OpenAI's reported 'superintelligence' breakthrough is so big it nearly destroyed the company, and ChatGPT by hfxB0oyA in TechCompanies

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Sounds like a fake excuse. Their partnering with the evil US Government lapdogs like Microsoft, makes me think the concern was less about technology progression and more about intended unethical application of the technology.

This heavily falls on my preconceived assumptions though:

I suspect machine learning and AI have been used to subvert democracies for more than a decade already and what we are being shown of AI, now, is 15 or 20 year old technology, which has simply been retooled for, less public manipulation/democracy control (foreign and domestic), and skewed more towards public consumption. We'll give you a small bit of our technology, but only after we have used it to oppress you for 20 years or so. This is the general governmental pattern (whom takes control of all new technology with security implications).

Trump wins another ballot challenge, federal judge dismisses Rhode Island case by P-38lightning in news

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You will always have a hard time passing off media innuendo as DOJ actionable legal convictions and court action. (A hard time, not impossible, as we see in various court circus court proceedings) Pretending that the President caused Jan 6th by pointing out the many serious sworn accusations and legal mischief of the election, is an intellectually dishonest joke..rather than holding the people accountable for Jan 6th, who stonewalled investigations, refused to review election problems, and mislead the public about the large volume of evidence. Refusing to investigate, hiding evidence, and refusing the normal legal procedures to address such problems, led most of America to lose confidence in the the people who made the election concerns public.

I remember CNN reporting on "Trump's big lie" and Ruddy going to court challenging election fraud. CNN made fun of his huge stack of evidence....while declaring that he was intending to overthrow the election without evidence...

I suspect the Orwellian Ministry of Truth forbade news companies, under threat, from reporting on the huge election fraud or efforts to legally address it, without calling it "unfounded" , a "lie", or "without evidence", even while clearly there is a mound of evidence.

United Nations set to call on Americans to reduce meat consumption by P-38lightning in news

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The US politicians seem eager to import Europe's festering authoritarian semi-communism, which they pretend to be democracy.

Marvin Guy, Who Shot a Cop During a No-Knock Raid, Found Guilty of Murder by Drewski in news

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This is only legally allowed if you waive your right to a speedy trial as far as I know.

Does suffering, hardship, and being born to very unlucky circumstances *really* make someone stronger and more capable? Or is that just a cope? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Nope, growing up shitty leaves you damaged goods. Missed opportunities and serious emotional trauma just lead to a human not getting close to their full potential and preconditioned for drug and alcohol abuse....IMO

Instagram Shuts Down The Account of Presidential Candidate Jill Stein by Drewski in censorship

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Social media with a required singular identity is like some fascist ass shit.

FBI arrests Miami Police officer accused of stealing cash and drugs during traffic stops by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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I was involved in a police attack, from local cops who did this.

Me and an acquaintance was pulled over. They were sure there would be drugs. They searched the vehicle because they driver wasn't properly licensed. We had no drugs, but we wished that we did, as this pissed the cops off real bad and they spend the next hour beating us. The driver was beat while handcuffed behind his back, by what must have been the most pussy-ass police sergeant ever. While he did that, his other officer beat the other guy's head of the cop car, who was with us, and the third officer kept a gun pointed at my head. The driver was the only one able to sue. He won an undisclosed amount.

During the process of making testimony towards the lawsuit, I learned that the city that employed them, openly knew this gang of cops routinely jacked people for drugs and money and had been doing so for many years.

The city paid the lawsuit. The police officers were fired and hired somewhere else promptly, with no loss to themselves and little concern. I think I read that the same cops ran some kid over killing him while chasing him in their cruiser, not too long later.

Because many like diluting things based on race: The sergeant and one officer were white, and the one with the gun to my head was black (he didn't beat anyone and said he was supporting his sergeant). All three of us, whom they assaulted are white. It doesn't seem that race played a role in these actions.

"Wag the dog" was a documentary by zyxzevn in Antiwar

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The Ukrainian military has been shelling the Donetsk region for more than a decade...

The whole place has been leveled since like 2015.

"Interest on the federal debt is now so immense that it’s consuming 40% of all personal income taxes... If federal finances continue on their current path, we are only a few years from the entirety of income taxes being needed to finance the debt..." (Link in reply) by [deleted] in news

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Our country is ran by the kind of idiots that are making payments to all their furniture to Rent One and their vehicles to Auto Credit. They should be rich, but they get ripped off so badly for the debit-based lifestyle, that they live like paupers.

why does God dislike the homos? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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I asked a very educated preacher I knew. He was Lutheran and went to seminary school for like 12 or 15 years..

He suggests the only vague mention was the one simple Bible statement that, "it is better to sow your seed in a whore than the dirt," or something to that effect. It seems vague and nonspecific to me.

Canadian Human Rights Commission Report Says Christmas a 'Discriminatory' Holiday by [deleted] in news

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They've got to ban giving to the poor, because the government officials can't pocket and misappropriate the money, if it doesn't go through their tax system.

A currency with no backing, or backed only with debt, is more like a time share club. Especially when the government and inter-banking intermediates, can loan to each other and themselves at a fractional-reserve, whim, controlling supply, inflation, and value.

Since you labor for that value, they are siphoning off your labor against your will. It is just slavery with extra steps. One can never be free with an un-backed currency, whose supply is not fixed or algorithmic.

Sam Altman to return as OpenAI chief by hfxB0oyA in TechCompanies

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Now we must know what the board fired him for, which they vaguely stated that he was hiding important information from the board.

The secret negotiations that led to the Gaza hostages deal by ansar in WorldNews

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It must be a sweet deal to accept for whomever is claiming responsibility for the purported hostages, while the Israeli's were actively slaughtering women and children in a hospital....

Makes you wonder if the people being negotiated with have anything to do with or care about the Palestinians at all, or if the Israeli attack helicopters that we now know gunned down their own citizens at the concert left anyone to take hostage...

Why does every incursion Israeli gets in have to stink of public deception..

Far-right libertarian leader Javier Milei becomes Argentina's new president by ansar in WorldNews

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He's a Libertarian. It is a little weird of a stretch to call him far-right. He also has quite a few liberal positions.

Their country has been destroyed by liberals over the last 20 years. Their economy was destroyed by a long sting of irresponsible liberal waste. Now that their currency is beyond home, they will be switching to USD. Yet, liberals have nearly destroyed the USD, and through it, a large portion of the entire world economy, by their wastefulness, corruption, and use of public tax money to pay for political pandering or near direct buying of votes.

Biden invokes wartime powers ... to give hundreds of millions of dollars to billion-dollar international companies. get them to make heat pumps in USA? by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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This is a very concerning over-reach of power.... This is also the same oppressive act that is simultaneously being done in Europe. This of course, will hurt our energy security very badly, not improve it. Poor people will be hurt the most from this.

This also takes away the public's energy security, centralizing the public's dependence to one monopolistic energy source, the municipal electric company. This is like turning heating your home into a time share scam, where one company dictates the price and there is no competition or other source.

Male Menopause by Musky in politics

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I met this guy. He said he is just an emotional guy. He cried a bit during the speech he gave that I attended.

OpenAI board attempts to hit “Ctrl-Z” in talks with Altman to return as CEO by hfxB0oyA in TechCompanies

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This whole thing is very strange.

US Senate passes stopgap bill, averts government shutdown — for now by ansar in WorldNews

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Republicans forced Democrats to vote on just the budget, giving a stop gap bill. The Democrats are still keen on continuing to force a government shutdown if they don't get billions of tax payers' dollars for Ukraine. This was the only reason of contention, holding up the funding bill, and risking shutdown.

Every year it is the same thing, Democrats demanding partisan pork or insane nonsense....then they get their weaponized media to trick the world into thinking Republicans are causing a government shutdown if they refuse to pass a bill with their pork. This is a common trick they do. Pelosi even pulled it for the first Covid bill with checks. Nothing like delaying the Covid support money for an extra week or week and a half, just to get a news cycle or two of "Republicans are blocking the Covid bill", which Democrats blocked, copied, and submitted as their own already. Pelosi's political trick delayed money to hospitals and other critical Covid response and her dirty political trick can likely be measured by how many deaths of Americans it caused.

BLM Activist John Sullivan “Jayden X” Found Guilty on All Seven Counts for his Actions on January 6, 2021 by zyxzevn in corruption

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He wasn't charged at all, until very very recently.

This guy was running the Proud Boys at the time of Jan 6th, by force. The Proud Boys had amassed a large number of non-member volunteers and organized them in a chat room (Discord or something). This guy was with them in person during their planning, but he burned them. He coup'd the chat room and convinced them to go to a room he controlled and took over. He was frequently suggesting destruction, insurrection, and violence. This was very much against the Proud Boys' interests, whom were very dedicated to protecting protesters and did so with very meticulous planning, which left a ton of documentation and evidence of their innocent intent. Yet, Sullivan turned states evidence on the Proud Boys after leading them into the Capitol. Sullivan's own urging of violence was used as the only evidence that the Proud Boys had violent intentions, except for the other undercover who infiltrated them....

..The CIA dude (the crypto scammer guy who avoided all charges), who sent them lame "plan" for taking over the capitol. It was an obvious joke plan that should have been wrote in crayons. The Proud Boys leader guy was in a relationship with this under cover cop lady, who introduced them to this crypto scammer guy. He had a little crypto fame and a lot of followers, which was their interest with him. They were working on a plan to get him to help them get some donations for free t-shirts for underprivileged kids. This guy had been involved in a huge crypto scam, where everyone but him got 20+ years.. His crayon joke plan was referred to as "1176 returns" and used in court pretending that this crypto scammer giving them his crayon plan, meant they were guilty intention of doing those things and supported the joke plan. This crypto scammer was deposed by the courts about it and admitted to writing up this plan for treason. He made a scene during the questioning that seemed like something he read in some cloak n dagger spy book, rolling around on the ground and yelling about a cramp in his leg. He also admitted to working with CIA in so many words. The court gave him a softball questioning with special privileges and let him go. He was not charged.

The Proud Boys leader was very strangely banned from protesting, at all, at the time. Oddly, no one raised the question of how abnormal or unethical, or down right UnAmerican that banning a black person from their right to protest is, regardless of legal accusations. 100's of Violent rioters from 2016 were released on that ethical premises of not wanting to oppress their rights to protest. you can see, there is MUCH more to this story!

This Jayden X had to give money back by the court long ago and the large media companies lied to the court telling them he was a journalist. He repeats this now, but that was a lie they came up with, CNN The Today Show or whoever it was, who paid him for the picture, to avoid racketeering charges for doing so. They were paying for the fruits of a crime.

I posted a big post here, with a lot of information and sources quite awhile ago. Saidit/Reddit is very hard to find your own old posts/comments though.

if you had to guess: how many American women are at least 300 pounds? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Now days, what constitutes an "obese" designation is based on that nonsensical BMI junk. A woman that is 5' 6" must be like 170lbs not to be "Obese".

Fact-Checkers Are Gaslighting You on the Feds’ Vehicle ‘Kill Switch’ Mandate by Drewski in propaganda

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It seems the spying on all cars is much more concerning than the addition of a kill switch...

Reddit sends what you type into submission body before clicking submit button for "validation purposes" by orangered in privacy

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I think that there is a general concern/assumption that the many social media websites and apps will collect as you type and know posts you decided not to send.

Surge in migrants create public health crisis. by Dune1032 in politics

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There has been a large increase in measles outbreaks in the US since Biden took office and opened up the border. Of course, the weaponized media is blaming the couple percentage point drop in vaccination during Covid, which doesn't add up. There is always huge efforts to hide medical outbreaks coming from illegal immigrants.

We have to remember that the 2016 US measles outbreak was an anomaly. A huge nationwide outbreak started from an unvaccinated Ultra Orthodox Jewish community in New York, which ultimately resulted in more than a thousand infections in the US, across many states, spreading to mostly school aged kids, including 142 fully vaccinated people.

Chat GPT says that there is no history of the Palestinian people or Arab people in a land called Palestine. by HonkyTonky in whatever

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If this upsets people, they should seek the Eliza Therapy Chatbot from the 1990's for comfort.

Americans refuse to quit eating meat by UncountablyInfinite in whatever

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Non-Rich Americans refuse to quite eating meat and so that the rich don't have to stop eating it or destroying the environment.

There has openly been a pre-planned strategy to cause water and food scarcity through multiple avenues. Fake reasons are easy, they don't require expending your limited use trick: slaughtering the animals due to real or perceived viral or other contamination concern...

...Why? Because you can only use this trick fully once. Then all the meat production gets moved into sealed factory farms. since bird flu and most viral concerns, come from farm animals' proximity to wild animals. Most wild birds are immune to, but carriers of, bird flu. Ducks, geese, and other wild animals are thought to be responsible for spreading bird flue to farms. Once locked in a sealed building, these farm animals would be better protected from both natural source of bird flu and intentional nefarious infection, making this a one time big trick.

This also ends the methane argument.

The moronic faulty logic about transporting the meat-based food, processing it, and land usage to sustain it, is just bonkers. Like, what do they think happens to their vegan food? Their comparing pound-for-pound wheat to meat is also stupid as fuck. 2 pounds of meat sustain a person for much longer than 2 pounds of wheat (they didn't say if it was processed or not).

"Lab grown meat" will always be bug-based, even if they pretend it is not. Remember that.

Haley calls for name verification on social media, drawing pushback from GOP rivals by Cancelthis in funny

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This is a very dangerous and oppressive suggestion that indicates that she is not only a moron, but one who's likely act on those hair brained low-info positions. We already have had enough hair-brained Democrat ideas enacted, destroying much of our country in a few short years. While low-info Democrats are just a reality of the demographics that their pie-in-the-sky policies are designed to attract, we don't need Republicans dropping rational and responsible stances to pander to the foolish too.

U.S Lawmakers Asked Apple Inc to Explain the Abrupt End of Political Comedian Jon Stewart’s Television Show on Its Streaming Service by Questionable in corruption

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Abrupt End? Stewart stopped being funny nearly a decade ago and his show's politics turned to nonsense propaganda about the time that all other media did and all social media turned one-view permitted authoritarian censorship platforms.

First planned small nuclear reactor plant in the US has been canceled, despite massive subsidy...but it is not from 'renewables dropping' (see comments) by SoCo in news

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The Nov 2020 article by the same writer, clarifies that jumping ship from investing in the project was due to the very tight financial feasibility of the project and the difficulty it has competing with natural gas.

That article also mentions that the US Department of Energy had planned on fully buying the reactor to be build on the Utah power group (UAMPS)'s site, having their national lab run and evaluate it, then eventually giving it to UAMPS. But now it seems the US Department of Energy, instead, plans on contributing $1.3B (or $1.4B depending on where you read) over 10-years to stimulate the new technology's development. Arstechnica additionally suggest, "that would be dependent upon annual renewals of the funding by Congress during that decade, which is yet another risk."

What it doesn't mention clearly, however, the crucial detail that this dumping ship from the project really ramped up after the project declared that it would be 3 years behind schedule and costs would climb an extra $1.8B (to $6.1 billion)!

The 2020 Arstechnica article suggests the 3 year schedule delay, and I'd assume the cost increase with it, rose due to the project needing to be larger to be worthwhile:

"Separately, to reach a target price for the power that is expected to be competitive with natural gas, the project has been made larger and its completion delayed by three years."

My Conclusion: it sounds like this will likely push forward one way or another, despite the friction and paltry federal investment. At worst, the technology's roll out will take about another decade or so to get going, due to the extra costs of being a new technology, devastated economy, and the technologies need to mature to become financially competitive with cheaper alternatives (still mostly natural gas) at a scale that doesn't cost too much.

On a related note:

My state of Illinois just has sent a bipartisan plan to approve a mini-reactors funding plan in the state. It has passed the House, the Senate, and has been sent to our fat-ass Governor Pringles to sign. The bill's critics (AP suggests they are"environmentalists") seem to complain that the technology is a decade or more from being ready, but the bill's sponsors suggest that makes the timing perfect, as the "federal permitting process [could take] as much as eight years".

"This is an actual incitement": Legal experts alarmed after Trump pushes "citizen's arrest" by IkeConn in politics

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What a joke. Don't people get tired of the constant gaslighting and concern trolling?.... That's obviously not "actual incitement" at all....yet the only one they could find to make the ridiculous claim that it was, is a Clinton appointed Democrat.

Technically, Trump simply shared someone else's fantasy, which was clearly designated a fantasy.

Since New York has a citizen's arrest law on the books, this concept cannot be automatically assumed the forgone conclusion to be wrong, illegal, or not warranted.

Why can't the people of shit hole countries pull em selves up by their bootstraps and make a country as great as the USA? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Because the US and European countries are robbing all the shithole countries blind, using them for money laundering, using them for proxy-wars, controlling their government through manipulating their elections (the reason we contracted those electronic voting machine companies, while the US knew we should never trust electronic voting machines), and tricking them into wasting money on going "green".

Children in South Asia 'at risk' due to world's 'worst' water scarcity: Unicef by ansarlodhi in WorldNews

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Unfortunately, we don't really have good data for these areas. They are basing these projections on projected future changes from the projected 1979–2018 baseline stats, which they stitched together mostly from prediction models, despite this being the period just after the mini ice age scare of the 1970's ended and the mild weather and low solar activity making for a decade and a half or two of extra cool weather. If starting your chart from the uncharacteristically cold period, it always looks like the temperature is going up. Yet, here, they didn't even had that data and projected using computer models from Hawaii. They then considered this a solid base line, and further projected from there....garbage data in; garbage data out.

The computer models also rarely handle monsoon seasons well, if at all, which is critical for this area, as the concern is the monsoon season being slightly mild for a few decades, a blink of the eyes and merely statistical noise, when 'climate' is considered. This area is expected to have very wet periods and very dry, in seasonal cycles, which vary across this very huge area.

When leaders speak "climate change" and work to remove your gas-powered vehicle from the roads, what do you hear them say about cruise ships? by In-the-clouds in AskSaidIt

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CO2 being important is a joke. They stick to it, because it is easy to control, manipulate, make wild speculative measurements of it, and they've already laid out a flood of propaganda pointing the finger at mention of this being offset by our increasingly cutting down forests and killing all ocean life.

Yet, we are covering the whole earth in a concrete blanket and trying our best to ignore this cause. This is so much of a problem, that we no longer have ANY reliable surface temperature readings. The USGS array of surface temperature weather stations have been embarrassingly > 90% out of specification since like 2014. These stations a worthless for surface temperature, and out of specification faulty stations, if closer than 30 feet from any building, concrete, road, or structure....these are heat trapping features...yet nearly everyone that could be observed, was found to be actually in a parking lot, next to the hot air blowing part of air conditioner units, next to buildings, on concrete platforms....and on top of natural hot water springs.

After the latest embarrassment, again after another ~10 year round of proving it to be even worse, and down to like 98% bad station... they never fixed it. Instead, they went with deception and added a bunch of new temp stations, but then declared use of a hand-wavy algorithm to make the new temp stations match the old bad data.

So, you must remember, WE DON'T KNOW THE ACCURATE TEMPERATURE OF EARTH and haven't for 30 or 40 years.

Jan. 6 rioter known as ‘QAnon Shaman’ running for Congress by Drewski in politics

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This guy was an out of work actor, who dawned an iconic costume, and had a history of infiltrating many political protest groups (suspected of antifa fascists, BLM, and others), he had a US Navy background, was from Arizona, and refused to eat non-organic food in jail.

The first thing he did in court is nonsensically suggest Trump told him to do it....

Sounds like a paid informant to me, designed to be the publicity focus hood ornament, used to keep your attention while the hundreds of other law enforcement+informants steered the bipartisan civil uprising against ignored election concerns, into the desired result of a peaceful protests that appeared bad, leaving the weaponized media to do the rest, by being forbidden from calling it a protest, bipartisan, about election concerns, or mentioning the amount of people who were there.

Instead, they were required, likely under government duress based on the Twitter Leaks, to report it as only Trump supporters, exaggerating reports of violence, only about changing the election results, and repeating the megaphone affect of projected group motivation, mind-reading and guessing without evidence, that the entire public protesting wanted an insurrection/coup. This is the standard gaslighting one-and-only-trick, which never stops working.

Since protesting always intends to inform about issues, express displeasure in government past and future actions, and pressure government to change......this set a president for declaring all protesters insurrectionist any time they protest the government.

Now, all protesters who urge for government change, which the FBI/DOJ and others don't like, can be imprisoned for the brand new insane interpretation of law, deeming protesting a felony for obstruction/insurrection.

Between conspiracy and obstruction charges, the US justice system has been diluted to no longer require proof beyond a reasonable doubt of crime or intent. Obstruction can never properly be defended against, as you can never testify your own state of mind, especially with hard documentation eluding to proving this, as this is technically circumstantial evidence. Yet, the prosecution submit evidence eluding to your state of mind, then flat out dictate what your state of mind was with anything really supporting it.

Fascism is empowered when normal stuff, like protesting, is deemed illegal, but them selectively enforced. Never trust bad laws that are simply not enforced. This is a danger to freedom. Bad laws must be removed or fixed.

McCarthy recounts the history of Nancy Pelosi's America (video) by SoCo in politics

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He didn't mention her part blocking Covid funding, the first round with checks, for a week or more. It was reported by her own cheer-leading media that she gave the nod for the Democratic Senators to block the Republican (and likely bipartisan) Covid relief plan at the last moment. They pretended that the Republican's Covid plan was wrong for wanting to alleviate companies from liability, while the government was urging critical companies to go back to work. They also wanted to weasel in some extra money for Democrat cities.

So after blocking the Senate Covid relief, the Democrat majority House under Pelosi put out the same bill, with some nut job extra crap no one would accept tacked on, more than the extra handout to states. Of course, the Republicans rejected it. Pelosi held out for a whole week or more, while her media reported that 'those horrible Republicans were blocking Covid relief.' People suffered and died while Pelosi held out long enough for that to hit the news cycle twice, knowing they will easily re-write history there. Then after the hold out, she cut all the extra crazy stuff off the bill, until it was almost exactly the same Senate bill, submitted it, then of course the Republicans accepted their own bill, despite it be re-labeled as a Democrat Covid relief bill, and it sailed through.

The whole, 'why are you blocking this virtuous bill, with crazy stuff added on no one can except,'....seems to be a common trick. Today's Democrat government shutdown threat if they don't get their way about giving more American money to Ukraine, which is being blamed by the media on Republicans, seems just another form of the same trick.

Biden EPA to push reckless ban of critical manufacturing chemical, which would likely to disrupt supply chains by SoCo in news

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No, it doesn't. You seem to misunderstand the article and what I have said.

Have a nice day, but I'm not here to argue.

Trump Judge's Wife Denies Posting Anti-Trump Messages by Drewski in politics

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Can't gag this one from becoming publicly known by pretending someone is threatening his wife..

Gaza war is proving costlier than expected, Bank of Israel governor says by Cancelthis in news

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The US and several EU countries have already drew up plans and robbed their citizens for money to rebuild Ukraine....talking of rebuilding "sustainable" and "green."

I'm sure the US and EU will jump up and fight to ensure France doesn't get to scam their citizens and fleece Gaza for decades to come... alone.... nor any other country.

Prefabricated Fascists: The FBI’s Assembly-Line Provocateurs by Entropick in conspiracy

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I've suspected they've been loading up on out of work, woke, wannabe actors from Cali, to spin up protesters on demand, train into provocateurs, and dawn the always sparlkling-new, racist implying, flags and clothing to pretend to be bad groups. Probably the portrayed good groups too. Just pay half people to be protesters on each side and to attack each other. This helps it make the news and people getting hurt buys better publicity. There's always a flood for advertisements for crisis actors too.

Canada wants to give a stranded Russian plane to Ukraine. Is it legal? by hfxB0oyA in WorldPolitics

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They sure stole a lot of luxury yachts from rich Russian citizens with nothing but a whisper of them being a "Putin crony." It's not just theft, it is theft based on race.

US Credit-Rating Outlook Changed to Negative by Moody’s by [deleted] in news

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We are so broke ... that Democrats are currently forcing a government shutdown, if they can't get budget appropriations money to give to Ukraine...

The press secretary does nothing by lie non-stop, what a joke.

Biden: No aid to Israel without aid to Ukraine. by Dune1032 in politics

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Democrats will continue to reject the budget proposals, forcing the government to shut down, while their weaponized media continues to print articles about how the Republicans are forcing a government shutdown and how super bad that would be after Democrat policies ruined our credit and economy in just a couple years.

New York loses 10 billionaires in four years as magnates flee for Florida by [deleted] in news

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I remember when Trump and Rudy Giuliani saved New York from crime and economic collapse.

Biden EPA to push reckless ban of critical manufacturing chemical, which would likely to disrupt supply chains by SoCo in news

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This article doesn't disprove "my point" at all, that is ridiculous.

My only point was adding a decade missing and misrepresented context to why this government action the article is describing is bad, doesn't help the environment, hurts the already crippled supply chain for critical needs, and is not even feasible. They would need to immediately make emergency exceptions as they learn of more stuff they forgot, when blanket-banning bad sounding things we already slammed with strict regulations. It would be like Biden full blanket-banning just learned leaded gas wasn't good for everyone.

Court rules Trump may appear on Minnesota primary ballot in 2024 by [deleted] in politics

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This legal attack group trying to ban the public from the candidates it wants is hypocritically named: "Free Speech for People"

Solar panel world record smashed with ‘miracle material’ by hfxB0oyA in science

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Perovskite is a mineral, but it is also the name of a whole very large group of minerals, describing the crystalline structure their bonded atoms make, of which Perovskite proper, was the first discovered by a Russian by the same name.

Basically, there are Perovskite forms of many different minerals. My vague understanding is that they are usually multiple minerals merged, then crystallized into a new Perovskite version and that there are several that naturally form.

They've been refining use this stuff for similar purposes since at least the 1990's. They've gotten even higher efficiencies, but they were ridiculously too expensive. This new spin on the approach is important, because it gets most of the efficiency, but makes manufacturing it actually affordable....(if everything works out like it seems)

who will AI take out first, assuming the phenomenon isn't overhyped bullshit? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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It has already taken out democracy. They've been using it to do so for 20 to 30 years. It's more machine learning than AI, though.

Dem governor complains as migrant surge strains her 'right-to-shelter' state's resources Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Maura Healey says there are 'a lot' of other places in the U.S. migrants should go by [deleted] in news

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She was all for long as they all go to Texas and Florida...which was the goal: to dilute the vote in Republican states and politically lament them as racist if they complained. My, how the tables have turned on this evil little racist bitch.

Jezebel is shutting down by xoenix in news

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They put out the most vile, disgusting, bias, and insane articles. They were a scourge of TDS, fake news, and nonsense. The public will be better off for it.

...yet, I keep remembering one really good, hard-hitting, article that came from them, in between a pile of garbage. It was a topic no other place would take up. That will always nag me. It is probably in my post history.

The folded because the couldn't find advertisers. (source)

Court rules automakers can record and intercept owner text messages by Drewski in privacy

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I guess this means they are sniffing the data from your blue tooth connection through the car. It is always very illegal to sniff such data from the air, from the cell communications.

Motorist shoots dead two environmental protesters blocking a road by Zommy in news

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The article describes the man not shooting until approached violently by each individual. The first was holding a potential weapon. The second, likely startled him, approaching him shortly after shooting the first, where the man would be rightfully afraid of being attacked by others. This is the main focus for determining self-defense: an immediate perceived danger, which is obvious in both instances as described.

I don't know if Panama is like driveing through East St. Louis, but I have done that before. You don't stop at stop signs or stop lights. If hooligans get in your way and box you in, then you are getting ready to be robbed and murdered. You either get out and start blasting, or hit the gas and plow through them. Your life is in danger. You are only safe while in your car and your car is moving.

This whole article is a lie anyways. It's only purpose is to fool people into thinking these are environmental protesters. They are not. This is a lie to coverup a large protest against government oppression and fleecing of the country by foreign companies coming in to mine copper and other minerals, the local environmental impact that they will endure from it, and the corruption of government officials who allowed the foreign mining companies.

Biden EPA to push reckless ban of critical manufacturing chemical, which would likely to disrupt supply chains by SoCo in news

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Yeah, I've read the article and dozens more on the same topic, since Obama pulled his stunt. The article strait up lies by saying the Trump administration "undid those" those restrictions. The courts undid the illegal Obama Admin rule. It doesn't mean Obama's intentions weren't good, just they were not accomplished legally through democratic methods.

The water contamination that they are talking about happened between 1950 and the 1980's, where the military based poisoned its people, not really manufacturers. The article dishonestly makes it seem like water contamination is still happening, happened recently, and that factories poisoned military personnel, which isn't true.

This chemical is MASSIVELY regulated now. People who use it typically wear exposure cards. It is treated more strictly than nuclear materials ... to some degrees.

It is just an attempt to mislead the public, pander fake virtuousness, pretend to erase Trump actions, all while hurting Americans and driving prices up. People are much more submissive, when desperate and struggling.

Michigan town votes out local government over China-linked EV plant by Melodic_Programmer in news

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I don't live there, but I have been watching this for a long time. Republicans have been concerned about Michigan Dems giving China unfettered access for quite awhile.

Omegle Shut Down After 14 Years. Read Founder Leif K-Brooks' Full Statement by Chablaskov in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Link is cancer.

Who could've seen that coming? Amid war and urgent need to ID bodies, evidence of Hamas’s October 7 rapes slips away by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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Terrorists attack a rave, purportedly killing and capture drug addicts. Around the same time, terrorists purportedly go house to house, along the border, abducting children and grandmas. Also, parachutes, motor bikes, and Mad-Max dystopian home-made vehicles with chained guitar players shooting fire and spraying silver paint in their mouths, ride around killing and terrorizing people, un-abated, for days...

...and it was all conveniently blamed on their poverty stricken and oppressed neighbor's fault, who Israel had beaten down with decades of apartheid, openly interested in genocide-ing the lot of them and taking their land. "They were coming right at me!"

I'm not sure how much of this lame narrative people were expected to actually believe...

Michigan town votes out local government over China-linked EV plant by Melodic_Programmer in news

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This article tries to act like this is a Republican problem, because of the board members, yet the board members ultimately ignored the citizens, so they have to go.

This was an initiative from the infamous, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who said the investments "will shore up our status as the global hub of mobility and electrification ... We will work with anyone and compete with everyone to keep bringing supply chains of batteries, chips, and electric vehicles home to Michigan."

The bigger problem, is that the Democrats who run the state level government caused this. This kind of thing had bipartisan support until recently, when China linked concerns became prominent, such as Chinese companies trying to buy land near military facilities. Michigan has supported these types of Chinese company deals for the last 30 years, especially within their state's car manufacturing industry. Over $460 billion has flowed between China and Michigan in such deals over the decades.

The Democrat majority Senate Appropriations Committee approved the $175 million to support Gotion Inc., along with a 30-year tax break valued at $540 million, incentives worth about $38 million from Consumers Energy, and two grants totaling $175 million. This was approved after all the Chinese company concerns were known. All 6 Republicans on the committee voted against this, but only 3 Democrats opposed it, while the other 10 Democrats passed it on party lines, 10-9, despite knowing the concerns.

“Extremists in the Michigan GOP have spent weeks promoting baseless conspiracies that only work to block the thousands of good-paying, American jobs Gotion plans to bring to our state,” Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes said in a statement, calling the effort “scare tactics.”

This little township's local board members approved accepting it, likely enticed by the large number of proposed high paying jobs, yet, obviously, this was against their residences' wishes. Board members at this local level rarely align with either political party strongly, but this whole township is strongly Republican, so they are Republican by default.

Is this the beginning of the end of the war in Ukraine? by Drewski in Antiwar

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Ukraine is a "send-off".....

Like when you are jerk in high school and trick the mentally slow kid into trying to kick the meanest, biggest, baddest, guy in school right in the balls...then sit back for the show.

You've sent the "send-off" sucker off on a mission that is destined to fail...

While the baddass is curb stomping the slow kid and broken teeth are flowing from the river of blood, you lean down and yell, "you've got him! Your winning, don't stop now!"

Ukraine is the slow kid. They have been financially broke and economically desperate for well over a decade. The US and the UN are the school yard jerks. We've been feeding one dollar bills to Ukraine to do things for our entertainment and benefit. Eat the 8+ year old rock-hard gum from under the seat for $2. Financially wear down our opponent-nations with futile war attempts.

The UN gave Ukraine tons of money to do lame green energy stuff, which throws away the generated electricity. It's only EU taxpayer money and throwing it away like this props up the green energy scam and money laundering system.

It was called a feed-in-tariff (“FiT”) and it was adopted in 2009. Under the FIT policy, energy produced from renewable sources could be sold to the "guaranteed buyer." Ukraine jumped on this financial opportunity and created their own state-owned green energy. The guaranteed buyer was Euro taxes paying for excess clean energy, at market value, even if it cannot be used and was wasted. By the end of 2019, this became unsustainable, and the policy couldn't afford to pay the guaranteed buyer part anymore. By 2020 Ukraine was weened from this free Euro tax money for generating extra renewable energy that no one could use.

The financial crisis snowballed and the US got together with Ukraine to begin public talks about a potential offensive against Russia. We spent a few years pumping money into them, training them, trying to prop them up with a newly created arms manufacturing industry. Broke, and desperate, Ukraine prepared for a send-off mission; to Kamikaze our opponent-nation, Russia, in efforts to inflict a minor financial weakening for us. It would be great publicity for their new arms manufacturing and the upcoming war flea market extravaganza to be held in India.

This also gave cover for destroying the world energy trade, completing the plan to cripple oil, which is a well entrenched market that is extremely hard to make money in, while opening up a new market, which was easy to profit from, scam in many ways, and milk tax payer money incentives, even without a viable product or company plan.

This dual use market-shift also puts large financial pressure on the public, with the hopes of bankrupting and hastening the death of many poverty stricken 'useless mouths to feed,' and squeezing the rest into submission for more rampart losses of freedom, control, and privacy.

We, the US and UN, are planning at tossing massive amounts more money at Ukraine to 'rebuild back green,' as if we haven't done enough...

Why is it illegal for some American states to boycott israel? by Oyveygoyim in politics

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From Illinois: Woke Democrats had been adding rules to our pension fund investments, barring the public money from being invested in anything deemed bad and slowly adding anything that woke democrats are against. In 2015, woke Dem Sara Feigenholtz, wrote the bill to add divesting our completely broken pension fund from any company who refuses to invest in Israel due to its racism, apartheid, hacking, and terrorist acts. The irony and hypocrisy, is lost to these people., as well as 1st Amendment trampling and thwarting of legal equal protections. The bill was signed by fake republican governor Rauner, who was simply another corrupt Chicago Democrat who ran as a Republican.

Texas chemical plant explosion sparks large fire, evacuation and shelter in place orders issued - A giant plume of black smoke from the fire prompted officials in San Jacinto County to urge those near the plant to shelter indoors and turn off HVAC systems. by neolib in news

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Plant goes up in smoke, which makes products that require chemical that the Biden administration announced a few days ago that it would recklessly ban.

‘We were told the vaccine was safe - but what happened has been life-changing’ by SoCo in news

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They seem careful to never mention the problems with Pfizer and Moderna or their victims.

Donald Trump lashes out at court after giving evidence in civil fraud trial by David330 in WorldNews

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Not really. His testimony destroyed their case, which the judge already corruptly ruled on, making the whole charade look even more stupid. This led the Judge to cut off Trump's testimony many times and force Trump to not completely not answer questions most questions. The Judge told him to be "concise", but he was. The unprepared prosecution was asking very technical business finance questions, expecting a "yes"/"no" answer, but none of them were yes/no questions. Trump has been a business man a very long time and educated the court on how their assumptions were totally wrong and the whole case was a farce. This visibly upset the Judge. Then the judge started yelling at Trump's lawyer like a nutjob for doing her job. Just more entertainment from the clown show.

UK government and media call Brits who want to protect memorial from Palestinian protests on Remembrance Sunday "far-right hooligans" by Zommy in news

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Far-right is just when they want to call you racist, but they know they'd be racist for doing so...

US Debt Interest Bill Rockets Past a Cool $1 Trillion a Year by Tom_Bombadil in WorldNews

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Corrupt scam financial system continues to steal your money you without asking for your wallet....

Imagine their "carbon footprint" ~ If the government is really serious about this, why don't they crack down on "carbonated" beverages??? (Don't believe the lies.) by In-the-clouds in news

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Addictive non-nutritional drinks marketed towards children, which ravages the nation's health costing us hundreds of billions per year....gets a free pass. Manufacturing mistakes led to poising the entire nation with BPA...ignored. Same old same old, rules for thee, but not for me (and companies I hold stock in).

Smoking will be banned in Britain, Charles confirms in King’s Speech by Drewski in news

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Time to sell injectible nicotine?

It's just like drugs. If you make them all illegal or too expensive, people will just start sniffing glue. We need rational people in charge instead of naive children.

Fed’s Barr says crypto stablecoins could amount to private money that might be destabilizing for the US financial system if left unchecked by Drewski in cryptocurrency

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He says the same when investigating PayPal's fully backed stablecoin. They are confusing the public about non-existent risks. Stablecoins should have no risk, otherwise they aren't stable. Algorithmically adjusting coins are not stable coins, they are an attempt at a psudo-stablecoin. They are using fears of algorithmic coin failures in the past, to mislead the public about non-existent risks in fully backed stable coins.

...because they risk destabilizing the corrupt centralized US scam financial system that has enslaved half the world.

Motorist shoots dead two environmental protesters blocking a road by Zommy in news

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Terrorists attack an afraid and frustrated man with a gun, who they trapped and cornered on a dangerous street.

I'm not sure what they expected. This seems pure self defense.

Where's the downside? by jet199 in pics

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I see fascism is still alive in the hearts of educators...

Using the public's hate for Fox News to remove all Journalism rights in the US continues, as court considers sanctioning for not divulging source by SoCo in news

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It has been a long road cultivating this hate for Fox News. It started more than 20 years ago. Fox was miles above all other sources in ratings and all the other sources got together and began relentlessly mocking and bullying Fox News. The public was primed for decades with the notion from its competitors, that Fox News was misleading, for not reporting the spin the other news outlets were all colluding with.

It took a very long time and the public still largely wasn't convinced. When Disney bought in to Fox, with a small non-news portion, everything at Fox News changed. You can't risk the mouse's money by reporting in contradiction to the bully news. Their collective attack would be bad for the brand association. So, Fox News became empty fluff, simply repeating the echo chamber of collusion, using the megaphone affect to manipulate the masses into walking off a cliff like lemmings.

Yet, a good straw man to attack is worth its weight in gold to a fake news site profiting on outrage. Now they continue to beat the dead straw horse, even though it will cost them their own journalistic freedoms. They don't care, they stopped doing journalism a decade ago. They profit from pushing state propaganda and mass collecting private data of users who go to their websites for information.

Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio and Kentucky. GOP shit their britches over abortion and will pay for it Election Day. by IkeConn in politics

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Pretending religious people want to dictate what women do with their bodies has seemed to be the same misdirection strategy for decades. They need a bad-guy to blame for their need to expand legalization of killing babies on a whim and alleviating women of any responsibility in pregnancy, while offloading that responsibility very strictly to men.

Brooke Shields, 58, reveals she was rushed to ICU after she started 'frothing at the mouth' in terrifying seizure and how Bradley Cooper came to the rescue by carn0ld03 in Entertainment

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Brooke said the grand mal seizure happened because she was drinking too much water for her show and was low in sodium.

The public has been blindly and repeatedly urged to drink more water and eat less sodium, urged that this reduces health risks. Yet, low sodium has long term systematic health impacts as well. Our, white-lie and mindless true-isms targeted to the dumb, approach to public medical suggestions is seriously flawed and dangerous.

It reminds me of when my Moderna Covid vaccine gave me serious health problems and an immune disorder, which continues to cripple me years later. While nearly dying from this immune disorder, my concerns about my new found acid reflux damaging my teeth led me to brush too much and too hard damaging my teeth. When I brought up the concern with dentists, they mindlessly told me the true-ism that you should always brush more and can't brush too dentist that wasn't a moron recognized that I was in fact damaging my teeth from brushing too much and helped me regulate my brushing in more safe manor.

Newborn syphilis cases have reached 'dire levels,' CDC says by Cancelthis in politics

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In 40% of cases, there was no evidence that the pregnant person had received prenatal care at all.

This is not normal, what is going on...

Communities of color bear the greatest burden: Babies born to Black, Hispanic or American Indian/Alaska Native mothers in 2021 were up to eight times more likely to have congenital syphilis compared with babies born to white mothers, according to CDC data.

Hmmm...seems a systematic problem here causing this...

Is it loss of confidence in the medical system, high ObamaCare costs, forced vaccinations and treatments for the pregnant women, or something else?

Pro-choice Ohio votes abortion rights into constitution in big Dem win by ansar in WorldNews

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Pro choice didn't drive this. Sensible abortion restrictions, protecting both the child and mother, has had majority support for decades. Legalizing abortion up to the day of birth has been an only extremist fixation to one political party, that isn't supported by the public.

This happened simply because half of the country dropped out of participating in the rigged game.

US debt interest payments surge past $1 trillion yearly pace, worsening concerns about massive borrowing by [deleted] in news

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This is evidence of crime. The public has been robbed by legislators so badly, that not only are they broke, but they are in debt for generations to come...

Imprison the thieves! Start with Pelosi!

The US Health-Insurance Industry is Now so Thoroughly Enshittified that the Time has Come to Flush It by GB43 in LateStageCapitalism

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Thanks Obama Care! You ruined all of heath insurance.

Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio and Kentucky. GOP shit their britches over abortion and will pay for it Election Day. by IkeConn in politics

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Baby murders win...are we to be happy about this?

Airstrike Decimates U.S.-Funded Children’s Hospital in Gaza by Cancelthis in WorldNews

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We probably paid for that hospital after Israel destroyed the last hospital that stood there...

GOP gets an ass whoopin in Virginia as Democrats win house, senate, and governor's seat over abortion rights. by IkeConn in politics

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....GOP took the governor yeah. (no one cares about Virginia anyways)

Proof: George Floyd Not Murdered by MagicMike in whatever

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I'm not sure why you are trying to ALL CAPS...the title of the case. We are talking about the autopsy results and how they found no neck compression or direct cause of death.

I'm done with your troll-ish arguing that always equates to "nu-uh" and repeating your talking points, which I've already debunked.

Time wasting trolls are the worst. They just go on and on and on and on and say nothing new, useful, or meaningful. They simply denounce all evidence that doesn't fit their preconceived conclusion. Very irrational. Obviously meant only to waste the forum users' time.

Washington judge, Georgia DA both got violent threats on heels of Trump vow to come after foes, court documents allege by ActuallyNot in politics

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He's not allowed to point out corruption in the process, because that instigates concerned citizens to rally violently against corruption.

Biden EPA to push reckless ban of critical manufacturing chemical, which would likely to disrupt supply chains by SoCo in news

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Quite frankly, we would be back to the stone age without it....but of course, we'd just fall back to less efficient and more dangerous methods and chemicals, instead.

We use a lot of toxic stuff every day and have learned to use them largely safely and responsibly. If only our regulatory bodies weren't corruptly used to abuse the market and prop up monopolies, but instead to protect the public and environment.

I'm not sure we could make very many things out of metal without it, at least not precision machined parts. Plastics, adhesives, X-ray film, and ton of chemical manufacturing require it. They all have alternatives, which we've previously stopped using because this was the safest and most efficient.

YouTube’s Crackdown Spurs Record Uninstalls of Ad Blockers, Endangering the Security and Privacy of Millions by SoCo in news

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I'm thinking this will be the eventual way to go. Have one wide open computer to view privacy spying asshole websites like Google and Youtube (well all of them)....then let thousands of people share it. This will knock their spying efforts into the dirt. Bring back the dumb terminal!

YouTube’s Crackdown Spurs Record Uninstalls of Ad Blockers, Endangering the Security and Privacy of Millions by SoCo in news

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I meant Youtube, not sure how that got in there...

Audrey Hale was a terrible artist, 28 drawing like a teen, but she honestly thought she could make her living that way. There is a photo of her receiving a participation award. If only someone had been blunt with her early on she might not have descended into delusion. by jet199 in whatever

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If that is true, then her gun purchases were NOT legal; she committed fraud when buying them.

The physician may have violated the law for not reporting the serious situation as well.