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There are too many angry people that see Trump's narcissism as the sign of a true leader. They overlook his seriously misleading and often contradictiory comments as if he never said them. It's quite odd.

I backed Trump's anti-immigration stance and lowering of health care costs. Too bad the only effective thing he really did was to stop Islamist terrorists from being shipped to the US during the early Syrian crisis. Europe has been enjoying the ongoing mini-attacks by these nut cases instead. Stop letting Israel influence world decisions beyond their actual size. Work together, but protect your borders from slow motion invasion.

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A sign of leadership is calling out censorship out online as wrong when everyone else praises it.

A sign of leadership is saying businesses should be able to open up when leftists shit on your freedom of assembly.

A sign of leadership is defunding the corrupt WHO for their anti-science.

But yeah he’s not a leader.

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Trump spoke boldly and accomplished little, except for keeping out Islamists, which I am still very grateful for. His poor handling of the pandemic, saying opposing things to different groups was absolutly odd. It's like he forgot that his words don't stop moving when they leave his mouth.

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2020 proved beyond a reasonable doubt that elections in the USA are RIGGED! Talk of voting in/out this or that person is a sign of delusion, severe ignorance or both. If HR1 passes all the corrupt aspects of this past sham of an election will be enshrined in law. The US is no longer a Democratic Republic. It is an Oligarchy hidden behind a failed two party system that is now a one party system. The US is closer to Communist Russia or China than ever before. RIP USA 1776-2020, welcome to the USSA!

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I'm a Canadian so I don't vote, but I doubt trump will win if he run again for 4 reasons.

1 : We are after the covid crisis. The economy is restarting and will see growth for a few years because of the economic cycle. So Biden will have good publicity (even though economic aren't decided by president, it's what the voters see).

2 : With the restriction on oil, oil price will rise and oild stock will rise just like in the Obama Era. leave it 2 years and the oil voters will vote democrat for higher oil price.

3 : The media will censore Trump just like they censored Andrew Yang and Trump will be an invisible ghost.

4: Biden will probably die and Kamala is not as hated as Hillary clinton. Kamala will get the feminist vote and the media support and will win.

IF and it's a big IF, if Trump create his own social media and have a platform to compete, then maybe. But as of how it is now, it won'T happen.

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Kamala is not as hated as Hillary clinton. Kamala will get the feminist vote and the media support and will win.

Nobody likes Kamala. She's got all the charisma of a damp rag. They destroyed her in the democrat primaries.

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True, but she hasn't deleted emails yet. She's not on the spot light like was Hillary. But maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.

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Still waiting on court cases currently in the system. Will see about 2024, once he's done dealing with 2020-21. Biden is an illegitimate president, and a foreign asset.

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Agreed, the future of voting in the US looks pretty dismal. Pushing for paper ballots only in your state is probably the only path forward.

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Trump definitely shouldn't run. Who should run is Rand Paul. We need to get someone who will actually defund Isreal, remove the Fed, and actually shrink the power of government before the pendulum swings again and goes to the democrats.

Donald Trump should endorse someone. And then maga will be in full force to put America, and American individuals first.

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Work with your state legislators to ensure that the problems in your state are corrected before the next election. Paper ballots, certification of voting machine software, oversight of ballots, registration and validation of voters - every weakness corrected. And realize that the result must be accepted as fair by everyone, not just Trump fans. Realize that means working with and gaining the trust of people who voted for someone else. The process has to be non-partisan to succeed.