Merkel: ‘Unvaccinated Germans Will LOSE Their Freedoms’ by scrubking in WorldNews

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Are they really trying to establish an ultimatum between our freedom and their life? Because that's what I read her ultimatum as.

Strange of her to establish that kind of ultimatum.

Anytime they give you an ultimatum, a third option exists. Humanity hasn't used it in quite a while. Maybe that's how they've forgotten themselves.

Number of deaths skyrocketed after start of corona vaccination by carn0ld03 in UnitedKingdom

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I don't know a single unvaccinated person to get sick since April, with anything.

YouTube be like by Vulptex in censorship

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What the Corona Virus Means for Identitarians by x0x7 in politics

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I was just thinking on another note that at some point we have to stop calling it Corona Virus because the virus will lose relevance eventually (sooner the better), and corona virus refers to a rather large number of viruses. What if we just call it SAR2.

TV Asahi Interview with Jared Taylor - Jared Taylor redpilling in Japanese by x0x7 in TheRedPill

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Found another one with that.

Greg Abbott: "I just signed a Resolution asserting Texas sovereignty under the 10th Amendment over all powers not granted to the federal government by the US Constitution." by Drewski in politics

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You're the governor of Texas? Holy shit. But why do you talk like that?

How to install ZenithOS (and also draw in it), a TempleOS distro by x0x7 in technology

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This isn't me. People on link aggregators share other people's content. 2nd, it's not out dated. It does different things than a typical operating system does. It in fact does more modern things than other operating systems can't because current operating systems are build on ancient sub systems. This is a more modern sub system without the level of development of fluff you are used to. That doesn't make it out dated.

Windows cannot Just In Time compile C on the command line and have it execute at the same level as Ring-0. Linux can't. Mac can't. None of them JIT capabilities baked directly into the core of their OS. Nor can any of them context switch as quickly either.

If it's obviously outdated to you it's clear you understand a lot less about technology than you think you do.

Why do jews play football? by LarrySwinger2 in Jokes

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The last country with high fertility aryan peoples is...Afghanistan? by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Why not look at states? Utah, Idaho.

Texas adopts IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism). This is the hottest hot button issue I have ever seen Jews go apeshit about. It essentially outlaws any criticism of any Jews or Jewish organizations, no matter what they do. It makes them Gods. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

In their working definition the second sentence uses the word anti-semitism in it, which means it can't be a definition. Which means only the first sentence is a definition and the second sentance just says something about it (not much seeing as it uses the fuzzy word, "may").

The second part of the first sentence also uses the word "may." It only expresses how it may manifest but doesn't say that other things outside of that can't be anti-semitism. This means that the only clear definition is just the first sentence before the comma, "Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews."

So if this bill attempts to make having a kind of perception illegal. It doesn't even specify the specific perception. Adopting a non-definition of something as the legal definition of something is dangerous.

Bitcoin Hashrate Falls 17% Overnight After China Mining Crackdown by Drewski in cryptocurrency

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Man, people are stupid for thinking more hashing makes bitcoin better. It really doesn't. Bitcoin is either secure or it is not. Once it is secure, it is, it is either useful or it is not. It's valuation hinges on that second one. I say that it is useful. But an increase in miners doesn't increase its usefulness and therefore is irrelevant to its success, or value.

How Websites Know You're Lying About Your User-Agent by Drewski in privacy

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We should just get rid of user-agent. Why are we sending unneeded data that can identify us? User agents have some value for this or that narrow purpose? Ok. Then in those cases a user agent should be used. The majority of requests, which are from browsers, should just have a blank user agent, meaning, serve things normally.

The problem is that clearing it makes you stand out. We should all clear it together in protest. We should all say together, "My browser sends to the server the information needed to receive the a reply back. That's it."

In fact it would be cool if cookies weren't applied to all AJAX requests. The AJAX config object should enable them for requests that need them.

Irish police to be given powers over passwords by Drewski in Security

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We should really get rid of passwords. Signing a phrase is not hard to do, and is way more secure.

Documents Show Big Tech is Censoring Public at Request of U.S. Government by Drewski in censorship

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The Nazi's learned a lot from the "Lying press" that came before them. The adopted some of the same techniques as one often does in war. The question is with this current lying press and media, who did they really learn it from.

Documents Show Big Tech is Censoring Public at Request of U.S. Government by Drewski in censorship

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69.87% market share of something is not a monopoly.

The case for Facebook being a monopoly is pretty narrow. For google and search it's way more arguable.

Instead of breaking up monopolies, which isn't always clear how to do it, require a monopoly to actively advertise a competitor until the monopoly condition is resolved. A better way of measuring a monopoly in an objective way is to take the shannon entropy of the market shares. A shannon entropy of less than 1 is a monopoly, though the threshold could be played with depending on how distributed you want your market to be.

Breaking up the telcoms did nothing. It just created monopolies in smaller geographies. Something is a monopoly/duopoly based on the probability distribution that a consumer will use each of the available services given a geography or some other criteria.

Was the West's collapse a result of idolatry? by trident765 in nonmorons

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My 46th Christmas Dinner in Prison by Enza in whatever

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Another thought on the amount of time he has served. It is possible that he has gotten charges in prison. One has to do what they have to do to survive, and sometimes that leads to charges. Ironically the nicer a guy you are the more likely you are to be put in a position where you end up getting additional time. He could have been a really nice kid, and because of others treatment of him, ended up getting more time.

My 46th Christmas Dinner in Prison by Enza in whatever

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The downside of private prisons is they seem to have a backwards response to liability. The whole prison is engineered so the guards don't know anything, and thus aren't liable for what happens. For drug trafficking that's good, so most inmates like it, because they get drugs. If however you are the kind of person that gets bullied, there is literally nothing that can be done. The government, and the people running the prison, then aren't liable for the crap they don't know about.

For example, in some prisons its literally impossible to file a complaint (presumable against another inmate) without it being observed by everyone exactly what you are doing, at the time you are doing it.

It's also one of the reason they give you assigned cell mates. It keeps you from becoming a snitch. The cops and private guards want snitches for things like drugs (things that can get them a promotion), but don't want snitches for anything like violence or rape because then they have to respond to the situation or face liability. The private prisons are engineered in excruciating detail to reduce liability, not by reducing violence, but by reducing knowledge of it.

I'm a weirdo who believes that the government putting you in a situation engineered to be violent as a form of punishment is a violation of the 8th amendment.

I made a multiplayer snake game on gvid [game]; Also iframes are a thing by x0x7 in x0x7projects

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What kind of issue were you having because it works for me. Is it lag?

I am trying to assess if lag is an issue for people because I happen to have a really good connection, so it's not indicative of everywhere.

I made a multiplayer snake game on gvid [game]; Also iframes are a thing by x0x7 in x0x7projects

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This also means that gvid will be supporting iframes soon.

You can add an iframed item into gvid at

The snake game was made a while ago. It's running at

It does hate wifi a little bit because it's multiplayer model is based on the game running on the server rather than client, arrow keystrokes go direct to the server, and then render diffs are sent to the clients. It's the same way cloud based gaming works, but because the client has no concept of the game itself, input latency is an issue. Basically cloud gaming doesn't work over wifi... well.

I should have a racing game I made up in a bit.

Make sure to press an arrow key to start.

My 46th Christmas Dinner in Prison by Enza in whatever

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What if you could never do more time than your age at the time of the offense.

If you get out and re-offend, seeing as more of your life was in prison than not, that likely has more to do with your time in prison than your time before it.

Following The Leaked Emails, Fauci Hires A Specialist To Set Up A Private Email Server by Drewski in funny

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Leaked emails? It was from a FOIA request. Those are our emails.

Mark travels to India by x0x7 in videos

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They help you drug up before the ride so you don't notice the dead babies.

IDK, I feel like there are more scammers everywhere these days, and they are way more inventive (in peculiar ways) maybe India is worse than it was when you went.

Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Over "Concerns About Environmental Impact" by fred_red_beans in news

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Yes. But crypto dropped 17% because of Musk's manipulations. Good time to buy. I did.

Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Over "Concerns About Environmental Impact" by fred_red_beans in news

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Lightning network. It needs work, but is a completely functional concept. The most popular branch is just developed by one individual and so the software doesn't do small little things like give you your private keys when asked for (like all other bitcoin wallets).

If more developers moved into the scene small little usability details would be worked out. I pay for my servers with lightning network. You don't have to pay fees to use bitcoin. The fees directly relate to the environmental impact because that is the dollar figure put on winning the contest over those fees. When you pay $2.00 in fees you are basically paying someone to burn $2.00 in gasoline for you. That sounds bad until you realize you could just not pay fees, and use the most popular crypto currency, if people just used lighting.

In terms of setting up accepting lighting on some internet service, it's easier than bitcoin to work with directly because of the invoicing system (part of lighting). You don't have to manage a large number of addresses, associate them with accounts, and the observe all of those addresses on a blockchain, which requires a full node, even when an account has had no activity for years, and then guess when a payment comes in, it was for that one payment or another. That's far from impossible but compared to lightning where you: make an invoice per payment and get notified when it happens in an evented way, done.

In terms of using another payment processing service, coinpayments supports lighting. That's who my host uses. Somehow not even bitpay has integrated it even though it's pretty simple.

Once they do, bitcoin has every reason to stay on top for payments.. because everyone owns it and thus merchants will gladly take it directly via lightning or through a payment processor (like bitpay or coinpayments). Honestly, these needed improvements to lighting's interface could be knocked out in a month by a single developer if anyone had the determination to do it.

You get rid of the fees, you get rid of the environmental cost (or 99% of it). Lighting network does that.

The vaccine is totally safe folks. by InvoluntaryHalibut in videos

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Science and Doctor Fauci shouldn't be mentioned in the same paragraph.

Anti-Semitic Democrat Ilhan Omar Says It's an 'Act of Terrorism' For Israel to Defend Itself Against Hamas Rockets by scrubking in politics

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There are plenty of reasonable ways to be anti-israel. Post-logic Ilhan Omar doesn't help, and provides the corporal strawman needed to make people who attack Israel look like idiots.

The question is in the means, collateral deaths and injuries, and the issues that motivate Hamas to launch rockets in the first place.

This is why we need democratic borders based on residency and the ability for peoples to form sovereignty. Palestine should be able to form itself into a country just the same as Israel has, if not even more legitimately. When you argue this pro-Israel argue that Palestinians aren't really a people. If they have shared a common experience for even 5 years they are a people.

I've seen them do this with others, as if having a history even a year less long then themselves is a valid argument for denying human rights of all other peoples. Lauren Spector has argued this in tweets relating to Europe, that because Europe has a shorter history than Jews, that's an argument for the concept of Europeans to be abolished and for that ethnic group to be extinguished (identified in the Geneva conventions as a human rights violation).

"You don't have a history (untrue) so (non-sequitur) you don't deserve any rights." That is a repeated Jewish argument I've heard multiple times. They are as post-logic as Ilhan Omar.

/r/NoNewNormal with ~70K subs is a cesspool of QAnon, right-wing anti-vaxxer disinformation that's trying to spread its tentacles across Reddit. by CANDYASSES in politics

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If you were intentionally spreading lies then that would be the ultimate in falling down the pyramid of debate.

/r/NoNewNormal with ~70K subs is a cesspool of QAnon, right-wing anti-vaxxer disinformation that's trying to spread its tentacles across Reddit. by CANDYASSES in politics

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That's how they shut things down. They make that case.. then there is nowhere on reddit that you can be critical of covid authority.

I'm getting sick of this game.

President Erdogan denounces 'terrorist' Israel over Jerusalem aggression by [deleted] in WorldNews

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Bad man calls bad people bad to seem good.

This poor man. He’s was ok with his date being trans and he still got homophobic abuse as a result. It really is never enough when it comes to The Validation. by Chipit in SuperStraight

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They become trans to lord victimhood over others. They bait for it all them time.

SaidIt alternatives? by fschmidt in SaidIt

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Maybe you don't like free speech.

bruz: eternal by Amenta101 in videos

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The fires were being set. They weren't caused because we weren't doing land management. The land has been managing itself for a very very long time, and yet koalas exist.

CDC announces they will Conveniently stop tracking the number of post-vaccination COVID cases by scrubking in Coronavirus

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Science isn't the job of the government. Hopefully private tracking can pick up.