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I don't want to give it to them. Its been ours forever and that way they win. The lesbian herstory archives in NYC is all about us. As all fads go, this will pass too. Lesbian is ours. We should reclaim it. They can have queer.

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Yes, let them have queer. I've always disliked it. It sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

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Couldn't agree more. And us referring to the non-homosexuals as "the queers" is a true take-back of the word IMO, as we all know it was often used against homosexuals in a bigoted way historically, and now the bigots who oppress us in this day and age are literally calling themselves queer! ;D. They sound fucking asinine when looking at it from a historically holistic, intelligent perspective, and that's because they are fucking asinine as a group. It's fucking awesome. The neo-bigots of the woke tumblr-collective, have your queer ;D

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Lesbian is ours.


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If it was truly ours then there would be nothing to reclaim and according to bisexuals, political lesbians just stole it from them. Why do you think this is all a fad?

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The "woke crowd" always had a new pet project. It changes often. Right now its all this queer trans nonsense. You'll see it change just watch.

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I think we should abandon the lesbian label and create something else

No. We're lesbians and they can go cry about it.

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The unfortunate truth is that the same thing would happen to whatever new word we chose. Men and bi/straight women would just come for that term too as soon as they caught wind of it. Unfortunately, bi women and straight men outnumber us by quite a lot, and no one really cares about actual lesbians, so whatever bi women and men say, goes.

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No one cares about actual lesbians, besides the fact we're women and small in numbers, because no one thinks we're real and that's getting worse everyday. Yes, co-opters gonna co-opt but never before has there been any risk to them to do so that additionally wouldn't reflect badly on us in the long run and there definitely hasn't existed any spectacle that would spread that to the masses and make them critical for us. Plus, timing is on our side. The TRAs are already trying to erase homosexuality and even heterosexuality for all. Now would be the time to piggy back off the momentum of resistance and showcase how we're under that same threat but from everyone all the time.

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I disagree I think hiding behind new names will only make the small influence we have even smaller. You will have to explain yourself anyway when you say I am a ( new word). Staying with the well recognized word 'lesbian', at least gives people who are not part of the woke and gay crowd an understanding of who you are(we need hetero people on our side since we are a extreme minority). Words exist to convey meaning to others, why confuse things even more?

Will we identify as something other than women because men are now using that word? I won't.

Another important factor you might not have considered is that if only the gender critical lesbians have a new word, you basically just made yourself a useful target( you've marked yourself as the opposition). It would be like outing yourself as gender critical in a very public way. Do you think that is going to work well for any of the lesbians in liberal cities? I think that would make things worse for them.

I don't think we need to reclaim anything. Lesbian is not a territory it's a descriptor. It's who we are. If other people falsely use it, then they are the ones who need to change their descriptive words. Maybe we should have a campaign and send out short dictionaries of commonly miss-used words. ( Like woman, girl, lesbian).

And just really quick since this always kind of bugs me on lesbian threads. It is 100% of all women of child bearing age who get asked if they are pregnant( even women with hysterectomies on their files get asked). Doctors would get sued up the wazoo if they gave teretogenic medication to a pregnant woman. It has nothing to do with whether or not they respect us, but more with avoiding higher premiums for medical malpractice insurance.

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We have one that is unchangeable - "homosexual females" or "homosexual women". "Progressive" media is calling word "homosexual" as slur because they can't appropriate it, they are saying this word is bigoted as it excludes transwomen and includes transmen.

Reason why it is tainted is because WE are calling ourselves with it. What we call ourselves - this will be on porn sites and on trans activist radars. Pornhub statistics said they had around one billion unique visitors last year. It is 15% of whole world population, and so many people PLUS trans acitivsts in all western media will easily outnumber us.

If we take other label, trans activists will start calling themselves with that label. And we will need to create one more new label for us, then they will come for that second new label. This will never end - as they don't want label "lesbian" - they want label that WE are calling ourselves. They do not want spaces for themselves - with their power and funding they could easily do so - they want to be where we are. That already happened with word "sapphic", when Tumblr lesbians and bisexual women decided to call themselves like that.

And, well, even if we take new word for ourselves - how do we spread it around the world? Why people will agree to new label? Especially in homophobic countries, where women are fighting for not being put in prison for their love to women. And no media will support us with our new label, they will still group up us with bisexual women and straight men (transwomen).

If we will always run away and give up everything we have - we will never have anything at all.

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In a historical context, the word 'lesbian' never meant exclusivity; it was always defined as preference.

It's a word stolen from the territorial Greek island, Lesbos; maybe we should, I don't know, give it back to them.

All of these words were created in the early 20th century. The fact so many are pulling out your hair for a word that was stolen, flipped around, and invented in the 1900s, less than 150 years old, is ridiculous. The word 'horny' as been around longer in the English language. Queer has a longer history.

Words change over time. Once it was sodomite, queer, then lesbian, homosexual...past is prelude. Fighting time is a worthless battle.

Why fight for a word never ours to begin with? Like those white people in South Africa crying about losing property never theirs to begin with.

Edit: Homoanatomical is a good word.

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Exactly, it's not even our word. So, isn't it being co-opted from us just karma (I don't believe in karma but still)? But seriously, language is just a tool that never stops evolving. We use it to understand each other but right now it's working to our extreme detriment. It's us, the definition, that matters and that, imo, is already gone. Plus, lesbians across the globe have said how they've hated using the word because in their language is sounds fucked up. Like, part of that maybe because of homophobia (hets using it as a slur), but I've also heard that the way it sounds is just not pleasant in and of itself so they'll call themselves gay. Homoanatomical is kinda badass. Sounds like we're nothing to fuck with and can finally celebrate vagina again.

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I don't really agree with everything you said, but I definitely agree on the second point and I'm surprised more people don't? I'm not Greek, I've never even been there. How is it my word rather than theirs, just because some woman a really long time ago also happened to be attracted to women? It's hard to tell how I would feel about "lesbian" without the porn association and the current misuse, but really I wouldn't want to call myself Shibdenian or Llangollen either.

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              I will use lesbian if around non-wokes, but if someone gives me a hard time, I say I am a person solely and exclusively attracted to people expressing only (outwardly) typically female primary and secondary sex characteristics. This means not only am I not sexually aroused by males, but also not by women with abnormally deep voices and beards, or women with peens or non-lubricating holes. And if someone says that's not ok, I take the word lesbian out of it and say, you know, you just told me that having bodily autonomy is not ok. You're saying I should have sex with someone who goes against what my sexual orientation allows for, whatever you may choose to call my above orientation. Unless you are arguing, that for all people, sexual orientation is not real--then I'd have to point you towards some basic science education. But if it's not that, then you're no better than a pro-lifer--why do you care so much what I do with my body? This shuts up all queers, and even if the IQ is quite low, it at least makes them pause because they don't understand big words. Then I give them the evil eye and go about my day, enjoying my life as a productive member of society.

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              I wouldn't be against a new word in theory, but I'm not sure how practical it would be. And in my experience, despite all the super-woke queers trying to claim "lesbian" for themselves, most regular people irl know exactly what lesbian means. I don't think we're "losing" atm, the woke-lgbt are just really loud and obnoxious.

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                Woke-tards are far from our only threat here. Not only that, they have the power of progressivness on their side. We're the ones being equated with Nazi and fairy tales. The TRAs exist because of gender roles and for that to go away the hets would need to abolish it and that's never going to happen. Plus, this gender bs gives men yet another avenue to control women. It's ridiculously profitable. We're already divided because our sexuality has already been corroded away and they have the ability to silence us.

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                I'm not attached to lesbian label so I wouldn't be against a new one, but I think it might be hard to get a new label gain traction.

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