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Approach quickly while maintaining eye contact to assert your dominance. It can help to also be loud and hold your arms slightly above your head to make yourself appear larger.

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I'm just curious. What illegal ideas did you have so far?

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Just be a passport bro like myself and move to Southeast Asia.

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Can't be sure if they are girls there though.

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just pay for a whore and be done with it, only retards search for romantic relantionships in this age

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Most of the gym girls are whores who want men to look at them in their skimpy skin-tight outfits. Pass them a $100 bill and ask for sex, and she will take you into a locker room. /s

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Unless you live in an authoritarian shithole like the UK (where they can arrest you "for harassment" for making eye contact with a woman on the subway,) it's still not illegal to talk to a girl in public. And if you live somewhere where it is, you need to get the fuck out of there. And if you lack the balls to talk to someone on the fear she'll call you a creep or you'll be "sexually harassing" her for making conversation towards her, then you don't deserve her, to begin with. Although your chances of picking up a girl at the gym are virtually non-existent. That's literally one of the worst places to try to shoot your shot. If girls are interested in anyone at the gym, they'll let you know. Otherwise, it's likely not going to end in success.

As for everywhere else, though? "Either do, or do not. There is no 'try.'" If you're really that scared of girls IRL, then I'd suggest practice with ones you aren't attracted to first, before working your way up to the ones you're intimidated by. If you can do well with a 4, you can do well with an 8; most women are predictable and easy to please; just make the conversation all about them and stroke their ego.

Personally I think dating is a shitshow and most single women aren't worth the effort anymore. But 'you can't be a pussy and still get pussy.' If you're not checked out of the game like I've been.

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Im sorry but you cant approach women anymore. you will be alone forever and no one will ever love you.

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After the #METOO era no man wants to make the first move for fear of being branded a sexual harasser/rapist.

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You're a woman now. Get down to your local YWCA or Planet Fitness. Go to the women's locker as one does. Drop trou. You got this.

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My wife recently got into bodybuilding and she likes it when her friend Georgie gets on the floor and kisses her shoes and begs her to step on his face. It's different because they're just friends but I hope this helps!

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Just ask if they want to join your boy band. :It's only for fellow androgonous boys like you and I."

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The best strategy, honestly, is to find out who their male friends are and then make friends with them.

Anything that starts with an introduction by a mutual friend is like 50 times more likely to succeed.

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This some next level strategy.

How do you find their male friends?

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Consider investing into a reliable ready reference you can pick up and study to better prepare yourself for engaging the opposite sex. I'd suggest that you get yourself a copy of Doc Love's "The System: The Dating Dictionary". Doc Love, who until his passing was also known as Tom Hodges, wrote a weekly advice column that's archive is mirrored on several mens focused sites and a podcast. His media is a bit pricey, but it's a solid foundation a guy can branch out from in RP aware circles. I'd suggest you review his advice column to decide if his view on dating and relationships is aligned with what you aspire for yourself. To save yourself a search, give this scribed link a gander to find out if his book is something you'd like to add to your library. It should also be available on libgen.

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You answered your own question. You said they are intimidating, you can't go any further until that feeling goes away.

What intimidates you? Women are simplistic, it's a complete misnomer that they are mystic and complicated. Those words are codespeak for retarded.

Girls like confidence, if you're intimidated they will smell you a mile away.

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That's the fun part, Mark, you don't.

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Let them know who is boss.

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Get a good education, a good job, and muscles and they will line up to fuck you.

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Slap them on the butt and say "Hey baby, let's go have sex at my place!" /s