Communist White House Cuts Video Feed After Joe Biden Asks for Questions by scrubking in politics

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they're communists with loyalty to china (80% of Biden executive orders were pro china). Pull your head out of your ass.

Want to peacefully protest? Buy ONE share of GME. This is Walk on Wallstreet done right. Hedge funds are in huge trouble; if they keep borrowing shares to short at these interests, as well as phantom shorting (shorting shares they don’t have), they’re fkd. This is unlike anything Wall Street’s seen. by Enza in politics

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This is a sure way to lose all your money because everyone should know by now that wallstreet doesn't lose. They never lose and will never lose. Whether it's govt baillout or straight up illegal cheating they will win.

Exclusive: Unreleased Federal Report Concludes ‘No Evidence' that Free Speech Online ‘Causes Hate Crimes' by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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There is no such thing as a 'hate crime'

Has anyone said NO to temperature-taking at your work? by molechs_abort_babies in AskSaidIt

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It's all BS. I go to a local clinic sometimes and already a couple of times I've seen employees walking around with no mask or being let in without their temp taken. Once one secretary walked in from outside without a mask and no temp and the temp taker just said 'it's okay you work here'.

"Pay Us Like You Owe Us" - Senior White House Official Announces Biden Will Move on Slavery Reparations without Congress by scrubking in politics

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Pay up sucka!

I'm completely out of the loop. What is all this drama going on on the site? Namely, the banning of diogenesjunior among other things by johnnybravo in AskSaidIt

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Trannies are seething