Texas law could remove transgender children from their parents' homes for receiving gender-affirming care by Vigte in news

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Why not give them sex affirming care?

Google is Manipulating its Search Results to Push a Political Agenda by TheAmeliaMay in censorship

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Stop using them.

Stonewall Jackson on Gab: ''Some good news. Rusten Sheskey, the officer who shot Jacob Blake as he resisted arrest and went to grab weapon from his car, is back on duty in Kenosha today. He has correctly been cleared of all charges" by TheAmeliaMay in GoodGabs

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Now the cop who shot Ashli Babit, when her hands were occupied, and she was unarmed. What is to happen about that situation?

Moderna mRNA sequence released to GitHub by Questionable in Coronavirus

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I'm pretty sure I saw the word GATACA in there. I think they are trying to hint at something.

"YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE" Andrew Yang Booed out of New York BLM demonstration. What are the odds that Yang tries to make this about “anti-Asian racism in the black community”? by Chipit in politics

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He ought to. Weaponize your enemies' weapons against them. Don't let them get away with any bullshit without it coming back on them.

CATTURD: Lol - Twitter just removed #ExposeCNN from their trending list by scrubking in censorship

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#ExposeTwitter on every other site. The next to remove that one is #Expose_____

PasswordOnce - Don't save your password, save the way to generate it. by Panzerfaust in Internet

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I do this. Homebrewed. It's weird that relatively few password managers do this. It's really easy. The only difficult and subjective part is converting a bitstream into a broadly useful password.

My one problem is that a few sites refuse to take passwords over 100 characters long. Silly.

Fauci:Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak... hmmm by zyxzevn in conspiracy

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Well considering the come out with a new disease to freak out about every 4 years.. The problem is they got a lot further with this one. Didn't lead to any increased death for the whole year. But everyone freaking out about it made our lives miserable.

PayPal and ID by Tarrock in politics

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Well that's pretty racist of them.

Did we just go to war with Russia? by ReeferMadness in news

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This can be solved with democratic borders. The correct nation to control that territory is who the inhabitant want for a government. Governments can deal with citizens not preferring them. This puts leverage back into the hands of the people and provides an incentive for government to serve their people instead of special interests more closely tied to politicians.

Protester falls off a bank he was climbing and bleeds black all over the sidewalk. by Node in funny

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Why don't these people ever protest the federal reserve that gives them free money?

Fauci Admits COVID Vaccine May Not Be Safe by belta in whatever

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My county government is publishing propaganda in support of it without communicating risks. Last I checked, when private individuals do that that's illegal.

I'm actually going to be submitting a criminal complaint to my sheriff's department. Any good idea is worth repeating. Go to your local library. Find your county's propaganda. Submit a criminal complaint.

Payment Processor Stripe Bans Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer, Cutting Her Off From GOP Funds by scrubking in politics

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So GOP can't get funds to people within itself without stripe? Just use some crypto.

LA doctor on ABC says hydroxychloroquine is USELESS without zinc. With zinc, 100% cure rate in hours. The whole point is it pushes zinc into the cells and crushes COVID-19. Yet Fauci did a study last NOV 2020 w/ ONLY hydroxychloroquine & ZERO zinc to discredit HCQ. FAUCI is an evil #sociopath. by xolotltlalo in conspiracy

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There are other zinc innofors besides HQC. Easier to get too.

But yes, zinc innofor plus zinc generally equals crushing it so quickly you never even get symptoms or see very minor symptoms for a day or two. Vitamin D is the main factor for potentiality of death. Take both, you will likely never show symptoms. If you do.. you won't die. We just converted a disease with 99.9% survival rate to 99.99%.

Makes you wonder by ReeferMadness in videos

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Las Vegas

The White Man Goes on Trial by x0x7 in politics

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One possible solution to the whole situation is to be like Norway and not arrest people on suspicion of a crime and just give them a court date instead. Fewer deaths would happen if there were fewer arrests without trial.

Being arrested is in fact a detriment to your liberty and shouldn't be possible without a trial, except in cases of serious and emanate danger. But that's just a citizen's read of the constitution. Judges prefer their, allow as much government as possible interpretation

Edward Snowden 2021 | This Is The BIGGEST SCAM of The Century by x0x7 in videos

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I would claim for all human history. As technology improves human abilities improve. Then so to does the ability to scam. If that improves faster than the human ability to deter scams, then you can going to see record scams.

Humanity can build the tallest buildings, the fastest rocket cars, the biggest ports, the fastest communication that has ever been seen in 200,000 years. Why not scams?

Tasting African food by x0x7 in funny

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I have a place near me called Ethiopian Buffet. I drive by it and say what's the point?

Are Asians Going Nuts, Too? | AmRen by x0x7 in politics

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So too is the money. Millions and millions of dollars in white hating and in-group (beside white) tribalism, which if it uses the woke franchising tokens it has license to operate without being labeled racist.

Even if most asians think white hatred is a joke and hate blacks (most young Asians I know are the most racially aware and recognize that whites and asians are playing on the same team), it just takes a few asians to see the dollar signs and start syndicating the woke message taylored to their audience. Someone with a financial incentive can afford to put a lot more money and volume behind their message and they sound like the majority.

Are Asians Going Nuts, Too? | AmRen by x0x7 in politics

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Yes, I actually have Jared Taylor uploading to gvid.

Weird skills by x0x7 in videos

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You could maybe brace the stock inside your knee and hold up the front by the foot of the same leg and then fire it with the other leg.

Legal Team Wants ‘Second Nuremberg Tribunal’ to Try Global Lockdown Promoters for Crimes Against Humanity by x0x7 in Anarcho_Capitalism

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For anyone that thinks this is at odds with anarchism. Many Anarcho-capitalists do not believe in the absence of a civil legal system. He is currently taking a civil action.

He is also potentially going to eventually attempt criminal action against agents of the state and those who lobby it to behave more tyrannically. Using the system against the system is a form of hypocrisy that anarcho-capitalists are comfortable with, and largely praise. Some deontological anarcho-capitalists, such as myself, believe the correct morality to apply to someone is the morality that they apply themselves. One can consent to a moral paradigm being applied to them. Agents of the government have consented to the application of law through their actions, and so criminal law being applied to them is not a violation of deontological ethics. So one who finds themselves most aligned with anarcho-capitalism because of deontological ethics finds them selves not misaligned with criminal law being used against government agents.

2020 United States federal government data breach is called the most sophisticated, largest successful cybersecurity breach the world has ever seen by the CEO OF Microsoft. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Of course the CEO of microsoft would call it unprecedented and a big deal. He stands to make a lot of money contracting the security improvements of the pentagon.

I'm 100% not anti-rich. But stop listening to CEOs and Billionaires. Not because they are inherently evil or bad, but because their job is to communicate such that their company or projects succeed. They are the very definition of not objective.

Maybe this attack is unprecedented. Lets hear it from someone worth listening to. The CEO of microsoft should be on the bottom of the list with my 7 year old nephew. If it is unprecedented we could have quoted almost anybody else and it would have been an improvement.

Chaos and Reductionism by socks in videos

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What he says about society losing information.. it's about to happen now. When the whole world except for China turns into South Africa, information will be lost with it. Underclass worship will cause infrastructure decline, will cause a decrease in the standard of living, will cause a lack of education.

Want to peacefully protest? Buy ONE share of GME. This is Walk on Wallstreet done right. Hedge funds are in huge trouble; if they keep borrowing shares to short at these interests, as well as phantom shorting (shorting shares they don’t have), they’re fkd. This is unlike anything Wall Street’s seen. by Enza in politics

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Wouldn't that only work if you bought it closer to when all of this was going on. That hedge fund can buy the opposition position. This only works if it takes them by surprise. Well, we are past that point now.

Did you buy GME and you need the price to go back up so you can sell?

The last one is GME, who will be next? by ronlay in WallStreetBets

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Shorting the US dollar. It's very easy. It's just called trading on margin. A short is when you borrow one token and then immediately sell it.

Don't feel safe trading on margin? Invest in the most stable things and only at an amount you feel safe for it. But maximize the margin by being as safe as possible with everything else. That will maximize your short of USD. A mix of precious metals, oil, and a small amount of crypto should be diverse enough. Throw in a few stocks that hedge precious metal gains and you should be able to do 85% between the two precious metal positions and be very solid.

Has anyone said NO to temperature-taking at your work? by molechs_abort_babies in AskSaidIt

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No. I'm for it. It's a pathway to less obtrusive absurdity like mask wearing. Asymptomatic spreading isn't a thing. We have conflicting studies, and studies that do suggest that it is a thing can be explained by the incentives we place on people to conceal that they have symptoms because of the implications that having symptoms of any kind would place on people besides themselves. If we can get people to recognize that the inconsistency of study results is caused by this effect and that asymptomatic spreading isn't a thing then we can just take a temperature at work and be done with all nonsense.

We killed the flu not only because those are now covid cases but because people don't admit to being sick anymore.

How exactly is this racist? by AXXA in censorship

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You see, you have to look at it geographically.

In the top left you have white Americans riding atop latin America, with their brass instruments.

On the left you have Europeans showing Africa with aid, while they ride around in their airplanes that whites invented, while African's ride around on there giraffes and elephants.

Meanwhile on the bottom, whites rush off to colonize Australia, with the Chinese following soon after.

Update on earths accelerating rotation speed. by Node in science

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I thought he did recognize plasma as a source. He believes (as many normal physicists do) that Earth's magnetosphere comes from interactions with the Sun's, and the Earth's behavior as a dynamo in that environment. If he believes in a solid Earth as you claim, what could produce that dynamo effect besides the Earth's plasma (if there is a significant enough of it)? He emphasizes the Sun plus dynamo explanation more than most more conventional sources.

Just to make sure that people understand that dynamo explanation isn't that unconventional in spite of what they might have learned in school, what part of spinning iron, or convection of iron creates a magnetic field? It's that spinning iron in a magnetic field that induces a current (theorized), which itself creates an induced magnetic field.

In fact if anything this guy is obsessed with plasma productions of magnetic fields.

BREAKING: 62% OF AMERICANS Want A THIRD PARTY, Democrats Have LOWEST MEMBERSHIP EVER, JUST 25% by NewsJunkie in politics

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Don't do it. I've been a libertarian for my entire adult life. 3rd parties don't work. The tea party, which was libertarian lite accomplished more in one election cycle than the entire LP has accomplished in its entire existence. It is possible to form parties within a party. It's more effective too. Don't like the republican party though? Great, take it over. Now you like it. It is easier to take over the entire republican party than it is to do anything good with a third party. If you have the political clout to actually be successful with a 3rd party, then you have the clout to take over the republican party with way less effort. If you don't think you can take over the republican party successfully, then you aren't anywhere close to what you would need to make a 3rd party not back fire.

If you want a 3 party system, support ranked voting first, and then actually create parties after that. Or even the better is the upvote +1 downvote -0.5, then reduce to sqrt of the candidate pool method. You can have an absurd number of candidates. Voters don't need to learn about every single one to vote. You have a result within a few rounds even if you had 100,000 candidates. Nobody has to rank candidates they are indifferent about (which actually reduces the quality of the vote because you have a lot of data that doesn't reflect voters true feelings because they don't have any, but were forced to indicate something anyway). 100,000 can be resolved in 5 rounds. You always get a classic 1 vs 1 vote in the end. But third parties get a fair shot at being in that 1 vs 1.

BREAKING: Wyoming House PASSES Mandatory VOTER ID LAW by NewsJunkie in politics

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Better to just get rid of voting. Break your state into county sized sovereign states headed by kings. Add in democratic borders so if a king sucks he loses territory. A king would be less draconian because a king couldn't keep up with even trying to create as many laws as a modern democracy generates.

New York attorney general warns cryptocurrency industry: ‘Play by the rules or we will shut you down’ by Panzerfaust in cryptocurrency

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The attorney general doesn't know about decentralized exchanges. There's no company to shut down.

The only flaw is that you have to have crypto to use those systems. You can exchange fiat on some of them, but you still have to stake crypto to do that (in case you provably try to defraud someone). The point is, buy crypto now so you aren't locked out of the future of finance. Even just a little can be a seed to be able to interact with those systems.

Edit: I just sent her a mocking email. As well as some useful information supporting the case that they will lose regulatory authority faster if they get more strict. Which is true.

Can you tell the difference? by zyxzevn in memes

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To be more accurate, it's a cold that it can't distinguish from. Colds are actually caused by different viruses. A good chunk of them are corona viruses.

Also you could also have a completely innocuous corona virus that hasn't even caused a cold. Corona viruses are everywhere. Many of them don't even infect people but you could get them in your nose the same way you breath in dust. Your basically testing for the presence of a common environmental agent with increadable sensitivity and increadable randomness to how sensitive that test execution is going to be.

Other Losses - A Film by James Bacque (The Real Holocaust of World War II) by x0x7 in videos

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Remember that the original "holocuast" was a POW system for insurgents taken in Poland. That they gave them swimming pools, and built structures. They only failed to feed them when their own reserves came to be nothing.

While the POWs controlled by Allied forces were not fed when their captors had plenty.

MIGA by x0x7 in politics

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Yes.. we've found the real problem in the middle east.

Has anybody been noticing these ad and marketing bots lately? by Its-Orion in SaidIt

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I was a freelance webdev. While it's not who I like to work for I've had a lot of family friends with small businesses ask me to do local business SEO and webdev for them (there's a reason I like to work with other professionals on the internet). From that experience I've learned just how little some small business owners understand technology. They will get a call from some random person saying that their google listing is down or that their domain name might disappear and that x,y, or z component of their site needs to be managed by them. People sometimes don't even realize this is sales and they think that this is a company they worked with in the past to set up their site.

I'll get calls from former clients (family friends, who again don't know what they are doing), saying they got a call from this person or that person and they need me to decern if it is legitimate or not.

But yeah. It sounds mean but, fuck working for local business. So much more pain vs the money that you would get working with people that are a lot more organized about their end. It sounds mean to say but in practical terms when you stand to make half the money with 4 times more headache, I try to avoid these people like the plague even if they are screwed without any help.

VIDEO: Merrick Garland Says Antifa Attacks On Courthouses Aren’t Domestic Terrorism Because They Happen At Night by MarcoPolo in politics

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It says video, but I don't see no video.

If anyone has it I would love a copy.

Biden Administration Caught Handing Out Free Transparent Full-Face Masks to All Illegals Entering the Country at Taxpayer Expense by scrubking in politics

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You mean face shields?

Biden Admin "Working Directly" With Big Tech To Crush Vaccine Dissent by Drewski in censorship

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If anyone has a copy of the original I'd really appreciate a copy. If any one has it they can PM or upload it to https://gvid.tv.

I try to make sure anything censored goes up.

Joe Biden “Not everyone in the Black and Hispanic communities know how to access the internet” by Enza in funny

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Not everyone inside the whitehouse knows how to access the internet.

Do you believe in coincidence? by TheObviousAnonymous in conspiracy

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Also, what's with this guy being called iron left, and his name is literally 88?

I honestly know very little about the situation.

Gas prices could soar under Biden’s plans by freespeak in whatever

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Every number is going up... except the value of the US Dollar. Just remember that for when the stock market looks like it is doing well, what is really happening.

Dark personality traits predict cognitive and emotional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, study finds by jet199 in Coronavirus

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"Sadists, however, have found enjoyment in it."

So when you see someone excited to go out showing off their new covid mask, and ready to pounce on anyone who says wearing a mask while doing their highly physical job is dangerous to their health, you've found a sadist. Anyone who thinks this whole thing is cute, that's been a sadist this whole time.