Coronavirus Cuts More Than Ten Years Of Life On Average, Scottish Study Reveals by Nemacolin in news

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What a pile of garbage......

"According to the years-lost scale of the World Health Organization, a person aged 81 who died of COVID-19 lost 14 years of his life, while those who died in their fifties without any underlying conditions lost around 35.81 years. " your 81 and lost 14 years? Planing to live to 95 were you? Can someone show me the countries out there where the average life of a male is 95? "Died in there fifties" (so like a 55 year old?) lost 35.81 (lets say 36.) So again, 55 + 36 = 91? Where is this an average life span? GARBAGE!!!! Man the W.H.O. is terrible. Who do they have working there?

Some of the research looks reasonable but I get a strong feeling that this will not stand up to peer review and there was some serious cherry picking gong on.

Elon Musk launches into expletive-laden rant, calling quarantine measures 'fascist' by pmc in news

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Can someone link the video if it exisits. The article said it was durning an earnings call so there may not be a video of it.

Motion Picture Association Doubles Down on Push for US Pirate Site Blocking by Drewski in piracy

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Canada has a blockade? Never noticed.....

Twitter CEO Unveils Feature To "Editorialize" Trump's Tweets As Election Looms by Drewski in SocialMedia

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I learned the proper response to this from a resent disaster of a TV show... "sheer...fucking...hubris!"

Sweden Resisted Suicidal Economic Lockdown – Now Stockholm Expected to Reach “Herd Immunity” in Weeks by RickC-137 in news

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Kung flu is not racist....Wuhan weisser still okay... the Ping-Pong Ching-Chong Wing Wong sweet and sour sickness.... that might be a litte racist...... but if you say it in jest people will understand....

Dow plummets nearly 3,000 points as coronavirus shatters economy by dcjogger in news

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This article is from March 16th...

Latest CDC COVID-19 Numbers Make the Doom-and-Gloom Cult Look Like Complete Idiots by RickC-137 in news

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I'm a little confused by the writing of this article. Are they claiming that the total deaths in the USA from Feb 1st to april 18th are 24,905? Are the 13,518 deaths of people 65 + on top of that or included? (On top would bring the count to 38,423 which is more in line with what has been reported so far ) if its included that means almost half the deaths report are BS...

Trump Breaks Down, Encourages Rebellion on Twitter by daikuji in politics

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Typical of any type of "reporting" in this day in age. Mainly you only tell part of/your prospective/ your opinion.

People are protesting for a reason. When you ban the sale of seeds, but the same store is still selling food you got government that has clearly over stepped. When you close a drive though tulip farm you have a government that has again, clearly over stepped.

I also love how everyone who protested was a right wing lunatic. No reasonable people who are concerned the government has over reacted, nope just gun wielding morons.

Also, not sure what briefing he was watching but I did not see a "break down". Made for good click bait though...

Average Households Could Be Powered By This Solar Pavement Driveway Made From Plastic Bottles by Drewski in environment

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ring ring

Yeah, thunderfoot...yeah here is another one....yeah I know your tired of this garbage but people just keep falling for it...

Star-Studded 'One World' Benefit Concert for the W.H.O. Sparks Outrage: 'Commie Propaganda' by RickC-137 in politics

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The article says WHO put political correctness ahead of lives. Just asking if someone has a link or something on this.

Texas is one of 4 states where landlords are evicting people despite federal ban by codedtestament in WorldNews

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My god, it's like my own brain wrote this.... sadly though, there are just too many that live by the philosophy of YOLO. If the government didnt help it would be pandemonium. It's amazing, no money for rent but you got a closet full of guns!

Edit: missed an s

Facebook To Issue ‘Warnings’ To Users Who Have Liked Or Clicked On ‘Coronavirus Misinformation’ by Vigte in technology

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Who decides what's misinformation? Chloroquine phosphate...that's misinformation..... 2008 Nobel prize winner saying virus was man made in a Chinese lab...that's misinformation.... CCP statement says they did a good job warning and handing this virus....(*CPP slides $X millions to facebook for "advertising" *) that's gotta be true!

“It Makes No Sense! It Makes No Sense! We Must Open Our City!” – Las Vegas Hero Mayor Calls for Hotels and Casinos to Reopen (VIDEO) by RickC-137 in politics

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I loved visiting vegas but I have zero sympathy for them. Vegas has changed. It was always a factory for printing money but over the last 20 years that wasn't enough. They started maximizing their profits by nickel and diming people. Changing for parking, service fees on drinks, $15 for a begal and coffee. I can do a list but I think people get the idea. They need this long, hard kick in the nuts to remind them it should be people first then profits.

COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says "Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab" by RickC-137 in news

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It would be nuts if it was true. It would also explain why governments have gone bat-shit (no pun intended) crazy over this. Anyway he holds a Nobel prize in it lends credibility to what is being said... god I hope we get the truth about this. ..

Illegal Immigrant Gang Member Admits To Brutal Slaying Of 14-Year-Old Girl As Part Of MS-13 Initiation by REDISCOM in news

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Glad to see they are treating him as an adult.

Some Perspective: More than 22,600 people died of hunger TODAY by FormosaOolong in WorldNews

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The wiki article you posted was all.over the map. With data from 2016 to 2002. A google search will show about 25 000 a day die of hunger. WHO also supports this. OP original source link will lead you to worldmeters who further links sources that support 25 000 a day. Edit: correction

skydiver.... by useless_aether in funny

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Honest Reddit: “Would you like us to spy on you?” by Handroid7 in funny

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Thank you!

Muslim grooming gang that repeatedly sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl gets short sentences by REDISCOM in news

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Umm are we reading the same article here?

Honest Reddit: “Would you like us to spy on you?” by Handroid7 in funny

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Can you elaborate?

Another reason to disband the UN: China joins UN Human Rights Council panel despite troubling record, response to coronavirus by useless_aether in WorldPolitics

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The 100k dead in Yeman is the result of a war over years of fighting. There are many player involved that have lead to this death toll. The US has its share of blood on its hand from this conflict but so do many other nations who fund different sides of the war.

My problem with china is there blatant disregard for the treatment of their own citizens. There are physical internment camps with real people telling stories about them. We have doctors that just disappear. It not hard to find many more examples.

The US and others major nations have problems but China takes it to the next level. Them being on the council is a disgrace. Shame on the UN.

Calfornia: where it's legal to intentionally give someone HIV but reusable shopping bags are banned because someone could get the flu by RickC-137 in memes

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Anyone have a link to source of the HIV court case? I remember hearing about it but never got to follow up.

The State of Idaho Bans Transgender Girls from Playing Girl Sports by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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"Some experts believe transgender women have a biological advantage"

Some??? SOME EXPERTS??? How about 99.999% believe it gives these athletes an advantage. The other 0.001% are narcissistic assholes who argue only for the sake of themselves and their cause. (Shame on the terrible author who wrote this article.)

They are people who disregard all common sense and science. They push their belief under the disguise of fairness and equality, yet care not for anyone else and how it affects them or how their actions will make others feel. Yet they expect everyone else to have this consideration for them and are outraged if they don't.

There is a very simple solution to this. A male, a female and a transgender class to compete in. It's fair, inclusive and reasonable.

Interest in 3d TV and 3d movies has basically disappeared since 2011 by magnora7 in technology

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3D has a place in entertainment but it's a tool in the toolbox. Like any tool, you need to use it for the right job.

What we have been getting is 3D on everything and it's become annoying.... I don't mind it in theaters on select movies but at home it's expensive and cumbersome.

Why did you switch to Saidit? by legendgamer320 in AskSaidIt

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I recently found out about and ran my username. Found 23 post that had been taken down by mods or auto mods.

Some of the auto mod take downs I still can't figure out what was wrong with the posts. Might have been edgy but I have seen worse on reddit.

Some of the mod take downs were nothing more then total abuse of power. One example, I agreed with someone who told a story about what life was like during the cold war under communism and my comment was manually deleted by a mod! 100% clean comment. No swearing or anything. Plenty of comments shiting on the guy's story that the mod left alone More scary then anything.

People need to take censorship serious.