BLM Teacher Says 2+2 Only = 4 Because of “Western Imperialism” by Questionable in NotTheOnion

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2 + 2 = 2 parents + 2 children = 1 mother + 2 children = 3

How to Investigate the Truth (fact checking the fact-checkers) by zyxzevn in Solutions

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There is a lot to add about science, because there are also techniques to corrupt science, which are often used.

  1. Experts, who have big titles, but are actually doing the bidding of their sponsors. Or are just stating opinions instead of facts.

  2. Experst2. When you are trained a lot with a hammer, everything becomes a nail.

  3. Experts3. Experts in Astrology claim that Astrology is useful.

  4. Corporations use science publications as a way to advertise their product. And to hide defects. So they will write lots of reports that show how good it is. And lots of reports that carefully avoid the defects or problems. For example Monsanto designed lab experiments to last only a short time, so that the cancer would not show up. Often you can see that certain products, that require simple tests, still require a long time to complete. That is to design the tests so that they avoid all the problems.

  5. Peer review. The peers are often connected to corporations. Or they are insiders, that do not want the field to change. Due to their extreme bias, they are also not able to see things in a different way. And this stops any real change in the field.

  6. Ghost writers. Often corporations write an article and use the name of an expert-scientist (often for money). So it seems that the article came from that scientist.

  7. Complaining about facts. When the facts are not in line with the corporation, they let scientists write (or sign) articles that are claiming that the facts are bad science. Like the hot and cold cycles of the climate.

  8. Diversion to false theories. So instead of dealing with the facts of the cycles in the climate, the scientists complain about people not listening to them. They even create false theories to claim that the people looking at the facts are crazy. Or that the cycles are due to some hidden ocean cycle, which is easily disproven.

  9. Diversion to hyped solutions. Instead of dealing with the science, the scientists pretend it is settled. So they refuse to talk about the facts. Instead they talk about hyped solutions, that usually do not even work, if their fantasy was correct. So people have to pay energy-taxes, while special big corporations get a free pass.

  10. Diversion to futurism. Instead of dealing with the science of the real problem, we get solutions that we do not have the technology for. Like nuclear fusion. Or GMO-mosquitoes. Or a base on Mars. Or a vaccine/medicine that has never showed to work yet. These diversions make us forget about the real problem that we are facing now.

  11. Patents. Patents and other forms of intellectual are always a problem. But they are presented as a solution, because they create a monopoly for the corporation. And monopolies lead to maximum possible profits and extortion.

I will update this regularly.

The US Should Ban TikTok And Other Chinese Spyware Apps Immediately by mongre in news

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The only thing I saw was a Microsoft document that showed software defects. Defects that could be potentially be used by hackers (like windows XP). Which to me, does not show malicious intend, but bad programming.

After Bloombergs fake story about embedded chips in motherboards, I do not trust these articles.

Neither do I trust China, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit, etc, not to share my personal data with governments and other bad actors. Even Duck-go-go send personal data to their servers due to "software error".
But China does not lock me up, if I say that "its ok to be white" or report on science against the narrative.

Is there a clear technical indication of it being spyware? There may be some new technical info that I missed.

The Guardian Doxxed Nationalist Youtuber "The IconoClast" for WrongThink by WarmPotato in news

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Did Iconoclast state: "It's OK to be white?"

Defund the by Aureus in whatever

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red-it is china now.

Twitter Software Engineer Advocates for Kidnapping and Violently Abusing Children of Republicans. "At this point I only want to hear about bare knuckle resistance machinations. Sn@tch up some GOPs kids in Brooklyn basements or something." by Chipit in news

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But.. but.. they have forbidden words like "blacklist", and you can not be violent against kids of people with different opinions,
so everything is fine...

Google Chrome comic book that does a deep dive into how Chrome works by zyxzevn in programming

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Via reddit

s/shitpost by Fantastic-mastodon in DiscoverSaidit

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/s/shitpost (put an / in front)
And post some example contents..

The biggest flaw with the pyramid of debate by Shitskinned_Faggot in whatever

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I was working on "How to investigate the truth"

There is a lot of research positive of HCQ and there is a lot of fake science that tries to stop it.
On /s/coronavirus you can see many posts around HCQ.

I also liked the videos by peak prosperity, where a doctor dives deep into the papers and explains the details. While he follows the mainstream mostly, he can show what is wrong, from the mainstream point of view.
Coronavirus: Politicized "Medicine"

The other channel is heavily censored by Youtube, and I wanted to show the video about how censorship is killing people.

I've created a Subsaidit where people can discover or promote Subsaidits. by LarrySwinger2 in SaidIt

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It could be like "This week on Saidit", and contain anything that you like.
Give someone fake gold or some other weird/funny prize.

Join the Tim Pool sub! by Wrang1er in DiscoverSaidit

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You forgot to place a link.

I've created a Subsaidit where people can discover or promote Subsaidits. by LarrySwinger2 in SaidIt

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Good idea.
I also had an idea of a weekly post, where people can promote subs in replies.
It could also promote certain posts or discussions.
And it would be nice to separate political / non-political / great / funny.

If Trump wins the election how much worse will censorship be by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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Worst case: They will try to start a civil war, and pretend it is Trump's fault.
And on censorship, they will ban any news and science that is not following the narrative.

Blacklist and Whitelist for Twitter (now for programming-code) by zyxzevn in censorship

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I like it!

I just tried posting this on reddit r/news but the mods deleted it. Here is a pick of Dawit Kelete. The "white supremacist" who drove into two BLM protestors people yesterday. Maybe we should stop fanning these racist flames with fake news? by Themagicalmidget in whatever

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But why were these protestors in the middle of the street, in the middle of the night?
Anyone could have ran a car into them.

There are videos of road-works, that show how people run into barriers (etc), even with big warnings.

U.N. Blackmails World, Threatens 5-7 Years of Greatest Depression Unless You Bow To One World Govt by zyxzevn in Coronavirus

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While the amateur terrorists are screaming for attention, the Covid-crisis is being used to make living extremely difficult for everyone else.


UN: May See “New Normal” On Other Side Of 5-Year Global Depression

President of Ghana sounds like a TDV subscriber:

Occult History of the Jesuit Order:

“No one has died from the coronavirus” Important revelations shared by Dr Stoian Alexov, President of the Bulgarian Pathology Association

Texas changed “probable covid” to anyone with a cough, headache or fever in May

UNBELIEVABLE: Gov. Forces Farms to Shut Down. Food Shortages Imminent. - Ice Age Farmer:

Tom Dillon on G Maxwell:

Tom Dillon on G Maxwell (On Instagram) by zyxzevn in funny

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I could still see the video, though.
You can also watch at 22:00.

Tom Dillon on G Maxwell (On Instagram) by zyxzevn in funny

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Blacklist and Whitelist for Twitter (now for programming-code) by zyxzevn in censorship

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It is currently for programming-code only. And probably for internal communication.
But I think that in a few years they will try to put restrictions on posts too.

Remember when CNN blasted Trump for hydroxychloroquine? Yeah...I do too by cons_nc in news

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On /s/Coronavirus there are many reports that show that it works very well.
. >90% improvement in survival if done properly.
The counter-research has been completely bad science.
1. Faking data. 2. Comparing wrong data. 3. Overdosing patients. 4. Using internet as source. Etc.
All bad science.

Epstein's art (not the perverted stuff) by Vigte in conspiracy

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Are you afraid of death? by IronicISISsupporter in AskSaidIt

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For some reason, I can meditate and make contact with people in "heaven".
I see life as precious and wonderful, but I am not afraid.

Blacklist and Whitelist for Twitter (now for programming-code) by zyxzevn in censorship

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I think we should modernize them to: "Elite / Civilian"

Seekers of non political content, unite by PurpleAmathea in whatever

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We are going to make a great place here.
I really liked wrtingprompts when it was not well-known on reddit.

Blacklist and Whitelist for Twitter (now for programming-code) by zyxzevn in censorship

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I hope this insanity gets extended to posts as well. Also on reddit.

That way they will die in a few weeks.

Meteors Streaking and Exploding Across the Sky by zyxzevn in space

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Good spotting, I missed it.
I think it is the same as the last one: A guy in a fly-suit.

Meteors Streaking and Exploding Across the Sky by zyxzevn in space

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Note: This is a gallery.

As Syria's Currency Plummets, US Mocks Economic Crisis: "Our Sanctions Contributed To The Collapse" by zyxzevn in Antiwar

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Israel is often using a lot of double-speak. I noticed that about Palestine.

Like: the Israeli are spraying the houses of some villages with pg-shit.
They also removed the olive fields, did something with the water.
Just to make them to leave "voluntarily".

So I suspect that such double-speak is also present in talks with Syria.

Like with the white helmets:

As Syria's Currency Plummets, US Mocks Economic Crisis: "Our Sanctions Contributed To The Collapse" by zyxzevn in Antiwar

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Israel is imposing control by making it harder for the people in those countries to even survive.

For some reason, Israel wants to destabilize the area, and to get Assad away. And Iran.
The are also moving from a two people country to a one people country (no more free Palestine).

They are using the tactic of sanctions and bombing with the help of the US.
The US backed extremists are burning harvests. And Israel help Isis too.
US has taken over Syria's oil fields.
Turkey has invaded Syria to support extremists in Aleppo.

It is a complex situation where different nations (and news media) have a conflicting agenda.

[WP] You are an NPC enemy character from a stealth action game commenting on the performance of various players from noob to expert. by Fat_Neckbeard in WritingPrompts

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'Carlo, Look at that! That guy thinks he is invisible.'
'Yes Roberto, but let's pretend we don't see him...'
'I am going to empty the piss-bucket, and you watch him..'
A moment later.
'That was right in his face, and he still didn't move.'
'Great show. I dropped him a penny, so he would think that he succeeded.'

'Carlo, there is that guy again.'
'Ok. What shall we do now?'
'You know that pile of shit behind the barn. Let's put something in it.'
'Yes. Great idea. I have a silver here. And an old ring.'
'Let's add some bread and cheese to see if he will eat it...'
"Nothing to see here!"
"Guarding the treasure behind the barn!"
"I hope no-one will steal it!"

'That was great again.'
'Did you see his face when he ate that bread?'
'What do we do next?'

"Nothing to see here!"
"Nobody here!"
"Secret treasure behind that door!"
"Don't let anyone in!"
"Did anyone open that door?"
"I didn't see anything!"

'He walked straight into the troll-caves. '
'I hope that guy survives. I never had so much fun.'
'I would not last a minute in that cave. That stench is overwhelming.'
'I told the trolls he might be coming, so they are prepared. They have rocks hiding in their piles, hallucinating mushrooms, traps.
And planned a staged fight with a big troll.
They want to let him win, and bring him outside as soon he passes out due to the gasses.'
'I heard trolls can regenerate, even from death.'
'Yes. They will have lots of fun.'

Seekers of non political content, unite by PurpleAmathea in whatever

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You can also browse the most popular sub list:

Seekers of non political content, unite by PurpleAmathea in whatever

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Yes.. Corrected.

There's some censorship going on in the newly popular feminist subs and it needs to be openly addressed. by ccccccc in SaidIt

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I think that it is ok to have some stricter rules for discussions in some subs, as long it is clear.
Like discussions can be disturbed by people that have totally different world-views
or in this case totally different biological experiences.

For example: on C_S_T on reddit, we had restrictions on discussions, where one could start with a certain premise. And this premise was accepted for the full discussion. A discussion of "How would spirits see the world?" starts with the premise that there are spirits in this world, somehow. It gives the possibility to explore a certain idea, without having to discuss everything else.

Criticism on such discussions can be started with a different post, so it does not disturb the original discussion.
Like I could post: "Do spirits actually exist?" And this is a whole different discussion.
In a religious discussion one would like to start with: "How did god create the world" with the idea that there is a god that created it.
The discussion would not even make sense, if you (or someone else) started to dominate the discussion questioning where the proof of such a god would be.

But if this starts to dominate the subsaidit, someone might even create a different subsaidit where all these more atheist topics are discussed. Not to fight the other subsaidit, but to get deeper discussions about certain topics.

For example, I also have a /r/plasmacosmology subsaidit.
That is because mainstream astronomy does model space, plasma and electromagnetism the same way as plasmacosmology does.
This resulting difference is so big, that there is no "big bang" in the plasmacosmology model and no "dark matter" and no "black hole". There are other solutions for the observations that we see. So the premise of the subsaidit is that we have made a mistake in some theories, and that this has led to different models. And with this premise it would make no sense to state that it is wrong, because it breaks with mainstream theories. Instead one could claim that it is wrong, because we saw a "black hole" in a picture recently. And so we get into a discussion about how this picture is computer generated and that it is not really accurate at all.

In that sense moderation becomes more like a guide instead of a restriction.

Woke-hating Lefty, here after the GenderCritical ban by RuinedSpiral in Introductions

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Brining down the discussion is not allowed on Saidit.
But I assume that it was meant as a joke.

I love the fact that people with different opinions are all allowed here. by shadowthrone in whatever

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I read it as: "in my space-time"

My wifi already covered with VPN,yet I cant search the word "Hilary Clinton emails" .Who protecting the Clintons?? by itlog in conspiracy

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Seems like you could not find

I could find this via duckduckgo
the most damaging emails.

Simple, cheap to make red light significantly improves vision of people over 40 by philosopher in Physics

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There is also /s/science but not that active.
There is also /s/space /s/askscience /s/biology and more.
Started to create /s/physics to get more exploration and more practical science.

I love the fact that people with different opinions are all allowed here. by shadowthrone in whatever

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I noticed that in Reddit, I got downvoted each time I had a different idea.
Politically, It was also changing depending on the time-zone.
When dealing with science, it was being downvoted (or banned) when the evidence broke with the popular theories.
The downvoting really reduces the diversity in thinking, and the progress in knowledge.

New Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study [Highwire] by zyxzevn in VaccineSkepticism

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Great. With a strong immune system the body can keep itself healthy.
I think that a lot of diseases became severe, due to bad food, pollution and staying inside (or staying outside in cold/wet weather).

To all the men already here by bananasaft in GenderCritical

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I already like it here :P by pink_lioness in GenderCritical

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After saidit and others gain some track,
Reddit will just be a porn site with bots.

Within 1 hour, Reddit banned 2000 subs-almost all right wing, Twitch banned Trump's account, Youtube banned Stefan Molyneux, Twitter banned Sidney Powell, and the MSM all had long ass articles ready to go to praise it. THIS IS ELECTION MEDDLING. Contact your state reps and demand something be done. by Tarrock in politics

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I described it cryptic and funny, but Julian Assange is journalist for Wikileaks.

Let me explain the story a bit:
After releasing the documents about the warcrimes, the US intelligence started a campaign against Assange.
One famous video was "Collateral Murder" that showed mercenaries murdering a journalist.

When Julian was in the UK, Sweden was accusing him of a rape, where the victim stated that there was none. But there was an extradition claim none-the-less. Assange already saw this as a spy-game and had fled into the embassy of Ecuador.
There he waited for the false claims to wear off, but they never did.
The claim stayed as resisting against arrest.
After years of staying in a small room, under pressure from the US, Ecuador let the UK police in and let them arrest Julian.
He was arrested under all kinds of false premises, against any law in the UK.
They also have been using psychological torture on him, probably in a process of making him crazy.
The US had already made claims about crimes that never happened, and still doing that.
For what he really did, he should get awards. But the US wants him to die in prison.

Yet, he was just being a journalist releasing documents that every new-agency should have done.
I came across wikileaks and Julian Assange, when I started doubting the reasons for going into Iraq.

Within 1 hour, Reddit banned 2000 subs-almost all right wing, Twitch banned Trump's account, Youtube banned Stefan Molyneux, Twitter banned Sidney Powell, and the MSM all had long ass articles ready to go to praise it. THIS IS ELECTION MEDDLING. Contact your state reps and demand something be done. by Tarrock in politics

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Yes. Election meddling. Big time.

Hilary started the trend to do it so openly. reported about it.
And showed that all tech corporations were cooperating on faking bad news about Trump.
Example: google removed "Cov fe fe" = "I shall stand" from Google-translate.
They also showed that the media were directly helping Hillary, and her workers were starting fights against Trump supporters to make him look bad. Hillary also used Correct-The-Record to massively influence the social media.

A lot of this and more was also released by Wikileaks.
Here is a report of the most damaging emails.
A lot of it could be used to put her in prison, but that never happened.

Yet, Trump won anyway.
And Hillary accused Wikileaks and Trump of cooperating with the Russians,
which led us through a information war of 3 years,
that ended with Muller finding no evidence (because there was none),
and a Wikileaks journalist put in UK-prison (because he also revealed war-crimes).

And right after that we had the Ukraine scandal, where we learned that Biden and his son
was corrupt. Yet Trump was attacked for it. So we got the impeachment circus.
And this ended with Pelosi tearing Trumps speech apart.

Via veritas and whistleblowers we learned that the media and tech companies had planned to do everything
to stop another Trump-presidency. So they are now starting that information war again.

In the mean time they are using the Covid-19 crisis and bad management, to make Trump look bad.
And the political group BLM and the amateur-terrorist -group,
joined them by starting wild riots over one poor addicted person and bad policing.
And they keep on rioting, because they are all completely confused, what they really stand for.

In the mean time the Fed is printing Trillions of dollars for their rich friends,
and nobody really understands where it goes to.

/u/looperman: "In light of possibility of Reddit Censoring, Im providing a MASSIVE dump of EVIDENCE that Vaccines are NOT SAFE." by book-of-saturday in VaccineSkepticism

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It is sad that this is so much censored.

We need discussion and good scientific research, not censorship. There are many corrupt scientists out there.

You may need to copy some of the reddit links are replies in this post.

The Dutch Prosecution and the Judge Have Rigged the Outcome of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 Trial on a Charge that Requires No Proof by zyxzevn in CorruptScience

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I think that no party actually wanted to bring down the plane.

Reason for Russian backed troops to fire: They wanted to shoot the fighters.

Reason for Ukraine fighters to shoot the plane: They thought that Putin was in the plane.

Is there any less political content here yet? by happysmash27 in AskSaidIt

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Yeah. It is currently in a sad state.
Hackernews is currently my alternative for that news.

“The Science Is Settled”.....wearing a #COVID__19 mask starves your brain of oxygen! by zyxzevn in Coronavirus

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Also similar info on TheHighwire: Anti-maskers: Right or Selfish?

The doctors wearing them for a long time also complain about health problems.
There is a risk-balance between exposure and Oxygen/CO2 problems.

A Look Inside A Propaganda Machine by Tom_Bombadil in propaganda

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Massive Release From Project Veritas PROVES Facebook is Meddling In The 2020 Election (But will anything happen) [TimPool] by zyxzevn in censorship

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The release is from project Veritas at:

Veritas has uncovered many criminal activities already, but not much is happening with that.

You Won’t Believe What They Admitted About Vaccines on the News in 1971 by zyxzevn in VaccineSkepticism

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From "The Highwire", I learned that the problem is that a lot of the statistical evidence is behind locked doors. So we don't know how bad these things are, because the information about it is kept from us.

The video itself explains the problems with a vaccine that was still being used after the ingredients turned out to cause cancer. Truthstream Media does usually base this on existing documents, which should be available somewhere. I sadly did not have the time to find them.

So the best way to deal with it, would to be more careful and to further investigate this problem. But instead they kept on pushing the vaccines. This shows that there is there are two different programs: The fast and continuous sale of vaccines and other medicine. And the slow progress of science that often shows problems with them. And the companies prefer to sell.