The Biden Regime just gave full FDA approval to a vaccine whose triple blind study into its efficacy and safety won't be complete until 2023. P.S. How can a vaccine that reportedly had a 42% efficacy rate in July get FDA approval? by scrubking in Coronavirus

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drugs don't work to cure depression. And everyone should be against any drug that doesn't work and hasn't properly been tested.

ABC Edits Biden Interview To Make Him Look Good, Removed Incoherent Mutterings, Media WANTS More War by Tarrock in politics

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The media wants communism because that's what China is paying them for

The War Nerd: Was There A Plan In Afghanistan? - By Gary Brecher. With the total collapse of the US-backed Kabul regime, it’s even more relevant now to ask: What was the strategy? by Chipit in WorldNews

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The strategy was to give the country to the Taliban and arm them with US gear so China could come in.

Joe Biden Claims 'No One's Being Killed Right Now' in Kabul Despite Reports of 12 Deaths by scrubking in politics

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There is already video of them publicly beating and torturing people.