The Great Noticing is upon us by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Aren't you one of the paid posters on Saidit?


The Great Noticing is upon us by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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It's not really a normie sub. It's only a normie oriented thread if people specifically make a thread asking for a simplified explanation. We use to have a LOT of those on reddit but not much anymore due to the small size of saidit and other factors.

The Great Noticing is upon us by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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That's correct. My bad.

The Great Noticing is upon us by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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For the last couple of months the amount of red pilling on the JQ has been stunning

Agreed. I was going to make a post to the same affect. Glad you made one.

It's raining red pills. It started with Keith's BanTheADL campaign and it's now culminating with Israel's reign of terror against Gaza. We're watching ZOG's propaganda empire crumbling in real time

You left out the zoomers on tictoc getting redpilled by Bin Laden, Cadance Owens successfully trolling Benny Boy, and of course there's Musk's epic "you have said the truth" tweet. There's absolutely some type of snowball rolling...

Support for Israel is collapsing even among young American Evangelicals.

Thank the Lord. I said this WAY back in 2018 when I was still fairly new on r/debatealtright and somewhat freshly JQ pilled. When the 50-60 some odd million white pro natal evangelicals wake up and turn on the jews it's going to be chaos for the establishment and potentially a civil war type scenario.

Just go on Twitter and you see our talking points everywhere.

It really is incredible isn't it?

here's no way ZOG can recover from this in the long-term

That's wishful thinking. Don't underestimate the enemy.

Jews can only stay in power if their proverbial hand is hidden.

100% agree and they haven't quite built their perfect drone/ai controlled society that they can just rule things with the push of a button. This awakening is not good timing for them.

Anyway, this is just the beginning of a series of white pill content I will be posting. The next one will be even better. Stay tuned

Awesome. Looking forward too it.

People pushing conspiracy theories like "Israel/Mossad planned the war with Gaza" are morons who don't understand the JQ by Islamofascist in debatealtright

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Netanyahu purposely let the attack so that he can increase his popularity and consolidate power

Jews do this shit all the time. Staging conflict (real or fake) and sacrificing their own people so public opinion shifts in their favor is like the bread and butter Jewish gambit. Not really sure if that's the case here but have no Doubt Netanyahu is capable of such a tactic. In fact the only reason I doubt he did it is because the outcome is clearly not going in Israel's favor. People seem to support Israel way less after this attack than before. I don't think the international community is going to allow Israel to genocide Gazans.

France bans "far right" Civitas party by Nasser in debatealtright

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Not surprising. The French revolution was all about anti clericism and this is a trad cath party. That being said I find it hilarious that France and other western nations brag about democracy and freedom for the 'people' when in practice democracy just means political parties that advocate globalist atheist anti white agenda items. The 'people' are only allowed to be free when freedom means destroying anything traditionally European.

The benefits of diversity to millions of non-whites outweigh the costs to a comparatively few whites. by Groundround in debatealtright

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Whites are 9% of world population and declining. Many of the non whites we import are used against us as weapons by a small group of very wealthy and connected people. Those wealthy elites want to see whites disappear as an ethnic group. Dissidents or alt right people, what ever you want to call us, don't lack compassion. We simply want to survive and thrive. We simply want racial and ethnic sovereignty like so many other groups around the world claim. If whites disappear from the earth there will be far far less compassion, invention and innovation.

I encourage you to watch this simple video on the numbers of non white foreigners we are dealing with. We can't 'help' the world by importing it into our borders.

If your goal is really 'compassion' towards people that should extend to whites as well right? Why should whites continue to allow non whites into their lands that then leads to our genocide? If you want to be more compassionate to people you need to investigate the jewish faction living in many countries that exploit people and play them against eachother for money and power. Jewish banking, corporate power and government power all work together to form world government that benefits themselves and exploits non Jews. Investigate that if you want more compassion in the world.

Saidit is now Unusable by [deleted] in SaidIt

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so you oppose free speech.

Saidit is now Unusable by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Try typing a long comment. It always times out and you have to copy your text and repost. Where are you going? I'd love to join you and bring my subverses with me.

Do you believe it is morally hypocritical to be fine with the ethnic replacement of Native Americans but oppose the Jewish replacement of Palestinians? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Everytime you post here you're really long winded and not clear with what you're asking. What are you trying to say??

we'll use the Jewish colonization of Palestine which most White nationalists oppose

Most Europeans oppose it not just 'white nationalists'. Genocide is a shitty word charged up by holocaust propaganda. Genocide seems to only be thrown around when talking about white history to shame whites for surviving and thriving.

How do you reconcile opposing that (or generalplan Ost if you do) while being okay with ethnic replacement of Native Americans?

90% of natives living in North America were dead in a generation of exposure to European explorers. That's not the Europeans fault. Nobody at the time understand contagious disease very well. Pre and post small pox epidemic 90% of natives were at war with each other and engaged in genocide towards each other. A waring and quickly depopulating area is going to be conquered by whites or by someone else. And let's be honest, who really made a lot of the decisions to keep putting natives and small and smaller reservations? Who made the decision to go to war with them on the Prairie? Not 'whites' not 'Europeans' but a small group of government officials tied to elite families that for the most part hate everyone but themselves. Not every European was a blind expansionist or pro conquering and colonizing. The Germans had almost no colonies and constantly discouraged it.

Natives were absolutely genocided but not in the same way the Palestinians are being genocided. Whites are currently being genocided by the Jewish merchant class and their traitor allies. That's my concern right now. Not some historical argument. Not some weird moralizing argument. Jews don't give a shit about morality. The seem to only care about accumulation and get everyone around them to fight and die against each other so they can profit.

How deep does the Irish Catholic Slave Morality go? Van Neistat (Spirited Man) helps us find out. by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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A few things. Only a quarter of the original posters from reddit migrated after we were banned. Of those, I'd say another large chunk of posters were lost after the first week because they realized that saidit just didn't have anywhere close to the same number of users and features as reddit. Which, I can't blame them. Saidit sucks and stopped developing as a site almost immediately after it was created. The only reason we moved here is it was the closest thing to the reddit format (because it's the same code essentially). Finally, as /s/eds_hemorrhoid mentions the site admins removed us from the main news feed a few months into our residency. This cut down what little engagement we had to a trickle. Most people liked posting on s/debatealtright because occasionally the thread would get shared or catch on fire in the main feed and get some new users asking questions and debating in good faith. That stopped happening after the admin banned us from main feed. It took almost two years to get back on the feed but by then we'd dwindled down to maybe 5 active posters and 20 lurkers. Additionally saidit is no bigger or better than it was 3 years ago. Thus the light of DAR flickers in the darkness and prepares to be blown out...

edit. Covid also had something to do with it. We had a nasty debate among core users about the effectiveness and potential malicious nature of the vaccine. This split the entire dissident community, not just DAR. After the dust was settled the 'malicious intent' side had one but the cost was division, bad feelings, and bitter rivalries established.

edit 2. I'm strongly considering just taking the source code for this site and making my own clone and restarting what reddit was supposed to be. I can think of no other solution to the issue. If you looking for ranked choice votting sites with some of our guys and active dissident discussion/jokes check out conpro:

What do you guys think is going to happen first; Civil war on Europe, or a world war 3? by radcentristisafag in debatealtright

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Seems like a globbalist jew vs religious Jew conflict. The globbalist Jews want BB out of power. The religious jews want a US vs Iran conflict.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by TheJamesRocket in debatealtright

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Until they engineer it to the point of forcing us into the conflict.

Chicago Teacher's union says it is racist to ask how they mismanaged 35 million dollars in revenue. by Canbot in conspiracy

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That's basically why racism was created. It's a deflector shield to hide exploitation and graft. It's mainly used by jews to exploit European races that allow them into their countries, however, they also teach it to their front men subordinates: i.e. selective blacks, Irish, Indians that they allow to occupy leadership positions.

Did Jean Francois Gariepy murder his wife? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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Yup. And apparently she's done this before.

Did Jean Francois Gariepy murder his wife? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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The time he started dating that brain dead retard was the time I stopped following him. He really wasn't ever in the trad dissident camp. He was always more IQ nationalism and Elon Musk multiple wives/offspring type dissident. That being said he doesn't seem like the type that would kill someone. Maybe it was an accident or a suicide that he was afraid was going to be linked to him?

I deleted my 7 year old 20k karma reddit account by ID10T in whatever

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Before the banout of 2018 I had an 8 year old account with 89k comment karma. Lost another 2 year old one with 15k in 2020.

The Evidence for the Holocaust by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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The Holocaust refers to the systematic extermination of European Jewry by the Germans and their collaborators during the Second World War. This policy was carried out by mass shooting, gassing, enslavement (and overwork), and deliberate deprivation. At least five million Jews died as a result.

Right off the bat Mr. Cockerill has framed the entire debate to his advantage.

The Holocaust refers to the systematic extermination of European Jewry by the Germans

Hitler openly said he wanted Jews out of Europe. Nobody denies that. No Jews in Europe would mean Jews would be 'exterminated' from Europe. Even though the language is inflammatory and hearkens images of killing insects it's still somewhat accurate to say Hitler wanted to exterminate a class of people. The reality though is that ethnic group was acting as a criminal class and Mr. Cockerill fails to address that in his opening thesis. You know who else said that they wanted to get Jews out Europe? Zionist Jews working on forming the state of Israel. Signed in 1933, we know through the Haavara agreement that the National Socialist German Workers party worked with the Jewish authorities in Palestine to facilitate emigration there. By Cockerill's framing this is 'proof' of the holocaust. History shows that the NSDAP 'collaborated' with Jews to get Jews out of Europe so by agreed upon history Cockerill is saying the Jews are part of the 'holocaust' of Jews?

This policy was carried out by mass shooting, gassing, enslavement (and overwork), and deliberate deprivation. At least five million Jews died as a result.

This part of his statement is the most manipulative. The modern holocaust claim is not that Germans shot, gassed and enslaved Jews. The modern Holocaust claim is really a story. That story goes that EVIL Hitler 1. had no reason to do this but blind racial hatred! and 2. did it systematically, cruelly, and industrially (modern claims are over 21 million jew deaths!) like some type of evil psychopath. This narrative is what modern 'denialism' is trying to correct. The modern holocaust myth is part of a coordinated racial attack to make whites, who are prone to moral thinking, deeply ashamed. This shame building done by jewish marketing, media and government schools creates a layer of protection from modern Jewish fleecing of economies of majority white nations. This fleecing was the same thing the Jews were doing to Germans before militant parties arose and attempted to expose and expel the criminal jews for their criminal acts. Getting angry and getting even with criminals is not a "holocaust" by any means.

I haven't finished reading the entire article but right away Mr. Cockerill does not seem to be in good faith. I can guess what's in the rest of the article though.

Did Hitler gas Jews? Yes?

(Most likely; there's proof of several facilities where Germans experimented on using carbon monoxide to kill the infirm.) There could have been hundreds, maybe thousands of people that died this way but it was not a method that was used to get Jews out of Europe. We really don't even know if any of those infirm were Jewish. It was simply part of the German philosophy that the weak should be shamed and pressured to improve or die/leave society. There's no evidence that the NSDAP considered doing this on millions of people or on Jews. The experiments were abandoned (but seized upon by Jewish narrative builders post war). The only people to use 'gas' on their political enemies were Jews themselves when Russia was slipping into civil war. 10's of thousands of political enemies of Jewish Bolsheviks were killed by gas vans. This is probably where modern Jewish fake historians and story tellers built the German 'gassing' myth from.

Did Hitler shoot Jews? Yes.

Obviously. A war was going on and jews were caught in the fighting. There were incidents where German commanders sometimes killed groups of Jews but this was not a general German war machine policy. In fact the German army was quite disciplined. Many reports shows the Wehrmacht raped and killed far far less than other armies. (All armies rape and kill civilians in war; it's a shame but it's a part of war).

Did Hitler enslave Jews? Not really.

By German and American standards no. They were simply creating political sanctuary so Jews wouldn't be killed in a war zone. The US government did the same thing in California and Arizona with the Japanese. By Jewish standards (a cultural standard that avoided labor at all cost) then yes Jews were 'enslaved' but this is not the agreed upon standard of what imprisonment or enslavement means. As always Jews are playing with words here to build self shame within whites and to inspire non whites to hate us.

At least five million Jews died as a result.

LMAO. With these words Mr. Cockerill is now a denialist himself because the Jewish narrative is 6 million or more and anyone that departs from that is a denialist.

Can anyone here link to studies showing the connection between homosexuels and pedophilia? by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Homosexuality seems to exist at the center point of a triangle.

Over Socialization

On one end is classic over socialization talked about by Uncle Ted. Liberals seem to constantly one up themselves on how 'kind' and 'modern' and 'progressive' they are. They reward each other, and often move up corporate ranks quicker, when they demonstrate these socialized signals; virtue signaling is another common phrase. Faux intellectualism, veganism, racial self hate, etc. are all part of this need to over socialize and prove worth and court acceptance by elites. In reality, like communism, they are never really invited into the ruling class. They spend their lives as 2nd and 3rd tier courtiers. Another big aspect of over socialization is the pervasive idea that whites need to breed less and non whites need to breed more. This idea is exclusively held by whites and transmitted by Jewish controllers of whites and one of the few ways that whites are allowed to be socially righteous is the by gay and thus be a non breeder. This psychologically assuages the guilt from these hypnotized over socialized whites. I know Ethnocrat has already read it but if you're reading this and haven't read Uncle Ted I strongly encourage it.

Porn Dragon

Another end of the triangle is the brutal effects of what I like to call the porn dragon. In opium den culture if you kept upping your dosages you were known to be chasing the dragon. Porn is just like that. It's a hyper stimulus and as your satisfaction fades you chase unique fetishes. Many non vanilla porn fetishes are anal focused and after the anal focus becomes your source of sexual dopamine it's only a hop skip and jump to gay and tranny porn. Consuming gay and tranny porn makes you more sympathetic to such groups and thus a percentage of porn users get routed into the gay/tranny lifestyle.

Environmental Estrogen

The last point of the triangle in my estimates is the feminization of men. Sometimes in nature women produce sons with slightly higher IQ and feminine traits. These are normally the 4th or 5th son and these types of men are predisposed to homosexuality. The theory goes that in nature women women want the later sons to stay closer to the home social circle and help the family because the other sons are producing children. Not sure if that's true or not but I do think nature produces a spectrum at birth of masculine to somewhat feminine male archetypes. Unfortunately in our modern society these men are instantly routed to extreme homosexuality and extreme promiscuity amongst other men and here's the crux of why we have some many gays. These gay men form a culture that's rewarded by our Jewish controllers. This pro gay lifestyles, that includes recruiting young boys, is almost untouchable by media, film and even the church today. You can't suppress this movement, as it should be suppressed, because gays are a protected class alongside blacks and progressive radical feminist types. All this is supercharged by estrogenizing agents in food, water, air, soil and cookware. Plastics especially have massive feminizing effects on men at all stages in their development and this coupled with the positive social rewards for joining gay culture create a massive homosexual segment in society.

There are many other contributing factors but I think those are the big 3. I've read data to back of most of these points but alas I'm to lazy to cite this early in the morning. As I find stuff I will post it. What's weird about our modern world is that by design we are constantly deprived of access to healthy community. Fucking men in the ass becomes instant access to a community. A community that 'love bombs' you and appears on the surface like a family. In reality, it is not. To go even further many boys and young men who are groomed and raped by predator gays have very little choice. They can either admit to police and family that they were 'weak' and preyed upon or they can say they wanted it all along and that they were always gay. Which for some reason we accept in modern society as a reasoning. Unfortunately they frequently take the dark path and spend their early lives only achieving orgasm from other men. This makes a psychologically imprint that they are 'gay men' when in reality they were just raped and traumatized into sexual gratification by men.

Does anyone here have rare Hitler or Nazi related material that's difficult to find on the web? by ZeeZoyimNo in debatealtright

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Wish I could help. If you do find them could you come back and share them so that I can back them up on my hard drive?

Is anyone concerned that AI tech is mainly being created by Non Whites? by tratini in debatealtright

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Agreed. "Shortage of workers for 'tough' jobs" is just the latest fake reasoning for whites to share their spaces. In the past it was 'they help us get resources from other lands' or 'look at all this land we aren't using!' or 'the poetic melting pot makes us unique' or 'they're Catholics/protestants just like us!'. When I was young I heard the argument that since we have so much 'abundance' then it's our duty to share it. (LOL they don't use that anymore because it's hilarious to say we have abundance when half of the country can't survive a financial strain over a 1000 dollars.)

When robots are doing all the shit jobs and there's very little space there will be a new excuse brewed up. They are already starting to use the new narrative. It goes something like, 'non white people are having the babies that we don't want to have!' or 'non whites are have more morality, more vitality and fertility! They inject our genes with strength! We don't want our society to die so these black and brown people are really just extensions of us!'. It's bullshit of course but it's baked into the cake of every tv show, movie, public school lesson, and government policy. It's oppressive, it's genocide, and it's everywhere.

Unfortunate incident in Jacksonville, Florida by Nasser in debatealtright

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The same white lettering on that evil 'ar 15' 'assault style' weapon. A calling card of a fed operation.

Nasser you're on warning for concern trolling. You don't seem interesting in the realities of psychological operations created by the weimar america cartel. White nationalists aren't responsible for this shooting. If ethnic advocacy organizations lost credibility everytime one of their race did something heinous why aren't you and media chastising blacks and Arabs for their bad behavior? You're carefully framing this poorly and you seem to be arguing in bad faith.

Deleted from YouTube: "Michigan police body camera shows officers kick-in door to rescue baby being drowned by mom - Editor's note: This video may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised." [video] by In-the-clouds in videos

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This is incredible. Thanks for sharing. The fact that this was removed from youtube shows you how the public narrative is being shaped to make whites look evil and blacks look like angels.

The next virus is ready to be deployed. They are unveiling it now. It will bring anarchy, discord, strife, and chaos. by In-the-clouds in news

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I think their goal is to turn people against their own governments so that when chaos hits there are no emergency services. Conveniently they will offer us a new 'world' government when things calm down.

Super sized by Musky in memes

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Seedoils, Added Sugars, Alcohol. Probably several other factors as well (maybe stress, lack of sun and exercise).

Such a shame. The women on the left is genuinely beautiful.

What's interesting is that you can tell they both have good genetics because putting weight on can be a protective measure. If they put all that weight near their heart and organs they'd probably die (think skinny fat folk). They are carrying all that excess fat in the arms and hips which is a natural mechanism. They will live with that extra weight another 25 or 30 years but will have a lot of health problems.

What do you consider to be the races of the South American nations? by Nasser in debatealtright

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There's a youtuber named massaman that goes into this. My understanding is that south american is a mix of natives (ancient siberian asians), and Spanish. There's also some african in areas that saw heavy import of slaves. Many of these people though are not descended from high quality spanish and Asian stock. They seem to be degenerated.

Fascism Question: Were Hitler and National Socialism socialist? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Here's the way I view it. Preindustrial revolution the best way to steal a lot of wealth was to parlay favor with the two power groups in charge of Europe: the church and the royal families/aristocrats. Jews played these groups with usury, prostitution, poison, secret societies, etc, but never fully controlled them. Then the industrial revolution happened and an enourmous amount of wealth was pooled away from the aristocrats and elite families. These new uber wealthy merchant (mostly Jews) started to buy and scam their way into royal society and they quickly married into these families as well. At the peak of the industrial revolution Jews and royals were becoming the same people but were also being exposed to a new threat. The destabilizing force of global capitalism. Here are some of the issues:

-poor distribution of wealth -encouragement to fuck over your neighbors -financially arranged marriages (this was always a thing in history but became 'extreme' during the industrial revolution) -child labor -pollution -more power to banking/merchant class -Humans being treated as cogs -incentivized females into the workforce -long work hours (less time for family and spiritual life) -increased the birth rates of lower IQ people (more cheap food)

The list goes on. Marx was correct in many of his critiques of capitalism.

The working class have always had it rough but under capitalism/industrialism they also lost access to the land and a sense of autonomy and freedom that came with agrarian work. Working class whites started getting closer to slaves during the industrial revolution because of a major wealth distribution issue.

Socialism became the general political term for any system that opposed the dangers of capitalism (and still is). Socialism became a buzzword for any political party that claimed they would claw back the stolen wealth and redistribute it to the 'people'. This claw back movement was a threat to the new elite and they saw in marxism a way to make the new destructive forces of socialism get directed conveniently away from Jews and their money sources. They saw in marxism a way to get whites to fight eachother. It gave them a way to promote atheism and tear down old Jewish enemies like Christianity and pro white clerical structures.

National socialism on the other hand was a socialist system that would have clawed money out of the the Jewish merchant and Jewish/Jew'd royal hands. National socialism held the belief that most working class people all over the world hated the merchant class that sought to break their unique local national structures and ethnic communities. Japanese Nationalist, Latin Nationalists, Arab nationalists and many other rallied around Hitler's German National Socialism and the general nascent concept of international national socialism.

Hitler was absolutely a socialist but a socialist focused on his region and people. He wasn't willing to be bought out like so many political leaders are today. He had enough military connection and social skills that he bypassed all the safeguards that Jews put in place to keep nationalist ethnic populists from spoiling their financial hustles.

Anti White redditors defend African American pummeling White man who used the word "boy" in an argument by Nasser in debatealtright

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I'm torn. If the 'fighting words' doctrine was applied equally I'd be all about it. I should be allowed to pummel a black guy that hits on my girlfriend or calls me an antiwhite slur. On the other hand blacks aren't meat to live under white laws. Part of the reason those fighting doctrine legal precedents went away was due to the lawless violent way that blacks live. Most white on white fights were relatively rare and men would stop beating each other after the other was 'bested'. Other men would also jump in to keep the fight as safe as possible. Black (men and women) will try to kill you if you lose consciousness.

Rand Paul on Fauci: No 'Clearer Case of Perjury in the History of Government Testimony' by passionflounder in politics

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At one point in history the 'Jesuit' was just a way to name the Jew. Today it's just a way to distract from the Jew. I'm not sure if you're ignorant or a shill but regardless it's annoying, and if I modded this sub I'd warn and then ban you.

In fact even if you were naming the Jew with long winded comments it's would still be a distraction. You don't need a wall of text everytime you post. Provide a wall of text when someone asks for it or when you're making an effort post that you've spent time developing. Even if you effort post nobody really wants a rambling link dump. Comment forums like saidit/reddit/ need thoughtful logical arguments, some narrative, some history, some explanation, and genuine engagement. You post like you're just copy pasting data.

Rand Paul on Fauci: No 'Clearer Case of Perjury in the History of Government Testimony' by passionflounder in politics

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You blast this wall of text almost everytime you post. You're clearly some type of troll or shill. I'm really surprised more subverses don't ban you.

Why has Israel not banned pornography? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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I agree with both oligarchracy and Islamofascist. It has no bearing on the central claim. That being said there are more restrictions on porn in Israel than the US. I believe they require a note from head of household to the ISP to open certain domains.

Leftist Democrat Mayor sentenced to 30 years for kiddie porn by [deleted] in news

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The people that run the modern world are all pro tranny, pro adrogeny, murderous, child trafficking pedos or complicit family members of said pedos.

Most of the time when you see a person in a powerful position go down for 'child porn' or some other egregious offense against children it's always one of two options.

Option one: they're connected to the elites, fucked up and are being punished, i.e. kicked out of the club.

Option two: they are gaining popularity, attention, power and fame and refuse to join the elites (i.e. refuse to join the ranks of elite pedophiles). Pedophilia and other sadistic pychopathic behavior is essentially a way to ensure that you are going to protect the mafia family that runs this shit show we call the 'modern' 'progressive' world. Acting like a pedo psychopath is 'insurance' that you are going to protect the new world order mafia and for the record the racial make-up of the NWO order elites is jewish.

If we (all racial groups) work to reduce the power and influence of jews on our major western institutions the globbalist mafia will teeter and hopefully fall. Elites can't run the world without out their extensive spy/power base in the jewish community.

I hate women by sneako in AskSaidIt

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It's the jews.

How would you deal with "white trash" children? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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You don't seem to be arguing in good faith. Please fix that.

How would you deal with "white trash" children? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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I can't tell if you're a troll or just retarded.

Will Hispanics in America become White to prevent any minority-white nation? Why do so many liberals believe that? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Tough topic to talk about because I don't want to dox where I live (not even the state). I don't really like talking much about my younger life either but I have written on this board about dating Hispanic women in high school (pre redpill), getting to know their families, and I will say that in my current career I have to work with lots of non whites including Hispanics. Hispanics are absolutely a few steps above blacks. They certainly have a better work ethic than blacks. They seem to appreciate traditional masculine and female roles with more respect towards traditional family dynamics. They have less homosexuality than blacks. Although the homosexuality rate in Mexico is quite high. Many Hispanics in the southwest are multi generational and they aren't all migrant labors. Many are in construction, auto, service industry, education, etc. I rarely meet Hispanics, even educated ones that like to read so that's a big obvious difference from Europeans. Another downside is that there's a big range of nationalities and genetic backgrounds in the umbrella of 'hispanic' and a good chunk of them (like guatmalens) are closer on the spectrum to niggers than other clusters. My understanding is that this is a result of the Spanish caste system. I think I've just lived my life around Hispanics that come from higher caste and so my opinion is probably biased. On the other hand it seems to me like most american that live in the midwest or east coast only get to meet non english speaking mexicans working in janitorial or restaurant trades.

The one big thing hispanics have going for them is they hate progressivism/liberalism and they are natural fascists (see the alt political scene in mexico). Mexicans like civilization and would get behind a strong leader to purge the criminal element or low class element from a society. Mexicans really want to be Americans and own things (i.e. maintain things) and be part of European type civilization. Mexicans are significantly better military counterparts as well compared to blacks IMHO. Mexicans/hispanics have strongly rejected all the LGBT shit and under the right circumstances could be strong allies to a white nationalist power structure.

Will Hispanics in America become White to prevent any minority-white nation? Why do so many liberals believe that? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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The American southwest and Texas.

Will Hispanics in America become White to prevent any minority-white nation? Why do so many liberals believe that? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Hispanics that are more Spaniard genetically are white. I live in an area with a lot of Americanized Hispanics so I really don't see much of a problem with them integrating into white society. That being said there's been a concerted effort to bring in low quality Hispanics as part of the cultural and economic war against whites in the United States. Of course I oppose that. Unfortunately, we are knee deep in this type of immigration and we sound like lunatics politically if we say we need to deport every single hispanic from the United States.

I consider both asians and Hispanics white adjacent. Which means that it's more politically expedient for us to work with and co-opt these groups as allies against our globbalist enemies. Under the right conditions asians and hispanics can be talked into the values of nationalism and racial preservation. To a degree even collaboration with blacks against Jews is possible. I think hispanics and asians would be better and more reliable allies though. As far as race mixing goes I'm more tolerant of whites that breed with asians and hispanics vs other races like blacks. That being said breeding with non whites should always be discouraged. I'm just wondering how we're going to do that if we have no political or cultural power at all going forward.

Prominent Researcher Richard Lynn Dies at 93 - Obituary by Jared Taylor by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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Revolver news had a nice story up about him. Can't find if for the life of me though.

Howdy! by FilthyZinester in Introductions

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HH my fellow waternigga.

"It's Okay To Be White" is hate speech according to the ADL by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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bait poster.

Do we need new moderators/admins? by Gravi in AskSaidIt

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Well said. Such a good point.

Where is the evidence for the claim that the left supports pedophilia? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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I don't think anyone in the dissident political space has it all right but collectively there's something there. The guy I probably agree the most with at this juncture is Devon Stack aka Blackpilled. He's the only dissident podcast I'm listening to consistently right now.

Where is the evidence for the claim that the left supports pedophilia? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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I learned about lifetime actors through Alex Jones and Mark Dice. I'm not the biggest Jones fan but two things he was 100% right on were lifetime actors and endocrine disrupting chemicals. Mark Dice has a few books out. I haven't read them but I'm sure he must have a chapter or two on lifetime actors because he references them on his youtube channel. Another guy that helped me wrap my head around both lifetime and crisis actors is Alan Watt. I use to listen to his radio broadcast pretty regularly.

If I can find a specific article or broadcast that I feel does a good job I'll send it over to you. I also like the youtuber ReallyGraceful.

Does anyone have all the violent videos? From Paris. by RapeMyMouth in debatealtright

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The pinned thread has a few videos in the comments.

There's constant updates on the daily stormer with links to videos (mostly on twitter).

PJW just did a video

Do you think it is acceptable for a White man to race mix because they were unable to find a good White woman? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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d and c stands for divide and conquer. Which means when you get the board arguing you win because you split the enemy up and distract them from other more pressing topics; it's a way to slide the board. We have a list of troll strategies on the sidebar if you want to read about them. Some common troll topics: what is white? Is race mixing ok? What do you think about 'Christ cucks'? Why are white women fat whores? etc etc. If you do want to talk about one of those topics make sure you explain yourself fully and talk in a respectful and informative way and try to respond timely in the thread. If you don't you might be accused of being a new troll or an old trolled disguised under a new name (we have two very common old trolls salos and socks). As an alt right discussion forum we get a LOT of trolls so we are always on guard. I've seen you on other subverses on saidit and you seem pretty genuine so at this juncture there are no mods accusing you of being a sockpuppet account.

Do you think it is acceptable for a White man to race mix because they were unable to find a good White woman? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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So would Hmong be below tier 12

I don't know much about them. I consider the Japanese and Koreans a bit higher ranked than Chinese and other Asians. I would say even if this guy is ugly/average he could probably go find a Japanese women or higher quality Asian. Yes, I might soft criticize him if I met him (I don't think we should worry much about him considering he's almost in his 50's; it's men from teens to 30's we should most be concerned about). Average and ugly white men need to know that if they just got a haircut and ask out more women they could easily date higher tiers (maybe not top notch white women but higher tiers on that list). Most of the problem is grooming and logistics. There's also nothing wrong with lower quality white men and women not breeding. I would never force them not to breed but we don't have to actively help them breed either. There needs to be some type of soft eugenics going on. It's what made whites what they are.

Do you think it is acceptable for a White man to race mix because they were unable to find a good White woman? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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Can I still be taken seriously as an advocate for my people

Yes. I wrote my opinion on this here:

or will I be dismissed because I am in an inter racial marriage?

Most people that dismiss such a person are either purity shills or out of touch. Purity spiraling is bad IMHO. It's not good for our movement (at least not in the states; Europe is a bit different). Now people that fetishize non whites and have a preference for them and think that whites should go around breeding non whites are a different story.

Because the fact is that White women have been turned against White men, and this is why I am with a Hmong woman.

Not all white women have been turned against white men. The dating market is bad but it's not that bad. This commenter doesn't have to date a Hmong women either. With the right effort he could find a white women. I'm not going to chastize him either though because I know how bad the dating market is. Asians and Hispanics aren't as bad as other non whites anyway. See previous comment.

Personally, I don't think producing a mixed-race child is ever a good thing.

Not all mixed race children are the same and if mixed race couples stay a small majority of the whole they really aren't a problem. Having super agressive purity standards will turn people off to our views though so I propose being flexibly with some of these things.

Those kids have many physical and mental problems

There's no denying this. It's true. Race mixing is not ideal.

Isn't the best choice to just adopt a white kid?

In some cases yes but men shouldn't cuck themselves either.

Where is the evidence for the claim that the left supports pedophilia? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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shit about Michelle being transgender is stupid and ignorant.

I didn't say is was a hard fact. Obviously there's no hard evidence that Michelle Obama is a tranny besides bulge pictures and vid/pics of him coming out of a gym with a mustache. There's also a pic floating around of Obama in college with a man that looks like Michelle. However, there's the well established fact that elites use lifetime actors for certain political and celebrity roles. There's the fact that globalists universally promote androgyny and transgenderism. (the Jews worship a god that combines male and female traits and it's damn near a fact at this point that Jews are controlling western societies). There's the fact that many politicians and celebrities in the past have been questionable as to their gender (George H Bush's 'wife', Bill gates wife, Celebs raising their kids trans, etc). You can watch Mr. E videos, formerly on YouTube, where he analyzes the hips, shoulders, Adams apples and early lives of sus actors and politicians. I was totally skeptical until I spent time with those videos. Now I'm convinced that a large portion of these figures are trans. Don't you think it's strange that even republicans now are not allowed to oppose LGBT and trans 'rights'? That's because the uni party (the name I give for the people that finance and control both parties) controls the politicians and being anti trans would be to oppose many of the oligarch families. There's also good evidence that Barack Obama is a lifetime actor as well, a homosexual, and his daughters are not his (daughters look very much like two long time childless friends of the Obamas). With Barack being lifetime actor there's no surprise that his 'spouse' would also be one. You might call it 'stupid and arrogant' but for me and research I've done on the power structure it's not only likely but probable. We basically have a weird satanist tranny worshiping cult running western society and there IS hard evidence for that. If we have a tranny cult running banking and media why would it surprise you when they put up a gay glowie and his tranny partner for President? Don't you think it was weird how much support Obama received when he ran? Hell I fell for it and voted for him in 2008.

Ginsburg didn't advocate lowering the age of consent to 12

She's Jewish. Are you not JQ woke? Jews support lowering the age of consent because they have a cultural history of raping children both inside and outside their clan all though there are different rules for Jews and non Jews. Have you not read the Talmud? I don't really care about what exactly she said in '77 or at the '93 hearing. If she's Jewish she's going to work either implicitly or explicitly for lowering of consent. Why do you think almost universally everyone behind LGBTQ and norming child sexuality is Jewish? Check out the Jew Paglia

I remember seeing a video of RBG on stage talking about the age of consent thing as well but that video is totally gone now. Can't find it on youtube, bitchute or odysee. I'll start looking for it and make a post if I find it.

edit. 1

I found the original text referenced in the 1993 hearing. First I read the hearing. Here's that:

Then I found a pdf of the original 1977 RBG publication and found the referenced page (102)

Screen shot in case the pdf is taken down.

On the page you can clearly see her list of recommendations. She clearly advocated for removing the 'carnal knowledge' clause, which mentions the age of 16, and then right below that you can clearly see her suggest/advocate for new language and the new language moves the age of offense down to 'below 12'. Seems pretty clear to me. If she back tracked and said she changed her mind on this I don't really believe her because it's consistent with other Jews in elite circles. If your read the rest of that publication you can see lots of cultural programming changes to the legal code. These aren't about making society safer they are about changing society to a world Jews are comfy living in. RBG would be overjoyed to see all the degenerate pride festivals and all the gender neutral language being inserted into laws and corporate structures.

Steve Kirsch testifies: “We Can’t Find an Autistic Kid Who Was Unvaccinated”. “The Amish are a perfect example of a large group of people who are largely unvaccinated,” “You won’t find kids with ADD, autoimmune disease, with epilepsy. You just don’t find any of these chronic diseases in the Amish.” by Orangutan in politics

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Source? My understanding is you have to have very small numbers for that to be a problem. Like less than 300 people or breeding within the immediate family like many islamists have done for centuries. There are approximately 350k amish in the united states and they do not allow incest.

HAPPENING: Race War in Paris, Sirens turned on for first time since WW2, IEDs and Attempted Prison Break by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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I'm going to pin this thread so we don't have to make a bunch. AA wrote a good article this morning with lots of twitter video links. If you have hard drive space please save these clips because once this thing burns out the uni party will try to cover it up and act like it didn't happen.

Few more clips I saved from pol threads last night

based CCTV pole

elephant in the room

this is fine

BURN THEIR CHURCHES TO THE GROUND!!! by [deleted] in collapse

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They even broke into a zoo

Where is the evidence for the claim that the left supports pedophilia? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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Your mistake comes in assuming the 'left' is some type of organic group of independent voters that just comes together on some political platform. The left is 90% NPC and 10% cultural programmers. The culture programmers use the herd mentality of their political base to push the edges of social norms (with the end goal of destroying traditional societies European or anyone else in the crosshairs).

First it was women rights, black rights, then gays, then trans and the next step is pedophilia and bestiality. Of course all these movements weren't about rights. We know that because once these groups did have legal blockers removed they immediately started pushing for legal privilege disguised as rights. Of course pedophilia will be a hard sell consider it's universal historical taboo but that didn't stop gay or trans right movements. The jews that push these things don't stop until they're forced too.

If you want 'proof' I'd go back to the film industry of the 70's. It wasn't right wingers making all these edgy films with underage actresses. When I was getting redpilled on the gays I watched a documentary of a preacher that took an undercover camera to a gay bar. Almost everyone he talked to had had their first sexual 'experience' as children or adolescence and the men in the bar expressed deep desire to relive those experiences with 'youth'. They of course used tactful language but they were all talking about basically being molested and or raped and desiring to rape children and teens. It was disgusting and it really opened my mind to what's going on. Related Webm

LGBTQ and the movements that came before it weren't about 'rights'. Gay people already enjoy more rights and safety in western countries then any other place or any other time in history. No, the lgbt 'rights' were about being able to live degenerate lifestyles with more and more access to impressionable youth that they could convert through rape and molestation.

Even a casual look at the history of pro LGBT and pro pedophilia speakers you will uncover almost exclusively leftist Jews. The Jew Ginsberg ran the man boy love association. The Jew Foucault advocated for extreme degeneracy and sex with children. The Jew Ruth Bader Ginsberg (may she rest in hell) advocated for bringing the age of consent to 12. The Jew Woody Allen openly admitted his sexual exploits with a child in his care and kept a relationship with her into adulthood. Hollywood insider articles are written about this and nobody says a word.

Today the film industry dominated by leftists has continued to push sexualizing children. Here's one example. Netflix's Cuties is another. And then there's the countless drag shows and pride festivals* all over the country that allow children to be exposed to sexuality and many children are encouraged to mimic the degenerate promiscuous and unhealthy adult gay lifestyle behavior: see Devon is Amazing for an example. The jews that fund and organize these things know that children learn through observation and repeating what they see. Modern western society is morphing into public, no shame, child grooming. It's pure evil. And I didn't even get to the fact that most leftist politicians are gay, trannies or sympathetic to gays and tranies. Obama is gay and 'Michelle' is a tranny. In fact most of Hollywood is gay, tranny and/or pro LGBTQ and they are almost all universally leftists.


edit 1. LGBT activist admitting child indoctrination is a goal

Anti White shitlib vermin crying their eyes out on reddit over the affirmative action ruling by Nasser in debatealtright

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That's a good point. I guess it's the opposite. lol. I wouldn't be surprised is they double dip though and use grants and loans for jews while also being counted as white.

Do you know if the civil rights act included religion as a protected class?

Disparate impact laws do have a religious clause but I don't think the civil rights act does. Disparate impact is also more of a legal doctrine that looks different between federal and state and among different states.

Anti White shitlib vermin crying their eyes out on reddit over the affirmative action ruling by Nasser in debatealtright

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Jews magically stop being white when it comes to college admissions.

Anti White shitlib vermin crying their eyes out on reddit over the affirmative action ruling by Nasser in debatealtright

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I don't think this ruling is really a win for the right. There were already 8 states that banned AA and they were still finding ways to promote unqualified non whites over whites in colleges. I think they are just going to find other ways to discriminate against whites and Asians. The current structure was just too obvious. The alt right recruited lots of people and recruited lots of asian sympathizers by simply pointing out how the colleges discriminated. Back in 2018 and 19 I remember getting hundreds of liberal redditers to sympathize when I showed them the college data.

I would not be surprise if Dr. Duke's article and the political activism of the alt right inspired that court case.

Don't get me wrong it's small step in a positive direction but the immigration ruling the day before was terrible for the right and this case just seems like a way to distract from that.

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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I think you're right, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt until they clearly prove otherwise.

SubSaidit Stats by Netweasel in AskSaidIt

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I'll just page the users for you



Did anyone else block the Christ cuck guy? He posts too much and it’s all inflammatory. I don’t know if it’s even news. by RapeMyMouth in AskSaidIt

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He has been banned from DAR for 7 days.

HAPPENING: Race War in Paris, Sirens turned on for first time since WW2, IEDs and Attempted Prison Break by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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Maybe this will wake up the native french hiding in the suburbs to the idea that importing millions of Africans was a bad idea. The yellow vest protests were a start but it seems like the system wasn't intimidated by peaceful white protests. Western media didn't really cover the yellow vests either. I wonder if they will cover these riots.

@send_nasty_stuff is a reddit mod cuck. /s/debatealtright is a kike den. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Glad you're here as well. Regardless of your political beliefs you seem like a genuine person and it's nice to have genuine people on saidit.

I came here during the reddit banwave of 2018 and stayed more permanently during the second banout in 2020. If you're exploring dissident ideas please don't be afraid to PM me or ask a question publicly on DAR. Our group is much smaller then is was on reddit but it still has some very knowledgeable people willing to explain complicated topics.

I started my redpill journey on DAR in 2017 when I came into the forum because I had been a lurker and wanted to try to argue against 'evil racists'. I was pro Jewish, pro college/university, pro mainstream science, libertarian, etc and while I didn't hate white people I didn't really see myself as a part of the European race. I just thought of myself as a citizen of the world. I was just messing around with a reddit alt account I'd created (that's how my weird username doesn't sound very polished). Within a couple of months not only did I learn that the dissident arguments had merit I also learned that the 'racists' weren't as evil or inflamatory as I'd been taught. My liberal/libertarian views started to morph and here I am today. I also supported Bernie sanders in 2015 and watching the political establishment cuck him (and him taking it) made me look for more answers. I'm not sure if you've seen it but a recent reddit group called r/wayofthebern has migrated from reddit and there are some good people over there. They aren't full blown alt right dissidents but they are willing to have discussions and explore alternative explanations and I appreciate that.

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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Welp. I guess you could say that was your last... Illusion.

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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Last warning. Keep it up and you'll have a 7 day ban.

@send_nasty_stuff is a reddit mod cuck. /s/debatealtright is a kike den. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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I'm been on saidit for 4 years but I'm not a daily user. I will take weeks or sometimes months without really checking it much. When I do check it it's mainly to just help mod s/debatealtright the rest of saidit is relatively dead so I don't spend month time outside of debatealtright (DAR). There are also certain times of year I have a lot of work to do and certain times of year I have more time to post.

@send_nasty_stuff is a reddit mod cuck. /s/debatealtright is a kike den. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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aw shucks.. *blushes You made a whole thread about me? I'm flattered!

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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The apostle Paul went to Greece to spread the good word. That was 2000 years ago. Northern Africa and the Levant are closely tied to European history. The Levant is part of the Mediterranean Sea which is part of Europe so they are connected. Within 300 years of Christ's death Christianity was all over Europe. There's also evidence that Europeans themselves originated or spent significant time in the past in the Levant or Caucasus mountain region. You do realize that's why whites are often referred to as Caucasians/Caucasoid? The Caucasus mountains are literally the eastern edge of Europe.

You don't seem very informed. You seem like you're here to just push some type of divide and conqueror propaganda where you attempt to get whites to hate and distance themselves from one of their unique historical religions. A religion that has provided millions of Europeans with purpose and motivation to defend their lands from invaders like Muslims, Jews, Mongolians, etc.

You strike me as anti white. Do you hate white people? If you're not anti white, if you're here in good faith please layout an argument. If you truly disagreed with Christianity surly you can lay out a level headed argument without insult? Or do you just have a rage against Christianity for personal reasons? What is your racial background? Do you hail from a racial group, such as jews, that hate Christians and carry atavistic hate with them wherever they go?

Compilation of Holocaust Denial Arguments and how self-victimization strategy works. by HibikiBlack in debatealtright

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You're on a pro European discussion group. Paganism and christianity are native european religions. Insulting either of them is quite offensive. I won't ban you of course because this is a debate format group. However, slurs, especially anti white or anti white religion slurs are low on the saidit pyramid of debate. If you want to make an argument that Christianity is bad for europeans you're welcome to do that in a separate thread. Consider this a soft informal warning.

Reminder. As of right now we have two functional back up boards or 'sister' boards. One on and one on by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Appreciate the heads up. I never really fed post. Even if I wanted too it's just not my style. I have noticed that certain violent posts and comments do not get removed from that site which makes me think it's a type of honey pot. What's weird is that I've messaged mods to pull stuff down and made comments that random violence posting doesn't get us anywhere and I've been attacked in the comments. Nevertheless, conpro win is the closest thing I've seen to an active alt right discussion board so I still use it. Like I said in previous comments I think we are all being tracked on every forum so it's all about be tactful about what you say anyway. Unrelated side note: just watched this Asha Logos video that I though was excellent. I'm going to make a thread about it but I will share it with you ahead of time:

Doctors say trans kids often say they are what they think their parents want them to be. by Canbot in whatever

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It you have a mom that's really into child pageants the child will pickup that they are letting their mother down by not feigning interest. The parent interprets this interest as genuine because they want it too be. It's natural for kids to get taken in by their parents enthusiasm. Unfortunately, because of this transgender insanity (((trend))) you have kids that are being allowed to make decisions that will affect them their entire lives.

Claim: The mods should update the link to the normies' guide to the alt-right because the Daily Stormer website is down by ceck in debatealtright

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If you like more high brow alt right/dissident content I'd look into

Anglin is a bit tongue in cheek but still very consistent and reliable.

Some of Anglin's better articles as well as other dissident writers are archived at

Here are some other quality writers

edit. I just now noticed you already mentioned some of these writers in your post but I guess it's good to bring more attention to them. I enjoyed them. If you like good writing I have a bookmark folder that I call 'mandatory reading' that I've been saving for years that has what I consider good articles. I don't really want to dump them all on you though. Is there any particular topic in the dissident space that you want to read more about? Here are a couple of articles I've read recently that I liked

Claim: The mods should update the link to the normies' guide to the alt-right because the Daily Stormer website is down by ceck in debatealtright

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DS switched from .in to .name

here's a working link:

I will update the sidebar and add an archived version as well. Keep in mind the date (8/31/16; that pre Charlottesville) on that article. The alt right has morphed quite a lot after AA wrote it but it's a great summary of the orgins from a source that was there for the whole development. I believe Michael Malice was putting together a history of the alt right but that project seems to have stalled (or he was paid off not to write it).

Side note the 'featured article' landing page wasn't working for me earlier but the tor link always works


here's the feature article link that I check in the mornings as part of my morning news routine

Potential Coup by Wagner PMC underway in Russia by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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No problem. I found a screenshot related to our discussion.

Roseanne Barr denies the holocaust by send_nasty_stuff in altrightwebm

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What is the Alt Right/White Nationalist plan to increase the White birthrate? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Get control of banking, media, legal and government.

Since that's difficult, the next best thing is to create a pro natal counter culture that young white men and white women get invested in. There's a healthy history of sub culture and counter culture in the united states. It's in our wheelhouse to do this but it's easier to do if you live closely with other whites which is why I propose people getting out of mixed race and liberal cities and getting into rural areas.

Potential Coup by Wagner PMC underway in Russia by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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What they do is that they call everyone with our views "stormfags" or similar words, they are driving everyone purposefully to stormfront. Why?

I think the JIDF trolls on the maga boards are playing a few different games. They don't want the fairly large MAGA voter base becoming aware of the issues talked about in the alt right/dissident space. They don't want Trump conservativism, which is pro israel and civic nationalist, to become anti Israel and ethnic nationalist. The way they do that is to stigmatize anyone with dissident views as nazis (whether or not they are 'soft' or 'hard' in their messaging). If they can label you a stormfront neo nazi they can go after your job, they can get your wife to leave you, they can get businesses or schools to stop serving you. This scares a lot of conservatives because many of them own or work for small businesses that don't want to get crushed by some type of social cancel culture attack. 'Stormfag' is a lead attack term because Stormfront is a pre alt right internet board. It was a hardcore white nationalist board when it appeared on the scene. They didn't soft sell race realism, JQ, or anything else. They were unapologetic and uncouth (so was daily stormer when it first appeared; anglin has softened the site a bit). When the alt right came along they took most of the same topics discussed on stormfront and made them a little softer and more appealing to younger people and leftists. That scared Jews as well which is why they came down on the unite the right protest so hard. I think that jew trolls on conservative sites just bring up stormfront because stormfront is aggressive not necessarily because storm from is deeply controlled by Jews.

I never see anyone in our spheres pushing stormfront.

I think that's just because you and I both live in the alt right 'soft sell' race realism space. I'm sure if you started exploring OG white nationalist circles you come in contact with more aggressive types. Are some of these aggressive white nationalists jews and feds planted to make nationalism look unappealing? Absolutely, but I don't think they all are. In fact you bring up a good point that stromfront might have been over the top on purpose. I'd really have to research it more. Personally though I've read the Dailystormer for years and I don't think Anglin writes the way he does to make the space look bad. He does it for attention that's for sure but he seems genuine to me in his desire to get the good word out.

They play all sides. Look at LibsOfTikTok. They ban everyone so that she, a jew, can take up the space in the vacuum created.

This is very true.

They even created a free speech sub that would "sanction" their own subs as free speech subs, while they attacked the subs they didn't control, so the mods of those subs had to create stricter rules, which made people leave those subs etc.

I've seen these things as well. Remember though that storm front is not a sub or tick tock account. It's an old message board. White nationalists in the 90's didn't have the same type of pressures on them that white nationalists do today. There was more free speech in the 90's so people didn't have to be so tactful in their communication.

One thing I like to remind dissidents about is to be aware that ALL of our spaces are fed and jew infiltrated. It just goes with the territory. They aren't all totally controlled by Jews though. There's a big difference between infiltrated and dominated/controlled. Spies is just part of politics; we've got to get use to them and push forward with spreading our message and recruiting more genuine normal folk to the cause.

I will admit my mistake if I am wrong.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I can't really speak since I'm not a long term visitor; but I can speak to anglin's site which I think it legit.

How come every time a white woman has her CitiBike stolen by a black man, or confronts a birdwatcher in Central Park—the whole planet knows her name and she gets fired. But when “literal Nazis” show up waving flags, it’s a complete mystery who they are. And the media never tries to find out. Weird. by Chipit in news

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In Fascism corporations are allowed to exist only if they serve the interests of the peoples.

Well said. We should not call the current government 'fascist'. It's just not accurate. The companies that do closely align with the government aren't doing it to serve the interests of the people. They aren't doing it because a populist strongman is taking power and forcing them to serve the people. They are doing it because they are assisting in the theft of wealth from the people. Our government is run by people that hate most of humanity and want international government to turn humanity into something like a permanent slave class that's unaware and even happy about its slavery. Any racial group that would oppose that and favor sovereignty is a mortal enemy to them. The united states government and most western governments would best be described as kleptocracies.

How come every time a white woman has her CitiBike stolen by a black man, or confronts a birdwatcher in Central Park—the whole planet knows her name and she gets fired. But when “literal Nazis” show up waving flags, it’s a complete mystery who they are. And the media never tries to find out. Weird. by Chipit in news

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You don't think federal agents dress up as antifa or proudboys or 'nazis' to create trouble? Are you familar with the concept of a false flag or false flag actor?

Potential Coup by Wagner PMC underway in Russia by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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I didn't link DS. I linked a twitter post.

I'll bite though.

DailyStormer is run by Andrew Anglin. I'm sure you know who that is. Anglin is not a Jew or a Jewish propaganda outlet to my knowledge.

Stormfront is a very old white nationalist message board. Storm front has thousands of articles and discussions about Jewish influence on western society. Seems legit to me (although I don't really use the site much). If storm front is Jewish propaganda I'd be interesting in hearing out what Jews have to gain in running a site that analyzes and exposes Jewish crimes through history. Why would jews run a website that exposes the holocaust money laundering scheme and looks at the real history behind banking, and the two world wars?

Breitbart is absolutely Jewish propaganda. It started the career of Ben Shapiro and Milo. Breitbart doesn't name the Jew. Breitbart is essentially a standard controlled opposition RINO rag that is pro LGBT, pro Israel and pro Jew.

Dailystormer and stormfront are very different than breitbart.

List of banned subreddits part 1 by Dankmemer420 in WatchRedditDie

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I started and modded that sub. I monitored every post. Anything that was promoting violence, post or comment, was removed immediately. I was never even given a warning that the sub was 'promoting violence'. Then out of nowhere as our sub was growing rapidly. From 500 subs to 1k and almost hitting 2k in a matter of weeks it was banned without warning. I've reestablish that sub here on saidit.


Another sub mentioned in that list is r/200acres (saidit clone here: It's in the 'promoting hate' category. I really enjoyed that sub and read almost every post and comment. It was literally just a homesteading sub. We talked about chickens, buying land, ranching, gardening, fermenting, etc. Obviously the users were pro europeans but the sub stayed away from most politics and only occasionally got into ethnostate discussions and creating Amish type communities. Where's the 'hate' in that? Reddit is so full of shit and I'm glad I got removed from that hypocritical, degenerate, satanic run hellhole.