Defenders of vegan bacon sue Mississippi over labeling law by atrust in whatever

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they are making hamburgers now that are created using processed whale sperms.

it tastes just like real hamburger.

Norwegian man dead hangs for 16 minutes to break world record by Maria137888 in news

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i soaked my balls in battery acid for two hours, is that a world record?

Does it feel like we live in a fucking alternate universe? by Sooga in censorship

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when i was a kid, my family would sit at our dinner table and we would casually discuss various topics...

for the most part, our father dominated the conversation, he was the moderator of our dinnertime conversations.

conversations in our current social media is like having two hundred people sit at our dinner table that is designed for six people, and everybody has different opinions..

if you say something the moderators dont like, they either kill you or put duct tape over your mouth by banning or shadow banning someone.

and nobody in these forums really gives a crap about anybody here.

lets start a new prayer study group, right here at saidit. by PastorJohnny in politics

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fyi, i was just trolling and joking about the prayer group..

whenever i see your name of zyxzevn, i think about 6ix9ine... he is a funny rapper... first, he is a bit of a girly boy... he is not a tough guy... he was hanging out with some black gangsters and they helped him with his rapper career.. and then he got arrested for some bullshit... and he snitched on all them niggers.. oh my gawd.. he sent a couple of them nigga gangsters to prison.. no kidding..

video: 6ix9nine ZAZA

Cernos gel by lisabonji in comedy

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Can i rub that crap on my nutsack? cuz those dammed things have been itching like an mf.

please respond quick.

somebody suggested that this problem could be due to the fact that i have not washed myself in almost two weeks... i was gonna take a shower, but i hate to waste the water... in islam, they dont like us to waste water..

i am gonna just use some ben gay on my sack..

could i get a complimentary tube of that stuff? first time customer, i am.

Enochian Calls 1 - 11 in Enochian (Enoch129 by ~GOD~) by PastorJohnny in politics

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OMG, i almost forgot to warn you that if you listen to that video, it sorta invites ten thousand demons into your head.

i am ok.