My Apology To SaidIt (And An Idea) by JasonCarswell in SaidIt

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For the most part well modded and active subs already do this canned response thing. Veterans in quality subs are johnny on the spot with filling new people in. I think the name you're looking for is s/copypasta. There's a user named r/marquisdepaid on reddit that might be able to help you with the idea you are putting together. Tell him I sent you if he asks questions.

Animation Cartoon, Perhaps the best solution is to bar the doors & never give a fuck about that land again. by Chan in AskSaidIt

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Bring the two largest factions that claim it into a room and offer them a button that will drop 5 nuclear weapons on the region and then give the land to the person that doesn't hit the button.

100% done with Reddit by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Sounds like how Facebook was ruined.

100% done with Reddit by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Yup. I saw all those issues you mention frequently. I'll add a few more. Seems like weak jokes get up voted more than useful comments. I'd have to get past 10 or 15 tired old reddit inside jokes before I got down to actually content. Another pet peeve is are the power users that are obviously paid accounts constantly gaming the voting system and dominating threads. Then there were users that simply copied top comments from other threads.

Joe Rogan Experience #1170 - Tulsi Gabbard by 34679 in videos

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Bolshevik Government was Comprised Mostly of Jews (Do NOT Confuse Jewish and Gentile Bolsheviks alike with ALL Jews) by Jesus in conspiracy

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Jesus please come over and post on r/debatealtright. That sub would really enjoy these effort posts.