'The View' Sent Into Chaos After Two Hosts Test Positive For COVID Mid-Show; Kamala Interview Upended by StillLessons in politics

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The View hit a new low with this disgusting stunt. And yes, that's all that was was a stunt.

Judge Rules Biden Admin CANNOT Hide January 6 Footage from Public; Must Be Released! - by MagazineForLife in news

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This doesn't really matter. The Biden administration ignores Federal court rulings including the Supreme Court.

(UPDATE) New Photo From “Deer Cam” in Florida Woods Sends Gabby Petito Case Into Overdrive - by MagazineForLife in news

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Read the article, son. It's not him.

DC finally begins to accept Hunter laptop is real 11 months after it was revealed: New book on the Biden's by Politico correspondent cites independent sources as verifying incriminating emails. by Chipit in censorship

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The FBI has had the laptop for almost 2 years now and nothing from them. The FBI is lost. It's become an arm of the DNC.

"Teen boy" pleads guilty in murder of Barnard College student Tessa Majors by Popper in whatever

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You couldn't pay me to live anywhere in or near a city.

AOC, Ilhan Omar denounce Border Patrol whipping Haitian migrants as a 'stain on our country' and 'human rights abuses' by Rob3122 in politics

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That's called guys riding on horses with reins in their hands, not whips. Reins are used to steer horses. I think most 7 year olds know that.

Reddit has received a letter from the US government asking them to rat out people on the site who questioned the results of the American election. by Ave_Satanas in WatchRedditDie

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Another sub where the reddit kids can run around and tell on each other. Doesn't reddit have enough of those subs?

FBI: Human remains found in Wyoming likely Gabby Petito by P-38lightning in news

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They're calling him Dirty Laundrie on twatter and my bet is he went somewhere and offed himself.

This is Who is Calling You a Nazi Online. by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Typical reddit user. 32 years old (emotional maturity about half that) and thinks $17,000 is a whole lot of money and he can "shower" random people online with cash.

I feel sorry for his parents. He's never gonna move out and be on his own. So 2 years later and he still has nothing in his life and he's back down to $10.00 in his bank account.

16-Year-Old Girl Trusted Science Instead of Her Parents and Got Vaxed; Now Has Neurological Problems - Daily Stormer by Tarrock in politics

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Well. it's obvious. Go ask the 16 year olds at reddit. They are so much smarter than their parents.

Bizarre Photo of Joe Biden’s Ear Has Set the Internet Ablaze - by TrumpWillWin in news

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Best line in that article:

"And another thing, I gotta think that if Joe really was an animatronic Disney puppet in a silicon mask, somebody out there would’ve programmed him so he could pump out a coherent sentence once in a while."