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Scrubs was made during a period of time when shows were written to get views and good ratings, and were not solely political playthings for writers.

If it was funny, you could get away with just about anything. Not anymore.

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Favorite Dr Cox quote: People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling

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Back then shows like scrubs, all in the family, Dukes of Hazard was normal viewing. Then blacks and jews started crying and that's how we lost good TV.

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IIRC, Archie Bunker was supposed to be the “villain” of the show and certain people got upset that the viewers were laughing a little to hard at the things he said.

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The Good Doctor is a show name? Is it anything like The Good Wife? I'm guessing The Good Doctor is good at their job? That's the only premise one could assume from the title.

It really is genius naming. House really missed out on The Nihilist Doctor, or Scrubs The Clown Doctors. Much better titles.

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He isn't even that good, he walked out mid-surgery because he got "grossed out"

Then he screamed "I am a surgeon"

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I'm thinking that a doctor that is basically unstable would not be a good choice for a surgeon... or a doctor.

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Yeah, and one that ends up screaming at the Asian dude.

Remember the shitty "I am a surgeon" meme?

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Just watched 3 episodes of the Three Body Problem on Netflix and somehow someone managed to sneak in an anti-immigration story under the radar.

I won't be watching the rest of it because it's too depressing.

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I just couldn't stand Auggie. I mean, that GOT guy said some stupid comment and she was like "i will punch you in the face until you are fucking dead." WTF? People don't talk like that and women aren't just overtly hostile to all men. She was terribly written and the actress sucked. The rest of it was meh. I'm going to check out the Chinese version. The books were great.

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Although notice is only the women making bad choices and fucking things up which is also very different to many films and shows where women are always in the right. They even show a good example of weaponised empathy.

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I just don't see anyone who's in such a collaborative, scientific environment being that overtly hostile. Now, if they had her crack a joke at his expense, that would be more realistic.

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I think you have to redefine white supremacist. To me, a WS is a very specific thing and simply being a bit racist (whether overtly or inadvertently) is not the same thing. The current climate, until very recently, would have you think every white person is a WS and the entirety of Western Civilization is WS. Add to that, disagreeing with affirmative action isn't even racist, imo. When does this crap end? And who wants to be given a job only because you fit a demographic over merit and experience?

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I meant to say that the show portrays him as a white supremacist. But his acting is so cringy.

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Ahhh. Gotcha.

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also makes a good counterexample when someone says something like "this wouldn't be made today"

okay, did someone come down off a mountain with graven tablets of objective objectionableness? did we really "learn better" or is this just yet another groupthink fad that presents itself as having all the answers, lost to history like every one of the rest before it?

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Tasty Coma Wife!

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There's a reason why I watch foreign shows from Asia. Shit like that hasn't creeped in yet thankfully. Or sometimes I watch car TV series like fastest car or old episodes of top gear.