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Christianity is not a middle eastern religion. It's an ancient levantian religion and white people occupied the levant at the time.

What do you think of Nick Fuentes? by WeastGang in debatealtright

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are further left than protestants

And further right ;)

So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth

Citing Racial Inequities, Boston Public Schools Suspend New Advanced Learning Classes by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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acceptability of voluntary segregation

Never going to happen. Even as white racial conscientious increases and whites separate purposefully they won't allow it. There will be political movements to tax whites that flee diversity. Rural land will no longer be affordable to whites as Jews like Gates buy it up and rezone it or give it away to blacks. I think this is a big reason they are pushing the smart cities, Internet of things, semi annual vaccinations, and UBI. You won't own anything and will be 100% financially, medically and physically reliant on the system. Once they built that umbilical cord they will threaten to sever it if you don't give into increasing degeneracy, race mixing and 'alternative family' ideals.

Opinion of Ernst Röhm? by Courbeaux in debatealtright

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Opinion of Ernst Röhm? by Courbeaux in debatealtright

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I'm not sure what your inquiry has to do with dissident/alt right politics.

This is a dissident sub not a nat soc sub. There are apologists, sympathizers and full on fascists here but we are not exclusively national socialists.

A better post would go something like, "Ernst Rohm was [insert useful information about the person] what is your opinion about him? The reason I ask is: [insert reason you are asking]. My question is open to [insert group you are targeting your question too]"

There's a reason why nobody has responded your question in 10 hours.

If you do not update this post or respond to my comment I will delete this thread for rule 4 violation.

Massive fertility collapse in developed countries in the last 10 years by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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If a high IQ person can be subverted then I'm not sure why I should consider them special.

Nobody is really asking you to consider high IQ people special. The alt right is not arguing high IQ people are special. Please learn what are actual positions are.

We are simply arguing that white people of all IQs are special (save the ones that hate themselves and want to end the breed).

Massive fertility collapse in developed countries in the last 10 years by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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White people are not in control of their own countries. If we were we wouldn't need non racial arguments like 'iq' to keep non whites out of our homelands. IQ is brought up as a defensive rhetorical tool. The Han Chinese don't use IQ arguments to keep Somalis, Guatemalans, and Palestinians out of china. They just keep them out.

Every time you hear a right wing person bring up IQ just know that they are politely asking not to be bred out of existence by oligarchs that hate them.

You present a strawman. You assume that all 140 IQ people are like Jim playing video games. Jim is playing video games because of cultural subversion. Jim would have been bred out or starved out or used more appropriately in a culture controlled by pro white eugenicists. Eugenics isn't about improving IQ. It's about improving ALL aspects of the breed. IQ is only one narrow human quality.

Joe Biden Bombs Syria by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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You'd be amazed how much legislation is actually made in Israel.

Should Hitler have won WW2? by WeastGang in debatealtright

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Hitler's most dishonorable action was when he ordered that Germany itself be razed to the ground to spare the people from the shame of defeat


He had gone fully loco by the last 3 years of the war, driven mad by paranoia, delusions of grandeur, and most alarmingly, a meth addiction.

Source that's not one of the 11 Jewish historians that are 'approved' by governments to write about this topic. (wikipedia is not a source either)

Eric Striker and other Hitler worshippers should really read up on the war itself

Calling the mainstream anti Hitler narrative bunk is not Hitler worship. Striker and guys like Ahab, Duke and Enoch are quite well read on the topic. Duke went to the newly opened soviet archive in the 90's. You'd know that if you were familiar with dissidents and not just here to blast the board with long screeds.

Its ludicrous to believe blindly in Nazi propaganda.

Where are you getting that alt right figures believe blindly in Nazi propaganda? I've been patient with you on this board but this is just a downright stupid and subversive thing to say. Believing any propaganda blindly is stupid but not all propaganda is the same. 'Nazi' is also a Jewish slur created by yellow journalism. You should read The Myth of Germany Villainy by Benton L. Bradbury. In dissident spheres we refer to 'nazis' as national socialists and if you want to run a better infiltration operation you should probably stop using the word.

I don't know how you can call yourself a dissident and buy all the bullshit about Hitler's Germany. Its fascinating to me.

They simultaneously called Japanese the Aryans of the east while genociding Poles by settling millions of Germans in Poland.

Holyshit this is a blatant lie. Germans did not genocide poles. A large chunk of the western populace of Poland were German. So I guess you've finally exposed yourself as an anti nat-soc. I'm surprised you didn't try to mention the lebensraum anti slav lie. That's easily debunked as well.


Black man assaults and kills Asian man in San Francisco. American leftists protest "white supremacy". by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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That title hurts my brain.

Answering a normie question on Quora- Which is the country of the future- America or Russia? by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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That's a legacy and it's a result of the size and abundance of resources in that region. As California sees an exit of whites and continues to be mismanaged it's economy will also be effected. Furthermore, remember that having a strong economy doesn't mean the populace is treated well and happy. It's means that there's abundant economic activity and that's all it means.

I'm Un-Modding From My Subs About Power, Corruption & Lies by JasonCarswell in SaidIt

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No worries Jason. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

Can the Q sphere be influenced? by Nasser in debatealtright

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It can and should be influenced.

Every. Fucking. Time. by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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I mostly only watch films these days recommends by other DR guys.

It's getting to the point there isn't even anything to recommend. I cancelled my Netflix and don't watch much of anything anymore. I work to much anyway. Most of my entertainment consumption time is DIY videos, fitness videos, educational docs, podcasts, etc. I spend a lot of my free time hiking/walking/fixing shit. I occasionally do a re-watch of Longmire, firefly, or old star trek but that's about it for TV/film for me. We should do a monthly media thread to get some ideas circulating around.

In my personal life, I follow the NAP by tantamle in debatealtright

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For example, third worlders are breeding like rabbits and due to their lower average IQs it's difficult for them to be self-sufficient, both factors leading to mass-poverty and starvation, which in turn makes them mass-migrate to white nations

Won't they just stay in their own countries and starve if we have proper ethnostates though? The only way they are allowed to immigrate is when anti white genocidal Jews sneak into power positions and let them in (which theoretically wouldn't happen in an ethnostate). If whites controlled our own countries we'd be able to propagandize our populace into not getting duped by third world suffering. The only reason millions of whites want to open their arms to these third worlders is because of Jew propaganda.

If we could take back control over those third world nations, we could impose legal restrictions on the amount of children they can have so their economies and infrustructure become less over-burdened,

If Jews are still around they are just going to reframe this as 'evil white genociding the poor brown people' and they are going to attempt to divide us and get other countries to attack us for our troubles. No good deed goes unpunished. Your proposal reminds me of the 'white man's burden' argument. We all know how that turned out. Do you really think that we have the magic touch to stop third worlders breeding? Only nature can do that in my opinion and we should let nature run its course.

because if we refuse to take power, another race or civiliaztion will anyways

Maybe? However, if whites are truly as strong as we think we are how is it that another race and/or ethnic group will really be able to dominate the world without our approval/consent?

And I disagree that it's inherently hypocritical for us to desire to be the ones in charge,

Agreed. It's not really very feasible right now though. If whites desire to 'manage' the world in a healthy way then first we need to FULL control of our homelands first and secure them. We are not in a position to debate who should run the world when the Jew and their allies are fast approaching total control.

I think the Jews will just remain in that position, and if we manage to remove the Jews from power but then refuse to claim it ourselves

How do you propose we remove Jews from world power? Don't you think that's a more pressing concern than who will control the world after Jews are out of power? Is there really any doubt who will control the world if Jews decline in influence?

But on an individual level, I still generally agree with the NAP. If a white person assaults, tries to rape or murder, or tries to steal property from a Jew or a black person, I think the Jew or the black person should have the right to self-defense

The NAP is a terrible argument because it hides the real reasons why humans attack and murder each other (religious, political, social and general group dynamics behind almost all violence). The NAP essentially ties the hands of anybody who internalizes it and the only people the internalize such an ideology are whites. If you really want whites to control the world they're not going to be able to do it with one hand tied behind their back.

In my personal life, I follow the NAP by tantamle in debatealtright

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About 6 months ago there was a good podcast with an anglo dissident and an irish dissident discussing this subject. Of course the anglo was pro white globalism and the Irishman (Keith Woods) was for nationalism and isolationism. I normally lean isolationism because globalism feels too Jewy to me but the anglo made some good points.

I'm torn about this topic in general. I feel like the desire for whites to rule over everyone just justifies all the neo liberal anti white hate that is directed at us. I know almost zero whites that want white globalism. Every time I see call for the US or Europe to get involved in world affairs it's really pro Jewish world affairs.

Let's compromise. I will consider the issue of white globalism after we get our ethnostates back and not before. Deal? Is white globalism really in the best interest of our people? That's the question we should be asking.

What do you think of Pence's comments after Rush Limbaugh's death? by Republican58 in debatealtright

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The GOP has been around for centuries

Only a 160 years and the current GOP is really a product of the Buckley compromise in which he drove out the John Birch society. The Republican party as you know it is only 60 years and it needs to totally transform or die. In my opinion it's too stuffed full of traitors and sellouts to successfully change enough to appeal to the direction that circumstances are pushing political discourse.

What do you think of Pence's comments after Rush Limbaugh's death? by Republican58 in debatealtright

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the party system blocks all paths for nationalists to come to power

Which is why it's better to let the party totally collapse and be replaced.

What do you think of Pence's comments after Rush Limbaugh's death? by Republican58 in debatealtright

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LMAO. You must be joking.

We need more activity on Ruqqus by YJaewedwqewq in debatealtright

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Agreed. However, It has taken a solid 8-12 months to get discussion going on saidit. The only way ruqqus will increase is if we kill the saidit group which I really don't want to do without good reason. Maybe I will chat with my fellow mods and consider a 30 day slow move over to ruqqus. Even though we have more in depth conversation here we are lacking new blood. Debate and outside input was always the point of DAR so under the right circumstances I would consider a full time move to ruqqus. I wish we had a better option though. Ruqqus is just as susceptible to censorship over the long run. Even though the admin on saidit have been dismissive of us they haven't sent any indication that they want to get rid of us.

Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together, Part 1 | Counter-Currents. Spencer J. Quinn makes the case that learning Solzhenitsyn's arguments on the JQ will fortify your arsenal. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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But Dobrovolsky contends that Christianity ruined the Slavs by distancing them from nature and that the church compromised itself under communism by cooperating with security police.

Wasn't the Orthodox church one of the primary groups supporting the White Army and the prerevolutionary order? Right off the bat it seems like there's either an ignorance of history there or a deliberate obfuscation. Personally I look at all paganism with a lot of skepticism.

In practice, Dobrovolsky’s paganism smacks of current New Age explorations in the West--the search for some new spiritual harmony bolstered by awareness of the planet’s ecological plight. And his rituals, although largely new-minted, also seem somehow familiar and potent.

I hate to say I agree with a "Goldberg" but the author of this article is right on the money here.

Dobrovolsky also performed a ceremony on new members to “unbaptize” them, removing what he called the “blasphemy of Christianity” by washing away the holy water of baptism with pure lake water and intoning magic words.

I strongly oppose this kind of thing. If anything I'd like to see white dissidents move to a type of trad christian/pagan blend.

Such intolerance sounds strange coming from a man who suffered so long for his anti-Communist views under the old regime. Dobrovolsky was first imprisoned at age 19 after trying to organize a coup, and he later spent years in the camps as an “enemy of the people.”

Lol. Sounds like a Russian Varg.

So does this guy get into any JQ stuff? If so the article left it out.

Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio pioneer, dead at 70 by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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I enjoy the Unz comment section as well. Thanks for sharing that one.

Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together, Part 1 | Counter-Currents. Spencer J. Quinn makes the case that learning Solzhenitsyn's arguments on the JQ will fortify your arsenal. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Can you share an article or something about him? Wikipedia and other jewgle sources are dogshit.

Any theories on why leftist whites are so self-hating? by WeastGang in debatealtright

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Lack of racial consciousness. You can't hate something you don't identify as real.

When a white liberal laughs and disparages another white person they don't see it as self hate. They just see a 'bigot' or a 'conservative' not another human being. When they see this person they've made moral judgement on them. Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters and other right wingers are all morally evil to liberals and morally evil people are fair game for their ridicule and persecution. To liberals whites are not one team fighting against the outside world. In a liberals brain they are the heroic defenders of oppressed groups. They are living a movie script in their minds. They are being the 'good' white person. They are assuaging a false guilt implanted at a young age. They are evil, they are responsible for all the wrong in the world, and the only way they can feel any relief from this anguish is daily penance. Wokeness is the new white religion and we are in the grips of what can only be described as a liberal moral panic.

Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together, Part 1 | Counter-Currents. Spencer J. Quinn makes the case that learning Solzhenitsyn's arguments on the JQ will fortify your arsenal. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Seems like the people that have to spend the most of amount of time in the closest proximity to Jews are the most jq pilled. The Germans and poles had a few centuries of dealing with Jews as well and we all know how that turned out.

25 Great Thinkers Of The Right by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Count me in with the Christian Chads. Atheist dissident right needs to be christian apologist or neutral. Anything else is subversive.

Hunt for the Great White Speech Criminal: Glenn Greenwald has Written the Defining Article of 2021 - AA by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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As do I and I agree weev is suspect. I don't think weev has any editorial control though. He just does backend tech stuff.

Hunt for the Great White Speech Criminal: Glenn Greenwald has Written the Defining Article of 2021 - AA by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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I find it hard to believe Anglin can write that much high quality material every. single. day.

He does have other writers. Eric Striker use to write for him. As did Azmador. Anglin seems to rely on a community of nationalists that have followed him for years who feed him info. If you read https://gameruprising.to/index.php you'll notice that he posts a lot over there and also uses threads to write articles. That would explain his volume of daily content. Anglin is also on the lamb and living out of the country so if funds dry up from DS he probably doesn't have a solid income stream. Writing and dissident politics are his life. I've also noticed pol and our sub contribute to the amplification of messages that AA might pick up on and write about.

I've been reading AA daily for almost 4 years now and he seems genuine to me.

I wonder whether "he" isn't a psyop, i.e. team of writers paid by our enemies.

Anglin seems too far out of the overton to even be considered controlled opposition. Which is another reason I think he's genuine. I've had the pleasure to listen to some of his live streams with Luke Ford and Ethan Ralph. Anglin always seems passionate and knowledgeable about the movement. People just can't seem to get over that the original idea of the site was an extreme parody site that agreed and amplified everything to extremes to get readership. That's why some of Anglin's stuff is so out there. That's the point of the site. The fact people go there for genuine news isn't Anglin's fault. It just shows you how decayed, corrupt, deceptive and disingenuous the mainstream media is.

Whistleblower from Berlin nursing home: the terrible dying after vaccination. 8 out of 31 residents died after receiving vaccine. by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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but distrusting vaccines

I don't distrust vaccines. The science behind vaccines is somewhat sound*. There are established vaccines that show effectiveness (all of these went through YEARS of testing). I distrust our elites who don't consider themselves part of the populace. We are simply a resource to these people.

What you need to understand is that our elites are not above using a manufactured public health scare and vaccine mandate as a Trojan horse for a number of evil plans. Our elites have an lot of goals: elimination of property, elimination of money, elimination of un controlled religions, elimination of whites as a distinct genetic and ethnic group, reduction of world population, ending european culture, ending christian culture, ending national borders, ending traditional gender roles, ending traditional families structures.

Get this in your head. A vaccine push that trains the populace on mandatory needles in the arm once a year isn't for your health it's for world wide slave training. It's that simple.

You can choose to be vaccinated and shield yourself from the virus, or you can catch the real thing and join the other 2.4 million people who are now dead from Covid.

These are just false statements but it would be too much work to break them down for you. I do not currently have that much time. Lurk more.

*there are many questions about modern vaccines that use metals like aluminum and mercury. There are also questions about excessive vaccination at young ages. However, this isn't the crux of the conversation. The danger around the corona vaccine is the fact that it's linked to new world order plans to dissolve borders and create a worldwide population controlled by one group.

Whistleblower from Berlin nursing home: the terrible dying after vaccination. 8 out of 31 residents died after receiving vaccine. by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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What is the purpose of anti-vax conspiracies?

Ask yourself a few questions.

Can you kill someone by injecting them with a deadly substance?

Can you sterilize someone by injecting them with a dangerous substance?

Can you maim/cripple/terrorize a large group of people by injecting them with a substance?

Do the people in control of our institutions have the motive to maim, terrorize, sterilize and kill?

Have the people in control of our institutions maimed, terrorized, sterilized and killed before?

Do the people in control of our institutions control enough news outlets that they can pull off a pandemic false flag? Have they used media control to pull off previous false flags?

How are teachers not the most redpilled people on Earth? by WeestGang in debatealtright

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Teachers are incredibly ideologicaly driven. They go into education primed by prof Shekelberg to see all the damage that evil patriarchal/colonial/toxic masculinity/poverty has done to poor innocent children. They likely do see some very clear racial differences but simply double down on the white oppressor and/or poverty narratives they were pre loaded with in their own educational background. For the most committed this either breaks them and they leave the profession or they quietly sneak away to schools with more White, Asian, and Americanized Hispanics. Most veteran teachers (which in this day and age is 3 or more years of experience) are probably redpilled to a degree if they work in 'diverse' schools. There's simply no surviving those schools if you're not. Wisconsin Teacher Kirsten Westcott bravely outlined her experiences in black schools. (Her tone indicates how broken and distraught the experience has been; notice how she's aged in her short experience)


This subject brings up another critical issue. How would you or I really know if teachers were redpilled? What outlet do teachers, cops, professors, medical professionals, and other public career oriented whites really have if they become redpilled? They will instantly be fired if they 'come out' so to speak. Many already have established friend/family networks and those are becoming less and less safe as woke culture metastasizes. Even the Navy recently released draconian rules essentially calling on service members to rat out potential white nationalist terrorists that make the work place uncomfortable for trannies. I've repeatedly said the the dissident right needs healthy avenues of activism and socialization people exiting the matrix

If you know teacher or officer and trust that they have an open mind give them some of these more narrative type articles.

What it's Like to Teach Black Students

(ignore the malicious warning in the above link go to 'advanced' and proceed to the site)

Morality and Abstract Thinking

A White Teacher Speaks Out

Blacks and High Steel

African Communalism Insanity or What the West Will Deal With if We Become Africanized - Anon

A Female Doctor Working in Germany Warns the World

Russian Travelers Go on Business Trip to South Africa

Most importantly try to be there socially and emotionally for people coming out of the NPC paradigm. It's a tough transition.

edit. If possible please cross post to ruqqus. You might get some good conversation from outsiders over there.


Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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I'm cool with that it's if a tech king that hates jews and wants an aryan space fairing society.

How does the Alt-Right separate genes from free will? And high IQ oppressing Low IQ groups? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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My understanding is that the bomb was released in the air to maximize destruction. How would releasing a nuclear weapon above the ground reduce radiation?

This all might be moot. Nuclear weapons IMO are a big LARP. I doubt they are as destructive as the US military says they are if they even exist. I don't deny that nuclear weapons are real but I am a skeptic. The US government lies about everything and I wouldn't put it past them to lie about nuclear weapons.

Hunt for the Great White Speech Criminal: Glenn Greenwald has Written the Defining Article of 2021 - AA by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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clueless dimwits who would troll the "journalists" Greenwald mentions, thereby giving them more ammunition to push their agenda.

Does it even matter at this point? Even if the entire dissident ecosystem refrains from trolling the journalists in question they will troll themselves and then frame themselves as victims. There's no way to confirm these people are really being harassed by our guys. And even though I'm against harassment for it's optics and ineffectiveness to be honest I could care less if lefty journalists are harassed. As Anglin said they will all be on trial if dissidents ever win. Activist journalists have been the leaders in attacks on whites and white culture. They are pro white genocide, cover up violence against whites, encourage violence against whites and white business, character assassinate our leadership and the list goes on. The treasonous media has sold it's soul to international anti american, and anti white interests. They know this and they will continue to double down until all hell breaks loose.

thereby giving them more ammunition to push their agenda.

Why is this bad? I say accelerate.* Both sides desperately need it. White genocide awaits us if the left slows things down. Public awakening and too many goyim knowing awaits the left if they slow things down. Destruction of the central banking con awaits if they slow things down...

  • accelerate is not a call to violence. Not at all (even though the left likes to frame it that way). It simply means encourage the left to do things that will disgust moderate and left wing whites bringing them to the door step of alt right views and politics. The more people in the alt right the quicker we will rise to real political power and be able to solve things peacefully and legally. We must peacefully and legally end the violence and authoritarianism the left imposes on us daily.

Clip of Nick Fuentes Talking about Killing State Legislators Used in Impeachment Hearing by weasel in debatealtright

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I’m prepared for my bank account to be cancelled, be ostracized in my workplace, having my water and electricity cut off, etc.

Same. I hope I never have to be cut from society or go to prison but I'm working on being prepared should they ever try to starve or freeze me out.

I've drawn some lines in the sand. I will quit my job if my employer requires vaccination. I will not do gun buy backs. I'm not fully self sufficient yet but I'm working hard everyday to get there. I've surrounded myself with high trust people.

establish support networks with other nationalists

I'm not as strong on this one yet but working on it. The problem is that all lines of communication are potentially compromised. My friends and I have been chatting about alternative communication systems but don't want to share that publicly yet. That's one of the things we should all be looking for. How do we safely and effectively communicate with each other?

Patrick Casey Disavows Nick Fuentes: Reveals he’s under FBI investigation putting his fans at risk by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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Good points, make sure to read the book 'Three Felonies a Day' by Harvey Silvergate or 'The Death of Common Sense' by Phillip K. Howard. Everyone is in constant violation of the law and they have infinite resources to lock you up in court for years even if they can't make anything stick. Don't run over any commies who are trying to kill you either. They will go through your cell phone and internet history and use memes against you in court to make it a 400 year death sentence.

Who the fuck cares if a "fed" "infiltrates" your circle. Discussing what is happening in our countries is not a crime

Strongly agree and we need to develop more discussion circles were people are comfy to talk about these issues in groups. It's critical for emotional and social well being.

You're not even American anyway

He's not. Not white either; He's Dravidian. He doesn't publicize it but he has shared out to the sub in the past; so he's not a troll. fucksnitches has been a good contributor for the most part (he was a regular on reddit). I believe he is here in good faith. For what it's worth I vouch for him.

Now things could and likely will get worse

Very likely but you know what? I'm fucking bored anyway. Life is too easy, too soft. We need a challenge. Bring it. I don't think these pecker head 'rootless cosmopolitans' know what they are unleashing. (or maybe they do and chutzpah is getting the best of 'em?)

Clip of Nick Fuentes Talking about Killing State Legislators Used in Impeachment Hearing by weasel in debatealtright

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It was a super stupid fucking line but no worse than thousands of leftist tweets such as: "maga kids into wood chippers!". Fuentes will go down and very actionable calls to violence from the left will go untouched. That means we live in broken state with not even a veneer of equal protection under the law.

I hope you all know what that means.

edit. Silver lining though: the system must be really fucking scared. Going after a 24 year old eceleb broadcasting from his parents house reeks of insecurity. The system doesn't bust 24 year old negros or Hispanics talking about taking down political figures.

Clip of Nick Fuentes Talking about Killing State Legislators Used in Impeachment Hearing by weasel in debatealtright

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Ok. So why are you here?

No shit huh? Prison is miserable?

Do you think standing up to satanic globalist Jews that want to kill you, fuck your kids and enslave your blood lines for eternity is going to be easy?

Holy shit I hope you stay the fuck on the sidelines when the shit hits the fan. I don't want you in my crew that's for sure.

Patrick Casey Disavows Nick Fuentes: Reveals he’s under FBI investigation putting his fans at risk by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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I'm not really up-to-date on all this recent e-celeb drama but my instinct says this is just more forced divide and conquor shit orchestrated by outsiders.

Everyone in the movement needs to realize that there are glowies in every group of significant size and popularity. If you dismantle every dissident group that had a suspected fed inside it you'd get rid of them all (and that's what they are trying to do). In fact I'd be worried if my local white nationalist group didn't have an informant in it.

We need to just get the fuck over it, ignore e-celeb drama, and continue to press on with our goals.

Make sure you keep an inner circle where you know everyone's extended history and you won't run into these issues.

If you were leading a Nationalist party,how would you prevent infighting? by Nasser in debatealtright

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Good question. The more structured you get and the more clear the hierarchy is the easier it becomes to kick out subversives. In fighting is always a threat but it's so prominent in current right wing circles because we don't have public dues paying party structures that have the ability to define who is in and who is out. Andrew Anglin has advocated leaderless movements. They are tough to target. They can quickly push out memes but leaderless movements are always going to fall short on real activism. You can't tap the power of your human capital without a physical leader, a platform, funding, goals, teamwork, etc.

A big flaw about white demographic change that can't be ignored. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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It's a debate sub. He might be bumping up against the good faith rule by the tone of his responses but I don't see troll activity. Please report comments that you think are related to trolling so I can track them and kick him if warranted.

The Dissident Right/WN obsesses too much over race-mixing. It's really not that big of a deal, IMO. by AltAlt in debatealtright

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There are definitely a lot of authentic dudes in the DR/AR/WN who have a pathological hatred of coal burners.

With all due respect I don't see it. You have to realize that our movement is highly infiltrated by Israeli and US intelligence disinformation. Many posts that rant about coal burners are not genuine. Most people in the alt right that hate coal burners hate them because they are degenerate and hedonic and not because they race mix. White women are the least likely racial group to race mix. Burning coal is a forced meme. This endless lionization of blacks by jew media is having an impact on some women but again it's marginal.

I've always said that the first redpill is gender not race. You can't be a committed white nationalists while still being blue pilled on women. Getting hung up because some cute white teen girl posts a picture of herself in a swimming pool with 5 blacks guys is blue pilled. It's weak. It's a misunderstanding of female nature. She's not in the pool because she likes black men. She's in the pool because social media gives her points for being there. There's no reason to hate women for who they are.

All women, including white women, are going to be promiscuous if they aren't controlled by powerful moral institutions. Women are getting more loose because Jews break apart the fabric of any healthy community that gives them shelter. That's what white nationalists hate. They hate the betrayal. They hate the subversion. They hate people without honor. The occasional race mixing is a symptom of a Jewish disease. Even some of the most verbose anti coal burners like Azmador express more nuanced views about the topic on closer inspection.

It reeks of insecurity and sexual jealousy.

That's why Jews push such perceptions. They know whites are high trust and honor bound so they do their best to shape dissidents into 'incels' and women haters and many whites lap it up.

That is the vibe it gives to 'normies' and it drives away women from the movement to accuse them all of being coal-burning sluts.

This is a serious misunderstanding. The dissident right doesn't want women in the movement. That would be suicide. We want fit, intelligent, goal oriented men that would die before being dishonored. We want men that are willing to sacrifice themselves for something bigger. When a revolution gains enough able bodied men willing to resist tyranny then women become a trivial matter.

because the vast majority of white women don't go for blacks or other non-white men

I think we are in agreement on this.

Most of the women I see with mixed offspring are not exactly Aryan beauty queens

Again, nobody is disagreeing with you here.

Many would not, though.

I think you are falling for a lot of outside manufactured perceptions of white nationalists. Obviously we oppose race mixing but we don't walk around in a constant state of bitter jealous rage about it.

The Dissident Right/WN obsesses too much over race-mixing. It's really not that big of a deal, IMO. by AltAlt in debatealtright

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When they breed with whites in the next generation, the offspring is 75%

That won't happen with all the imported non whites breeding at large rates.

It's really a quadruple threat

  1. Non whites are imported

  2. Non whites breed more than whites (and given white money and media praise to help them breed)

  3. Whites are told they shouldn't have children to save the planet from their genetics which are prone to racism, colonizing, genocide, and even worse pollution! (keep in mind the people telling you this will also say that non whites aren't genetically prone to anything; implying so would be evil and enough evidence to take your business or career. Non whites according to the system are 'blank slates' and if they do have temperaments it's towards being geniuses and gifted athletes). White women are told to delay child birth until they have a career. White couples are constantly told in jew run magazines and websites they need millions of dollars to raise children and it would just be better to live double income no kids. It's more fun goys!

  4. Whites are told that if they do have sex it should be hedonic sex with someone of the same gender or with someone of a different race.

All 4 of these are a problem. Although #4 would not be as much of a problem if the other three weren't being pushed.

It's bad optics when white men in the DR bitch about white women sleeping with blacks

If you look hard enough you'll notice that people that are doing this are not really alt right or dissidents. Most genuine alt right folk are very aware of optics. I'm not a fan of Richard Spencer but if you were around when he came on the scene doing interviews he was not like the 80's and 90's white nationalists. He was more put together and expressed our views in a more optical way.* I did not hear Spencer rant on and on about black and white race mixing. In fact the only time you really hear that stuff is in leftist propaganda portrayals of the white nationalist movement.

I appreciate your post and you seem genuine. I think you are on the right track. Dissidents should not come off as clunky, cruel, etc. The hate bus idea that GLR used in the 60's will not work with today's indoctrinated white normies.

*I still think that Spencer was chosen by the press as a way to show how 'evil rednecks and nazis have just put on suit'. Spencer has not been a good spokesmen or leader for the alt right IMO. He seems to have bad instincts for leadership.

edit. I'm going to tack on one more thing to my own comment. Even a small group of non whites living in a white country can be a problem if Jews (or another anti white group) run all your institutions.

For that reason, mixed-race people are not a genetic threat in white-majority and white supermajority countries. Mulattoes, Hapas, etc have 50% European DNA

Minorities can be used as a weapon against the white majority. Can we have a 10-15% non white population in a white ethnostate? Sure but the reigns of power and all institutions would need to be firmly controlled by good faith whites so that the minority is not used as a weapon against the majority.

The audience over at r/science are seeing right through pro-migrant propaganda by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Imagine my shock


The Military Purge is Ramping up by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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There is no chance in any kind of uprising against the military.

Nobody is talking about this in this thread but now that you bring it up I can assure you US soldiers would not fight against their own people in any capacity. Any such action would result in military wide mutiny. The military themselves have released multiple studies showing they would not be able to successfully maintain control or 'defeat' even a small scale national civil insurrection. You sound like a person who does not have much experience with military people (or at least not white military people).

If the jew cabal wants to use the US military to lock the country down or attack citizens it would need to go through years and years of purges so that at least 90 plus percent of the military were non white, gay, jew, female, trans etc. I doubt such a force would be very effective against millions of armed angry whites (many of whom will be former military themselves) that have nothing to lose.

The Military Purge is Ramping up by Blackbrownfreestuff in debatealtright

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Mercenary =/= professional soldier. It just means soldier for pay. You can have ill trained young mercenaries and underpaid/no pay old, skilled, professional, freedom fighters.

Do you have non-white friends? by WeastGang in debatealtright

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Well said.

Do you have non-white friends? by WeastGang in debatealtright

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At least half of my close friends are Hispanics, blacks, and jews. Granted I don't have many close friends (less then a dozen). Only a few of my friends (all white) are aware of my dissident views.

Canada Lists Proud Boys As A Terrorist Group, Alongside ISIS And Al-Qaida by Nombre27 in debatealtright

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The vaccine push is a psychological ploy to get people to give up bodily autonomy. Think about it. If you can get most of the world population to give you permission to stick a needle in their arm every 6 months you've gained all the control you need to dominate the world. All you have to do is convince the 'vaccinated' ones that the 'vaccine deniers' are terrorists that pose grave danger to the stability of world health. Then you have moral and social approval to commit mass genocide as a preemptive measure. This type of 'anti terrorist' genocide is a lot quicker and more effective then the slow moving race mixing genocide. And it just so happens that all the people who resist the vaccine will be white males of a traditional sovereign disposition. How convenient.

You don't really need a genuine pandemic or a real vaccine to make this gambit work. You just need control over the media, and trusted institutions. You also need a group of people that are overtly trusting, chronically misinformed, fearful, and emotionally invested in a new religion of science and progress.

Is Indian one race? by ayotollahsinIran in debatealtright

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It's complicated. Indians are Caucasoid but not all Caucasoids are white. White means European Caucasoid. Europeans are mostly r1a and r1b haplogroup and Indians are are variety of other haplogroups. You can see a good map of Indian haplogroups at the 8:00 time marker of this video.


I say it's complicated because at some point in the past a group of proto Europeans called indo Europeans (also called Aryans) dominated most of the globe and most likely spread their genetic markers. Northern India, China and Japan all show markers from this ancient Aryan conquest/governorship.

This gets infinity more complicated when you consider humans have probably gone through mass extinction events resulting from mini nova events from the sun. Everyone on earth today are decedents of very very small groups that survived the last extinction event (most likely a flood about 11k years ago). The clear distinctions between racial groups most likely results from how different groups of humans survived the flood (some on accident some on purpose). It's also very likely that these previous human populations were just as tech savvy and ubiquitous as humans are today (most likely MORE advanced and larger in size as well).

Our technocratic oligarchs working with intelligence services and the occult sit on top of this knowledge today and keep it from spreading to the masses. Knowledge is power and keeping the masses ignorant of their past makes them easier to control.

Acting black to own the libs by cisheteroscum in debatealtright

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In Europe there's a bunch of nationalist rap music also, then you have guys like Mr Bond

I think he was just taken into custody.

Fundamentally, ALL military forces are trained extremist terrorists (murder machines) and communist (totalitarian socialism without democracy) under a commander in chief to shield and expand tyranny. Try to change my mind. by JasonCarswell in debatealtright

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Would you agree that ALL military forces are inherently totalitarian communist structures?

I'm glad you rephrased it because I was having trouble wrapping my head around your original statement. This one is a slightly easier to respond too.

I disagree with contention with some concessions. Miltaries are extensions of very ancient defense forces. I say defensive because most offensive raiding parties were thrown together on a temporary basis. Defensive forces on the other hand needed to be year round operations. Especially if you live near hostile tribes. So how could you possible say a military is inherently totalitarian? Is it totalitarian to not allow another tribe to rape and murder you for your resources and women?

The second part of your supposition, that all militaries are 'communist' is just non nonsensical to me. Communism is a mostly an international ideology founded on class struggle and the theories of capitalism as viewed by Marx. How is this related to armies? Militaries vary all over the world depending on which group they emerge from and their politically shifting purposes.

Maybe you could help clarify even further by defining how you view a 'communist structure'.

7 OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions & Products #3 (11:01) ~ Cool Gadgets & Stuff by JasonCarswell in OffGrid

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I have one of those battery things. You have to make sure it's charged and it only gives you one or two jumps and then it's too weak to jump again. The compact generator is a good idea. If you keep it in good working order and run it to test before you go on a trip. Mechanical type device still seems like a good idea to me though.

So it turns out Gamestop shares were over issued. Additionally APMEX has shut down silver trading (oy vey let us get into our secure positions first goys!). AND....Story Time... by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Another spot on /pol/ anon comment here:

Growing up being taught that Jews are good businessmen and smart investors and better DNA than everyone else which is why they're always so rich. The truth is, they've been manufacturing crises and events in order to make guaranteed large profits from the stock market, then using that money to buy influence so they can manufacture more crises and make even more money.

Over time, they've accumulated enough wealth to systematically change the entire world and create all the bullshit we see going on today. I didn't notice it until today when I read that post about them shorting GME beyond what actually exists. They've been taking advantage of Coronavirus (most likely another manufactured crises) in order to generate huge profits by knowing exactly what kind of business these lockdowns are going to destroy.

This isn't schitzo shit dudes this is reality and it's terrifying.

7 OFF-GRID LIVING Inventions & Products #3 (11:01) ~ Cool Gadgets & Stuff by JasonCarswell in OffGrid

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I'd like to see the foot crank paired with some type of durable storage device so you can increase the amps and jump a dead battery on a car. That would be awesome for off roading where you can't afford to get stuck super deep inawoods with nobody to jump you. I know trucks need lots of amps though so you might have to peddle for a while before you have enough for a jump.

Don't engage with any mainstream social media interview requests by Nasser in debatealtright

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For the most part I agree. However, there probably our some of /ourguys/ that can do well on a live feed. Many alt right positions can be presented as liberal friendly in the right context.

There are even some trumpist/populist right wingers that absolutely nail it and sound downright likable and funny.

Case in point:

Beer Man

Where the fuck is everybody? I do not believe the 30,000 people that used to visit r/debatealtright just decided to go globohomo. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Well said. Stay fit. Develop strong real life frenships. This land is going to grow more and more hostile to our people because we've been convinced that everyone else is giving up their ethnocentrism. I'm not sure how many more whites we can actually save though. Many whites are exhibiting some type of mental illness or another because of the disinformation and demoralization campaigns in their lives. You'd think it would be easier to talk them through our worldview but alas they often double down on neo liberalism. The most insidious thing is that our own people and our own resources are used against us. Not sure how much long whites last.

Opinion of the red-green-brown alliance by Courbeaux in debatealtright

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Agreed. I've never heard such an alliance mentioned in the dissident space which makes me suspicion courbeaux as some type of bad faith poster. People should not put forth alliances or coalitions without carefully explaining their reasoning.

Opinion of the red-green-brown alliance by Courbeaux in debatealtright

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Ally is a strong word. If Jews can create coalitions against whites whites can create coalitions as well.

Robinhood is now limiting users to 1 share of GameStop and has restricted trading on 22 other companies by format in technology

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Yup. It's a double attack. Give the slave's company script and then make their share of the company script smaller and smaller every year. When they finally get backed into a corner starving and lash out out of desperation? Accuse them of domestic terrorism and use all the money you stole to invest in a police state to prosecute and persecute.

this is extremely dangerous to the stock market by Drewski in memes

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Normally I wouldn't side with the media but how is this not true?

It's still a bad faith argument. The media are saying 'it's extremely dangerous to the stock market' because they want to protect their owners not because they want to avoid a financial meltdown. If taking down one hedge fund can really destroy the entire system then it's too weak to exist anyway and should be replaced with something else.

The reality is that the stock market isn't strong or weak in the traditional sense at all. It's not a market at all. It's a fixed game and the anons are exposing that. These anons aren't trying to make money they are trying to cause extreme chaos because they rightly identify chaos is the only way out of the slave state.

Big Tech Crackdown on our Personals? by AddledCorpse in debatealtright

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Is there a large social media platform that feds are not carefully monitoring and manipulating?

Big Tech Crackdown on our Personals? by AddledCorpse in debatealtright

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They might be trying to cover up people that are leaving. It's like a bitter ex.

Where the fuck is everybody? I do not believe the 30,000 people that used to visit r/debatealtright just decided to go globohomo. by Fitter_Happier in debatealtright

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Most people don't want to build. They just want to show up and interact after a community is already robust. That's why reddit sold out. It's easier to buy an already established community and then apply your censorship after people have put the hard work building.

I wish I had answers to both your questions but I don't. I'm not sure exactly where everyone is. I wish I knew how we could reach these Trump supporters (who are now going into a qtard like conspiracy related to the military controlling everything). In a way I think one answer to both these questions is to keep building. Giving up is not an option.

I'm VERY excited about the potential destruction of the fake banking system as the ripples of the gamestop incident fan out across the system. Morgoth has recently given us a nice word for this: anarcho populism. I hope we can take our new found coalition and target another hedge fund or even meme a new currency (like silver or a particular crypto) into existence.

If you're reading this and want to do your part, please promote our subverse and our ruqqus community (especially if you know former DAR users)

Some old users are definitely on https://gameruprising.to/index.php . There are probably many others just lurking comment sections of Unz, Occidental, Amren, and other dissident blogs. Some just run isolated blogs and do their own thing like katana17.

The white pill is they are ALL still out there and when we rally again we will be stronger. Antifragility for the win.

"The White Scare" speech by Mike Peinovich by user2321 in debatealtright

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Holy shit these speeches pump me up. Listened on the commute this morning. Drivers were laughing at me clapping my hands and pumping my fists.

We're in the 20's right now boys but the aesthetic 30's are on their way...

Holohoax copypasta by Markimus in debatealtright

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If you know a better way to not limit the front page while presenting an authentic reasonably balanced and relatively neutral face to the world...

It's not our (right wing and dissidents) fault that we dominate un moderated and un curated spaces. There is no neutral face. Things are always sliding left or right. I'd be fine with creating an algorithm that allowed larger subs to fall out of the 'hot' zone faster. It would have to apply to all subs though. Power house left wing subs should also have to drop out quicker. This lets new users see the small and medium sized subs easier.

The Great Dr. Kevin MacDonald In A Discussion With Two Jewish Partisans. by literalotherkin in debatealtright

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Thanks for sharing but not much was accomplished in this exchanged and it was a little boring. It remained cordial but they seemed to be talking passed each other. I wish MacDonald would have simply asked Spiegler why he thought that Jews needed be the 'chosen' ones to unite the world but I guess such a question is obvious. Has it ever dawned on Jews that the world doesn't need to be united? and especially doesn't need united under Jewish 'leadership'?

Fren Town by send_nasty_stuff in frenworld

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It's a possibility but I doubt it. The GATE program on the other hand was constructed to create them.

Based music still up by Airbus320 in debatealtright

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I'm surprised it lasted this long on youtube. (Probably not much longer). Please backup and also post to https://saidit.net/s/3rdmusic/

Genetic distance between European populations (fixation index) by Soylent in debatealtright

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That chart identifies a smaller sub group of Finns from kuusamo.

Vox Day Appears To Be Having Some Kind Of Episode by literalotherkin in debatealtright

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Vox Day Appears To Be Having Some Kind Of Episode by literalotherkin in debatealtright

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The population of this country needs to drop by about 75%, then the restoral of America.

One of the few things I agree with the Cabal on. World pop needs to come down to around a half a billion (see Guide Stones). The problem is that Jews don't want whites to be a large part of the half billion and the ones that remain they want disarmed, atheist, hedonic, LGBT, deracinated, mix raced, NPC consumers. Whites are too sovereign and too difficult to enslave. Which is why in their minds we need to be genocided. Jews want a mixed race malleable mulatto caste locked in perpetual slavery.

A post we need to intervene on by Nasser in debatealtright

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They didn't kill r/debatealtright because it was ineffective.

Little by little, it seems to be dawning on Trump supporters that Trump was not their guy by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Absolutely. I was a Richard Dawkins loving Sam Harris worshipping atheist for 9 years of my life. I enjoy speaking with secularist and atheists.

A post we need to intervene on by Nasser in debatealtright

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You debate to convince the audience not the opponent.

Jewish tranny to become Biden's assistant health secretary by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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It's alive and well on ruqqus.


Tucker: Democrats using military to send 'power' message to America by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Why do you keep recommending this?