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There is a different kind of spam too.
I often get replies that are unrelated to the subject. Look like sentences copy/pasted from 4chan.
And some people keep posting political opinion posts in unrelated subs. Then they also complain when it is removed.
It feels more like disruption. But these people also seem to have several mental issues.

Husband of Anti-NWO Italian MEP Found Dead in Car with Zip Tie Around Neck by zyxzevn in Antiwar

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Ukraine, a very corrupt country ruled by Bandera supporters, is showing its real face again.

The real corruption is the NATO and its propaganda media that has made its own fictional story about the war.
Still we got the news that there was a peace agreement signed at the first days of the war.
It mainly stated Ukraine to stay independent and not join NATO, not much else.
Instead the NATO urged Ukraine to sacrifice itself into a suicidal fight, so it could damage Russia.
There is a reason why you don't hear or see the former Ukraine civilians about the horrors that they went through.

The US war criminal Blinken was recently visiting the famous neo-nazi cafe.
And the UK war criminal Boris Johnson, was holding the old nazi flag in support of the war, that he personally incited by stopping the very early peace-agreement.
Many of the Bandera supporters (neo-nazis) stay out of the fighting. They forcefully gather civilians from the street and punish the soldiers that want to retreat from the suicidal fighting.

Related news:
The Slowakian president opposing the support of the Ukraine-Banderas was also attacked by a Ukraine-related man.
(The wife of this attacker was a Ukraine nazi working for its secret service)

The terrorists in Moscow (who killed many people in a opera-hall) were assisted by the Ukraine secret service to flee from Russia.

The northstream pipeline was destroyed by NATO and also destroyed the economy of Europe.

New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity - Two decades of U.S. policy appear to be rooted in a mistaken understanding of what happened that day. [The Atlantic] by neolib in conspiracy

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The pancake theory is just bunk. It reduces the fall speed. Does not work with steel buildings, and does not match the excessive energy.
Excessive energy (expelled structure) = demolition. Free fall = demolition. Explosives heard by firefighters = demolition.

The damage was not by the building falling onto it. The damage was from the excessive energy that expelled the structures outward. They used 2x the amount of demolition explosives than was necessary.

The dust is clearly from the site. And it was corrosive to cars and buildings. The dust contained iron spheres, that are remains of vaporized steel.

The Pentagon will never release any information about the lost trillions. That is like asking criminals to expose themselves.
But the budget shows 100% a $21 trillion loss. This gets more if we look deeper into loans and other stuff, then it grows to $65T

New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity - Two decades of U.S. policy appear to be rooted in a mistaken understanding of what happened that day. [The Atlantic] by neolib in conspiracy

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I know that theory. What they found was a little bit of Tritium (Hydrogen with 2 neutrons). And a whole theory was developed around it.

Tritium glows. It is legally used in self-illuminated exit-signs. Buy here. And it is safer than radium, which was used to illuminate old clocks.

The mini-nuke theory is that this tritium was part of an atomic bomb. But it is missing all other elements. And the hydrogen-bomb needs to be started with a normal Uranium (or Plutonium) based atomic bomb. A nuclear reaction also causes gamma-rays and x-rays to most of the environment. Which leaves clear traces that can be spotted with (or in) our technology.

So it is either technology that we don't know about, like science fiction.
Or it is exit-signs and well known thermite of which we can see lots of evidence in the dust and remains.

New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity - Two decades of U.S. policy appear to be rooted in a mistaken understanding of what happened that day. [The Atlantic] by neolib in conspiracy

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An explosive expert explained in an interview that the demolition used at least 2x the normal amount of explosives & thermite.
That is why there were still fires for weeks, under the water and foam, at the destroyed towers.
The dust was also so corrosive that it affects many cars, and several buildings.

New 9/11 Evidence Points to Deep Saudi Complicity - Two decades of U.S. policy appear to be rooted in a mistaken understanding of what happened that day. [The Atlantic] by neolib in conspiracy

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The "secret evidence" was already known at the start.
And it was planted there to divert the attention.

The real problem with the 9/11 attacks:

1) The sudden free-fall collapse of 3 WTC towers into their own footprint. Which is evidence for a controlled demolition. So fine-controlled demolition, that there was no damage to other buildings. See for several studies on the subject. The WTC-dust also contained oxidizers that indicate demolition. (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth)

2) The identified remains of the planes were from military origin, not from the civil planes that were "hijacked". The transponders of both civil and military planes were off in an area where the radar could not follow them. And after that they switched on again. The civil planes then were turned and flying too fast for stable flight, but the military version does fly that speed. (Pilots for 9/11 truth)

3) The Pentagon's administration was damaged. And that destroyed the possibility to track down 21 trillion dollars. Rumsberg mentioned 2.3 trillion dollars the day before 9/11, but later this was corrected to 21 T by prof. Skidmore.

4) Various other suspicious shenanigans. Like dancing Israeli spies were able to predict the attacks and were filming them. This led to the conspiracy that Israel did this. But there are also several Pentagon insiders involved, so these spied may have followed the whole plan instead (for later blackmail?). Here is a good overview of the people involved

The importance of distinguishing climate science from climate activism by xoenix in ClimateSkeptics

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Does Nature finally roll back the frauds that were injected into climate science?

Rebranding "Long COVID" by zyxzevn in VaccineInjuries

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Had some long covid symtoms too.
(It is funny how all cures were forbidden or censored)
My physical condition was suddenly very low.
For some reason it only affects certain people.
Never had a problem with flu, so it makes me believe that this was an artificial virus.
But that was also very obvious from the Chimera RNA-code and other additions.

But the covid symptoms were also increased by lockdown stress and masks.
And many of the medicine side-effects (like Remdesivir, Medozelam) were blamed on Covid.
I don't know if you got any of the bad medicine.

For me sunlight and eggs helped a lot. Vitamin-D, Zinc+green tea.
Some quercetin and I liked it a lot.
Also had ivermectin after meeting vaxed people, because they made me sick.
Ate some natural Natto (fermented soy), which helped too. But did not like the soy.

About the "vaccine"

The spike-protein that it produces is the main cause of "long covid". And over 50% of people that I know had clear vax side-effects.

The injected mRNA is stable with its pseudo-uridine and can force your cells to keep on producing the toxic spike-protein for months.
It can indeed reverse-transcribe, which happens for some cells. It was found in some cells in the liver.
The Pfizer also has bacterial ring-DNA, which also can stay in the body forever. And to any children.
The bacterial ring-DNA is a side-product of the commercial production. has a lot of information about the "vaccine" and the ring-DNA.

The effective "protection" against covid is about negative 20% per injection.
So with each injection on gets more covid.

The manufacturers and their agencies try to pretend that all side-effects are caused by Covid.
And politicians in my country defined it as dangerous as Ebola or Anthrax.
While this danger-level should be put on the mRNA-injection instead.

t seems all this is starting to come to light from scientific studies that should've been done before this was pushed on billions of people.

There were such scientific studies.
The scientific studies that showed side-effects were censored. Even after peer-review.
So this is not just neglect. Pfizer studies also showed certain problems; these studies were revealed via freedom of information laws.
McCullough and Jessica Rose wrote some studies.
Steve Kirsch often talks with some of the people doing such studies.

Russia has blocked Rumble by xoenix in censorship

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According to Scott Ritter VPNs are widely used.

GPS doesn't prove space and time are related by jerryk in Physics

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  1. matter+antimatter -> light + (optional other stuff)
  2. light has no mass, only energy.
  3. See

. Mechanics. - On the Analytical Expression that must be given to the Gravitational Tensor in Einstein's Theory.
A very nice paper by T. Levi-Civita in 1917, one of the inventors of Tensor Calculus, proving that Einstein's pseudotensor is nonsense because it leads to a first-order, intrinsic, differential invariant, which the pure mathematicians G. Ricci-Curbastro and T. Levi-Civita proved in 1900 does not exist!

. How far can one get with a Linear Field Theory of Gravitation in Flat Space-Time? An interesting treatment by Hermann Weyl (1944) proving that the standard linearization of Einstein's equations is inadmissible.

Sadly these problems did not lead to fundamental discussions.
Most discussions around GR end with logical fallacies to falsely support Einstein.

GPS doesn't prove space and time are related by jerryk in Physics

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The military opened access to the GPS. The military also have a version with more resolution.

But regarding the clock, the resolution does not matter. One can still measure the drift in the clock.

America is a Democracy (That's the Problem) by Drewski in Libertarian

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I disagree with the first part: "America is a democracy"
It is an oligarchy, that owns the press and manipulates public opinions.
They have made the public dumb.

By keeping the people in debt, they become dependent and divided.
And it has split the politics into: "give me money" and "take less money from me".

Decisions are made outside the public, by "donors" and such.
(Israeli donors helped to decide on support to Israel)
The politicians and media sell the decisions with lies, and deceit.
(like: Trump derangement syndrome)
They often need to create a problem, so the people must accept the decided solution.
Usually laws are changed with just a few words, word changes, to give the law complete different meaning.
(Like equating conspiracy theorists to terrorists)

The unnecessary power of the president and lawmakers on important decisions makes wrong decisions unavoidable.
Especially today they are corrupt, controlled, badly informed and stupid/demented.

Scott Ritter : Russia's Next Move: Unpacking the Future of the Ukraine Conflict. (NATO armies into Ukraine bring conflict closer to nuclear war) by zyxzevn in WarWatch

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To understand the conflict: What if China and North Korea openly use Canada and Mexico for terror strikes in the US?

GPS doesn't prove space and time are related by jerryk in Physics

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The GPS position is determined by the time it takes for satellite signals to arrive.
There is a small difference in clock-speed at different heights on earth.
In General Relativity this difference is predicted.

This can only be measured with very accurate atomic clocks. Too expensive for small GPS devices. The engineering solution (as in your quote) is to use the satellites to "calibrate" the clock of a GPS on earth.

The reason for "change in clock speed" are the more basic laws:
1- energy must be conserved,
2- matter can be turned into light.
When matter in gravity becomes light (positron+electron), all gravity potential energy is lost.
So to conserve energy light must somehow be different in gravity.

The main criticism of General Relativity is that Tensor mathematics is used completely wrong.
(a.o. by the inventor of Tensors himself).

What I see as a major problem with the theory of gravity = acceleration, is that electrical charged objects do not experience acceleration on their charges.
There is some complicated maths that is used as a mainstream explanation, but that maths looks false to me.

There are also some alternatives to General Relativity.
Ron Hatch and younger Einstein think that the the speed of light is different in different gravity strengths.

The Danger of Software Patents--Richard Stallman Speech - The_GNU_Guru [1.52.30] by doginventer in technology

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I think that software patents have destroyed the software industry. It caused bad algorithms and bad solutions being implemented in all software. And big companies push broken standards to monopolize their market.

MSN: Notorious far-right blog The Gateway Pundit declares bankruptcy over 2020 election-related lawsuits by Questionable in politics

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Anything not totalitarian communism/technocracy is now "far right".

FDA finding new ways to reach into dairy farms. Cows get BIRD flu? Fragments of virus found in milk, they say. What's next? Mass killing of cows and a shrinking supply of all dairy products? by In-the-clouds in news

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The WEF wants to get rid of all livestock.
So they pay journalists and $cientists to write all this shit.

Hamas Fires On American-Built Pier For Humanitarian Aid by Cancelthis in PoliticalAnalysis

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Wrong sub.
Maybe /s/warwatch ?

A couple of arguments why 9/11 was an inside job, according to ChatGPT. by LarrySwinger2 in conspiracy

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I would not even talk about 911.
How can a steel building collapse near freefall into its own footprint, while spewing out debris sidewards?

Scientific answer:
Freefall means that all gravity energy is going into falling.
So there is no energy to suddenly break the steel structure (at the right moment),
nor is there any energy to suddenly push the debris sidewards.
So this (explosive) energy has been added to each level of the structure.
Which means it was demolition and nothing else.

The fire-fighters declared that the fire was already over just before the demolition started.
This can be verified by the change in smoke.
So there is no added energy from fuel during the demolition.
The fuel is also not enough to raise the temperature to weaken the fire-resistant alloy of steel.
These fire-fighters also reported explosives when they fled the building.

The dust and remains contained thermite components.
The dust also contained small iron spheres, which are remains of vaporized steel,
and molten molybdenum was reported in court.

German spy agency seeks more powers amid Russia's suspected financing of far right by HugodeCrevellier in WorldNews

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The "far right" is just conservative and moderate.
The left has become extreme and totalitarian instead.

And the "Russian financing" is pushed as lies in almost every country by the totalitarian left. And by their handlers in intelligence.
They don't like the parties that are promoting peace.

Most (left) politicians in Europe are completely controlled by the World Economic Forum and their handlers.

A recent paper surveyed 59,000 people across 63 countries and found that 86% said they believed in climate change. Concern was high across countries: even in the country with the lowest agreement, 73% agreed. by PanzersGhost in ClimateChange

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The propaganda has been extreme.
Now let's ask the vikings.
Those who were harvesting hop in Greenland, and had to leave because of the cold.

Hillary Clinton condemns Trump by P-38lightning in PoliticalHumor

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Suggestion: Restrict how many topics new accounts can create by Drewski in SaidIt

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Same with replies.
And it can only grow when it is actually used.
Maybe with "leveling"? Like after 1 month AND 20 posts/replies -> 2 more replies&posts available. More after 2 months and 40 posts/replies.
Admins should be able to unlock this restriction for people that modded a sub on reddit and that was banned recently, for their own sub(s).

The "Amazing Tale" of How Three Billionaires Plunged the World into Climate Catastrophism by xoenix in ClimateSkeptics

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The problem with that idea, is that Earth is far too large.

You need huge industries to change weather, like the smog in China and such.
Deforestation and cities also have large impact.

Changing weather from a few airplanes or other systems is extremely hard, and you can
only have effect on things that are already close to happening.
Like starting rain in clouds, starting clouds from water-rich air.

This site,, has almost officially become as bad as Reddit with as many retarded far-rightists on here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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You did not reply to the vikings/greenland issue.
So you are pretty dumb.

Look at those exposing the criminal level frauds by the ipcc..
Most of the data is altered.
Big government (WEF, Bilderberg, etc) has taken over institutions and are using it for politics, not science.

This site,, has almost officially become as bad as Reddit with as many retarded far-rightists on here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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The left and right is a generalization of many facets of ideas.
The left is lately supporting each other lies to a larger extend, reaching to psychotic levels.

Based on physics CO2 is not responsible for any changes/warming.
Its greenhouse effect is limited to a small bandwidth.
While water has a very wide range, and is also reflecting depending on its state.

Changes in global climate is caused by the sun, which output energy changes in large cycles.
CO2 was much higher in history, and vikings harvested Hop on Greenland, because it was green.
Compared to the past, we are now in an ice-age.
(see /s/ClimateSkeptics )

It is all politics and insanity.

This site,, has almost officially become as bad as Reddit with as many retarded far-rightists on here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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The "free speech" makes more room for NPC-narratives and propaganda. From any side.
And usually based on lies.
"If you repeat a lie long enough..."

I noticed that the left hold on to the extremist lies (Orange man = Hitler),
while the right hold on to weak conspiracy theories (moonlanding = hoax).

Both sides are breaking their own ethics:
Left - "It is not fascism, if we use violence for OUR political goals"
extreme Right - "All jews should DIE, and they lied about genocide"

The left falls for fake science: "CO2 causes global warming", "vaccines stopped covid"
The right wants laws and no government.

Why is the left pro war now? by 211 in AskSaidIt

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The CIA is now controlling most of the Democrats, probably via blackmail and frauds.
Israel and the military complex are controlling both parties via money.
All are invested in wars.

The CIA is also inciting wars from inside countries, which makes their puppets pro-war.
CIA has been causing the recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, etc.

And they killed Kennedy (by hiring Corsica Assassins),
and destroyed the three WTC buildings (together with Mossad agents) after the military planes flew into two of them (following the Northwoods plan).

What is your strongest opinion about women? by Polar64 in AskSaidIt

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Not surprised 👃 by Oyveygoyim in funny

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Photo looks edited. Almost everything is made different for exaggeration.

Found the article:

Net Isotopic Signature of Atmospheric CO2 Sources and Sinks: No Change since the Little Ice Age by zyxzevn in ClimateSkeptics

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Higher temperatures release CO2 from the oceans.
Just like CO2 is released from soda or beer when the temperature rises.
So with just a beer, you can disprove a myth of global warming.

Money, Secrecy, and Power: How Deep Does This Secret Government Program Go? by zyxzevn in DeepState

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Related to the $21 trillion missing that was discovered by Prof Skidmore.

The FASAB 56, a law that has just passed, protects the Pentagon from disclosing where the money went to. By allowing fake book-keeping.

So there will be more money for drugs, Epstein-style black mails, war-crimes, human trafficking and pedophiles.

Russia isn't invading or conquering Ukraine. Russia is devouring and absorbing Ukraine. by jerryk in WorldPolitics

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You are still believing NATO's propaganda.
But you are completely correct that NATO is impotent, incompentent and corrupt.

There is a lot of confusion by most NATO politicians what really is going on.
Why would an Ukraine president or Israel president be allowed to tell other countries what they should do?
These countries are corrupt and in civil wars.

Russia mainly wanted NATO to follow the agreements that were made. But these agreements were completely broken.
The latest agreement was right after the "special military operation" started. One that declared safety for the citizens and withdrawal of membership of NATO.
The latter was to ensure the safety of Russia as well.
Just a month ago this was confirmed by CIA-newspaper, with the note that it is was a bad deal. Because it did not allow Ukraine to become member.
And thus was Ukraine pushed to kill itself completely and sell all its properties to Blackrock.

Instead of holding these agreements and creating a boring peace, the CIA and MI6 armed and trained an Ukraine army.
They also build bunker cities. Trained Bandera neo-nazis, paid mercenaries and terrorists.
They also propagandized the Ukraine people to believe their news.
Boris kicked out the peace agreement and NATO pushed Ukraine to start a "counter offensive" against pro-Russian Ukraine territories (and their people).
That has now led to the unnecessary 500,000 dead on the Ukraine side alone.

Most of "Ukraine" is was with Russian people. Most of them wanted to separate from Ukraine too.
And these Russian people in "Ukraine" were attacked by the government, which led to the civil war that is still raging.
Russia regarded Ukraine like US looks at California or Alaska. How crazy would it be if these states would join with China?
Or when California is taken by Mexico, because most people speak Mexican. And so should everyone else speak Spanish... or get shot dead.

The reason Ukraine is lost, is because the west keeps supporting the corrupt governments and evil army regiments.
Most of this money and weapons do not go into fighting but into corruption, mercenaries, criminals, drugs, etc.
None of the people do really want to fight. Most fled into Europe, many also into Russia.
A normal government would have made some diplomatic deals with Russia.

The EU allowed the NATO do destroy their own gas-pipelines and to destroy the economies completely.
This in addition to all climate, immigration and Covid craziness.

So the NATO, (EU, UK and US) is in a self-destruction mode.
And maybe they are so weak that they need other countries to take them out of their misery.

And I think NATO will no longer exist after 10 years.
Which brings us to agenda 2040...

Ecological Attack: Liquid Nitrogen Released, Kills Nearly 750K Fish in Iowa River by Questionable in environment

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Liquid nitrogen does not much, it is like frozen air. This article is about liquid nitrogen Ferilizer . Probably some NO2 chemical.

Why Democracy Leads to Tyranny - Academy of Ideas by zyxzevn in PoliticalAnalysis

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This post is perfect for this sub.

‘The situation has become appalling’: fake scientific papers push research credibility to crisis point by ZephirAWT in ScienceUncensored

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The article is really really bad.
Which is the normal for "the guardian".

Ivermectin works very well.
And Hydroxycholoquine works well. And many more. See: for all studies.

The real problem is that Big Pharma is able to publish fake science into "top-science" publishers.
The articles that they published were all extremely fraudulent.

See: /s/CorruptScience/
For an overview of many such problems.

What I see in this article is that they try to hide the evidence for the REAL corruption that is going on.
Most papers are just publishing advertisement for big companies. Big Pharma, Big Tech, the World Economic Forum.
Most scientists are getting money and publicity by signing off on studies that they did not even perform.

And real science has been pushed away.
Because criticism of "the science" is not really allowed.

Even this article about fake science is fake science! That is how bad the situation is today.

How to make an old immune system young again by Drewski in Health

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Is the Nature article promoting auto-immunity?
Anti-bodies against the body's own stem-cells, seems like a path towards death.

A cheaper way to reduce stem-cells might be fasting.
We already know how fasting already helps the body to clear old cells that are no longer needed.

Baltimore bridge collapses after container-ship hits it. (Not deliberate. Ship lost power twice. Mechanical failure) by zyxzevn in news

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Full Q&A with 2 experts on shipping:

The most likely explanation in short:
A modern problem seems to be the fuel.
It is sometimes too low quality for the engines, due to new "green" standards.
And this can cause engines to suddenly stop.

Baltimore bridge collapses after container-ship hits it. (Not deliberate. Ship lost power twice. Mechanical failure) by zyxzevn in news

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Was it really a diversity hire?

We will probably see more stuff revealed soon.