somebody linked this Tome on Alternate Redshift theories by infocom6502 in Physics

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Forbidden? Strange..

Well, there is a copy on reddit:

somebody linked this Tome on Alternate Redshift theories by infocom6502 in Physics

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Also check out /s/PlasmaCosmology/wiki
for a long list of problems with the mainstream Astronomy.

SaidIt Survey: Ban /u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot or keep them around? by JasonCarswell in AskSaidIt

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They are breaking the Pyramid of discussion all the time, and are clearly here to disturb the discussions.

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura associated with COVID‐19 Pfizer‐BioNTech BNT16B2b2 mRNA vaccine by dissidentrhetoric in Coronavirus

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Just make up a name for a very coincidental case. That way you can proof that it happens only in a few cases.
It is a standard way of Big Pharma to get away with murder.

The blood-spots are caused by the immune system destroying cells in the blood vessels. These vessels will burst and leak out blood.
Dr. Bakdhi has explained this already.

This form of auto-immunity is default for a mRNA/gen based vaccine, because the activated immune system will attack all cells that are producing the spike-protein. Chance is probably higher with healthy young people.

It is not rare. It is just luck, when the cells stop before they can be attacked.
Luck like in Russian Roulette.

it's like the whole thing was staged or something by Orangutan in politics

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The viking was also found protesting for Black Lives Matter..
So not really a trump person.

Somehow We Ended Up Here by EndlessSunflowers in funny

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Because it is not an apocalypse, but a 1984-style-dictatorship.

Reddit has received a letter from the US government asking them to rat out people on the site who questioned the results of the American election. by Ave_Satanas in WatchRedditDie

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AHS is the biggest cancer of Reddit.

Death by medical protocol by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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I think the sedation is to such level that your breathing will stop.
That is how they can activate the Vents that will then destroy your lungs.

It is your fault my experimental injection does not protect me and makes my disease worse. Even if I live in a place where 100% are injected (Gibraltar/ Carrier). by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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Of course it does not protect against a severe infection of the respiration system.
You need more than some antibodies to become immune.
Natural immunity is much easier to achieve and spreads automatically during summer.
And with a weak immunity, pump it up with Vit-D or eggs.
And get some Ivermectin / HCQ+Zinc, if you are really getting sick.

Israel: Highest infection rate in the world by [deleted] in news

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Posted this on coronavirusCirclejerk:

*Respiration viruses start multiplying and mutating in the nose, and lungs.. before they reach the blood. (Bakdhi) So evolution will create variants that will be able to circumvent the antibodies that may be in the blood.

With the failed Experiment, the antibodies are more specialized (Bossche). And the immune system will wait until the blood has been reached. That is what it has been trained to do.

And with natural immunity, your body will be trained to attack more variations, because it got a sample of the whole virus. It will also be trained to stop it while it is in the nose and lungs. This reduces the spread and variations dramatically.

And for people with the failed Experiment, we see a higher viral load in the nose (UK nurses). And the almost immediate rise of variants and infections (India, etc). And we see quick rises in places with 100% guinea pigs. Like in Gibraltar or on a Carrier.

I am just waiting for some miracle horse-cure to beat the hell out of this virus.*


*The Experiment is the experimental injection that contains mRNA (or DNA) in capsules. These capsules are made to enter cells. They failed dramatically in animal studies. And now they fail in humans too, based on the very high number of problems.

The goal was to produce antibodies against one type of proteins. So these proteins are produced massively by the mRNA in the cells of the host. But there are some major problems: (1) these proteins are already toxic (we see this in many animal studies). (2) The mRNA goes to all cells all over the body. (3) The cells that produce the proteins are often attacked by the immune system itself. (4) There is a lot of variation depending on the health and immunity of the person. (5) a lot of the real test data is still secret / hidden.

A second problem is that the protein, gives the immune system a very small focus of attack. So any small variation can pass the defense. We see this in all high-injection rate countries. Was this by design to ensure future sales?

I would love to see more and different experts discuss about this, but most are banned / censored. There is so much money at stake. Some of these censored experts also predicted all these outcomes.*

$10 Trillion missing from the Pentagon and no one knows where it is. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Check out Skidmore.
21$ trillion dollar missing.

In a later study he even came to 94 Trillion dollar, in the form of loans from the banks.

How strong would a magnetic field have to be to significantly change chemical interactions? by infocom6502 in Physics

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Plasma forms structures when there is almost no gravity.
These interactions would be much stronger when there is a magnetic field or electric field.

The Dangers of Booster Shots and COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels by zyxzevn in VaccineInjuries

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Note: This is all wellknown and was explained by Bakdhi.
The simplest causes are:
The spike protein already causes blood-clots, as it triggers blood-platelets.
The leaky vessels are caused by the immune system attacking cells that produce the spike-protein.
The spike protein are produced massively by the cells that get injected with the mRNA/genetic-code that is in the "vaccines".

The Future for the Vaxxed by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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The totalitarian threat is very real too.

The Future for the Vaxxed by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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They can be treated a bit with Ivermectin... /s

The Future for the Vaxxed by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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The Future for the Vaxxed by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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More discussion at

Nein Elven Fairy Planes by LarrySwinger2 in 911truth

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No=plane theory? Sorry.. that is a conspiracy nut trap.
Too many people saw at least the second plane.
The trap is to use conspiracy nuts to attack the solid evidence behind the collapse, where so many criminals are exposed.
The nutty theories are there to break the public support for the solid evidence. It is a standard propaganda trick.

Pilots For 9/11 Truth also showed how the planes were switched with military drone version.
The remains are components from military airplanes.
And this shows a much more sinister agenda behind the attacks: The Pentagon was clearly involved.
They are involved to destroy the evidence that they put trillions of dollars in their own pockets.
The evidence was at the hit part of the pentagon, the administration section. And in tower 7.

I do think that some photographs were faked of people jumping out of the building.
These photographs could have been made a year before during the "Art Project", where people were hanging on cables from the window, as if they were falling.
They also lay the network of the demolition cables.

Are you ready for the next phase? Heads-up regarding the official government data in relation to the "Covid Deaths" of "unvaccinated" people. by salvia_d in conspiracy

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They are fucking with the PCR test by using different multiplication cycles. So someone who dies with a heart attack will be listed as Covid death due to false positive (40 cycles, 99% chance false positive). While a covid patient dying due to a failing "vaccine" can be listed as non covid (25 cycles, 30% chance false negative).

There is now also a lot of propaganda to blame the "Variants" on the people that avoided the Experiments.
The "variants" appear more deadly to the lab-rats, and soon they will die by the 1000s when the long term side-effects start kicking in.

To get a neutral respond, I often refer to working medicine Ivermectin.
It helps all these patients (even some side-effects) and should be introduced now.
That way the lab-rats do not need a booster every 6 months.
If people look at it with a bit of sense, they will accept it as a solution.
And this acceptance will also remove the artificial need for the Experiments.

George Takei: Just give them the vaccine but tell them it’s the dewormer by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Save lives instead:
Give people the anti-viral,and anti-bactrerial Ivermectin, and pretend it is the failed mRNA experiment.