionally destructive simulacrum.

The First amendment talks about Speech, yes. And that is absolutely important. But also - and equally absolutely important - the first amendment makes clear that gathering together in groups is a divinely sanctioned activity, and that there is never any justification for taking away the right of people to gather peacefully and voluntarily in any circumstance. Plagues are no exception. I argue it is in the times of greatest danger -- from whatever source -- that gathering together to find refuge in human companionship is the essence of human beauty. Meeting together in peace is the greatest balance we have against the evil desire to separate, destroy, and control us.

This past year has been an exercise in evil, and far too few see many of the contours of just why this was so tremendously wrong. Physical safety is a disastrous idol to worship. It brings out the worst in us, never the best.

"Even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream a well funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information." -time.com by Questionable in DownTheMemoryHole

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Who the owners are is secondary and provides people a mental/emotional wall to hide behind when you point out the obvious. Better to focus on the simple fact that media concentration does exist, and that those running it do actively manipulate opinion. People will be less likely to emotionally reject a simpler construction like this. Who the individual people at the top are will come out on its own once enough people realize first that there does exist such a group, regardless of their identity.

US politics 2021 by jet199 in funny

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Great meme.

A perfect illustration of the insanity we have fallen into.

Obama and Bush Warning not to challenge the official 9/11 story. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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For me personally, this is a pivot that changed my perspective of the world 180 degrees.

But it's weird. It's like one of those "magic eye" pictures, which is invisible until you learn the physical trick of refocusing your eyes in an unaccustomed way. Then, once seen, there is zero question it is there. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem unable to see this clearly manifest evil even when directly in front of us, right out in plain daylight. Like in the pictures, if you don't use the certain focus of your vision, you don't see what is there. I am talking specifically about the collapse of the three towers. Demolition dynamics cannot be reproduced using simple gravity forcing and a traumatic localized break high in a steel-framed tower. I never cease to be amazed that people do not see this. Blow a very large firework in ~3/4 of the way up a tall tree. How is that tree going to fall? These buildings very much did not do that.

The other piece that saddens me is the passage of time. Because these events are now 20 years ago, the younger generation is no longer emotionally invested in them. Unfortunately, unless this generation recognizes the evil represented in what had to have actually happened that day, they can not see the depth of evil that has overwhelmed our current institutions. The "opposite" sides of our current politics cease to exist when we realize the level of cooperation required for the events of 9/11.

How to convince people that anyone who wants to possess "the ring" of centralized government power is by definition promoting evil, no matter which "side" they are on? I'm no closer to seeing an effective strategy for this than I was when I first realized the above.

Oregon extends COVID workplace mask rule indefinitely by beva in whatever

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Portland in particular is a remarkable case demonstrating the potential for disaster when self rule turns to democratic mob rule. Ideology steamrolls any rational check to its own power. Tragic to watch a population fall prey to their own simple-minded utopianism.

Italy: “Outrage” After Man Chosen to Voice-Dub Black Tranny – “Straight-Up Act of Violence” by carn0ld03 in Europe

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Orwell's Newspeak dictionary pokes its head out again: "Here I am!"

Barbarossa: Suvorov's Revisionism Goes Mainstream by carn0ld03 in history

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This would be an interesting debate in a more neutral context.

In the current "Russia hysteria" context, however, the surge in popularity of this interpretation is quite suspect.

Pentagon Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Reveals by Drewski in politics

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Haven't clicked through on this, so just reacting to the headline.

If there is anyone post-Snowden who needs to be told we are under 24/7 surveillance, they are operating in a cloud of willful ignorance. Are there many people operating in this cloud? Yes. But no matter how many headlines like this one pass them by, they will use their "partisan filter" to call whatever doesn't fit their pre-screened narrative "disinformation" so they can ignore it.

The desire to submit to authority is - independent of and often superior to any other consideration, i.e. freedom, liberty, justice, etc - the dominant force in the personality of an alarming percentage of the members of our species. I believe it to be 80+%, with zero hard evidence for the number, just my instinct of decades watching news stories scroll by and polling based on those stories. There is no socially-acceptable debate for these people regarding whether to submit to authority - that is a given; they are only ever interested in debating to which authority they prefer to submit.

Yes, Israel has nukes - despite the Official Story™ by xolotltlalo in conspiracy

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Rationally, they can't use them on Gaza given the proximity issues. The radiation cloud would include their own population.

Of course, nothing in the world is rational anymore, so what actually happens, who knows?

American Medical Association Embraces Critical Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy by scrubking in politics

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This is another case where the headline sounded too extreme to be true, but no, it's accurate.

Doctors, whose job is to provide medical care to individual patients, are embracing the language of the mob. By rejecting meritocracy (which they do, in their own statement), the AMA is committing themselves to encouraging the promotion of racially / gender correct individuals, regardless of whether they understand medicine better or worse than those with whom they are competing.

Think about that. This is the definition of a radical shift from trying to encourage good medicine (i.e. the most skillful, most knowledgeable providers, regardless of race/sex/gender) to trying to encourage good politics (the skin color of the doctor is now considered more important than his/her knowledge of medicine).

Will someone please explain to me how using someone's skin color / sex / gender as the dominant criteria for promotion leads in any way to more effective and curative medicine? All patients (all races / sexes / genders) suffer if the knowledge of the providers chosen becomes secondary in their promotion. If a white female doctor was able to recognize and diagnose a condition, but wasn't hired because the black transgender doctor who was unable to recognize that same condition was selected for "equity", patients with that condition - of whatever background - will receive inferior care.

The continuing suicide of western culture...

Review: 'Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World' Inspiring Profile. He said, "The vision of the Left — and I think many conservatives underestimate this — is really a more attractive vision. The only reason for not believing in it is that it doesn’t work." by Chipit in politics

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The difference is quite simple:

Socialists believe leaders can and should engineer human behavior (v.Soviet Union/China by force,v.US/Europe by bribery/coercion) to create "a beautiful society".

Conservatives (who in truth are far rarer than the number of people who use the name) believe if you leave individuals to make individual decisions - with limits only on those individuals directly harming other individuals (e.g. violence or theft) - society will come to the best possible solution without any overall plan at all.

The conservative side has no collective vision, and this is precisely our problem. It's hard to sell people on "Make your own vision a reality within your own sphere" when the left is selling them this amazing Disneyworld of everybody being equal and treating each other with kindness and light. They grab the imagination and run with it. Our side tells us we have to work for any positive we wish to witness. Theirs says they will take care of it for us.

Youth goes for the superficially beautiful because they haven't lived long enough to see the ugly face behind the mask (we all have that face). And everyone goes for the "Let them do it" aspect of it, because humans (like all animals) always try to take the "easier" path offered.

So few see that what appears so easy is actually by far the harder route.

Explain Covid vaccine to me by roguecanine in AskSaidIt

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My (non-technical, very limited) understanding is that the new type of vaccine is largely driven by the fact we are dealing with coronaviruses. Coronaviruses have been around forever as one of the families of virus which cause the common cold. Thus the old joke, "Yeah, and next they're going to try to cure the common cold." The nature of this particular virus (they're not all the same) requires different technical approaches. Thus the mRNA and vector vaccines.

That said, these "vaccines" (a form of genetic therapy) strike me as particularly dangerous, as they are "teaching our cells...to make" a substance which by design is toxic to us so that the immune system will then attack that very substance. This strategy in itself is inherently fraught with significant danger. Teach the body to make something it doesn't naturally make so the body can then attack that thing.

Can someone with more technical knowledge explain to me how this is not in essence creating an auto-immune loop and calling it a "vaccine"?

I'm seeing a lot of "Vaccine Regret", people who have gotten the vaccine that regret getting it. by salvia_d in conspiracy

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Regret is unimportant. If we meet someone in this position, the important point to make is that what's done is done. The consequences of past acts are baked in. But moving forward, we can start acting in accord with the promptings we sensed before taking the action we regret. This is where the future can change. Listen to our hearts; they are telling us that the noise around us is lies. The more of us strong enough to give our heart's voice its rightful place in contrast to the lies to which we are constantly exposed, we can begin to turn the tide. Look to the future and see where we can move differently than we did in our past action. Let it go and act better moving forward. There is motion in the right direction. Let's follow it.

all lives matter by [deleted] in memes

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That this is now a controversial statement - reported as "hate" - is the perfect emblem for the foundational philosophical flaw of our age.

If we can return to a point where this statement is routine - even if easily dismissed as tautological and a platitude - human society can progress.

If not, our species heads into the void, as will be fully appropriate. Let the cockroaches take over.

They're hoping you forgot: 60 Minutes Swine Flu Investigation - Mike Wallace - 1976 by christnmusicreleases in news

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But they're so much better at it now! That wouldn't happen today!

<someone whispers in my ear...>

What...? just a second... ... ...


Oh, sorry about that. Never mind.

Jesus For President by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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Although I agree with you (these effects are indeed known and manipulated by the gatekeepers), their role in this thread is not what bothers me. I'm not interested right now in the string pullers. I'm shocked by those having our strings pulled. These are decent people; they want what we all want, and in their hearts, they want me to be happy. But they are so enthralled to the ideas they have been exposed to that they have decided that Anthony Fauci provides them a more trustable and "safe" perspective than their own kin. They would allow him at their table before allowing me. Yes, the controllers want this and they are working for it; it's fine with them. But how do decent people fall for it, getting their priorities and "in" and "out" circles so thoroughly screwed up? That's what's keeping me up at night.

edit to add: not doing a very good job of going with the "funny" listing. Sorry about that.

Jesus For President by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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I find shocking the depth of bonds which can be sacrificed in someone's antipathy toward "the other". People's ideology of "good vs evil" will break any bond which crosses it. The most perfect emblem for this are the documented cases of brothers on opposite sides in various civil wars. A person who shares your biology as closely as possible, and shares your upbringing as closely as possible, and yet that person finds themselves in the "other" camp, and becomes so loathesome they must be destroyed.

I am for the first time in my life experiencing a muted version of this effect within my birth family. I have become the "other" for all my family members - parents and siblings - because of my views on Covid. Nobody is trying to destroy me, but at the same time, I am now shunned from family gatherings because of my perception of the world. This is a shocking sensation.

The mystery of this effect eats at my soul. It is arguably the greatest cruelty God has designed into our universe.

Black man: The reality is that we all reap the benefits brought about by the rise of Western civilization. The destruction of Western culture will not redound to the advantage of non-whites who abhor the West, nor to that of anyone else. Non-whites who fail to affirm this point are simply foolish. by Chipit in politics

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Traditional western civilization contained a strong premise of individual sovereignty. Our current cultural movement is de facto destroying that premise. All the movements that are vying to replace the traditional western model are invitations to demagoguery and totalitarianism. Are western societies perfect? Far from it. But the "solutions" proposed are all far worse, crushing individual initiative at the expense of vaguely stated "group" rights and prerogatives. Every individual in the west will suffer if these ideologies are successful. There is nobody whose "group identity" will save them from this fate.

Jesus For President by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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Absolute failure in moral logic is the hallmark of "influencers" like her. Her statement is a textbook example of precisely the moral failing she claims to criticize: lack of empathy and compassion for those she defines as "other".

Executive Order Canceling the Constitution by StrategicTactic in politics

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Read the EO itself; it's not very long. The headline is frighteningly accurate. TPTB are going for the brass ring. If not stopped shortly, we have a one-party state; individual rights are simply gone. Stroke of a pen, gone.

There are two genders. by christnmusicreleases in whatever

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Americans have completely lost their minds.

Yes, we have.

What has happened is broader than the gender debate. We have been trained to treat our ideas as "more real" than our observations. I walked into a room last night where someone was watching a mainstream hospital show, not sure which. One of the plots of the show was "If the statistics on the efficacy of a particular medical treatment demonstrate that this treatment has different effects in one race than another, this data should be rejected; don't just ignore it, do the exact opposite of what it says, i.e. treat the patient as though they are the other race, because the statistics for the other race are better."

Ideology trumps objective observation. This is a rapid route to a whole lot of violence and death.

And not surprisingly, looking around, the observation is that there is increasing violence and death.

But the ideology says otherwise, so I must be wrong.

Black business owners at George Floyd Square pleading for help as crime spikes and revenue plummets by [deleted] in politics

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Black-on-black crime is the primary root of all this. All of it. There is of course black-on-white crime and to a lesser extent, white-on-black crime. But the dominant social movement - the reason the police are so intimately in contact with this community (with the massively focused-on results) - is black-on-black crime.

The root of black-on-black crime? The destruction of black social support systems, most especially the family.

And who is responsible for that? The policies that have done the most to destroy black social systems have been put in place by precisely the people who are now claiming to be their greatest friends - liberal whites.

This is a predictable disaster. It will end when people let go of their "ideal" world-saving instincts, and begin to address the world just as it is.

Punish criminal behavior - regardless of race. Reward responsible behavior - regardless of race. Stop subsidizing failure, both at the extreme bottom of the social ladder, and most especially at the extreme top of the social ladder, where we have more dead wood than can even be imagined.

I can dream.

Washington State Department of Health Allows Vaccination Sites to Deny Vaccines to White People to 'Address Inequities' by scrubking in politics

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This sounds just like...

Oh, yeah! That's it!

Systemic Racism

Chris Cuomo says there won’t be police reform until ‘White people’s kids start getting killed’ by WarmPotato in news

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This is the key question not being discussed. The George Floyd case is a perfect microcosm of the problem. The entire debate - per the media overlords - revolves around those 9 minutes. What is not allowed to be discussed - ever - is what about the 46 years before that? Why was he so well known to the police? The official narrative treats it as though police wander around and randomly select black men to harass, but no. 99% of the time, there is a reason police show up in a given location. But that crime doesn't count according to BLM.

I think more and more people are recognizing this reality. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

In the late 80's, a sex ring was exposed involving high level politicians, members of the church, and members of the media in Boys Town Nebraska. Victims who spoke out were silenced, charged with perjury, and some murdered. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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When Larry King (the top man for this ring) was shut down, Epstein took over the network. Epstein is now out, I've heard rumors one of the girls who started within the network has taken it over. If not her, someone else is doing it. The ring is intact; the power of coercing politicians into conformity with the needs of the powerful is always a priority, and that is what these organizations provide: corrupted, co-opted decision-makers in all fields. When this is broken up, it will be simultaneous with the entire status quo dissolving (think end of Soviet Union). Even after that, of course, a new network will form, but this particular cancer might disappear with the end of the imperial U.S. supporting it.

Have you ever been cut off for your beliefs? by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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TL;DR: Politics has occupied an overwhelming percentage of our thought. Our current challenge is to maintain connections with people we love, and to move politics back to the background, so it can be discussed in greater calm. Without that step, the ongoing back and forth becomes ever-increasingly destructive.

I am working hard to maintain relationships with my birth family. No one has cut me off, but I am absolutely self-censoring to maintain family harmony.

The problem here is that for all the founders of the US tried to avoid this - going to great lengths to do so - we are mired yet again in sectarian battle. We are discovering in real time that "politics" and "religion" have significant overlap in the mind, both being subsets of the part of our mind that I think of as "faith". In whom or in what do we have faith?

My family has faith in systems and individuals that I find to be absolutely dishonest and destructive. But I do not believe my family have dishonest or destructive motives.

This is the challenge. How do we address people's faith, which is to say their world-view or perception of how the world is structured and how it works? This is a question far deeper than simple intellectual argument can reach.

My family is scared. The doctrines in which they have placed their faith have led them to find life itself to be terrifying. I do not see it that way, but when I express to them what I do see, my perspective sends them into yet further emotional insanity.

It's actually kind of terrifying. I was in a conversation with my mother - who is near the end of her life - and she really really wants to talk about politics. It's her favorite topic of conversation. But the very conversation we were having, in which I tried - as gently as I knew how - to question some of her premises, created so much stress in her that it made her sick. It exhausted her to the point that I most definitely had to end that direction of conversation for her health.

I think the problem for all of us is we are putting way way too much energy into these disagreements. This site is actually as bad as anywhere else. We are all (me included) obsessing and allowing these divisions we face to affect our worldview, which is then strongly impacting our existence itself.

This cycle sometime plays out - as the OP points out - in some people cutting friends off. But it is deeper than that. We are defining life itself in terms of these disagreements, which means we are living our lives as discord. This is the pattern that must change, for all our sake.

For this reason I work hard to maintain open channels, most especially with those where I find the greatest and deepest disagreement. We need to learn again what we were better able to do a couple of decades ago: to live peacefully and productively with politics in the background, not defining every aspect of our existence.

The internet is a huge part of how this has gotten as far out of whack as it has.

Have you ever been cut off for your beliefs? by PencilPusher55 in AskSaidIt

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Truth is: it's much harder to be friends with Left-wingers than Right-wingers. The difference is that Conservatives support free speech, and Liberals don't. There are people on the left who do support free speech, but they're in the minority.

This leads to the ever-present question in my mind: what defines being "left" and being "right"? This is a moving target, as clearly the "left" of twenty years ago is no longer the "left" today. I suspect that those you say are on the left and support free speech in the current environment simply have not yet realized that today's "leadership" of what they have self-defined as "left" have now explicitly decided that "left" is no longer an inclusive term; it is a doctrine which must be accepted or rejected in its entirety. This is to say "left" in the current environment is a religious term rather than a political one. I think the people who think they are on the left while supporting free-speech have not yet fully appreciated this new definition of "left". In their defense, this change in definition has happened breath-takingly quickly. It's pretty damned hard to keep up.

Sexually violent acts prevalent on major porn sites, new study shows by killerjavi98 in corruption

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The 30s actress who is made up to look like a teen is explicitly sending the message to the viewer "You should be fucking teens." The viewer absorbs that message and goes out to look for real teens to fuck (which sadly they far too easily find). You're focused on the details of the process and ignoring the outcome. The outcome is all that matters. Have you noticed? There is a massive pedophilia network operating in the western world, and the United States is one of the three primary sources of girls for this network (along with Mexico and the Phillipines). How the promotion works is trivial compared to the fact that it is working.

Don't get hung up on details. Admit we have a problem. This is the critical first step to start moving the needle back toward sanity.

BLM Protesters Tell ‘White Ally’: “You’re White, You Don’t Belong!” by scrubking in politics

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There are today many many intelligent voices in the black community beginning to make themselves heard.


Momentum is on their side. But boy they've got a lot of dead wood to clear...

BLM Protesters Tell ‘White Ally’: “You’re White, You Don’t Belong!” by scrubking in politics

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I repeat what I have said before:

BLM has a foundational logical flaw. The premise behind the movement is that black happiness or lack of it is a consequence of white behavior. This is a radically dis-empowering notion. Blacks do not control their own destiny according to BLM.

For any black who truly believes that any and all problems blacks face are the result of white domination, there is a continent where almost all countries are run by blacks. By moving to any of those countries, they would be free of the malign influence they say keeps them down. Two questions? First, why aren't they moving there? Second, why aren't those countries paradise on earth?

Maybe, just maybe, the problems we are looking at have nothing to do with race and everything to do with following ideologies that don't work, and never have. Just a thought.

Protesters just chased the entire CNN crew away from protest by x0x7 in videos

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BLM and Antifa are being funded by major money.

But at the same time, there are some genuinely naive and dedicated individuals and small splinter groups within these umbrellas. The smaller more truly grassroots types are quite happy to attack true corporate actors as their enemy. This creates an interesting tension, because when they do this, they are actually attacking the very PR source which the big money pulling the strings is allied with. The big money thinks of the movement as good theater to advance their interests.

For the big money, it is viewed as acceptable minor damage when someone actually goes off-script and attacks the real enemies the movement would in theory truly address.

If a genuine bottom-up revolution ever materializes, the old adage "it won't be televised" will be true, because the "news" crews will decide very quickly it is far too dangerous for them to try to cover a crowd of people who genuinely loathe them.

Sexually violent acts prevalent on major porn sites, new study shows by killerjavi98 in corruption

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Whether the performers are the people they say they are misses the point entirely, which is that the producers are promoting these behaviors. When a shill says, "I brush with Toothex; it makes my teeth so white!" we don't need to believe the performer actually uses Toothex to know this is what the advertiser wants us to use. It's the same in porn. The content is designed to make the viewer want to engage in these activities. Porn producers are promoting culturally suicidal behaviors.

To deny this is the purest of sophistry and flies in the face of common sense.

Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs Introduces Legislation To Ban Vaccine Passports by Drewski in politics

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Such bills are going to need to address corporate power explicitly if there is going to be any move in the right direction. So the government doesn't do it... if Target, Walmart, Starbucks, etc do, then people who value liberty still find themselves at the pointy end of force ("Private Property", right?) for living what was - 18 months ago - the life people had lived for thousands of years.

Living Large: Marxist Founder of Black Lives Matter Buys Million Dollar Home Near Beverly Hills by scrubking in politics

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If you see a slogan, run the other way. Do not walk.

For her: Black Lives Matter.

For Trump: Make America Great Again.

It's remarkable how easy it is to get people's attention, and through that attention, take their money. My neighborhood is still full of the signs. Each of these neighbors has paid for her house. Because "Science is Real" or something...

Simplistic thinking within an accessible doctrine. The death of our species.

How Propaganda Replaced Journalism and the Dangers of Third-Party ‘Fact-Checkers’ by scrubking in politics

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Some of my favorites are: Breitbart, newsbusters, racewar.news, zerohedge, WSJ, bitchute, jpost, thegloriousamerican, OANN, brighteon, trunews, newspunch, newswars, notthebee, dailymail.co.uk, reclaimthenet.org, legalinsurrection, bigleaguepolitics, pjmedia, theintercept, satanslibrary.org, countere, planet-today, and fff.org.

This is why when I read comments, I very rarely read yours anymore. What you have just listed is basically "sites who present the opposite view to your own". Meanwhile, when you craft your responses, the sources you use to support your points are always equally predictable. You have defined "sources" as "information", which is to say that if it comes from the wrong source, it is by definition "disinformation", and vice versa. There is no value in telling people who disagree with you to read sources that will simply repeat what you are saying.

What would be more interesting and productive - and I cannot think of an example where you do this - would be if you found examples from the sources with which you disagree saying things you agree with. The way you are going about it is not going to change minds; it is simply wasting the time of any who choose to engage. Perhaps, of course, that is precisely the point, in which case I confess you have just wasted precisely the amount of my time I have spent writing this response. Congratulations.

Russia warns NATO against deploying troops to Ukraine by Vigte in WorldNews

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What I mean is that Russia wants to control Ukraine, to re-create the buffer between it and europe - allowing it to continue in a nationalistic/multi-polar direction - while NATO and the UN, etc would like to use Ukraine to open Russia up - preventing its duginist/eurasian moves.

I cannot stress enough the incredible stupidity of NATO/US continuing this project. For NATO, this is a vanity project, an expansion of their power-hungry drive literally to control the world. They are playing a game of Risktm , with thousands of human lives destroyed. The same can most definitely not be said of Russia. For Russia, this is their border and the lives of thousands of ethnic Russians are at stake. For Russia, this is existential.

A NATO army - focused on "equity", "dignity", and "rights" in support of explicit neo-nazis, up against people fighting for their homeland. NATO is really stupid to be picking this fight, but they have done nothing in the past thirty years but sink deeper and deeper into stupidity. They - and most importantly the United States regime - must be stopped. This kind of empire-building has already cost too many lives on all sides. NATO/US government have no support at home for this. Very difficult to put oneself in their minds. It's shocking they can be so blinded by their own propaganda, but if history shows one thing, it is that the elites of dying empires never recognize the reality of their own end until the rubble pile finally grows high enough to choke them completely. The United States suicide mission is accelerating rapidly.

Other side of the Story? by StillLessons in politics

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My understanding is that he passed a false bill, and the business owner called the cops.

Also, given that Floyd was clearly under the influence of drugs, I repeat what I said in response to StrategicTactic: deeply intoxicated people are fundamentally frightening to deal with. This would also contribute to why the cops were called in the first place. It doesn't require much of a stretch to believe that Floyd's behavior was scaring people before the cops were on the scene; otherwise the cops would likely not ever have had reason to be there.

Other side of the Story? by StillLessons in politics

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Thanks for this. Each time I hear more about the details, I learn more. In what you write here, for example, I didn't know that he had been put in the car before being taken out and restrained.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear with each detail that arrives: the dominant narrative in this case is completely ignoring the incredible difficulties and deep stress put on cops every time they have to deal with a person who is deeply intoxicated, especially a large and thus potentially quite dangerous individual. Handling people under the effects of powerful drugs is not a trivial matter, and judging cops in that situation can never represent more than vast oversimplification of super super stressful instants in time.

You're Racist, whether You Like It or Not by scrubking in politics

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Always my weakness.

The George Floyd Echo by BillyMildish in politics

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George Floyd was not an "innocent". His history of extreme violence makes him a poor example around which to base a response. I remain open to the reality that racism exists in how blacks are treated, but when every time one of these cases explodes, the background of the "saint" involved comes with real violence and destruction, it makes the case harder to press.

Say her name. Breonna Taylor. Okay, I've said her name, and I will acknowledge her case directly. Breonna Taylor was specifically listed on the warrant under which the police were entering that property. That warrant was based on weeks of surveillance demonstrating drug-dealing activity, with her potentially involved.

I have seen cases of racism which are accurate and intuitively absolutely unjust (e.g. Kenneth Chamberlain in White Plains, NY - 2011). But those cases seem not to explode into the looting and destruction we witness around George Floyd. Why is it that riots seem to explode only around people who are not innocent?

I welcome replies to this question.

You're Racist, whether You Like It or Not by scrubking in politics

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Philosophically, the problem we now face with the weaponization of "racism" began decades ago. The fork in the road was when the word "discrimination" became stigmatized.

There is nothing wrong with individual discrimination. It is in fact an inherent trait in humanity. We are constantly discriminating. Discriminating is simply making a judgment - based on our experience of our own life and the information sources around us - about a new entry into that life. In other words, if I have the experience of having been attacked by a German Shepherd as a child, I will naturally discriminate against German Shepherds. It's my natural reaction to past experience.

But when it comes to race, we have been told for decades we are not allowed to discriminate for any reason. Now personally, like most people, I have a mixed experience of the various races. In the several decades of my life, I have had some very positive experiences with people of each race, and I have had some very negative experiences of people of each race. This is true of every racial group I can think of. Thus, my experience leads me to the conclusion that the things that make people decent are not related to race but to cultural upbringing and other personality traits (equally shared among all races).

But that's my experience. There are people who have had terrible experiences associated with a particular race. This is true in all directions. Some individuals have experienced particularly bad treatment from people of a different race.

I support those people's reaction to their experience, and their right to discriminate against people of the race that has hurt them. It is an absolutely natural response, and to deny the reality of their experience in the name of ideology is to dismiss the truth of that experience. The experience did happen.

We have now reached the pinnacle of ideological rejection of discrimination. From one extreme (=all blacks are savages, lesser intelligence, more violence, etc) to the other (all whites are racists, inherently evil, more violence, etc) in about 60 years. Ironically, both of these simplistic points of view are actually due to a lack of discrimination. Rather than discriminate (which is to say look at the individual in front of me based on my personal experience), it is mandated that we accept the state-sanctioned wisdom. We are not allowed to discriminate, and so injustice is assured whenever the general state rule is incorrect (which will likely be the majority of the time).

The sooner we allow individuals to discriminate (i.e. Stop State-Sanctioned Discrimination), the sooner we can limit the damage from each individual case and judge it based on its merits.

Character Matters!

BIDEN: "There's Not a Single Thing a Man Can Do That a Woman Can't Do as Well or Better - Not a Single Thing" by scrubking in politics

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Did anyone think our "elites" would reach the point of point-blank denying basic biology? The philosophical underpinnings of this movement are more ignorant than those of the Catholic church in the 1400s, and that's saying something!

Challenor is no longer employed by reddit. I'm surprised reddit actually did something. by TurtleFuzz in WatchRedditDie

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"We did not adequately vet her background before formally hiring her."

Bullshit. They knew exactly who he was. His history was anything but hidden, being completely public at several key points.

Anyone who continues to go to Reddit at this point goes there with no excuse. By being there, a person demonstrates a tolerance for pedophilic transgenders. They wouldn't have hired him in the first place if that's not exactly what they were looking for.

Now they are trying to pretend that it was an accident so they can maintain access to the mainstream culture to continue promoting this poison.

Is this the society we want to be? For those who keep going to Reddit, the answer is now yes. No more excuses.

BREAKING: Reddit goes on strike! What I'm seeing is Reddit and Twitter being flooded with people calling Aimee out. It's really something. Apparently now it's cool to post "Aimee Challenor's" name just for the sake of it - to be rebellious - and people are calling for her resignation. by Chipit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The premise of the "consent of the governed" is finally beginning to break down. As more people see that the majority does not condone, encourage, or accept this kind of crap, we may finally be able to reverse the tide. For decades the vocal minority has created an environment where ever-increasing social toxicity has been not only tolerated but promoted by our most powerful institutions. But those institutions can only exist as long as people believe the institutions "represent them". The MSM and the tech fascists are crossing every line imaginable to destroy that belief. They can do this only so long before the middle-of-the-road finally decides silence is no longer an option.

That's the optimistic case. But until I see the BLM signs up in my neighborhood come down (i.e. when people recognize that they have been conned into believing that "violence is peace"), I still remain skeptical. I don't understand how people can square that circle, but they seem incapable of seeing that the "victims" they use as their idols have usually been engaged in extreme violence for years prior to meeting the end they were headed toward all along.

This isn't about race. Reasonable people of all races (e.g. Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas) recognize that these groups are dangerous. BLM isn't holding up "black lives"; it is holding up as its heroes violent criminals. Meanwhile predominantly black neighborhoods find all the reasonable black business owners bankrupted when the riots destroy the wealth they honestly attempted to create.

Back to the current case, however. Maybe - just maybe - a public figure promoting violent pedophilia may create a counter-reaction. Once that reaction takes hold, we can only pray it continues, and people can begin to recognize all the many insane groups who have become "PR bait", and clean them out.

It's not a matter of violence. We need to create the environment where people become ashamed to support these groups. Let them die a peaceful and obscure death.

We can dream...

NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn't Wear a Mask While Dropping Her Off at School by scrubking in corruption

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We too often think of tyranny in terms of a single leader, but that's not what it is. It's the human tendency to assume personal God-like knowledge and enforce this knowledge over the freedoms of another. This judge and those in the school are convinced that "they know better", which is the pinnacle of human arrogance and ignorance.

Communism, socialism, and their kin lead to social tyranny in ways that are tremendously cruel and destructive. Our society is dissolving in front of us. Not surprisingly, it is dissolving from the head down. Notice this is happening in a very elite place. "The party" (h/t George Orwell) self-cleans before unleashing its power onto the proles.

Pelosi: 'Every minute' migrant children separated from parents 'a crisis' by format in news

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The insanity of this particular Democratic policy lies in their absolute inability to comprehend the motivation to migrate to the U.S., and how while they encourage ever more millions of people to move here, they simultaneously strip away that very motivation. In other words, people traditionally have migrated to the U.S. because it offered (before) the ability to live in relative freedom. People were free to do and think what we pleased as long as we didn't hurt anyone. This was beneficial both spiritually and materially (economically). I feel bad for the migrants today, because as Democratic policy rapidly destroys freedom of speech (without which economic vibrancy also will dissolve), the migrants will discover that this country becomes equally bad or worse than the other hells from which they ran away.

Donald Trump Tells Americans They Should Get The Coronavirus Vaccine by Nemacolin in news

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A few things:

Trump has always been pro-vaccine. He put a lot of political capital into making the vaccines happen. Why so surprised that he now - completely consistent with that stance - recommends people take the vaccines he put so much energy into developing?

Which means... guess what! Those who support Trump do not necessarily agree with him on all issues. One of the abilities Trump has maintained as a politician is his ability to let his followers disagree with him.

I have never been a Trump partisan and did not vote in the last election, for a vote for Trump would have been a vote to continue many policies of his which I find unacceptable and most definitely unsupportable (e.g. support for the bloodthirsty house of Saud).

That said, as opposed to Trump - who allows for disagreement and encourages independent thought among his supporters - the current iteration of the Democratic party is very much against these traits. The Democratic party has set up a few litmus tests (absolute obedience to BLM, their Covid policy, and transgender ideology) which are now sacred to them. Disagreement is quite literally not allowed, thus the bans on all their controlled media.

Two quotes particularly strike me from what you print here:

“I would, I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it, and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly,” Trump said, adding that “we have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also.”

In other words, he thinks taking the vaccine is a good idea, but he respects those intelligent people who come to the opposite conclusion. Respecting differing opinions! Wow! Might that lead to... diversity??!!

"Trump and his wife, Melania, quietly received the vaccine while at the White House in January, according to reports earlier this month. Other political leaders have been vaccinated in public settings in order to encourage more people to get the shot once they’re eligible."

So he followed his own beliefs, but he left other people to make up their own minds. Same as the above quote.

This is your problem on the left right now: deep intolerance for diversity of opinion. As I said, I disagree with Trump on several issues, so I will not play fan-boy to him. That said, in this area (allowing for disagreement of people in good faith in the population) he is far preferable to the control-freaks on steroids who are currently in charge of the show.

Lastly, an interesting piece was published yesterday on here, which I now repeat. I find this fascinating because this is an argument against the current vaccination regime by a strong ideological proponent of vaccines.


There are many solid intellectual foundations for genuine concern about our current public health policy regarding Covid. Personally, I find it insane. This has nothing to do with anything Trump has said. I have reached my own conclusions.

Long story short, you are confusing correlation with causation. The two groups discussed here (Trump supporters and Covid policy critics) have a pretty good correlation. But in this case, Trump has not caused anyone to be a Covid critic. It just happens to be that many independent-minded intelligent people (whom he is willing to respect, as opposed to his enemies) also happen to find the reaction of the political classes to this respiratory bug to be dangerously irrational and completely unscientific - revealing their understanding of the word "science", which they throw around so much - as pathetic and self-serving.

Training in order to remain objective in a narcissistic society. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The wise person is always fundamentally alone. Realizing that nobody ever agrees completely with any other individual, he/she knows there is no need to refer or defer to others in recognizing truth. Seeing truth, he/she merges with that truth and acts in harmony with it. Those ruled by the crowd (either in front of it or as part of it) can never know truth, for they are always slaves to that crowd, and truth is impossible for crowds to understand.

Saidit's 'free speech' is under attack from the new admin, who is of course a tranny. Check the moderation logs and see individual user posts to see what is being removed and ask yourself "is this level of censorship in line with saidit's rules, or are they serving a personal agenda'. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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The problem you discuss is the single greatest problem we currently face as a species. Our information sources are now so corrupted by powerful groups stating "what they want the world to be" rather than "what the world is", but claiming that this is what the world is. As such, anyone attached to these sources (and I seriously doubt there are more than a few thousand people on the entire planet truly unaffected by this stream of concentrated garbage) has become literally unable to discern any more what is true beyond the very immediate moment in which they live. I know I can't, and I have been given excellent analytical tools as part of the life I have lived.

Excellent comment. Worth its own thread/article, as a matter of fact.

Backlash After WaPo's ‘March 4 Threat from Militant Trump Supporters’ Story a ‘Mirage' by StillLessons in politics

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This is called a PR direct hit. TPTB are so paranoid at this point that every rumor that comes their way appears to them the end of the world. When you live behind razor wire, the view of the reality outside that wire becomes opaque. The more people can create these rumors - from whatever "side", right left or center - without ever having to lift a finger, the more energy is drained from the controllers responding to shadows. Sun Tzu somewhere is smiling...

World no closer to answer on COVID origins despite WHO probe - expert by StillLessons in WorldPolitics

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We know where it came from. The question is will there ever be the political climate for that information to be publicly endorsed by TPTB in the west? Collusion between the western PTB and the CCP is the big story of our era. In the current climate, truth is toxic for outlets like reuters if CCP works against it.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Thomas Sowell (THE SAAD TRUTH_1208). If he was the cultural leader of the black community they'd be the richest most powerful ethnic group on the planet. As it is, they hate him. Mystifying. by Chipit in politics

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Sowell is the best demonstration that, just as in other areas of our society, there is a serious divide developing within the black community. This is precisely why the "racism" argument doesn't work. I would gladly accept Sowell in a decision-making position. So when I loathe Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton, it's not about their skin. It's about the culture they are promoting. I equally (no, actually more) loathe Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The racism trope is the purest form of garbage in our politics today.

I wish Sowell and those like him the highest success.

That's why I think 9/11 was an inside job! by AndreasKammerer in politics

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How many times has this same meme been posted in the past few days? There's something off about this. I commented more in detail in the last iteration (about 5 hours ago).

Texas Governor Hailed As Conservative Hero For Ending Unconstitutional Mandates He Implemented by Drewski in funny

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The humor behind this misses an important point.

Putting the mandates in place was a mistake. They fed an on-going group-think panic among the population which allowed the authorities to censor alternative perspectives demonstrating the lack of effect of mask/distancing policies on viral transmission. In most states, this panic continues to one extent or another.

But - and this is a super important but - Abbott is willing to change policy based on evolving information. That's huge. While he made a mistake putting the mandates in place, he is now willing to undo that mistake. That demonstrates a flexibility of thought that is sadly lacking in today's politics. Given the huge unknowns about the virus as it was spreading around the world, I can understand that decision makers were desperate to CYA and take the most conservative course of action.

Even though that was a mistake, I celebrate Abbott using the excuse of dropping rates to end the earlier mistake now, upon seeing the data evolving more solidly toward what some recognized from the beginning: masks/distancing demonstrate no significant benefit in practice (not even according to the strict medical perspective), while leading to significant harm in the form of massive spikes in mental illness and of the obvious associated economic disaster.

Better late than never, and I look forward to the results of this new Texas policy continuing to put nails in the coffin of the pro-state-mandate ideology.

If something doesn't work, stop doing it. That's a big and very difficult thing for a politician to do. Good for Abbott for doing so.

That's why I think 9/11 was an inside job! by AndreasKammerer in politics

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Why is this being posted daily? My instinct tells me this is a vehicle of the pro-mainstream fanboys to demonstrate that "truthers" are morons ("see the stupid reasons they have...?!"). I find this more and more likely the longer they keep hammering at this meme.

If you want to understand the truth of what happened on 9-11, it's not obscure; it's staring us in the face in the direct downward trajectory of collapse of the towers. That is intuitively, scientifically, and statistically "exceedingly improbable" (read: impossible) as a result of a locally focused injury to the buildings' structural elements. On the other hand, the manner in which the buildings collapsed is 100% consistent with controlled demolition. Just watch a few videos of demolitions, and then watch the Twin Towers go down. These elements are even more glaringly obvious with the collapse of building 7.

What is perhaps most interesting is that TPTB still feel the need to work to convince people of the sanctity of their story using memes like this. The entire facade of legitimacy of the western corporate/state system is collapsing, and they realize this even more than we in the cheap seats do.

The sad part is that so many say, "hmm... well this system doesn't work. What can we replace it with? Socialism!" True government socialism is, however, only a further distillation of precisely the elements that make our system not work in the first place.

Experiments in giving humans genuine individual freedom are so rare and so exceedingly fragile.

Danish government video begs men to have sex with its feminists and conceive children. The advertisement relegates the man to a mere decoration and accessory and sperm donor. by Chipit in NotTheOnion

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Corporate values have destroyed meaning for populations in the west. Mental illness is skyrocketing as a result, and as this ad acknowledges, birth rates are dropping like a rock. Rather than offer individual freedom, however - which is the place where meaning is found - the state doubles down with an advertisement like this. They tell you to make the most important decision of your life - having a child - for them. Not because it is in your interest, because it is in the interests of "Denmark", which is to say the government and the corporate interests who behind the scenes are funding advertisements like this.

All part of the ongoing civilizational suicide ongoing among caucasians.

Places to buy American made goods by [deleted] in whatever

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Thank you for posting this. Where we spend our money (=the storage of our personal energy) is far more important than the spectacle of a "vote" put on periodically.

MSNBC Panel Suggests Antifa Is Noble, the Right Is Worse Than Al-Qaeda by scrubking in politics

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Kremlin Says Musk's Clubhouse Invite Was A "Misunderstanding" by StillLessons in WorldNews

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Someone gave Elon the "tap on the shoulder"...

When Not Even Your Own Staff Trusts You. Our “President” should never say “I’ll do whatever you want me to do” ESPECIALLY for Pelosi of all people. by Chipit in politics

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It means what you see around us...

There should be a downvote button on saidit by erratas in SaidIt

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I hope you understand the reasoning behind its removal? The problems with "hate-mobbing" are real, and I far prefer it this way.

House Democrats Pass Sweeping Bill Making it Easier For Them to Steal Elections by scrubking in politics

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One party state, here we come...

Communist White House Cuts Video Feed After Joe Biden Asks for Questions by scrubking in politics

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His incompetence (speaking in a technical sense, as in "not possessing the cognitive facility to maintain an active and continuous grasp of social relation to those around him") is becoming clearer each day. That we have as a figurehead a man who is the classic "helpless elder" is perhaps appropriate as a representation of what our society today reflects. I'd be curious to know who is actually making the decisions, but that's beyond classified of course. That's the information we are never to be allowed to know, as we haven't been allowed to know for many decades now.

What if we replaced elected politicians with randomly selected citizens? by btd1 in whatever

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While the chance of randomly putting people like you describe in office exists with random citizens, I still believe it would be superior to the current system. While under a random system, some percentage of sociopaths of various stripes would be selected, under the current system, those sociopaths are preferred. In other words, the current system (which is to say those who want power figure out how to convince people to let them have it) selects for the exact personality which is most destructive - the personality who wants to dictate how others live their lives and knows best how to lie to others to achieve that goal. So while there will be a percentage of sociopathic control freaks under either system, I am comfortable with the concept that there would be far fewer of them if randomly selected than by designing the system to reward them.

All of which is pointless, because it's never happened before in human society, and it never will. The human instinct to "lead" and "be led" appears to be genetically hardwired. While it is one of the elements making our species the most successful on the planet (for the moment), it is also our undoing.

Our species is on its way to extinction. It's actually kind of fascinating watching a species-level suicide. Killed by the very traits that got us where we are. The world, the solar system, and the galaxy will continue to spin after we are gone, and some other manifestation of conscious activity will take our place.

It's a beautiful universe.

Ex-CIA Director Brennan says he's 'increasingly embarrassed to be a white male' by Tarrock in politics

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Ah, deflection. He is ashamed in some part of his brain he still hasn't excised yet of being John Brennan, because he knows the evil he's done. But the only way he can think of to express this that wouldn't completely unravel the weak personality at his foundation is to claim it's because of his race and sex.

Forget your race and your sex, John. Who are you? Yes, you should be ashamed, but as a fellow white male, I assure you your shame has nothing whatsoever to do with your race or your sex. Look at your actions. Magic! We find your shame.

A question for those that are university educated.. by SubliminalCriminal in whatever

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Okay, so I watched about 120 seconds of the video, enough to hear him speak. But it doesn't matter.

I have a masters degree in a technical science, and my department was actually pretty solid, mostly intelligent people doing their best to solve complex problems. That said, even in what I consider a very grounded department, I witnessed some of the most pathetic thinking I have ever seen in my life. In particular I am thinking of a formal scientific talk given by a graduate student (who went on to receive a PhD) to the faculty that was frankly embarrassing. He was rightly torn apart in the questions period. My advisor said to me after it was done, "Don't ever do that to me. Ever." As I say, that guy went on to become a PhD.

And this was at a relatively solid department. Beyond that, remember that diploma mills are a thing. They do exist. There are schools which exist to graduate students, and the more students they graduate, the more funding they get.

Combine that with the out of control push for "equity", which is to say a certain percentage of students must come from certain racial, ethnic, gender backgrounds, and I find it entirely believable that this guy has multiple masters degrees.

"Higher" education no longer means much. Education made a fork into indoctrination post world war II, and here we are 80 years later. Some good work is still coming out, but less and less. Meanwhile, the number of people like this guy being released into the world spouting about social "science" which is really just jargon-laden bullshit is frankly shocking.

But that doesn't mean he hasn't received degrees. It just means you shouldn't give people with "degrees" any more credence than anyone else. As you are doing, judge them based on content rather than the letters after their name. You are practicing the now heretical act of critical thinking. Soon you will be imprisoned for this. Congratulations.