FBI raids Maralago (Trumps home) by Rob3122 in politics

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Who said it was a conspiracy? They lied and admitted it. Everyone knows that. Thanks for confirming.

FBI raids Maralago (Trumps home) by Rob3122 in politics

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Legal standards? Lying to FISA courts and judges to obtain wiretaps and search warrants is not legal the last time I checked.

It's 1:30am and I think every rooster in the area is going off. by Anman in whatever

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It sounds like their clocks need to be reset. It's a common problem with roosters. There should be a reset button somewhere on their backends. Press and hold for 30 sec. Unfortunately, you have to do each rooster separately.

FBI raids Maralago (Trumps home) by Rob3122 in politics

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He didn't steal anything. It was completely ordinary and legal for Trump to take those "documents". Every past President has done the exact same thing.

Now, when the Clinton's left office, it is well known that they stole furniture and antiques that didn't belong to them. They belonged to the people and should've stayed in the White House. There was no FBI raid on their private home.

This is a continuation of what the DOJ and FBI have been doing to the Trump family for years. It's right out of the old Soviet Union playbook. They don't investigate crimes. They investigate people and try to find a crime. And it's failed every time.

This is the most egregious and disgusting abuse of power I have ever seen. As soon as the Republicans take control of the House and Senate they should go full scorched earth and play by the Democrat's rules. First up should be the impeachment and removal of Merrick Garland and it should get done in 2 weeks. Run the impeachment like the J6 committee. No defense and no rebuttal witnesses permitted. Vote in the House and send it to the Senate for conviction. Then move on to Myorkis, Granholm, etc. Wipe this administration clean and see how they like it.

Rough Day for Bernie by tyranicaloverlord in dailyphotoshop

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This is a rough time for all of us.

Warner Bros. cancels woke "Batgirl" movie … $70M price tag … already completed filming … will not be released in theaters or on streaming … by TheRealPanzer in Movies

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Please tread lightly on the 1st Amendment. We don't have to violate anyone's 1st Amendment rights. The fact that this was canceled after a substantial $ investment is great news and indicates that this woke baloney is dying on the vine all by itself.

Country Star John Rich’s ‘Anti-Woke’ Single Hits No. 1 on iTunes, Leaving Industry Stunned by P-38lightning in news

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And the best part is the name of the song. "Progress"

Twitter follows in the footsteps of Reddit banning the word groomer. Just use another word to mean "groomer" what can they do about it? They can't ban every word? by WhenImBanned in TumblrInAction

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I just got a 12 hour ban on twitter because I used the term "kick em to the curb" when I was referring to the 2 Republican House members that voted for the assault weapons ban and how they should be voted out of office. They claimed it was promoting violence. Twitter is back to playing their old games since Elon pulled out of the purchase.

no dad detected ⚠️⚠️⚠️ by meisthebigdumb in TumblrInAction

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Because this makes absolutely no sense is why it's probably the right answer.

Mother of trans teenager: Los Angeles County killed my daughter by jet199 in therearetwogenders

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After she stepped in front of that train the County mental health services and LGBT groups just scratched her name off their list and moved on to their next targets.

FDA clears ultra-thin panties that women can wear while receiving oral sex that will protect their partner from contracting STIs from infected genitals by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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Call me old-fashioned but I would prefer my sexual partner not to have infected genitals.

The short sightedness is staggering. Ever feel like you're surrounded by idiots? by [deleted] in whatever

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Liberalism is different from leftism. Liberalism believes in free speech. Leftism only believes in free speech for itself.

This is a distinction a lot of people forget about. I'm a lifelong, hard core Conservative but there are a few classical liberals that I admire and respect. The first name that comes to mind is Johnathan Turley. He's a classical liberal, a smart guy who holds the Constitution very near and dear to his heart. I enjoy reading his opinion. There's a big difference between him and a jack-booted, authoritarian leftist.

It's a Site for Groomers by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Who grabbed those screenshots? I hope this was reported to the admins (not that they would care). It should also be reported to the FBI. I hope it was.

I'm tempted to post this over on twatter and get it exposed as much as possible. We all should.

Any more info /u/Tarrock? Are these legit screenshots? Knowing reddit, I would expect they are.

Truck Convoys are TOXIC, FASCIST & RUSSIAN 😂😂😂 by Gravi in NotTheOnion

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The new world order is getting serious resistance across the globe and they don't like that.