Alex Jones speaking about Council for National Policy by Vigte in conspiracy

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The videos being played in the stream:

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Gold mine will deploy robot trucks by Vigte in technology

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Newmont, the world’s largest goldmining company intends to equip Boddington Gold Mine in Australia with a $150 million fleet of driverless haul trucks

You Can't Make This Up... (Vigte: "Pandemics", as a category - don't exist anymore ... according to the World Health Organization...) by Vigte in news

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There is no official category (for a pandemic),” WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said. “WHO does not use the old phasing system that some people may be familiar with from 2009. Under the IHR (International Health Regulations), WHO has declared a public health emergency of international concern.

WHO website about preparing for pandemics, last updated atleast March 2018

So they're just pulling stuff out of their ass as usual - as memology said, China's cheque must have cleared.

'EVERYONE IS ON VIDEOTAPE': Alleged Epstein pimp's bold boast, Ghislaine Maxwell by salvia_d in conspiracy

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I actually just posted something linking her father to 9/11. Yeah, I was kind of shocked too.

That family is way deeper than thought.

Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability by Vigte in conspiracy

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A lot you probably know - and a lot you probably don't.

What is most interesting to me - is the bonds mentioned in the beginning, that were used to finance the downfall of the USSR - and were coming due. The process of verification and ownership would have revealed a bit too much about what happened in 1991 (and before... and since...).

More on Project Hammer/Black Eagle here

"What the public record suggests is that with the beginning of the first Bush Presidency in 1989, George H.W. Bush initiated a programme of covert economic warfare to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. The name of this programme appears to be Project Hammer - a multi-billion dollar covert operation, whose investments remain shielded."


"Numerous sources have documented that at the end of World War II, the treasury of the Japanese Empire was discovered in the Philippines by Edward Lansdale a member of the staff of General Charles Willoughby, who was General MacArthur’️s chief of Intelligence. Lansdale and Severino Garcia Diaz Santa Romana tortured Major Kojima Kashii, General Yamashita Tomoyuki’️s driver, until he revealed the sites of the gold. Then known as the "Golden Lily Treasure", this mass of wealth had been accumulated by the Japanese over fifty years from the pillaging of Southeast Asia and China by its army and had been deposited in the Philippines due to the U.S. submarine blockade of Japan. Reports vary, but documents in the public domain suggest the recovered treasure was in excess of 280,000 metric tonnes of gold."

Yikes... everyone talks about nazi gold, but never Imperial Gold, eh?

"The covert operations funded by the Black Eagle Trust in the 1960s and 1970s became visible stains on the global image of the U.S. despite all efforts to keep them under cover."

"Meantime Ferdinand Marcos, the pro-U.S. dictator of the Philippines, continued to discover even more of the buried treasure. and had started to sell it on the market during the 1970s with the assistance of *Adnan Khashoggi. US Intelligence operations had been siphoning off the gold for three decades. However in 1986 Vice President George Bush took over the gold from Marcos and the gold was removed to a series of banks, notably Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, UBS and Banker’️s Trust, and held in a depository in Kloten Switzerland. What happened to the Marcos gold after it was confiscated by U.S. agents in 1986 has never been reported, but throughout the early 1990s, the world gold market would be befuddled by the mysterious appearance of thousands of tonnes of gold which appeared to suppress the price of gold."

"In South east Asia operations were financed through Nugan Hand Bank in Australia which would be one of the many banks used for transferring the Marcos gold from the Philippines into covert operations. Frank Nugan’️s family ran the primary supply shipping operation between the U.S. Navy base in the Philippines and Australia. Frank Nugan's business partner, Peter Abeles, and Henry Keswick, together with Canadian businessman Peter Munk, would link with Adnan Kashoggi, Sheikh Kamal and Edgar Bronfmann in a series of operations which ultimately would evolve into Barrick Gold."

Kashioggi and Bronfmann - yeah the NXVIM girl's father... and the uncle of the guy everyone was so upset about a while ago. CNP and secret right operatives - which explains why Bronfman is linked to Alex Jones - same team ;)

It appears that in September 1991, George H.W. Bush and Alan Greenspan did indeed finance $240 billion in bonds in a buy-out of the Soviet Unionas part of a broader programme to attack the economy of the Soviet Union. In addition President George H.W. Bush had initiated a number of related covert operations to take over certain sectors of the Soviet economy,

Makes sense...

The covert business dealings with the Iranians and Israelis which originated with Kashoggi and Kimche in July 1980 in Hamburg under the October Surprise arrangement, would provide an opening to the Soviet KGB that would allow the U.S. to fund a coup against Gorbachev in 1991. It would grow into a larger covert operation over the years, and be overshadowed by the larger Iran-Contra operation.

All CNP members and operations.

"These soon-to-be Russian oligarchs had been set-up as front men by KGB Generals Aleksey (Alexei) Kondaurov; and Fillipp Bobkov, who previously reported to Victor Cherbrikov, who worked with Robert Maxwella British financial mogul, an Israeli secret service agent, and a representative of U.S. intelligence interests, who had been introduced to George Bush in 1976 by Senator Tower for the sole purpose of using Maxwell as an intermediary between Bush and the Soviet Intelligence. Maxwell assisted Cherbrikov in selling military weaponry to Iran and the Nicaraguan Contras during the course of the Iran Contra deals, and made hundreds of millions of dollars available to Cherbrikovs Russian banks."

More CNP people and CNP operations. Oh, I'm sorry, you thought Maxwell was an operative of the left? Oh... yeah no...

"Shortly before the attempted coup of 1991, Maxwell met Kruchkov on Maxwell's private yacht. Shortly afterwards, Maxwell died mysteriously on his yacht while Senator Tower died in a plane crash under suspicious circumstances in April of 1991."

The outcome?

It was the rapid rotation of the securities settlement fails in the aftermath of September 11th that appears to have allowed the Bank of New York and the Federal Reserve to engage in a securities refinancing that resulted in the American taxpayer refinancing the $240 billion originally used for the Great Ruble Scam.

The reports published by the Federal Reserve argue that the Federal Reserves actions increasing the monetary supply by over $300 billion were justified to overcome operational difficulties in the financial sector.

Offensive jokes logged in ‘non-crime’ databases by Vigte in news

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On missing the announcement where Trump declared himself king by jamesK_3rd in politics

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I could really use a clip of him declaring himself king - it would basically confirm my theory about the secret right wanting divine right to rule

The man who made Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V a part of life has died by Optimus85 in news

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Imagine the billions of hours this guys invention has saved already...

Thanks Larry Tesler.

3 teenagers arrested after violent, armed bank robbery by Vigte in canada

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the youngest of which was 13.

stabbed two people, kicked a woman on the ground in the face.

bank didn't have alarm, police only knew because someone called...

What the total fuck?

Novobiotronics Delivers Major Blow to Cancer and MRSA by Vigte in news

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Basically just Royal Rife's machine and the inspiration/manifestation of every sci-fi movie or show's medbay ever...

Will he get credit?

Collateral Murder Video projected onto UK parliament in support of Julian Assange by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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Never let them hide from their crimes.

Rothschild lawsuit draws attention to family’s Vienna past (Vigte: and something special about Pete Bootygig) by Vigte in politics

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Geoffrey Hoguet, a member of Europe’s most famous banking dynasty

Hoguet — a financial supporter of Democratic Party presidential nominee Pete Buttigieg

Ol' Petey has the backing of the Rothschilds... isn't that interesting.

Immune cell that kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists by Vigte in science

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Perfect example: I distinctly remember THREE "cancer cures" - but only because they were all developed at universities in my area, each one was local news (for a day) and everyone talked about each one, each time. Then they stopped talking about it when the next thing came up - and the cure was never brought up again - so people weren't reminded.

Of course this may mean that the news (as with the article above) was over-hyped or the scientists were lying - or honestly mistaken; it could also mean conspiracy - but I don't know which. Such is life...

Immune cell that kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists by Vigte in science

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How long until this is never talked about again? :p

Bear Market Incoming? Banker Leaves Job To Become Sex Worker by Vigte in economics

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The point not so much being about the market influence on this obviously predisposed person's job change - but more in the shift of available capital/market vs ease of entry vs requirements...

This is a trend that we all know is happening, alongside and due to the "monetization" of the internet (and facilitated by social and moral degradation, which itself is empowered/normalized almost entirely through and because of the internet).

Hungarian Foreign Minister Warns UN's Push For Mass Migration Threatens "Whole Of Humanity" by Vigte in news

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The dissolution of first world standard and cohesion does affect the whole of humanity, since it's the first world that leads in science, technology and solutions.

As for love thy neighbour; no where does that (undeniably positive) idea obligate one to: risk the safety of or give away without condition; personal or public property - or threaten the overall structure of society for the benefit of the few, which itself it the machinery that allows these countries to help others in the first place, lol.

I understand what charity and unconditional love for other people is (feels) - I also know a bit about economics, politics and history (facts).

You should determine your standpoint from both, not just one.

If your country can barely even save itself (based on the math), how can it be expected to save others (as it SHOULD be, out of common human decency)?

The article speaks about the math, not the feels (as such could admittedly do with a little MORE common human decency, but numbers are numbers). Sorry you didn't enjoy it.

2014 Bloomberg Hoped the NSA Was “Reading Every Email” by Vigte in politics

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The mental-gymnastics and double-speak would be out of this world, lol.

Elon Musk on track to become world's richest man in April by Vigte in news

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Obviously not "unofficially"!

Russian Pranksters Say Bernie Sanders Fell for Wild 'Greta' Call by Vigte in politics

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Jim Jordan’s name comes up during Statehouse testimony on OSU abuse victims bill by Vigte in news

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Another Council for National Policy connected republican involved in scandal. Imagine my shock.

"Critics are men who watch a battle from a high place then come down and shoot the survivors." - Hemmingway by Vigte in quotes

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Not far from the truth of the human future, really

I'll make sure your amendment to Hemmingway gets proper citation!

At the age of 72, adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin has succeeded in crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel, using just the tides, winds and ocean currents. He has just set foot on French soil, after 127 days and 5,800 kilometres at sea by magnora7 in videos

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Next time someone says "stone age people couldn't sail to north america" - I'm telling them about this and forcing them to admit plausibility. Checkmate.

Do you have a guilty favourite television show? by JasonCarswell in Television

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It's because it's so painfully stupid that it's fun to watch, it lets you turn your brain off for a while lol. Plus it's kind of part tragedy (as you said) and part "overcoming adversity"... just not in a wolf of wallstreet or Rambo kind of way.

SpEcIaL mOvIe MaKiNg TeChNiQuE!!~1!~! by Vigte in Movies

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🔥 This cotton candy sky during the golden hour at Maldives by Vigte in whatever

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Yes please.

Tube Tunnels | UAP by Vigte in conspiracy

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He's a mud-flood supporter, so that's the angle he is coming at this from - but it's still interesting regardless.

Do you have a guilty favourite television show? by JasonCarswell in Television

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Max Igan | What Has Really Happened? by Vigte in conspiracy

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Part 2

Max's reply

What do you guys think? They can implant thoughts with some kind of white-light (especially in a sleeping mind)? Seems entirely plausible...

Carnegie Mellon Subterranean Team Heads Underground by Vigte in technology

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"In stage two of DARPA's Subterranean Challenge, a team from Carnegie Mellon University and Oregon State will send robots into the depths of an incomplete nuclear power plant in a search-and-rescue scenario in Elma, Washington. Team Explorer's machines will scale stairs and search for artifacts in the "Urban Circuit.""

Even the inner earth isn't safe from DARPA's iron-army