This was bound to happen somewhere by jet199 in NotTheOnion

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FFS, just start hanging the politicians.

The Leftist Commune by Tarrock in politics

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A comment from ConsumeProduct:

This is literally the best thing i have ever read.

This is like a complex french pastry, crafted by artisanal chefs, each layer, a new sensation. Each perfect complimentary flavor, a different emotion stoked up from the resting silt of your psyche.

A mouthwatering masterpiece of memetic mirth.

There is so much here, so much truth, so much sadness, such a depth of earnest longing that is usually hidden from us under layers of bitter irony and unbroken theoretical proclamations and rants on how to run the world.

They just want to be part of a small village, a community, to serve a integral purpose and be loved for who they are, and appreciated for what they do. But almost invariably, places like this, small tight-knit villages are right-wing, they are wary of outsiders because a small community is uniquely disadvantaged by even small changes brought by newcomers.

Almost all of the women posting their genuine desires are functionally describing being a stay-at-home mother in a small right-wing community. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, looking after the kids, supervising their education, advising, tutoring, observing who gets what and maintaining fairness.

But they cannot see it, they cannot comprehend they are the fool in The Gateless Gate, who is searching by the light of an oil-lamp for a way to cook their rice. In one breath they scorn the very thing and types of people that can and will provide them the environment their soul cries out for. In a toxic swamp of unfamiliar city-living and godless, soulless corporatist posturing, under the heavy pressure and the mind-breaking bullshit of socially-violent, politically correct 'simon-says' office-tier environments, these lost folk yearn for meaning in their lives, whilst having been conditioned to hate the very people that are most capable of providing that environment for them.

These are the last gasps of drowning men and women, the last writhing attempt at clinging to life, before being drowned in a polluted, fetid sea of corporate/governmental-conditioning and never-ending work, that will pump directly into their minds, as in The Matrix, the illusion that they are on the cusp of revolution, that they are the vanguard of change and the daring anti-corporate, anti-state activists who are humanities best hope to attain this simple life they dream of.

This is the last time they will even be allowed to know the color red exists, for all the pills henceforth will be blue.

"Is reddit covering for a cp ring on instagram or is there another reason why my post was removed after it gained traction?" by Orangutan in conspiracy

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maxwellhill is still MIA

Representative Matt Gaetz calls for Nicki Minaj to be President Donald Trump's running mate in 2024 by AXXA in politics

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This shit is so cringe. Stop acting like Nicki is some fucking hero, she's probably going to cuck in the end.

Images from the migrant flood at the Rio Grande by BiglyBased in debatealtright

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I mean, just how utopian was the Jetsons? George went and worked a job he hated, meanwhile his wife went and spent all his money and his daughter was out partying and getting fucked everyday while he fears that his son's dog is gonna throw him to the earth below cause for some reason, they put treadmills floating in the sky.

But then again, everyone in the future was white. So, future was looking brighter already.

Nicki Minaj posts threatening communications from reporters to be friends by jet199 in Entertainment

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This is why it's important for journalists to get bricks to the side of the head regularly. It keeps them in check.

Israel: Highest infection rate in the world by [deleted] in news

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People can be worthless by Brewdabier in wtf

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I believe the answer to this is in THIS picture, specifically if you cut it down the middle about 25% of the way through. The right three quarters would be your answer.

Active Jewish Forums by PastorJohnny in whatever

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Brilliant thread uses the CDC's own data to demolish the covid hysteria by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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So what you are saying is that we were indeed killing grandma?

Fauci Lied to Congress — Will DOJ Hold Him Accountable? One “smoking gun” is a research article written by Wuhan Institute of Virology scientists. The paper acknowledges funding from the NIAID/NIH, and the research meets the Dept of Health and Human Services’ definition of gain-of-function research. by Orangutan in politics

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It's not the monetary system. It's fucking court cases and legislation that allows politicians to be in bed with corporations and other countries like Israel, Corporate lobbyists writing all the legislation, and 0 ways to hold anyone accountable.

If you haven't noticed, reddit slowly rolled out yet another censorship tool for mods, and its called "Crowd Control" by Orangutan in MeanwhileOnReddit

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if i met some of them in public, i wouldnt know the difference.. i would be fooled

Have you ever had a doctor test for you Asperger's or autism? One of the common symptoms is being unable to recognize facial features and ques.

If you haven't noticed, reddit slowly rolled out yet another censorship tool for mods, and its called "Crowd Control" by Orangutan in MeanwhileOnReddit

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NASA headed towards giant golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a billionaire by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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That's the big thing about the sci-fi genre. Once you leave your planet, there's entire asteroids made out of a solid metal, meaning that once you know how to asteroid mine, that value of a resource is only worth as much as the time and effort to mine it. In a space centric economy, energy is what is valuable since it is always needed and is depleted upon use.

This is how the dissident right blogger Dr Caveman got doxxed, and how you can prevent the same thing from happening to you. by Ponderer in debatealtright

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I don't ever understand these people. If I decided to end it all, it'd be straight into CNN's headquarters, the people who helped encourage what happened.

EU Suspends Regional Funds to Poland Over "LGBT-Free Zones" by neomarxist_bullshit in For_Slavs

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The Rainbow Empire trying to enforce its agenda

Biden orders declassification of Sept. 11 investigation documents by Drewski in politics

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I really wanna know why those Israelis were dancing.

Truck drivers begin protest action over vaccines, borders, lockdown on Gold Coast highway by charlieboy in news

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Even spez is getting sick of the powermods' tantrums demanding megacensorship. This should not be possible, but they did it. by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This shit is mostly a lie and the whole announcement is being done to manipulate. The thread is locked and they're doing the crossposting thing in order to get people brigading. They'll punish anti-vaxx subs and allow vax subs to raid.

52 million. That’s how many daily users Reddit had on average in late 2020, the platform told The Wall Street Journal in December, a figure it said was a 44% jump from the same time the previous year. It was the first time Reddit publicly disclosed the metric. by Orangutan in MeanwhileOnReddit

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It's worth noting how daily users is counted. Reddit is a content agitator or whatever it's called. If I take a picture of reddit and post it here on saidit and 100 people who never visit reddit click on it, they just added 100 daily users who didn't look at anything else other than a picture linked on another site.

Unite or Die by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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No we wouldn't.

The right is fucking lazy and content and useless. The only way we'd see marching armies is if the bread and circus disappeared.

White Female Prosecutor In Michigan Won't Prosecute Firearm Felonies Because Too Many Blacks Break Gun Laws by BiglyBased in debatealtright

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Mark Collett is debating Destiny at 3pm EST on the Killstream by user2321 in debatealtright

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The guntstream

LOL: Taliban criticizes Facebook for not supporting free speech by scrubking in censorship

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It's funny how Russia and even the Taliban keep calling this shit out. The Rainbow Empire keeps calling out for free speech, yet don't allow it anymore themselves.