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If you feel like making it worth my while to make a more comprehensive edition; you can buy it on Amazon.

Did Amazon ruin Wheel of Time with "Forced Diversity"? (Yes, and I hold Jeff Bezos personally responsible) by VanillaThunder in Fantasy

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Did Amazon ruin Wheel of Time...?


They are doing it on purpose because they must destroy the hero archetype so that the normies don't start having aspirations of being heroes, seizing the means of political power from evil men, maintaining generational wealth, having above a 6th grade education, having an identity based on developed knowledge, skills and abilities (as opposed to corporate approved identities that must be tethered to race, genital usage and spending habits).

Part of it is wokeism, but wokeism is merely a virtue signaling facade of totalitarianism.

How are you guys getting your Lot Numbers to help your friends fill out vaccine cards? by TheWebOfSlime in AskSaidIt

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When you turn your card over to your doctor or employer, they will upload it to an official database.

If lawsuits start to happen, you will automatically be mailed a check, should a class action be ruled in your favor.

Pizzagate: The Totality of the Evidence by TheWebOfSlime in pizzagate

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I recommend making better dietary choices.

J.K. Rowling Gives Radical Trans Rights Activists Who Targeted Her Home the Smackdown They Deserve by Rob3122 in news

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Trans community "punching down" on people again.

Pizzagate Confirmed: Elite Stealing Babies, DoJ covering it up by TheWebOfSlime in conspiracy

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"Conspiracy Theories"

Isn't it a bit strange?

The Biden Administration continues the tradition of doing nothing about systemic child rape

The British government continues to do nothing, other than cover up

UK Government deletes evidence of elite pedophilia ring

You will be cooked into a kebap if you are too uppity about it and the police will do nothing.

Pentagon Child Porn

Still nothing being done about Pentagon child porn traders

DynCorp participates in child trafficking

Feds covering up child sex trafficking in Ohio Somali gangs

Feds covered up child sex abuse in gymnastics for decades

Kamala Harris will bail out a pedophile

Birds of a feather

Kamala Harris Covered Up For San Francisco Archdiocese Sex Abuse

Dennis Hastert, pedophile, friends with Podestas.

Billions of dollars in astroturfing are being spent in order to keep this information from being prioritized as important

Not an isolated incident

Bill Clinton and Oprah's faith healer - John of God - was arrested. He sold babies for thousands as he impregnated teenage slaves he kept at his rural gem mines and farms in Brazil:

According to his tour coordinator Dominique Sauzier, Bill Clinton was healed by John of God.


Naomi Campbell also visited John of God in April 2015. Naomi Campbell was just like Bill Clinton, also on Jeffrey Epsteins flight logs.


Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic made a film called "The Space In Between" in 2016 where she went to Brazil and visited John of God.


Marina with John of God:

Marina with children:

Jim Comey and friends circumvented FOIA by using their own private gmail accounts. In this instance, "a serious woman" (Alice Waters) asks Comey, personally, for a "small favor" (to cover up Pizzagate) and he assigns this task to Andy Vale and Paul Abbate.

The FBI Vault released a FOIA request for the Finders Cult that was taking pictures of naked children doing sacrifices. The Cult was run by the CIA and the case was buried by DC Metro.

Photographs of three children and three white-robed men dismembering two goats were included in a state police affidavit seeking a search warrant for two farms linked to the Finder’s cult, court records show.

Stealing babies ignored by the media.

Stealing babies ignored by the media

The Clintons incentivized CPS to take children from parents

Nancy Schaefer worked hard to expose the industrial scale kidnapping

The Catholic Church has raped millions, world wide

Pennsylvania priests were making satanic videos of the child rape, something the news failed to report on, but is in the court documents

Cartels making snuff films of unaccompanied minors

NXIVM cult leader forces NXIVM members to watch snuff films and gang rape films provided by the Sinaloa Cartel in order for the members to attain the next level in the cult, DOS

Multiple cartel members and Mexican officials are found to be in the NXIVM cult

Multiple Hollywood actresses were also in the NXIVM cult, including Allison Mack who was taking pornopgraphic pictures of girls as young as 8

Have you ever seen the NXIVM branding video?

Cults like OneTaste and SNCTM served as feeder cults for NXIVM, which served as a feeder cult for DOS

Meet Terry Richards

Prince Andrew’s Friend, Peter Nygard, Charged With Running ‘Elite Pedophile Ring’

The same excuse ABC used for not airing the Epstein special was the same excuse BBC used for not exposing Jimmy Savile.

Second FBI Agent arrested for raping small children

More ignored problems

Trying to import children in secret

Brett Blomme, a juvenile court judge, where he and his husband were sexually abusing their adopted children and uploading the recordings of it to Kik, gave out kids, using the legal system, to his pedo friends.

Raping Rappers

Another rapist

Other Rapists

Even more rapists

Adam Schiff and Ed Buck are both into young black men

Did a Convicted Sex Offender Read to Children at a Houston Public Library? True

Equality Kansas run by pedos

"Library" Pedos

"Space City Sisters" is a drag queen group filled with pedophiles.

Pizza Lover wants your children watching porn

Tatiana Mala Nina, is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender and the LGBT community want this person reading to your children

How widespread is it? It is systemic.

Why do so many actors and actresses make pedo jokes?

Why has James Alefantis never bothered to explain the bizarre parties he video records, then rebroadcasts?

Many know James Alefantis' family spoke out for convicted pedophile, Christopher Kloman, so that he could get a shorter sentence. Many don't know Kenn Starr also sent a letter asking for leniency for that same pedophile in the same case..

More than 90 people, including former ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson and Ken Starr, the special prosecutor who investigated the Whitewater matter during the Clinton presidency, wrote letters on Kloman’s behalf.

“It is a case almost Dostoyevskian,” Gibson wrote. “Chris has carried this guilt with him for years, and I can’t imagine how the knowledge that it would some day come out, as it inevitably would, must have eaten at his soul.”

Anyone remember when Dr Pizza harassed researchers and claimed "pizza" was not a pedophile code? Turns out, he was a pedo.

Anyone remember when David Brock and James Alefantis were being blackmailed? Twice? The first time they paid up, the second time they needed help from pedo friend, the DC Metro police.

Peter Newsham, Chief of Police for Washington D.C., who also publicly supports Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis, allowed an 11-year-old girl to be charged with 'false report of rape' despite medical accounts of her sexual injuries and findings of multiple samples of semen on her underwear.

Genesis P. Orridge used a familiar excuse (the same as James Alefantis) when they were chased out of UK in the 1980's. Said the charges are ridiculous because "we have no basement" in the Psychik TV house.

But, in fact, had a studio they called.... "The Death Factory"

Your President sexually assaults young girls on camera. Numerous occasions, Joe Biden shows that he has no problem invading boundaries of children who he is a stranger to. He pinched a little girl's nipple on camera. It is bold. But not as bold as rubbing a little girl's hand on his crotch.

Solving the problem of organized pedophilia rings solves the problem of widespread government corruption. These people need trials and the harshest possible sentencing.

Imagine the scumbag astroturfers that think it's okay to help cover this stuff up. It is called obstruction of justice and they should be tried for their participation in RICO, as well.

this is the lemon life gave me by goobandit in gardening

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Must have been vaccinated.

Reddit's /r/Intelligence and related subreddits closed. Moderator accounts all suspended. by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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It's winding it's way through process, so best not to give away too much.

ADL/Mossad political operatives were caught orchestrating a media narrative with local politicians to force CRT onto students and parents.

The Spring Offensive will be a narrative change. You're already seeing some seeds of it. The whole machine is holding back, right now, because many new politicians will be hitting the scenes. That's why you're seeing recycling of the same arguments constantly. The political landscape will start to change, but the public will still be left in the dark about who is pulling the strings.

We, the public, are going to see as many candidates start to sign up and officially submit paperwork to run for offices, which ones are worth voting for, if any, or if we are going to be given only liberals and RINOs to vote for.

Trump did a number of things to slow the Dark Winter. First, he put Blackrock in charge of the stimulus, and not the FED. This created a balance of power, but not a good one. However, the corporate bond buys and other targeted stimulus spending on the stock market is still ongoing, quietly. They are propping up the stock market and forcing inflation to manage an invisible crash; where the market is high, but valueless.

It won't matter as much as in the past, because they are heavily using meme stock strategies where trading has zero correlation with actual value of stocks... which... the actual value? Lower than you'd think on nearly everything being traded, right now.

Trump also put into place, as a national security measure, tons of money and infrastructure to prevent shortages. While the cabal is still working at it, they were slowed greatly.

Consider this all a practice run for what the cabal would like to do, next.

The energy markets are still a sham. They have to control the energy markets because they are, ultimately, the stock market. The stock market is merely a holographic projection of the energy markets. Good news is that the market will start to price in space.

I think there is more and more evidence suggesting that certain powerful groups have either accomplished fusion energy or are stock piling small and efficient nuclear reactors. This will create a weird disconnect that I think we are already seeing.

Mandates are falling apart and maybe by Spring, they will be a non-issue. It's going to depend on how vocal the average citizen is about it.

Cyberwar is in full swing. All of your medical data has been exfiltrated, your marketing data, your eye movements, audio and video of inside your homes, etc. Machine learning, which knows your account balances, is going to get better at squeezing every penny out of each individual.

The Internet is fully weaponized. Anyone who uses is is mind controlled to a certain extent.

For anyone prepping, it's all about having skills and equipment to produce useful goods. CNC machines. Small chemistry labs. 3D Printers. Victory gardens/aquaponic gardens. Fishing poles. Hunting rifles. I don't anticipate a true collapse, but I do anticipate the Internet and media to be used to make it seem like it is impossible to get anything, whether it is true, or not.

I doubt toilet paper manufacturers are unprepared for another run.

Other than that, the narrative science is now being run by AI/machine learning. It is only going to get easier and easier to fake consensus on your screens. People will need to disconnect, en masse.

The cabal really, really needs you to look at your screens as much as possible. The repetition and saturation is the key to their mind control.

Reddit's /r/Intelligence and related subreddits closed. Moderator accounts all suspended. by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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I got doxxed. Mossad came to my town to play politics and target my kids. We made the NYT.

It wasn't great.

But we press on.

Gotta be informed for the Spring offensive. Lots of new candidates will have to be vetted.

How would a nationalist movement encourage an increase in White birth rates? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Stop getting married per government requirements, keep it in your church, and let the State fund your kids.


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Failing personal hygiene is usually the first sign of mental illness.

Stay clean, brother.

Crypto is a scam so why use it? by poopethuponthy in conspiracy

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Musical chairs. Just be sure to have cashed out by the time the music stops.

Warfare in Africa [funny] by useless_aether in WarWatch

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The whole reason the NRA was created was because the US had the same problem. Only 1 in 10 knew how to use the rifle sights.

Rosatom's plan for nuclear power expansion revealed by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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Russia paid the Crown for this service through the same channels as they paid the Podestas.

Rosatom's plan for nuclear power expansion revealed by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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Exactly. Which means they pulled the strings for Alexander Downer to sign away Australian uranium for the Crown and Hillary's CFIUS to sign away Uranium One to Rosatom, as well. A glimpse at who is really in charge.

DGSI renews its contract with the US Palantir group while waiting for fully independent system by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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Yeah... "combatting terrorism" clearly is a fake excuse for many things given the lack of ability to catch terrorists and even the providing of aid and support to them.

Palantir is getting hell from the Left over it's ICE access. If France hates it... it might actually be a good thing. That is, if it weren't for the blatant unconstitutionalism of it.

Palantir is probably going to become a part of everyone's lives, if it hasn't already.

How Agencies Can Use Open Source Intelligence to Close Cybersecurity Loopholes by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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Yes. Open Source can be used to do this.

For example, if you download the AntiPublic collections, you can search for the password to anyone's email address, then use those credentials to get into their social media. That is entry level OSINT. If you collect all the leaks that are available, then it becomes very easy to glean where people are and what they are doing.

BBC Breaking News on Twitter: "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged in corruption cases, justice ministry announces" by useless_aether in WorldNews

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Slap on the wrist while they dissolve the bodies in acid. - Updated visual appearance of the site by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Looks great. Thank you.