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Musical chairs. Just be sure to have cashed out by the time the music stops.

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It's a highly profitable pyramid scheme, Skeeter, just don't get left holding the bag.

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It's not though, the only success stories are not typical. People saying they made money didn't actually make money, they used a on of resources to shift some money. That resource bag tho.

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I want to argue with you about that... But I think you might be right. We're not creating value here. Is Nestle creating value taking public water and reselling it to us? No, but they still have more money than god

Is Forex adding any value?

A thing doesn't have to be good to make money off it.

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cough cough monero cough cough

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Everyone who bought in is stuck shilling for it that is the only reason there are so many pro crypto voices.

However, it does have a silver lining in that it is not jew bux like all the other fiat currencies.

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it's obviously a scam that the elites are trying to get going off the ground floor, but regular people realize they might be able to make a profit off it while it is still new, and if they don't someone else might. People getting into it are trying to get rich quick, they don't care about the broader implications. It's just the same as fiat money coming from the central banks like you say, people don't know who runs that, well it's the rothschilds but most don't know or care, why did people start using paper money in the first place hundreds of years ago? Because the govts of the time told them it was worth something, at first people were probably skeptical and wanted to stick with their bartering system but people that grabbed up the paper dollars at first probably benefitted in the long run from it.

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Any scheme to get rich without having to contribute some form of labor to society is doomed to fail. If we all sat there burning GPUs for crypto, no one would harvest food or build the machines we need and we would starve to death.

It is so obviously a pyramid scheme, I can't believe it's still taken seriously by anyone.