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...or maybe what really happened is you were involved in a effort to sabotage saidit by flooding the platform with deliberately offensive content that was designed to drive regular users away.

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    Don't be a lying faggot

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    So look at this as an improvement and build on it. Sometimes you have to cut bait and try something else.

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      No one who cared about or supported this platform would post the kind of repulsive and abhorrent content you people did because they would know it could only undermine the platform from within. Therefore only those with nefarious and destructive intent would do that.

      When someone invites you into their house you dont shit on their carpet and expect to remain welcome.

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      repulsive and abhorrent content

      How have I missed this?

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      deliberately offensive content that was designed to drive regular users away.

      There's really no reliable way to tell the differences between content designed to test the limits of free speech and content that is just organic speech. The curating process should happen in the subverses not at the admin level. Don't like the way a mod curates? Don't like a subverses rules? Go to another sub or make your own.

      Any users driven away by 'offensive' content will flood back when the other social media sites they are on start blocking more and more content because of ideology.

      I only want people on saidit that strongly believe in free speech principles.

      The internet is full of corporate and neo liberal safe spaces. We need free speech platforms badly.

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      If you cant see how users with nefarious intent attack platforms that stand for free speech by deliberately posting offensive content then you are just not very smart.

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      I'm a mod of an active subverse. I see these troll users weekly and I'm forced to ban them all the time. My point is that the minute you assign a 'site' admin god like powers to get rid of 'offensive content' you've destroyed the concept of social media free speech. That decision creates a power position that eventually get's filled by a corporate cabal lackey that doesn't just get rid of trolls but also legit dissidents (like myself) because that's why he or she or it was put there in the first place.

      I'm not sure how much time you've spent on reddit but 'getting rid of offensive content that might get our site banned!' was always the excuse used to quarantine and ban legit political content.

      If you can't see that you are just not very smart.

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      I dont care what reddit said. My comment had nothing to do with what reddit does and you just said you ban users so you just destroyed your own argument.

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      I don't ban users from saidit. I kick them out of my subverse for not following subverse rules. Not the same thing. They can create their own subverse and allow anybody or everybody they want. If an admin starts kicking everyone out there's nowhere else to go and don't tell me 'make your own site'. That's not feasible for most people and even when you do it ends up being: 'make your own server' and 'make your own payment processor' and 'make your own internet' and 'make your own bank'.

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      I've learned no matter what you do, how hard you work, how much money you spend, how long you study, how bad you want to improve, create, grow, build or enrich, that someone, usually many people will go out of their way to sabotage, whine, complain, bitch and moan about some aspect of your work.

      You can put it all out, spend days, weeks months sticking your neck out there, sacrificing your own time, money and energy and still cunts like this guy will find a reason to shit on what you've done.

      All I have to say is thanks, /u/Magnora7 for the hard work and for creating a space where we have the glorious privilege of letting bitches bitch. Don't listen to assholes like this. Some of us see how hard you're working and some of us know it's not easy to pull something like this site off. Hats off to you, man.

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      He's most likely a shill trying to persuade people to leave the site. In a white paper on tactics by internet shills there is one tactic rhat involves posting things negative about the site called 'obsolete technique.'

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      Thanks, I appreciate the kind words

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        He is definitely a shill trying to persuade people to leave saidit.

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        /u/TheArmenianGay I think this guy got hacked

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        I checked the IP logs and I didn't see any suspicious activity from Anon. Doesn't mean his account wasn't hacked, but doesn't prove that it was either. u/TheArmenianGay was one of u/lok88's alt accounts.

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        u/TheArmenianGay was one of u/lok88's alt accounts

        I hate those bastards, but they are funny

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        Right? They used to get my feathers rustled, but now it's entertaining. It's like performance art that didn't make sense at first and has slowly caught my eye.

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        Well.. this site is dead. The silly idea that downvotes are a bad thing has prevented users from having the tools needed to adjust what they see. Se we end up with a bunch of gross crap and stupid censorship. The effort to make everyone happy in a centralized manner has predictably resulted in nobody being happy.

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        This was sent by a bot. [Because there are so many comments I need to explain that my comment,"This comment was sent by a bot,,,was intended for the OP.] At least he/it is upvoted by bots. Otherwise, why is the vote equal. Do you guys live in Tel Aviv? Are you still near the petrol pump? You really aren't fooling anyone. If Saidit had downvotes, you guys could control everything here just like on reddit, right? Are you Voat or reddit members? Or are you intel? One of those or you are simply paid=by-the-hour assholes.

        Jason: For once I disagree with you. These guys have evil intent and wish to hurt saidit's reputation to bring it down. They have nothing positive to say and banning them now is the best alternative in my opinion. Call it censorship but since they clearly are bent on spreading malicious, illogical nonsense I believe banning is called for.

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          Downvotes only censor if they are subtracted from the upvotes.

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          But they can be used by shill teams to completely control certain narratives. You would think genuine users would be enough to keep things balanced, but when it comes to defending controversial ideas that require research to understand, well upvotes and downvotes can be used to fool people.

          People also underestimate the level in which shills are organized. This is the CIA we are fighting against... they can beat regular users 1 vs 100 and they aren't fools. I dare say they see most users over here as a joke at best and even if they can't control the site itself, they can subvert the narratives as is to the point that it stops becoming a problem. The downvote option would give them even more power and completely destroy the site.

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          Don't get paranoid. Look at their profile to see that it's a real person. Especially the fact that they're moderating a real sub. His point is valid as well. The solution to the voting system being abused is a weighed voting system, where established members have more voting power. Paired with growing the site, so that there are enough real people to vote things properly.

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            He's only been here a year. SaidIt is at least 3. Is this his only alias?

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            I haven't been around long enough to know what his other aliases are.

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            If they even have any other aliases. That's the only way any of what they've said makes sense.

            I also wondered if you had a magic IP-finder wand.

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            Good point: most of these trolls joined saidit within roughly a year ago. I am not usually one to call for banning but since in this case I am calling/asking that they be IP banned unless they are using VPNs and I suspect they are.

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            I thought henna was calling whistlepig a bot. Calling Anon a bot doesn't make sense either; his recent comments are real ones (just like his earlier ones).

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            Either way, they seem like real users to me.

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            The voting system fails due to psychology. If you see 2 posts one that is upvoted and one is downvoted most people will add upvotes to the upvoted post and downvote the downvoted one even if the upvoted one is completely factual wrong and the downvoted one is completely correct.

            An elite voting system will not change that. People are stupid.

            Also alt accounts and bots will have a lot more power to manipulate votes which will result in more of what i wrote on top ending up with subs that look like circlejerks

            At least this way new users won't be discouraged in posting when they make an innocent comment and get 50 downvotes like on reddit.

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            Thanks for the encouragement [LarrySwinger]. I just do not understand this uprising against the people who created this site. Whether they are bots, shills or people who think and vote like bots matters little to me. People and bots have been infiltrating this site for a long time and their intentions are not good. That country in the ME simply must control or destroy any group that calls them out and this was arranged by them; the rise of Skynet.

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              Down-votes are a censorship tool of the moronic masses who are too stupid and spineless to write a comment. No down-votes is one of the good things about SaidIt.

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              I think you are full of shit. [This was intended for the abominable twins.]

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              You only want downvotes so you can censor opinions you don't like — either that, or you're extremely naïve; Reddit has become a leftist echo chamber because they mass downvote opinions they don't like to keep them off the front-page — and after a certain threshold is met: the poster will be banned and all their posts will be removed.

              Downvotes are censorship.

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              Downvotes only censor if they are subtracted from the upvotes.

              YouTube shows both (but they want to change that on corporate media channels).

              The ratio is important info.

              An interesting new idea: What if you could only vote if you left a comment explaining your vote? Not too practical but food for thought.

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              Point scoring systems in social communication only cause useless dopamine triggers. There's also the side effect that downvotes prevent wrong think, which is occasionally needed to keep a discussion from turning into an echo chamber.

              I personally think the best of both worlds would be to allow a variation of both types on the same site. A place like .win or reddit with standard numerical downvotes and upvotes, but with an additional option that allows a user to opt-out. Other people can continue to vote on that person's comments, yet those numbers would be hidden from everybody, including the user themselves. The website code could still see it and promote it like normal if it's popular without all of the associated gamification.

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              So, why waste your time here?; find a live one. Hurry. All the stupid comments made by you and abominable are upvoted by bots. Which intel outfit do you guys work for? Or maybe you're just hourly. News Flash: you don't need a downvote button because you can actually write a comment stating why you disagree with the commenter. I hope you two obvious trolls are banned.

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              Sure they're curmudgeons, but I wouldn't call them trolls.

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              I would guess they are precisely paid trolls hired to mess with us. They saw that the censorship/banning question is a divisive issue here and are trying to to drive a wedge at that point. They are paid minions of some intel group(s).

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              Half argument, half insults. How about starting at the top of the pyramid of debate?

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              Sometimes the admins try to improve Saidit, and the moment you mention was one of those attempts, to try to craft the website, so that the approaches by the users don't seem to be so one-sided that visotors will show up and immediately thnk that Saidit is full of psycho Qboogaloo MAGAtards, or similar. Most people don't want to be at an Alt-right website, because most people aren't Alt-right. I don't know what /u/magnora7's political interests are, but I know he's not a fan of extremism, or websites that focus too much on one viewpoint. Reddit is famous for its irrelevant teenage lulz and bad moderating. M7 wants to avoid that, seems to me. (And if you wonder why I'm at Saidit if I think he alt-right is full of criminals led by the 1%, it's because this is a relatively civilized place in which to read alt-right disinformation - the stuff censored at other websites - without having to go to extremely annoying .win, ruqqus, Fox, &c. And yes, I appreciate that there are occasional posts that aren't alt-right. I am not sure if the site will ever attract a diverse group.)

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              The beauty is you can post what you want.

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              Even if you had a point you wanted to make before, it's now lost in the fact no one cares because of how you act.

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              AbominableAnon: I like to participate in building a community but for the last few months some people, like you, are getting their jollies by trying to take a good site down. If you're a radical who thinks burning buildings and looting will improve this country, don't be so surprised if you encounter resistance here because you're pretty far from an average saidit user. Not to say that you should be average but you are about three standard deviations from the mean. The same goes for sexual proclivities. If you like three-ways involving ponies, don't get all self-righteous when most people laugh or deride you because less than one percent of any group is interested in that discussion. You have taken M7's post completely out of context and have gotten your panties all twisted, when the best possible alternative for you is to find a place on them innertubes that thinks more or less the way you do, if that is even possible. Nothing you say is in the least constructive so fuck off and good luck but you are not welcome here. The Pyramid of Debate aside, you are a troll of the worst sort.

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              Would adjusting the representation to /all based on number of sub users or number of submitters in the sub help?

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              shillish in here. Classic shill tactics.