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just stop drinking it's easy but takes willpower

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it is funny that you bring that up, because i have very little appetite for alcohol.. i am within walking distance of a fairly nice restaurant/bar that has live music several days of the week and i have actually been into this establishment less than half of a dozen times in the last two years.

when i do go in to this bar, my choice of drinks is always a bottle of corona with lime and salt, and i usually only drink one bottle of beer and sometimes dont even finish the first bottle.

i used to drink pretty heavy when i was much younger and would go out drinking, but in my early thirties i simply lost my appetite for alcohol.

i do still enjoy smoking that evil weed.. lately i like to buy the delta8 stuff up at my local smoke shop.. they have blunts for ten bucks.. no muss no fuss.

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why go to 12 steps then

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it is funny that you should ask that..

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Can you elaborate on those who are in the meetings, having never had any alcohol? How do they get there, initially? Do they say "I'm an alcoholic"? Do they get boo'ed and hissed by the real drunks?

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Can you elaborate on those who are in the meetings, having never had any alcohol?

i was saying in the audio where i asked people how this guy(the one that got arrested for selling magic mushrooms to the cops) i asked others how it is that he is an alcoholic.. considering that he has never even tasted alcohol... and they get pissed at me for asking this... they say "edward! maybe the book can help him!" and i am like how can the big book of alcoholics anonymous help a man that got busted selling magic mushrooms to the cops? for some reason, they think that the big book can help any person with any problem..

for real.

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not clickin it but yeah stop shit postin

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Lets ban him

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it is so odd to see such hatred from a muslim.

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Thats actually weird

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yes, i agree, it is weird.. the young man came to alcholics anonymous as a result of a court referral due to his getting arrested for attempting to sell magic mushroom to a police officer.

he has never tasted alcohol, yet somehow he came to figure out that he is actually an alcoholic by reading the big book of alcoholics anonymous.

others in the group that i had asked about this insisted that maybe the big book can help him.

the general mood in AA is that the big book can solve any problem that you have in your life.

no, the big book is designed with one primary purpose and that is to quit drinking and then to assist someone else to quit.

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That was probably u/jet199

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please notice that i anonymized her picture..

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Too late

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i am studying intelligence.