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/u/d3rr (esp. the new mod arrangements, which seem to be working)

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So you like to cozy up to frond-end guys.

Sad person you are.

Any real wisdom is hidden, you numb socketpuppet. Either behind experience (which /u/d3rr surely has) or just because people that could give it you just don't like you.

To be shared knowledge is. Given not.

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I really tried. But you are an idiot.

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Why would you say that? What have I done to you?

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I agree. Without him, we wouldn't be having this conversation. A perfect example of not being very visible, but being very influential.

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Sorry, new so enlighten? Have to.say though the Mods are impressive, human, and helpful.

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Thanks. Useful & worrying. Remember the Mod email saying, I'd been reported, for leaving a link, with my comment. But whilst he disagreed with the article, it didn't break any rules, so he'd approved it. In general I make comments, to find out something i don't know, or been asked. Usually any posts are made in good faith. Doesn't mean an accidental error couldn't happen.

Incidentally does Mother Jones back the people, or the status quo? Reason I ask is got email, demanding people sign petition regarding Chief justice Roberts. Whilst 1 who criticized said "libby" another also rejected it - his history says 2 parties = 1 agenda. So have to take him more seriously. Left him comment, to elicit info. That kind of "error" if it turns out to be so, yes does worry me.

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Thank you. I am sorry - I don't know the answer to the question.

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When I am enjoying a quality link, something like 7/13 times it's /u/Drewski

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/u/d3rr and /u/zyxzevn still have perfect scores in my book thus far and earn my highest respect, followed closely by another dozen or so, give or take, that are flawless too but I don't know well enough, followed by another couple dozen whom I also hold in very high esteem and may even disagree with on some things. I'm probably forgetting some.

Though, I don't know if you can consider that "influence", nor have I any way to measure influence, much less positive or negative influence. A person may be popular with like-minded people with the same viewpoints without being influential. Some on here influence us to despise them, does that count?

I suspect this was not meant to be a popularity contest, or anything negative, but it seems like idle community chat of little consequence. If you're interested in some constructive discussion ideas to help this site and maybe build community spirit I'd be happy to pitch some by you to lead in wider discussions.

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thanks man. alas my record here isn't perfect, but I am trying. there is a good crowd here.

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I rounded up. 99.97% is still pretty good. I think you'll survive.

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I always appreciate /u/HibikiBlack 's posts and comments.

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i must be chopped liver, lol.. you could recognize that it was me that redirected this conversation in a more positive direction, tho i definitely do recognize that zapped has a much smoother delivery than do i.

and here is a shortcoming... it is actually possible to take things a couple of levels deeper than what we have now.

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Without your suggestion, I probably would have tried to fix an unfixable post instead of this re-do.

What do you mean by going deeper?

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you originally asked something about "who stirs the pot the most"?

i suggested that it might be better to ask "who has made profound suggestions to make things better"? (or something like that)

by going deeper, i am suggesting that if a group were to operate in a "think tank" manner, they would constantly be refining their goals and purposes, instead of just having everyone running around in random directions.

the purpose of leadership is to direct or lead the group, NOT TO BAN THEM, etc.

but i do recognize that the actual purpose of these forums is to create a clusterfuck of confusion by allowing random and anonymous persons to just run around all willy-nilly posting random articles and shouting insults at each other.

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i suggested that it might be better to ask "who has made profound suggestions to make things better"? (or something like that)

Has anyone besides me done this?

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Can't people "go deeper" in groups while still having a free and open arena for ideas to be tossed around and other viewpoints to be heard?