The "Amazing Tale" of How Three Billionaires Plunged the World into Climate Catastrophism by xoenix in ClimateSkeptics

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The problem with that idea, is that Earth is far too large.

You need huge industries to change weather, like the smog in China and such.
Deforestation and cities also have large impact.

Changing weather from a few airplanes or other systems is extremely hard, and you can
only have effect on things that are already close to happening.
Like starting rain in clouds, starting clouds from water-rich air.

This site,, has almost officially become as bad as Reddit with as many retarded far-rightists on here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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You did not reply to the vikings/greenland issue.
So you are pretty dumb.

Look at those exposing the criminal level frauds by the ipcc..
Most of the data is altered.
Big government (WEF, Bilderberg, etc) has taken over institutions and are using it for politics, not science.

This site,, has almost officially become as bad as Reddit with as many retarded far-rightists on here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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The left and right is a generalization of many facets of ideas.
The left is lately supporting each other lies to a larger extend, reaching to psychotic levels.

Based on physics CO2 is not responsible for any changes/warming.
Its greenhouse effect is limited to a small bandwidth.
While water has a very wide range, and is also reflecting depending on its state.

Changes in global climate is caused by the sun, which output energy changes in large cycles.
CO2 was much higher in history, and vikings harvested Hop on Greenland, because it was green.
Compared to the past, we are now in an ice-age.
(see /s/ClimateSkeptics )

It is all politics and insanity.

This site,, has almost officially become as bad as Reddit with as many retarded far-rightists on here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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The "free speech" makes more room for NPC-narratives and propaganda. From any side.
And usually based on lies.
"If you repeat a lie long enough..."

I noticed that the left hold on to the extremist lies (Orange man = Hitler),
while the right hold on to weak conspiracy theories (moonlanding = hoax).

Both sides are breaking their own ethics:
Left - "It is not fascism, if we use violence for OUR political goals"
extreme Right - "All jews should DIE, and they lied about genocide"

The left falls for fake science: "CO2 causes global warming", "vaccines stopped covid"
The right wants laws and no government.

Why is the left pro war now? by 211 in AskSaidIt

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The CIA is now controlling most of the Democrats, probably via blackmail and frauds.
Israel and the military complex are controlling both parties via money.
All are invested in wars.

The CIA is also inciting wars from inside countries, which makes their puppets pro-war.
CIA has been causing the recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, etc.

And they killed Kennedy (by hiring Corsica Assassins),
and destroyed the three WTC buildings (together with Mossad agents) after the military planes flew into two of them (following the Northwoods plan).

What is your strongest opinion about women? by Polar64 in AskSaidIt

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Not surprised 👃 by Oyveygoyim in funny

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Photo looks edited. Almost everything is made different for exaggeration.

Found the article:

Net Isotopic Signature of Atmospheric CO2 Sources and Sinks: No Change since the Little Ice Age by zyxzevn in ClimateSkeptics

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Higher temperatures release CO2 from the oceans.
Just like CO2 is released from soda or beer when the temperature rises.
So with just a beer, you can disprove a myth of global warming.

Money, Secrecy, and Power: How Deep Does This Secret Government Program Go? by zyxzevn in DeepState

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Related to the $21 trillion missing that was discovered by Prof Skidmore.

The FASAB 56, a law that has just passed, protects the Pentagon from disclosing where the money went to. By allowing fake book-keeping.

So there will be more money for drugs, Epstein-style black mails, war-crimes, human trafficking and pedophiles.

Russia isn't invading or conquering Ukraine. Russia is devouring and absorbing Ukraine. by jerryk in WorldPolitics

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You are still believing NATO's propaganda.
But you are completely correct that NATO is impotent, incompentent and corrupt.

There is a lot of confusion by most NATO politicians what really is going on.
Why would an Ukraine president or Israel president be allowed to tell other countries what they should do?
These countries are corrupt and in civil wars.

Russia mainly wanted NATO to follow the agreements that were made. But these agreements were completely broken.
The latest agreement was right after the "special military operation" started. One that declared safety for the citizens and withdrawal of membership of NATO.
The latter was to ensure the safety of Russia as well.
Just a month ago this was confirmed by CIA-newspaper, with the note that it is was a bad deal. Because it did not allow Ukraine to become member.
And thus was Ukraine pushed to kill itself completely and sell all its properties to Blackrock.

Instead of holding these agreements and creating a boring peace, the CIA and MI6 armed and trained an Ukraine army.
They also build bunker cities. Trained Bandera neo-nazis, paid mercenaries and terrorists.
They also propagandized the Ukraine people to believe their news.
Boris kicked out the peace agreement and NATO pushed Ukraine to start a "counter offensive" against pro-Russian Ukraine territories (and their people).
That has now led to the unnecessary 500,000 dead on the Ukraine side alone.

Most of "Ukraine" is was with Russian people. Most of them wanted to separate from Ukraine too.
And these Russian people in "Ukraine" were attacked by the government, which led to the civil war that is still raging.
Russia regarded Ukraine like US looks at California or Alaska. How crazy would it be if these states would join with China?
Or when California is taken by Mexico, because most people speak Mexican. And so should everyone else speak Spanish... or get shot dead.

The reason Ukraine is lost, is because the west keeps supporting the corrupt governments and evil army regiments.
Most of this money and weapons do not go into fighting but into corruption, mercenaries, criminals, drugs, etc.
None of the people do really want to fight. Most fled into Europe, many also into Russia.
A normal government would have made some diplomatic deals with Russia.

The EU allowed the NATO do destroy their own gas-pipelines and to destroy the economies completely.
This in addition to all climate, immigration and Covid craziness.

So the NATO, (EU, UK and US) is in a self-destruction mode.
And maybe they are so weak that they need other countries to take them out of their misery.

And I think NATO will no longer exist after 10 years.
Which brings us to agenda 2040...

Ecological Attack: Liquid Nitrogen Released, Kills Nearly 750K Fish in Iowa River by Questionable in environment

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Liquid nitrogen does not much, it is like frozen air. This article is about liquid nitrogen Ferilizer . Probably some NO2 chemical.

Why Democracy Leads to Tyranny - Academy of Ideas by zyxzevn in PoliticalAnalysis

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This post is perfect for this sub.

‘The situation has become appalling’: fake scientific papers push research credibility to crisis point by ZephirAWT in ScienceUncensored

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The article is really really bad.
Which is the normal for "the guardian".

Ivermectin works very well.
And Hydroxycholoquine works well. And many more. See: for all studies.

The real problem is that Big Pharma is able to publish fake science into "top-science" publishers.
The articles that they published were all extremely fraudulent.

See: /s/CorruptScience/
For an overview of many such problems.

What I see in this article is that they try to hide the evidence for the REAL corruption that is going on.
Most papers are just publishing advertisement for big companies. Big Pharma, Big Tech, the World Economic Forum.
Most scientists are getting money and publicity by signing off on studies that they did not even perform.

And real science has been pushed away.
Because criticism of "the science" is not really allowed.

Even this article about fake science is fake science! That is how bad the situation is today.

How to make an old immune system young again by Drewski in Health

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Is the Nature article promoting auto-immunity?
Anti-bodies against the body's own stem-cells, seems like a path towards death.

A cheaper way to reduce stem-cells might be fasting.
We already know how fasting already helps the body to clear old cells that are no longer needed.

Baltimore bridge collapses after container-ship hits it. (Not deliberate. Ship lost power twice. Mechanical failure) by zyxzevn in news

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Full Q&A with 2 experts on shipping:

The most likely explanation in short:
A modern problem seems to be the fuel.
It is sometimes too low quality for the engines, due to new "green" standards.
And this can cause engines to suddenly stop.

Baltimore bridge collapses after container-ship hits it. (Not deliberate. Ship lost power twice. Mechanical failure) by zyxzevn in news

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Was it really a diversity hire?

We will probably see more stuff revealed soon.

Baltimore bridge collapses after container-ship hits it. (Not deliberate. Ship lost power twice. Mechanical failure) by zyxzevn in news

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Analysis by Ship expert.

Ship Lost Power Before Hitting Key Bridge in Baltimore

MV Dali Hitting Key Bridge in Baltimore - Track and Video Analysis with map and GPS data

Baltimore bridge collapses after container-ship hits it. (Not deliberate. Ship lost power twice. Mechanical failure) by zyxzevn in news

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The power switches off twice and goes on again. The power may set the steering to one side. Almost like a steering-lock in a car. Or with 2 screws, one screw standing still while the other is rotating. There are several ways how this may happen. The crew probably knows more about what happened.

The power outage is likely a power generator problem. The power of the whole ship goes off twice in the full video. This can happen when the fuel of the generator is too low. And the fuel problem can be due to theft, drinking, politics, rust, etc. Or it could be a faulty connector.

Some think that the bridge collapse could be done on purpose. The boat has its own power system and communication system. So it is probably very difficult to get to the power system from the outside. it is also extremely hard to steer a big boat via a power outage, let alone making it hit a bridge.
This could have been an internal job with a person on board. But still steering the boat would be nearly impossible, unless you do the steering yourself.

Remember when Ukrainian fighters were caught wearing ISIS patches as was reported by @TheCradleMedia ? You see any CIA asset can put on an ISIS badge , what does it matter when they all work for the US anyway. by Questionable in politics

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Partisan Girl is a great source for Syria.

The terrorists in Moscow was not ISIS, as they used their left hands in support of ISIS.
Which means that they are 100% certain not Muslims.
The left hand is for poop and such. Right hand for greeting or prayer.

They were followed back to Ukraine, where a small Ukraine group was waiting for them.
More investigation details in the start of this interview

There were Isis fighters reported that were fighting for Ukraine at the beginning,
but they may have fled the battle field like most of the mercenaries.

It is astonishing that there is a significant number of people out there that are this stupid. They simply cannot understand that the "vaccine" caused them permanent damage. by Thinger in MeanwhileOnReddit

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They thought it was a dangerous "vaccine" when Trump was president.
People were collapsing right after the injections, and still people believed that it was safe.

Suspect detained by Russian Special Forces says killings were for money ($5400) by zyxzevn in WorldPolitics

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There is more:

Via source

UKRAINE RECRUITED TAJIK TERRORISTS ( THROUGH ITS EMBASSY IN TAJIKSTAN - stresses ex-intelligence officer, retired Colonel Bakhtier Rakhmonov, providing screenshot (pictured above) showing Kiev's regime recruiting Tajikistanis into criminal International Legion ( on its page just weeks before carrying out bloody terrorist attack on Moscow ( and trying to flee back to Ukraine (

Zelensky started recruiting terrorists out of Central Asian country through Facebook back in 2022 (

Who Is Behind The Bloody Terrorist Attack In Moscow? Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.03.23 by zyxzevn in WarWatch

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The Ukraine army created an "escape window" at the border.
So there is direct involvement of Ukraine with these terrorists.

The Ukraine army has been killing civilians for 8 years now,
and this is just is an expansion of that evil practice.

Saidit is back online! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Great work getting it back.
During an election year there is likely a lot more to come.

Psy ops run on Reddit : constant attempts to run psyops on Reddit -- out of r/usanews, and obviously most recent post by Cancelthis in PsyOps

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What group does she work for?

Nature: Why are so many young people getting cancer? What the data say (Pre-Covid19) by SoCo in science

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Turbo cancer is a well known side-effect of the mRNA injections.
The pseudo-uridine, spike-proteins, RNA, and rDNA pollutions, are all known promoters of cancer.

But Nature will never publish science that is against their biggest funders/supporters.
We have come to the point that everything published in the big papers should be considered fake science.

How RFK could smash the two-party system. In American politics, upset has become the rule - Unherd by zyxzevn in PoliticalAnalysis

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Actual political analysis, unlike what most people post in this sub.

Microsoft confirms Russian spies stole source code, accessed internal systems by ZephirAWT in ScienceUncensored

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I first assume that they are just blaming a foreign country. Just like Sony blamed North Korea for an internal hack.

Haley defeats Trump in Vermont GOP primary by Cancelthis in PoliticalAnalysis

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It was democrats who voted,

Sweden is charging electric busses with DIESEL generators by zyxzevn in ClimateSkeptics

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Electricity is a superior form of energy, because it's convenient.

Exactly the opposite. It can not be stored. (in useful quantities) It always needs to be generated.

You always need some energetic processes to generate it at any time, either chemical or mechanical.
Solar and wind are just temporary and very low in power.
And the energy from and to those energy storage processes always have loss of energy.

Why did you post this?

The mechanisms for zero-carbon or carbon-neutral are FAKE.
It is destruction of society and a waste of energy.
It is far better to drive with normal busses during winter and save energy.
And get the electric busses out when it is summer.

They saw green lasers during the rain while the Texas panhandle was burning? by In-the-clouds in news

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That is about spraying into clouds.
And we know of Kill Gates wanting to block the sun.

But the scale on which this is occurring or tested seems small.
While the chemtrail community claims that nearly every plane does it.
Because "there are more lines in the sky".

They saw green lasers during the rain while the Texas panhandle was burning? by In-the-clouds in news

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In Hawaii there were also electrical discharges that give weird blue reflections on the camera.
While people claimed these examples were lasers, they were clearly not.

Due to the modern engines and different fly-heights we get more water vapor trails.
I think chemtrails are overhyped or maybe non-existent.
I have not seen any good examples of secret chemtrails. Just fear based claims.

Do you know that you can track down any aircraft?
flight24 is a good resource.
For military stuff, there are also local people tracking them.

They saw green lasers during the rain while the Texas panhandle was burning? by In-the-clouds in news

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physics: Green lasers don't go far through clouds or rain.

Astronomers Accidentally Find A Galaxy That Hasn’t Birthed Any Stars by ZephirAWT in ScienceUncensored

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That is just layer of unfounded hypotheses on top of each other.
We could just say that god created everything in mysterious ways.
And it would be just as scientific.

And I studied superconductors very well. No dark matter there.

What I did discover is that mainstream astronomy does not understand basic electromagnetism at all.
And so they invent weird things to compensate for their lack of understanding.
Like this superconductivity.

As an example: The magnetic reconnection is pure nonsense from a physics point of view.
It breaks with every basic law.
Frozen magnetic fields are also nonsense, but in a different way. Magnetism can only stay static in solid ferro-magnetic material, but not in dust.
As dust clumps together. And additionally liquid, gas and plasma are above the curie temperature.

World War III Watch: British Troops Are Directing Air Strikes in Ukraine – Germany Discusses Blowing Up Bridge in Crimea – The Globalist Elites Want Their World War by Questionable in WorldPolitics

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They global elites created the coup and the destruction of democracy in Ukraine to start with.
Which caused the extremists to target the civilians.
And this caused Russia to intervene with the goal to get a peace agreement,
Twice. (Minsk 2013 and in Turkey 2022). Which again was broken twice with the support of the US and UK.

And still the Ukraine extremists are mainly targeting and killing civilians, with NATO weapons.
Mainly with the goal to escalate the conflict.

The US and UK have openly expressed the goal of ending Russia.
(Like Israel has expressed the goal of ending Iran and such).

And the western media have been producing propaganda and fake news from the start.
This is very clear from how all peace possibilities are completely wiped off the table.
There is not even any communication. And deaths of Russians are presented as a good thing.
Unlike what the Russian and independent media present. No deaths are celebrated.

The Israel media is even worse, by celebrating the killing of innocent civilians.

You can tell whether someone is evil, by how they treat their opponents.