Yes Please by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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Make what stop?
The ideas about that are very different.

Unrest Erupts After AG Says No Charges In Death of Breonna Taylor, Leftists In Uhaul Deliver Shields [Tim Pool] (CNN: The Police knocked first and got into a firefight) by zyxzevn in politics

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Video on Bitchute

The extreme-left has been pushing a fake story about the event, that is not even supported by CNN.
There was a normal warrent (knock first). And after knocking and breaking open the door, there was a firefight that wounded a policeman at the first shot(s).

This will result in new riots. And these riots may cause more unnecessary deaths.

Here is a video with the crazies loading the improvized weapons from a truck.
Spontaneous Communist Takeover In Louisiville

U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Potential Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisville Bail Project

What solutions exist now that downloading/archiving YouTube videos has become a soft-censorship problem with the "Age Restrictions"? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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I use "Video DownloadHelper" on WaterFox (Firefox variant)
with the companion app, I can download almost everything.

NOT A DRILL, Youtube May Be Shutting Down My Channels With New Restrictions [Tim Pool] by zyxzevn in censorship

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No he is a lefty/ democrat and voted for Bernie.
But he is fed up with the corruption and censorship.

Why are people afraid of Spiders? We should be freaking out when we see another human. by Enza in whatever

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What about using Yeast instead?
video: I grew real spider silk using yeast

New Footage PROVING Kenosha Kid Was Defending Himself CENSORED By Youtube, More Riots Are Coming [Tim Pool] by zyxzevn in politics

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Thanks for posting the original (only partially blocked) video.
So it is not fully censored.

You guys are so close!! Now apply this logic to voting, politics and a corrupt government.. by Enza in politics

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The EU may stop facebook, due to privacy violations and spying.

New Footage PROVING Kenosha Kid Was Defending Himself CENSORED By Youtube, More Riots Are Coming [Tim Pool] by zyxzevn in politics

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Antifa should have been put in prison directly for threatening the properties and lives of civilians.

New Footage PROVING Kenosha Kid Was Defending Himself CENSORED By Youtube, More Riots Are Coming [Tim Pool] by zyxzevn in politics

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I think that Youtube should not be covering up a crime.

(update: It is restricted, but not removed or completely blocked)

The black lives matter Movement is the Largest Scale Mass Hysteria Incident in Modern History - In Depth Discussion (OP was suspended from reddit for these posts as hate speech) by RedditHasDied in politics

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This is the quality of content what I want to see on Saidit

Here is your gold

Microsoft will release a web browser for Linux next month by realpanzer in Linux

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It is their marketing strategy.
They copy everything, steal everything, and then use money to establish a monopoly to push away any competition.

Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire
Book on amazon
Free download :-)

WATER will be traded in Wall Street soon by zyxzevn in environment

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I read before, that the bad water distribution was the reason why CA has many droughts.
The farmers are not allowed to collect water for the summer, due to some laws.

And now they have to buy it back.

It seems that was the plan all along.

The War on Assange is a War on Truth [RonPaul] by zyxzevn in WikiLeaks

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I don't regard the UK nor the US as a valid democracy any more.

The Covid-1984 pushed by the media, shows for me that the situation is so much worse.

Why Speaking English May Spread More Coronavirus Than Some Other Languages by HegeMoney in propaganda

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Wait. This isn't the Onion?

The Intelligence Community Has Hijacked Our Country, But Here's How We Can Get It Back by NewsJunkie in news

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I don't think that the concept of conservatives or liberals have anything to do with this. There are war-mongers in both parties, and technocrats and power-hungry people too.

I think that it would be great if the system would enable us to expose them and get them out. But the politicians of both parties keep protecting the bad people and even giving them power. And the bad people determine which people are allowed to become politicians.

Our best hope might be that they fight each other, and take each other out.

So You Wanna Take Down the Deep State? (16:03) ~ reallygraceful by JasonCarswell in DeepState

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Posted in same sub 4 days ago ;-)

Fact check by AbominableAnon in memes

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This is why the "fact-checkers" are controlled by certain groups.

  1. The Atlantic Council & Pentagon - Goal: To maintain the eternal war.

  2. ABC/Google - Goal: To keep people to the narrative.

  3. ADL - Goal: to protect Israel and jews from legal problems and hide crimes.

  4. Press agencies (Rothchild etc.) - Goal: To keep the extreme rich out of the press.

  5. Extreme Leftist groups - Goal: To control the education (brainwashing) of young people.

  6. Technocratic groups - Goal: To move the control of all resource to a small elite.

So it has begun, reddit is cracking down on progressives. by fuckredditinthecunt in WayOfTheBern

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There are all kinds of people here, with their own individual opinions.

Reddit and Google(ABC) are now trying to push the elections into a certain direction, with direct election interference and political interference.

I was always anti-war, and found huge problems with the political decisions that were pushed. Which was the reason why I came to saidit.

The foreign nation collusion that is in the media is a hoax, while a different foreign nation is directly influencing the politics and news. But on reddit you could be banned for talking about that.

New England Journal of medicine confirms what we've all known, the govt largely thinks you're too stupid, and masks are simply talismans and anxiety relief. by jamesK_3rd in news

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The working of the masks is to keep us scared, and may prevent herd-immunity. And looking at your reply it seems to work well.

New England Journal of medicine confirms what we've all known, the govt largely thinks you're too stupid, and masks are simply talismans and anxiety relief. by jamesK_3rd in news

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Just to add to it:
In the statistics that I saw on countries, there is no difference in the counts when the masks are introduced. This includes the 2-3 weeks delay. There is no statistical difference.

What I did notice is that the cases increased when tourism started. But just marginally.

There was a direct relationship between tests and the amount of positive cases (some virus may have been detected). Because many of these positive cases had no relationship with the health condition, these tests do not have any correlation with the danger that people are in. Many of the tests are probably false positives. But even if they were working correctly, the tests tell how well most humans can handle the virus. And that the virus is far less dangerous than the media and corrupt scientists are claiming.

Now most of the population has reached herd-immunity, the masks are suddenly introduced as a measure. This is far too late, and just preventing herd-immunity.
It is a political trick that has nothing to do with actual science, but is pushed to keep us scared.

Success by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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It is actually weird that people work very hard to accomplish things,
but they keep on working and working.
As if the goals are never completely reached.
And I don't mean that it has to be perfect,
but you become part of a system that keeps giving you new work. People often give you extra work, because you are working so hard.

On the other hand, if one takes rest and
gets away from the treadmill of work,
there can be a lot of enjoyment from even the smallest of things. Things that you would miss, because you were to busy doing work.

Success by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Someone gave me a note with all my successes.
The note

I cannot give any scientist of any age better advice than this: the intensity of a conviction that a hypothesis is true has no bearing over whether it is true or not. - Peter Medawar by sproketboy in quotes

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Nor the amount of people/scientists supporting the conviction.

How Memory Management Works by zyxzevn in ProgrammerHumor

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(shamelessly copied from reddit)

Why is it so empty? by diogenesjunior in SaidIt

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People create subs and then leave. Some are to ruqqus or voat or other.
If you make a sub, you have to put unique content on it too.
So some people make one, and then know nothing to fill it with after a few posts.

World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam by Pis-dur in WorldNews

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And the 0.01% elite are using the CO2 scare to take over all energy and all other resources.
But what does Oxfam know?

Omaha Bar Owner Jake Gardner Had Been Targeted By the Left FOR YEARS Over Trump Support by Trulytimes in politics

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Science And Integrity Matters by zyxzevn in CorruptScience

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Sweden has chosen to use the actual real-world data.
While most of the rest of the world were looking at data generated from theoretical models.
Models that were later clearly shown to be false (or even faked).

In the video, it is assumed that the theoretical models had used some data from some situations.
The scientists then warns for using that model, because it always is very inaccurate compared to the real world.

Thanks to better science Sweden has diverted a disaster, and can still continue to function.
While most of the world has gone crazy, as governments are fighting with the healthy civilians.

"I'm Speechless": Police Chase Down Tesla On Autopilot Doing 90 MPH With Driver And Passenger Asleep by zyxzevn in technology

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At least they got some sleep ;-)

Election Officials Furious Over Insane Democrat Rules That Broke The Election, Quit Their Position.. [Tim Pool] by zyxzevn in politics

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China will send people to help them counting the votes. (joke)

Moving a ship onto dock for repairs by zyxzevn in funny

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That is why I posted it on /funny.
It is reversed, and sped up.

15-Day-Old Boy Gets Exposed To Measles Due To Anti-Vaxxers by kesh in whatever

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I think it was completely made up.
That is often with the Pro-vax propaganda.

I grew up at a time where it was normal to get Measles. And no-one died.
I think that vaccinations, when they wear off, can make the infection more dangerous. And there should be more research in that. But the money is big on the pro-vax.

Covin Vaccine Injury Halts Trial [TheHighwire] by zyxzevn in VaccineSkepticism

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Nice quote by Bigtree, from his encounter with a reporter:
"99% of the scientists say that vaccines are Safe and Effective.
Yet you stand opposed to them.
Who do you think you are?"

"I am someone who actually reads the studies."

nice islam. by shariajustice in whatever

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You will reincarnate soon again, with so many people alive.

Wear a mask, if not for coronavirus, then for your own privacy by bk2mummy4u in whatever

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Isn't the virus over in the UK already?
What is the exact verified death-rate?

nice islam. by shariajustice in whatever

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The attacks happen when the military wanted to retreat.
This seems like an invitation to stay.
For me it seems that there are proxies, or mercenaries, or maybe even false flags that try to keep the war going.

Israel has done false flags before, and are also helping Isis (or what is left of it).
Then there is Turkey, that just started a major war with Syria. They also fight the Kurds and fund/help Isis.
Saudi Arabia doesn't seem to be the most trusted ally, and they really want to fight with Iran together with the US.

This stupid person does not even admit that 9/11 was a false flag,
while Saudi Arabia and Iran do.
So I guess it is Isreal.

The truck dance by zyxzevn in funny

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It would have been a very expensive collision.

Fox News panel cuts off Newt Gingrich for blaming violence on George Soros by magnora7 in corruption

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9/11 resources on Off Guardian by zyxzevn in 911truth

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Can you find the one that is not a demolition (officially)..

Why did NIST decide WTC steel could not conduct heat?

Why did John Gross claim he had no evidence of high temps in the WTC rubble?

“I don’t think people who are taking money from pharmaceutical companies should be drafting health care legislation. I don’t think people who are taking money from oil and gas companies should be drafting climate legislation.” by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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The climate?
As a scientist, I better correct that idea.

Many oil billionaires fully support the climate scare.
Yet they still don't care about the planet.
Let that sink in.

I have never seen such a bad science around that topic, probably because they have been deleting records from history to match their scare models. It has been colder and hotter these 100 of years. I grew up with old books about how Earth would freeze up. has some good examples of the science from that time.

After studying the solar model, I noticed quickly that the climate is caused by the sun. But this has been neglected, because this did not match the models.
The NASA and astronomy have also many errors with their model, errors that break with basic tested science. And this mess leaks into the climate models.

With the climate models they only looked at one frequency, and not at the whole spectrum of the energy output of the sun. The latter varies far more than their models tell us, but we can see it directly.

And science is progressing, unlike the climate "science", and we are learning how the solar particles from the solar wind are giving us huge variations in temperature. A solar flare can raise the temperature a few degrees for several weeks.
We can also see how the variations of the sun has influence on the climate on other planets.
This video explains the fatal flaw in climate science
This video explains the latests science discoveries

The sun's activity goes up and down in a well known pattern, related to the sunspots. The climate follows exactly the same pattern!

The low magnetic field of Earth may cause some major disasters, though. It currently protects us from flares and such.

The focus of environmentalism on the climate-scare has completely destroyed the planet,
and left it open for pollution and deforestation.
I think it is time to dump the climate alarmism nonsense and get back to real-world problems.

Like did you know that insecticides have killed a majority of the insect population?
Want to stop that? Ban corrupt businesses like Monsanto/ Bayer
and get back to organic / balanced ways to grow food.

Still wonder why billionaires support climate scare?
Because it is related to "sustainable development", nice words that hide the real intention.
It actually means: "billionaires get monopolies on all resources",
and not just on oil, but on all energy,
and water, food, medicine,
and maybe also transport/ travel.
For resources on this check:

(Twitter) Inspection of electrical tower that caused a huge California forest fire in 2018. They did not repair damaged components to increase profits. by zyxzevn in Physics

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That includes the military, that just dumps waste in the environment (I saw reports from the foreign places where they do it).

"Capitalism Rewards Efficiency" by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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Maybe they get extra money from Thailand for providing "work".
And because they are an international company, spread over 3 countries, they don't pay taxes.

"Capitalism Rewards Efficiency" by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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If you give me 100$, I may tell you.

The One Who Must Not Be Named (Soros) by zyxzevn in DeepState

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Can you be haunted by your own ghost? by Unfiltered_Insanity in paranormal

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Here is some from the parapsychology channel:

Poltergeist Agents with Barry Taff
Ghost Hunting with Loyd Auerbach

In my experience, you are not haunted by yourself. Previous lives can still stick to you in some way, I think.

But with hauntings, there is usually some kind of medium (a person), via whom the entity can influence what is happening. This is well known. Entities are blobs of consciousness that are lost. For me they feel spherical.

In my experience again people have auras. A bit similar to how an atom has a field with electrons around, but much weirder.
This field influences the health of a person, but can also influence a bit the world around him/her. When a person has a huge trauma, the aura has a hole in it. This hole can be filled by an entity. (So like an atom forms a molecule.) This entity takes a bit of the identity from the person it enters.

So via a hole in a person's aura, an entity can influence the psyche of a person, which often causes psychiatric problems. (Which is my field of experience, as I help such people). In that case the entity dominates the person more.

But via the aura, an entity can also influence some of the surroundings of a person and create all kinds of weird reality breaking phenomena. I have seen small stuff fall from cupboards or tables, when certain people were around.

More conditions are necessary for this weird stuff to happen, but this is the most simple answer I could give.

A bug in Joe Biden’s campaign app gave anyone access to millions of voter files by realpanzer in politics

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I think they do this sometimes on purpose, so they can blame outside interference for a loss.

AG Barr Recommends SEDITION Charges For Antifa, Far Leftists ARE Organized And Anti American [TimPool] by zyxzevn in politics

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Antifa has a different definition for "fascist" than sane people use.
For the original version it meant "capitalist", but now it means "anyone who disagrees".

(to clarify: Some left journalists that were attacked, because they reported the news fairly.
Same happens with other people that do not stand in line with them to raise their fist/hand.
And those are the "peaceful" that are in these groups.)