Apropos ''Would you date transman?'' by fckme in Lesbians

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I hate the size of men's forearms? Even on the scrawniest, most malnourished-looking 5'5" dudes, they're just so big and wrong looking, even when they're not grossly veiny.

Lurkers, I see you 👀 by TalerTest in Lesbians

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I've been here since like the beginning I guess, but I've never posted and don't comment a lot... because sometimes I'm too lazy I guess, or have nothing to really say... also I'm always glad to see a new post here, but at the same time posts about, say, topics like people who insist lesbians can like dick, or whatever can be tiring like y'know seen it a million times before.

What do you miss most about r/TrueLesbians? by piylot in Lesbians

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...some of censorshipment's comments kinda make me miss the down vote button. ;-)

Sometimes I'll use the "fun" button as a form of down voting, but then I don't know what to do about actually funny comments.

#LesbianNotGay - Political lesbian anti-gay solidarity campaign by LesbianInExile in Lesbians

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If this is just four people on Twitter, then I'm thankful I guess, because yeah this pretty gross. I hate how they stole "lesbian not queer" to make this line. It's just like how trans people stole Black Lives Matter and all those other famous slogans to be about the T.

I think we should abandon the lesbian label and create something else by Wot in Lesbians

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I don't really agree with everything you said, but I definitely agree on the second point and I'm surprised more people don't? I'm not Greek, I've never even been there. How is it my word rather than theirs, just because some woman a really long time ago also happened to be attracted to women? It's hard to tell how I would feel about "lesbian" without the porn association and the current misuse, but really I wouldn't want to call myself Shibdenian or Llangollen either.

GOLD STARS share your experiences! by TalerTest in Lesbians

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I wasn't interested in guys and they weren't interested in me... there were a couple of times (in elementary/junior high) I picked out some guy, in my head, who I thought wasn't totally obnoxious or disgusting to try and convince myself that he wasn't so bad (but I'd never tell anyone) and that maybe I could have a crush on him, but obviously it doesn't work like that, and the first time I had a real crush on a girl (ninth grade), I realised how stupid and pointless it had been to try and force myself to believe some guy was cute, that liking someone isn't just thinking "oh you're not so bad", and that I was 100% gay and definitely not bi.

Also before getting feelings for my first crush, I definitely wanted to believe to that men as beautiful as (super feminine) manga boys existed... .Hack Legend of the Twilight Bracelet's Reki and Shugo were so cute to me, lol. Or CLAMP boys... Kamui is the prettiest noodle person.

I'm tired of not having any lesbian friends and I'm tired of my generation by cinnamonstick in Lesbians

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I wish waiting was enough... it's been like nearly a decade for me. Spent pretty much my whole youth either lying to people, or being alone. Or struggle to be friends with straight men.

Anti-Master Doc document circulating on social media, comphet-supporting "lesbians" are losing their minds by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Hadn't really heard of this master doc before the recent LBL screenshots posted here... kinda shocking that it's such a big thing to some people, and that they would harass the author of this so much. I've never read the original but it doesn't seem like a very good thing, but neither does this rebuttal doc. I'm probably not going to end up finishing reading it, just kinda skimming at this point.

Also, the author is bisexual, but she also wrote "I don’t want to be accused of ‘hating lesbians’ when I am one" like uh what?????

And I thought this bit was stupid: "The bi and questioning and trans and fluid kids – kids who are already considered queerer by society than the average Ellen and Neil’s these days" — Ah yes, being OSA and SSA is more gay than being gay. Yes, not knowing if you're gay is more gay than being gay. Deciding you're special because you like both sweatpants and performing feminity is truly the gayest. Heterosexual T people who fetishize gay people are definitely the most gay.

Does your family know you're gay? How did they take it when they found out? How do they feel about it now? by piylot in Lesbians

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25 and Canadian. I honestly don't know if my family knows! My sister's boyfriend knows (because he tried to introduce to me to his friend), so she probably knows? Dunno. And at least one of my parents packed up all the books I had in my room — it's not like I own any 50s pulp novels, but there were a few books with "lesbian" in their title or subtitle. But maybe that's not enough, IDK.

Dating profile details that immediately make you swipe left by lovelyspearmint in Lesbians

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I hate when women have something in their profiles that makes it seem like they were mainly/only thinking about men reading their profile when they wrote their description... you know what I mean?

Honestly there's way too many for me! I feel like I'm way too picky, even though it's not like I have high standards. Or maybe I do? I hate seeing really obvious makeup (would prefer someone who never wears any at all, but the clown red lips and big fake eyeliner "eyelashes" are so ugly to me, but then there's also the ones with black lipstick or crazy eyeshadow, ugh). Pics where someone has a bunch of friends make me feel kinda shitty about myself like wow congrats on being normal and having friends, cause I sure don't. I don't like seeing weed stuff since I don't do it, I hate seeing virtue signally-stuff, hate seeing q***r/nb/poly, and I'm really not into long hair. Or facial piercings or massive tats. So basically I hardly ever like anyone and it sucks.

Political leanings by Fuckyoucensorship in Lesbians

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I'm Canadian, for reference, and I'm all over the place. I voted for JT in 2014 or whatever, then I started to change my mind when I realised he really didn't care about the environment. The CPC isn't any better on that front, but at least they don't pretend to be? And I also dislike him because I'm pro-gun, so there's two reasons from totally opposite sides. And there's Bill C-16 (the gender identity bill), where it's like... most of the people who are against it probably aren't really against it for the same reasons I am, but it's still a thing I dislike JT for. But I can't stand the religious side of the conservatives, which they probably almost all have, but at least some are more quiet about it than others — I'd never vote for someone like Leslyn Lewis who wants to take away abortion rights or gay marriage (and I don't think she likes firearms either). I do have some other right leaning opinions, they feel kinda asshole-ish to admit, but I don't think UBI (and the associated money-printing) would be helpful, I think having a low population is good, and I think our military spending is too low and that they'll probably have a lot more disaster relief tasks in the future... sandbags aren't expensive, but...

YUCK -TiM stalks specific woman's work bathroom to steal her used sanitary products and wear them. BLURGH. by BEB in GenderCritical

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Ugh, I really did not need to see that picture...

TiM Morgane Oger (Vancouver Rape Relief) loses party nomination! Is Tranada coming to its senses? by BEB in GenderCritical

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Go back to the swamp and stay there!

this is why I don't fuck with bi women.. literally the FIRST dm to me by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Those were certainty two sentences that I've never read before, and hope to never read again.

The hatred for Rowling has crossed the line from crazy to neo-fascistic. by ArthnoldManacatsaman in GenderCritical

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"When your ‘activism’ involves tirelessly insulting and sexually harassing a woman for having a thought that is different to your own, you need to have a serious word with yourself."

Good quote.

J.K. Rowling's new book Troubled Blood has caused quite the controversy by socialistrobot in GenderCritical

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Probably not? Each book is about a completely different mystery. But there is also a lot of background detail on Strike's past and Robin's relationship that seems to build up.

'The Mandalorian' fans want Gina Carano fired for "mocking trans people" by Dabitch in GenderCritical

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Haha, nonsense neopronouns are mocking trans people? But a boop is anyone who identifies as a boop!

J.K. Rowling's new book Troubled Blood has caused quite the controversy by socialistrobot in GenderCritical

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I've only read the first two books in the series, so it might be a while before I get to this one, but I hope it sells well! On Kindle right now, it's listed as "#1 Best Seller literary fiction ebooks".

J.K. Rowling's new book Troubled Blood has caused quite the controversy by socialistrobot in GenderCritical

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It was even before that. I think the first time she said anything was in defense of Maya Forstater, but apparently there were GC tweets that she liked even before that. I can't remember if she talks about her exact peak in the letter on her site or not.

'Grey's Anatomy' star Sara Ramirez comes out as nonbinary by questioningtw in GenderCritical

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Girlish boy, boyish girl, uh, how about adult? Is it within your capacity to be an adult? Probably not.

Mission-Driven Indie Bookstores Drop J.K. Rowling's Books by worried19 in GenderCritical

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"transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny are all fruit of the same poison tree and that you cannot fight against one of those oppressions without fighting against them all."

Imagine being this wrong. Supporting trans IS homophobia and misogyny. But then they follow with "You cannot profess to love queer and trans people and then demean us in the same breath." because the QT is all that really matters, isn't it?

I cannot escape... Gender nonsense on a BASS GUITAR subreddit! by RedditHatesLesbians in GenderCritical

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"I guess I just don’t understand the point of a poll asking what genitalia you were born with in relation to whether you play bass or not which is why I was confused."

What a dumb comment. Obviously because women are underrepresented. Of course a man wrote that comment.

[Spoilers] Carol (2015) — Film of the Week by piylot in Lesbians

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I've never watched the movie, only read the book (and it was a few years ago), always wondered if the movie was any better or very different since a lot of people seem to love it, but this seems similar to my feelings.

The actual lesbians appear to have left the building. And who can blame them? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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"Well, I think they make it pretty obvious when they say things like: I'm trans, pre-everything."

Haha, I love this.

#MeToo is co-hosting a "Black Women and Girl Survivors" town hall meeting....featuring a misogynist TIM by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The amount of make-up and the dramatic contouring on him really gets me. Like a mask. The others look much happier too.

My report from London today by CastleHoward in GenderCritical

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About a year ago, there was this Heartbeat RPG on sale on Steam and TRAs were getting mad that it was 37% off because apparently that was the percentage of trans people committing suicide.

Bullshit all round.

Parent in /r/parenting is just so proud of 6yo for coming out as trans. Many of the comments are surprisingly sane. by Feather in GenderCritical

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One of the deleted comments said "And it's honest to tell a kid they can be a girl if they want." Uhh, no it's not. You can't become a girl, you can only become a heavily-medicated cross-dressing man with an open wound that smells like poop.

People shouldn't show kids the Jazz book without informing them of the reality of Jazz today but that wouldn't be appropriate or something they could understand... hmm... I find it interesting how the OP claimed they showed their kid things about how it's ok to be a boy and like dresses and unicorns or whatever and yet the kid still decides to want to be a girl... but maybe it's fake like jjdub7 said.

lol @ /r/askgaybros by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I know there is a compilation of anti-lesbian posts like these somewhere, but I don't know where.

I'm slightly surprised that reading these hurt me as much as the anti-lesbian ones did. I always saw myself as someone who wasn't bothered by just words, but to see such homophobia over and over again, posted by people who basically took over our movement, really does hurt.

How does your hair look? by lmaonope333 in Lesbians

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Dark brown, chin-length, "t*rf bangs" (lmao), very thick and "floof", as a certain fictional character who basically has the same hair as me often gets called.

Going to go a bit shorter again next time. I sometimes want to try a really masc hairstyle but getting haircuts all the time is such a pain.

This is just so upsetting to read and look at all the the upvotes and comments. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I mean, if a woman is legit bisexual and chooses to be febfem, I have no problem with that. I'd see that as a good thing and be able to trust her more than a regular bisexual. I'd also see it as a sign of her being someone who doesn't believe in gender b/s, although I guess it's not a guarantee. But it doesn't belong in the same category as political lesbianism.

I guess the post is weird though, since this woman is married and doesn't have any problems with her current husband, so like what's the point of even posting about it?

What was your first serious crush? by VioletRemi in Lesbians

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In junior high, my best friend since primary became friends with this girl who had gone to a different elementary school. At first, I hated her and didn't want her to steal my friend and hoped she would just disappear eventually, but she didn't. Over the three years of junior high, I went from hating her, to kinda liking her, to realising, oh shit, this is what it feels like to be totally in love, wow, I'll never feel this way about a guy... because I had always forced myself to think "oh he's not terrible, he's okay I guess" about random guys, and then I realised that liking someone was sooooo not thinking that someone was "okay" and that I definitely wasn't bi.

She was (well, is) tall, very androgynous, definitely not traditionally attractive or even queer/alt attractive, and nothing like the kind of girl teenage me expected to be attracted to. Never told her. I feel so weird about how I regret not telling her, when it was so long ago. And women who look like her are basically non-existent, even if you include NB krazy kweerz.

What is Your Personal Style? by CJLez in Lesbians

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Mainly just shorts and t-shirts in summer, with the occasional long skirt. I run, and I'll wear a lot of race t-shirts even if I'm not working out. When it cools down a bit, I'll wear my old lady button up dress shirts (vintage, synthetic fabric, usually with some flowery embroidery). In fall and winter, obligatory plaid shirts, tacky vintage sweaters (again, often flowery), and I've got a thing for kilts.

I love seeing this sub grow in numbers every day by wherethelonelyroam in Lesbians

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I keep forgetting this site exists and when I do, it feels like there's a lot of activity, maybe even more than we had on Reddit. But maybe it's just because I'm not visiting that much since I keep forgetting, haha.

Rethink needed. It was widely assumed Trans was supported by capitalism because there was money to be made out of TRA but apparently no. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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I don't think a lack of followers on a Twitter account advertising (what I assume is) a premium version of Penis News (that they just started?) proves that there's no money to be made off of genderism, with all its surgeries and binders and packers and ~TransTape™~ and gender-affirming underpants.

Giggle app moves to become female only after feedback. If TiMs are reported they will be removed. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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What are you looking at? This post has 177 "insightful" for me. https://imgur.com/a/sCyeZmD

Here's some positivity from all the hate. A re-make of a similar poster on r/GenderCritical. by OrangeBurrito in GenderCritical

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I'm pretty fond of Tells Everyone Real Facts.

On the plus side of being banned... by 11mile_house in Lesbians

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I was kinda feeling this, because I always visit the sub for my city, but I'm starting to feel like none of the posts there really have any value anyway. But idk.

Been seeing this circulating through reddit and it bothered me, so I fixed it by FineIWillDoItMyself in Lesbians

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I'm an anime fan and sometimes I think it would be funny to make this kinda meme, but at the same time I can't do it, because it just feels way too juvenile even by weeb standards, lol.

Who would of thought that in 2020 lesbians , gays, and bisexuals would be on the run again from hate and homophobia. by midnight305 in Lesbians

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You really have nothing better to do with your time, huh? Congrats on having an IQ of 65.

Low Lying Lesbian sub by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Good luck, but I don't know if it's really worth it. Are you just recruiting from here, or from anywhere else? It feels like there'd be an even smaller amount of people than there are here. I don't love Saidit, with all hateful content it has on other subs (which I'm avoiding, obviously, haha) but Reddit is really no better.

Been seeing this circulating through reddit and it bothered me, so I fixed it by FineIWillDoItMyself in Lesbians

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This, so much. This, times a thousand. It's something that straight people will never understand, and I sure wish they would. Write it in the sky.

Been seeing this circulating through reddit and it bothered me, so I fixed it by FineIWillDoItMyself in Lesbians

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Haha, what a goddamn idiot. Uhh, guess what, lesbians are perfectly allowed to be fat or ugly. They are not, however, allowed to like or have penises.

Let's Reintroduce Ourselves by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Using a new username, but with a similar theme. Just a 20-something bike-riding, manga-reading, rifle-owning eastern Canadian who keeps thinking about going back on dating apps but I know it's going to be full of gender-conforming bisexual girls who wouldn't accept any part of me anyway. insert upside down smiley face emoji here

Let's Reintroduce Ourselves by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Your mention of yuri intrigues me - read anything good recently?

I want to delete my reddit accounts... But i also want to pull other women from the Matrix by BraveAndStunningTERF in Lesbians

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Thank you in advance for your good work! I know I definitely couldn't stand to spend any time in AL or r/lgbt to do what you plan on doing, haha.

Archived version of GC by solarseparatist in GenderCritical

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It's so sad looking at the posts on the front page there... two posts about violence in sex, a post about how TIMs reduce periods to bloating and mood swings, the one about difference in strength... and of the six non-pinned posts, only one is about TIMs, even though some people like to act like that's all we're about.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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A lot of people are joining Spinster. It's more of a Twitter-kinda format site (Mastodon?), and its community before this just happened ran a little on the older (and British) side, so it's not great, but it's something.