it's like the whole thing was staged or something by Orangutan in politics

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r/NoNewNormal quarantined by ThePunisher in NoNewNormal

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Banned or Quarantined subs on Reddit:

  • BostonBombing
  • 911Truth
  • QAnon
  • Pizzagate
  • The_Donald
  • Wuhan_Flu
  • SethRich
  • SandersForPresident (temporarily after rigged 2016 primary)
  • NoNewNormal

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FRANCE IN EXTREME DANGER : The actual situation in France, the latest news and what you can do to help us If you like by Orangutan in WorldNews

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Very briefly The Dictator Macron made a speech about 10 days ago announcing the new restrictions and as you can see in my other posts in the goverment's inner circles it was decided to generate A SHITY LIFE for the unvaccinated a very shity one....

So If you don t get the jab ->

■ No hospitals WTF !


■ NO GIVING BIRTH in an hospital as pregnant women are not exempt from the health pass, also as they can not enter in an hospital NO MEDICAL CONTROL DURING 9 MONTHS NEITHER (EDITTED the phrase it to be more understandable)

■ No cafés bars or restaurants

■ No long distance trains or buses

■ No airports

■ NO WORK ! If you work in a job with human contact (WTF almost every job has human contact)

So the situation is EXTREME and as these restrictions are anti constitutional anti human rights and anti Nurenberg codes we are NO LONGER IN A REPUBLIC NEITHER IN DEMOCRACY....The LIBERTY in France is OVER ! In France we live in exrreme fascism !

We are protesting the fuck out of it....we are contacting everybody every institution etc for help...

But If you are willing to help us here is ridiculously simple things you can do ---->

If as an individual you would like to help PLEASE MAKE IT KNOWN please diffuse this information every where talk about it write comments If you have a Youtube channel talk about it If you are some kind of justice warrior talk about it If you are a journalist talk about it....DICTATORS DON T LIKE OTHERS KNOWING THE TRUTH...

The other powerfull thing you can do is go to the Facebook page of Emmanuel Macron say where you are from and say that YOU KNOW about the tyranny in France, you know what is going on...write it in english. Macron has english posts you can even write on french posts as you can see in the facebook of Macron he tries to work out his image and tries to make it seem as If he was a very proactive caring president...fucking lies ! Also when you comment a post of Macron more than 1000 comments your comments won t be read a may put it on a post with less than 1000 comments for it to be seen by everybody...

You can do the same by going to the french goverment facebook page it is written "gouvernement" in french.

You can do it on twiter as well...

If you are an engaged journalist justice worrior or foundation you can even contact the french goverment and express your shock send an e mail...etc

These guys are very very very afraid of it being known by the entire world...such restrictions are applied no where in the world even If there are still restrictions everywhere...

Thanks for your reading and support.... PrayForFrance TakeDownMacron

Vive La France !

Never give up by Orangutan in politics

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The Corbett Report Removed From YouTube 😱 by Orangutan in politics

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In a 1984 interview, Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB press and propaganda agent, warned of “Ideological Subversion” happening in the United States by Orangutan in politics

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Link to full interview:

We'll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False. - William Casey, CIA Director 1981

Adam Curtis - nonlinear warfare featuring Vladislav Surkov