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Thanks for the update. Could I help moderate s/conspiracy? I've been the most active user there for years. I promise to be a lot more serious from now on and only remove the blatant spam of the sub.

Edit: Here is one spam post I found:

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Yes, let's do something about that sub. It's clearly contentious though, so let's add like 5 or 10 users as mods there.

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IMO, you're one of the "good ones." I forget if I did, but if I didn't invite you to co-mod any of my subs that I've offloaded, I should have. You may ask me about the subs I still have or the new mods of my former subs, with my blessing, for whatever that's worth.

Listed on the right of this multisub:

The same goes for other "good ones" (you should know who you are) who may be interested in co-moderating subs to help carry the weight with d3rr.

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100% chance you'll flip and start abusing your power. I'd bet every dollar I make for the rest of my life. Anyone who asks for power can't be trusted with it.

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I'll bet you 15,000 shib he doesn't abuse his power in a span of 3 months.

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Can I change my bet to 1 million Stanley nickels?

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I had a wooden dime from Newfoundland, but I lost it.

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I don't think he will but I think his Jesuit theorist sources will that all happen to be Freemasons and Zionist Jews. They'll eventaully get here.

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I didn't know about that when I wrote this. I might have been out a ten cent bet.

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He hasn't abused his power in over 3 years. I don't expect him ever to start.

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Banned me.

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d3rr banned you?

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No, of course not, /u/hibikiBlack banned me from his sub.


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I apologize, at some point I mis-back-traced the thread and got confused somehow.

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Banned me from his /u/Jesuits sub and uses the anti-Semite canard. In fact, he said outright:

I have exterminated any Catholic influence. Bye.

So, obviously, he has a history of abusing his power and his own sub has idiotic ambiguous rules. Can't post anything Catholic about Catholic Jesuits in a Jesuit sub.

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    This is low pyramid, especially around these parts. Please provide an argument first.

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    There’s been back and forth arguments within his previous posts.

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    What are you guys going to say next? that all Venezuelans are crypto Jews?... Could this comment of chon be considered spam? -.-

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    No. You're just begging for power like the typical jannie. Makes you look weak. Makes anyone who agrees with you look like an idiot.

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    Strawman. But chon does post low tier ad hominems.

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    Cheers to all the mods fighting shills and spamsters!they are the enemy of free speech and I really hope they learn something while trying to destroy this site.

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    Could accounts posting, but never having commented before just be verified by asking a simple question in thread and waiting for human response to confirm?

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    One comment isn't going to do it, unless the posts are of exceptionally high reception here. Most automated posts just sit there with no engagement which means they are not wanted on saidit. This isn't purely about human vs. bot.

    If someone absolutely must automated post, they need to do it in their own sub, like /s/biotrendy or /s/greekmusic.

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    Dope, thanks d3rr. Have to say just browsing /all the last few days the site seems a lot cleaner. This seems like the right way to go.

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    I rarely go into subs, as opposed to browsing s/all and s/all/comments. So I'll just send links to spam.

    Are those new accounts that post links to random businesses in India considered spam?

    That prescription drugs with no prescription guy seems to have been caught pretty quickly lately. The new page was always full of those a few months ago.

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    ^ ^ ^ is this guy banned? /u/d3rr he literally spammed hundreds of posts.

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    he's banned. im writing a tool to remove his posts and comments now.

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      If you are as smart as you say with the solutions as you say, then if you present them to us, we would be fools not to adopt them for our new forums. If you are serious about this then lets put the jokes aside for a bit and get down the the fundamentals.

      Draft it up and post it in /s/Cassy and/or /s/PhoenixForum and you can respond to our feedback and constructive criticism, and clarify for us where necessary.

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        nah bruh, i am not your hamster... i am not here to juggle kittens for you.. i dont draft up nothing for you cuz you tell me to.. i made a suggestion and everybody argued with me.. so fuck it..

        Then you're a snowflake all full of talk and bullshit. An agitator making noise instead of resisting tyranny. Do or do not, there is no time for talk.

        truth is, when i used to work as a programmer, they used to tell me that i write code at the phd level, even tho i have a formal education that goes way the fk up to the eighth grade.

        Bragging is cheap. I used to be impressive once too. I lost all that (long story) but I've healed and am crawling out of that crater to be impressive in a whole new way. In Hollywood you're only as good as your last movie. It's not much different everywhere else. Shit or get off the pot.

        i can offer suggestions, but you aint paying enough for me to go draft up something for you.

        No one is paying you to troll SaidIt either. Unless they are...?

        you would give me a boot in the teeth and little more.

        Based on your fantasies of bullshit speculation. You don't know me at all. If you've looked at our /s/Cassy project you'll see that I've been careful to give credit where credit is due. It's never been about me, even if I seem to be among the most motivated to actually DO SOMETHING.

        That project has had fits and starts but it is getting off the ground and very soon will be fully operational, decentralized, and on the Internet, TOR, and other platforms eventually. And we've got some plans for filtering STABs too.

        If you have solutions, bring them. If you don't then you're a timesuck and loser beggar mooching off whatever attention anyone here throws you. Try contributing something worth while. Impress me enough to like you despite your bad attitude. Otherwise, feel free to do something terribly dangerous.

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        Spammers have my pity. DDOSing spammers have my ire.

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        I get some propaganda pushers (Shills) in my subs.
        Maybe we should move all subs to restricted?
        So the posterss need to be approved, or their posts need to be approved before they show up.

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        Maybe we should move all subs to restricted?

        Channeling my inner m7, that would be restricting debate and is only allowable for subs that remove themselves from /s/all

        Im violating all of that bigger than shit here, but its for "national security". Maybe I will unrestrict here in the future.

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          posting off topic posts is a sub-bannable offense, beware

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          I'm unfamiliar with the modqueue (looks like a neat tool!) that ONLY lists what's reported, but another way to scan for unreported problems in groups of subs together is to build a custom multisub.

          This wiki page starts with all the information you'll need to set up your own multisub(s).

          You may ignore the very incomplete and very outdated lists below. I was trying to categorize all the SaidIt subs a couple years ago, but dropped that project before it was finished.

          If you look at /u/JasonCarswell you'll see at the right, below the subs I mod, that I have a lot of multisubs hastily categorizing most SaidIt subs, but certainly not all of them. Anyone can copy these to their own profile to customize them for yourselves.

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            He had to pay D3 $100 $40 in btc to get unbanned.

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            Un-banning costs $40 in BTC. I'm calling it Ruqqus Coins™.

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            I was unfairly banned, twice, and was restored, twice.

            Truth wins over liars on SaidIt.

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            Please check our the account u /diogenesjunior3 !!!

            It's full spam!

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            Does the "spam" feature learn? If I report many of the same website, or user, does it auto pick up on these things for later posts?

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            Great question. I'm not sure. They act like it can learn in the code, but they might have removed the part that actually does so.

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            So glad you're still alive!

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            So glad you're still alive!

            How about magnora7? I hope he's in good health too.

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            Why hasn't diogenesjunior3 been banned and all his posts removed?

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            He is banned but the content removal is harder. Reddit decided to not open source any of their admin tools, so all we have here is what we've built, not that much. Improvements are in progress.

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            Okay. If you make me a mod of /s/programming then I will remove his posts from there.

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              A lot of us, including myself, specifically asked for this. We don't want to be site wide mods, we just want to help with spam.