Reddit is now flagging content it deems as policy breaking. People who upvote this content face having their accounts suspended. Imagine mandating literal thoughtcrime. by Lunaari in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Moving towards China style censorship.

But I think it is distracting from the fake quarantining of /The_Donald. And many other manipulations behind the scene.

Reddit is manipulating elections, directly. Just like Google (ABC). But need to be silent about it, so they hide it behind algorithms and "incidents".
I wonder if Veritas could find some more info..

There is also a lot of fake news around "Russian bots". Most of them turn out to be Democrats- bots or political concerned citizens.

Most manipulation is done by US Organisations (and Israel) that want to push a certain narrative. I did not forget "Correct The Record", or "The Lobby", or "Iraq WMDs".

If you're a reddit 'refugee,' why did you leave? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Strange enough, I left after I got banned in science subreddits, after explaining the Maxwell equations. It was probably too complicated for the mods. They do not want to hear or discuss science, but want to hear futurism and scientism.

I Received a Three Day Ban for Pointing out Violent Content by Thuggled in WatchRedditDie

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The violent activists have taken control of reddit.
They work together with some admins, but I also think that they use mass reporting on your replies.

On reddit if you post a link to this scientific paper about the Covid-19 virus having HIV insertions, proving it's likely a man-made virus, reddit will instantly shadow-delete your post. by magnora7 in WatchRedditDie

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Feel free to reply and add more information..

Who made it?

Assuming it is man made, there are 3 possibilities:

  1. Chinese made it, and it leaked by accident from their laboratory (in Wohan). For example by an employee who did not clean his suit. Or by a corrupt janitor, who found a healthy animal and sold it. I don't think they will disrupt their own economy.

  2. CIA specialized virus. The virus is designed to completely disrupt the Chinese and Iranian economy.

  3. A suicide cult, made the virus. And brought it to everywhere on Earth. We are only seeing the beginning.

  4. Other security breaches by research institutes

What makes it deadly?

a. We don't know. We can not test whether people have the virus, and which virus is doing what. Or if it is that bad.

b. It spreads very easy via small droplets in air. Can stay on surfaces. Can go via air-conditioning. Very good at spreading among communities.

c. The infected do not show symptoms for a few weeks or more. Very hard to quarantine. People that think that they are healthy, are spreading the disease everywhere.

d. Can happen late in the disease. It infiltrates the Nervous system. This disrupts the functioning of organs. It can make breathing very hard or even impossible. These people need artificial breathing.

e. Reported by some. Can happen after second infection on restored patient. Severe auto immunity. This causes the immune system to attack the organs. Visible by blood coming from longs.

f. Panic and disruption of food supplies. And enforced quarantine. Possibilities for Violence and hunger/neglect/thirst.

h. Economical collapse.

i. Untested vaccines, anyone?

Good news

The young people usually stay healthy.
And the old neocons, old warhawks and old bankers may finally meet their end.

Magnora, what's going on with the front page? by Literally_Caesar in magnora7

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Also "racists"

Looks like invaders are working to bring down the forum (2020 related?).

Soon we will have a report in the American media requiring the banning of Saidit.

Similar happened on voat, but they did not care about the racist part. So now they have many racist stuff. (Note: criticizing Israel or Saudi Arabia is not racist).

Magnora should appoint some trusted moderators to stop invasions like this.

What really is the dumbest way to die? by miclejhon in AskSaidIt

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Enlisting for the army, to fight a war.

F-Reddit. What were you censored for saying on Reddit, and what event was the final straw before leaving? by Tom_Bombadil in censorship

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Answered a question on AskPhysics by explaining some details of the maxwell equations.

Discussed science of quantum physics on philosophyOfScience. My answers were also shadowbanned.

Banned from Space, while I was discussing Magnetohydrodynamics, and questioned the practicality a bit. But it stated because I am moderator of subs that explores new alternative ideas.

Many scientists are just NPCs, because they find science too hard.

Behind the scenes at reddit? by dittendatt in KotakuInAction

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I think they want to interfere in the elections.
Project Veritas showed that Google/ Youtube has been doing the same thing. They want to prevent another Trump.

But because it is forbidden, they have to hide it behind all kinds of weird rules.

But would be easy to beat Trump, if the people running the DNC (and the Media) were not so obviously corrupt.

I can also imagine that propaganda pushers like the CIA or Atlantic Counsel are preparing for a war with Iran/Venezuela or cold war with China/Russia.
But I don't think Reddit are influenced but not controlled by them.

Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize - Defend WikiLeaks by zyxzevn in WikiLeaks

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Assange is cool, but I think that CIA/Mossad played with him a bit.
Chelsea/Charles Manning has very good principles.
Snowden may be thinking he is doing good, but he is used as a Limited Hangout.

But none of them should ever be punished for releasing documents about Government and Military crimes.

Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns by salvia_d in conspiracy

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Heat is not the problem.
The plasma inside the cells are reacting to the electromagnetic waves.
Like a grape in a microwave.

The ions are conducting the electricity, which causes the enormous radiant plasma. The plasma inside the cells are ions contained in water and have a far less violent reaction.

In studies, we can indeed see that ions are pushed through membranes inside the cell, and are able to damage the cell. But this is only the surface of all the biochemistry that happening inside cells and the body.

These hazards are not looked at by standards that were introduced by the navy, that used big radar systems that made some people get radar-injuries. That way the injuries seemed avoided. These standards were never changed to deal with bio-electrochemistry and long term exposure.

For peer reviewed research and other info see:

/r/Wuhan_Flu has been quarantined by Reddit by useless_aether in MeanwhileOnReddit

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"The virus is so contagious, we have to quarantine the sub reddit" - reddit admin. - "Highlight new comments since last visit" option now available to everyone by magnora7 in SaidIt

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the state of hypocrisy on reddit by poestal in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Got banned from r/space and r/askphysics for explaining electromagetism, which is my major.

There is blatant voter fraud going on in the U.S. by magnora7 in politics

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As staged as American Wrestling.
Their solution: Remove exit polls.

Reddit "accidentally" rolled out a new censorship algorithm only to face major backlash - harmless comments are now getting collapsed and labeled as "Potentially Toxic Content". by Enza in SaidIt

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Oh shit, that fucking sucks badly. I fight for these unwanted problems to die soon. ;-)

Confessions from a paid shill. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Reddit and imgur in a nutshill

The easiest way to spot them now is by looking at the vote-counts.
I found several agencies active on these platforms:
Correct the record - against Bernie and wikileaks.
Monsanto - on forums about organic agriculture and veganism and conspiracy.
Israeli agencies - any forum. I think they might be pushing nazi-stuff on voat, but I am not certain.
Democrats and SJWs on political subreddits and promoting the russia-russia bullshit.
Military propaganda promoting interventionism.
NYT/WSJ/CNN- promoting CIA propaganda and anything anti-trump and anti-wikileaks.

I find Saidit OK now, but I am interested in how we can stop these shills and military intelligence teams.

My ideas: 1) It would be easy to check similar copies of replies or posts.
2) It would be easy to black-list some CIA propaganda.
3) Standard points by left/right paradigm can be marked as left/right propaganda.
4) Serious posts and replies should contain no logical fallacies, and be backed up with evidence. 5) Replies can point out bias or fallacies or counter evidence. Also can point out bias in agencies that produce evidence.
6) Blacklist propaganda words like "conspiracy", "crazy", "consensus", "racist", etc.
7) Mark users that promote a certain agenda or are illogical or are unfriendly (which they can discuss on their personal forum). If by accident this can give a friendly feedback or interesting discussion.
8) Mark posts and users that use false links or false evidence.
9) Allow different viewpoints. Focus on discussing the logic, not the viewpoints.

I even had the idea of a discussion management system like: MIT Deliberation
Funny enough about carbon-tax, which I disagree with.

Etc. This requires a lot of management, but I hope it can be self-regulating.

Youtube And Facebook CENSORED My Content On CIA Whistleblower, My Video And Others Are BLOCKED (Tim Pool) by zyxzevn in politics

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Youtube and Facebook (and Reddit?) are directly controlling comments on US politics.

The information was already public available, and it shows that the "witness" is actually part of the corruption.

Here is another good video by Tim Pool:
Leaked Emails EXPOSE Impeachment And Joe Biden, Trump May Have RIGHT About Corruption The Whole Time

It seems to me that the DNC tries to cover up a big corruption problem by attacking Trump instead. They choose a offence that sounds similar, so that they can say: "If trump is allowed, why can't we.". This tactic seems for someone who wants to cover up a crime after evidence is shown.

IF they really want to bring down Trump, they could do so with the Funding of the Saudi Arabia, or with the bombing of Syria after a false flag. But since those are in line with the war-pushers in the DNC.

All US troops to leave Afghanistan in 14 months by bablarb in WorldNews

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Just moving them around:
US Carrier Strike Group Enters Mediterranean As Syria & Turkey Move To State Of War
Turkey Asks NATO To Join Its War Against Syria And Russia
Saudi Arabia also gets 15,000 troops, but can't find link.

Escobar: The Afghanistan "Peace Deal" Riddle
4- The CIA would be allowed to do business in Taliban-controlled areas. That’s an even more hardcore anathema. Everyone familiar with post-9/11 Afghanistan knows that the prime reason for CIA business is the heroin rat line that finances Langley’s black ops, as I exposed in 2017.

The subreddit has been privated. by ulfw2019 in WatchRedditDie

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More discussion on reddit here:

Migrants making children cry so they are ready for the cameras by zyxzevn in Europe

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Via Voat
My question: What the f* is going on?

From others working with people from these countries, I heard they see children and women as a way to get money. They have no problems to abuse them. They also have no problem to falsify documents for some extra money. It also amazes me how rich these migrants are.

I don't think any real refugees are among them.

Trump claims he ‘never meant’ Mexico would directly pay for border wall despite repeatedly saying it by Nemacolin in news

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No.. the mainstream media is a pathological liar. Trump is just a fool or tool.

Saidit is back online after a few days of attacks by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Chat is usually a big security problem.
Did you test with ProcessHacker (very easy) or even with GlassWire?