Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 Years of Practicing Medicine, ‘I’ve Never Witnessed So Many Vaccine-Related Injuries’ by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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her experience with patients harmed by the vaccine “does not comport with claims made by federal health authorities regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.”

In the letter, Lee described observing “entirely healthy individuals suffering serious, often fatal, injuries,” including transverse myelitis, resulting in quadriplegia, pneumocystis pneumonia, multi-system organ failure, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, postpartum hemorrhagic shock and septic shock.

Lee, a practicing physician for more than 20 years, said she “never witnessed so many vaccine-related injuries until this year.”


Dr Lee concludes:

“I can no longer silently accept the serious harm being caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. It is my sincere hope that the reaction to this letter will not be to focus on me, but rather to focus on addressing the serious safety issues with these products that, without doubt, you have either missed or are choosing to ignore.”

I cast my vote for "choosing to ignore."

Alarming levels of Glyphosate were found in popular American foods. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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avoid domestic and canadian conventional oats and lentils like the plague.

I'll have to look at the list when i have my google telephone handy, as google drive asks me to sign in (not going to happen on my pc).

Shadow Government: Databanks Expose Global Evil and Corruption Says French Billionaire by zyxzevn in DeepState

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thanks zyxzev! maybe OneDrive or maybe sdf. There are other sites to upload pdf for a link.

COVID-19 VACCINE AND FETAL CELL LINES by trident765 in VaccineSkepticism

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The lozier link was inaccurate (thank the universe we have these whistleblowers or angels). We can add Pfizer mod mRNA vax as being directly derived from research with HEK 293.

And the details of the history of the HEK 293 cell culture is gruesome and wrong indeed:

Shadow Government: Databanks Expose Global Evil and Corruption Says French Billionaire by zyxzevn in DeepState

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is there a way to get or view the .pdf for those who don't have telegram?

Study suggests researching Plasminogen Activators to mitigate Thrombotic potential of the new SARS (or its Spike protein derived vaccines) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Study also suggests Vitamin D to help in this regard, as it attenuates ICAM1 surface/membrane glycoproteins---which often trigger hyper inflammatory response, especially when there is a simultaneous coinfection with rhinovirus (typical common cold).

A Twenty‐case Study of Herbal treatment of SARS2 Infection with Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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The small study show promising potential of a herbal extract which is also potent against a variety of other pathogens.

Constituents and pharmacology

The whole plant is toxic in moderate doses as it contains a range of isoquinoline alkaloids; use in herbal medicine requires the correct dose. The main alkaloid present in the herb and root is coptisine. Other alkaloids present include methyl 2'-(7,8-dihydrosanguinarine-8-yl)acetate, allocryptopine, stylopine, protopine, norchelidonine, berberine, chelidonine, sanguinarine, chelerythrine, and 8-hydroxydihydrosanguinarine.

Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? (Even for 65+ there are 5x more deaths due to the Experimental injections than from&with Covid) by zyxzevn in VaccineSkepticism

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In the author's conclusion (section 5):

As stated before, CDC showed that 94 % of the reported deaths had multiple comorbidities, thereby reducing the CDC's numbers attributed strictly to COVID-19 to about 35,000 for all age groups. Given the number of high false positives from the high amplification cycle PCR tests, and the willingness of healthcare professionals to attribute death to COVID-19 in the absence of tests or sometimes even with negative PCR tests, this 35,000 number is probably highly inflated as well.


Additionally, VAERS historically has under-reported adverse events by about two orders-of-magnitude, so COVID-19 inoculation deaths in the short-term could be in the hundreds of thousands for the USA for the period mid-December 2020 to the end of May 2021, potentially swamping the real COVID-19 deaths.

47% Excess Deaths among Teens in England+Wales coincides with Jabbing Teens with trial Vaccines by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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“This communication… challenges the assumption that high universal vaccination rates will lead to herd immunity and prevent COVID-19 outbreaks… In the outbreak described here, 96.2% of the exposed population was vaccinated. Infection advanced rapidly (many cases became symptomatic within 2 days of exposure), and viral load was high.”


Notable in this case is what seems to be a record breaking viral load from this study's patient zero, which very much contrasts the generally mild viral loads among the few cases of vaccinated infections:

A vaccinated dialysis patient was admitted to Meir Medical Center - a large Israeli hospital near Tel Aviv - with fever and cough. He remained on the dialysis unit for days, as his condition worsened. (One of many problems with overselling the vaccines is that it led to mistakes like this.)

By the time he was diagnosed with Covid-19, he had infected three fellow patients. He also had a PCR threshold of 13.6 - almost impossibly low, showing viral loads roughly 1 million times those in a lightly infected person. He was moved to a Covid-19 ward, where he eventually died [....]

Ultimately, 39 out of the 238 exposed vaccinated people (16 percent) were infected, along with 3 out of 10 unvaccinated people - a difference that doesn’t reach statistical significance because the unvaccinated group is too small.

Of the infected, 23 were patients and 19 staff. The staff all recovered quickly. But five patients died and another nine had severe or critical cases. All were vaccinated. The two unvaccinated infected patients both had mild cases.

Willie Garson: "Sex and the City" actor calls non-vaxxed people "ignorant morons," dead five months after potential Pfizer mRNA-induced cancer - The COVID Blog by dissidentrhetoric in Coronavirus

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Dr. Cole cited a study by Dutch researchers that found the mRNA injections suppress the immune response of Toll Like Receptor 4 (TLR4). This protein-coding gene is responsible for fighting off numerous cancers, according to Dr. Cole. Thus quiescent (dormant) cancers activate and spread more easily in vaxxed people.

Link to LONG Daszak Ecohealth Alliance Document (75 pages) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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great stuff from Alex Berenson's substack blog as well. Be sure to check his updates.

somebody linked this Tome on Alternate Redshift theories by infocom6502 in Physics

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This is an epic compilation! --- linked via John Hunter

The grave risk of lab-created potentially pandemic pathogens by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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link via u\youth in asia.

please note comment by David Griffiths:

[...] over in Cloud Cuckoo Land they see things differently[:]

Professor Fouchier has estimated that a lab-acquired infection would occur in his lab in Rotterdam less than once every 1 million years. He also estimated that transmission into the community would occur less than once every 33 billion years.

Professor Fouchier’s estimates are the opposite of reassuring. They’re alarming. They indicate a high level of hubris. That an infection in the community from his lab might occur less than once in every 33 billion years cannot be realistic.

Event 201 by Popper in conspiracy

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Earlier that year, a much longer simulation was conducted, and ended up coinciding with Event 201/(aka Event 21):

Between January and August 2019, Trump's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), headed by Alex Azar, runs a simulation—code-named "Crimson Contagion". In this "Functional Exercise", participated the National Security Council, United States Department of Health and Human Services, United States Department of Agriculture, United States Department of Commerce, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, United States Department of Interior, United States Department of Justice, United States Department of Labor, United States Department of State, United States Department of Transportation, United States Department of Treasury, between others State and Local organizations, public and private.

During the simulation, several tourists fall ill with a "respiratory virus [that] began in China . . . [and] quickly spread around the world by air travelers . . . [with] high fevers." The virus spreads quickly throughout the world with the first detection in the United States occurring in Chicago (the host city for the exercise). The simulated virus was dubbed "H7N9 Influenza". Conduct of Crimson Contagion begins at a point 47 days after the first case is discovered in the United States. According to the results of the coordinating draft report, dated October 2019, the Crimson Contagion simulation registers 110 million infected Americans, 7.7 million hospitalizations, and 586,000 fatalities.

It's been rumored that this new SARS2 is indeed a Plandemic known as early as at least 2018.

Food For Thought... Is there a Sabotage of the Food Supply? by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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someone is paying English farmers to destroy their crops too,

COVID-19 VACCINE AND FETAL CELL LINES by trident765 in VaccineSkepticism

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Interesting, this would give legitimate grounds for religious exemptions for the adenoviral based S-protein vaccines. Also note that the broad spectrum inactive whole virus vaccines (both, Indian and Chinese) used monkey derived cells rather than human fetus, and that the modified messenger RNA based ones supposedly bypassed the need for cell lines in their development, by being wholly computer generated:

AZ -- HEK293 cells

Janssen -- PER.C6 cells (historic human embryonic)

CNN: Doctor argues for more research into effects of Covid-19 vaccines on menstruation by trident765 in VaccineSkepticism

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I think it could be far more than just the hormonal / signaling effects from an immune reaction. Here for example are what look like some serious and very concerning vaccine effects on the blood:

A microscopic tour of blood affected by S-protein based vaccines

It is a somewhat lengthy tour, so I recommend playing it near 2x playback speed.

SARS-CoV-2 Shenanigans - A Walkthrough Analysis by raven9 in Coronavirus

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the bacteriophage T4 fibritin foldon trimerization sequence is [....] GYIPEAPRDGQAYVRKDGEWVLLSTFLG

As far as the T4 fibritin foldon trimerization sequence, it seems now that MERS, HIV, and the Seattle modification of SARS2 all share this sequence with the T4 bacteriophage. Would be pretty mindblowing unless these were modified versions of the MERS, SARS2, and HIV.

HIV-1 -----gyipeap rdgqayvrkd gewvllstfl gssgneqel.......

SARS2 ggggsgyipeap rdgqayvrkd gewvllstfl ghhhhhhhh

MERS. ggggsgyipeap rdgqayvrkd gewvllstfl ghhhhhhhh

SARS-CoV-2 Shenanigans - A Walkthrough Analysis by raven9 in Coronavirus

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Thanks, I'll definitely look at it again soon.

I've suspected MERS as artificial for a long time and this looks like it's adding fuel to the fire:

other results of the blast search and found that identical sequence from gp41 was also in the spike protein from MERS!

Kovid Clowns by infocom6502 in propaganda

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SARS-CoV-2 Shenanigans - A Walkthrough Analysis by raven9 in Coronavirus

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bacteriophage T4 fibritin foldon trimerization sequence

So I'm still trying to figure this out, but one preliminary thought is that this S-protein might be a modified version, which forces the desired conformation of the spike (either 'open' or 'closed') to be used in vaccines.

(The original Spike might change conformation somewhat uncontrollably, so might not be best suited for S-protein based vaccine. )

Visualization of the S-Protein for the new SARS by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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This is a more detailed paper of the Spike folding dynamics and conformations and glycans interaction.

The resurgence of Agent Orange in the food supply. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The current wiki page on this is not too bad. It seems that farmers that have been using glyphosate heavily are seeing worse and worse results as weeds become more roundup tolerant. Enter 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (it's been somewhat heavily used since 2013).

Mechanism of action is that it mimics a plant growth hormone. Definitely not healthy in larger doses, though short term acute toxity levels require quite a bit of this. At more trace doses, I'm not sure if there is a cancer link or how much; vague classification is that it's a possible carcinogen, though not sure what doses this would need. Personally, glyphate sounds far worse to me.

Men who work with 2,4-D are at risk for abnormally shaped sperm and thus fertility problems; the risk depends on the amount and duration of exposure and other personal factors.

Cancer risk

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies 2,4-D as a possible carcinogen to humans while the United States Environmental Protection Agency does not. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), said 2,4-D was classified as "possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on inadequate evidence in humans and limited evidence in experimental animals".

In June 2015 the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer confirmed its 1987 classification of 2,4-D as a possible carcinogen.

Israel’s COVID-19 surge shows the world what’s coming next by JasonCarswell in VaccineSkepticism

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should we take penacilin now?

SARS-CoV-2 Shenanigans - A Walkthrough Analysis by raven9 in Coronavirus

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Thanks Raven.

All I can do is scratch my head at this point and hope some of this absorbs.


I did bing that difference (end portion of the 'Seattle' 6VXX_A Spike) and curiously the search engine points to a patent that has a vaguely similar sequence in it:

"The codons of CHA5 were optimized for expression by using human codons. As shown in Table 1, the original viral protease cleavage site PQRERRRKKRG (SEQ ID NO: 1) was mutated to PQRERG (SEQ ID NO: 2) in order to prevent proteins from the enzymatic cleavage to form HA1 and HA2. The transmembrane region (residues: 533-555) was replaced with the additional residues"


"at the C terminus of the HA construct, where the thrombin cleavage site is in italics, the bacteriophage T4 fibritin foldon trimerization sequence is underlined" (GYIPEAPRDGQAYVRKDGEWVLLSTFLG), "and the His-tag is in bold (Stevens J, et al. (2006) Science 312:404-410)".

Thus is seems that the Seattle _A sequence has added the "bacteriophage T4 fibritin foldon trimerization sequence".

In summary, it seems that both the start and the tail of the Seattle strain has mystery additions, which is a total mystery to me at this point.

Vitamin K play a critical role in preventing COVID-19 disease severity especially involving lung damage and clotting disorders by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Vitamin k complexes are advised as a synergistic supplement with larger booster doses of vitamin D, as they reduce the potential for hypercalcemia side-effects. In addition it is now known that its importance goes much beyond this.

Vitamin K-dependent matrix Gla protein (MGP) has been extensively studied as an inhibitor of vascular mineralization; however, its role in the pulmonary compartment seems to be comparable. Besides preventing soft tissue calcification, MGP also protects against elastic fibre degradation. Furthermore, sane doses of vitamin K complexes seem quite safe for most people, "vitamin K does not have any known unfavourable effects in those who do not use VKA (Vitamin K antagonists)".

(1). There is a credible mechanism by which the K complexes improve lung conditions in SARS2 infections:

Affinity of elastic fibres for Ca is high. Critically, elastic fibre calcification and proteolytic degradation processes are closely related.

(2). The authors claim some data is suggestive of K deficiency being associated with bad or severe outcomes

Conditions associated with chronic elastic fibre pathology, including diabetes, hypertension and CVD, are also related to worse prognosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Recent data demonstrated that Covid-19 patients with poor outcomes had increased thoracic aortic and coronary artery calcification on computed tomography scan, though these analyses lost significance after correction for age and sex. Nevertheless, pre-existing elastic fibre damage predisposes to enhanced proteolytic degradation during inflammation, potentially explaining the increased severity of Covid-19 in those populations.

Their data at this point is lacking for a conclusive answer, but the authors call for a further investigation. They did receive funding from industry.

My take on this is that K is a pretty good idea on any doses much larger than 5000 IU (for adults). So 5000IU with a decent sized meal without K seems fine for most. Could be different for those really low on this nutrient.

Members of the K family are found in greens, as well as fermented foods such as hard cheeses, and perhaps even things like tempeh and kim chi.

Ivermectin shows Clinical Benefits in Mild to Moderate SARS2 Infections: a Randomized Controlled Double-blind dose-response Study by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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About: credits go to u\lolspace for sharing this study. I noticed his post get flagged on ycombinator.

Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations by Oof_Too_Humid in Ivermectin

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Wow, it's useful for far more than deworming and de-SARS'ing

Neurological disease

Many neurological disorders, such as motor neurone disease, arise due to cell death initiated by excessive levels of excitation in central nervous system neurons. A proposed novel therapy for these disorders involves silencing excessive neuronal activity using ivermectin. Because of its action on P2X4 receptors, ivermectin has potential with respect to preventing alcohol use disorders as well as for motor neurone disease. Indeed, in 2007, Belgian scientists applied for a patent, ‘Use of ivermectin and derivates thereof for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’, to cover ‘the use of ivermectin and analogs, to prevent, retard and ameliorate a motor neuron disease such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and the associated motor neuron degeneration’.

Antiviral (e.g. HIV, dengue, encephalitis)

[.... Ivermectin ] demonstrates antiviral activity against several RNA viruses by blocking the nuclear trafficking of viral proteins

Antibacterial (tuberculosis and Buruli ulcer)


There is a continuously accumulating body of evidence that ivermectin may have substantial value in the treatment of a variety of cancers. [....]

Asthma [....]



Rolling Stone's "Horse Dewormer" Hit-Piece Debunked After Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses by infocom6502 in Debunking

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linked via u\pseudo0

CDC Finds over 83 Percent of Americans Had Covid Antibodies Before Delta Surge by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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more so the FDA was my impression. But yeah, i don't trust the CDC terribly much either. Still, the bottom line is we are way way way past herd immunity, if we assume the narrow spectrum S-protein immunity were even remotely as effective as the FDA claimed, for the current strains, and assuming it doesn't pressure immune escape.

the percentage of people without antibodies has fallen from 79.5 percent to 16.7 percent.

That is quite the small minority of the population where the virus has potentially easy places left to go.

Any pro-vaxers considering a third dose really need to reconsider, or go via Covaxin (indian inactive full virus, broad spectrum) to help stop further escape mutations.

Δ382, a milder Variant of SARS2 dropped an entire Open Reading Frame (ORF8 was designed to suppress T-cells) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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A Pangolin CoV also has a somewhat similar ORF8, however without the insertion (see below) that's found in the three CoV's above. The amino acid sequence for the insertion is:


blastp gives a few matches, some partial matching fragments to organisms like soybeans, house mouse, and even zebrafish. Some more interesting matches are:

Select seq ref|NP_991180.1| cilia- and flagella-associated protein 206 [Danio rerio] Danio rerio 23.5 38.6 47% 65 100.00% 624 NP_991180.1

Ig-like domain-containing protein Shewanella oneidensis Shewanella oneidensis 23.5 23.5 35% 65 100.00% 826 WP_011073787.1

RNA helicase, putative [Leishmania donovani] Leishmania donovani 23.5 23.5 35% 65 100.00% 1234 XP_003858688.1

hypothetical protein, conserved [Leishmania donovani] Leishmania donovani 23.5 39.0 52% 65 100.00% 1268 XP_003859050.1

hypothetical protein DDB_G0276125 Dictyostelium discoideum AX4 [Slime mold] AX4 23.5 39.0 58% 65 88.89% 1338 XP_643252.1

Regarding the Leishmania, the actions of this pathogen sound similar to the new Sars:

[Leishmania donovani] are able to survive and replicate inside these primary immune systems. The parasites manipulate the cell signalling pathway of the macrophages, such as down-regulating of Jak/stat signalling, NO and TNF-α production, and also by blocking the NF-κB-dependent pathway. There are two major mechanisms of immune evasion such as induction of immune suppressive IL-10 responses....

French/Russian/Israeli researcher conclude Spike protein of the SARS CoV2 can affect female fertility via Autoimmune disorders from Molecular Mimicry by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Wow!! let this sink in for a minute:

SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein was found to share 41 minimal immune determinants, i.e., pentapeptides, with 27 human proteins that relate to oogenesis, uterine receptivity, decidualization, and placentation. All the shared pentapeptides that we identified, with the exception of four, are also present in SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein–derived epitopes that have been experimentally validated as immunoreactive.

It looks like the S-protein in large enough concentration will cause such issues.

Credits to Thai med news for updating us on this development.

Δ382, a milder Variant of SARS2 dropped an entire Open Reading Frame (ORF8 was designed to suppress T-cells) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Update: It seems the ORF8 is almost the same for two related coronaviruses. The ratg13, as well as ZC45 (SARS like bat CoV, also known as "Bat CoV SL-CoV ZC45" which was sampled in Feb 2017.

See figure 4 in this study:

Operation Starfall by Questionable in conspiracy

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text of bill isn't available yet. only some speculations at this point, and that the operation is headed by the US air force.

I'll make a wild guess that it might be an operation for airlifting and providing (air protection) cover for evacuees and their military escorts.

Δ382, a milder Variant of SARS2 dropped an entire Open Reading Frame (ORF8 was designed to suppress T-cells) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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the ∆382 variant has a 382-nucleotide deletion that removed the gene that codes for the ORF8 protein. What does the ORF8 protein do?


the ORF8 protein inhibits the MHC class I molecules that are required for activating cytotoxic T-cells that kill infected cells. Basically, the ORF8 protein helps SARS-CoV-2 to avoid detection and killing by T-cells.

(Normally T-cells will kill cells where clusters of Viruses are incubating---with the mechanism in ORF8, this is somewhat inhibited.)

A Warning Regarding Our Collapsing Healthcare Systems: Many Healthcare Workers Are Quitting or Taking Leaves of Absence Due to the Shot/Vaccine Mandates. by salvia_d in conspiracy

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If they are forcing shots on them they NEED to just walk out. Doesn't matter what the pay is.

Certified Occupational Therapist Whistleblower: Hospitals involved in organized crime and conspiracy (video linked from by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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Subthread: This is not coroney-murder related but it points to asshole psychopaths filling the ranks in some of these institutions; it also is classified as organized crime, and conspiracy implicating officials outside of hospitals.

Does anyone here have any more info on EPIC (a "largely untested AI algorithm") by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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One of the episodes from Stew Peters podcast mentioned this system but did not go into much detail. Does anyone here have any more information on this hospital system and how widespread it might be?

I've tried to search for it and found this and that, like this article behind a paywall.

Blood clot risk from Covid 'much higher' than after vaccine, finds study by Budget-song-budget in censorship

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It's a poor article that does not link to the original study and gives the reader a misleading impression and a very poor analysis of the paper. (FYI, I would call it deception through omission rather than classify it as censorship.)

Asymptomatic infection and mildly symptomatic infections (paucisymptomatic) are unlikely to lead any meaningful risk increases, while hospitalized serious infection will.

The big elephant in the room here is that this paper makes no distinction between asymptomatic to paucisymptomatic infections versus those on the opposite spectrum, severe and hospitalized infections. I believe almost certainly that the data pointing to concern (which definitely warrants further investigation and gathering more detail) is being driven entirely by fully symptomatic cases, or possibly even just mainly the hospitalized to severe cases. (Remember, these are still somewhat rare conditions and therefore that data will be very impacted by some hospitalized cases with a demographic of unhealthy populations (high BMI, low calcidiol levels---which is dramatically correlated with poor metabolic and cardiovascular health, poor immune function---long covid correlation, and generally poor health).

It's a study that will not be very meaningful until the authors (or another team) investigates disease severity versus risk increase of these categories.

increased risk of arterial thromboembolism (....[slight rise] after BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination) and after SARS-CoV-2 infection (2.02, 1.82 to 2.24 at 15-21 days). Secondary analyses found increased risk of CVST after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination (4.01, 2.08 to 7.71 at 8-14 days), after BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination (3.58, 1.39 to 9.27 at 15-21 days) .... An increased risk of CVST was observed in those who had the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine who were younger than 50 (8-14 days: 6.36, 2.61 to 15.46).


Rates of all outcomes increased with age except for CVST where the highest rates occurred in those aged 20-50 years and 60-64 years. Rates also varied by ethnicity.


This finding suggests the results were not sensitive to censoring due to death, except for reductions in incidence rate ratios for arterial thromboembolism and ischaemic stroke associated with the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine at 15-21 days and CVST

Certified Occupational Therapist Whistleblower: Hospitals involved in organized crime and conspiracy (video linked from by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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This is happening across multiple countries. An account from the UK.

Australian army veteran: 3 of the 24 000 children vaccinated at a stadium are now dead | Free West Media by goddesu in Coronavirus

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Discussion regarding the casualties---pointing to a casualty (death) rate around ~ 1:10,000---starts in linked story's embedded video shortly after minute 8:30 (Stew Peters newcast).

In addition to the two boys and one girl dead, according to this account, another child had a close call, and suffered a coma after the shot.

Study compares Natural Immunity (far superior) to Pfizer's Spike-based vaccine by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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linked via A Avila. Please skim through study for details.

Why so many Americans are refusing to get vaccinated by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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About: this is a lengthy doc, but the section which breaks down the ratio of risks vs background risk after vaccination is shocking and relevant, as it clearly points to many injuries happening.

Just the assessment of the top five elevated risks:


Incidence rate in COVID19 vax/Avg annual rate

Pulmonary embolism: 473X

Stroke: 326X

Deep vein thrombosis: 264.3X

Thrombosis: 250.5X

Fibrin D dimer increased: 220.8X

Can we make this sub look not like total ass? by infocom6502 in Ass

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Vaxx victims create user-friendly version of entire VAERS database complete with chilling personal reports by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Great site, but a very obvious improvement would be to improve the splash page, so that not the oldest reports show first, but the newest openly available ones. The oldest reports are also usually not from experimental vaccines.

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine complications by jet199 in Coronavirus

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Men over 50 too. They have higher blood pressure, and the problem is right side heart failure or strokes.

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine complications by jet199 in Coronavirus

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The UK has a multi billion pound contract out for anti-clotting medication; supply start date I believe was start October.

From start of investigation to public release of the result apparently was months. Lisa left the world end May, shortly after receiving first shot of AZ mid May (afaik she wasn't in any sort of at-risk group for the SARS2).

21 May just weeks after receiving her first vaccine dose and an investigation into its part in her death was launched.

"VIPs given placebos, they also offered it to me" by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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I suspect something close to this for most of the olymic athletes---a 1:10 dilution of what is given to plebs.

A possible SV40 connection with hospitalized SARS2 patients (reddit sleuths have made some interesting connections) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Well, how HIV functions is quite a thing in itself....

I think both the S protein and and the HIV envelope protein (gp120) are on the order of 1000 amino acids long. The S protein is about 400 amino acids longer, and maybe roughly 1300 AAs. The matching segments or so called inserts are maybe 5 to 8 amino acids long, and there are about a handful of these matching segments. The Indian paper that originally pointed out these uncanny inserts was retracted (it seems for political reasons, as back in those early 'Wuhan' days, any discussion or hint of lab origin was actively censored. The paper very useful in comparing new spike with the old SARS1 spike, and it is uncanny how similar they are, except for these handful of inserts, and perhaps an equivalent or sightly larger amount of segments which are also novel.

One of the 'inserts', QTNSPRRA, is mostly the new furin cleavage site (PRRA) plus some aminos from the ancestral ratg13.

Many of the other inserts turn out to be matches with the ratg13. There has been some discussion on whether this ratg13, whose sample likely no longer exists, could have been keyboard generated, or perhaps placed on their database by computer intrusion.

The S1 (segment before the SPRRA cleavage site] is particularly interesting, because it might be involved in much of the vacc damage---so I'm trying to put together a reading list.

BREAKING: No, The Vaccine Is NOT FDA Approved! Not Even Close! - by Magawillrise in news

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The critical item here is a "BLA" (Biologics License Application) approval. Doing just a quick scan through sites to try to illuminate what the acceptance of that application means didn't yield much.

I think your paragraph #1 is exactly on point.

In semi-related news, last month, a EU panel is advising in favor of the approval to allow doctors to write a prescription of SpikeVax™ for kids. This seems like a bad idea. Like the US, they seem to be going on outdated data for effectiveness (against vanilla variants which are not too relevant now) and rising known risks (as more injuries and deaths are reported).

I think the FDA's continued parallel use of the EUA is mostly to be able to bypass requiring a prescription from your doctor, and perhaps some secondary reasons.

Here is Dr Malone's take on this. (thx to for link)


It seems like the major reason for parallel use is that the real FDA vaccine, where the consumer has normal legal recourse for injuries, will not be available anytime in the foreseeable future. This is explained a little bit after hour 1, minute 9 in this lengthy AJ newscast. People are essentially getting tricked into thinking they are receiving the FDA vaccine, when they are instead receiving the EUA vaccine, where Pfizer holds zero legal liability, and victims (or next of kin?) will get compensated (probably not much) for injuries and death.

BREAKING: No, The Vaccine Is NOT FDA Approved! Not Even Close! - by Magawillrise in news

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Not really, it hardly sounds like a full and final approval, but like conditional approval to progress the trials towards the latter stages. Note that the first sentence does not mention "full approval", and continue to read (2nd+3rd sentence) after the first sentence:

The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.

Please read or at least skim through the FDA letter linked by the original tweeter.

--*Update:-- Ooops, Raven9 is correct on this. Other very credible sources like Dr. Campbell and Zero wedge confirm this.

The last paragraph of the Press Release mentions the application was given 6-month rush priority review. Their justification is that they believe the benefits outweight the risks (which is a far cry from 'safe' in the 'safe and effective' campaign). Technically speaking, almost certainly for those with no choice but to be on immunosuppressants and unable to isolate, and likely for some very high age groups and people with conditions like obesity and unwilling to take vitamin D supplements to maintain healthy levels over 30ng/ml, this prescription would improve net odds of suffering an iinjury from this new SARS, at least assuming the share of new variants aren't changing outcomes significantly, from the original strain and early variations of them. The youtube link above discusses the problem of outdated data that the FDA is using to justify approval of the application)