Trump won. by christnmusicreleases in politics

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wow I'll maybe find sources to share this image with. Powerful numbers.

USA: Donald Trump plans to drop charges against whistleblower Edward Snowden by Tkayla in whatever

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I can see you are trying to make an argument saying Snowden didn't "do much new".

But regardless, is it not still right for the charges against him to be dropped? He did an honorable thing.

Plz come back, whitey. by TiredJustTired in memes

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How do you know he's not the real Jesus?

Relax by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Holding your tounge to the roof of your mouth is actually correct posture.

What are you doing this long weekend? by la_cues in canada

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Sports is back! I am so very happy about that too.

Necker cube - an optical illusion first published as a rhomboid in 1832 by Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker. A simple wire-frame drawing of a cube without orientation visual cues, so it can be interpreted to have either the lower-left or the upper-right square as its front side. by JasonCarswell in Illusions

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The Necker cube has shed light on the human visual system.[6]The phenomenon has served as evidence of the human brain being a neural network with two distinct equally possible interchangeable stable states.[7] Sidney Bradford, blind from the age of ten months but regaining his sight following an operation at age 52, did not perceive the ambiguity that normal-sighted observers do, but rather perceived only a flat image.[8][2]

How GOTYE Created A Song We Used To Know (10:48) ~ Middle 8 by JasonCarswell in music

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I have recently found a few Gotye songs I'd never heard but like quite a lot: 7 hours with a backseat driver (instrumental), Smoke and mirrors, and Dig your hole (own hole?)

How do I pin a text post in my subsaidit? by deAccount in help

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well idk it's on the post's page, seems ok Canary #15 by magnora7 in SaiditCanary

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I wish someone would make a bot that only double checks the new canary from the previous to highlight the differences.

The point of the canary is that it can't always say "We HAVE had an order from ____ to do ___”, right? It's the absence of some of these sentences that confirm the action?

I am proud to announce Saidit and have formed a decentralized federation, mirroring each other's data in real-time. Announcing the DFF: Decentralized Forum Federation by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Absolutely amazing move, and a noble cause.

For being faithful Saiditors, here's $20 steam codes for the first five comments. by GenesisStryker in KotakuInAction

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Did I get one too? saiddit is best website

Why we need government by zyxzevn in PoliticalHumor

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Looked it up. His stairs were a little unsafe, and inconvenient.

First estimate $65,000 to $150,000!

if you get hungry, you can eat dirt! by [deleted] in news

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I want to talk economics if anyone has knowledge.

Why doesn't the free market solve this problem? Shouldn't a player move in to sell discount food/produce to these people?

Why is there a market where dirt is trucked in and sold at a price to these women, but not one where you truck in cheaper food?

And a different type of question:

Why don't the use the dirt to grow food instead of making the dirt the food?

  • -

Do these people really have 0 access to a market that could sell real food, or seeds? Is there some strict or strange gov't regulation that is preventing a free market to bring food production, jobs, etc to this place?

This is fine... by JasonCarswell in memes

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This isn't just a meme,

this is made using content from KC Green's webcomic Gunshow, one of the greatest works of our generation.

Anon discovers a new source of side income by useless_aether in funny

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Pigeons hate this one weird trick!

Price of oil goes negative for first time in history, price now down to -$3.70 per barrel by magnora7 in WorldNews

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Doesn't this just shows how broken the stock trading system is?

We are all sitting here laughing at getting a free barrel with a few bucks change to boot, when really its showing how the system is fundamentally flawed and not even based in reality! And yet it just keeps chugging along.

Broken economies built on broken foundations.

I want to live in a racially homogenous ethnostate by Hirnsuppe in alternative

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I'm much more in the middle on this spectrum.

I like immigration and diversity, but not the way it's being forced by my current govt. Unchecked immigration like the current state would no doubt hurt population morale, create ghettos, damage the economy and social welfare programs, etc.

Cultural diversity is great. My white food, white music, art, comedy, religions... it needs a little spice from time to time. We should all be learning from each other. Some cultures have great amounts of history and knowledge from thousands and thousands of generations! So much to learn, especially when neo-American/Communist culture control has neutered everything from my past. (The most important history was the last 300 years! People were ALL dumb before then. Ancient Chinese or Native American medicines? Hah! They were just being dumb and hurting each other for thousands of years, duh!)

Like any economic practice, there is a "best number" for immigration levels. (That is, if you are one of those govts that actually cares about your people and national economy). Also, I want to immigrate the highest skilled, most integrate-able people. I would hate if my NHL team just tried to sign a tonne of shitty players that don't speak English. Not because I'm racist, but the team should be making moves to IMPROVE our performance.

Not the colour, but the content, yadda yadda.

"Everybody love everybody!" - Semi-Pro

Rockstar Games Restructuring To Remove “Bad Eggs” From Staff by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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Pretty interesting moves for a company which makes games that include heavy racism and sexism (including, but not limited to: paying a hooker for sex and killing her right after to get your money back)

The Character Count Guide For Blog Posts, Videos And Tweets | Blog by dmcodeaxia in SEO

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Tweets are longer now

All the left think the same by useless_aether in PoliticalCompassMemes

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The Nazis had "flair" they made the Jews wear.

Advice from the world's best trailer park supervisor by Vigte in funny

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Watch out for that virus shitstorm, Randy.

Pope disappears from the simulation on live TV - Where'd he go? :( by Enza in funny

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TV's have this awesome feature now to pause live tv and rewind to capture the perfect snapchats.

If I saw a disappearing pope you KNOW I'm jumping back to capture that shit

Kentucky police record license plates at in-person Easter church service by REDISCOM in news

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While it's regular practice, that doesn't necessarily mean it's not an intrusion.

Fed Is Seizing Control of the Entire U.S. Bond Market by useless_aether in economy

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I have limited knowledge. I think it might have something to do with the recent talk of negative interest rates coming to treasury bills

Here is an article on what it means when govt purchases it's own Treasury bills, bonds, and notes.


So it looks like this maybe?:

Govt buys BACK the bonds (previously purchased by banks), so now the bank has "cash", and now it can lend that cash out to the public (businesses, big business, and individuals) and helps everyone stay afloat in the bad economy times.

Essentially, flood the market with a little cash because everyone is tightening the belt here guys jeez lighten er' up

Electrical plugs that make half of the power strip unusable by JasonCarswell in technology

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Huh, I always thought it was trying to take up more room in order to stop the outlet from getting overloaded.

Like, be a really big plug and no other plugs can hang out with him.

"Bernie Sanders is OUT! Thank you to Elizabeth Warren. If not for her, Bernie would have won almost every state on Super Tuesday! This ended just like the Democrats & the DNC wanted, same as the Crooked Hillary fiasco. The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!" - President Trump by Orangutan in politics

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Haha could you fucking imagine!

Bernie would lose almost all the support of his base if he went Republican. He would for sure have some little right wing support from citizens, but I couldn't even imagine what his platform would look like?

White Feminist Suggests Use of ‘Karen’ Is Slur Against Women, Black Twitter Promptly Corrects Her Assertation by AliceofX in KotakuInAction

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Yesss YESSS argue about words and semantics until nothing has meaning and we all HATE EACH OTHER

Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5 | PlayStation.Blog by DeWhoDeWho in Playstation

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Like the built in mic and haptic feedback.

Not huge on the design, but hey, it matters more of its comfortable.

GameCube > Xbox 360 > PS4 > Xbox 1

a suggestion to saidit that will make saidit much better than reddit. by [deleted] in censorship

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Hmm, idk mixed feelings.

It would at least have to say "COMMENTS MODERATED BY OP" in 36px font when this is happening.

1986 Prank Turns Problematic by Chipit in funny

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Their friggin fault to waste a day's work when it wasn't even human! They got pranked, bro.

British 5G towers are being set on fire because of coronavirus conspiracy theories by AliceofX in Europe

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They were, this isn't the first time I've seen this.

Voat is riddled with this type of toxic behaviour and it’s just becoming more prevalent by oaf in MeanwhileOnVoat

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Also the mute sub feature.

Yell and scream as loud as you want, racists, I can't hear you.

Who to blame by Kode in PoliticalCompassMemes

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This my fave one

Japan now has 2000 cases by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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What the fuck?

I swear I was watching some "live youtube video" of cases 5 days ago, and it had Japan listed as #2 in upcoming cases. Now it has suddenly dropped to something like ~25th. For the dense population and being notable for their old people this doesn't make much sense to me.

2000 / 126 million pop. is a terribly small number.

How is the COVID-19 affecting your website host? by nerf in webhosting

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I had a new client who doesn't want to move forward with his website "until this scare is over". So that's pretty lame (I can do it over the internet, bud)

Do you have a dog? by micole66 in AskSaidIt

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Not yet. Looking to get a good bush dog later this year though.

I don't want one too big or too small, medium size.

WTC 7 Not Destroyed by Fire, Concludes Final University of Alaska Fairbanks Report by zyxzevn in 911truth

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Awesome, glad we're finally settled with that one.

Claps dust off hands

I Only Ate Food That I Grew Or Foraged For One Year by Jesus-Christ in videos

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Backwoods home magazine

Low Tech Magazine

My favourites! Inspiration for my future farm

Negative rates come to the US: 1-month and 3-month Treasury bill yields are now negative by Drewski in economics

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My real knowledge of how this impacts economics is limited, but I'm pretty sure it's on par with an economicapocalypse .

It's ok, govt intervention will put a bandaid on this that will hold for 10 years (?) until the puss and blood seeps through, ruining the sticky part of the bandaid, so it falls off exposing the gangrene.

I'm (hopefully) gonna be driving through Seattle in a month or so. Any recommendations I should hit up? by la_cues in Seattle

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Well, we'll see what the panic is like in a month. Fingers crossed reasonability will win out! (And won't fuck over every small business out there)

Lol, owned by a former Google Employee, Practicer of Torah/Kabbalah shuts down conspiracy site and says he'll subscribe to users on YouTube ; what a Honeypot! He also pushed the SIDE THORNE PsyOp ; ANY other Social Media Alternatives worth mentioning? by Jesus in conspiracy

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I guess what I mean is, what IS it about d3rr?

Is there good evidence or examples of the admins here pushing agendas?

My favorite date of the year by Lowkey2017 in CringeAnarchy

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American Mythology - The Simpsons | Renegade Cut (21:25) by JasonCarswell in VideoEssays

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Amazing! I can show this to my non-political friends because "The Simpsons", like some sort of Instagram filter, makes it easily digestible.

Good hearken to "those in power like to rub their actions in your face", if you believe media like "The Simpsons" is controlled by some sort of ... higher level, conspiring, individuals? (Nah.. couldn't be...)

any tutorials on how to create user flairs with images by [deleted] in help

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On mobile so lazy reply:

Set flair height and width desired image size. Target flairs, make background-image("image")

If that doesn't work maybe:

flairs::before{ content:" "; height:xpx; width:xpx; background-image("image'); }

Or idk. It's been a while. Stealing from other subs is the right idea.

Greta Coronavirus news: Swedish activist in ISOLATION after being infected with Covid-19 by bradlux in news

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Make SURE you put CAPITALS in the TITLE because those are the IMpoRTANT WOrds.

Jim Jones v2.0 by useless_aether in NotTheOnion

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... capitalism, anarchism ...

There was an oil shortage in the 70s, which resulted in this gaming company not being able to include dice in the box. They gave players this instead. by Chipit in Gaming

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Love the part where they they say it costs them more. This is like postmodern product branding well before it's time.

Three years ago 80k people died in the US alone from the common flu by useless_aether in Coronavirus

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These articles never have links to hard data. Anyone have a CDC link to this?

Portrait study, by me, 2019 by sketchingsketchyguy in Art

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Heh no I'm not. I don't like to go to there if I can help it. Do you have a deviantart or flickr or your own website or something?

Portrait study, by me, 2019 by sketchingsketchyguy in Art

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Hey you're really good.

Would you happen to have any drawings of your years of progression? I love seeing the process and honing of craft.

what is one type of candy/desert that you will never give up? by DragonLover in AskSaidIt

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Dare makes these springtime jelly beans in very pretty pastels. The blue ones are a very floral rose flavour (I think). Can't get enough.

Also Jelly Belly mix pack. Most efficient candy for the huge variety, the huge flavour, and I eat them one at a time so they pace themselves nicely. The pear ones are bomb.

My internet has gone down, I need ideas for what to do in the house :/ by Jesus-Christ in AskSaidIt

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Yep get a torrent program on your phone and torrent books. Low data to hours of enjoyment ratio. Get a variety from fiction to language learning.

edit: also for classics and others out of copyright.

Steam Card code Give Away/Saidit exodus by GenesisStryker in KotakuInAction

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I'm just commenting to help saidit... I don't even want steam codes.

Tesla Valve Explained With Fire by magnora7 in videos

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Cool stuff. I love any system with no moving parts!

The Coronavirus Hoax by Drewski in politics

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I don't understand how Paul doesn't get more traction in the states, he is so reasonable.

Working at home by SierraKiloBravo in funny

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Love this one!

Activists Created a 12.5 Million Block Digital Library in 'Minecraft' to Bypass Censorship Laws | Business Insider by DeWhoDeWho in Minecraft

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So, the "12.5 million block" number has no bearing on the actual amount of data/books?

Caught fabricating evidence, convicted Baltimore police officer remains on force 2½ years later by dcjogger in news

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Baltimore seems like such as shitshow

Australian researchers have found a CURE for coronavirus by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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Its sometimes like this I wish there was a negative type of vote.

The TRUTH about chainmail (mail) by Jesus-Christ in HistoryVideos

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Good thoughts.

Time to go back in time and make fun of the weird kids in my high-school metals class for making the worst type of mail.

I Don't Often Complain About Reddit by beermeem in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The site is so non-optimized now, I believe they are trying to see how much they can push the bloat and have their user base stick around.

CeramicSpeed Driven chainless drivetrain is 99% efficient by la_cues in videos

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DilbertMuc, Youtube comment:

This is only a showroom prototype. From the engineering standpoint I can see some severe problems: 1.) There is only 1 point of contact at any time with the small bearings to 1 tooth. 1 tiny bearing has to transfer up to 1000 Watts peak performance from a strong sprinter/MTB guy which leads to short lifetime of the bearings and tooth material. The problem is not the Ceramic ball inside the bearing, but the steel bearing outercase and the steel tooth of the discs that have to transfer all power within a 1mm² contact area. 2.) Is the carbon shaft torsion resistant to a strong sprinter? How long does it last? 3.) The power transfer to the disk again is done with 1-2 tiny bearings on a huge disk. The further away from the center the more lever there is which means the light disc will bend inwards unless it is made from very solid aluminum (too soft), titanium (expensive) or steel (heavy). 4.) To best save weight the 2 discs would have to be made from aluminum, which wears down quickly due to 1 point contact with 1 tiny bearing. A regular chain can spread the load on many aluminum/steel teeth to avoid that problem. 5.) I'd like to see the shifting between gears, as there is no smooth chain overlap among cogs but a sudden step between the gears. The slightest misalignment (tooth on tooth) would lead to catastrophic failure of the gearing. That's why he is talking about 5 channels and computer controlled movement in those channels. The disc needs to be high precision manufactured (CNC machined just like the SRAM Eagle) and therefore very (!) expensive. 6.) Unprotected ball bearings are a maintenance nightmare in the open environment. Even sealed bearings will accumulate dirt over time, just ask any inline speedskater. Dirty bearings drastically reduce performance. 7.) Bearings in this system are waste material due to heavy abrasion as a single point of contact of power transfer. The tiny outer steel case will be gone pretty soon when 300-1000 Watt peak performance is applied by the athlete. So the most expensive parts, the bearings, are to be replaced quite often whereas on a conventional system the cheap chain is being replaced regularly. Do I see a flaw of logic in here? 8.) Similar to Carbon Belt Drive bikes, where the frame has to be super-stiff in the back for precision alignment, this CeramicSpeed system needs very precise alignment and a very stiff back triangle. I can imagine a very harsh and unforgiving ride. And due to its very high cost it's for pro-riders only who get it sponsored. However these pro-riders generate abnormal peak-performance and thus need a super-super-stiff back triangle. But that contradicts a comfortable ride to allow for a longer ride performance. The only good application would be indoors on a track. But those guys generate up to 1500 Watts peak-performance and would quickly destroy that system. So far it is only a design prototype and no working real-life product. We'll see. If it's made from adamantium then all will be fine. And its true purpose might be attention grabbing for CeramicSpeed and that worked out beautifully. It's all over the internet now. :)

Sick Bern by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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Woo! Living and loving in the non-industrialized nation of Canaderp.

The World's Richest Have Lost Almost $1 Trillion In Covid-19 Wealth Wipeout by magnora7 in WorldNews

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The 1% probably got really smart investments in stocks/companies that do AMAZING during crisis.

They are like this all the time

What does everyone think lies in the future of Reddit? by legendgamer320 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I put it that way because it is my opinion, about nearly every politician that gains traction in the US or CDA.

I don't feel Trump has a legitimate care for the population or to keep the sanctity of freedoms or democracy. He, and every other person vying for the House, is looking out for their own wallets and their own cronies more than anything else.

What does everyone think lies in the future of Reddit? by legendgamer320 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'm not trying to counter your argument. I'm saying it IS happening, from the leftist side AS well as otherwise. Too many of the people I see bowing to Trump can't see their forest for the trees.

Introduction of the new (1992) Jeep Grand Cherokee by ikidd in Jeep

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they don't make em' (or do it) like they used to

jeep sucks so bad after 2000, and are so unreliable now... and butt ugly!

What does everyone think lies in the future of Reddit? by legendgamer320 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Control is a hard-fought commodity. Don't think that the shouting won't be as loud from the other side too. (It just lives on different sites, 4chan and voat come to mind)

Trump is a tool used by forces greater than himself, just as dems vying for office are the same. There are probably more than just two forces looking to control the population's resources, but it seems to me there are two major players in the west right now.

I am of the opinion that there there more critical, freethinking people who would support Trump than there are critical, freethinking people who would support the left, however. Maybe it's because the veil has been lifted so hard over the globalist/socialist agenda that it's just so obvious. However, it stops with the fact that there is no third option in the states.

I guess I'm just saying the media, internet, and public forum is controlled by everyone looking to get "their guy in office".

John Digweed · Nick Muir - Gridlock by muellermeierschulz in music

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Steppenwolf - The Pusher by la_cues in music

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You know I smoked a lot of grass.

Oh Lord! I popped a lot of pills.

But I've never touched nothin'

That my spirit couldn't kill.

You know I've seen a lot of people walking 'round

With tombstones in their eyes.

But the pusher don't care

If you live -- or if you die.

God Damn! The pusher.

God Damn! The pusher.

I said God Damn! God damn the pusher man.

You know the dealer, the dealer is a man

With a lump of grass in his hand.

But the pusher is a monster

Not a natural man.

The dealer for a nickel

Goin to sell you lots of sweet dreams.

Ah...but the pusher will ruin your body;

Lord he'll leave your mind to scream.

God Damn! The pusher.

God Damn! God damn the pusher.

I said God Damn! God damn the pusher man.

Well now if I were the president of this land

You know I'd declare total war on the pusher man.

I'd cut him if he stands, and I'd shoot him if he run,

And I'd kill him with my bible, and my razor and my gun....

GOD DAMN! The pusher God damn the pusher.

I said God damn! God damn the pusher man!

BREAKING: Ontario schools to close for two weeks due to coronavirus by la_cues in canada

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also the styling in this sub is totally broken and pretty ugly (sorry)