16-Year-Old Girl Trusted Science Instead of Her Parents and Got Vaxed; Now Has Neurological Problems - Daily Stormer by Tarrock in politics

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Calling these "problems" understates what has happened. This girl's life has been destroyed by this procedure. She will now require a lifetime of medical interventions to manage her condition. We need to recognize these tragedies as more than mere "problems".

Shaming people for not wanting to wear a mask or get forced gene therapy for a disease that cures itself 99.9% of the time is GOOD, but shaming gays for rampantly spreading AIDS which wiped out entire communities is EVIL! by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnReddit

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As long as the numbers are permanently muddy, they can play in those waters. Confusion is their strongest weapon. They love when things are "under question". More room for them to lie about it.

Shaming people for not wanting to wear a mask or get forced gene therapy for a disease that cures itself 99.9% of the time is GOOD, but shaming gays for rampantly spreading AIDS which wiped out entire communities is EVIL! by metafilter_sucks in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is an unfortunate problem built into the middle of this beast. It's impossible to know how many people have actually died from this virus. I'm 100% confident that it is far fewer than the published numbers, but the way numbers have been collected is systematically corrupt. As such, there is no pointing to "they changed this number or that...". All those counting, from top to bottom, have been using extremely flawed methodology. As such, it is virtually impossible to determine an accurate number. Brilliant on the liars' part...

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, pushed back against a coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theory shared by Nicki Minaj - insisting there is no evidence that it causes infertility by Orangutan in news

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In most political contexts I would agree with you. But in the case of these shots, there is no show allowed. TPTB will not allow even the shadow of doubt to appear in people's mind that there could be any danger associated with these shots. Notice, for example, that Donald has recommended the shot. Also notice that Donald has dropped his supporters like a hot rock regarding 1-6. Those two examples demonstrate perfectly that - just as you say - the Donald vs. Joe match is for show. Fully agree.

But they will not allow a show with the vaccines. If they permit even the tiniest of possibilities that there is danger in these shots, the flood will open and they know it. Right now, all the people with dead and disabled relatives think they are the exception and are isolated from one another. If it becomes socially permissible to talk about shot damage, opening that door will lead to the recognition of what the hell is actually going on, and the anger that would explode would be beyond even their prodigious ability to spin. ALL questioning of the vaccines will be crushed immediately. They have no room for show in this one and they know it.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, pushed back against a coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theory shared by Nicki Minaj - insisting there is no evidence that it causes infertility by Orangutan in news

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I never in a million years thought I'd find myself on the same side of any fence with Nicki Minaj, but life is wild...

Fauci has lied about absolutely anything and everything. The fact he's denying it means absolutely nothing.

She told a story about a person known to her and what happened to that person. Good on her.

More in positions such as hers need to stand up and shout out. The silence must end.

Forcing them to respond again and again and again... eventually even the most asleep is going to begin wondering how everyone else must be wrong for Fauci to be right.

The Nuremberg Code (1949) by salvia_d in conspiracy

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Thanks for this. Great post.

Massachusetts Activates National Guard To Bus School Children After Vax Mandate Staffing Shortages by StillLessons in politics

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Another very clear signal for those paying attention.

This is an explicit concrete action for the state to take control of the economy. For now it's school buses, but the concept is as old as are state-controlled economies, which run back thousands of years. The planners in the center create a set of rules which become so burdened by corruption and incompetence that these rules make it impossible for basic human activities to continue. Then the state, responding to the clusterfucks which inevitably result, begins to explicitly move resources around to try to manually adjust for problems they were the ones to create in the first place. Because no group of planners has the ability to be as flexible as life itself (which is the requirement), they can never catch up, and the problems spiral further and further out of control until one of two things happens: 1) large-scale domestic violence breaks out or 2) people on the ground get savvy and work through private arrangements, cutting the center out of the gravy they've been enjoying. In either case, the state will fail.

Now it's busing school kids. This is the easy part. The path is set though. It won't be very long before they will step in to "rationalize" (the word is of course a lie) food distribution. Look into the history of communist regimes for what this looks like in the modern context.

We're going to have to see how the population in the US reacts to this. In the case of China and Russia (the two largest systems to go to an explicitly centrally controlled economy), there was more ideological willingness in the population to trust that the people in the center were honestly working for their interests. While the idea of state management is growing in popularity in the US, I don't think it's at the level Russia and China enjoyed when their central planners took over.

Whether popular or not, however, one thing is absolutely guaranteed. Continuing attempts to centrally control and manage the activity of the population will fail. They always do. They will fail in China as well, where they have probably the most competent central planners the world has ever seen. Even with them being quite competent, they will never have the information necessary for success. Without decentralizing (anathema to them), their failure will never be a question of "if" but "when".

Currently, the US appears to be failing the most quickly of all.

The Masking of the Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From the Met Gala Are Now Commonplace. From the start of the pandemic, political elites have been repeatedly caught exempting themselves from the restrictive rules they impose on the lives of those over whom they rule. by Chipit in politics

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Greenwald is right over the target with this one. Unfortunately, the population-level nervous breakdown we are engaged in means those who are blind are completely blind. Until they find themselves directly under the boot, there is no reaching the braindead...

The Consequences of This Mandate Could Not Be More Grave by StillLessons in politics

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If you look at Hoffe's work in BC, microclotting occurs in more than 50% of recipients. That seems beyond some particular condition. It looks like this is a broad-based effect regardless of baseline condition.

The flagrant lies about HCQ and Ivermectin prove your last statement beyond any doubt. I don't know what the reasoning is, but they really want to prevent people receiving these treatments. They're putting a lot of resources into making sure people don't use these drugs, which appear from global data to be effective. This is the single most clear-cut conclusion of the entire 18-month saga. Whatever Adventures in CovidLand is actually about (the sociopaths' long-term "goal"), treatment with these two drugs interferes with it somehow.

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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Human delusion is a constant. It has not changed in history. Unfortunately, our technology does change. Thus, this particular expression of the age-old pattern of the deluded sociopaths playing with their deluded followers is as much more lethal and cruel as our new technology permits.

Life has always been tragic. Not sure if this is any worse? We citizens living in the west were pretty sheltered there for a few decades. That's over now.

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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Freedomtm is a wonderful word for politicians to throw around. Watch what power-mad control freaks do. Period. Always. If our military goes into a country and kills 200,000 people, is the population of that country more free than it was? What the control freaks say has zero bearing on this question.

Women discussing how their periods had been altered – earlier, heavier and more painful than usual – after they got their coronavirus vaccinations... The National Institutes of Health has awarded $1.67 million to researchers to study potential links between coronavirus vaccinations and menstruation. by Orangutan in politics

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When people begin to put together the fact that their symptoms are not rare while they have been told they are, there will be progress. The lies around the "safety" of these shots cannot be exposed quickly enough. Yesterday is when necessary. Every day the profiteers off this crap are able to continue with the evil "safe and effective!" BS, more people are put at risk of tragic consequences.

Getting Covid is not a death sentence. The nasty complications of Covid are rare. Fauci and the other demons constantly say the nasty complications of the shots are rare, too, but if one avoids the shots, then the chance of those goes to zero. I'll take my chances with the rare possibilities if I catch the bug. I don't need to add a second set of "rare" possibilities when the fucking shots aren't even preventing the spread of the disease...

Fauci Lied to Congress — Will DOJ Hold Him Accountable? One “smoking gun” is a research article written by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists. The paper acknowledges funding from the NIAID/NIH, and the research meets the Dept of Health and Human Services’ definition of gain-of-function research. by Orangutan in politics

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I agree. The problem is not that we don't know what they've been doing; it's that we've been trained for decades that the AIC (Assholes In Charge) can do whatever the fuck they please and they will get away with it. Until there is concrete evidence of criminal accountability for their fuckery, we may as well stop talking about it. If the universe does contain any actual moral balance, then the consequences representing actual justice - when they do finally arrive - are going to be beyond ugly to witness. If this does occur, however, those receiving this very ugly justice will deserve every lick of it. The horrors they have been allowed to commit for 110 years now require one hell of a balance...

Fauci Lied to Congress — Will DOJ Hold Him Accountable? One “smoking gun” is a research article written by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists. The paper acknowledges funding from the NIAID/NIH, and the research meets the Dept of Health and Human Services’ definition of gain-of-function research. by Orangutan in politics

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Money must be tied to some item humans cannot "define into existence". In other words, when it was the gold standard, humans cannot manufacture gold without actual work accomplished. Thus gold defined the quantity of work required per unit of gold extracted. The "barrel of oil" system actually created a similar system, though it was less tightly tied, with relatively informal connection between oil price and dollars. Current money (pure printing press) comes from zero work. It has zero value, yet is accepted for goods requiring work to create/extract. Thus the extreme chaos economically. Whatever system replaces the current system must be based on some item that represents inherent work. Only when the currency represents actual work accomplished can it be used as a stand-in for other items also representing work accomplished.

This is what "hard-money" means.

Noem: 'I Had No Idea Anyone Alive Could Wreck this Country as Fast as Joe Biden Is' by StillLessons in politics

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I repeat what I said recently. It is super important that we get beyond "the horse race".

While the Biden administration is the figurehead for this push to tyranny, it is actually only secondarily about Biden. Far more important is the philosophy that these actions represent, and that philosophy is shared by millions of people. Millions of people believe the best way to run society is to follow their rules. These individuals believe those who disagree with them are inferior to them. There are many many of these people who believe in the intellectual underpinning the administration is using when they create this kind of abomination.

So while we bitch (correctly) about what the administration of Dear Leadertm is doing, we need to focus even more tightly on watching those in our communities expressing similar desires to create rules that everyone must obey to satisfy them. This philosophy needs to be addressed at all levels.

There is no more important "battle of the mind" to be fought in today's world.

TIL our wood is weird by jet199 in TIL

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Your screen name gives me a chuckle. Thanks.

TIL our wood is weird by jet199 in TIL

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I've talked to many people in construction-related fields over the past ten years, and they all tell the same story: Construction from pre-1970 is a fundamentally different animal from later construction. Our house is from the 1890s. Everyone says, "Uuuhhh, must be a lot of maintenance!" Yes and no. While nothing can be around that long and not have issues, I've been told again and again that we are the lucky ones. A friend who does contracting for me tells me often of the number of post-1980 vintage houses he goes to and the framing of the house is already falling apart, badly. 10s of thousands of dollars of work on some houses less than 10 years old. This post is one aspect of this. McMansions get their name for a reason...

The ACLU, Prior to COVID, Denounced Mandates and Coercive Measures to Fight Pandemics. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) surprised even many of its harshest critics this week when it strongly defended coercive programs and other mandates from the state in the name of fighting COVID. by Chipit in politics

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That statement by the ACLU is one of the most terrifying things I have ever read. It's pure Ministry of Truth. Black has been declared to be White. That the statement was distributed by the ACLU completes the pure evil genius to create absolute mental havoc. We are living in the single greatest lie ever told to humanity. From an intellectual point of view, it's fascinating. From a moral view, we are living the purest tragedy ever conceived and enacted by the evil of man.

Rolling Stone 'Horse Dewormer' Hit-Piece Debunked After Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses by AXXA in politics

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This is why the "power to shape the debate" is a tool that must be taken away from the legacy media.

The debate as they have defined it: Should people be allowed to take a veterinary medicine untested in humans for Covid?

The absolute ignorance of that construction cannot be overstated.

My wife is a doctor. She personally prescribes Ivermectin regularly for her human patients. The "on-label" use of Ivermectin is as an anti-parasitic. Within her specialty, it is a very common prescription; it has been used for years. As such, there is extensive safety data for Ivermectin. This drug is way way far away from being an "experimental" drug. FDA approval is far back in the rear-view mirror. It is common, with a completely well-known and documented safety record, in humans. To claim otherwise is absolute ignorance, easily cured by the most cursory glance at the history of Ivermectin. Hell, you can even find this on Wikipedia.

What's the debate? Using Ivermectin to treat Covid is "off-label". In other words, the FDA has not given its seal of approval to use this drug for this application.

A note now on the culture of medicine. Fortunately (or not), because during Covid times conferences have moved online rather than in person, I have witnessed many conferences that my wife has "attended" this past year. What is clear from listening to doctors describe their research, the state of the art, and progress in their field - the purpose of medical conferences - is that using medicines off-label is a key privilege which comes with the degree of "M.D." or "D.O." and certification within their specialty by the associated boards. Occasionally using medicines off-label is standard practice, because this is a critical way that they advance the field. Practicing physicians need to be able to try new ideas out, based on their clinical experience and knowledge of the research, so that the field can advance. Off-label use of drugs - carefully documented with motives and reasoning explained - is central to the forward progress of medicine.

The medical consensus on Ivermectin in the treatment of Covid at this time is "inconclusive". Again, you can look this up. That does not mean it doesn't work. It also doesn't mean it does work. It means, more research will be required to determine if it works or not. In the meantime, it is absolutely consistent with standard medical practice that doctors in good standing in their clinical practice be able to prescribe this drug if - in their clinical judgment backed up by their well-documented reasoning from the literature - they believe it will help their patient. In situations without so much political overtone, this is absolutely standard medical practice. Again, I've been listening to this over and over again in conferences within my wife's specialty over the past year.

The fact that Ivermectin is also used in veterinary applications is entirely irrelevant to everything I have written above. 100%. There are many drugs that are useful in more than one species.

The legacy media is absolutely lying in the way they are framing this debate. It is an obscene caricature of what medicine is, its traditions, and what it means.

Does Ivermectin work? I don't know. No one does.

It is a relatively safe drug - based on years of use in humans - and doctors are absolutely within standard medical practice (going back decades) to use it if they see clinical benefit with their patients, knowing the literature about the drug, and knowing the particulars of their patients' care.

Calling Ivermectin "Horse Paste" and suggesting it is untested in human application is an egregious lie. There isn't a gray area here. This isn't a "mistake". It's a lie.

Media protection racket hides Joe Biden’s ‘comically bizarre gaffes’ at CNN town hall by Brewdabier in videos

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What's scary is not Biden himself; it's the fact that there are millions of people in the country willing to prop him up. This is Weekend at Bernies in real life, and it's the presidency of a country with the power to crush popular unrest around the world. That Biden is a vegetable, okay... but that there are this many people in this country willing to accept a vegetable as president? That terrifies me.

KY Gov. Beshear Calls on Families to Push Unvaccinated -- 'Sane Versus Insane Issue' by StillLessons in propaganda

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This is precisely the razor on which this "debate" rests.

In 2016, it was "deplorables". Beshear's comment here is just the latest in the long series of similar thinking.

For people in the "ruling class" (they see themselves as rulers, not representatives), it is impossible that anyone could disagree with their pronouncements and be sane. For all they love to abuse the word "tolerance", these are the most intellectually intolerant group of people I've ever seen. You're either with them, or you're [insane, stupid, immoral etc - pick any one of many ad hominem responses].

They've reached a bump, however, in medical care. Individuals always come to our own conclusions about safety. This is the definition of "getting a second opinion". For the rulers of today, there is no second opinion; theirs is the only opinion allowed.

We're not insane, governor. We disagree with you. Get over yourself.

wonder which group is doing better? The unvaccinated or the vaccinated? This might help with that opinion. it's only a minute long. Informative and surprising by JustLookDontDismiss in WorldNews

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Wow. He lays it out very well. Telling us what we basically already knew, but in a way that puts it together very powerfully.

Thanks for this!

Any Word On Magnora7? by Entropick in SaidIt

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The last thread I saw about M7 yielded one important clue.

The site used to have "canary messages". In other words, monthly he would say basically, "This site is not compromised."

Since he disappeared, those messages have not appeared.

For your consideration.

How is this possible? Biden is even angering slightly extremist “Black Power” YouTube channels with large audiences.. it reminds me of “Horshoe Theory”; literally everyone is on the same wave-length now, but for different reasons and still remain divided lol. It’s sad. by Enza in politics

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We need to open our minds beyond the 'horse race'. Biden is just a single man. Less than that, he's really just a name. Same with Trump.

What does matter is the people we must interact with in our daily lives who subscribe to philosophies represented by each of these names. There are millions of these on both sides.

One side is currently pulling for centralized power to force compliance with their doctrine. While the other side might do that if they had the power, the truth is THEY DON'T. As such, they are fighting for maintaining the right to disagree. I will always fight for the voice that is fighting to maintain more than one perspective at the table. Which voice that is varies with the era. Right now, it is anti-establishment, and the Democrats are the establishment, along with their RINO colleagues. They are the greater threat, and they must have the power they so desire to wield over others removed from them forcefully and completely.

No to tyranny. Of any kind. Ever.

Tucker: Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power by cottoneyejoe in politics

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I have immediate family who are very partisan Democrats.

This has become a religious moment in this country. None of the family members I'm thinking of are particularly religious in a traditional sense. I'm using the term in a more descriptive sense for the part of their psyche that has become dominant over the past 8 years.

They see an item like this, and their reaction is a sensation of penetrating all-consuming moral superiority. People like Tucker Carlson (Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, etc) are literally evil. In my conversations with these family members, it makes zero difference what Carlson says. Zero. The fact that it is Carlson saying it is sufficient for them to know that this is heresy. "These people" cannot be allowed to have a voice. They are by definition dangerous, no matter what they actually say, or what happens.

This is where the censorship comes from. It's not politics (the art of compromise among different interest groups); it's doctrine. The moral map they have drawn is absolute, and it must be maintained.

I do not hate my family members. I have told them explicitly that when they are talking about the roughly 50% Trump population, they should include me in that group (though I don't support Trump, their reaction to him forces me to side against them). They don't hate me. But they are radically intolerant of the culture represented by Trump and his allies. It is that radical intolerance combined with the sensation of innate moral superiority I find incredibly dangerous. It is manifesting as a mob who wants to destroy the lives of the unvaccinated. That desire has nothing to do with public health. It's othering in its purest form, and it is this profound lack of compassion for their political opponents that has alienated me completely from the established power structure.

The basic point that Carlson is making here is accurate. Partisan Democrats cannot allow anyone who disagrees with their fundamentalist liberal doctrine to have any power. They are convinced that to do so would mean the end of the world.

I suppose the opposing side will say that the precise opposite is true - it is the conservatives who are radically intolerant. The difference is "who has the power?" The liberal side currently controls all the levers (education, dominant propaganda, government, corporate). This makes them infinitely more dangerous in our current environment, as they are actively using those levers to physically crush their opposition. This is what the Jan 6 prosecutions are.

A power structure with such a radical lack of respect and compassion for those of dissenting opinions (especially when those dissenting represent literally roughly half the country, and more every day) must be resisted. If the conservative side gains and abuses similar power, I will gladly oppose them as well, but in the current context, conservatives are most definitely the David in this David v Goliath struggle.

I start to turn feral after a week by AmericanMuskrat in whatever

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I like to go to places were there are people

I spent a time after a divorce when I was alone for weeks at a time, and this technique is helpful. It doesn't matter whether you know anyone or not. Just being among humans lessens the isolation.

Let whims become activities. If you get a sense of ice cream, hell, go to the ice cream shop; make that "an activity". Before you know it, another day is passed...

I start to turn feral after a week by AmericanMuskrat in whatever

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Great advice all. Well done.

‘None of the usual cohort’ protesting outside White House over Afghanistan. The silence is deafening, especially from people who value women's rights. by Chipit in news

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Thank you for the considered response. I always appreciate the rare opportunities when a conversation like this actually yields ground for - as you say - "looking at the problems more so than looking at those who are manipulating the problems." I fully agree this is the only strategy that can ever yield actual motion in society rather than just revving up the established gears even faster.

I'm mildly encouraged by the news the past couple of days. I'm seeing multiple examples of individuals gathering into groups, yet the purpose of the groups is "Just Say No" to centralized control. People are getting loud about taking control back into our own hands, such that when some government or corporate authority says Jump, we are beginning to say No rather than how high? I'm particularly interested - as a good example - in the reporting that the Chicago Public School system now faces a crisis of student transportation after the city told employees "Vax or quit", and ~90 bus drivers quit. This is an excellent real-world application of the principles we are talking about. These concrete decisions will be where the concepts you and I are batting back and forth here will be fleshed out.

Thanks again for the thought you put into your response.

Catastrophic News For Democrats In This Country -Boris Epshteyn: “Biden’s Presidency Is Over” by cottoneyejoe in politics

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Let's hope that people don't take this to mean "Yay Republicans!" There are far too many Republicans also endorsing state power far beyond what is healthy for humanity. Power must return to individual citizens. A pandemic is actually a great test case to find out how much we will accept. There are promising signs that people in the west are remembering again (each generation has to learn this lesson individually, it appears) that giving power to the center to "control" the population is a terrible idea, in all contexts.

The next very important step is also openly acknowledging the dirty "secrets" (not actually secret, even Democrats know this but politely ignore) of the massive corruption in both parties right now. Time to end the "show hearings" that paper over unbelievable evil and start actually holding individuals criminally accountable. Sexual assault and abuse of minors is a very promising direction to move with this. So much has been swept under the rug. Time to get under that rug... There are so many from both parties, but Hunter Biden is a particularly glaring black eye, given that we have his own fucking laptop telling us precisely what he and his father have done. It's mind boggling, really...

"The Good of man is the active exercise of his soul's faculties in conformity with excellence or virtue. Moreover, this activity must occupy a complete lifetime". -Aristotle. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Guilt is inherent to the human condition. This tells us that we know which behaviors are moral and which are not. The whole concept of "relative morality" cannot account for the innate sense of right and wrong that we possess.

Life is a lot more fun when we respect what our guilt tells us. If we feel guilty doing something, rather than trying to upend thousands of years of human experience to convince ourselves "it's just society telling us this," let's start paying attention. Stop activities that provoke guilt - whether you intellectually think the guilt "makes sense" or not - and we discover life is far more fun, satisfying, and meaningful.

wonder which group is doing better? The unvaccinated or the vaccinated? This might help with that opinion. it's only a minute long. Informative and surprising by JustLookDontDismiss in WorldNews

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But he doesn't tell us the numbers for the unvaccinated. We need that for comparison.

‘None of the usual cohort’ protesting outside White House over Afghanistan. The silence is deafening, especially from people who value women's rights. by Chipit in news

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I was one of those democrats until 2009. Obama opened my eyes. I don't know how many of us disillusioned democrats are out here, but I sure seem to be running into a lot of us lately. I honestly cannot imagine how the ones who remain are explaining the world to themselves.

‘None of the usual cohort’ protesting outside White House over Afghanistan. The silence is deafening, especially from people who value women's rights. by Chipit in news

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I did not intend to make it sound like your idea.

I think a lot about the word "they". Like everyone else, I use it far too much. But as you say, we are all inherently ambiguous about it.

My first instinct was to ask you who "they" are. But then the comment came out as it did.

I think you and I are largely in agreement, though I am open to hearing otherwise. I agree with you that I am being too glib about the possibility that "the mob" (another ambiguous term I used) will suddenly coalesce into a unit that sees a single entity and attacks it. You're correct that it is not remotely so simple. But the point I was getting at is that if enough of the population decides to aim their rage at the established powers, their tanks are never enough. Especially in a country as heavily armed as the US with a lot of very very pissed off veterans, if (and it's a huge if, I grant) people unified just enough to say "okay, first step, this established power needs to go..." all that modern machinery and military tech they have would be of even less use to TPTB than it was for them in Afghanistan. It is still about hearts and minds.

That's what we're here on these sites hashing out...

"Don't You Ever Forget": Biden Enrages Gold Star Parents Of Slain Marines by StillLessons in politics

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Propaganda is the tool of the powerful to direct the mood of the plebes. Maybe that's not the official definition, but close enough.

The woman around whom this story was structured was there. Her Facebook post described her direct experience with Biden. Other families who were also direct actors in these events concur. Their accounts of their personal experiences are not propaganda, and their accounts tell the story themselves. Remove all the rest of the words of the article and just read the quotes of the families themselves. Not propaganda, personal recountings of their experiences.

You will then say these families are victims of propaganda and that's why they think that way. And thus you will be repeating the incredible level of disrespect and condescension they are receiving regarding their experience of losing loved ones who sacrificed their lives for this country.

Blaming the messenger is a pathetic excuse, particularly given this particular example. You need some new material.

‘None of the usual cohort’ protesting outside White House over Afghanistan. The silence is deafening, especially from people who value women's rights. by Chipit in news

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Rage at the level that is building overruns any such "strategy". If the mob decides that the "they" you are referring to is the enemy, such an "ambush" would be like a matchbox tank placed in the way of a real-life bulldozer.

Living under your own terms when it comes to trying to beat the system is enough. Don't get caught up in the things you can't change. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Anyone else get the sense this is a very strange bot programmed to deal with existential posts?

Living under your own terms when it comes to trying to beat the system is enough. Don't get caught up in the things you can't change. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The most important thing to help people be happier is for us to absorb fully the fundamental meaning of the only 100% predictable event in existence: we are - each and every one of us - going to die.

No matter what we do, no matter how we act, no matter whom we love or hate, no matter whom we trust, death arrives in any case. No matter what form death takes or when it comes, it is scary.

People spend entire lifetimes trying to control the world around them to make this world less scary and less dangerous. They die the same as everyone else. Most of them are forgotten, like most people throughout history.

Your post is so important. We can never prevent this one event. Not for ourselves, nor for anyone else. Never. Events sometimes bring about concentrations of death in certain times, but everyone who dies in any given concentration of death was going to die eventually anyway. The arrangements of the groupings of death may shift, but everyone will still die sooner or later, and most of them will not be happy about it, whenever it arrives.

Trying to "prevent" death is a waste of spiritual energy. Judging events by some category "deaths involved" is equally meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

So what can we do? Just what you say here. Figure out how to spend each moment of your life in the best way possible, as judged by you. The vast majority of us possess a conscience. Keep that in mind. Work with it. Make each instant the best you know how to make it so that good is manifest.

The more good we manifest during this life (we know when we're doing this; we individually can feel it), the more we find the whole series of events meaningful.

When Life is lived like this, Death becomes an afterthought. If we die knowing we are manifesting the best we have to offer, Death is just the next event, the next challenge for us to face. Same with illness (in ourselves and in those we love) and the other myriad challenges which are part of the fabric of Life.

I agree with you completely here. Stop trying to change the world. Just live better. In itself, this is this best change each and every one of us can create in this life.


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"Don't You Ever Forget": Biden Enrages Gold Star Parents Of Slain Marines by StillLessons in politics

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But it's part of the job description. You are correct that the actual war policy of the US is managed a few pay-grades above the presidency, but the president must still play the part (the skillsets of politicians have a lot of overlap with those of actors). For Biden to behave the way he did tells you two things, in conjunction. As you point out, first he's not really there anyway, with his cognitive function barely hanging on to the ability to chew and swallow. But even given that he's braindead, there are different ways braindead people can act. Impatience at the service for dead soldiers is not just "not great form", it is precisely - 100% - the behavior that will most rapidly turn a crowd against you. Not only is he braindead, he also never had any empathy even before his brain rotted. That's a second and very important part here.

Yes, he's largely a ceremonial actor. But even that role has requirements, and he demonstrates (not surprisingly, but it shouldn't be ignored all the same) precisely the wrong approach to his role.

"Don't You Ever Forget": Biden Enrages Gold Star Parents Of Slain Marines by StillLessons in politics

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I see a machine here in the process of catastrophic failure.

The "Let Them Eat Cake" reference is overused, but the profound lack of respect or empathy shown by Biden - directly responsible for the deaths of so many people now - is the siren screaming in the alarm system: "She's gonna blow!!!"

This isn't about political arguing. It's raw, personal, visceral rage.

And the class which Biden represents are absolutely blind to it.

God help us all.

‘None of the usual cohort’ protesting outside White House over Afghanistan. The silence is deafening, especially from people who value women's rights. by Chipit in news

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I have a sense of the tide pulling out before a tsunami. What she describes here in regards to Afghanistan is an analog of what's happening on many fronts. At the same time, there are many many school board members resigning because they are facing very heated pushback regarding education of kids. Put those things together, and I see a huge groundswell of rage developing at the personal level, but those enraged realize that the usual vehicles of expression (the "standard protest") will be ignored. The Kennedy quote about "those who make peaceful revolution impossible..." is every day coming closer to truth. Beware the quiet eye of the storm. When the far wall of the hurricane hits, it's a doozy...

Are vax mandates part of a "soft purge" to remove conservatives from positions of power? by Ponderer in politics

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Great comment. Thanks for this.

How Russian Citizens Crushed Moscow’s Vaccine Passports in Just 3 Weeks by killerjavi98 in WorldNews

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Today is full of positive news! Exactly!! Exactly!! Exactly!!

No violence required. Just when they say "you need permission to do this", don't do it.

The rubber meets the road because they will make sure that food cannot be accessed without these passports. At that point, crowds gather and overwhelm whatever security is put in place.

But the first step is to demonstrate (as done here) that if [X] = vaccine passport, then we don't do [X].

More, more, more. People are waking up.

Next is to figure out what sanctions need to be enacted upon the assholes who are attempting this power grab over humanity. We know who they are. The sanctions need to be very severe to prevent future tyrant wannabes from attempting this again within the memory of the living generations.


The Vaccine Passport is the End of Freedom by metafilter_sucks in conspiracy

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The vaccine passport is the adoption of the social credit score that the CCP has so far developed most fully. They consider themselves sufficiently enlightened to decide who should eat vs who should starve based on government judgment. This is an age-old anti-human philosophy distilled to an incredibly lethal concentration. State lovers hate human beings. They'd rather be managing honeybees. It really is that simple.

Entire Chicago police force threatens to quit over vaccine mandate: “This has literally lit a bomb underneath the membership,” said Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara. “We’re in America, Goddamn it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period. This ain’t Nazi fucking Germany.” by Orangutan in news

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Absolutely. A minor edit, though I'm nitpicking. Personal bodily autonomy is the very definition of freedom. Without that, we have nothing.

Agreeing with you, just saying it slightly differently. Sorry for being annoying. :S

Entire Chicago police force threatens to quit over vaccine mandate: “This has literally lit a bomb underneath the membership,” said Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara. “We’re in America, Goddamn it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period. This ain’t Nazi fucking Germany.” by Orangutan in news

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Now we're talking!!

I've been wanting to see this since the covid restrictions began.

Police are people too. Just like all groups of people, there are good ones and bad ones.

We need to talk to the good ones! I've been doing this in my own community (not Chicago) for exactly this purpose. If the powerful are going to set up the totalitarian system they want, they must enforce it. That requires manpower. If we show the good cops what they are being asked to enforce, let's pray they do exactly what they're threatening here. Are there a portion of very bad cops in there? Absolutely yes. That's a separate issue, which we must continue to address. But drop the ACAB bullshit, because it is not helpful.

Enough! Walk away! Cops like this need support.

Entire Chicago police force threatens to quit over vaccine mandate: “This has literally lit a bomb underneath the membership,” said Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara. “We’re in America, Goddamn it. We don’t want to be forced to do anything. Period. This ain’t Nazi fucking Germany.” by Orangutan in news

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There were Nazis before there were gas chambers and concentration camps. Your argument is that we should wait until they build the camps and start executing people before we acknowledge this is the same ideology. Saving lives and preventing horror requires recognizing what these people are capable of before they do it. Wake up.

Are vax mandates part of a "soft purge" to remove conservatives from positions of power? by Ponderer in politics

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What's fascinating is watching the increasing concentration of "power" in pro-state hands - as you describe well in your post - alongside the obvious collapse in the function of the institutions they now control. The tighter their control becomes, the more obvious the failure becomes.

What's tragic is that so many people are so destroyed by following the dominant philosophy faithfully - believing the rich and powerful when they promise "a better world" - that they are no longer capable of recognizing that it doesn't have to be this way. Their capacity for critical thought, and for critical moral judgment has been gutted by the abuse they have suffered.

I wish I knew how to reach people who genuinely do not understand that their saviours are the problem.

I have never met a happy lesbian. by [deleted] in whatever

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This single comment illuminates for me in perfect clarity every exchange in which you and I have engaged. Thank you for this.

"In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule". -Friedrich Nietzsche. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Nature is inherently heterogeneous. When a group, party, or nation speaks, it must arrive at a "common policy". In order to do that, all the natural heterogeneity gets tossed out the window. But that heterogeneity is reality. Long story short, groups, parties and nations must eliminate all the useful information that is available to individuals in order to function. A policy that denies / ignores all the details - which are life itself - cannot help but be insane.


Repeated booster jabs may be lethal researcher warns | Free West Media by goddesu in news

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If - as appears to be happening, though far too slowly - people finally come to realize that there is actual harm associated with these vaccines, at a level at least similar to that associated with the virus itself, it's going to be catastrophic for the elites in the US and Europe. They have gone all in on "vaccines". There is no way at this point to distance themselves from this policy. If the mob decides that their elites have directly put them in harm's way? I wouldn't want to be an elite talking head at that point...

Study Shows Fully Vaccinated People Carry 251 Times Viral Load, and May Pose Risk to Unvaccinated. by [deleted] in news

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The quote he cites from the abstract of the study is quite specific. It is talking about viral loads of breakthrough cases. Not of non-breakthrough cases.

Study Shows Fully Vaccinated People Carry 251 Times Viral Load, and May Pose Risk to Unvaccinated. by [deleted] in news

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The variable of "breakthrough / non-breakthrough" is binary: either the virus infects a patient who has not been vaccinated, or a person who has been vaccinated. That is very important information. Cases of patients who have been vaccinated and develop covid anyway demonstrate by definition that the vaccine did not prevent spread of the virus to that person. Then, depending on the level of symptoms manifested in a given patient, some of those who contract the virus (even though fully vaccinated) will go on to spread it to others. In other words, some portion of breakthrough cases are still vectors for covid transmission. Given that these new cases come from vaccinated people, there is no reason to believe they cannot infect other vaccinated people. Instead, it is likely that the form of the virus is now adapted to survive and replicate in the presence of the antibodies the vaccine leads the body to create. This is what the Delta variant is. It is an adaptation of the virus that appears to be ready to spread among vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

The vaccine did not prevent this variant from taking hold, even in countries with very high vaccination rates. You and I have clashed over this multiple times. Covid is a highly adaptable pathogen. Pfizer / Moderna / J&J / etc have not figured out the magic bullet they claim to have done to stop it.

I would go a step further (in alignment with Robert Malone and Geert Vanden Bossche) and say if you create a "vaccine" that doesn't actually eradicate the virus, which the evidence is 100% clear that these therapies do not do, then you are actually creating a pressure on the virus that will only make it worse, as you give it more and more information to adapt around, which natural selection will then translate into a hell bug against which we are even more helpless to fight than Covid was in the first place.

First Do No Harm. The experiment we are engaged in is a wildly dangerous proof of that age-old adage. It never occurs to Fauci et al that perhaps, just perhaps, the "solution" they are so passionately promoting is going to be far worse than the results would have been had they let the virus run its course modified by the collective natural immune systems of humanity without the influence of their "vaccine" fucking around with it.

The lack of consideration of the possibility that the null-hypothesis (in this case, continue to treat the various Covid syndromes post-infection rather than try an absolutely brand new untested gene therapy technique to interfere with it) might yield better results is a tragic weakness in the global science community generally, and in this case, we have the potential to witness a truly terrifying consequence of that failure.

WATCH: Irish Medical Doctor Anne McCloskey “The Shots Are Killing People,” Suspended After Video - by Magawillrise in news

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Facts from this video. Facts that are not in dispute. These facts are confirmed by those who have worked to discredit her.

1) She has been working on the ground for the past year with the NHS in Ireland treating patients.

2) She has released this video.

3) They have removed her ability to practice medicine with the NHS because of this video.

None of that is disputed. The next question. Why is she saying what she is within the video? This is where the kernel of this lies, and it is not a matter of fact, but of personal judgment. This is a woman who was retired pre-Covid, and returned to work to help with the pandemic. What evil motivation can anyone demonstrate that she is acting with harmful intent? Her motivation for creating this video comes from her direct real-world experience treating patients. She has no stake with the drug companies, and clearly the people with power are against her. The only experience that informs her video is her research (as an MD, she is qualified to read and understand the literature) and her real-life experience treating actual people.

What about the people who are working so hard to make sure she is demonized and marginalized. How about their daily real-world experience? With whom are they interacting daily? What are their motivations?

Who do you believe?

Study Shows Fully Vaccinated People Carry 251 Times Viral Load, and May Pose Risk to Unvaccinated. by [deleted] in news

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Your own quote doesn't clearly make your point.

"breakthrough Delta variant infection".

Breakthrough cases are defined as cases in fully vaccinated people. Named as such because the virus has "broken through" the protection offered by the vaccine. You are focusing on the fact that these occurred in the presence of the delta variant, which does introduce another variable here - yes, we are talking about a mutated virus - but the word breakthrough does indeed mean that these cases were in fully vaccinated people.

Study Shows Fully Vaccinated People Carry 251 Times Viral Load, and May Pose Risk to Unvaccinated. by [deleted] in news

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i dont want this life any more, and i dont think anyone is really gonna complain if i leave this rock. fuck this life and fuck everybody. fuck covid. fuck biden. fuck fuck.

I totally get where you're coming from. The assault on our humanity is constant, intense, and overwhelming. Anyone who hasn't entertained the kind of thinking you're showing here isn't paying attention.

That said, to remind you what you perhaps already know: your life must be lived according to your ethics. The importance of your life you decide. Whether you live or die is absolutely secondary. What is absolutely primary is how you live, and the only person qualified to judge you on that is you.

Don't live based on whether your actions are having an effect on people who are drowning in their own deceit. Don't decide how to live your life (including whether to live your life) based on the chaos around us. If you decide to die because they have created hell on earth, then they win. They will have crushed you to the point that your final action is based in the despair they are feeding you.

No, the best you can do is live better. Not because it's going to lead to a better surroundings but because you desire to offer the universe an example of what a person is capable of. Do it for yourself. Be the person who lives correctly in the world so that you can look in the mirror and say, "At least there's one of me. One is better than zero."

Ironically, this is the only way the broader world will improve. Not by us trying to change "it", but by us starting to live as examples of what we mean.

Create your own example of how it should be and live that. Then rest assured that you are doing everything you can to maintain a small point of light in the darkness. It makes more difference than you think.

Good luck; obviously it's absurdly painful and difficult right now to do what I'm describing. You are not as alone as your fear is telling you. There are many of us fighting precisely the same battle. It's just hard to recognize us amidst the chaos of the terrified masses turning on each other in fear and violence.

Mandatory vaccinations for children 'necessary in a democratic society', rules European Court of Human Rights by scata90x in WorldNews

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The Chinese totalitarian model scores another win in Europe. The CCP is the model the elites intend to follow. Unless stopped, hard stopped, not soft.

Fauci dismisses people’s freedom as he calls for nationwide vaccine mandate by scata90x in news

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Anyone who hasn't figured out by this point that Fauci is totalitarian to the core has not been paying attention. This comment is just the latest in his long list of "We own you, OBEY!" statements.

Two Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine. FDA approval makes clear it DID NOT approve Pfizer/Bio-n-tech shot... it approved a DIFFERENT Pfizer shot. by Questionable in news

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I agree that the FDA did not do what they said they did when we go and read the actual letters they sent to Pfizer.

That said, I think you're off base to say their approval "makes clear" anything at all. The way they have done this is 100% intended to make the actual decisions they made as clear as mud. The level of confusion included in these letters is the classic legal technique to obscure their real aim behind so much verbiage that it is virtually impossible to discern. And that was precisely the point.

What they intended will become clear as the protocols develop over the coming weeks. The obvious conclusion is the simplest - the letters are written with two purposes: first, create the official label giving politicians and corporate managers (the same people in two different suits) legitimization for mandates. Second, to maintain the legal immunity from paying out any damages which is inherent within the EUA.

I'm quite sure the basic effect of these letters is so Pfizer can have their cake and eat it too. But rather than making this clear, the letters are very carefully crafted to do precisely the opposite, obscure their genuine intent to the greatest extent possible. The lawyers who drew up these letters were paid very handsomely indeed for precisely this work, I'm sure.

'Ultra-Vaxxed' Israel Sees Huge Surge in Covid as 'Experts' Avoid the Only Logical Conclusion ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily by cottoneyejoe in politics

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But, but, but...

99% of people in the US say vaccines are the key to getting out of this, and Fauci told us so!

Too bad CV19 viruses don't understand modern polling...

(FYI: I made up the 99% number. The point is politics has ZILCH to do with actually curing a disease. Surprise, surprise...)

Virginia Democrat Governor Candidate McAuliffe Wants to “Make Life Difficult” for the Unvaccinated by scrubking in politics

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The Democrats are a wonderful, warm and compassionate party. They are all about love and peace.

Do As We Say Or Suffer The Consequences

Their new bumper sticker.

BREAKING: No, The Vaccine Is NOT FDA Approved! Not Even Close! - by Magawillrise in news

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Thanks for the Malone video. That explains a lot. The dodges they create in order to uphold the fundamental lie are ever more clever, yet even so, I sense the tide may be going out for them. I hope someday Fauci faces judgement for this. The terror he has created and continues to create has established an environment of fear for billions of people. What a legacy.

BREAKING: No, The Vaccine Is NOT FDA Approved! Not Even Close! - by Magawillrise in news

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Thanks. Doesn't get clearer than that. The FDA has approved Pfizer's shot.

I still recommend people go ahead and read the official letter they sent. Doesn't read how I would expect a "full approval" to read:


So they approve the shot, while simultaneously trying to cover their asses for the future, pretending actually to pay attention to the fact that this is still wildly experimental, without the time required to know even the medium-term (1-5 years) biological effects. Once again, number of jabs does not equal time, and time will be required to learn a lot more about how these shots are going to affect us. 8 months tells us very little indeed.

BREAKING: No, The Vaccine Is NOT FDA Approved! Not Even Close! - by Magawillrise in news

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The critical item here is a "BLA" (Biologics License Application) approval. Doing just a quick scan through sites to try to illuminate what the acceptance of that application means didn't yield much. Clicking through the headline here and reading the actual letter sent to Pfizer from the FDA, the writer of the above headline has a point. Regardless of the FDA calling today's act "approval", their official letter refers in several places to ongoing Emergency Use Authorization:

For example:

"The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine vial label and carton labels are clearly marked for “Emergency Use Authorization.” The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‐19 Vaccine is authorized to be distributed, stored, further redistributed, and administered by emergency response stakeholders when packaged in the authorized manufacturer packaging (i.e., vials and cartons), despite the fact that the vial and carton labels may not contain information that otherwise would be required under the FD&C Act.

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID‐19 Vaccine is authorized for emergency use with the following product-specific information required to be made available to vaccination providers and recipients, respectively (referred to as “authorized labeling”):" --FDA Letter, Page 7

There are plenty of other similar references in the letter.

Good catch!

...edited to reflect conversation under raven9 comment

This is a Religious Conflict by StillLessons in politics

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Like I said, "religion" is a tricky term to pin down under the best of circumstances, and I am mostly definitely not against religion as a force in people's life.

I like what you said below about believing the system divine. This is what I was trying to get at with the original post. The most obvious manifestation is the treatment of Fauci as the high priest. And this is where I cannot break through. The people I'm talking about seem incapable of believing that Fauci, Wolensky, Collins, etc are lying. This flabbergasts me, given the actual documented lies they tell. And this is where it's not about rational argument. They are putting faith in these men/women, and nothing can shake that faith. Their intransigence around this subject in the face of absolutely any evidence I present is what reminds me of situations when religious doctrine gets out of control.

As in all things, religion can be positive or negative. We are witnessing the very very dark side of the human instinct for religious faith turned in on itself in complete ignorance that this is even the force being utilized.

Oregon governor signs new law removing graduation standards for reading, writing, and math proficiency by StillLessons in politics

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So a complete failure for Oregon's public education system. Failing grade.

The purpose of education is not to graduate students, Oregon politicians... It's actually to educate them! What a concept, right?

Oregon here officially declares that uneducated students will be declared "educated".


A $3.5 Trillion Dollar Budget? by skeeter in politics

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Not breaking. Broken.

We are seeing shortages in material and labor. Those are indications "the system" is already not functioning.

The piece where our .gov may also run into trouble in the item you note here is that the narrative doesn't work the way they are playing it. In the old days (where the majority of our [bought and paid for] "representatives" cut their teeth), a "big package" like this could be sold to their voters as a great win. "Look what I'm bringing to you!" I don't think they realize we've moved past that point. The only voters who don't realize that these numbers represent fiscal collapse rather than real money are living under a rock. That this bill represents zero "real" money is now well understood. Just printed scrip further destroying the people doing real work.

Do they really think they'll campaign on this kind of crap? Our Dear Leaderstm are so dangerously out of touch at this point, perhaps they really don't see what's coming...

CDC Forced To "Adjust" Sunday's Florida "Record" COVID Count Lower By Almost 50% After State Health Department Cries Foul On Data by StillLessons in politics

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Multiple stories coming out in recent days about MSM lying about the situation in Florida. This is not at all surprising, because it was the Florida-California comparison pre-vaccine that demonstrated that all the measures the authoritarians so love made no difference in disease outcomes with Covid. As such, that comparison is the story the MSM will not allow to happen again. So they lie. Fuck the real numbers; they'll make them up. They must have their control mechanisms in place. As DeBlasio said, "The time for voluntary vaccines is over." It's not about choice and it never was. This is centralized takeover. Truth must always be crushed if they are to take all power and autonomy from individuals; there's no other way they can do it.

Hey wait, Ive seen this one before.....*laughs in concentration camps* by democracy_blows in conspiracy

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You put this link up just before me.

A document from 2020 discussing quarantining Covid patients. Classic middle-Ages strategy for disease: quarantine the sick.

Two problems:

1) It won't work. Respiratory viruses make a mockery of quarantine.

2) Application of the "who" and "how" of quarantine is a classic opportunity for government abuse and overreach. This is a totalitarian's dream, and we have plenty of explicitly totalitarian-talking bureaucrats who can't wait to get their hands on power like this. Incarcerating populations does nothing good, and would probably be the final nail in the coffin of societal cohesion. Chaos will follow if they start trying to implement this.

For now, this document was released a year ago. If the idea dies a quiet death, we will have dodged a bullet.

New York Governor Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment findings by Touchngo in politics

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Never forget that not only have the MSM, Democrats, and corporate powers ignored his obviously being a scumfuck for years, they actively held him up as their exemplary leader during the Covid crisis. He is another perfect example of what Joe Biden likes to refer to as "the smartest guy in the room". These hierarchies and the people at the top of them want people like Hunter Biden and Andrew Cuomo to lead us.

The powers that be are liars. Until we start acting in accordance with this basic truth, the downward slide will accelerate. Is it not already going downhill fast enough for us?

Fauci warns of ‘worse variant’ that ‘could impact the vaccinated’ if Covid-19 is allowed to keep mutating in unvaxxed population by salvia_d in conspiracy

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Fauci is arguing that when some unspecified magic number of vaccination occurs, "the virus will disappear." That's his quote, not mine. The concept he is talking about is universal vaccination. Although he would acknowledge that literal application is impossible, he is arguing that the closer to that goal the better.


If you don't agree with that argument, my use of "you" is withdrawn.

"Us"? Really? You're arguing about a convention that has been used in meetings for centuries, and moved online naturally to mean "those of us reading this forum"? Strange place to pick a fight? Why so sensitive about a super common convention.

If you don't understand the term "incidence" in the context of Covid, I find it very difficult to take seriously any argument you wish to make regarding what is at its foundation a debate about epidemiology. Look it up. That I even need to say this is actually quite scary to me, but shows a lot.


Iceland's data is the most accessible and easily absorbed:


If Fauci wants to argue that "more vaccination" causes less incidence, the places we want to look at are places with very high vaccination penetration. That's Iceland. It's not working. Most interestingly, in a very highly vaccinated population, there appears to be no difference (roughly 50-50) between Covid cases in vaccinated versus those unvaccinated. You want to argue that this shows unvaccinated have a higher proportion? That doesn't work, because then the overall incidence should be steady or going down. It's going up. Once again, vaccination is having no effect on Covid. Full stop.

When I say "duplicate them", I am referring to our country duplicating the results of areas with highly vaccinated populations. The data above demonstrate that vaccination is not stopping Covid. There is a major spike currently active in the presence of a very thoroughly vaccinated population. Vaccination ≠ no covid.

Questions answered. I doubt I will have more to add for the time being than what I have put here.

Fauci: Coronavirus 'Will Disappear' When an 'Majority' Are Vaccinated by StillLessons in propaganda

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Look at Iceland and Gibraltar.

What he is saying is 100% denied by already documented very-high-vaccination locations.

It's a lie.

Pandemic of the Vaccinated: How Ineffective Vaccines Can Lead to Deadlier Variants. by [deleted] in news

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Long story short, "viruses" include tremendous diversity within that categorization just as all other species do. Most of them are not easily stopped with vaccination. Coronaviruses in particular are legendary for their rapid adaptability. We are now watching this in real time, but it has been known for decades. The current strategy was a non-starter before it was ever launched. Doesn't stop them from trying, however, creating misery for billions with their attempt.

Small pox in particular had become quite specialized. It didn't have an alternate reservoir (another species) where it could hide. As to polio, look at the results of Bill Gates' work in Southern Africa, where recent polio outbreaks are actually attributed to precisely the vaccine that was supposed to prevent it.


Fauci warns of ‘worse variant’ that ‘could impact the vaccinated’ if Covid-19 is allowed to keep mutating in unvaxxed population by salvia_d in conspiracy

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If you want universal vaccination, explain to us the current incidence numbers in the very parts of the world that already have universal vaccination (Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland provide good examples). We can see the results. Why the hurry to duplicate them here?

Fauci warns of ‘worse variant’ that ‘could impact the vaccinated’ if Covid-19 is allowed to keep mutating in unvaxxed population by salvia_d in conspiracy

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More importantly, look at the data from the locations which have close to universal vaccination (Gibraltar and Iceland are two). They have horrific numbers right now. So the goal is to get us to universal vaccination. Uh... ...

Doctor Addressing School Board Meeting in the Indiana Area re: Covid by StillLessons in politics

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There are more than a dozen good peer-reviewed citations referenced in this talk. Every citation is available for download. To argue this is misinformation means that all the articles cited here are also misinformation. Who do you believe? Unfortunately, the "authorities" have created scorched earth in what should be - in any rational world - the middle ground. Note who is creating the scorched earth; it's not the people saying the things this doctor is saying.

Fauci warns of ‘worse variant’ that ‘could impact the vaccinated’ if Covid-19 is allowed to keep mutating in unvaxxed population by salvia_d in conspiracy

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I saw a speaker recently referring to an old slide from one of these "predict/announce the future" think tanks where the assholes like to gather and pontificate about their tyranny. It's fascinating that in 2001, they were talking about the "IT era" going from 1990-2020, followed by the "nanotech/biotech era". Now the fact of their timing is one thing which cannot be ignored, but personally I've been thinking about the name of the "IT era". I've gotta hand it to them; it's genius. What they have done over the past 30 years is to connect people so solidly to the technologies they control that almost nobody can any longer separate "real life" from "screen life". Because we interact with these technologies both receiving and transmitting, these communications become equivalent in people's minds to "truth". This is why this moment is so terrifying. Almost every person on the planet sees what is told to them through electronic media of all kinds as truth. And far too few realize that the picture there of what is "true" is what controls us. Fucking evil evil geniuses. It's working out exactly as they want, and for those of us who try to tell people what you're pointing out here, the psychos are laughing their asses off at us. Because they have created an "IT world" in which people now believe more strongly than the actual world in which we live.

It is so hard to be alive right now. Traditional humans, who think as our species thought up until the "IT era", are now a hunted group, hunted by the assholes who consider themselves "better" than this. They will destroy themselves trying to create their "better", not ever understanding how their ideas don't work, but they will most certainly take us out first if they are not stopped.

Help! I got robbed while whoring myself out! by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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What a nice "human interest story" showing the state of the west in 2021.

Pandemic of the Vaccinated: How Ineffective Vaccines Can Lead to Deadlier Variants. by [deleted] in news

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The infuriating thing is that this was predicted. Precisely the same sources who have been declared verboten in public discourse ("Misinformation!!!") said this was a likely result. Our society is on the route to extinction because people believe what we want to believe based on how it is presented to us. If the story we hear doesn't resonate with what we want to be true, we will ignore it regardless of its accuracy. The authorities have used this hack to control populations since time immemorial. This particular version is worth hundreds of millions of lives at the rate they're going.

Long story short, media narratives trump reality. Mass illness and death will be the result, and most people will never understand why.

Human tragedy.

This is a Religious Conflict by StillLessons in politics

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There's something in the presentation and the language used by the authorities which is extremely effective. Obviously they've had decades since Bernays did his work to hone these abilities, and it shows. It's mysterious to me that people can listen to Fauci speak while simultaneously ignoring the fact that he funded the lab (openly and publicly) where the bug he says he's saving us from was created. The sentence I just wrote flabbergasts me every time the thought runs through my head. It's bizarre.

Like you, I have also been shocked by people's inability to confront the simple fact that a steel framed tower, cut in the middle, leaving two rigid bodies above and below, does not disintegrate into pulverized building materials in its own footprint. The lack of willingness to "trust our own eyes" in relatively straightforward events I now see is the weakness the authorities exploit.

This is a difficult life to navigate. I guess it always has been; this is just our iteration of the crazy.

Citizen Journalist Documents Empty Hospitals, Disproving Overrun Hospital Myth by StillLessons in propaganda

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Great points.

Joe Biden Grabs Little Girl, Whispers in Her Ear During Bill Signing at White House by scrubking in politics

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You're ascribing partisan motives again. Sexual degradation has been going on in all administrations both republican and democrat since at least the Reagan administration (Reagan, BushI, Clinton, BushII, Obama, Trump, Biden). Spare me your "Republicans making shit up" argument. The only difference with Biden is that he is on camera publicly doing this because he is allowed to get away with exactly the image you prefer to believe you're seeing: "It's just grandfatherly". Your defence of this makes me despair for decency, but of course, this shit has been going on for thousands of years. Powerful people have never been decent, and it has never been easy for those of us actually trying to be decent and promote decency to watch. I have a post within the past few weeks referring to my history. I am no angel, and when younger, I did a lot of damage. Ironically, however, because I know what I did (and what happened to me), I also know what I am seeing here. I will live with my own sins until my death, and there is no "pride" that comes from stopping what I was doing, just a daily commitment to attempt (impossibly) to atone. My past, however, is not going to stop me from pointing out what is right in front of your face if you just open your eyes.

If you're genuine, open your eyes. If you're shilling, your vision of what offers meaning in life will forever escape me. I see only the promotion of evil.

I hate the fact that the girl in the article below has been used yet again through the exposure of a conversation she did not choose to expose, but her experience tells you all you need to know. I will let you have the last word. You always do.


Joe Biden Grabs Little Girl, Whispers in Her Ear During Bill Signing at White House by scrubking in politics

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The beauty is that everyone can watch the video ourselves and come to our own conclusion of what we are seeing. There's no doubt of course that each of us brings our own experience in our own life to what we see as well. That doesn't make it wrong.

With Biden’s Illegal ‘Eviction Moratorium’ Democrats Embrace Lawlessness by scrubking in politics

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This is an excellent exchange. Thanks for the back and forth.

Trump is an enigma to me, honestly, because I see two contradictory elements within his actions. First, I agree with you that him calling out the establishment for the absolute liars and fraud they are is a HUGE (pun intended) service to the people of the US. People who want to see can now easily see that he is absolutely correct that his enemies are the opposite of the moral rebirth they are pretending to be. You're right on the money there.


There are now stories all over the place about the people from the 1/6 events at the Capitol and how they have been treated by our "justice" system. These stories are overwhelmingly disturbing and evidentiary of an actual "1984" system operating within the United States. Where the hell is Trump!?!? This is absolutely his ground. First, those people were there because he told them to be. They are his direct responsibility. Why the hell do I hear nothing from him on this subject? Second, this should be his perfect PR campaign. Is he trying to distance himself from them so he is not politically attached to the violence that occurred? If so, too late... of course he's attached to those people. He can't avoid that. Instead, it just looks like he's abandoned his base to actual, real-world torture.

For this kind of behavior, I refuse to label him a saviour.

The three who are closest to being consistent in their message that I see on a national stage are DeSantis - actions where his mouth is, Rand Paul - refusing to back down in the face of the obvious Covid lies, and Ron Johnson - bringing to public light the actual damage done by vaccines.

Citizen Journalist Documents Empty Hospitals, Disproving Overrun Hospital Myth by StillLessons in propaganda

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I don't live in Florida so cannot confirm this one way or another, but it makes perfect sense, and I lean toward believing this side of the story. It makes sense because the establishment (i.e. AP here) needs desperately to prove that Florida - which is giving the establishment Covid narrative the finger - is a hotbed of Covid activity. That's critical, because if Florida does well without all the measures the other states are diving into, all those measures are proven to be bullshit. Now of course those of us with a memory beyond 6 months know that Florida already proved the measures are all bullshit before the vaccines ever came out. So the establishment is being forced into blatant explicit overt lies to pretend Florida is a disaster area. More people like this woman need to get out there and do the simple work of exposing blatant lies like this. A few more direct hits like this one, and the Covid narrative might just fall. God willing. Let's end this shit once and for all!